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Letter to the Editor, Thursday Oct. 13 – From a reader in Scotia


Some questions on current events

I wish to comment on random current events.

Will Vladimir Putin follow Osama Bin Laden’s lead and nuke Kyiv on Halloween? Trick or Treat!

Let’s acknowledge an inconvenient truth about the school bus driver shortage.

People, especially White males, are reluctant to accept personal and legal risks associated with minors and tend to avoid them, lest their words and actions are misconstrued.

What happens when the water supply of Midwestern and Western states can no longer support the triad of agriculture, consumer demand and hydro power?

Was the repeal of Roe v. Wade a sincere effort to preserve a value system or a cynical opportunistic maneuver to divide and diminish the political and social influence of mainstream Christian denominations?

Why does it seem that haughty politicians and sanctimonious pseudo intellectuals insinuate that firearms owners are psychologically flawed and intolerable threats to society?

What will an objective analysis of gun violence reveal about perpetrators and their victims?

Just who are they and what demographic segments do they represent on a per capita population basis?

How many acres of solar panels are required to replace one fossil fuel, nuclear or hydro power plant and what are the environmental costs, subsidy expenditures?

What will society sacrifice to the insidious evolution of technology versus individual freedom, identity, nuance and privacy?

Can the United States survive the death of a sitting president intact given the existing political climate?

Why does this moderate independent despise Democrats, Republicans, hardcore conservatives and progressive liberals alike?
Mark Rahn

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christophe Stalka

Itsa reflection of the sad state of affairs in this country when someone spends the time writing a commentary with a misfire focused on a war killing thousands wierd just wierd and kind of pitiful

I have a follow up question for Ignatious about yesterday’s comment equating Hillary’s emails to 45 stealing and lying about documents:

Don’t you think AG Barr would have found something concerning Hillary since he was pressured by 45 to go after “enemies?”

I’m assuming you know about 45 paying off porn stars, being fined 25 million for HIS fraud regarding his University, and being fined millions for HIS Charity fraud–both shut down. Are you going to equate that with Hillary, too?

Ignatious P. Reilly

Jclark, yes I am aware of all Trump’s misdeeds, foolishness and alleged criminal actions. I do not support Trump, for re-election or otherwise, because of his actions and alleged crimes. As to AG Barr, no – not necessarily. The Clintons are very powerful and very rich, they also have the backing of the media, making a conviction almost impossible. In my opinion, illegally having classified documents on ones personal server is tantamount to illegally having classified documents in ones home. However, proving the points is easier when the alleged emails can be forensically extracted from a hard drive or from email storage servers. Although, not proven, it is possible the documents that Trump was accused of having were planted. I am not saying that is a fact, just a possibility. In any case, either action is punishable by law, and should be. I did not mention Trumps charity in my previous statement, although I believe there have also been allegations as to the propriety of the Clinton’s various charities. As we both know, there is an entirely different set of laws in this country for the rich and powerful, neither of these criminals will ever spend a minute in prison and that makes me angry.

There seems to be an entirely different set of standards in your mind for Republicans versus Democrats and liberal/progressive minded people in general.
Trump’s document cache was not planted. Period. I know this because (what you fail to acknowledge) there is CCTV video of him and his elves moving boxes of documents in response to subpoenas. There is also sworn testimony to his intentions and actions. That’s how the FBI knew where to look.

The Clinton situation is complicated and I don’t know enough to opine on it, and neither do you. But I do know that “intention” is a large part of guilt and Clinton’s intentions were far more benign than Trump’s.

I also know the Republicans utterly fell on their collective faces when after 40+ hearings they couldn’t muster a single charge against Ms. Clinton. But no one’s ever accused Republicans, or any right-winger of having a trace of self-awareness or shame. Your comments here help prove that point.


From the official statement by James Comey on the investigation of Clinton on her use of a personal email system:

“In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those things here.”

Ask yourself, “Can they same thing be said about Trump’s mishandling of official government documents?” This a legal question and should be answered on the basis of reason and evidence (facts) not emotions or “personal feelings” rather than established law and legal reasoning and procedures.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Anthony, I never once said I didn’t think he did it. I said the papers could have been planted. Thats all. Nothing more.

William Marincic

James Comey hahahahahahahahahahahah, that is hilarious. He was part of the spying on Trump, the fake Russian documents, and the lying to get a FISA warrant.

Comey cost Hillary the election with his investigation announcement right before the election.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Trump’s document cache was not planted. Period. I know this because (what you fail to acknowledge) there is CCTV video of him and his elves moving boxes of documents in response to subpoenas. There is also sworn testimony to his intentions and actions. That’s how the FBI knew where to look.

Oh. Well I guess people never lie and video can’t be edited. I stand corrected.

Why do you continue to try to provide cover for Donald Trump? You will deny it but you’re lying, and anyone reading can see that. You all do this and you’re really terrible liars.
This isnt a fraud or a hoax. To try to assert it is (and yes you are, just like Marincic and EVERY OTHER MAGA) makes it look like you’re all under some kind of trance.
Are you sure we landed on the moon? It COULD be all a hoax. Hollywood and special effects, right? Who’s to say? And who says the Earth is round? Those damn liberal scientists, that’s who. Not gonna trust them!
Where the hell does reality begin for you people?


Some further questions for Mr. O’Reilly regarding his post yesterday:

October 13th, 2022
We should also note contradiction and meaningless ambiguous assertions in Ignatius’ post:

“I don’t make excuses for Trump.” followed by: “Were they (the documents) planted? It certainly is not beyond the realm of possibility, in fact it is more likely than unlikely.” There is “0” evidence that the documents were planted.

“We weren’t there, we don’t know.” This is in reference to the source of government documents that Trump was keeping illegally. He had no right to those documents. Where they were being kept prior to his illegal act, moving them to Mar a Lago, is irrelevant. Who does “we” refer to? Does the “we” referred to have to be at every crime scene in order to indict or convict?

Ignatious P. Reilly

Anthony, you must know that when dealing with the government and media you cannot believe a single word that is spoken or printed.

Again, you were not there, I was not there, we don’t know. I stand by my ‘ambiguous’ statement that it is more likely than not that the documents were planted. I am not making an excuse, I am rasing a valid point.

In the context of my comment, ‘we’ referred to you or me. Of course “we” do not have to be at any alleged crime scene whatsoever to prosecute or convict, I don’t believe either of us is a lawyer (who would not have to be at the alleged crime scene either) and ‘we’ won’t be prosecuting anyone. Just for the record.

‘We should also note contradiction and meaningless ambiguous assertions in Ignatius’ post’ This comment was entirely unnecessary.

So many republicans, 45, and HIllary haters wanted her to be indicted…so if even the partisan AG Barr couldn’t pin anything down (along with so many hearings from the gop), it’s time to let it go!

Ignatious P. Reilly

Jclark, I used Hillary for an example of how justice does seem to work differently for the rich and powerful, especially those with government positions, because her alleged criminal actions are so well known. In my opinion, she was and is just as guilty as Trump is and my guess is Trump will end up not being punished either.
Going back through history there are many such examples of ‘leaders’ not being held responsible for criminal actions, whether that is leaving a girl dead in a river, inciting riots at the capitol, rape, insider trading or mishandling documents and that needs to change. So it isn’t time to let it go. It should be lit with spotlights every day of the week just like Trump’s misdeeds are.

Ignatious P. Reilly ….I am laughing so hard at your comments …You say you don’t support Trump ….then add Documents could have ben planted …Anything could have happened but the problem is it didn’t ! All the evidence points to Trump bringing the documents willfully to his home !….It was the classic “I don’t support Trump but defense of him …..In the end all you said is between the lines is you still love and support Trump ….Thank you for the entertainment though

christophe Stalka

Anyone that thinks Trump supporters aren’t licking their lips thinking about his return need only look at the money Damsel Donnie is still grifting.the DOJ is getting close today’s Jan 6th hearing showed the preplanning somebody was giving the orde rs in DC its more than apparent why the Proud Boys arent called the bright boy s it wasn’t a plant it wasn’t antifa it wasn’t Hilary and Bill … lol the level of failure is consistent with a Trump effort/ failure

I’m hopeful that one day the Proud Boys will grown up and be known as the proud men and show some love and respect for our country.


Guy, as you pointed out the other day, Ignatius could not have picked a better “nom de plume” than he did. He really does post exactly the way you would expect the main character from “A Confederacy of DUNCES” to post.


For the record Iggy, I never posted that you said you didn’t think Trump did it. I believe “it” refers to a multitude of criminal activities and lies. As Chuck points out clearly, you still support Trump and make excuses for his behavior. Notice you attacked Hillary Clinton full bore, accusing her of having committed the same crimes as Trump, which is not true, but you offer no excuses for her behavior.That is what I said you did and my quotes from your post substantiate my belief.

jclark, it is quite obvious that the hysterical response from WM indicates how willing the right wing is to disregard facts and believe whatever they want to believe. I think the laughter is born of hysteria, an attempt to shut up his own internal voice of reason, which in the face of all the evidence against what he wants to believe, is desperately trying to emerge from the web of lies and delusions that form the mind and thinking of the far right in America today.

William Marincic

Chuck D, I could ask the same of you people, where does reality begin? As I said a while back, November will tell us who the American people believe and want to run this country.

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