Letters to the Editor Friday, Oct. 7 – From Schenectady, Canajoharie residents


Build new park, put dummy light there

Change is based on need and follows current circumstances. Do we need the dummy light?
Does Canajoharie suffer now that the light is out of commission? Currently the 4-way stop signs are taking care of the traffic.
Whether that set up is enough is the real question and one thing I have noticed is that there is no parking within 30 feet of each approach except from the south so that sight lines are clear.
Several times people have asked if the intersection sans the light is causing accidents and the answer is no more than any other intersection with any other form of traffic control device.
Canajoharie is indeed a lovely place to live, as is St. Johnsville and Fort Plain.
But Canajoharie is lacking one feature (not the light) that those other two villages have. A usable park. One that can be enjoyed by citizens and visitors alike.
What a wonderful place to place the light in perpetuity.
Where would I put this park?
Right across the street from our lovely library and museum where I would hope we will see another change:
The removal of most of the Beech-Nut facility and the proposed baby Riverwalk being proposed as an additional feature of the bike path.
One thing about change is that it is rarely singular and affects many aspects of a community.
Diane Rumrill-Hall


Bridge racial divide and work together

Stop creating racial divide.
Our very own vice president stated that FEMA funds should be distributed to minorities to make it more equitable.
I have a friend who lives in Cape Coral, Fla. He and his neighbors rode out the storm. The aftermath was expected with this type of hurricane.
After they checked in with neighbors, they got to work. No power, with trees down everywhere, they’ve been working together.
He told me about four Hispanic men, two who spoke broken English, an Italian lady and three White guys. All eight worked together cutting up trees most would hire a tree cutting service to do.
But together they worked for each other and cleared their neighborhood.
When they finished, they all had a beer together and each went home for a long cold shower (no power).
The point, most of America is like that and doesn’t judge people by the color or ethnicity of a person. It’s their character and their obligation to the common good in people.
It seems around election time one side calls out the other and they talk about equality. The haves and have nots.
Ironically these same elite politicians are the same rich “haves.” They say one thing, but they are what they preach against.
Now we see it in our own City Council.
How about we hold our political figures accountable for the division and elect people regardless of party, but by character and their commitment to serve We the people of the United States.
Robert Sponable

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As someone who actually lived in central Florida for several years, I can assure the reader and Mr. Sponable there are impoverished communities that have been decimated, that we’re not seeing on the news. We’re seeing lots of privileged people, mainly white people, with yachts parked in their yards and summer homes with manicured lawns ripped to shreds, but racism, systemic institutional racism thrives there off the beaten tourist paths. Maybe a refresher in critical race theory (if you’re a law student where that’s taught) might help understand.

The tone-deaf lamentations of ‘treating people equally’ by the dominant class when it comes to government aid just reveals a deeper fear that the brown people will get undeserved favor. Racism is very much alive and well and we shouldn’t be distracted by the privileged whining about ‘treating everyone equally’. Let the oppressed say when the oppression’s over.

Yes I agree, we should elect politicians based upon their character and commitment to serve. But a person’s character, in my mind at least, is based largely upon how they treat others, particularly the vulnerable and poor. And while the spirit of America is alive in the story you tell about your friend and Hispanic neighbors working together in tragic times, the truth is, the Governor of that state would just as soon put those Hispanics on a plane to Martha’s Vineyard just to score political points and “own the libs.”

William Marincic

Robert Sponable you, of course, is right and from what I have seen Gov. Desantis has stepped to the plate to help everyone in Florida, not just the rich ones as the liberals will have you believe. As far as Desantis sending Hispanics to Martha’s Vineyard I have to agree with him, how else will we get the story of millions of illegal aliens in our country since Biden was elected? BTW Marthas Vineyard has a giant sign stating that everyone is welcome there, that is unless you are an illegal Hispanic. Hypocrisy at its best. Well played democrats.

A couple days ago I posted a link to the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette’s article on these migrants’ surprise arrival and how they were welcomed. They also mentioned how all these migrants came looking for work.
These cities had no warning and these migrants and their families were terrorized by a very foolish and very spiteful Republican. That makes them pawns in a very short-sighted Republican’s heartless game. This is what America has come to expect from the fake-Christians of the Trump Republicans.

Since you choose to be so selective of where you get your infotainment, here it is again in hopes you’ll make a small effort to understand what happened. This is what real journalism looks like:

christophe Stalka

I’m sure DeSantis was sincere in his expressed gratitude to President Biden for the federal governments response to the hurricane it contrasted so drastically with the failed response to hurricane Maria in puerto Rico Lord only knows how many would have suffered more if that failed approach was maintained unfortunztelysome people seem to relish pretending they are superior to other human beings.

William Marincic

Christopher Stalka Are you trying to blame Trump for the corrupt government in PR stealing the money and supplies? I guess you don’t remember the warehouses they found stuffed full of food and supplies? Of course, you don’t, blaming Trump sounds better to people that don’t know any better, I’m not one of them.

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