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Letters to the Editor Monday, Oct. 24 – Nine letters, including from readers in Rotterdam, Scotia and Charlton

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Would welcome railway quiet zones

Excessive noise from train horns has had a huge impact on quality of life Rotterdam which has many railroad crossings. As a resident I was pleased to see Assemblyman Santabarbara doing something about it.
I read his letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation that he posted on Facebook about a solution to reduce the train horn noise at our railroad crossings called “quiet zone” engineering.
As a civil engineer himself, I’m not surprised Santabarbara’s found a common-sense solution.
From what I read, the “quiet zones” use better safety measures in place of the loud train horn noise at crossings.
The increase in train noise over the past few years has had an impact on our town and I know Santabarbara’s “quiet zone” would be much appreciated by many residents, especially during nighttime hours. I hope that all levels of government can work together on this.
Mark D’Alessandro

Need leaders who put country first

I continue to support the Constitution of the United States. Have we forgotten what a special government we have?
We have a political system with separation of powers and checks and balances to ensure that no one person or branch of government becomes too powerful.
I believe most of our current political conflicts are caused by a misuse of power and not a failure of the government as created by the Constitution. Power-hungry politicians have warped the government to serve their selfish purposes and created imbalances.
I think of how careful George Washington was as president.
His sole goal was for the government to last, and all his actions supported that goal. He was opposed to political parties because he felt they would threaten the stability of the new republic.
We need a president with similar humility to restore the greatness of our government.
Such a president would nominate centrist judges to the Supreme Court, promote freedom of the press, allow the intelligence agencies to do their work free from interference, refrain from using executive orders and use the veto sparingly.
The Constitution of the United States provides a wonderful framework for our democracy. We need to support it and strengthen it so that our country can continue to thrive.
Right now we desperately need leaders who believe the well-being of the country is more important than their own success.
Raymond LeBel

Wrong to needlessly isolate patients

During the covid pandemic, heartbreaking stories emerged of people physically kept apart even while sick or dying.
I wanted to believe that there were good intentions behind the breaking of communication and physical bonds with loved ones. I can understand limited phone hours just like visiting times.
Every patient has wished they had a chance for uninterrupted sleep in a hospital. So the reasoning may be good for the phone to go to a recording to stop ringing, especially when a patient has cursed a ringing phone they can’t manage to ‘get to’ in time.
My beloved son who is disabled from birth but made it to age 60 is greatly in need of my presence and voice.
Yet when I try to call him in his hospital room, I get the automatic recorded message: “The patient you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try your call again later.” You can try that room number 24/7 day after day and the same thing will happen. This policy is dishonest because you cannot get through, period.
When you can’t get through to a loved one for a prayer or a reassuring voice it’s frustrating.
I think this is a bad hospital policy that needlessly segregates and isolates a vulnerable patient is a human rights harm.
Betty Pieper

Renaming of bases is erasing history

Being an ex-officer’s wife, I do not agree with the Department of Defense and the Naming Commission to change (which would cost $22 million) the names of nine military bases.
The reason for the call to change the names is because in today’s society, we do not want to hear about the Confederacy, inequities, slavery etc. It is an extremely hurtful subject to many.
Could we not build a statue commemorating these decorated people/soldiers who had nothing to do with the Confederacy instead of changing the names?
History is history. We must learn from it, or it will repeat itself. Many think it is wrong. Many think it is right.
God help us find leaders to unite us instead of dividing us, which would happen if the aforementioned comes to pass.
The true story is that our American history was fought by many, liberty was born, and it should not be erased for it is the forever truth.
Inga Solomos
Ballston Lake

Pro-lifers should bear cost of support

I have a few modest proposals for the Republicans who would force a woman to give birth to a child they will never adopt. How many did Rush Limbaugh adopt? What, he couldn’t afford to?
All pregnant women and girls shall receive: 1) Free prenatal care, 2) Five years of free pediatric care, 3) One year’s earnings for all working mothers so they can stay home and raise their post-birth babies.
Yes, I know they are not as precious as unborn babies.  Given their demand that every unborn child must be born, pro-lifers will gladly bear the cost of these proposals, right?
Put your dollars where your sanctimonious mouths are.
Paul F. Sator

Cartoon highlighted anti-science crowd

Congratulations on one of the absolutely best editorial cartoons ever in the Oct. 3 Gazette (“Institute of Anti-Science Morons.”)
Thank you so very much.
Paula J. Kelly

Big corporations profit at our expense

Inflation? Greed? I’m confused.
Big corporations have so much market power, they can raise prices with impunity any way they want without punishment.
In August alone, U.S. food prices showed a 0.8% increase, the largest annual increase since 1979. Global food prices are up 65% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
While the size of products has decreased, the costs have risen. There are 10 food companies that own basically every item we purchase, i.e., Kraft, Coke, P&G, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Pepsi, General Mills, Kellogg’s and Mars.
Face it, these companies are raking in the dough with no thought to the consumers and that’s pure greed.
Mary Jo Venditti

Don’t blame storm victims for troubles

Kamala Harris’s disaster relief formula for Hurricane Ian was recently supplanted in stupidity by Laura Como‘s Oct. 5 letter (“No sympathy, or bailout, for Florida”) in The Gazette.
The lives of many Democrats, non-voters, children and poor people who didn’t live in expensive waterfront homes were upended by Ian.
While I agree that humankind has not been a great steward of our planet, Americans are way down on the list of egregious earthy polluters.
There is no direct link between human action and hurricane activity. Climate change is real, but the extent of human causation of it, and moreover irreversibility, are not even fundamentally understood.
To blame any random group of people in the path of a hurricane is not only ludicrous, but arrogant and divisive.
Brian Donovan
Ballston Lake

Tonko must be hiding something

Where is Paul Tonko?
So recently I heard that (D) Congressman Paul Tonko is dodging a debate with (R) challenger Liz Joy. Again.
If an incumbent and career politician won’t face a grassroots candidate in a debate sponsored by small businesses the People of NYCD20 — and The Daily Gazette — then they’re afraid of something and hiding behind a cloak of power and corruption.
Where is my representative, Paul Tonko? Midterms are on Nov. 8, I have a choice to make. I would like to hear Tonko answer Liz Joy.
What is he hiding? Better yet, what is he afraid to lose?
Jeff Moore


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Ignatious P. Reilly

Mr. Moore, Mr. Tonko is much, much too important to answer to or even acknowledge the serfs. He is a very important and busy ‘man’. Just ask him.

He should have been voted out 30 years ago, along with every other NYS government official.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Ms. Solomos, I must say that I was taken aback by your letter. I am not used to seeing a letter to the Gazette editor that is both sensible and entirely correct. Your letter speaks the true feelings of 95% of the country. Liberals are annoying, loud and are fully backed by the liberal media, but even with such powerful propaganda they still do not, and never will represent the majority, thank God – even when they re-write and deny history and facts to fit their warped agenda. Hopefully November will prove it.

“The reason for the call to change the names is because …”
…Is because, as most of us know, we don’t want to commemorate the Confederacy which represented white people who insisted they should be able to own and trade in black humans who were brought here against their will. It’s really that simple.

It is not about anyone’s “warped agenda”. It’s not about “cancel culture”. It is about treating all Americans equally which the Confederacy would not do and it is about righting a wrong.

Why in the world would you not accept that? The answer seems obvious, but maybe you or Ms. Solomos can help us understand and explain why it’s not an issue of racial supremacy.


Do nations ordinarily build statues in loving memory of traitors? Do they name public buildings after them? Do treasonous Confederate leaders deserve to honored? Do those who fought for the continuation of slavery and in favor of seceding and creating a separate nation need respect in order to be remembered as part of our history, the sordid part?

Steven Flynn

Paul Sator. That sounds fair as long as the liberals fund the thousands of illegal aliens that cross the border annually. Deal? Putting your money where your mouth is a great idea.

christophe Stalka

Jclark 124 excellent letter I will add it is more important than ever in the next few weeks to pay attention to the promises /threats being made. Social security and Medicare are both on Mccarthys agenda for cuts. In addition aide to Ukraine cuts is a hot topic for Mccarthy who is obviously repaying someone for his endorsement. PUTIN MUST BE SUPPORTED AT all costs it’s simple. Get out and vote people. No tit for tat or deal needed folks just use your head.

By this year 2 million illegals have been apprehended, which is significant.

45 cut funding which has led to even more desperation.

Of course numbers would be down during a pandemic.

BTW–45 inherited illegal crossings at a 50 year low from Obama who was nicknamed the “Deporter in Chief” so you were duped from the beginning.

Immigration will always be a hot topic, so we need to come together to form a better plan–especially one that doesn’t rip babies and children away from their parents with no way to reunite them. (Biden has that unpleasant task).
Reminded me of the slave trade, so barbaric.

“The liberals” as you apparently refer to…someone, but likely Democrats. Cities and states are accepting and providing for tens of thousands of migrants, men, women and children digging into their own coffers to do so. They have for a long time, even now when two Republican governors have chosen to blindside them with their weaponized dumping of immigrants; men, women and children.

What *specifically* has the Republican Party proposed to support the women they will force to carry pregnancies to term as they now take on unplanned parenthood? Or are they just sinners and need to fend for themselves?

Ignatious P. Reilly

Chuck, perhaps you should peruse Civil Law 101. You do not seem to appreciate the difference between legal immigration and countless people illegally running amok across a sovereign nation’s borders, whilst wheel-barrowing fentanyl, disease and illegal guns, for a start. Well, and MS13 and cartel members but that’s OK right Chuck?

Who but Democrats are ruining once beautiful cities with ‘any crime goes’ policies….as long as you are a member of the agreed upon demographic, of course. Bail? Punishment? Who needs that? Let’s de-fund the police! BLM!
But strangely, what happens when any of these exalted perfect examples of humanity infiltrate their exclusive, wealthy liberal communities? Using taxpayer money, of course, they rid themselves of the scourge asap while insisting that YOU accept them. That’s the progressive liberal way, after all.

As to your last point, where did that come from, besides your brainwashed mind I mean, I never mentioned abortion. So just make it up using your typical liberal methodology.

Bill Wemple

Most of these states who’ve adopted these near medieval anti-abortion laws have the absolute WORST track-records for handling kids in foster care, child hunger, adoptions, single mother poverty, pre-natal care, and tracking down deadbeat dads, etc. States in the Midwest and Rockies are desperate for doctors and they’re now about to lose a whole bunch of OB-GYNs for certain who don’t want to risk getting arrested, jailed, or losing their license and practices should they be simply accused of performing illegal abortions. Law of unintended consequences in play now. Perhaps when women in these states see how difficult it will be to get routine screenings from their GYN, and some die from preventable\treatable cancers, will they realize too late what they have inflicted upon themselves.


I think, Mr. Flynn, that is what Mr. Sator is telling those who want to force women, including rape victims, to remain pregnant against their will, to do, i.e. show their enormous respect for life includes caring for all children, not just the unborn.

At first it might cost money to treat those seeking a better life, as most of our ancestors did as immigrants to this country, with respect and dignity. Those seeking refuge from violence and persecution deserve to have their cases heard. But our nation has been richly rewarded for accepting the unwanted from all parts of the world.

So many who seem to actually hate immigrants have ancestors, as I do, who came from Europe not so many generations ago.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Anthony. OMFG can’t any of you progressive libs discern between illegal aliens and immigrants? Your and my ancestors (mostly) came to the USA LEGALLY! Repeat – LEGALLY, i.e. within the limits of law. No rational person is against LEGAL immigration, just as no rational person can support wholesale illegal immigration!
And let me add, because it seems to pop up in all your and Chucky’s posts, that no rational person can support ‘no abortions for any reason!’ What kind of idiot thinks these things?

Also I am pretty sure your ancestors were not drug dealers, gang members or riddled with disease. Mine weren’t.

Bill Wemple

Well, apparently the various elections around the country must be filled with irrational persons whose very campaign is appealing to those who want to ban abortions ‘with no exceptions’. All you have to do is turn on the TV news and pick your channel (FOX, ABC, CBS, etc.) to find political ads filled with this exact wording. As for immigrant ancestors, there were many ‘gangs’, from many nations, that formed here, or were brought over with the wave of immigrants in the 19th and early 20th century. Entire sections of cities were ruled by gang elements from one country\ethnicity or another. They did not have harder drugs like today, but they ran the alcohol, gambling, prostitution, and opium\heroin businesses and were brutal in their protecting their turf. Urban areas were riddled with various diseases (e.g.: TB, Polio, etc.) that are held in check by modern medicine now. Ah, I miss the good old days….

Raymond LeBel–That’s why 45 was voted out, what POTUS Biden is referring to when he says “restore the soul of our nation.” G Washington unselfishly set the precedent of a peaceful transfer of power, and all others did until 45. Al Gore did it with a dispute of only 537 votes in FL. Hillary immediately conceded and offered to work for the benefit of the country, even though there is proof (from Rubio’s committee) that there was Russian meddling favoring 45.
Obama offered M Garland who was well liked on both sides as a Supreme Court Justice, but McConnell and others blocked even a hearing–then with only 51 votes, sinisterly pushed in 3 far right Federalist judges. Now the SC has the lowest approval rating, which undermines our democracy even further.
45 consistently attacked the press, our institutions, and led a violent Insurrection–which is NOT the same thing as BLM protests.
Therefore, we all must reject any and all election deniers!
Mr. LeBel is correct that we need to install leaders that believe in our Constitution and our Rule of Law–therefore, do NOT make power-hungry McCarthy or McConnell any majority leadership role!

Sure, history is history and it can never be erased. That doesn’t mean we need to commemorate, honor, and elevate certain historical figures with names enshrined on military bases and statues. You say this action will divide us, yet conveniently leave out the fact that the people whose names are on these bases were associated with the Confederacy who tried to tear our country apart. The ultimate betrayal and act of division in our nation’s history. They also happened to be LOSERS! Let’s stop the participation trophies for these men and change the names to honor people more deserving of their sacrifice for the UNITED States of America.


I wonder if those who support commemorating the Confederacy by naming buildings after Confederate heroes (traitors) and building statues in their honor would be shocked if they heard Germany was building statues of Hitler complete with extended right arm and silly mustache and naming public buildings after Himmler and Goering because, after all, they were part of German history.

Those same people likely believe we shouldn’t upset our children by including the study of slavery and its consequences or the genocide committed against native Americans in our public classrooms.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Anthony, just a quick observation – what country, on the entire earth, was not taken from the original inhabitants of the land by force? Isn’t that how countries, city states, kingdoms, realms etc. came into existence? In other words, America did nothing different than ANY OTHER COUNTRY on the planet, including killing people and having slaves! Teach that truth to your kids. Uh oh, noooo truth won’t do, will it – that doesn’t jibe with the liberal agenda.

Gentlemen….The Confederate Statues and naming schools are nothing more than a participation trophy for the Losing Seditious Traitors to our constitution. Most were put up and named way after the Civil War in the early 1900s. They belong in a museum for people to visit them if they want.

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