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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Oct. 5 – From readers in Ballston Lake and Albany


No sympathy, or bailout, for Florida

Hurricane Ian’s destruction of the state of Florida aroused no sympathy in me.
I watched people who consistently elect climate change deniers run from alligators swimming in the streets, and I delighted in sweet Schadenfreude. New Yorkers remember Ron DeSantis’s vote against a bailout after Hurricane Sandy, and now DeSantis yet again proves that Tea Party Republicans are so profoundly hypocritical because they cannot practice what they preach.
I say no bailout for Floridians who should take personal responsibility for choosing to live in hurricane alley and acting surprised when their houses disappear.
Lora Como
Ballston Lake


Kick start action on climate change

Littering is awful, isn’t it?
Schenectady lawmakers are right in being concerned and taking action, as reported (“City lawmakers seek to address littering” ) in the Sept. 27 Gazette.
Littering with solid trash or dumping liquid waste into public areas are no-nos.
Yet, when tailpipes in our cars and SUVs belch fumes or the chimneys on our roofs dispose of flue gases from oil or gas boilers, we are littering our air.
We have ignored this free gaseous waste disposal, a seemingly consequence-free littering, far too long, and now the consequences are upon us.
Look no further than Florida’s west coast, slammed by the historic hurricane Ian.
Just days ago, Puerto Rico and Canada were hit by the once-in-a-100-year Hurricane Fiona, barely five years after Puerto Rico was devastated by the once-in-300-years Hurricane Maria in 2017.
And, of course, hurricanes are not the only consequence of unchecked littering of our atmosphere with the byproducts of burning fossil fuels. Historic fires, droughts, and floods are growing in numbers and intensity all around the globe.
A quick transition to electric vehicles on streets and electric heat pumps in homes will go a long way in curbing the littering of our air.
Gov. Hochul’s Climate Action Council can kick start this process with a strong scoping plan.
Maura McNulty

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christophe Stalka

Hurricane Ian victims need and deserve our support just as they would support us in our time of need what in the world could lead someone to spew a negative comment about our fellow citizens in a time of disaster


I was listening to a report on TV about a couple in Naples Florida who took in nuns displaced by storm. Then I read the ‘let them eat cake’ letter about Florida IAN. interesting comparison.

Guy Varoma

People voting against their best interests is nothing new…It’s what the Republican Party thrives on…..”owning the Libs” is all they care about. WE mustn’t become the republican party with tit for tat….People need help during a trying time such as a hurricane, We must go high and give them the help

Helping our fellow citizens in FL is an opportunity to unite. Biden has shown repeatedly that we are all Americans, that we are the UNITED States of America. Just being quiet and not lashing out every day with all the criticism and partisanship being thrown at him is a good start. Now in this serious situation of devastation and loss of lives, he is speaking with DeSantis daily and helping out FL. Thank you, President Biden, for modeling how to properly care for us all.

Ignatius doesn’t understand that it’s a figure of speech, lol!

And I don’t understand what’s so funny about Biden’s efforts to unite us in any way he can.
Do you prefer 45s threats to withhold what’s needed because of petty politics?

Sure Democrats consistently do the right thing to help Americans and the Republicans vote against legislation that would help their own constituents, then campaign on the benefits of the legislation that they voted against. However, we shouldn’t let the people of Florida suffer, even if they continually elect idiots like DeSantis, Rubio and Scott. One day the people of that state will wake up to the frauds they all are. In the meantime, let’s show some grace to the folks that can’t help themselves.

Ignatious P. Reilly

You mean doing the right things to ‘help’ americans like Obamacare and letting drug dealers and other criminals just walk into our country? Or how they want all the illegals here, at least until they get afflicted with some in their towns? Or are you referring to the wholesale release of criminals who in way too many cases immediately commit more crimes? Or blaming gang shootings on licensed gun owners? Or do you mean the organized smash and grabs? Or the rioting over felons being prosecuted? Or possibly the insider trading done by some democrats – the very same actions that would put you in prison? Yes. Yes I see that the Democrats are really taking care of us. I can’t believe I hadn’t realized this before.

Yet it happened and you never have a word to say in condemnation of it. It is the worst crime someone could commit against our country, but there you are leading the charge against another political party with lies and half-truths that we’ve all grown very tired of.

Where’s your outrage against treason? Where your outrage against a President who still doesn’t accept he lost, nor that he stole this country’s most secret documents? Where’s your outrage against your leader using the racially charged language against one of his own past cabinet members (“Coco Chow”, in case you conveniently forget)?


Although I understand why Ms. Como feels the way she does, I agree with Whoville and others who realize we must live up to our standards and not lower ourselves to behaving like DeSantis and his ilk. We have to hope that our way, emphasizing unity and acceptance of diversity and freethinking will prevail as more and more people who aren’t interested in politics and government come to realize just how selfish and often criminal, the Trumps, DeSantises, Greenes, Bobarts, Gosars, Gaetz, Bannons, Jones, Hawleys, McCarthys, et. al. actually are, and what a threat they represent to all.

William Marincic

Maura McNulty was it climate change that caused once-in-a-100-year Hurricane Fiona or the once-in-300-years Hurricane Maria in 2017? If not then how? The Earth has always had warming and cooling periods, have you ever heard of “The Ice Age”?


I am certain she has heard of the Ice Age. I am as certain that she is aware of the scientific data that shows since we began using fossil fuels, the ensuing pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, has caused our atmosphere to warm rapidly. These gases allow light to reach the Earth’s surface; the water and land are warmed; these gases have properties that hold the heat in. Warmer oceans fuel stronger and large storms which causes tidal surges, rain, and flooding. Sea levels are rising as glaciers melt etc.

Do you believe God left humankind here as stewards of this planet? I will assume that you do. That’s certainly how I was raised. So why attack those who are actually striving to live that ideal, as you repeatedly do?

This increase in global climate warming runs a striking parallel to the rise of the Industrial Revolution. Coincidence? How do you think God feels about that “coincidence”? How do you think God feels about our stewardship?
Do you think God supports fracking?

bob gareat

Marjorie Taylor Greene one of the shining stars of the Q anon caucus in the House has recently shared her opinion/belief that the move to electric vehicles is some how emasculating which might explain the resistance to non fossil fuels among such shining stars in the republican party as Josh (the sprinter) Hawley and Matt (the sex trafficker) Gaetz


If we had two honest democratic parties in Congress, there would be enough votes to remove her and many other nutbags from the House and Senate.

Steven Flynn

“Hurricane Ian’s destruction of the state of Florida aroused no sympathy in me.” It’s hard to believe that a human being can have such a cold hearted view on such a tragic storm. The people of Florida need help and our Government should most certainly give it to them. I’ve watched news stories of people who risked their lives to help people during the storm and after. I watched a video of a man who rescued a dog from drowning and it was amazing. In life, be more like the man who rescued the dog and whatever you do, dont be like Lora Como.


“Did you know that a governor can declare war? A governor can declare war. And we’re going to probably see that.” stated Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn on 9/29/22.

No, Michael, you are wrong. He doesn’t “know” it because no such authority exists in any constitution, federal or state in our country.

Is he trying to encourage civil war with the goal of creating a Trump dictatorship? I would be interested in any Republican’s response to these facts and questions.

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