Letters to the Editor Saturday, Oct. 8 – From readers in Schenectady, Scotia, Ballston Lake, elsewhere


Higher fees unfair to city taxpayers

Here we go again. Another case of just what on earth our city leadership is thinking. Let me explain.
While everything is going sky high or through the roof and the hardworking, tax paying residents of the city of Schenectady have been struggling to make ends meet and get their basic necessities covered, the leadership of this city wants to put a much unnecessary hike on water, sewage and garbage.
If the hardworking, tax paying residents of this city are not mad at the leadership now, well they should be.
Anthony Carota

Vote to change ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ politics

I am very tired of our governing “parties” constantly fighting.
All we hear is candidates bashing each other, not saying what they will do for us.
I am registered to a party, but always vote for who I think will do the best job.
It seems like we are the “Us” and “Them” parties now, with “Us” having to win at all costs and if we don’t, we will put up every roadblock and derail all we can until we do win.
This is not the way it should be. This attitude will eventually lead us to a civil war that no one wants to see.
This action even starts at a local level.
In my town, the party has abandoned an incumbent justice because of legal and just adjudications against the town. The correct action was taken, but the “party” abandons the candidate.
This is just a fraction of the problems in this country. Only we can change this with our votes.
David W. Gallup

Wanted more depth on truck article

I would like to see Dan Lyons (Lyons on Wheels “2022 Ford F-150 Lightning) in the Oct. 1 Gazette, do a real world review of the Ford Lighting.
I enjoyed the article but would like to know the range in winter or towing TT with an EV truck.
You list the truck’s payload, but what does this do to its range?
We Just completed an 18,000-mile cross country camping trip towing a 4,500-pound trailer.
I’m guessing I would have needed to spend almost 2,000 hours charging to complete the trip. Not everyone lives in California and only uses a truck to drive back and forth to work.
Again, I like reading the article, but would like to see more in-depth detail so readers can make better informed choices.
David Brigham
Ballston Lake

Castelli would be a breath of fresh air
Ah, autumn, when the air is crisp and fresh. It is definitely time to take some deep breaths and look at Matt Castelli for Congress.
He is such a refreshing change after the stench of the nasty, lying, traitorous and hypocritical behavior of his opponent. You know who she is. The one who believes the Big Lie. The one who is OK with telling women they don’t have the right to choose and don’t even have the right to choose what contraceptive they want to use. The one who votes ‘no’ on legislation to help our veterans and then steals the glory of others by claiming she “secured funds” for us when she voted ‘no’ on the legislation.
Matt Castelli has actually served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn’t steal any glory. He has walked the walk. He has actually worked to help our veterans secure the health care they deserve. He doesn’t just agree to follow along with his party. He is the breath of fresh air we need.
Vote for Matt Castelli. You won’t be sorry, and you will breathe so much better.
Joelle Flint
Mastroianni’s 9/11 views are extreme
As a retired firefighter, I’m urging all my fellow firefighters and first responders to pay close attention to this year’s state Assembly race in the 111th District.
As some already know, Joseph Mastroianni, a Rotterdam Town Board member, has shared outrageous conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorist attacks on his Facebook page, saying it was “a lie” and “an inside job.”
These conspiracy theories wrongly diminish all the victims of the attacks, including police, firefighters and emergency workers and their families, plain and simple.
Let’s not forget that many still live with the negative effects of working at Ground Zero to this day. Yet somehow, he was elected to office this past November and is now looking to be a state representative.
Anyone planning to cast a vote this November, especially if you are a first responder, should run a quick Google search “Joe Mastroianni 9/11” and see just how extreme and offensive his views really are.
Ed Varno
Santabarbara bill on propane will be a help
I want to thank Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara for his work on the emergency home heating bill that I recently saw in the news.
With colder weather coming soon, it’s welcome news for anyone who heats with propane.
The legislation simply allows people who use propane to heat their homes to order fuel from another company when a scheduled delivery doesn’t show up.
It seems like common sense, but Santabarbara’s bill was needed for this to happen.
For people who heat their homes with propane this is a big deal, as many experience delayed and missed deliveries, waiting for weeks during cold winter months.
Here in upstate New York, and anywhere in the northeast for that matter, when temperatures drop, even waiting for a day can be dangerous for any family.
No one deserves to be left in the cold because a company can’t make an on-time delivery. It’s bad service and dangerous.
Santabarbara’s bill will help, especially when there are companies out there that can provide these kinds of emergency services and keep the heat on in your home.
I thank him for doing the right thing and eliminating this bureaucratic red tape in the law.
Duane Pechtel
Muller makes sound and fair court rulings
In this November’s general election, my choice for state Supreme Court Judge in the Fourth Judicial District is Robert J. Muller.
I am not enrolled in any political party, and I always try to choose the candidate that is best qualified for the position.
That is why my choice for re-election is Robert J. Muller. In his 14 years of service as a Supreme Court judge, Justice Muller has demonstrated a well-earned reputation for high integrity and fairness, and that comes as no surprise to me.
I have known Justice Muller most of my adult life. Judge Muller’s decisions and his writings demonstrate that he understands that court cases are about people with real-life problems that require pragmatic solutions resolved in a fair and timely manner. Judge Muller’s decisions are based on sound judicial policy, never party labels.
Whatever your party affiliation, Justice Muller deserves your vote. Re-elect Judge Muller.
Frank J. Munoff
Walsh understands constituents’ needs
I write to express my unequivocal support of Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh.
Mary Beth is one of my closest friends and I also had the privilege of representing her as district office manager during her first term. From the very first day, it became apparent that Mary Beth is genuinely interested in her constituents.
Her warm and engaging manner and her enthusiasm to visit businesses, schools, public safety, and community organizations is tireless.
She is a politician in the truest and best sense, in my opinion. She innately understands that she represents all her constituents, not only those that voted for her.
She puts them and their priorities above her own and she works hard to ensure that she understands their point of view, their concerns, and their expectations.
Some would say I am biased, and that may be true. However, that bias comes not only from our friendship, but in seeing her work for her constituents every single day in the 112th Assembly District.
I invite you to join me in supporting Mary Beth this Nov. 8.
Gina Wierzbowski
Ostrelich will stand up for people’s rights
Here’s why Michelle Ostrelich is easily the best candidate for the race in the state Senate’s 44th District, which runs all the way from Schenectady and Niskayuna in the south to Hadley in the north.
Michelle, a lawyer and Cornell graduate, supports reproductive and LGBTQ+ and voting rights and wants to enact common sense gun safety legislation. If you care about who has access to your body — and why —- you need to vote for her.
Her service on the Schenectady County Legislature is proof positive she understands the importance of being a dedicated public servant. She’s one who listens to her constituents and responds with action.
We need a legislator who protects reproductive rights, voting rights and common sense gun safety. Michelle has my vote. I hope she has yours too.
Leesa Perazzo Oliver
Saratoga Springs
Joy a commonsense alternative to Tonko
Inflation is at a 40-year high and is negatively impacting millions of Americans, especially small business owners.
The price of everything has gone up due to the Democrats irresponsible tax and spend agenda. This agenda, combined with the rate at which we print money, is not the direction we should be heading in.
Rep. Paul Tonko recently voted for a $740 billion spending spree that will only further exacerbate inflation. With the federal reserve raising interest rates, stock market declining and the cost of living increasing, we cannot afford to sit home this election.
This election is so important given the economic state of this country. This election season I would ask my fellow residents of NY20 to support Liz Joy for Congress.
Liz will be a commonsense voice in Congress to fight inflation and lower the cost of living.
Kevin Goggins
Clifton Park
Support Ostrelich for healthcare positions
Another Election Day is almost upon us, and the issues decided by the officials elected next month demand our attention and our vote. One major issue at hand is healthcare.
Many of us struggle with paying for health care premiums, co-pays and high deductibles. In addition, our access to vital services in our communities are vastly unequal.
It is important that these medical services continue in our local hospitals. Michelle Ostrelich sounded the alarm and let the community know how the merger with Ellis Hospital/Trinity Health would impact our access to the services our community relies upon.
She co-founded the Schenectady Coalition for Healthcare Access to advocate for our access to health services. Michelle believes that healthcare is a basic human right.
Every vote counts, every election is crucial. Consider that Michelle Ostrelich will continue to advocate for reproductive healthcare access in communities served by Catholic hospital systems.
With the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, it is more important than ever to elect representatives who fight and advocate for reproductive rights. I know that she will continue to advocate for healthcare at the state level as state senator in the 44th District.
Rebecca Yates
Santabarbara helps people save money
It’s nice to see that Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara is always taking on the issues that make a difference for working families. I commend him for coming up with commonsense ideas that save people money.
Things like removing the state taxes on gasoline earlier this year and eliminating state taxes on bottled water and another bill I saw on the news that exempts shipping and delivery fees from any taxes. These are all just common sense.
I know a lot more people are doing online shopping these days. For myself, as a senior citizen, and I’m sure many other people that cannot travel easily, we rely on these deliveries. Food, clothes, medicine and many other items are delivered right to our door. The state should be looking at bills like this that give us a break. It may not be much, but it adds up.
With inflation and increased costs, more of our elected representatives should be doing less talking and instead doing exactly what Assemblyman Santabarbara is doing, looking for ways to help us save money.
Lynn St. Andrews
Zeldin is no ally of reproductive rights
This is in response to Luigi Ferraro’s letter (“Zeldin will support our personal rights”) in the Sept. 17 Gazette.
If you find it upsetting that vaccines for health care workers were mandated, imagine how women feel about mandated full-term pregnancies. You, especially as a nurse, must see the myriad troubles this could cause for a woman’s health and reproductive care.
This flies in the face of your assertion that “Lee Zeldin has pledged to do away with all mandates and to respect individual choices.” I respect your feelings and opinions about vaccinations, but must point out the hypocrisy when it comes to a woman’s “personal rights.”
“Zeldin voted in favor of a ban after 20 weeks gestation, which included an exception to protect the life of the pregnant woman.
The ban did not allow exceptions for considerations of the long-term health or the mental health of the pregnant person.” (Buffalo News)
So, let’s not vote for Lee Zeldin in November to keep freedom of choice in New York, the freedom to say no to carrying pregnancy to term against one’s choice (and possibly against a doctor’s educated, experienced, knowledgeable opinion).
Laura Bellinger
Fort Plain
Complaint about signs was petty
In regard to Bruce Castka’s letter of Oct. 1 (“Stefanik needs last name on her signs”) in which he complained about Rep. Elise Stefanik’s campaign signs containing only her first name.
How petty can you get? Those 150 words comprise the single most ridiculous op-ed letter ever published by The Gazette. The writer should be embarrassed.
Timothy O’Neill

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William Marincic

Ed Varno in America we all have the right to believe as we wish, I’m much more concerned about the policies of the democrats as we see what the democrats running not only the country but NYS has done to the economy, crime, and our schools. Why won’t Santabarbara debate him, is he afraid that the truth will come out? Santabarbara like Schumer has never seen a camera he didn’t like, so here is his chance.

Steven Flynn

This sounds familiar. Did Biden do it to score political points and one up the Repubs? ”An upstate New York mayor ripped into President Biden and his team after dozens of migrants kids were secretly flown to his small town by the feds last week, telling The Post: “This seems clandestine.” “We were never informed about any flights coming into the airport. It’s just disturbing we weren’t informed of any of this,” he continued. “We’re worried about the safety of the passengers who didn’t know where they were going.”

Here are some facts about this “story” of Mr. Flynn’s:
This “story” appears to have one source; the NY Post. That in itself should raise red flags, and be cause for some fact-checking.
And that problematic media source cites two other problematic sources; the mayor and police chief of Montgomery. Both Republicans and both with checkered histories.
That should be enough to seriously question the veracity of their tale.

Lest we forget, the Republican Zeldin got away with it out in Rochester last month when he was “attacked” on stage. A friendly local DA (one of his campaign chairs, as it happens) thought it would be good to charge the assailant with just the right crime that he would be freed, and that Zeldin could then make political noise about the
failure of Democrats to protect NYers. The Republicans knowing only how to attack, but not improve, will be prominent in NY politics. But don’t look for anything better than what errant 13 year old bullies could also do.

As we’re clearly seeing, personal character is not important to Republicans. What’s important is ‘who’s the hammer, and who’s the nail’. It’s a simple plank in their sketchy party platform. That’s their “winning strategy”.

Steven Flynn

Did you fact check it and can prove me wrong, or are you just making a long winded counter point that has absolutely no facts? You are discrediting what I wrote, show the Gazette readers where the falsehoods in that story are? I’ll wait………

I am not “proving you wrong”, I’m pointing out the problems with your sources and making the case that the story is of dubious honesty. It is a fact that your sources are questionable and one only needs to search on the good mayor, for one. He was, in fact, forced out of his position as Orange County Legislature Chair by among others, member of his own party for alleged improprieties.
It is also a fact the the entire Republican Party has a problem with credibility and whatever comes from their noise machines needs to be fact-checked, and then fact-checked again.


Some people believe Herschel Walker’s protestations of sincere belief in his personal savior, though he has paid for at least one abortion and tried to talk the same woman into a second abortion. That fetus is now his ten year old son. He has four children with four different women according to his son Christian Walker who also claims he he has been no father at all to his children and a persistent philanderer. And he might replace a good man, Raphael Warnock, as one of Georgia’s senators.

Many also believe Trump lost the 2020 election because it was “rigged.” Of course, any candidate they favored who won on that same day was elected fairly and legitimately.

Apparently the same people fail to realize that a party that recognizes the election of only its own candidates as legitimate is an authoritarian party seeking to impose its views on all and determined to run the country in the interests of a small elite.

This political view, “heads I win, tails you lose”, is a present and real danger to democracy and American values. I never thought I would live to see this day, so many Americans conned and ready to fall in line behind obvious scammers and grifters. We have members of Congress who believe the lunacy conspiracy theories of Qanon and have little knowledge of the Constitution or how our government functions. I never thought I would live to see this day and am deeply, deeply saddened.

I never would have believed it either. 45 was my eleventh president and never before was I so saddened and frightened for our nation when he won. I haven’t felt safe since, and he will never stop! He’s spread the maga virus throughout our country and into congress. They are cultists and will take us all down with them.

Joelle Flint everyone knows you’re referring to Stefanik she’s nothing but a trump puppet and acts like Susan flip flop Collins..says one thing and does the opposite. Her only concern is what she can do to benefit herself just like trump.

Timothy O’Neil actually stefanik is the most ridiculous member of congress….but of course Greene, Boebert and Gaetz are funning a close second

The fake Christian right would have us believe that aborting a pregnancy is committing murder. Those are the words they use and there’s no shortage of incidents of that sick accusation being leveled.

Mr. Walker encouraged and assisted in the termination of his wife’s pregnancy and encouraged her to later do it again.

Isn’t Mr. Walker complicit in committing murder, and advocating it another time? How about Mr. Trump who literally paid off a mistress (once that we know of)? Isn’t he also complicit in committing a murder?

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