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Letters to the Editor Monday, Oct. 17 – From readers in Glenville and Amsterdam

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Still awaiting funds to help the hungry

In December 2021, the city of Schenectady issued a request for proposals to receive some of the expected $14 million in American Relief Funds (ARPA).
I submitted a grant proposal representing Concerned for the Hungry to fund transportation for clients to and from food pantries.
On Aug. 18, The Gazette ran an article (“A look at city’s plans for ARPA funding”) that mentioned “$950,000 in ARPA funding to combat food insecurity.
The funds will be divided between (sic) four organizations…and for Concerned for the Hungry.” Then on Aug. 22, a draft from the minutes of a town council meeting confirmed that $950,000 would be used for a collaborative effort between (sic)…Concerned for the Hungry to strategically address food insecurity. Yet the organization heard nothing.
So, on Oct. 5, I emailed every city council member and the mayor requesting, in essence, to “release the funds.” I have not received a response, nor any communication from the city.
It has been 10 months since the proposal was submitted. It is starting to get cold out. Clients need transportation to and from food pantries. Please facilitate release of the ARPA funds so that we can address food insecurity in Schenectady.
Larry Lewis

Coming home is a reason to celebrate

The author Thomas Wolfe once wrote “You can’t go home again.” I beg to differ.
I have lived in foreign lands and have resided in glamorous cities.
All of the above left me lonely and empty until I came back home to roost to a place that satisfies my longings aplenty.
I have found friends and neighbors who truly care.
During all of the unforeseen crises and communal dreams we share, suffice it to say, each day is an answer to a prayer.
Virginia L. Mee

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christophe Stalka

MS. Mee what a wonderful letter and an example of how we should all be grateful to live in this great country. Yes the price of gas is up and food is more expensive inflation is high but these are short term problems most of us have dealt in the past the sky did not fall then and won’t now more importantly our country is looked on positively again except by a truly special few we can all say a special prayer for

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