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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Sept. 25


Let another DA take over limousine case

Schoharie County District Attorney Susan Mallery let 20 families and their loved ones down once. What’s to say she won’t do it again? She is weak.
I believe a special prosecutor should be assigned.
Rita Smith

Evidence shows that Trump belongs in jail

Why isn’t he in jail?
Almost everyone is sick and tired of hearing about our former president. But the facts remain he committed a number of national security crimes (maybe even treason) by taking all of those classified documents to his estate in Florida.
My next question is, what do you think he was going to do with them?
You know the answer to that question as well as I do.
He was going to use them for his own personal gain. He had never done anything unless he gained from his actions.
I honestly don’t think the people will riot if they put him in jail, and the reason I feel that way is that if you or any other ordinary citizen of the United States had stolen those classified documents, what do you think they would do to you?
You would already be in jail awaiting trial, so why should it be any different for our former president who is now an ordinary citizen?
Walker C. Stowell
Central Bridge

Why not forgive loan for electric car too?

President Biden, I dutifully paid off my student loans while foregoing a new car, partying and postponing my marriage.
My present car is a fuel-efficient 2010 Honda. I would love to purchase a new Tesla or similar electric vehicle.
I was wondering if you would forgive a good portion of the car loan so I could afford one?
Robert P. Payst


Can’t let Russia get away with this war

The president of Russia is Vladimir Putin.
It seems that Russia is conducting a war against another country without incurring serious reprisal for Russia.
Let me observe that to the reader, there is something about war that may be somewhat mysterious, distant, further away, and of interest.
But this war, as with most wars, is directed against people.
I have read that some 9,000 of Ukraine’s troopers were killed by Russian forces.
That is not war, that is murder!
Putin is responsible for their deaths, but he is not being held responsible, except perhaps by the people of Ukraine.
Russia is a very large country and can do what it wants to do, and usually does whatever it wants to do.
How convenient.
George Thiessen


The governed need to take back control

After this country separated itself from a monarchy, a group of intelligent leaders painstakingly devised a novel and wonderful plan:
The governed would be in charge.
The decline, corruption and incompetence that we are seeing is the responsibility of the governed. As long as the vast majority of eligible voters stay home on election days, they are leaving the governing to the ”hired help.”
Reform and change can be put on the ballot.
We have a process for that. Any and all incumbents can be fired.
Actual change can be done. But not if you continue to not participate.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli

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Geri denies what any reasonable person would deduce…that 45 had no right to steal classified documents and is as devious as they come. He will stop at nothing to take over this country and turn us into an autocracy (with gop’s help). Please seek assistance deprogramming from the 45 cult!

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