Glenville to close part of Freemans Bridge Road later this month

Freeman’s Bridge Road in June

Freeman’s Bridge Road in June

GLENVILLE – A portion of Freemans Bridge Road will close temporarily later this month.

The area in the vicinity of the rail crossing north of Lowe’s will be closed on Nov. 15, 16 and 17, requiring drivers to detour around the area to get to the other end of road.

“It’s in bad need of repair, there’s no question about it,” Town of Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle said. “We’ve been pushing for this for a long time so we’re happy about that, but the short-term impact is going to be painful for residents and travelers in and around Freemans Bridge Road, especially when you add in the fact that Sunnyside Bridge is out.”

Sunnyside Road Bridge, located nearby in the Village of Scotia, closed to traffic last week due to deterioration.

Businesses will all remain open during the closure, Koetzle said. He explained the town is in communication with local businesses to let them know about the closure.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Koetzle said. “Shoppers during the holiday season, we’re very worried about that.”

New York State Department of Transportation will be issuing a detour map for the closure in the near future, according to the town’s announcement about the closure. DOT referred reporters to CSX Transportation. CSX did not immediately respond for comment.

“We’re very concerned that people are going to have to go all the way around Glenville,” Koetzle said. “If you’re coming from the south to the north side of Freemans Bridge Road, you’re probably going to have to, I would believe, take Sunnyside to Washington, and then back up Route 50 to Dutch Meadows.”

The other issue with this closure will be truck traffic, Koetzle said. He explained it is important to make sure the people driving delivery trucks to the stores are aware, and that they stay on Route 50, and do not use Freemans Bridge Road. He explained alternate routes will have to be planned for trucks making deliveries.

“The other issue I’m very concerned about is truck traffic for trucks to get supplies into the stores as far as town center, Price Chopper, Hannaford, Target,” Koetzle said. “Trucks can’t come down (Route) 146, the route is up Freemans and Route 50. So we’re going to have to make sure they’re staying on Route 50 and not using Freemans to come up. A lot of times they’ll come up 146 to the traffic circle, down from Route 50, or they’ll take Route 50 down to Freemans.”

The road is consistently well-traveled Koetzle said. Glenville does not have a lot of other alternative roads, he explained. The closure will be right at the rail track so it will not impact much else of the road.

“It’s in such bad disrepair,’ it is dangerous for travelers to cross over it going more than 5 mph. It needs to get done, I think the timing is unfortunate, but it’s a DOT road, it’s a CSX track, those are the two entities in control of timing in the decision.”

Fixing the rail crossing could not wait through the winter, Koetzle said. If it is not fixed soon, the work would not be able to be done until next spring, he explained.

“It’s already been delinquent in getting fixed, it needs to get done immediately,” Koetzle said. “So it is going to be three days of pain, but it’s something that’s necessary.”

Updates about the closure will be posted on town’s website:

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