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Grateful to city for impressive response

My letter is one of appreciation to the City Council of Schenectady for rapid and effective action to address a quality-of-life issue in my neighborhood.
On Oct. 24, I was granted three minutes of privilege of the floor to relate an increasing problem of unauthorized debris dumping in the area behind my property, and other neighbors’ properties.
After the meeting, council member Doreen Ditoro and John Polimeni approached my wife and me to schedule a visit the next day to view the problem.
The next morning, we met, and they were appalled at the construction and demolition debris, tires, bags of waste, etc. that had been dumped, as I had described.
They promised to help. That same afternoon, I received a phone call from Council President Marion Porterfield acknowledging my problem and putting me in contact with Ray Gillen of Metroplex, another stakeholder in this neighborhood’s development.
Ray called back after viewing the site and followed up by phone. The next day, four or more city dump trucks and workers arrived and spent the morning cleaning up the vast majority of the illegally dumped rubbish, and even weed-whacked and leaf-blew the edges of the alleyway in question.
Only two days to get a problem recognized and solved. Thank you, Doreen, John, Marion and Ray, as well as all the city workers involved.
Frank Ralbovsky

Upset over mistake on obituary page

On Sunday, Oct. 31, my father’s obituary, along with many others, did not appear in The Gazette.
Inexplicably, obituaries from last month appeared. Many of my friends and family, if they read the paper at all, only read the Sunday edition. This mistake can’t be corrected, obviously.
I am hurt and saddened that my father’s obituary was treated with so little respect and care.
It’s too late for my family, but for the sake of others, please realize that obituaries are important to the families that submit them.
Isn’t that the least you can and should do?
Frank Palmeri
Editor’s Note: The mistake was caused by a production problem. The correct obituaries were published in Monday’s edition. We understand the importance and meaning of obituaries to our readers, and we apologize for any distress or inconvenience this may have caused.

Other ideas for donating clothing

I applaud Bill Poppino for his Oct. 29 letter (“Find a place for unwanted clothes”) for hoeing out his closet and donating his coats and gloves to a donation box as opposed to throwing them out.
May I suggest a different next step?
Search on the internet or make a call to find a donation site that will directly benefit the needy; contact a homeless shelter, a food pantry or a church. Some are for profit, others are non-profit.
In Saratoga County, the Franklin Community Center takes winter coats, hats, gloves and boot donations, as well as all sizes of clothing, housewares and linens.
In Warren County, Community Action does much the same. Call for a donation time and list of acceptable items.
I volunteer at the Franklin Free Store and I find it is a gratifying give-back and a satisfying sense of community to witness the joy of someone finding that winter coat, a mug, towel, blanket or frying pan, a lamp for a new apartment, or an outfit for a job interview. Along with instant payback, it constantly reminds me that when you have nothing, a little something makes all the difference. And it keeps it out of the landfill.
Marcia Martin
Greenfield Center

There’s an alternative to inflationary impact

Election time and well, it doesn’t look like this inflation/recession problem is going away for some time. More than likely it is going to be around for a lengthy stay and probably only get worse.
Winter is approaching and for those of us in cold weather country (most all of us), we may have to decide on whether to pay rent or mortgage, buy food or buy fuel for the car to get to work or pay a heating bill.
So I have some thoughts on how to maybe eliminate having to let it get to having to make those choices.
Maybe to allow us to not have to give up any of the above, we just hold off on paying any taxes. County tax, school tax, city tax, federal and state tax… . Just send a copy of the bill along with a signed I.O.U.
I mean, it would probably have some legal repercussions, but hell’s bells, they put you in jail, and you’ll be out within hours and not have to pay bail.
Let me be perfectly clear here, I am not saying to do this; I’m just saying that there could be an alternative. Maybe it’s not the corporations that are bad with our money. Maybe it’s the morons we elect to office.
Gerald V. Marmuscak

Look at stock market when voting this year

Millions of people have a 401(k) plans. This year, almost all of them will have lost a lot of money. Big tech has crashed. The bull market ended. This isn’t something the Biden team wants to see right before the elections. It’s a huge red flag for voters. Your pension money has taken a big hit.
During the Trump years, your 401(k) performed like the stock market.
You were doing well. Even when the country was locked down and the market sold off, it quickly reversed and the bull run continued.
Inflation was negligible. The value of your home was going up. Trump was actually closing the income inequality gap.
Financially, it felt good.
The Biden years don’t feel good.
You don’t feel financially secure when inflation wipes out wage gains, mortgage rates double and the value of your 401(k) drops by a third, or more.
Democrats don’t pay much attention to the stock market, but now they should. Because those millions of people with retirement savings will be asking that old question: “Am I better off now than I was two years ago?”
Biden won’t like the answer. Investors will be a factor in the midterms, just days from now.
Domenico Dicaprio

We need Ostrelich’s drive and energy

I encourage residents in Senate District 44 to vote for Michele Ostrelich for state senator.
I have seen firsthand the hard work she has done as an elected representative of the Schenectady County Legislature, and I know she will bring the same intellect and diligence to her duties as a state senator.
The new roadway and streetscape improvements at the Nott Street CO-OP block in Niskayuna have improved pedestrian and motorist safety at this important business area. Michelle met several times with the business owners, nearby neighbors and town officials to ensure that the concerns of each of these groups were addressed on this $1.5 million project.
I have also been at events where Michelle Ostrelich has vigorously spoken out to preserve reproductive health care rights in the Ellis Hospital/Trinity Health merger. We need the energy and vision that Michelle Ostrelich will bring as our new state senator.
William R. Chapman

Paper backed truth denier over the truth

On Oct. 28 The Gazette endorsed Elise Stefanik for another term in the House of Representatives (“Stefanik earns another term.”) Your endorsement contains three long paragraphs laying out what is wrong with Stefanik.
First, she is a dyed in the wool supporter of the autocrat Trump who would classify your newspaper as fake news.
She voted against certifying the fairest election of all times and will still not say that President Biden won the election. This position continues to undermine American democratic institutions.
The demonizing of political opponents (approving of F-Joe Biden slogan) encourages violence against election workers and government officials.
Newspapers should not be balanced. Newspapers like yours should be about truth, and yet you endorse a truth denier who is actively working to undermine our democracy on the basis of her potential for future delivery of patronage. What is wrong with the editors of The Gazette?
Bill MacTiernan

Where are the Dems with St. Clare’s help

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan saved the Teamsters pension plan. Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Gillibrand and Paul Tonko (D) got nothing for the St. Clare’s pensioners. In Paul Tonko’s July 17, 2021, newsletter, he talked about the $300 a month child tax credit.
In the Aug. 14 newsletter it was about thanking our essential workers. He visited the town of Colonie DPW to thank them. He stopped at the Schenectady County Glendale Nursing home to thank the caregivers there. He finished the week in East Greenbush to recognize and thank the police and the DPW.
He states “I can never say thank you enough” to our nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals.
He finished with “Let’s be there for them, now and always.” On April 7, 2021, the progressives in the New York State Legislature bragged about getting $2.1 billion for the undocumented (illegal) workers fund.
Gov. Hochul found $600 million for billionaires for a new football stadium, but not five minutes for St. Clare’s retirees. Enough is enough!
Tad Boniewski

Paper backed lies and bad gov’t in Stefanik

Having subscribed to The Daily Gazette for about 50 years, I found it very disappointing of your paper’s endorsement of Elise Stefanik.
It goes directly against the principles of good government and honesty that are the foundation of our democracy.
For the past two years, Rep. Stefanik has routinely undertaken the following anti-democratic actions:
1. She refused to honor the results of the 2020 presidential election, which President Biden overwhelmingly won, both in overall vote count and electoral vote totals. That is one of the principal foundations of our democracy.
2. Since that time, she has aggressively supported the ongoing lies of the former president with respect to the 2020 election when over 60 legal challenges have been rejected by the courts, including several of those headed by judges appointed by the former president.
3. Instead, she continues to use her political position to back the “big lie” and kiss the butt of the former president.
The Gazette editorial board is sending the wrong lesson to your readers when you back a candidate who continues to undermine a key bedrock principle of our democracy, regardless of her leadership position or any good that she may have done.
Norman Schneider

Vote out those who back terrible policies

We need big changes in New York; it’s never been so clear. Career politicians have to be voted out, new ideas and voices are the only answer to the kind of change that we need.
The Republicans are looking for a Red Wave, and that might happen. But more important is that we need a team that is going to admit the economy is in horrible shape, address the real issue of crime and repeal bail reform, and never let elected officials skirt their obligations to govern by passing off the responsibility to the governor or someone else, like they did during the pandemic. That is absolutely unacceptable.
We’re not stupid. You can’t tell us the economy is great and there is no crime issue. Have you shopped at the grocery store lately?
Now the federal government wants to mandate a covid vaccine, which never went through the same trials that the polio and measles vaccines went through, to be forced on small children every year?
Have the powers to be gone mad? Vote out our current politicians and make it clear you don’t want New York to rubber stamp these horrible policies.
Mary Joyce

Santabarbara is one official who delivers

I’m happy to see that this year we can vote for Angelo Santabarbara to represent us in the state Assembly.
He’s known for the tremendous energy and enthusiasm he brings with him wherever he goes. He’s a representative that can be found in our community, listening and seeing things for himself.
Not only did he serve in the Army, he’s also a civil engineer. He’s delivered funding to rebuild infrastructure, expand broadband and support our schools, including special education. Anyone who knows Angelo, knows he has a passion for helping those with disabilities. Over the years, he’s passed much-needed legislation that created new opportunities in the workforce and in our community.
I’ve watched Angelo’s work over the years, and I’m always impressed by his ability to get things done for the people he represents.
Through these challenging times, he’s never stopped working to help families save money. I commend him for championing legislation that suspended state taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. It was not an easy thing to do, but he got it done and I know he’ll do more. That’s why I’m excited for the opportunity to work with him here in Scotia.
George Solotruck

High diesel prices threaten economy

A crisis with potential catastrophic implications is looming.
Diesel suppliers along with the Energy Information Administration are warning of a severe diesel shortage. According to experts, the United States has 24 days of supply, an historically low reserve.
Our economy runs on diesel: rail and truck deliveries, farming, construction, military vehicles, power plant generators are all diesel dependent.
Virtually all supplies and goods in stores are delivered courtesy of diesel fuel. Higher prices in an already high inflation economy will ensue. Industry experts warn of independent truckers going under with the increasing cost of diesel, 63% plus this year alone.
Most media outlets have conveniently buried this important story with the midterm elections around the corner.
What have we heard from Biden, Energy Secretary Granholm, Transportation Secretary Buttiegieg in regard to this development? Crickets.
As with the baby formula shortage, the Biden administration will be late to the party.
Joanne Holland

Tedisco proposes real solutions to problems

Many towns have underground infrastructure that’s over 100 years old. This sublevel infrastructure could collapse at any time, putting the safety of our drinking water at risk and leaving overburdened taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars in costly repairs.
New York has a great CHIPs (Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement program) that provides formula-based annual funding for all municipalities to maintain and repair roads and bridges. However, local governments can’t keep throwing good money after bad by putting down new roadways and have them collapse because of dilapidated sewer, water and gas lines.
Sen. Jim Tedisco understands that we need to make real investments now and get a process started to repair and replace our underground infrastructure for the future.
Sen. Tedisco’s solution is the Safe Water infrastructure Program (SWAP.) Tedisco’s SWAP program is a sister to the CHIPS program for our municipalities to protect lives and save tax dollars by avoiding costly repairs when systems break and swapping out old underground infrastructure for new, sturdier materials.
This is just one example of the outstanding solutions-based leadership Jim Tedisco provides as our state senator and why he deserves to be re-elected.
Dahn Bull
The writer is the Clifton Park highway superintendent.

Talbot will serve Scotia well as mayor

As a registered Republican, I find myself crossing party lines to vote for the Democratic candidate, Joe Talbot, for Scotia mayor.
Born and raised in the village, Joe is the oldest of eight children and the fourth generation to call Scotia home. His love for the village, commitment to service, financial expertise, and executive leadership experience make him a well-rounded candidate. Most importantly, his openness and positive vision for Scotia are what we need.
Throughout his years of service with “Team Talbot,” a small group of people helping people, he has touched the youngest hearts and provided direct support to countless families.
His work as parade marshal expresses his deep gratitude to our veterans. Joe has served and will continue to serve us.
Whether he’s serving on the PTA or as the past president of Scotia Rotary, managing the finances of the Traveling Children’s Museum, donating his time on the Village Special Events committee, or shopping for families in need, Joe Talbots’ organizational and communication skills, paired with his immense knowledge of the village and financial experience, make him a strong candidate, and the only candidate you should consider to move the village of Scotia forward.
Cindi Pytlovany

Appalled over paper’s backing of Stefanik

I find it appalling that you endorsed a candidate that voted against the certification of the president hours after people were murdered at the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.
Obviously, your political editors must be intellectually challenged.
I would expect something like this from the New York Post or the Enquirer. Who’s next, the 9/11 conspiracy theorist candidate running for the 111th New York Assembly from Rotterdam, or Zeldin, another insurrectionist?
Bob Mantello

Paper endorsed lies, vitriol and extremism

A journalistic entity searches for the truth against all odds. One of those odds is the Big Lie that espouses that Donald Trump won the presidential election against Joe Biden.
Elise Stefanik is a supporter of that lie, and, as such, is a fervent supporter of Donald Trump. All journalists must know by now about the vitriolic rhetoric from Trump glorifying attacks on the media.
Your endorsement of Elise Stefanik is in effect an endorsement of the big lie, and by extension, those who attack the press. And if supporters of the Big Lie become the dominant force in our government, this will be a dangerous place for honest journalism.
Betsy Moore-Galinsky

Decision to vote for Tedisco is an easy one

Amidst all of the television campaign ads so common this time of year, I am so happy to once again cast my vote for Jim Tedisco.
I admit I was nervous that I would not have that opportunity when the districts were first redrawn. It was confusing to many of us, but I am glad he is right here where he belongs representing this community.
Sen. Tedisco has been a strong advocate for Schenectady schools, former employees of St. Clare’s Hospital, and recently helped secure a grant for the Sustainable Living Center in Central Park.
In addition to his dedication to our local issues here in the Electric City, he is first in line to stand against poor policy decisions enacted at the state level (and there are many). He is the senate sponsor of a bill to give judges greater discretion to modify cash bail reforms in reaction to a policy implemented in 2020 which has left our communities less safe. Sen. Tedisco also led the charge to bring forth an independent investigation regarding covid related deaths in our long-term care facilities. There is no need to overthink it — this is an easy one: Jim Tedisco for Senate.
Jacqueline Fiore

Republican Party has changed for the worse

I do not recognize the New Trump Conspiracy Theory Republican Party anymore, They have changed, very sad.
Concetta Cannizzaro

Democracy’s foes don’t deserve votes

Elections are crucial for the state of our democracy. If you were not horrified by the attack on the Capitol, you are hiding your head in the sand. It was a clear act of sedition.
With Veterans’ Day approaching, I urge all who say they honor those who fought and died for the democratic country we live in to vote against the party that would take us down a very undemocratic dark road.
Rose Ann Chrysler

Preserve app-based jobs to help people

Escaping an abusive relationship frequently means losing financial stability, and too often, survivors who summon the courage to walk away eventually return for financial reasons.
Earning independent income with Grubhub made it possible for me and my three children to leave a 10-year, turbulent marriage. And it’s helped us stay safe from that dangerous situation, ensuring that I can provide for my family, continue homeschooling them, and pay our bills on my own after leaving.
I am not alone. The app-based economy has helped nurture and expand opportunities for our substantial female-led work force to build financial security on our own terms.
That’s why the proposed policy put forward by the U.S. Department of Labor is so concerning –– it may make it harder for app-based earners like me to meet our financial goals by reducing pay, limiting choices and restricting where and when we work.
I choose to earn with Grubhub because the flexibility for scheduling and deliveries works for me and for my family. I need lawmakers on both sides of the aisle – from Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand to Rep. Elise Stefanik – to work together on solutions that preserve the flexibility and independence I want and need.
Tabbatha Finn

Madmen are driving war against Russia

Those who defend the validity of Russian grievances are derided as “Russian propagandists.”
Yet it’s U.S. media that has trapped Americans in a propaganda bubble.
In 2000, neoconservatives of Project for the New American Century described their imperial vision in “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” a document revealing an unhealthy obsession with superiority, a conviction that military intimidation is the key to peace, the anxiety-laden determination to “shape” others before they shape us, and zero human relations skills.
Calling “the worldwide archipelago of U.S. military installations” abroad “the cavalry on the new American frontier,” gloating that “the open oceans are America’s,” demanding that the United States be at “the core” of foreign nations’ alliances, pushing to deploy weapons in space to violently repel all others, eagerly anticipating bio-weapons that attack genotypes, PNAC lamented that military funding wouldn’t increase, “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”
9/11 conveniently arrived, and U.S. foreign policy bowed to the socially inept PNAC’s hostility-provoking goals: the 2003 invasion of Iraq, abandonment of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, more nukes, U.S. troops on the Black Sea, and NATO expansion.
Meanwhile, PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan married Victoria Nuland, Biden’s Undersecretary of State infamous for being caught on tape in 2014 in the most undemocratic position of selecting Ukraine’s leadership amidst a U.S.-pushed coup. U.S. madmen seek to dominate foreigners and Americans alike, hence the manipulative propaganda. These madmen now drive an aggressive, avaricious U.S. war against Russia, a war painted as the defensive rescue of Ukraine.
Kristin Christman
Clifton Park

GOP needs to regain sanity, dump Trump

It is tragic to see the once-respectable Republican Party deteriorate into a Donald Trump cult.
If the United States republic survives the present phenomena, hopefully those who have pledged allegiance to the Big Liar, will learn from their mistakes.
Republics fail when powerful and unscrupulous leaders put themselves ahead of what’s best for the nation. When a Dear Leader succeeds in destroying the careers of his opponents, as Trump is trying to do, and scaring the rest into silence or subservience, party members must recognize the severe threat to the nation (and the party) this behavior poses, and take action.
Only a few Republican elders or other party leaders have the courage to call out the absurdity of Trump’s assertion of a stolen 2020 presidential election, and wake up the millions who have fallen for his dangerous fiction.
In many states, Republican politicians and operatives are working feverishly to assure that Republicans prevail one way or another in the 2024 presidential election, regardless of how people vote or want to vote.
While Democrats leave much to be desired, they, as a party, are hardly so horrible that free and fair elections should be discontinued.
The survival of the United States as a functioning republic is at stake here. Can and will the Republican Party regain its sanity and independence from Trump?
Tom Ellis

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Bill Marincic

Another day full of liberal letters but my approved letter was all of a suddenly rejected even though the DG said yesterday that no political letters were rejected.

Mr Marinic I’d like to read your letter …Please post it in the comment section. Is it about how glass falls from a window when broken?

Bill Marincic

Santabarbara needs to be careful,
Every election Angelo takes out his Army gear and pictures and presents as a military veteran. With all the pictures in uniform you would be under the impression that he has served a tour or two in a foreign land. But does anyone even know what his service record is? I don’t.
Google said was in the Army reserves, and he uses the words “honorable discharge” which is generally used with enlisted military. Enlisted military is fulltime, reservists spend one weekend a month and two weeks per year training, I couldn’t find any information that he was deployed or served in combat. There is honor in being in the reserves, and many have been called up, but it’s disingenuous to give the impression that you were deployed, by publicly displaying pictures in uniform.
The VFW had an event last weekend, Angelo Santabarbara said he would be there, and was a no show. There is honor in keeping your word, and we don’t take kindly to insincerity or empty words. With all the challenges facing veterans, the idea that he is using them only for political gain is offensive. I can tell you whatever he is doing is not enough.

“I couldn’t find any information that..” yadda, yadda, yadda.
And of course we all know you put 7 SPD detectives and 13 patrol officers on overtime on the case to figure it out, right? You got right to the bottom of this new emerging Demoncrat scandel, didn’t you?

What a Bozo. Yeah they were right not to print it because it besmirches a good man’s reputation and makes you look (again) like just an old crank.

Bill Marincic

GV I will be happy to pull it up and copy and paste you just have to give me a little bit of time I’m on my way to work. By the way that super conservative mega maga NBC news said that when the police arrived Paul Pelosi instead of declaring an emergency backed away from them and went back toward his attacker.

Bill Marincic

NBC News has sparked backlash by pulling a segment describing the attack on Paul Pelosi, claiming the segment did not meet NBC News reporting standards.

The report said NBC had learned from sources that “when officers responded to the high priority call, they were seemingly unaware they had been called to the home of the speaker of the House.”

“After a knock and announce, the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi,” the NBC video report said. “The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home, but instead, began walking several feet back into the foyer, towards the assailant, and away from police.”

Just the facts, see you hate it when you are proven wrong. NBC, the left hand of the DNC


Did you read what you posted? “The segment did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” I would assume that is because the NBC informant was a lying MAGA-ite. You have only established the fact that NBC chose to not air information from an unreliable informant that MAKES NO SENSE. Did Mr. Pelosi want to be struck in the head with a hammer? WILL YOU PLEASE STOP? You have no idea how you sound to objective people reading your nonsense. It is literally getting sickening, disgusting: Your abject lack of compassion, your unthinking loyalty to the Qanon inspired MAGA movement is obvious to all who read your words.

For the love of God! The entire point is that Paul Pelosi was brutally attacked while sleeping in his bed at home. – Why this trump supporting, conspiracy believing, election results denying, delusional wack job that that committed this politically motivated crime is where the focus should be, so as it doesn’t become a “Where’s Nancy” replete with other elected officials. – But we already know why this good MAGA supporter did what he did, and that’s exactly why Donald (piece of excrement) J. Trump should be in jail along side Pelosi‘s attacker as an accomplice to the crime.


First I agree it is a horrible event that and elderly was hit with a hammer by this man. I would love to believe the narrative the MSM is putting out there.BUT/
Can please explain how there was no security at the house? Where is the video footage? Where is the police body cam footage? Release the 911 call audio. The third in line to run our country has no security on her property regardless if she is not there? And why were they both in their underwear. There has to be street cameras showing this man walking to Pelosi’s house. Even the neighbor’s in a affluent neighborhood must have cameras on their property. Someone has to footage of a man walking the street in his underwear with all these things in his hands to attack the Pelosi’s. Why haven’t they produced any video footage?
The left screams for body cam footage anytime a minority is shot by police immediately they request body cam video.
I think those are fair questions that need answers and if they would just release this it would stop the assumptions of a cover up.

A “fair question” is how so many people could think they can run their mouths with their half-baked “questions” and insinuations in public forums before they have all the information. It’s like a day at the ladies hair salon every day with you people. It’s stupid gossip on a scale we’re not equipped to handle.

But don’t think I’m telling you what to do or say (even though I know you’re just seething with that thought inside). You go on, because it’s so bloody revealing.

The “3 Stooges”, indeed.


Evidence that corporate greed is one cause of inflation was supported by the following quotes from CEO’s, CFO’s, and presidents of several American Corporations. The show was broadcast last night on MSNBC’s the beat hosted by Ari Melber. You could hear the following business leaders say, in regard to soaring profits in Q3 and calls on profits in Q4:

“The team has done a marvelous job in driving up prices.” Monish Potowala, 3M CFO

“Our sales gains were largely driven by higher average sales price. Average sales price trends reflect successful pricing strategies during the ongoing inflationary cycle.” Donnie King, Tyson Foods CEO

“Consumers get used to it. When all prices go up, it helps.” Andy Callahan, Hostess Brands CEO

“We’re not leaving any pricing on the table. We want to take as much as we can.” Garth Hankinson, Constellation Brands CFO

“A nice light recession would be perfect for us.” Jim Owens, H.B. Fuller CEO

This is not how a free market economy regulated by supply and demand should work. Obviously, markets are being manipulated through concentrated corporate control. A windfall corporate profits tax with accompanying cuts to tax rates on low and middle income earners seems appropriate in this environment of inflation and soaring corporate profits.


One other cause is supply side disruptions, many of those attributable to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine; you know, the “savvy genius”.

Another is climate change: desertification and loss of arable land are seldom talked about but are serious threats to our food supply.


It does not matter what proof , evidence facts your put forward if the the THREE STOOGES say it is not true then it is gospel according to the mayor A.S. and his henchmen. So at some point they will tie to Jan.6 and MAGA supporters.
BTW curious information the allegde Paul Pelosi assailant is in the country illegally stayed longer than he was supposed too. Certain irony there.
So just wondering after 7 years of attacking Trump why haven’t they been able to get one charge to stick against him. Two years after him leaving office and still cannot get any accusations to convict. Took 6 years to end WW2 but the Democrats cannot concoched a crime that will stick.
My guess A.S. worked for a government or state agency and never had to be responsible for producing income on his own with a business. I can say this markets will correct themselves and if the cost of goods are too high people will not buy them. A company comes in produces that product at a lower rate competition in the market knocks out the over priced company. Funny how they demonize corporations. No mention of the Clintons and Whitewater, Pelosi and the incredible foresight to invest millions in a micro-chip company that miraculaously gets a government contract. All the political elite profit from these businesses and yes even Trump makes a profit too. That is how capitalism works. Except the Democratic socialist want to take and redistribute wealth as long as the elite Democrats call the shots and protect their assets. Perfect example of all the Democrats going about their busy during COVID lockdowns getting haircuts and having parties while telling the masses to stay inside. Hypocrisy at its finest. Okay time to cue in the THREE STOOGES . This should give them somethings to rant about how everything I wrote is a lie.

Whitewater ! an oldie but goodie ! They were cleared of criminal wrongdoing ! So Ken Starr went after him about a BJ ….He was impeached because he lied about getting BJ ! Mr. Brandon seek help your comment is full of BS


I am open about who I am. I am a 78 year old retired high school social studies teacher (Shenendehowa H.S. East 1968-1999). Capitalism is not working as it should. Your rant does nothing to blunt that point.

“…if the cost of goods are too high people will not buy them.” Does that include food, utilities, and clothing?

“…no mention of the Clintons and Whitewater…” It has nothing to do with them.

“That is how capitalism works.” I showed how capitalism is not working as it should.

If it weren’t for fear of the violent MAGA-ites Trump would be in prison now. I think he should be indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned. President Biden should call out the military to assist National Guard units in putting down any violence perpetrated by monsters in various white supremacist private militias.

Dear Domenico DiCaprio

FACT one……President Clinton was the first President in 50 years to balance the BUDGET.

FACT two…..It’s telling that the next Democratic Presidents, President Obama & President Biden, had to began their presidencies with a “RECOVERY ACT” and a “RESCUE PLAN” because their inheritance from their Republican predecessor’s , Bush & Trump, was so CATASTROPHIC.
Diane Hombach


You know they have nothing when the insults start text book liberal loonies. I think Tuesday will be a great day and the people will speak up and vote.
This will be an eye opener either way it ends I am thinking NY will have a new governor and the balance of power will shift. Both plans by Obama and Biden has put the state of the economy in decline but yet a few years ago record low unemployment, inflation, energy independence. But I’m sure that’s because the democrats did that too.

Mr. Brandon you have so much vitriol in your comments. If the republicans win the house should they re-open Whitewater. Benghazi. and Hillary’s emails again? Will that make you happier? I’m sure the Jan 6th investigation will magically go away. You should listen to Mr Woodward’s tapes on how Trump hid the danger from covid to the American people. It’s eye opening …well maybe not for you


Read your opening and think about it. Are you not accusing yourself of having nothing to really say? That is, of course, true.

Steven Flynn

Liberal hypocrisy 101: Today’s lessen class, is White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments way back in 2016. Tweet #1: “Stolen emails, stolen drone, stolen election……welcome to the world of #unpresidentedTrump” Tweet #2: 2018 “Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacy Abrams” Tweet #3: “Yes the race was stolen”. Joe Biden when asked whether or not he believed that we would have free and fair elections in 22 if some of the state legislators reformed their voting protocols: BIDEN: Oh, yeah, I think it easily could be — be illegitimate. … I mean, imagine if those attempts to say that the count was not legit. You have to recount it and we’re not going to count — we’re going to discard the following votes. I mean, sure, but — I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit. It’s — the increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these — these reforms passed. In other words, Biden is saying that if his fascist and unconstitutional voting reform laws fail to pass, the 2022 midterm election is illegitimate. Hypocrisy at its finest. My opinion is Tuesday the Biden disaster will have the wind taken out of its sails. The so called attack on democracy theory will not have worked, shouldve stuck to the issues ma’am in the voice of Joe Friday.


Sir, Nobody says that anything cannot be disputed. That is every citizens’ right if you believe fraud or any illegality has been committed. HOWEVER, after 60 + lawsuits were overturned in the courts, after ALL 50 states certified their votes and assigned their electoral votes for the winning candidate in each state, after numerous re-counts and audits across the country being UNABLE to discern any appreciable fraud that could have in the remotest changed the results of the election, the former president CONTINUES to insist that there was fraud, that the election was STOLEN. And has YET to concede said election and sanction the peaceful transfer of power to the affirmed winner. And continues to be supported and believed by sooooo many of his “base”. His chaos is his singular cause.


Do you have any references to illegal plots and actions or incitement of violence perpetrated by Democrats to round out your failed attempt to show equivalence between Republican efforts to overturn democracy and complete quotes (in context) and actions from Democrats? I didn’t think so. In the voice of a thinking rational American citizen.


Mayor A.S. now I get it. A teacher that explains everything you were part of the indoctrination of the children. You statement speaks for itself if you disagree with the government lock them up. Maybe a reeducation camp is inline. Tell me again how the republicans are hitler reincarnated? Being 78 you were part of the radical left that sought to change values and impose your radical thinking on the impressionable minds of children. I had a feeling all along you were a person involved with the education system because of your denial of CRT being taught in schools around the country. You despise the parents who do not want their children being taught values that conflict with the way the parents want to raise their children. Funny how you hate capitalism but the taxes raised from businesses paid your lofty teachers salary and cushy pension on the backs of hard working citizens. And you sit back and attack those who provided this for you. Shame on you for biting the hands that gave you pension that most hard working people would love to have even a portion of what you get in your pension. Your hypocrisy is stunning.


ANTIFA, BLM riots, Coordinated attempts by the DNC to use social media to stifle opposing views. Seems no one was charged for those crimes.

Of course people who actually read the news, who are informed and have the ability to sort fact from fiction and fantasy know that:
1.) No Democrat is trying to stifle anyone’s opposing views. But many seem more than happy to invent imaginary monsters so they can get all dramatic about them. Dems don’t like that kid of thing on the scale you all have made it.
2.) Many were prosecuted and jailed for social violence, including right-wing military wannabees who instigated violence and mayhem at otherwise peaceful protests.

You continue to exhibit a problem sorting out the fact from the fiction though, but mistakenly thinking you have.


Thanks Chuck. GFB is the energizer bunny with a lobotomy. I will no longer respond to his posts. I’ve never met the man but he knows all about me. Yesterday he thought I worked for the government. Today he posts “I had a feeling all along you were a person involved with the education system because of your denial of CRT being taught in schools around the country.” He didn’t say I was a teacher yesterday. But enough, I’ll let those who read what he posts evaluate their worth.


The former guy taught them well the art of projection. It is truly amazing, is it not? And to attempt any explanation is an exercise in futility. You are correct to just not engage.

geri krawitz

facts are facts chuckie its not what you hear at the beauty parlor. tell that nonsense to small business owners on portland seatlle new york chicago l.a. where members of blm antifa supporters of the lenient dems who dont ever jail them and support it by no bail no jail also love hochul respnse at her debate why does zeldin care so much about crime. how stupid and she is do you have to be to condemn people who would like to feel safe and whou want to stop the marauding shootings stealing battery commited by all the people who do not get jailed i think the tides are turning becasuse the new law and order not very good actually rearrestd someone for their long history of lawlessness its fiction but its turning

Steven Flynn

Brandon, its the same rhetoric every election. Thats when you hear the words nazi, democracy, racist misogynist, social security, kill our children, fascism, blah blah blah. This isnt new territory with the liberal failures, its all they know. They can never run on results, its always fear. Run, hide your kids, the worlds coming to an end. It gets old and is so predictable time after time.

Bill Marincic

Steve and Brandon, I have been dealing with the same people or others like them for years, the three stooges plus one has been saying the exact same thing for years. A while back I posted some letters to the editor from 2020, they said the same things then and in 2024 they will still be saying the same things. Everything we say is a lie, if we prove it then the source is a right-wing source. I posted what NBC posted and then took down after pressure from the DNC or most likely from the White House and the lefty’s on here said it was from a not reliable source. Well, it’s NBC and I’m pretty sure they vetted the source before making it public but had to backtrack after the left got to them.

Steven Flynn

I could care less what they think or feel. Has no impact on any view I have on anything. They’re typical radical left wing talking points that u can read daily on MSNBC or The View. None of it is original, constructive, or has anything to do with anything. They’re part of the reason that the Dems will lose the house and senate on Tuesday. We actually should be thanking them if u think about it. I hope they continue on the same course going into 2024.

It’s funny that what you claim the Democrats are …Are actually what the Trump Republicans are today….I’m curious what made you in your mind make Democrats the villains in your story?

I really think you don’t know ….I think maybe you were brought up to think that way

Steven Flynn

Who cares man – worry about yourself. Im very comfortable with my beliefs, sorry if it bothers u so much, then again, who are u? Y do I need your validation, acceptance?

Steven Flynn

I’ll wake up Wednesday Chuck, have 2 cups of coffee, shower, commute 35 minutes to work. I’ll then go home, make sure my house is in check, have dinner with my gf, enjoy a cold beer, watch a movie and eventually go to bed.

Of course, no one trusts you people with your well-documented “issues” so we’ll see how it and your tribe play out. I’m betting your leaders, your handlers will have big plans to try to monkey-wrench any results they’re not happy with. And I’m also betting you and the others will be right there cheering them on.
Just like the last times.

Steven Flynn

You bet? What does that even mean? When u say noone, who are u referring to? Yourself? Y not say I?


You sound much more bothered and upset by differing views than the people you attack.

Have you ever heard the line from Shakespeare: “Methinks thou doth protest too much.”?

Every time you post this or something similar which happens frequently I think of that line: “I could care less what they think or feel. Has no impact on any view I have on anything. They’re typical radical left wing talking points that u can read daily on MSNB.”

“I could care less what they think or feel.” Exactly the problem with MAGA supporters. – Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

BTW, I’m assuming you couldn’t, not “could” care less.

Bill Marincic

So here they go already, the election deniers. “’ Im betting your leaders, your handlers will have big plans to try to monkey-wrench any results they’re not happy with”. Of course, to this bunch of lefties, there is no way that anyone would dare vote against the democrats staying in power. Honestly, I’m not surprised that Biden and the Democrats destroyed this country, I’m surprised how fast they did it.

60+ failed attempts by Trump-humpers to claim victory after 2020 in the courts.
“There’s statistically no way we lose!”
You lost by 7 million.

Please explain that…

Bill Marincic

“’ Im betting your leaders, your handlers will have big plans to try to monkey-wrench any results they’re not happy with” explain that


Why there is fear that Republicans, in many cases will not accept the election results if they lose:

Kerri Lake, when asked if she would accept the results of the election said: “I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result.” Not a very nuanced answer. It is obvious what she means.

Tim Michels said: “Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I’m elected governor.”

Lastly let’s look at Ron Johnson’s statement about election results:

Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson was asked a simple question on the campaign trail this week: Would he commit to accepting the results of next week’s midterm elections?

His answer was anything but simple.

“I sure hope I can, but I can’t predict what the Democrats might have planned,” Johnson said. “You know, we’re not trying to do anything to gain partisan advantage, we’re just doing whatever we can to restore confidence. It sure seems like there’s an awful lot of, in the past, a lot of attempts on the part of Democrats to make it easier to cheat.”


I’m leaving for an earlier dinner soon. Steve’s cold beer might work for him. I need a martini.


Well BM, what is your response to the Republican candidates statements? Do they not sound like they will deny they lost no matter the result? You asked for evidence . I provided it. Continue the dialogue. Respond. If you don’t you are acknowledging you are wrong.

I wonder if I could call the Lottery people after the Powerball drawing and ask them to “find” me a ticket with the winning numbers. 😂


Any odds on whether or not BM will respond directly to my evidence of Republican unwillingness to accept a loss? Does he still think ChuckD’s fear that Republicans are likely “to monkey-wrench any results they’re not happy with” is unfounded?

BM is a conspiracy lunatic there is no telling what he will ay or do. I asked him to post the letter the Gazette rejected and he hasn’t done so yet. It must have been a doozy for the Gazette to reject it.

You missed it Guy, it’s up there. He thinks Angelo Santabarbara is lying about his military creds.
He also thinks he’s going to heaven.

The Gazette was right not to publish it. It’s filled with innuendo and lies. If Santabarbara was a republican he would be saluting him. This is how things get out of hand ….Like the window breaking and which way the glass fell that started on a QAnon site. They count of rubes like him to repeat the conspiracy…so he does and doesn’t let go of it even after being debunked

Bill Marincic

I know for 100% fact that I am going to heaven, when your time comes you’re gonna wish you were there. There’s still time to repent and except Jesus.

Bill Marincic

I posted it above 20 minutes after you asked. Admit you are wrong. It’s at the top.

Santabarbara needs to be careful,
Every election Angelo takes out his Army gear and pictures and presents as a military veteran. With all the pictures in uniform you would be under the impression that he has served a tour or two in a foreign land. But does anyone even know what his service record is? I don’t.
Google said was in the Army reserves, and he uses the words “honorable discharge” which is generally used with enlisted military. Enlisted military is fulltime, reservists spend one weekend a month and two weeks per year training, I couldn’t find any information that he was deployed or served in combat. There is honor in being in the reserves, and many have been called up, but it’s disingenuous to give the impression that you were deployed, by publicly displaying pictures in uniform.
The VFW had an event last weekend, Angelo Santabarbara said he would be there, and was a no show. There is honor in keeping your word, and we don’t take kindly to insincerity or empty words. With all the challenges facing veterans, the idea that he is using them only for political gain is offensive. I can tell you whatever he is doing is not enough.

“NBC retracts erroneous Paul Pelosi story that fueled conspiracy theories
People at the network said the ‘Today’ show report was based on ‘unreliable’ information from a source who was unnamed in the story.”


Well BM, what is your response to the Republican candidates statements? Do they not sound like they will deny they lost no matter the result? You asked for evidence . I provided it. Continue the dialogue. Respond. If you don’t you are acknowledging you are wrong.

Bill Marincic

Kari Lake said a resounding yes she would except.

Tim Mitchels said that once he win’s Wisconsin will stay read. I can augment he means because of the way he governs.

Ron Johnson said that the Democrats are doing all they can to cheat. Only a left will see in those three statements that the Republicans won’t except the results. Stacy Abrams’s is already saying if she loses it because of the terrible voting laws even though record numbers of voters voted in the last election and this one so far.

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