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Letters to the Editor Friday, Sept. 30


Rotterdam spending spree is harmful

I have been attending Rotterdam Town Board meetings and listening to town officials discuss how to fix the town’s mismanaged and neglected water distribution system serving residents in Water District 5 (WD5).
At the town’s last meeting in Rotterdam Junction, and after a poorly prepared presentation by Barton & Loguidice with about 15 people in attendance, the board voted to finance a $34 million water repair project.
Presenters said there most likely will be delays in getting construction materials, workforce shortages and logistical issues.
Moreover, I predict the “final” construction costs will be much higher than the “initial” estimate, as is the nature of construction.
Residents in WD5 recently saw their water bill moved from their property tax bill to a separate billing with a 17% increase (slick move).
On top of that, the cost of financing this project will increase water service charges by upwards of 100%.
Also, the Town Board is hinting that they may consider consolidating all of Rotterdam’s water districts, which will raise water rates again, especially in WD5.
At the worst time possible, the Town Board moves to finance a major project when the cost of construction materials and services is at the highest levels in decades.
The Town Board is on a spending spree on the taxpayers’ behalf in the middle of a depression that will disproportionately hurt retirees, the disabled and low-income families. Are they blind?
Frank Natalie

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Get the facts before targeting the ‘libs’

Mr. Mangino’s Sept. 26 letter (“Libs only support if they’re not harmed”) in The Gazette is typical rhetoric coming from the Right.
When you read someone using the word ”Libs,” you know coming forward will be lies and innuendo to try to sway actual facts to those not willing to do some research for facts.
When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis used the Venezuelan “migrants,” not illegal immigrants, as political pawns for his own political gain, he did so at taxpayers’ expense.
And the good folks at Martha’s Vineyard came together to volunteer to support these people who had been lied to. They have voluntarily gone to a military base, where they will be provided with food, shelter and essential services.
As they cheered the fine people who kindly helped them, as they were lied to by the Florida governor.
Now, some are suing the governor and the state of Florida for the scheme they used, luring them with hotel rooms, McDonald’s gift cards, cash and false information. Next time you want to provide a letter to the editor, do it with facts.
Randy Hayner

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christopher stater

Mr Hsyner spot on letter imagine what that 12 million dollars could have been used for now in a the wake of Ian  hind sight or comonn sentence and decency needed.As DeSantis begs for donations to help our fellow citizens you have to wonder at least I do. Everyday

Ignatious P. Reilly

Randy, here are some facts: People who have illegally entered ANY country are not “migrants”, they are in point of fact Illegal Aliens. Try illegally entering (‘migrating to’) Mexico, for instance, and see what happens. Please do, I would like to hear your report. Fact 2: I personally know some residents of Martha’s Vinyard. The entire community and surrounding area, with the small exception of some self serving liberal ‘thinkers’, politicians and columnists, were absolutely horrified and could not get rid of the nice “migrants” fast enough, and I don’t blame them. DeSantis was trying to assist the righteous windbag leftys fulfill their promises of “helping” and “doing the ‘right’ thing” – how could he have known they were all completely F.O.S.? I guess they did help, though. They helped them right of the area at the speed of light. I realize that two facts is two facts too many for any liberal, but too bad. You all need to grow up someday, why not today? 

we all know what DeSantis was doing and what his motivation with the flights to marthas vineyard was I am just thankful the rest of the country will probably not respond in a similar less than human manner to the devastation and need occurring in florida at this time.   why not     try to harnessthe  nastiness you wear so proudly for good give it a shot it wont kill you –  nobody wiil get more than you dont worry you wont get cheated . try to act humane. 

geri krawitz

mr haynor: the pot calling the kettle black perhaps you should be reading mote about the border crisis not created by the governors of texas and florida but by the feckless biden administration. do you not think that the 4 million since biden is not costing the taxpayer a fortune? the feds give out the credit cards telephones when they enter the u.s. biden has had 700 migrant flights in the dead of night to other states of course not delaware or d.c. who do you think paid for those. the hypocritical vineyard people called out the national guard immediately 125 men for 50 migrants what a show of hospitality. they fed them cheap cereal what no lobster rolls available and had them for 42 hours what kidness. of course they still have teir woke signs telling people like you how good they are

dave johnson

“Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” If only the NIMBYS of Martha’s Vineyard practiced what they preached. 50 immigrants show up one day and all of a sudden those words in Emma Lazarus’s poem have no meaning. They were put on a bus and shipped out within 36 hours. These same phonies are the ones who criticize the border governors for their “antics” yet when the moment comes to them, they do the exact same thing. Martha’s Vineyard has a poem of ther own and it reads “Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to be free, unless it’s a bus full of brown people then get them the hell out of here” 

Thank you Mr. Hayner.
If you can summon the will to go outside your isolated rightwing news bubble and find outside sources for information, this is the picture that emerges. The persistent spinning by the right to try to pin these transgressions on the left are growing very tiresome. “I’m rubber, you’re glue!”, or the Peewee Herman strategy will not win others to your cause.
These people for the most part are refugees and others legitimately seeking asylum. They are not “illegals”. True Christians can see that and do what Christianity calls them to do, as happened in Martha’s Vinyard and NYC and the other cities deemed “deserving”. The people of Martha’s Vineyard did not ‘ship them out’ trying to avoid them. They made accommodations for them at a suitable facility to give these families the comfort and security they needed. Screeching about ‘rich, white liberals not giving up their homes’ was exactly what the Republican governors responsible for this hoped for.
Keep it up, Republican minions. You’re losing.

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