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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Sept. 27


Reason is clear for potholes on bridge

The article in the Sept. 9 Gazette (“Village plans for bridge replacement”) stated that the deck of the bridge “continues to see potholes…” absolutely – due to constant over-tonnage. It is posted on both sides for a 5-ton weight limit. I myself have witnessed consistent over-tonnage.
I have pictures, videos and logs of such negligence. Tractor-trailers, commercial and industrial flatbeds, logging truck/tandem with and without loads, rotating concrete trucks, commercial and industrial dump trucks with and without loads and tanker trucks; to name only a few.
It has been brought to the attention of the mayor and one campaigning. The deck of the bridge has had potholes filled more times than Freeman’s Bridge Road, since the deck was replaced nine years ago.
According to Scotia’s website, 5 tons is the weight limit for village streets. Why such an increase in heavy traffic in a residential area? I myself have damage to my home due to vibration. Other neighbors have noticed the traffic and vibration.
Is it hard to understand the reasons behind the constant and consistent potholes?
But, when grants don’t cover the replacement cost, will the village look to the taxpayers? Do we the taxpayers need to see an unnecessary increase in taxes and the continuation of the commercial/industrial thoroughfare in our residential area? This used to be a nice quiet village. Let’s all remember this in November. And keep taxes paid!
Gail Pyatt

Vote against GOP to protect freedom

The GOP will gleefully and sarcastically revel in the latest inflation statistics thinking that we will be distracted from the evil they are spreading around the nation.
Unfortunately for them, the economy, like the stock market, will bounce back in time, as it always has.
But their anti-democratic new state laws and policies will haunt them this election and beyond. The biggest issue is their anti-abortion stance that removes a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive care. Even if you are pro-life and want to give birth, no one should demand that you not have that choice. But what right does one person have to supersede others’ health care decisions? That issue should be enough reason to not vote Republican.
The other major stain on the GOP is their continuous support of the corrupt Donald Trump.
More than 60% of Republicans believe that the 2020 election was stolen, despite documented evidence to the contrary.
If there is one litmus test for candidates this November it should be that the election was handled properly. The only reason I can think of it is that these Trumpian candidates have nothing else to offer so they look backwards not forward.
Overall, most GOP positions are anti-democratic and unpopular with the majority of Americans. From climate change to voter suppression to not offering solutions to problems to autocratic control, the delusional GOP cannot be given the power to rule over us. Vote to protect your freedom before it’s too late.
Raymond Harris


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geri krawitz

mr. harris quite the contrary it is the democrats position that are first undemocratic and disliked by the majority. did the democrats not claim the election was stolen when hillary lost? do you think people want 4 million illegals that they have to support 400 billion forgiven student loans 8.3 inflation lack of baby food and supplies in stores and an embarrassing president who looks like herman munster when he tries to leave a stage arms out help me

Well said Raymond.  The Republicans are the dog that caught the car on the abortion issue and are now realizing just how much the majority of Americans oppose the government forcing women to have children.  Heck, even Geraldine Krawitz, a frequent commenter whose views are vastly different than mine, agrees in yesterday’s letters, that those types of decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor, and not the government.  I’m just hoping she votes accordingly in Roevember to protect women’s rights. 

geri krawitz

what could possibly be perfect about accepting 8.3 inflation shortage of baby formula crime 30% up on average in blue cities. 4 million illegals does the word illegal mean nothing? 270 thousand children travelling alone reducung the debt of college students making less than 125 THOUSAND. the decline of our shcools if any of thie is helping our country and its people please tell me how

Agreed mr harris excellent summary of our current reality. Didnt choke on my coffee today reading your letter. please continue to share the truth.  For some of us the sun never seems to shine and it never will 

Somehow I don’t think you’d listen to “how”. So why bother?
The information you pretend to want is out there, geri. Easy to find if you take those blinders off.

Thank you Raymond Harris.  If the gop win control, we’ll have the likes of illiberals like McCarthy, Boebert, Gaetz, and MT Greene running the show.  If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will!!  Save America and vote BLUE!  

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