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Letters to the Editor Monday, Oct. 3 – From readers in Schenectady and Gloversville


Print the truth from both political sides

I personally think it’s disgusting that there was never any mention of Cayler Ellingson’s murder for his political beliefs.
I see countless stories in this paper degrading Trump and Republicans, but I never see the same stance for the other side. Why is that?
Stop printing stories based on your opinion and print the truth, from both sides. That way people can form their own opinions, not the one you want them to have.
Tony Fazzone

Stefanik abandons voters to get power

Aside from the detachment from reality required to claim the 2020 election was stolen, take a look at what Rep. Elise Stefanik has really done on our behalf.
She claims to be willing to “reach across the aisle.” In reality, less than 4% of the ”bipartisan” bills she claims she co-authors ever get voted on — 96% of the time she fails.
Recently she voted against additional benefits for veterans, reducing prescription costs for seniors, allowing women to make their own health care decisions, and providing money for improving roads, bridges and internet services. She claims she did it because she had co-sponsored a “better” bill.
None of her bi-partisan bills regarding any of the above bills she voted against ever came to the floor for a vote.
She supports legislation to gut Social Security as well Medicare. Is this what we want from our representative?
Suffice to say Stefanik has joined far right extremists who hysterically scream they are saving your rights.
Reality clearly proves, she has done nothing to help improve the embarrassing behavior in Washington and far more importantly, she has completely abandoned the voters in the 21st District so she can ingratiate herself with other power mongers.
Jim Flint

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christopher stater

Any senseless murder should be condemned we need to address the cesspool that is creating an environment that encourages this type of behsvior. After Jan 6th nothing should surprise any of us.

geri krawitz

the horror of january 6 an insurrection to destroy our form of goverment. ill take that over what biden has done no baby food supply change crisis inflation highest in 40 years and thats a lot all lawlessness up 40% children arent taught in schools to busy with crt and sex a demented president who has done so many bad things the open border leading to so many crimes the woke judges getting money from ukraine russia china millions and millions of dollars and no one questions it.
do you like high taxes high food costs high gasoline high crime than you are being well served by the democrats

Mr Fazzone: Re: your “print the truth, from both sides” comment.  There is just one truth period. Viewing a truth from a side is an opinion which you have asked the gazette to cease printing. 

Jim Flint you are absolutely correct.  Stefanik is NOTHING more than a TRUMP puppet  and very similar to Susan flip flop Collins..says one thing and does the opposite. 

geri krawitz

but but diane and arth you completely miss the point mr. falzones letter said all should be revealed it is not with present administration. it is chaos but but but mr. flint who siad only his side should be heard is okay? you comment alot to bad you do not read with an open mind thank goodness kamala has made clear that our friend is north korea and not south.

Tony Fazzone–Yes, it happens on both sides, but is a false equivalent. The difference is that the dems don’t have an authoritative leader (and former president) like 45 constantly stoking the flames of violence.  45 just attacked McConnell with a DEATH WISH post and called his wife (formerly in his own administration) as his “CHINA LOVING WIFE–COCO CHOW!” Because of 45’s dangerous rhetoric, attacks on members of Congress have increased 10 fold. The media calls it out especially because they know exactly where it’s coming from.
In addition, the dems tend to denounce immediately any member stoking violence, and dem leadership does their job–unlike the WIMPS in the gop maga party.  What a bunch of scared little chickens the gop have become.  It’s dangerous and pathetic!

William Marincic

Jim Flint, is that the same as the detached reality of you all saying the Russians stole the 2016 election? Don’t get mad because the Republicans are doing what you did four years previous. After all, we learned it all from you!!

The Russians certainly were involved…they at a minimum, helped. Remember 45 ASKING Russia for help and they immediately hacked Hillary’s campaign?!  
How about the investigation with Rubio at the helm…remember Paul Manafort?!
While we’re at it, Mueller found at least 10 instances of Obstruction of Justice where 45 purposely withheld OUR tax dollars helping Putin and hurting Ukraine and US.  Mueller would not say 45 was exonerated, so STOP with your false equivalents…boy, the right constantly tries, but fails!  Most Americans know the truth, which is why 45 got his arse beat in the 2020 election.

Which of course has nothing to do with Mr. Flint’s letter. But again reveals your own TDS you all say everyone else suffers from.

“‘He has a DEATH WISH. Must immediately seek help and advise from his China loving wife, Coco Chow!’ Trump concluded”
You want more of this? And you call yourself a Christian?

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