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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Nov. 3 – From readers in Scotia and Gloversville

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Stefanik lies to hide poor record in office

I received a political promotion from Elise Stefanik. She’s holding a rifle inferring “protecting our Second Amendment right.”
Matt Castelli, in spite of the lies by Elise, does not favor assault rifle ban, lives and votes in District 21, and above all, Matt is willing to work for us.
Stefanik is drunk with the taste of power awarded her for being loyal to the extremists in the Republican Party.
Her record of accomplishing anything for voters in District 21 is so bad she doesn’t mention it.
Instead, she spews lies, innuendos, half-truths, and hysterical scenarios scaring voters into voting for her.
Take a moment a look at what she has done for us. She voted against, yes, AGAINST, veterans, women, senior citizens, broadband, and is in favor of taking away Social Security and Medicare.
Matt Castelli has indicated he will vote to support all of the above.
We can’t risk the future to a person who is the poster girl for Washington dysfunction. Voters must send Matt Castelli to Washington or throw away any hope of changing the embarrassment Washington politics is. Matt Castelli is one of us.
Elise’s goal is more power for her. District 21 voters be damned.
Jim Flint

Village of Scotia needs a clean slate

I read with interest the Oct. 22 letter to the editor (“Voters in Scotia are in search of change”) from Michael Aragosa, the Scotia-Glenville Democratic chair acknowledging that the village of Scotia needs change.
I completely agree. However, I believe that the village needs a new team with new ideas for a new direction, not bench players from the same team.
Several administrations over the years have a horrible record of neglecting infrastructure, reckless spending, and lack of support for local businesses.
The Democratic Party and the people that got us into this mess, the current administration, endorse their current slate of candidates. That’s all you need to know if you are expecting change from them.
It’s time for people with professional management experience and budgeting skills to be given the opportunity to implement a long-term plan to curb out of control spending and take steps to relieve the tax burden on Scotia residents by working with the town of Glenville instead of against.
If you want real positive change, instead of taking steps backward in the village of Scotia, vote on Row B for David Bucciferro for mayor, Amanda Gonzalez-Barone and Dave Lindsay for village  trustees on Nov. 8.
It’s time to save our village!
Suzanne Webb

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Article defunding police: A typical word game played by the left radicals who support defunding police. I attended the meeting when it was discussed and they (Schenectady city council) promised not to defund the police. Well we’re not defunding we are reallocating funds. Oh well if that is what you mean I guess that is okay. The current city council leadership capitulates to the radical influences that pushed for defunding the police. Actions and policies have consequences during elections. The people of Schenectady need to remember this when we vote for city council again.
Ask any citizen that is a tax paying property owner what is more important funding SCC or having enough officers available to address safety and crime in the city. The current election climate should be an eye opener for the democratic socialist party. City council has proven by their actions they are indebted to their donors and radical supporters.
I and many others in the city support and will stand by and up for our police department. They are our first line of defense against criminals.

Mr. Brandon why is your party calling for defunding the FBI? Reallocating funds is a good idea. They purpose is they want to put more money into stopping crimes before they happen .One example is In domestic disputes they want a trained crisis response person at the scene to try a defuse the situation instead of policemen with guns drawn. The other thing that is wrong is no knock warrants. Many people have been harmed because of them. Sometimes they even break into the wrong house. Other times they shoot innocent people living there. Reallocating funds in a lot of cases is a good idea. As you know our country is suffering mental disease. Perhaps if Wives , Husbands. and kinds had a outlet to call to discuss what is affecting their mental illness…..January 6th might have not happened …..have a good day …Sir

Bill Marincic

Here we are again no matter what the story, it always goes back to Trump and January 6. I’m inclined to believe that we have more mental health issues since the 70s because of liberal Democrat policies of not only taking God out of the schools but also taking the mother out of the household. As far as no knock warrants go there are thousands if not tens of thousands a year and there might be a couple or three that turn out the bad way, like someone getting shot that is innocent or going into the wrong house. Democrats will always use the less than 1% of something that goes wrong to put an end to the 99% that goes right for the police.

Bill–when was God IN the schools? I went thru public school in the 60s and 70s and don´t remember anything about God except in the Pledge (which was added in 1954). We had Friday afternoons free when the Catholic kids went to Catechism.
Took the mother out of the household? Seriously? You mean so many women closet drinking, on prescribed speed from their doctors because they were stifled and TOLD how their lives would be (not free)? They lacked birth control and were at the mercy of unwanted pregnancies (again, no control over their own lives). Boy, you paint a rosy picture of mothers’ lives–as a MAN.
My mother broke through at GE and climbed the ranks, fulfilling HER dreams…and my family was better off for it. We should be setting up a society where men and women have opportunities, decide for themselves what ¨role¨ they want, and what´s best for them.

Bill Marincic

jclark, I also went through the schools in the 60s and 70s, we did the pledge and then had a moment of silence to pray or reflect.

Mr. Bill M. What god should we have in our schools?


Remember that constitution you wave all the time says ..”Freedom of Religion”

I worked for a school for many years. The kids had clubs they could join. Pne club was a Christian based club. They met after school and actually did some good work for the community. Another club that was formed was called “Religion of the street”. These kids met and talked about their community and the troubles they were having. But they were never forced any student to join any club. Forcing someone’s religion on another is unconstitutional. You should know that. Also forcing a different a outcome in the 2020 election was also unconstitutional as they tried on Jan 6th.

By the way how is your dissecting the Pelosi crime scene going? Did you try the window experiment yet?

Bill Marincic

Actually, I did, I asked more than 7 police friends including 2 detectives and they all said they have never seen a house being broken into with all of the glass on the outside.


I believe that religious fanaticism spawning intolerance and striving to convince everyone to conform to a particular set of religious beliefs and values is a form of mental illness that has done incredible harm throughout human history.

Communism is a secular religion. If you only accept their interpretation of history as a constant struggle between exploiters and the exploited, we can hasten the revolution of the proletariat , establish a dictatorship of the proletariat and achieve the arrival of a classless utopian society.

My point, whether based on religious or secular dogma, fanaticism is the enemy of a decent government and society. The best of our past consists of efforts to strike a balance between using the power of government to insure a fair social, political, and economic system that also respects the rights of individuals.


How did Democrats take “God out of the schools”? God is everywhere, right? Any individual can pray to God quietly. There is no need for schools to require spoken prayers lead by a teacher. It is an example of a government abuse of power to force spoken prayer, an attempt to force all to accept beliefs which may not conform to their personal views or the views they are taught at home.

How did Democrats “take the mother out of the household?” I argue quite the opposite. Democratic support for a living salary, collective bargaining, paid pregnancy leave, child tax credits and much more would enable more mothers AND fathers to stay at home and care for children while the other spouse worked.


“AND” should be “OR” in the above post. To clarify, higher wages afford more opportunities for one parent to stay at home and care for young children as do programs providing income for women in the first months after a child is born. Financial support for stay at home parents through child tax credits makes it easier for one parent to stay at home and provide continuous child care.

I believe the elimination of tax loopholes, most deductions, and a simple and truly progressive income tax would easily pay for all such programs. I do strongly support the valid conservative interest in carefully scrutinizing and eliminating waste in government spending. Ari Melber had Grover Norquist on his show yesterday, and though I disagree with his ideology, supply side economics, he did make some good points and interesting observations: the need to eliminate waste and insure the continued success of I.R.A.’s, Roth accounts, and other programs to encourage private investment in planning for retirement.

Why do the Republicans want ro defund the FBI? Why have Republicans around the country voted down budgets and resolutions to bolster law enforcement? Why have Republicans tried to turn efforts to better enforce tax laws into talk about “Storm troopers”?
Why Bill?
And why no support for those trying to protect our Capitol on 1/6, Bill?
It sure looks like you and Republicans are a bunch of 2-bit hypocrites.

Bill–It always goes back to trump and Jan 6th because HE and his cult followers are a clear and present danger to our Republic. Biden won, in part, because of all the damage 45 did to our country as an authoritarian leader. (I ALONE can fix it) is only one example. He is an outright con artist, criminal with a dangerous following. Our intelligence under HIS administration warned us of heated rhetoric and increased violence and here we are. 45 is a domestic terrorist who promotes election deniers, so is front and center in this crucial election.
There is NO other issue more important that saving our Republic.

Steven Flynn

“Republican New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc dodged a punch from a would-be assailant before stepping onstage to debate Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) on Wednesday, according to reports.

Bolduc, 60, a retired Army brigadier general, was apparently unharmed, and the individual who attempted to assault the Senate candidate was arrested, according to his campaign.”

Wait a minute, someone obviously didn’t let the assailant know that only MAGA folks do these kind of things. They also forgot to tell the gentleman who shot Steve Scalise, the gentleman who attempted to stab Lee Zeldin, the gentleman who attacked Rand Paul, the folks who burned and damaged cities in 2020, the folks who took over 6 blocks in Seattle where people ended up being shot fatally, the folks who firebombed a police union, the folks that set fire to a police precinct with officers inside, the folks who lit police cruisers on fire and stole the rifles inside, the folks in the media who mocked Rand Paul when he had 6 of his ribs cracked by his looney leftie neighbor. Nope, only MAGA participates in this type of politcal violence according to the liberal propagandists and their leader Joe Biden. His speech of desperation last night was a joke, not once telling us his plan for anything or why we should vote for the dems in the midterms. Nope, he chose to villify those who oppose his loser agenda. The “I know they’re the minority of the Republicans” was nonsense. This is all the democrats have to run on, they are avoiding the real issues affecting our country and they’re avoiding them intentionally. So this Tuesday, you’re either “ridin’ with Biden”, or your getting the hell out of the car before it crashes.

Mr. Flynn if this happened I will be first to condemn it. There is no place for violence anywhere. There is no place to make excuses for it either. Like questioning the crime scene and which way glass has fallen as if something odd was going on.. or questioning the Jan 6th riotous insurrection. Or a president telling people to beat the crap out of people at his ralloes. Or tear gas being used on peaceful demonstrators near the white house so the president could make a speech and wave the bible. …..All this is uncalled for …the Steve Scalise shooting I condemned right away as did all Members of the Democrats in congress did. …So don’t single out this unfortunate incident and imply we agree with it. Oh and I also condemned any BLM protest that turned violent. I say….if they broke the law arrest them and give then a trial.


Steve, you posted,”Wait a minute, someone obviously didn’t let the assailant know that only MAGA folks do these kind of things.” This is one of the tools used by the right to malign people who disagree with them. Not only is what you say untrue and you know it, but the implication is that those who disagree with you are fools. You know no one believes that statement to be valid.

Bill Marincic

Still with the lies that tear gas was used so Trump could wave a Bible, you sure hear that debunked story on MSNBC or CNN but fail to see that the story was untrue and debunked.

In addition to the following, multiple mainstream media sources reported tear gas was in fact use3d on the protestors.
Former President Donald Trump reportedly urged top military brass to shoot protesters who flooded the streets in the summer of 2020, following the police killing of George Floyd. That’s according to a new book by former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who recalls Trump asking deputies in a June 2020 Oval Office meeting, “Can’t you just shoot them? Just shoot them in the legs or something?”

The alarming excerpt, first reported by Axios on Monday, details a “surreal” scene at the Resolute Desk, “with this idea weighing heavily in the air, and the president red faced and complaining loudly about the protests under way in Washington, D.C.”

“The good news — this wasn’t a difficult decision,” Esper writes. “The bad news — I had to figure out a way to walk Trump back without creating the mess I was trying to avoid.”

Esper’s account aligns with other reports from the summer of 2020, when Trump sent unidentified federal squads into cities such as Portland, Oregon, where they kidnapped protesters and wreaked havoc. Trump then portrayed the violence as originating from the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, the opposite was true: A statistical analysis by professors at Harvard and the University of Connecticut found the BLM protests were “remarkably nonviolent,” and that, when there was violence, it was often perpetrated by police or counterprotesters.
Trump reportedly told advisers that he wanted soldiers to “beat the f___” out of BLM protesters, according to a book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender.

Bender also reported that Trump wanted federal squads to “shoot” protesters and “crack their skulls,” or at least “shoot them in the leg — or maybe the foot, but be hard on them.”

Steven–President Biden clearly called out ALL political violence. No one said it was only MAGA. When Steve Scalise was shot, Speaker Pelosi tearfully spoke against it and both sides were united. Thatś no longer the case.
Now an 82 year old is made fun of and conspiracies swirled by pundits, candidates and leaders of the gop for getting his skull fractured–NOT the case with democrats.
The dems don´t have a leader like 45 that has spurred on so much political violence from the beginning. 45 was in¨attack mode¨ even in his campaign. The gop do NOT push back like they used to because theyŕe WEAK!

Steven Flynn

jclark – obviously you havent been reading the mainstream news who frames the storylines to make it sound like its only Trump voters. Hell, Anthony Santo jumped the gun on the Pelosi assault before 1 piece of evidence was retrieved. Whay did he do that? Was he hoping it was a MAGA extremist so he could say I told you so? You make it sound like Trump is the only one who spurred on political violence? This is a delusional theory because he was attacked the minute he was elected, called an illegitimate president, people rioted and it continued throughout his whole term. Both sides are guilty of political violence, both sides are guilty of inflamed rhetoric, both sides lied, cheated and stole to either gain or keep power. This nonsense that you and the other propagandists spew in here is just that, nonsense. The heated rhetoric was equally distribted by both sides of the aisle. We’re all guilty of it, including you JClark. Stay focused, discuss the issues that are important and dont fall for the propaganda and rhetoric, it solves nothing.

Mr. Flynn yeas violence has happened on both sides. But take the time to weigh each sides contributions. I have never seen any democrat member of congress making light of the violence. I have never seen a president call White Supremist where a girl go murdered at their rally call them fine or good people. I have never seen a president say to a White Supremist group to stand back and stand by. I have never seen a president do nothing for over 3 hours while people were rioting in the Capitol calling for his Vice President to be hanged and to kill Nancy Pelosi. Taken a moment to weigh just the few I mentioned to what you say democrats do. I’m also still waiting for Mr. Marinac to tell be the results of his window breaking experiment to see which way the glass falls when breaking a window from the outside. Maybe you could hurry him along for me.

Steve–and I don´t just listen to ¨mainstream¨ media. I listened with horror at what came out of 45s mouth for years and kept predicting what would happen. I was never afraid of a president until 45 started running. I have never been scared of losing our Republic–all because of the gop wimps who are too frightened, too power-hungry, too greedy to put our country before party. At least LIz Cheney was willing to lose her job to do the right thing…yet she´s vilified by 45s cult.

Steven Flynn

Guy. What difference does it make if the violence is 55% repub and 45% dem? All of it as a whole does nothing but make us look like a bunch of morons. You are stuck on Jan 6, 2020 and I get that. That day was an embarassment to our country and very single moron who took part in it should be prosecuted. You say it was all on Trump, maybe it was, but a panel of all democrats and 2 x republicans is not a proper way of finding out. Reverse the roles, Biden does wrong and the panel to investigate him is 9 repubs, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Geez, I wonder what the outcome of that would be? It needs to be done the proper way and if he’s found guilty then he needs to pay the price just like you and I would. So here’s an hypothetical for you, Trump runs in 2024 and wins, now what? Lets see how the loving, tolerant left, anti war (or used to be) folks would react to that.

Steven Flynn

JClark, if Republicans sweep, you’re not going to lose your democracy. Your party will lose power, big difference.


Steve, Trump has promised to pardon all involved in the 1/6 insurrection. How do you feel about that?

When the 1/6 committee was being formed the only Republicans acceptable to McCarthy were people who likely were involved in or supported Trump’s illegal attempts to remain in office. Jim Jordan is the best example. Cheney and Kinzinger are staunch and true conservatives. Cheney voted 96% with Trump’s agenda, but she puts democracy above partisanship and does not want her party to become a vehicle propelling a would be autocrat into power.

Mr. Flynn they are still republicans I believe. Minority leader was offered I believe 6 spots on the panel but he turned them down. Do you realize that every person who was called to testify either in person were republicans. Democrats didn’t parade a bunch of democrats on stage to testify. Liz Cheney paid the price for speaking out against Trump and also Adam Kinsinger ….They are the people the republican party should look up to. They put their Country over the Party and now are being called traitors by the Trump Party. The Republican party could have ended this whole thing by saying enough is enough of Trump….but they still obey his commands…..I can only hope that this election day we can send trump a message and tell him to get out. And then maybe civility will come back to the nation. Also being “hung up” on Jan 6th isn’t accurate. I am still concerned by Jan 6th as it isn’t over yet…The story hasn’t ended yet

Steven Flynn

Then obviously you will vote to stop that Guy. Lets see what the country says on Tuesday, thatll give us all a better gauge as to where the people are. We can go back and forth on this all day but Tuesday is what really matters. Good luck.

What will you do if you lose? None of you want to answer that, do you? Do you think we’ll need to call in the National Guard? Do you think you can overcome them?

The gop are poised to win, which the opposing party usually does. There was redistricting because of the 2020 Census, and gerrymandering. This should have been a blow out for the gop, but the races are tight.

Steve claims we won´t lose our Republic, but there are 300 election deniers running, and the gop still takes orders from the Putin wannabe, 45.
Heś already done so much damage. They will only believe the results of the election if THEY win, etc.
Stop denying my thoughts when I feel it in my bones. I could sense the danger of 45 since he started campaigning, and my worst fears have come true–even worse than I ever could have imagined.
Read (or reread) Elie Wieselś NIGHT. It outlines the destruction of Jewish societies, how they lived in denial while a step-by-step plan led to their demise. Then they wondered…How did we get here? I´m fully aware of the bigger picture going on here–which is what President Biden was talking about in his speech.
It was purposely a message for ALL of us, not a political pitch…and YES, we need to call out the magas.

NO, it is not equal on both sides! We never had a president spewing all the vitriol, hatred and threats on fellow Americans. It all led directly to Jan 6th…hello?!
Anthony Santo easily deduced it was inspired by 45–not hard to figure out!
I dare you to listen to Bidenś speech.

Steven Flynn

I watched the speech JClark. It was a desperate attempt to try and win an election on emotion and not the issues at hand. It mightve been more effective if he spent 20 min on democracy and the rest of the time explaining each important issue. That way we would get a whole picture as to what his agenda is, not just bashing MAGA republicans. I’m not an election forecaster, so obviously I could be dead wrong on this, but my eyes and ears are telling me his agenda is going to come to a halt on Tuesday. That was his chance to shine last night, strap the party on his back and lead the dems across the finish line. Instead we got the same tired rhetoric that we hear daily on this page. For that is the reason why I think the republicans will sweep the house and senate. Struggling familes arent thinking about Jan 6, they’re thinking about making ends meet.


Steve, I did not “jump the gun”. The first report concerning the attack on Paul policy included enough evidence to state, as I did, that the perpetrator was LIKELY MAGA inspired. I want no political violence anywhere against anyone. But as Guy has so aptly stated (with evidence), current violence in the U.S. is primarily the result of extreme MAGA views and the provocation of yes, your hero the master manipulator of the gullible, Donald J. Trump. The truth is the truth, no matter how often you and others attempt to distort reality with ridiculous statements, claiming for example, as BM did earlier, that Democrats have taken God out of the classroom and the mother out of the household.

Steven Flynn

You did jump he gun, I read it with my own eyes. Nice try Anthony.

He didn’t. It was clear what was going on when Mr. Santo posted. It became clearer in the hours after. Maybe it didn’t get into your weird newsfeed or reach your friends group? Or maybe you all were trying to come up with some political or deviant spin (as you eventually did, and seem to continue)?


Steve, it wan’t a ‘nice try’; it was a bases loaded home run and you know. Or, perhaps, as you posted before, I should not present my point of view because you interpret the truth as trying to shut your side down. Well, Steve, I am going to keep telling the truth as long as I am able to. Even if those who deny the validity of our elections win, which could only happen if people are unaware of what MAGA is trying to do, I will continue until the thugs come to my door and drag me away from the keyboard.

I watched video shot from two angles (did you?) of the oland he was approached by one independent reporter looking for a quote. There was absolutely no punches thrown or attempted, and in fact the reporter was only arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct.
But that didn’t stop Bolduc campaign incident from behaving like an Italian soccer player and screaming foul where there was none (or like Giuliani not long ago).

Steven Flynn

Mr. D, of course you’re going to try and make it seem feeble. Why is it that Hassan’s communication director put out a tweet afterward stating “Disgusting behavior. We saw this same libertarian party activist get aggressive with our campaign volunteers at this debate and the last.” Does the D in Chuck D mean deflector?

No, you’re not going to get away with that. What you’re saying is pure fantasy and you can clearly see you’re lying starting at 31 seconds into the video.
Do you seriously think you won’t be called out for outright lying? Are you that deranged?

Steven Flynn

Watched it four times, and all 4 times when they were seperating him, his left hand came up and swiped at him. You might want to get those specs checked bud.

BS. And I encourage anyone else to have a look. You’re lying.
After he was pushed well away from Bolduc he raised that hand to those surrounding him. But if you’re being honest, as you most definitely are not, his right hand is holding a microphone out in the way any reporter does and the left hand is flat at his side thoughout the encounter…until he has security in his face and even then it’s more of a defensive fending off, than a swing.
You are full of it.

Mr. Flynn this is what I was saying about putting weight to an issue….Your claim could be weighed in ounces. And on the other side tons. They did that with Hillary’s server and trying to compare it to Trump taking hard copies of top secret information to his home after he was not president ….Please in the future weigh each comparison you make.

Steven Flynn

Here you go Mr. D, Anthony’s comment before any of the facts were investigated. “Now, the husband of the Speaker of the House has been attacked and beaten in his home. The attacker was likely a fascist MAGA thug. Is this the beginning of a new era of violent aggression by MAGA fascist domestic terrorists? Maybe this will wake some up to the seriousness of the threat to our daily lives that fanatical devotion to one man, “The Chosen One”, brings.” The attacker was likely a MAGA FASCIST DOMESTIC TERRORIST. Anthony’s words, not mine. He was pushing a narrative before one iota of evidence was found. I know exactly why he did it, he was hoping it was a MAGA person as u label it and then u boys can run with it on here. Classy Mr. D, classy.

“Before any of the facts were investigated”.
Enough information had been made public by law enforcement to ascertain and make an educated guess as to what happened.
You already have demonstrated being a very poor judge of news sources and parsing that information, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that your view is erroneous and inaccurate.

Steven Flynn

No Chuck, you’re dead wrong. All that was being reported was he was attacked. I see what you’re doing and Im not buying it. I could care less if u like my news sources or not, you’re just noise to me quite frankly. You’re another angry lefty trying to control a narrative and again, Im not buying what you’re selling.

It’s not a question of whether I “like” your news sources or not. It is about whether your news sources are honest and accurate, and whether you get sucked into the “narrative”. Yours and the rest of the MAGAts here have shown a chronic inability to sort out the facts and see when you’re being grifted.
Based on what you post here your news sources suck at honesty, and you are dishonest about what you report. There are liberal examples of the same but most know to not suck up the first thing they put out.

Nothing says it any louder than your propagandist interpretation of the alleged assault on Bolduc.
Where are the charges, Mr. Flynn? Why aren’t the rest of his security yelling about an assault? They aren’t. You’re trying to defend…something. You’re lying.


Whatever Mr. Flynn sees he twists into a narrative designed to support his forgone conclusions. Did you know that your namesake, Lt. General Michael Flynn is so ignorant of our Constitution that he told his followers governors have the right to declare war? Totally untrue. Why did he say that? I BELIEVE because he is attempting to foment violent civil war in this country and replace democracy with dictatorship. A dictatorship that would give this pitiful man the kind of horrible country he dreams of. Don’t accuse me of twisting the facts to fit my narrative, I said “I believe” not “I know”. Instead, tell all of us why you think Flynn told that ridiculous LIE.

Steven Flynn

Who are u Chuck? Y do we need your approval? Youre just a loud angry lefty propagandist that tries to shut dow any opposing view. I see it in here daily. You sir are a fascist plain and simple. and need to get your eyes checked. It angers u more knowing im right. Ce la vie.

Again, where are the charges?
Why don’t his security loudly proclaim the same thing? They’re right there, the most likely to yelp about any assault. Yet nothing from them and “disorderly behavior” charged by the cops.
Which dance step will you perform now, Fred Astair?


I wonder why Mr. Flynn keeps repeating silly things like “do we need your approval?”? No one ever made that claim. This is a forum for discussion of important issues. If you can’t deal with opposing views just ignore them. It doesn’t help to post silly invalid claims implying those who disagree with you are trying to shut you up. I think your posts speak volumes about where you are coming from. I am glad you post your views.


Steve don’y dare to have the audacity to question the knowledge and power of the 3-Stooges of DG opinion pages. Mayor A.S. will make the final ruling .”So let it be written- So let it be done” now good day.
Steve you know when they’re out of juice because they’ll start insulting you.
They are capable of taking a comment about defunding the SPD and connecting to Jan.6th. I read a thread today the the officer did not die from the rioters. The officer had a stroke. My thoughts and prayers to the family of the officer. There is a lot of things that can be cleared up if they just release all of the footage. How about the pipe bomb they found? Hmm where is that guy. We have some much technology that a satelite can detect the Mayor A.S. farting. But we can’t find a guy who placed a pipe bomb. Weird

Again with the authority issues.
If it’s not sex hang-ups and fixations, it’s thinking everything around you is your owner.
America shouldn’t be surprised to one day wake up to you poor souls running around without pants thinking you’ve owned the liberal fascist fashion industry.


I’m guessing here but you must believe 1/6 was staged or exaggerated to impugn the integrity of your loser, the man who can’t handle defeat and would rather bring the country down than concede.

Like Steve, you attack by unwarranted inference. Our disagreement with your opinions and interpretations of events doesn’t mean we believe you shouldn’t “dare to have the audacity to question the knowledge and power of the three stooges (those who challenge your views)”. I don’t mind at all when people who disagree with me make fools of themselves.

Investing more money in preventing crime instead of mistreating suspects (George Floyd ring a bell, maybe Brionna Taylor?) might result in a safer society. No one is calling for eliminating the police. It is the MAGA people who are impugning the integrity of the FBI because their investigations are uncovering so much corruption among those you lionize.

Have you looked at the tape (see link I referenced below) that proves one of your heroes, Brig. Gen. Bolduc is a lying crybaby?


Your “thoughts and prayers” are worth nothing. They do nothing to help the police offers killed and injured as a result of the 1/6 insurrection or to stop the killing of innocent children by mass murderers armed with assault rifles that serve no legitimate purpose and should be banned.

No assault charges, no protesting from his security. You have no defense for your words and that’s plainly obvious. You don’t see a problem with that?
You’ve been called out for lying. Your inability to rationalize it (or apologize) is acceptance of that.
Moving on…

Steven Flynn

I watched the video 4 times, in all 4 he took a swipe at him at the end. Thats when they started yelling hey hey. Sorry Chuck, now u can move on with your fascist views.

Here’s who you’re defending. This OK with you? Sounds like you two have a lot in common.
Republican Don Bolduc triples down on false claims of litter boxes in schools — but won’t go to verify it

New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc is finishing the 2022 midterm campaign by tripling down on his false conspiracy that students at Pinkerton Academy are using litter boxes because they identify as cats.
In an interview with I Heart Radio, Bolduc said that the school is allowing students to be animals, which has been called false by the Pinkerton Academy. Bolduc hasn’t seen it with his own eyes, it’s merely something he “heard” was happening, but has told the world about. When the school asked him to come to the school to see for himself, Bolduc refused.

Steven Flynn

In todays Willie Horton news. NYC man with 18 priors is out roaming the streets and is now the main suspect in the rape of an 43 yr old woman. He’s also wanted for 2 other sex crimes according to the NYPD. 18 priors and he’s still walking the streets of NY. These are the people that the dems have a compassionate heart for, how dare we incarcerate him because he has no money. How many more innocent people are going to suffer until we’ve had enough? This is the NYS liberal agenda headed by Kathy Hochul. Kathy will blame everyone and everything but herself.


Who is this man? Where did you find this news report? Do you really believe that Democrats, or anyone, has “a compassionate heart for him”? Does anyone believe, if your story is accurate, that such an unidentified criminal should be roaming the streets? Why hasn’t he been arrested yet?


Is this story as accurate as your fabrication concerning the fake attack on Bolduc? And you compare this to hitting an 82 year old man in the head with a hammer and threatening to break the knees of his wife, Nancy Pelosi. I WANT PEOPLE TO WATCH THE VIDEO. DO YOU?


No one is trying to shut you down. I really hope people are reading these posts and evaluating them. You seem thin-skinned and incapable of dealing unemotionally and rationally with opposing points of view.

Mr. Flynn no one is shutting down anyone. People are speaking their minds here as far as I can see. It seems when you and others like you get confronted with the facts you you go into a tirade of name calling when you can’t find solid evidence to your narrative. Funny thing about words. Is that if you can’t find any factual information attributed to them….they are just hot air.


As a former Rebublican, and now retired and able to look at the big picture especially since about 2009 (when I retired also) and the Tea Party came into existence. In the years following what I thought were some policies to bring some semblance of sanity to the Federal goverment. They became not much more than elected people who in my mind soon espoused the policy, and one policy only of I’ve got mine and ts for the rest of you. Today’s party has only evolved into the party of the four D’s. Deny, Deflect, Dismiss (Steve comes to mind) and of coarse Delay anything good for the common masses. They have another goal for this and for sure future elections and it now has become the party policy.
As long as they think their representatives are making someone else more miserable. It’s why they’ll never leave the GOP over their insane trickle-down tax cuts, that do little to nothing for the economy, but reliably exacerbate wealth inequality; as long as they think someone else is getting screwed by their Republican overlords more than they are, they’ll keep voting for the GOP. Lastly and observation and old posting from I think Anthony of posters from the right which never seems to change no matter who is posting under what name. ” Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.” Y’all have a good evening


Well Steve, I’ll whisper it this time, but my bet is there will be no answer: Do you want people to go to the link I provided and watch the video covering the (never happened) “assault” on the lying MAGA candidate running to be the senator from N.H.?

To re-iterate, your proof that progressives encourage violence to the same extent as MAGA-ites is to believe in the equivalency of the non-assault (no arrest) attack on the robust Mr. Bolduc with the savage beating with a hammer of an 82 year old by a MAGA inspired 42 year old? I don’t care if he is mentally unbalanced. In my opinion all people who support MAGA-ism and Trumpism are ignorant and/or mentally unbalanced.

You claimed you watched a video proving the assault. Provide the link and I will watch it. Well, Steve?


I forgot to add and if you want to see this policy really in effect just look at the Southern states and what goes on with the common folk. Mississippi clean water supply in the capital city no less. , Louisiana environmental disasters from chemical and refining operations disasters. To Name a few.


G.V. replying to first post: A crisis counselor is your answer! I would ask you when a mentally unstable is going to cause harm to an innocent victim You want to send a crisis counselor to diffuse the situation. Ok what happens if the mentally ill person doesn’t want to talk. What is his next step?
MY answer: A trained uniform police officer shows up determines the best way to handle the situation and gain control limit damage as much as possible. You do not think for one minute they do not try and talk this person down? That would be their first form of approach they would start with. Your lack of knowledge is evident in your response. The assertion you make is they come in gun’s a blazing kill them all and let god sort them out analogy.
I would rather have an armed trained officer ready to use deadly force to protect an innocent person. How much more selfless and love for fellow man than a police women or man coming into a dangerous and potentially fatal interaction to protect the citizens. They took an oath to protect us. You make sound as if they really want to shot someone. My father in-law retire APD 30 yrs. and his friends some as high as Chief all say it takes away a piece of the officer when they have to use deadly force.Theyare never the same after that. You have no concept for the value of life G.V.. Your post show’s how far left you really are, I’m going out on a limb and say you must be pro-abortion too.
I really hope you call your local crisis councelor when someone is about to break into your home, tries to hold you up, don’t you dare have the nerve to call the police, it would show your hypocrisy.

I think you are implying they go alone ….The logical answer is they go with the police to the home or place. You really like jumping the gun don’t you? Instead of asking a logical question. Mr Flynn


Guy said a crisis counselor would be more helpful in dealing with a domestic dispute. Why do you falsely imply that he wants a crisis counselor to show up at a home break-in? I know the answer. You have no valid argument against the use of counselors and other resources in situations where they might be more effective and appropriate than police. No one is calling for abolishing the police.


I never understand what LGB or as I call him Go F—Joe Biden is trying to say. People who are not willing to state what they mean in honest language but instead hide behind what they think are “cute and clean” ways to say obscene things are likely not people we should trust.


Mayor G.V. commented on my post about defunding the SPD and suggested crisis counselor is a better way to spend money than to have actual police on the job. The Schenectady city council lied to people when they promised at the city hall meeting not to defund the police. But they did it anyways. And on key he went from defunding the police to Jan.6 . It is like his answer to everything.

Mr. Brandon I never said a crisis counselor would go alone. I would think police officers would like a crisis response person with them on domestic calls …or no?


Guy, MAGA-ites will never evaluate or respond to our posts honestly.

Mr. Brandon….not liking hearing about Jan. 6th? It’s still in the news and a current event. In case you didn’t know White Supremist are being tried right now for Sidious Conspiracy….In fact one White Supremist already pleaded guilty to it. Let me know if you need any news on the Jan 6th trial as I know Fox News is giving it scant coverage

Anthony I don’t really expect an intelligent thought out response from them. But ones needs to rattle the cage once in a while. Maybe others on the line will see how ridiculous they look and can be swayed


I couldn’t agree more Guy. Another rattle before I retire for the night: Where is Steve’s video proving Bolduc was attacked? I gave a link to the video showing he wan’t attacked. I’m not picking on you Steve, I am trying to get you to deal with the truth.

One last rattle. Mike Lee running for re-election to the Senate from Utah now claims he never called for ending Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Watch the video on the link below to see him call for phasing out S.S., Medicare and Medicaid in 2010. Read the article from Newsweek for more details. Keep uppermost in your mind when you vote, that if you vote Republican, you are voting to support the Mike Lee in the video. Comments are welcome from MAGA supporters and the opponents of MAGA:

A Miami jury on Thursday convicted a Donald Trump supporter who was accused of shooting at two men in a dust-up that started over one of them flying a “Ridin’ with Biden” flag on his Jet Ski on Election Day 2020. The six-person jury deliberated less than two hours in convicting Eduardo Acosta, 39, on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a firearm and armed robbery. He faces up to life in prison, with a mandatory minimum of at least 20 years, when he is sentenced on Dec. 16.

Prosecutors alleged that Acosta was on his Jet Ski with a group of men on Nov. 3, 2020, when they allegedly approached two other men on a small Biscayne Bay island near Miami Marine Stadium. Those two men, Wilson Peralta and Alfredo Garcia, were on one Jet Ski, that had a Biden flag. Triggered by the flag, prosecutors said, Acosta began to argue with the men, claiming that anyone who supported Biden was a “child molester.” The insult originates from an unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory that a “deep state” group of child sex traffickers were secretly working to defeat Trump.
…there’s more



The three wise stooges have spoken if you do not fall into line with their line of thinking you are not intelligent.
Here’s the thing with democrats if you disagree with them your thoughts are disinformation. Jan.6th is their answer to everything. Why won’t they release the footage all of it? Paul Pelosi release the 911 tapes, body cam video. Another question one would think that the speaker of the house would have an alarm system. My neighbors car was broken into and they have video, sound of the person committing the crime. So Paul and Nancy do not have security system? The top 3 level people in our government have ground sensors and a person walking on the property can be detected by their foot steps. It all can be resolved if the government releases the video footage.
One would think if this could take down the D.S. arch enemy they would be looping the video 24/7 on MSM. I am sure the three wise stooges can answer that question with their vast knowledge of EVERYTHING. And please be intelligent when you respond.


This is really sad. The police reported what happened at the scene. You don’t believe them because there is video footage they won’t release. Do you think DePape didn’t do what he confessed to? Was he lying about why he did it? You don’t think his threats to break the Speaker’s kneecaps were real?

It is all part of a conspiracy. Right. They problem planned this out while they weren’t busy trafficking in and dining on children. Get out of the swampy mire of misinformation you are drowning in. Breath the fresh air of truth and logic. Get Bannon, Alex Jones, and Carlson out of your head. Think for yourself. I guarantee you will feel better.

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