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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Oct. 9 – From readers in Schenectady, Rensselaer


A few things for all of us to think about

Think about this:
1) Why is it when one receives a tax bill you have 30 days to pay or a penalty is added after as a late fee, but when the government owes you money, they give you phone numbers and websites to check that offer no help or guidance.
Basically shouldn’t the tax people being late with your refund be docked an additional late fee as well?
2) Why is there no reasonable option for state leader? One candidate for governor uses the office quip pro quo business dealings and some really stupid crime solutions, while the other candidate has some scary ideas on women’s personal rights/choices.
Is there anyone out there who understands regular state voters with regular needs and issues?
3) Why do we hear people who live in questionable parts of the United States whine and moan about damage caused by nature?
Hey buddy, if you live in Florida, you’re going to have hurricanes. Live near the Mississippi River delta? You’re going to have flooding.
Finally if one lives along the San Andreas Fault, guess what? Earthquakes. If you choose to continue residence in a natural unsafe region, FEMA shouldn’t bail you out time and time again.
4) Why did the media waste so much time on the Queen of England’s death parade/circus?
I would dare say freshly made fertilizer on a cow farm has more value on American life than self-centered, useless, aristocratic waste of space.
Scott Davis

Be honest about inflation, solutions

Regarding “inflation,” why do politicians, financial analysts and journalists rarely tell the truth that “inflation” is an increase in the supply of money and credit created by the government?
This expansion causes rising prices.
According to the Federal Reserve, the M1 money supply (money in circulation plus checking accounts) increased from $3.99 trillion in January 2020 to $20.58 trillion in January 2022.
Nearly all resulted from the federal government printing and spending dollars.
A fraction came from people exiting M2 (savings accounts, time deposits) and various investments to cope with inflated prices.
Prior to 1933 our currency was backed by gold and redeemable in gold, thus preventing the government from over printing dollars.
Thereafter, the U.S. Treasury and the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank began issuing completely un-backed “fiat” dollars, thereby devaluing every existing dollar.
Flooding the nation with fiat dollars explains why prices are skyrocketing and our national debt increased from $17.2 trillion to $30.9 trillion since January 2020.
At you can watch the national debt (and New York state debt) increase faster than you can read the numbers.
Federal budget deficits total $1 trillion annually, all added to the national debt.
Annual interest on the national debt totals $446 billion, the fourth largest budget item.
The solution to this dead hand of government is to stop printing fiat dollars, return to the gold standard, audit the Fed and slash spending, taxes, regulations and debt to unleash the free market and grow us out of this suicidal path to destruction.
Robert Dufresne

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Steven Flynn

Global power shifting away from the U. S. and EU, towards BRICS and OPEC. In response to the G7’s idea to price-cap Russian oil, OPEC said it will cut oil production by 2 million bpd, raising global prices + revenues for oil giants like Russia. Even the Saudi’s seem sick of the west. Now what? We all know that it’s going to take years to wean off of fossil fuels. What do we do in the interim? Will we be confortable with $6 gas and $6.75 diesel? Any idea what this will do to the cost of everything? We can only tap into the strategic reserves so many times before we lose that option. Personally, I think it’s more about the political image rather than really making a dent in anything and it’s a short term solution to a big big problem. I welcome the fact checkers in here to add their opinion on the situation. It’s approx one month from the midterms and this can’t be good news for the Democrats. This is why you’ll hear the word abortion 77 million times before November 8.


Abortions necessary to protect women’s lives are being postponed in many states due to draconian laws prohibiting abortion unless as an emergency measure to save a woman’s life. In some cases it is too late. Of course, the government’s involvement in such an important decision contradicts the conservative stand against intrusive big government. It infringes on a woman’s right to make decisions about her health and well-being based on consultation with the people she wants to consult including doctors, family, friends etc. This is an important issue and reform of SCOTUS is essential to protect the public from further decisions that will place more big government restraints on personal freedom.


Some suggestions on how to conserve fuel and thus simultaneously fight inflation and climate change: 1) Walk more; drive less. 2) Take more vacations at nearby destinations rather than flying to distant sites. 3) Buy a more fuel efficient car and when possible use a bicycle.. 4) Carpool. 5) Work from home when possible. 6) Eat less meat and more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Are these ideas too much to ask considering the threats we face?

Bill Wemple

#3 from Anthony, Tops. Does not have to be an EV, and personally I don’t think EV’s are the answer on a massive scale, but do so many people need to drive 4000+lb SUV’s and pickups for simple commuter vehicles? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…

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