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Letters to the Editor Monday, Sept. 26


Libs only support if they’re not harmed

One thing you gotta love about the liberals: Before the Martha’s Vineyard thing, they were all for everybody and everything.
Of course, as long as it didn’t inconvenience them or cost them any money.
Robert Mangino
Schenectady, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Retirees struggling through every day

The St. Clare’s Hospital retirees are not what they used to be.
Earlier in their lives they were all young and strong. Now their ages have crept up upon them, so they are far from what they all were in their younger days.
It seems when they were all young, they were having babies, going out and hanging out with close friends.
Today all the retirees are not young anymore, they are not strong anymore, and they are old babysitting their grandchildren.
When they should be collecting a pension after working all their lives, they are still working and being deprived by the St. Clare’s Hospital leadership, along with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, of receiving their pensions.
Due to the selfishness of the self-centered betrayers, the 1,100 retirees have to stay alive so they can try to live their dream being retired.
These loyal healthcare workers worked all their lives in some cases to receive their pensions, only to be told they would not get one, or if they had a pension, it would be reduced.
So for now, the hospital leadership and the bishops from the diocese are living a beautiful life, while the retirees have to struggle through each and every day.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Zeldin’s campaign ads harmful to kids

Our young children live in a world that too often allows inappropriate conversation and television programming with visual advertisement that provides strong language and frightening imagery.
As a former early childhood educator, I cringe and am outraged to see, in particular, the current and horrific TV campaign promotion advertisement for Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, which includes terrifying video clips of shootings and other overt criminal behavior.
Children experiencing nightmares, anxiety, fear and a host of personal safety issues are the price that we pay for such poor judgment.
We need to be able to “think like a child and act like an adult” and let the Zeldin campaign know that they must correct this particularly inappropriate advertising.
Martha Price
Howes Cave

Abortion is between doctor and patient

In this coming election, abortion issues are sure to be important.
It is not a government obligation to render laws regarding abortion.
This is an issue that should be between the mother and her physician. Unfortunately, issues do arise during pregnancy that affect either the child or the mother and these should be addressed.
If the child has problems in the womb or if the pregnancy is a danger to the life of the mother, the doctor will determine whether an abortion is necessary.
However the willful destruction of the fetus because of the instability of the pregnant person should not be an option.
Think before you have sex, and this will also give us the opportunity to stop funding planned parenthood.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

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What I saw was a community in Martha’s Vinyard that rallied around a group of people that were cruelly mislead and dropped on an island with no notice to local authorities they would be arriving, all in in attempt to “own the libs”.  It wasn’t about being “inconvenienced” or “costing them money”, it was about the nature of the stunt.  How about for once you consider the lives of the asylum seekers that were unjustly lured into DeSantis’ political charade, and not about the the polticial scoreboard the Trumpers think they’re winning by treating others so poorly. 

geri krawitz

the stunt is allowing 4 million illegals in. what do you do to help them? easy enough to put the burden on the southern states whilst saying how compassionate you are but really what have you done? yo dont think all those people without monies is a problem? why not double your taxes and sya it is for the illegals

 Some people only feel good degrading and abusing others less fortunate than themselves as DeSantis seems to enjoy.makes the feel all warm and fuzzy. 

geri krawitz

like what? the response by the woke is always how much good thet do but they fail to mention what that actually is.
we have physicians who do the same and do not sell fetal baby parts

geri krawitz

mr. mangino perhaps you could talk to martha about the reality pf the world we live in now. apparently in her
thinking committing a crime is not the problem telling people what happened is. of course children always listen 
to news reports. what about what wea are not teaching in school in      favor of teaching about sex all nonsense

 interesting letters today, especially the comments on abortion. As far as I know I make the decisions about my health not my doctor women deserve the same rights. In Nazi Germany I believe doctors made decisions about who got to live or die. A woman today in America deserves better.Think about that sneaky fascist message. It is what it is, nasty

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