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Rename the forts named after traitors

Military bases named after Confederate traitors should be renamed to correct history.
In her Oct. 24 letter to The Gazette (“Renaming of bases is erasing history”) Inga Solomos stated that renaming military bases is erasing history. It is not erasing history. It is correcting history and there is a difference.
Often military bases in the South were named after Confederate military traitors, even though the Confederate states started and lost the Civil War. Confederate generals were traitors to the United States of America, and for this reason, alone, these military bases should be renamed.
Further, the naming of these bases occurred during the Jim Crow era, approximately 50 years after the Confederacy lost the Civil War. At that time, it was common for military bases in the South to be named after Confederate generals who fought to preserve slavery. One example is Fort Bragg, an Army base, named for North Carolinian Confederate General Braxton Bragg in 1918. Fort Bragg is one of ten United States Army installations named for officers who led military units of the Confederate states in the American Civil War.
Memorializing traitors or terrorists is not unheard of in history. During the Soviet-era, monuments memorializing Stalin were erected. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, these monuments have been removed from public areas. History can and should be corrected once a country acknowledges past mistakes. We can start with renaming our military bases.
Nancy Tudor
Clifton Park

Not all rumbling caused by trains

On the lighter side regarding the trains rumbling through Rotterdam: Back in the 1980s, I lived in an apartment on upper Princetown Road and was used to having the whole place rattle whenever a train came through.
One day, however, as the usual tremoring began, there was no train in sight when I glanced out the window. I was puzzled for a moment, until I realized that the shaking was being caused by an earthquake! No damage was done, but it definitely added a little excitement to my day.
Beth Cammarata


Grateful for help of ‘angels in disguise’

There are many good people in this world, and I had a wonderful experience proving that.
On Sept. 30, I was stopped at a red light on Highbridge Road in Rotterdam when my car stopped running. I tried several times to start it without success.
While on the phone with AAA, two women, in separate cars, asked if I needed help — Laura in one car and Jill and her daughter Elianna in another.
At this point, Jill got into my car and put it in neutral while Laura got in the front of the car. Together, they were able to back my car up close to the curb, out of traffic and out of danger.
Jill and her daughter stayed with me until AAA arrived and drove me to the garage where my car was being towed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
These words certainly are not enough to explain my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for these wonderful acts of kindness.  God bless you.
Patricia Marra

A lot is at stake in midterm elections

This midterm election is crucial.
Consequently, it is also crucial that we vote to express our views. However, many people don’t realize the importance of what’s on the line.
For instance, if the GOP retakes the House and the Senate, a law will be enacted to codify banning abortion nationwide that will take precedence over even states like ours where reproductive freedoms have never really been in question.
Now look at other issues in the same context, such as gun laws, climate change, Social Security, Medicare, gay marriage, rule of law, separation of church and state, election laws, voting rights, etc.
Everything we know to be safe here, could be changed in the blink of an eye.
I understand inflation is top-of-mind to almost everyone and it is a truly valid (and global) issue. But if some of our basic democratic rights and freedoms are eroded, and our democracy itself falters, how can we think that inflation and myriad other problems will ever improve under what will quickly become an autocracy? It is no longer about red and blue. It’s about understanding what is at stake. Then cast your crucial vote.
Mary Ann Arcesi

Shame on paper for endorsing Stefanik

Shame on you for endorsing Elise Stefanik in your Oct. 28 editorial (”Stefanik earns another term.”)
Yes, it is lovely that she has worked to help farmers in her district. However, Stefanik has not a local, but a national voice, and her voice is an echo of her hero, Donald Trump. She is a denier of a fair and highly investigated presidential vote. She has been silent on the intimidation that has been present for those doing early voting in Arizona.  She is among the most undemocratic naysayers in Congress. I am ashamed that a paper I subscribe to, and respect has chosen to back a candidate for office who is clearly unfit to represent the Constitution.
Sally Magid

Santabarbara is a champion of people

Anyone who lives in Amsterdam knows that our Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara has always been here to support our community.
During my time as an elected representative on the City Council, Angelo has been a friend and a source of guidance and support on many of the great things happening in Amsterdam, most recently the launch of CDTA bus service in our city. He was instrumental in making the project a reality with funding he secured in the state budget.
What I admire most about Angelo is that he’s a hands-on representative who listens to the people he represents and finds ways to solve problems — and he’s delivered for our library, schools and helped improve access to health care for residents. He also funded our first sensory friendly playground to create a welcoming space for kids of all abilities. Angelo is truly a fighter and a champion for the people he represents.
Kelly Quist-Demars
The writer is an Amsterdam City Alderwoman.

Tedisco is a great friend to Clifton Park

Sen. Jim Tedisco brings a tremendous amount of energy and passion to his work. That’s why he’s been so successful and effective as a state representative. I’ve known Sen. Tedisco for many years and Clifton Park has benefited from his tireless efforts on behalf of his constituents.
Jim is the people’s voice who’s in tune with the constituents he represents. We see all too often in Albany and Washington where there’s a huge disconnect between the elected officials and the people they serve. With Jim Tedisco, that’s never been the case. Jim’s sole focus is delivering results for his entire district.
In Clifton Park, Jim’s been instrumental in working with our town in obtaining funding for the new 37-acre Town Center Park, renovations to the senior center, and supporting our fire departments and Shenendehowa school district.
When we brought him the concept of a new state funding program to help towns repair and replace underground infrastructure, Jim ran with it and introduced the SWAP (Safe Water infrastructure Action Program) legislation.
Jim Tedisco has been a great friend to Clifton Park taxpayers, and I’m delighted to endorse him so he can continue to be a strong voice for all his constituents.
Phil Barrett
Ballston Lake
The writer is the Clifton Park town supervisor.


Santabarbara on the side of public safety

In this year’s elections, it’s more important than ever to support representatives who stand with law enforcement on the side of public safety. That’s why I’m asking you to vote for Angelo Santabarbara for state Assembly on Nov. 8.
As a retired Amsterdam police officer, I can tell you that Angelo Santabarbara is the pro-law enforcement candidate for state Assembly.
He understands the anti-police climate that law enforcement is having to endure right now, and through it all, he has consistently stood with the men and women in uniform on the side of public safety and for what is right.
He stood up to Albany politicians and voted no on bail reform to keep dangerous criminals and repeat offenders off our streets. He also increased funding for our police and first responders. Without Angelo’s help the Amsterdam Police Department would not have the indoor training facility they use to train officers today.
If you care about public safety, if you want someone with a proven record of standing-up for upstate families, I encourage you to vote for Angelo Santabarbara for State Assembly on Nov. 8. He will always fight for the safety of our community.
Michael Villa
The writer is a former mayor of the city of Amsterdam and a retired Amsterdam police officer.

Tedisco the antidote to failed Democrats

Clearly, those who have supported the failed policies in New York that’s led to out-of-control crime, rampant inflation and a collapsing economy, are panicking. They know the red wave is not only coming but is expanding.
People can’t afford to pay for groceries, home heating bills and other necessities. Many are under siege by the criminal element because of bail reform and other pro-criminal laws passed by one party rule in Albany. It’s no wonder people are fleeing New York in droves.
The Democrats have no agenda to fix these problems. That’s why they’ve hit the panic button and pulled out all the lies and distortions that carry no weight to attack Republican candidates including our great state senator and a true champion for the people, Jim Tedisco.
The reality is the red wave is back in a big way and nothing can be said that can overcome the outstanding accomplishments of Sen. Tedisco, who has been a tenacious fighter for repealing bail reform, fighting inflation, supporting our small businesses, and standing up for our quality of life.
The voters are smart. People know they can always count on Sen. Jim Tedisco to be a strong voice for them.
Jeff Cleary

Ostrelich will protect America’s democracy

Jim Tedisco is a friendly guy many have known for years. His past service is to be praised.
But our country is near a violent revolution and Jim supports Lee Zeldin and the MAGA “stolen election” theory. Jim is against abortion. He approved of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, which returns a woman’s control of her body to the individual state legislatures.
Jim is against freedom of choice in marriage as well as climate change actions. How will he react as a state senator when these issues come back to our New York state Legislature?
Friendship aside, we must elect Michelle Ostrelich to protect our democracy, to re-establish women’s rights, and resist the “stolen election” supporters who crashed the U.S. Capitol gates and now seek to enter local politics. Michelle Ostrelich represents the future of the New York state government, the world in which our children and grandchildren will live.
Paul Zonderman

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MAGA Republicans ripping country apart

MAGA Republicans from top politicians to so-called news commentators, as well as billionaire businessman and common laborers act no different than a bunch of two years old brats that lie, whine, complain and feel cheated when they don’t get their petty, this-is-how-I- think-it-should-be-and-nothing-else-matters way.
Lying, twisting and implying “alternative facts” regarding the Pelosi attack, as well as denying the most honest and scrutinized election results ever, are two prime examples.
These people are ripping apart everything America has stood for and therefore disgust me.
The saddest aspect of this madness being the conspiracy believing fools at the bottom of this pathetic food chain who are completely oblivious to the sheep like manipulation they are being subjected to. God, whoever that may be, help us all.
Louis Restifo Sr.
Burnt Hills

End the malignancy of Donald Trump

The justification for not indicting Trump on the charge of stealing government documents, some marked with the highest top secret designation, and keeping them in unsecured locations is that it would be seen as politically motivated, unfairly disadvantaging Republicans in the upcoming elections.
The information in them could harm the security of the United States. They contain information about human assets in foreign countries whose lives would be endangered as well as information about the nuclear capabilities of allies and potential enemies.
But, doesn’t the failure of the DOJ to do its job give Republicans an unfair advantage on Nov. 8?
When the question of whether to indict or not is analyzed, it’s clear that the right decision is to indict a man against whom the evidence of guilt is overwhelming.
Trump recently falsely stated that the documents belonged to him, saying at a rally “It’s mine, it’s mine.”
He has claimed he declassified them while in office and that the FBI planted them. After claiming he turned all the documents over, a warranted FBI search of Mar-a-Lago resulted in the government seizure of additional documents.
He has led chants demanding that Hillary Clinton be “locked up,” for far less serious mishandling of government documents. He has falsely accused former presidents of taking government documents when they left office.
Let’s prove we believe no man is above the law. Let every candidate campaign on the issues. Let’s end the malignancy that threatens the very soul of our nation.
Anthony J. Santo

Stefanik is a grave danger to republic

I was shocked to read your Oct. 28 endorsement (“Stefanik earns another term”) of Elise Stefanik.
Elise may have done good things for her constituency, but she supported Donald Trump’s attempted coup on Jan. 6, 2021, and since then has spread his lies about the integrity of our electoral process.
Elise is a danger to our republic, she does not deserve your endorsement. I hope her Republican constituents turn away from Elise and vote for Matt Castelli, who sounds like an honest person.
Bruce Pomeroy

CRT backlash could set back education

As a retired social studies teacher, I’m naturally concerned about conservative efforts to ban the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public schools.
This decades-old theory is only taught in law schools and graduate programs in the social sciences. It’s far too advanced for K-12 education.
Yet right-wing commentators have been whipping conservatives into a frenzy over the idea that CRT is being taught to students in history classes across the country, claiming it’s making White students feel guilty about their ancestors’ behavior and indoctrinating children to hate America.
Because the laws forbidding the teaching of critical race theory are written so vaguely, I fear the conservative backlash to CRT, in whatever warped sense the right takes it to mean, will have a chilling effect on education, especially American History.
Should students, for instance, not be taught that the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre happened? Or not learn that Spain and the United States negotiated the future of Cuba and the Philippines in 1898 without involving the Cubans or the Filipinos?
Or that the United States has had no labor conflict? Or that people of Japanese descent on the West Coast were not interned in camps? They were not interned in Hawaii, incidentally, where they were vital to the local economy.
Conservatives forget that the function of education is to impart truth — the whole truth — and not teach students to interpret America’s past through rose-colored glasses. Loving your country means teaching its history honestly.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills

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It’s time to dump Tedisco for Ostrelich

Michelle Ostrelich is the best choice for Senate District 44. She believes we’re stronger together as one New York. She’s a vocal supporter of a woman’s right to choose, moderate and sane on gun rights and public safety, and will work to strengthen our voting rights to ensure future generations will have the best opportunity to participate in the greatest democracy on the planet.
She currently represents her constituents with strength, conviction, and integrity in the Schenectady County Legislature. She will do the same in the state Senate.
I prefer to vote for people and their qualities and ideas. This time, I’m also voting against slogans, fears, propaganda and the very un-American attack on our democracy.
Jim Tedisco has nothing to offer the community after 40 years on the job except to cut ribbons, complain about New York and encourage people to leave. He voted against choice, paid family leave, equal pay for men and women, voting rights, freelance wage protection, same-sex marriage, increases in the minimum wage and against keeping guns away from abusers.
His ribbon cutting prowess is noteworthy, but over time he simply has failed to make his district(s) better. Time for a change.
Chuck Piotrowski

Stefanik unworthy of paper’s endorsement

I disagree with your endorsement of Elise Stefanik that highlights some very serious “shortcomings” in this candidate.
Someone that has contributed “to negative political discourse, voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election, verbally danced around whether she believes the election was legitimate” does not deserve an endorsement.
Using “her national bully pulpit to stir doubt in our legal system” shows her devotion to the extreme right bully himself. Her “coarse and disrespectful” posting of a photo of herself with a sign meaning “F-Biden” does not set a ‘good example’ of a candidate representing any district.
“There’s no stronger advocate for local residents in need of health care?” She voted against capping insulin payments at $35 per month. Another letter claims that there is “a lack of x-ray machines available at rural health centers” and “people have to drive an hour or longer to get a simple x-ray.”
Matt Castelli has a long career “working for veterans in healthcare.” “But he lacks the political experience and relationships that Stefanik has built”?
What relationships — the 147 election deniers? Why should voters give her another term? I believe Congress needs someone who is not so toxic and cares about someone besides herself.
Laura Angehr

Tonko serves his district with civility

The televised debate between Paul Tonko and Liz Joy clearly demonstrated that only one candidate has the temperament to work with his or her colleagues in the House of Representatives from both sides of the aisle — Paul Tonko.
In all the years he has served my district I never heard him disparage a political opponent. He has conducted himself with dignity, civility and compassion. I am a mother and grandmother, and my vote will be going to Paul Tonko.
Karen Hess

Stefanik didn’t support democracy

It’s a sad day to see my beloved independent newspaper endorse a candidate who did not support democracy at its most endangered hour. In her actions and words Stefanik has shown little respect for the democratic process of electing and installing a president. Giving politicians like this a pass can only lead to further erosion of democratic norms. What will happen to future elections if politicians can fight against and deny their results?
Her Jan. 6 behavior and negative political discourse are “shortcomings?!”
Matt Castelli has been to every corner of the district talking and listening to constituents about their needs while Stefanik hides. He has many years of experience in government, in the CIA and as a counterterrorism expert in the Obama and Trump White Houses and has a deep commitment to helping veterans. He’s a thoughtful person who comports himself with dignity and believes in service to country.
If, in spite of all that, you deem him unqualified. You had an option to withhold endorsement from either candidate. That you chose someone whose behavior you admit is “churlish” and “immature” and whose public words and deeds are anti-democracy is beyond belief and frightening. This is how democracy ends.
Kathryn Gallien
Saratoga Springs

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How could Gazette support Stefanik?

I could not believe my eyes when I read The Schenectady Gazette’s Oct. 28 endorsement of Elise Stefanik (“Stefanik earns another term.”)
My family has subscribed to this newspaper for decades and we are reeling in shock. The endorsement by this newspaper of a known insurrectionist and supporter of Donald Trump’s treasonous attempted coup, is appalling. People like Stefanik are trying to destroy our democracy, and The Schenectady Gazette supports her?!  Wow. The world truly has gone completely mad, and it has hit home.
Eva Raymer

Tedisco stands up for his constituents

The governor and her allies in Albany have been protecting and standing up for criminals with their so-called bail reform. Who is standing up for us? Jim Tedisco!
That’s why I am voting for Sen. Jim Tedisco this year. Jim looks out for his constituents, and he speaks truth to power the establishment.
I have seen Sen. Tedisco fight for justice for the St. Clare’s pensioners, stand up to Cuomo to get answers about the deaths of 15,000 residents in nursing homes during the pandemic, and be a voice for public safety by seeking to repeal the horrible bail reform law to give judges more discretion at arraignments.
Jim Tedisco is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and for doing the right thing.
It’s clear the other side has no agenda as they’re using modern day McCarthyism to attack Sen. Tedisco. But their baseless attacks can’t tarnish Jim’s sterling record of being a powerful voice for the people.
The last thing we need is an upstate clone of the socialist Democrats as our senator. We need someone who will stand up for us and be the voice of common sense in Albany. That’s Jim Tedisco.
Anna Stanko
Ballston Spa

Stefanik’s election denial overrides all

We are shocked that the editorial board for The Daily Gazette endorsed Elise Stefanik on Oct. 28 (“Stefanik earns another term”) for another term as the congressional representative for the 21st district.
Her denial of the results of the 2020 election far outweighs any of her “good deeds” as enumerated in your endorsement. We expect a member of Congress to support and protect our democracy and Constitution, not to be an enabler of chaos.
Richard and Susan Baker

Via Port agreement is bad for Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s settlement agreement with Via Port is shameful. The Rotterdam Town Board recently voted by a 4-1 margin to approve a settlement agreement with Via Port that terminates a lease agreement the prior board entered into last year. The town initially planned to move its operations to the former Kmart in Via Port.
The deal requires Rotterdam taxpayers to pay Via Port $243,750. In exchange, Via Port agrees to return the town’s $1 million security deposit. Taxpayers will also pay an unspecified amount in legal fees.
Read the settlement agreement and the related resolutions the Board approved throughout. You will discover there was never a legal lease agreement in place. The official documents state the lease agreement violated town and state law and therefore was “jurisdictionally defective, void ab initio [from the start], and unenforceable.”
This so-called lease agreement was DOA, but now the taxpayers are forced to pay out for government incompetence again, coupled with a lovely gift to Via Port — you are welcome!
I took notice of Town Board Member Christou, who was too happy to voice his approval for the settlement agreement. He seems more concerned about running PR for Via Port than fighting for his constituents. I commend Town Board Member Miller-Herrera, the only attorney on the board, for voting no. This is not a win for Rotterdam’s taxpayers; they deserve better representation.
Frank Natalie

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It amazes me the call for the arrest of Donald Trump for removal of classified documents. They want Donald arrested for Jan.6th. They want Donald Trump arrested for for peeing on hookers. They want Donald Trump arrested for just about anything they can throw at the wall.
How about talking about what is going on now. Inflation, fuel shortages, crime surging, complete global chaos the world being on the brink of destruction. This is what is important to most Americans. But don’t worry Uncle Joe per his words all 54 states are safe. Why will the left not talk about the hunter Biden laptop, the sitting presidents son selling access to the our government when he was a VP. The proof is out there but not covered by the MSM. So therefore it does not exist. If you disagree with a democrat they label it disinformation. Our very own president said the people who oppose the democrat party are a threat to the country.
This election is important if you want to keep living with the fear of not being able to feed your family, heat your homes, feel safe in your home then vote democrat. If you want to changer trajectory, then get out and vote the party out that caused this mess. Just so everyone is aware the difference between a Republic which is what we are the citizens are at the top. A Democracy has the citizens at the bottom. Our vey own Uncle and just about every far left Democrat calls it a Democracy. Freudian slip or is it what they truly believe?
We the citizens control our government with the power of elections. Let your voice be heard and let’s take back our country from the elitiest that try and govern us.

Bill Marincic

It’s funny listening to a person who is a member of the echo chamber say that only what they wanna hear and see nothing else matters. That’s their mantra, we hear the same thing from the same people every single day and then we hear the rest of them echo the same words over and over as if that’s going to make them true.


People are discussing every issue you mentioned. Democrats want action taken to deal with our problems. Fighting inflation is difficult as it is a global problem, but we have less inflation than most other nations. Democrats are trying to control drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with Big Pharma rather than have them dictated. The FED is raising interest rates which must be done very carefully. The move to green and renewable energy and more inefficient cars and trucks is being promoted by Democratic legislation. If we can reduce the cost of transportation, including raw materials and finished products, we will reign in inflation. Good schools, revitalized neighborhoods, high paying jobs, respect for all people and a police force that realizes its responsibility, conforms to the highest ethical standards, and is willing to call out its own when they fail to respect the communities they monitor will reduce crime rates.

What won’t reduce crime rates is failing to be certain the law applies equally to all.


” …the difference between a Republic which is what we are the citizens are at the top. A Democracy has the citizens at the bottom. Our vey own Uncle and just about every far left Democrat calls it a Democracy. Freudian slip or is it what they truly believe?”

The above quote from FJB’s post is just not accurate. In a pure democracy every citizen would have a direct up or down vote on every issue as in a referendum, such as the one recently held on an amendment to outlaw abortion in Kentucky (declined by a large majority). There are too many issues and proposals and many are too complex, requiring extensive knowledge to be discussed intelligently, for a direct democracy to function. Thus, we have a representative democracy. People elect those who will make decisions for them. We are a democratic constitutional republic. The definition of republic from the Oxford language dictionary: “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” In a Constitutional Republic first loyalty is sworn to the Constitution, not any individual.

I have no idea what FJB means when he says in a democracy the people are at the bottom. He might mean that ultimate public power is vested in the citizenry whose votes determine who will decide on laws and foreign policy and how they will be enforced and interpreted. That’s a good thing.

But hunter Biden laptop and Hillary‘s emails being resurrected on a daily basis don’t seem to “amaze” you. – As I’ve previously said many times on this forum: only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.


Mr. Restifo it is great to see you are posting again. Someone mistakenly attributed your insight to me yesterday. I should have credited you.

It is amazing, GoF—Biden thinks what Hunter Biden may have done several years ago is more important than the many crimes his hero has, let’s face it, committed. The documents Trump stole and kept in unsecured places, including his desk drawer at Mar-a-Lago, contained information that could hurt our interests. He lied through his lawyer when he claimed he had no more documents. That resulted in a subpoena and the discovery of further top secret classified documents and there is fear more documents are still out. What was he planning to do with them?

And GFB, do you really think what you say Biden’s son did or what you falsely claim Joe Biden did is at the same level of criminality as a President of the United States inciting a mob to attack the Capitol in order to stop certification of the man who beat him in the election? The man you adore allowed the hunt for Pelosi, Pence and others to continue for hours while the mob he incited vandalized, urinated, and defecated in the halls of Capitol all while shouting “hang Mike Pence”. In fact he watched it on television.

He told the Big Lie. He won’t stop telling the Big Lie. Not because he has America’s interests at heart and wants the power to make America great. He had his chance. He failed to build his infamous wall and Mexico didn’t pay for it no matter how his adoring fans kept shouting “MEXICO” when Trump foolishly asked “Who’s going to pay for it?” His inexpensive and great Health Care Plan never never became law because it never existed, not even in his warped mind. He downplayed COVID because he feared it would hurt him politically resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary American deaths.

I could go on but you will never face the fact that your hero is a selfish petty man, a man who aspires to what he thinks is greatness, authoritarian control of OUR country. Neither he nor his stooges will ever pull that off. Go back into your dream of an America of privilege for the few and pain for the many, where people you look down on know their place and their role and a flabby orange narcissist smiles contently at the chaos he has wrought, guzzling diet coke and getting fatter and fatter on Big Macs when he isn’t golfing.


As was yours Lou. I am becoming more optimistic about the election. As this morning’s letters to the editor indicate, the Outspoken Majority is waking up to the threat we face from right-wing fascists. People are beginning to understand that no election denier, no supporter of Trump should ever be elected to public office again, that if they get a big enough foot in the door they will make sure as Republican gubernatorial Wisconsin candidate Tim Michels said “Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I’m elected governor.”

The Outspoken Majority was very clear about their condemnation of the Gazette’s endorsement of Stefanik, clearly explaining that the paramount issue in this election is the preservation of our democracy. Any candidate who refuses to clearly state the 2020 election results were accurate is a continuing threat to American democracy and our most noble values, among them integrity.

Bill Marincic

Well two days in a row all of the letters are anti-Republican except for one, two letters are from the echo chamber set posts on here daily. Wow.

William I am still waiting on your findings on the Pelosi crime scene on how window glass falls when broke by a hammer. Your findings could blow this whole case open and have another opportunity to “Own the Libs”.

Mr. Brandon I don’t believe there is a fuel shortage. Have you having problems finding gas?

Also Mr. Brandon it seems republicans only believe in the power of elections when they win. If they lose they believe in the power of an insurrection to get power that is based on lies told to you by your orange leader.

You comment was quite passionate this morning. Passionate but not factual…Have a nice day

Bill Marincic

Guy after speaking to seven police officer friends and including two detectives, all said the same thing, they have never seen a break-in with all of the glass on the outside, I even showed them a picture and their expert opinion was that the glass came from the inside. Hmmmmm.

I spoke with 14 policemen and 8 detectives and they said the opposite of what your imaginary policemen and detectives said.

Do you Mr. Pelosi skull injury was staged too. Did you see a bottle of ketchup on the crime scene photos and determined it was fake?

Do you think they were both naked when the police entered the residence like the bogus “news” sites are saying.?

Do you think it was an Antifa attack to make it look like a Trump extremists did it ?

I would like an answer to these question….take your time ….gather your information and let me know

Hillary was right you are deplorables

Bill Wemple

Guess they must’ve never seen a gas filled window (most low-e glass windows have an argon or similar gas barrier between panes) blow its seal and rupture outwards or rupture from a hit by an object. Brilliant.


Do you expect us to take the word of police and detectives on the scene over the word of the incredible number of detective friends of BM who were not there? It is now obvious and I am sure BM has discussed this with his coterie of police pals that a naked Paul Pelosi was consorting with a naked male prostitute, that they inadvertently called for the police. When the police arrived Mr. Pelosi and the prostitute DePape concocted a scheme. Paul said “let’s act like you are attacking me with a hammer. As the police enter, slam me over the head with the hammer. And quick before they get here smash the window so it looks like you broke in. I don’t want anyone knowing about what really happened here.”

Good Grief! Give up BM.

Bill Marincic

Yes, the speaker of the house has gas-filled windows but not a security camera or an alarm system. I have four outside and three inside security cameras. BTW I just read 10 articles and none said that the windows explode outside, nice try though.

Mr. Marinac….the pelosi home actually have security cameras …They are monitored by the Capitol Police In Washington DC. Unfortunately they weren’t watching them at the time of the break in. Do you ever actually research things? Stop believing things because you want to believe them. It makes you foolish.

And you would be wrong, again.
While they weren’t being properly monitored by the Capitol Police, there are security cameras. EVERY major news outlet is reporting this, what the hell do you use for news?

Bill Marincic

I heard they weren’t monitoring them, let me ask you a question. If this is the speaker’s house why were their extremely expensive security cameras not notifying someone that there was movement? Also, why did their security system not monitor the break-in, and finally, why did their security system not monitor the exploding window, if someone bangs on my wall either inside or out it sets off my cameras and it notifies me. I pay about $180 a month, don’t tell me my system is better than theirs.

If you heard they weren’t monitoring them, then why did you say there weren’t any?
Your other questions are being investigated now, which you’d know if you followed the news.


ChuckD, BM doesn’t answer tough questions. I am still waiting for his theory explaining what actually happened at the Pelosi home the night of that terrible attack on an 82 year old man. His many police and detective friends and his extensive knowledge concerning shattering glass and alarm systems must be leading somewhere; where BM, where?

I’ll bet ChuckD would love to read your explanation for the lack of consistency in your posts. I know I would love to read that answer and your insightful deductions concerning what really happened at the Pelosi crime scene.

And now the idiot MTGreene is blaming Mr. Pelosi for his attack because ¨he should have been a gun owner and shot him.¨ G-R-E-A-T…let´s blame the victims when you have no decency, no intelligence, no empathy, no argument. What a cruel bunch of deplorables.


Hillary Clinton was right. Many of the deplorables in her basket are now fouling Congress with their incessant lies, distortions, conspiracies, and romance with firearms. Greene is bad but Boebert, Gosar, Hawley, Lee, Johnson are keeping up with her.

It is frightening to think of Oz, Vance, and Walker adding their venomous words to the dialogue of lies, bigotry, and conspiracy theories polluting the halls of Congress.


Bill Wemple

When these high efficiency windowpanes rupture, glass falls wherever. Come talk to my neighbor whose patio door glass blew out in middle of night this past winter when the seal went. Either that, or they had some crazy half naked dude running around inside the place breaking stuff.


No one has asked you BM, so allow me to ask: What is your theory, your explanation for what transpired at the Pelosi residence on that terrible night. You have offered your views on breaking glass and alarm systems and you regularly add a thoughtful Hmmmmmm. So what is the thinking, the theories and interpretations behind that Hmmmmmmm?


I forgot to mention your conversations with your numerous police and detective friends. Did they help you understand what actually happened?

It may be advisable for you to pay more attention, and heed to what the “echo chamber” is saying. You may want your children and grand-children to live in a democracy, or perhaps you’re ok with with a ruling party of criminals that lie, cheat and manipulate, as long as it aligns with how you think it should or want it to be.

All they care about is “Owning the Libs”….They don’t think about their best interests of their kids grandkids or themselves

That’s funny, You want a constitutional republic but yet you back Trump the election denier who wanted to be installed as president after losing a fair election. …Your words are meaningless if your actions don’t back them up

Well best of luck in your search. We here in America will continue in our democratically run republic, and try to avoid those who would want to break it down into their own little religious fiefdoms.


“Plop, plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is.” The slumbering American giants: REASON, COMMON SENSE, COMPASSION, BELIEF IN DEMOCRACY are truly awakening from their sleep and recognizing what MAGA really stands for and the real threat it represents to all Americans except the real elite, the elite that MAGA supporters don’t realize is manipulating them: Trump and his band of fascist enablers, many of whom currently degrade the Congress of the United States by their mere presence in it.

Bill Marincic

Chuck, I’m just curious what good are security cameras that are not being monitored? So in effect, they don’t have security cameras. Common sense is too much for some people. Just like an alarm, why did that not go off and bring the police running?

Someday I hope you guys figure out that words matter.
Is EVERYTHING a conspiracy theory against you all? Doesn’t that come close to the definition of paranoia?

Gazette Editorial Board

Since Oct. 26 and through Nov. 6, we’ll have published more than 140 letters. Of those, ZERO have been rejected cause of content or political point of view. We can only publish what we receive.

I think the Gazette has always been fair and publish what they receive. Thank you for setting them straight. In today’s political climate the Trump loyalists are always crying they are being suppressed and lied to. Keep up the good work and thankyou


Are you sure that the G.E.D. post isn’t a fake put up by the same kind of people who faked an attack on Paul Pelosi in an attempt to link MAGA calls for violence to actual violent acts? I hope the radical right recognizes satire when they see it.

Anthony, a reporter interviewed 45 supporters at his recent rally. One woman said Jan 6th was planned by Speaker Pelosi to make tRUMP ¨look bad.¨
A man said that 45 was still in the WH as president and flies on Air Force One.
2 young women were asked about Jan 6th and they were confused about what happened. ¨Was that Election Day?,¨ they asked.

UGH! Imagine 45 and the gop purposely targeting these kind of people, for power and profit…so sad.


Ignorance, gullibility and lust for power are the enemies of democracy. MAGA-ites are sorely infected with all three.

Bill Marincic

Sorry, but I just got a message that my letter that was approved and in the queue for printing since last week was all of a sudden rejected. Can you tell me why, especially after this statement?

Wow! Nine letters against Stefanik and 45 because of their election denials and their danger to democracy.
Wasn´t Steven just yesterday claiming voters didn´t care about these issues?

(Welcome back, Lou)
If you’re one who has trouble with the Democratic agenda and execution of it, as I am, know that within the Democratic Party dissent is welcome and considered a normal part of politics. And when the time comes, they generally come together because they know the whole party wants what’s best for the people of New York State and they know they must be grownups and cooperate.
The Republicans on the other hand…

Dan Goldman today in the NY Daily News:
…I sat across from Zeldin in a secure conference room in the Capitol for 17 depositions during the Trump impeachment investigation in the fall of 2019. I led those depositions and watched as Zeldin played the role of Republican attack dog, hurling conspiracy theories and insults at many of the witnesses, all of whom were career public servants or Trump appointees. Zeldin also attempted to unmask the identity of the whistleblower multiple times, which could have only served the purpose of seriously jeopardizing that person’s safety — undoubtedly Zeldin’s objective.

He is running on a “law and order” platform, yet he has personally shown no regard for the law. On the day before the 2020 election was called for Biden, Zeldin texted Mark Meadows with “two ideas” to pre-empt the results of the election and promote the baseless conspiracy that the election was stolen. And in the immediate aftermath of the violent invasion of the Capitol, Zeldin voted to reject the certification of the electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania.

In fact, the supposed “tough on crime” Republican candidate did not support three recent bills in the House that provided more funding for police departments and added support to get guns and violent criminals off of our streets. In contrast, Gov. Hochul tightened up our bail laws and passed some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

As governor, he would have tremendous power to affect our current laws through the budget process, so his assertion that he couldn’t influence New York’s abortion or gun laws either demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of how New York government works or, worse yet, is an intentional effort to gaslight voters.

– Goldman is the Democratic nominee for Congress representing Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Will BM or F–JoeB respond to the facts ChuckD presents above? I mean actually address those facts in light of their continuing support for Zeldin?

Back to the Hunter Biden hysteria: While in office, Joe Biden has not interfered with the Justice Department investigation of his son. In fact the decision to indict or not is in the hands of a Trump appointee:

“Federal agents investigating President Biden’s son Hunter have gathered what they believe is sufficient evidence to charge him with tax crimes and a false statement related to a gun purchase, according to people familiar with the case. The next step is for the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, a Trump administration holdover, to decide on whether to file such charges, these people said.”

And some posters think these crimes are the equivalent of the crimes committed by Trump? If Hunter is not indicted what will the complaints bound to come from MAGA have as their justification?

Thanks Chuck,

For the most part, if I chime in with my two cents it will be in the form of snark and sarcasm. You, Tony, Guy, JC, Florida, Bill and a few others do a great job of presenting the facts as the are.

For me there’s no point in trying to debate a bunch of bowling balls. I believe I’d have a greater chance of hearing a flea fart than enlightening MAGA right wing-nut Republicans to the fact that they’re actuality destroying America. But, but, but, but, but, Butt-Head and Beavis…How can they possibly be wrong with the ghost of Jesus, guns, Clarence Thomas and Marjorie Taylor Greene on their side?

Bill Marincic

Only a fool doesn’t know that they put police or military funding in a democrat bill full of pork and garbage like the inflation reduction act that they know Republicans won’t vote for so they have talking points and idiots push the false narrative. By the way, as soon as that phony inflation reduction act was passed all of the lying democrats came out and told us that they just passed the largest Green Bill ever. So much for inflation reduction, it just created more inflation.


There is far too much for me to summarize in the inflation reduction act but it should be obvious that developing and using green energy will lessen demand for fossil fuels, reducing costs and ultimately eliminating their use. We seldom take into account the externalities involved in oil production and use, from environmental pollution such as necessary clean-ups after oil spills, to increased health care costs resulting from pollution in all its varied forms. For a good review of the act check this link: forms


The link didn’t work didn’t work, so if you are interested in facts and not emotional partisan outbursts google this:

What the Inflation Reduction Act does for green energy – PBS

Please cite the “pork and garbage” our hero Zeldin protected us from. Because not supporting law enforcement does little to protect us and makes him look like a liar.
What were his problems with those bills?


You want details! I think you are just trying to shut poor BM up. He has the right to open up and spread his manure, unsubstantiated hysterical opinions, wherever he wants. If people question him they are bullies.

Bill Marincic

According to

Roger Williams University in Rhode Island will receive $1.6 million for “equitable growth of shellfish;

For instance, an “eco village” in Baltimore will reap $3 million.

There’s $475,000 for the RAISE Institute at Ohio State University, which supports activist professors.

Of the dozens of housing projects getting payola, none can match the wokeness of a $1 million earmark for “LGBTQ-friendly senior housing” in Dallas.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., got $2 million for “cultural placekeeping.” If you have no idea what that means, welcome to the wide world of progressive word salads.

The wealthy town of Middleburg, Virginia, has a population of 539 people. They’re getting a $2 million town hall. Michigan’s Mackinaw City, which is actually a village of 805 people, gets $3 million for a “rejuvenation project.”

Palo Alto, California, is home to billionaires like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Yet they apparently can’t afford to pay $3 million to renovate a building at their history museum, so we get to help out whether we want to or not.

If you think public soccer fields would be reasonably affordable, clearly you haven’t been to Anaheim, California, where they’re getting $2 million. A single theater in Baltimore receives $3 million.

Mr, Marinic I’m not saying that this isn’t factual ….But can you cite where you got the information from? I would like to peruse the cite ..Thank you

“…supports activist professors.”
There’s a red flag. Does it actually say that? What else is an emotionally charged description?


From Media Bias/Fact Check:

These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage conservative causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Right Bias sources.

Overall, we rate the Heritage Foundation Right Biased based on conservative policy positions as well as funding from right-leaning organizations. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to promoting misleading claims regarding global warming and the health dangers associated with tobacco.

So heritage validates my critical thinking skills. Thanks conservatives!
And thank you Mr. S.


Louis, I incorrectly credited Anthony with your never goes out of use phrase of “they only hear etc” It becomes more relevant as each day goes on. Especially after reading thru comments from the “righties”. Reality check anyone? Have they not ever heard of fact check sites, goggle?

Thanks, All good Florida.

Aha, yes “Reality check anyone?” You say…

Reality: “The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.”

So these MAGA geniuses may perhaps, but highly unlikely, get a better handle on reality, I’ll repeat the definition: “The world or state of things as they ACTUALLY EXIST” as apposed to what is said on Fox’s petty people peddling propaganda programs, or what is tweeted by mindless tweety brained twits that are so far out of touch with reality, that if they were told on a social media site that a hemorrhoid was the control center of their brain, they’d believe it. – Come to think of it, in all likelihood, that is the control center of the brains of conspiracy believing MAGA morons.

I have to ask, if you disagree with this Fox News Op-Ed, who’s side are you on?
During this campaign, my Republican colleagues talk a lot about inflation, and they are right to do so. Over the last year, Americans have become sick and tired of paying outrageously high prices for food, gas, health care, prescription drugs, housing and other necessities. Unfortunately, most Republicans completely ignore the underlying causes of inflation and the few “solutions” they do offer would make a bad situation even worse.

If you want to know why you are paying $4, $5, $6 for a gallon of gas, you should know that the profits of ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP and Shell skyrocketed by 169% so far this year to $125 billion. These four huge oil companies are spending over $73 billion not to reduce gas prices at the pump but to buy back their own stock and increase dividends to their wealthy stockholders.

If you are wondering why you are paying 43% more for an airline ticket this year, you should know that profits are up 186% at American Airlines and 99% at United Airlines in the third quarter to nearly $1.5 billion. Yes. These are the same companies that received taxpayer assistance of more than $20 billion during the pandemic while cutting 6,400 jobs.

If you are wondering why global food prices skyrocketed by over 33% last year and are expected to go up another 23% this year, you should know that billionaires in the global food and agri-business industry became $382 billion richer during the pandemic.

If you are wondering why we continue to pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, you should know that Pfizer has increased its profits by 42% so far this year to $26.4 billion.

…there’s more

Bernie Sanders, Fox News
November 4, 2022

Oh yeah but what about the glass on the outside of Mr. Pelosi’s home. What about Hunter Biden’s laptop. These way more important than the economy !


The difference between your posts and those of BM and FJB are testimony to the fact they have been brainwashed by a movement led by the most unlikely “charismatic” figure I can imagine, D.J. Trump. What do they see that is so alluring in this man? I hate to think this, but could it be his not so hidden racism and bigotry that attracts them like a moth to a flame? Do they like the company he keeps: Bannon, Rhodes, Giuliani, Powell, Lindell, Eastman, Jones, Carlson? Do they listen to nothing but absurd dialogues about the Great Replacement theory. Since they have no good arguments, they simply rant, without fact or logic, they shout loudly about how they really know what is going on. They know nothing or they would answer our questions.

BM still hasn’t explained how Democrats kicked God out of schools and mothers out of their homes. I explained why I felt kicking God out of schools was impossible, their God is everywhere and can listen to your unspoken prayers and thoughts and the impossibility of including everyone’s conception of God in classrooms in a country which values religious freedom.

The Democratic party is the party which fought for child tax care credits, collective bargaining, minimum wage, Medicare, Medicaid, paid maternity leave, safe and quality schools and a host of other programs that would make it easier for one parent to stay home. The Republican party has fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest to be funded by cuts in social programs that hurt lower and middle income Americans.

When I read posts from people on our side I envisage them with eyes shut tight, their fingers in their ears, and shouting “no,no,no,no,” as their heads swing to the left and right.

Mr Marinic

You are a Republican conspiracy theorist

You question every Democrat but not Trump

You are skeptical of everything but Trump

You trust absolutely nothing about a Democrat

Except the conspiracy theories itself

May god help you from the Trump pit of despair.

Bill Marincic

So much for not calling out people and personal attacks. Sorry Guy but I don’t follow your weird infatuation with all things liberal and Trump also I could care less what you think.


Do you have time to answer any of the specific questions we’ve asked? You certainly seem to have plenty of time to bloviate. Finally you are the proverbial kettle called the pot black.

Mr Marinic I call you what you are …Your posts say who you are …That’s factual, I’m not picking on you I’m just giving you a factual opinion on who you are ….The glass on the outside of the window conspiracy is proof of what you are


Let me comment on the legitimate glass breakage issue question from GUY to BM.Either Bill doesn’t know or does know the answer as I’ve explained it, but wont revel that. His conspiracy theory would die a natural death as most do from the RW . Why,because I spent 42 years total in the glass fabrication and manufacturing business. From plain old window glass in the 1970’s to the newest greatest gas filled insulated units most everyone has in their homes or business. By law in any door and that was a patio door the glass HAS to be tempered on both sides. Gas filled as mentioned in a post earlier will add to the “explosion” effect when either side is broken scattering very small pieces in all directions. Ever see or have a side window on you vehicle”explode” ? That is also tempered glass. Where does it go you ask? In every direction and into every nook and cranny inside the vehicle and any direction it wants to go outside the vehicle due to the “explosion”. My guess they would find pieces of the shattered glass as far away as 5,8, 10 feet away in ANY direction inside or out.

Well Mr. radical left-wing window guy, MAGA have their best investigators all over this as we speak. Only top shelf people. And the news that explodes tomorrow will have everyone reeling and deal a fatal blow to the radical left wing Demoncrats and their scheming ways.
Anyone with half a brain knows that Pelosi was entertaining a male escort in his underwear when things went wrong and he ignored the tapping out signal. The escort was forced to escape any way he could and that was through the patio door breaking the glass onto the patio FROM THE INSIDE!

How did “tempered” glass shatter this way when it shouldn’t have? Now for the part that will change everything: many are saying they saw Jimmy Carter in the week before doing some kind of handyman work on the patio, no doubt to pay off some mysterious debt to the tyrannical slave-master Pelosis. Witnesses are coming forward to say he was replacing glass in those very same Patio doors! Why?!?!? What could he have known?

All will be answered tomorrow when MAGA investigators present their findings of this over-the-top, demonic, radical liberal Democrat scandal on OANN and to the Department of Justice. The Kraaken will be released this time and the radical nazi left will be held accountable! They must be held accountable!!!
In sha’Allah..I mean, god willing!

But first… do you suffer from neck cramps and poor sleep when you go to bed each night?

Bill Marincic

Frank Natalie I’m curious how do you think that was a bad deal? The previous Democrat administration had the town moving to via port and of cost of over $3 million and we all know that 3 million would’ve turned into 5 million. So instead they paid $243,000 to get the million dollars back. Not only that but they kept taxes flat are fixing the water district amongst the dozen other things. All this is being done by a brand new board that got blindsided by this mess along with the water meter mess that the previous administration that you tell is so great left the town in. I get it you are a democrat but your letters make no sense.


I thought about the left and the pursuit of Donald Trump. 06/2015 Donald Trump made the announcement he was running for President. He got the nomination over 9 other candidates. Then the attacks from the left started one after another. Scandal after scandal attacks on his family and business. Verified spying on his campaign, Opponents concocts phony Russia collusion through Fusion GPS. Through endless scandals allegations from the left, vile Kathy griffin holding the bloody head of Trump, he still did the job as President. Lowest unemployment rate below 4% he predcessor was at 10%.
Then he gets hit with the Covid epidemic mobilization of large manufacturing companies, calls out the military held nothing back. Then an election that has had very peculiar irregulaities with the votes and results in his lost of the presidency. 2021 starts the decline of our country, inflation, energy shortage , using strategic oil supply rather than be energy independent like we were with Trump. Escalating tension around the globe, using identity politics to divide the nation. The left still keep trying to take this man down. 2022 nation spiraling downward and government agencies involved with censoring citizens through social media, federal agencies arresting opposing political party members and supporters, labeling parents who speak out about CRT curriculum as terrorist. Still the left continues to attack Trump. Democrats , Independents, Conservatives, Republicans mid term RED Tsunami. So since 2015 the left has done everything in its power to take down one man Donald Trump and they still have nothing. 7 years of relentless attacks NOTHING. We defeated the axis of evil in WW2 in 6 years. And the left cannot get a criminal charge to stick on one man. And that’s allI have to say about that.

Gosh, commenter with insulting childish name, you totally forgot the whole Obama birther thing that he launched his campaign on.
He convinced all you little one-eyed minions this was going to show The Dark Man his place and totally own the libs.
It defined him. And it turned out to be a total fraud. And you fell in live with him anyway, because finally you’d have a Great White Sorta-Christian Man to ensure your place of privilege.
How could you overlook those heady times?
Well we wouldn’t and boy golly were we right!

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