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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Oct. 2 – From readers in Schenectady and Saratoga Springs


Change work model to get more Boomers

To alleviate the employment issues in schools, restaurants and other small businesses we need to change the way we do business.
We need to get the Baby Boomers back into the workforce. Many Baby Boomers, now retired, would be willing to rejoin the workforce but on our terms. We already had careers, worked weekends, holidays and nights.
We are dedicated, have a great work ethic and drove our country and economy for many years. But we work in order to get out of the house and pay for golf, bowling or other interests.
We attend all of our grandkid’s extracurricular activities and travel regularly. Working too much causes taxation on Social Security or lost Enhanced STAR. The old HR model has to go away for part-time employees.
You might have a model that calls for 20 school bus drivers, 10 cafeteria employees, one maintenance employee or one dishwasher. Now those numbers have to be boosted and yes, your liability insurance might rise due to a larger workforce. But most of us don’t need health insurance or paid time off — just time off.
We would do those maintenance duties, but those Saturday hours mean you have to hire someone else to fill that Saturday as a weekend position. We would drive that school bus or work in that cafeteria or restaurant but maybe only in the mornings, or afternoons or just two or three days a week.
Changing your HR model would mean you could fill those positions you’re having a difficult time filling.
Bill Mccullough

Baffled by pot store ownership mandate

I’m trying to wrap my head around this: You have to be convicted of a drug (marijuana) offense to be eligible to have a cannabis store?
Do we really pay people to make these laws?
They are part of the problem and not part of the solution of many of this society’s ills.
John Lang

We can foster a new wave of Americans

Don’t ask me to figure it out. I am not equipped. However, a few things do come to mind.
First of all, none of us now living or deceased, was ever ethnically attached to the United States.
We all know that the first peoples to arrive on this continent did so by crossing a land bridge connecting Asia with Alaska.
Then, after the discovery of the New World, people from Europe and other countries came here, either of their own free will, in chains or in some indentured nature, i.e., they were forced to work off their passage as a form of bondage.
But as did most of our ancestors, the rule of law caused these immigrants to work for a living. Now, the southwestern border of the United States is largely open. Let’s not deny that. Two million people a month are coming into the United States.
But most of these newcomers are not vetted, i.e., not screened for nationality, disease, or political bent. We should welcome them.
After all, they, like our own ancestors, are looking for a better life.
However, we Americans owe it to them to become familiar with the American way of life which probably means to work, to become self-sufficient and, of course, pay taxes.
You know, if we were to drop politics from the equation (Democrats accusing Republicans, Republicans accusing Democrats) and eliminate the political theater, we might foster a new wave of Americans.
Just sayin’.
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs

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Ignatious P. Reilly

Hi John! Right you are and welcome to New York! The home of the sleeping sheep, insane taxes, welfare and horrendously crooked government. You can get a good bagel down NYC way, so there is that. Next up, one will need to be convicted of murder with a stolen gun to get a pistol permit. Drunken driving to get a driver’s license. Child molestation to work in a school. It never stops – when you think the pinnacle of atrocity has been reached, just wait a couple hours for the next mind boggling decision of our fine NYS government.  

Yesterday I posted in a comment here a link to the Office of Cannabis Management’s factsheet providing easy-to-read details on how this program will work.
I hope the Gazette will see fit to post it, even if it’s a day later.

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