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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Oct. 1 – Twelve letters from around the region


Walsh an advocate for skilled trades

Whether it’s your favorite restaurant or the contractor you’ve known your whole life, businesses big and small are struggling to retain and attract dedicated employees.
Before the pandemic, leaders in the areas of skilled trades were already fearful of what the future of their workforce would look like. Now more than ever, we are working to incentivize the next generation of carpenters, plumbers, sheet metal workers, etc. through apprenticeships, BOCES and whatever it takes to break the stigma of entering these occupations.
The only way to be successful is to have advocates throughout the community, including our elected officials.
Fortunately for the communities in the 112th Assembly District, we have Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh. Assemblywoman Walsh has toured countless businesses, facilities and the two BOCES that serve the schools that she represents in order to learn what employers are looking for, as well as what is being done to equip students for their next chapter. She knows that one-size-fits-all is not the right approach to education and that college isn’t the only answer.
Mary Beth will always advocate for trades and measures that help fill the gaps in various areas of our state’s workforce.
Douglas Ford
Ballston Spa

Stefanik needs last name on her signs

I have recently noticed a proliferation of campaign signs in Cobleskill with the sole name Elise on them.
It is odd, and I think insulting, to have someone campaigning for office using only her first name. This is not a high school student council election this November, but one in which voters must decide who their elected officials will be.
I must assume that someone named Elise is in this group of candidates. The Republican Party recently hosted an event in Cobleskill that featured Elise Stefanik. I guess this is the Elise these signs are touting.
I would have liked to attend this event to meet this person, but there was an admission fee and I fear attendance was limited to Republicans only. Not the best way to get acquainted with our community.  Why is this candidate not using  her last name? Seems strange to me.
Bruce Castka

Take back America from the evil Dems

When the November elections come, any one with common sense will vote out the Democrats, who are really socialists, and even worse.
President Joe Biden has crippled the nation with the left’s policies. Obama is controlling the narrative, telling Biden what to do. The advisers to Biden are from Obama’s administration.
Wake up, this is not the Democrats of the 1950s, or even 1960s.
No, these are evil greedy, “change America at all cost” Democrats. They have hurt the children with mandates of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Schools caved, churches caved, medical hospitals, etc. all caved. Please, Pelosi, AOC and Schumer have helped destroy what you once loved, and cherished. Take back America now!
Albert P. Marvell

Walsh is a leader in the local community

Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh has advocated strongly for children and families both during her years in the state Assembly and through her history of being a family court lawyer. This experience is needed in the 112th District to continue advocating for children and adults with special needs, young women, students, seniors, families and everyone else.
The advocacy and leadership Mary Beth provides to these groups is seen not only in her legislation, but also her presence in the community and her openness to hosting high school and college interns, advocating for young women in all fields of work, meeting with Girl Scout troops, conducting school visits, going to local businesses and more.
Mary Beth has a constant presence in her district. I’ve personally seen her out and about at local libraries, the Saratoga County Fair, schools, local restaurants/shops, parades, community events and more.
Her dedication to the constituents she serves is unquestionable and the care she shows towards so many community groups is genuine. The 112th Assembly District should be proud, like I am, to have such a compassionate leader fighting for our community.
Abigail Burke
Ballston Spa

NY delegation must fight permit reform

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virgina, recently released permitting reform legislation that allows the Department of Energy to accelerate some energy projects.
This plan would gut bedrock environmental protections, endanger public health, fast-track fossil fuels, and push approval for Manchin’s pet project, the fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline.
New Yorkers know better than this. In particular, New York has blocked construction of multiple gas pipelines (Constitution Pipeline in the Catskills, Williams’s NESE through the New York Harbor) using its authority under the Clean Water Act.
This authority would be substantially limited by this bill. We need the federal government to keep supporting climate action through investments like the Inflation Reduction Act.
Those investments are key to achieving New York’s bold climate mandate under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.
We need Rep. Paul Tonko, in his influential position as co-chair of the subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change, to speak out vigorously against this awful mistake. Sen. Gillibrand should also condemn this proposal.
When Joe Manchin made the deal with Sen. Schumer to agree to the IRA if this “permitting reform” were included in the essential continuing resolution, he certainly knew that other legislators could show intelligence and courage and defeat it.
Don Porter

Vote against those who denied election

To help preserve our democracy, I will not cast my vote for any candidate who is an election denier or continues to stoke false claims that there was significant voter fraud in the last presidential election.
In 2020, Joe Biden was elected president in a fair and free election. Yet, in 29 states across the countr, election deniers have been nominated to run for offices that could unfairly disenfranchise voters in their states.
In our area, we are not immune to these politicians who stoke the false claims of a “rigged election.”
The day after the violent attempt to overturn our presidential election, both Lee Zeldin and Elise Stefanik refused to certify some of the Electoral College presidential votes.
On Jan. 6, Liz Joy was at the Capitol and falsely claimed that leftist extremists led the assault on the Capitol.
All three of these candidates continue to knowingly lie to New Yorkers about election irregularities.
By doing, so they lend support to election deniers and violent extremists who want to use this lie to overturn our fair and free elections.
This is a violation of their oath of office and disqualifies them from being worthy of my vote.
Bob Karandy
Burnt Hills

Santabarbara a voice for most vulnerable

I was pleased to read the Sept. 22 Gazette editorial (“Group home residents need a voice”) about Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s legislation to help improve group homes in the state.
The pandemic showed us how vital it really is to have open communication between residents and the institutions tasked with supporting them. Addressing concerns in group homes is especially essential for those with disabilities.
These individuals deserve to be heard on how they are being treated and what can be improved. That’s exactly what Santabarbara’s bill will do, target issues most significant to group home residents and their families through a new work group.
Most importantly, the work group is responsible for making sure their concerns are heard and can also bring any problems directly to the state agency and even the state Legislature if needed.
Mr. Santabarbara has been a voice for our most vulnerable and a true advocate for the disability community. I hope to see his bill signed by the governor soon.
Talia Kruger

Castelli will restore decency, integrity

Our democracy almost died Jan. 6, 2021. Elise Stefanik voted to overturn a free and fair presidential election; she will do it again if re-elected. She just voted against the bipartisan Presidential Election Reform Act which sets out new, clear rules for counting electoral votes and barring states from changing results they don’t like.
This bill will help ensure that the American people have the final and only authority on electing their president. Elise doesn’t want that.
Her lack of respect for American voters and her desire to nullify their votes (if they don’t vote for her side) is immoral and violates her oath of office. She’s unfit for office.
Vote on Nov. 8 for Matt Castelli of Glens Falls and save our democracy. With degrees from Siena, Georgetown, and Northwestern, he served in the CIA and as director of counterterrorism under Presidents Obama and Trump.
Jan. 6 inspired him to run for Congress in New York’s 21st District. He respects the Constitution and the rule of law, unlike his opponent. I urge voters of all parties to support Matt Castelli, a moderate, to restore decency and integrity in Washington. His motto, “Country Before Party” is what we need now.
Katherine Sieg

Muller professional, judges with integrity

I support Robert Muller for re-election as Supreme Court Judge in the Fourth Judicial District.
I’ve known Judge Muller for more than 25 years. During that time I have participated in cases both with him and as his adversary when he was a lawyer. Following his election to the Supreme Court of New York, I’ve had many occasions to appear before him. At all times while in his role as a lawyer then judge, he was prepared, professional and courteous.
His demeanor while performing his duties as a Supreme Court Justice has remained consistently fair and exemplified his integrity.
Decisions rendered by Judge Muller have demonstrated his reasoned application of the law and the fact that he has never lost sight of the human consequences of his rulings.
While it would be disingenuous to say that I’ve always agreed with him, I can emphatically say that his rulings demonstrated a reasonable balance of fairness and the application of the law.
During the past 14 years, Judge Muller has carried out his judicial duties presiding with professionalism and integrity. We deserve to have Robert Muller continue as one of our Supreme Court judges.
Please consider him when voting Nov. 8.
Timothy Horigan

Castelli focused on protecting country

Let’s get this straight. District 21 has options for electing its representative for Congress. We have a choice, and we need to vote intelligently.
The incumbent candidate offers closed town hall meetings, which means you must be invited. She follows a former president who does not support our democracy.
She supports bipartisan bills that have little or no chance of being passed. Her hope is that her political career will be advanced by claiming she is an “ultra MAGA.”
Matt Castelli is her opponent who is focused on protecting our country and serving District 21. He has worked in the CIA under two presidents, leading counter-terrorism operations. He is a veteran and is focused on reducing costs for working families, expanding access to care, and securing our nation. He welcomes open town halls and allows for questions and answers. His bi-partisan outlook is what we need in Congress now. Read more about him at Please vote on Nov. 8 for Matt Castelli.
Ginni Mazur

Mastroianni spreads conspiracy theories

After the 9/11 attacks, some people began spreading conspiracy theories, and I was appalled that a candidate for state Assembly this year, Joe Mastroianni, is one of them. Before putting his name on the ballot, he frequently used his Facebook page to spread these lies.
Now he expects people to vote for him this November, and you’ll find that he cleansed his social media of his un-American offensive rhetoric. He’s trying to pull a fast one hoping his past won’t come back to haunt him. But as they say in the digital world, once you post something, you own it for life, even if you delete it.
On display, I saw these offensive posts for myself that show Mastroianni’s support of dangerous conspiracy theories and belief that the U.S. government assisted in the 9/11 attacks – going as far as to say they planned and executed the attacks themselves. But I don’t expect readers to take my word for it. Anyone who runs a Google search for “Joe Mastroianni 9/11” can see it for themselves. When casting your vote this November, remember the words of Maya Angelou: “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”
Christopher Carpenter

Republicans taking away women’s rights

Congratulations to all of you women of childbearing age that voted for Donald Trump in 2016.
Freedom of choice has been set back 50 years. Just keep believing the Republican rhetoric about how to make America great again and you will lose the right to contraception. Young women who believe the men they love will do the honorable thing, but don’t, will be forced to birth these babies whether wanted or not.
At 74 years of age I have seen this happen many times. Right-to-lifers don’t care about the 127,000 unadoptable children, or the 475,000 children in foster care with more added daily. The Republicans only want the religious vote and don’t care what happens to children after they are born to be abused by parents, or parents that don’t want them, or foster parents who are in it for the money.
Yes, there are many loving foster parents out there. Yet women’s rights are being axed by the Republican party. Women please wake up. Vote these fascist leaning MAGA fanatics out of office before it’s too late.
Jeff Pelky

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Ignatious P. Reilly

Gosh Bob, isn’t it funny how your ‘truth’ is exactly the opposite of more than half the country’s ‘truth’? No civilian, or more accurately commoner knows what REALLY happened and no one besides the NWO ever will. Not being stupid, I don’t believe there has been an election in this country that hasn’t been rigged in the last 100 years. If a politician on either side is speaking, that (pick your pronoun) is lying. All you need to do is look around you. Look at your investments. Look at a gas pump. Look in the grocery store. Look at your electric bill. Stop watching TV and using Failbook as a news source and even you can see ALL government has failed us atrociously. Please, if you can read, educate yourself on the French Revolution. Read about A. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pothead. Obama. Do you see any parallels with the modern US? Do you see where the US is going? It isn’t good, Bob. 

Thank you Mr. Karandy, and other writers pointing out the atrocious, anti-American behavior of what used to be the Republican Party.
As a nearly life-long unafilliated voter, recently signed on as a Democrat, I’ve always taken the “Big Tent” ideal to heart; if someone differs on some issue and is willing to honestly debate it, as long as they have the American public’s interest in mind I’m willing to work with them and accept them.
But now a line has been drawn by the previous President and his party (and it is his party, regardless what they tell you). There is now a litmus test, and it’s whether you accept the will of the American public and the decisions of our juducial system. The new Republican Party will not do that, will no longer participate and therefore has disqualified themselves, and need to be voted out. There are reasonable Republicans, some of whom are good friends of mine. And maybe you can find reason to support them too. But it’s become as simple as ‘where do you stand on law and order, and the Constitution?’ If you buy into the previous President’s latest blast, “I don’t believe we’ll ever have a fair election again”, then you need to be shown the political exit door.

William Marincic

Bob Karandy, you do know that up until today more than half of Democrats believe the lie that Russia interfered in the election helping Trump win. Hillary is still saying it today. Biden’s previous press secretary and the current one both are on record for saying that Trump is an illegitimate President. Every democrat MSM news and talk show ran that same conspiracy theory. So how can you blame Republicans for doing what the Democrats did four years earlier?

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