Letters to the Editor Thursday Sept. 29


We need to get our priorities straight

Capitalism has failed. Rather than a system rewarding people according to their contributions, it has morphed into a network of wealthy amoral exploiters who control the government and economy.
The expectations that voters would intervene to eliminate the cruel outcomes of unrestrained capitalism through legislation protecting the environment, publicly funding education, guaranteeing the right to collective bargaining, setting a reasonable minimum wage, providing social security, establishing a graduated income tax and national health care have not fully materialized.
Religious, racial, ethnic and class bigotry are interfering with progress toward these goals, as fear of loss of privilege spreads among those who feel entitled.
Communism has simply replaced the uber wealthy and privileged owning class with communist party apparatchiks with leaders as adept at exploiting everyday people as their bourgeois counterparts.
As a result, our survival is threatened on many fronts. Our only hope to endure might be to get off our pedestal, our self-proclaimed status as nature’s best evolutionary outcome, or, if you prefer, God’s greatest creation, and begin to lead local communal lives, foregoing much of our technology and living closer to nature. To paraphrase Gandhi, we must learn to live simply so that we may simply live.
Technology designed to give us better lives has created looming catastrophes that threaten our very survival.
Climate change, species extinction, and pollution have worsened as a result of our obsession with growth over an equitable and stable society.
Development of renewable non-polluting energy and technology is our only chance for survival.
Anthony J. Santo

Fluoridation will be good for Gloversville

I am writing to the citizens of the Gloversville Water District to urge them to support the continuation of the fluoridation of Gloversville’s water.
You should have received a survey concerning fluoridation in your recent water bill. For the good of our community and especially our children, please complete the survey and support the ongoing fluoridation process.
Fluoridating water is a time- honored, safe and inexpensive way of preventing dental decay. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there is a lot of misinformation about fluoridation.
The use of fluoride is well-studied and has been documented to be safe and effective.
Articles to the contrary are based on poorly designed or misleading studies.
If you have not received such a survey, there is one available at the Water Board Department offices on South Main Street in Gloversville. Please take the time to complete the simple questionnaire and support the effort to continue fluoridating our water supply.
Dr. David Pesses

Golub’s honor is well-deserved

I wish to recognize Neil Golub for receiving the honor of having a street in Schenectady named for him.
As a retiree of Golub Corp., I saw first-hand Neil’s devotion to making Schenectady a better place to live.
He was passionate about his city and encouraged others to see Schenectady’s potential. He worked tirelessly and gave much of his time to these efforts.
I’m so glad the city chose to honor Neil in this way. He is a true champion of Schenectady.
Diane Bollinger
Ballston Spa

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