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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 8 – Three from readers in Niskayuna, Queensbury and Montana

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Lower fuel supply, high costs are here

As a 10-year resident of upstate New York, I’m extremely worried about our nation’s energy policy and its detrimental effect on our community.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend who was trying to buy kerosene at a large supplier in Albany. He was turned away because the supplier did not have enough inventory. More alarming, he was told their supply would be rationed throughout the winter.

A lot of attention is being paid to the price of gas in the United States, but what seems to be lost in the conversation is the general shortage of petroleum products; be it home heating oil, kerosene or diesel fuel.

It’s easy to understand, as gas prices increase the supply of gas decreases. But what happens when the amount of American energy production is extremely limited and world circumstances make it difficult and costly to import foreign energy?

Well, what happens is Americans are forced to pay an astronomical amount for energy, and it is the regular, hard-working upstate New York residents who suffer the most.

No matter what your political affiliation, it is important to realize the current emphasis on alternative energy solutions will cause increased prices and shortages of petroleum products this winter. Alternative energy will simply not meet our needs this winter.
Tim NcNulty


Glenville overdue for railroad crossing

I am the owner of Scotia Storage since 1983 and am writing in reference to an email sent out from the town of Glenville in reference to the closure of the railroad crossing on Freemans Bridge Road.

I own 10 acres on Dutch Meadows Road, across from Walmart’s entrance that was landlocked when Walmart was put in.

I have since gained an easement at great expense across from Walmart’s entrance just this year, 20 years later.

I have suggested through the years that a second railroad crossing should be installed to connect to the Lowes Road from the Walmart entrance. I have no problems dedicating the land for easement.

Maybe the closure of the crossing on Freemans Bridge Road will open some eyes and ears to the value of such a crossing.

There are many benefits and no downside to the need for this crossing and would greatly improve this area for proper land use and the community’s benefit for traffic conditions, emergency vehicle traffic and proper development of the land behind Lowes.

Maybe now that the Free-mans Bridge Road crossing is to be closed for at least three days, public opinion should be brought to bear on Glenville Town Hall to use their power of eminent domain to put into their Freemans Bridge Road master plan a new crossing, bike paths, and enhance the residential and commercial development of this area, which should have been done 20 years ago.
Jack L. Robinson
Billings, Montana


Voters guide too late for early voting

Early voting has been part of the election process in New York since 2019. Yet The Daily Gazette publishes its Election Guide two days before Election Day, on the final day of a full week of early voting!

If my experience is at all indicative, the numbers of early voters are significant — at least they seem to be in my town. Therefore, the very helpful Election Guide is far less useful than it could or should be.

Adding early voting to our process requires an adjustment in the timing of disseminating information.

Please work on getting this helpful and necessary information out in a more timely fashion going forward. It’s important.

The same could be said for the candidates, themselves. I got several text messages and emails from various candidates asking for my vote — too late. I’d already voted.
Angela Marczewski

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Bill Marincic

Vote as if your business is closed. Your children are locked out of school. Your family member is alone and dying in a hospital and you can’t be there. And you have to show a passport to eat because the same people who did this to you are on the ballot today

You forgot a few things: Vote as if your child’s life is at stake while he’s trying to get an education. Vote as if the world as we know it will will eventually become uninhabitable for many species, including humans. Vote as if you you’re about to lose the right to do as you see fit with your body. Vote as if freedom and democracy are on the ballot.

geri krawitz

how far back do the dems have to go (BC) to justify their terrible leadership will we have a plague on our houses if republicans win as we now have with the democrats

Krawitz: the plague has already descended upon us its name is the MAGAverse. And as far as reaching back to 260 BC is concerned: you and your lot are repeatedly quoting from that book of fiction called the Bible.


Keep an eye on the D-party and their plans to jerry rig the election votes today. They projected yesterday how they plan to drag out the count for days. Paper ballots were counted the day and night of the election in the past. We have computers that can process them faster. This is a mid term election not a presidential election.This is an obvious attempt to create chaos and distrust. Bill Gates predicted this that there would be election fraud and bring on a civil war. We the people need to be diligent and watch the cheaters and call them out. The Democratic Socialist in our governement need to be removed from office and we need to vote them out. This is our time to make our voice heard. The three stooges of DG will be here shortly calling out Jan.6, Trump, MAGA. Everything going on in our country inflation, WARS, Fuel shortages, depleting our strategic oil supply, defunding police, high crime rate, trying convince children to irreversible gender modification surgery. This is all the Democratic Socialist who are in office.


Thanks for the excellent example of another classic fascist tact, accusing the opposition of engaging in the illegal schemes and crimes that your party has been exposed as committing in the last election. Do you remember Eastman, Navarro and others plotting and attempting to implement the “green bay sweep”? The illegal slates of “alternate electors” drawn up to counter the will of the people? Accusations being made of Italians interfering in our election and Dominion voting machines being rigged to insure a Biden victory? All lies. Some who signed on those slates as if they were legitimate electors are under investigation. Do you know how many MAGA candidates have already said they will not accept a defeat; instead, they will say the election was rigged?

Whether people vote in a presidential or mid-term election mail-in votes, absentee votes, and very close elections sometimes require days, and in rare cases weeks, to arrive at an accurate count. How long did your loser insist the count was wrong. Oh, he still does; even after William Barr and over 60 court cases, many presided over by his own appointees, said the election was fair and accurate.

Now, here you are “stirring the pot” because you are constitutionally unable to accept defeat.

This is not a lotto, a horse-race, or a personality contest. You shouldn’t vote because you want to be on the winning side. You should vote for the people you believe will do their best for all Americans, rise above personal ambition and put the country first, people of sound character and judgment.

Now I’ll sit back and hope for the best. Making predictions is a risky task. Today’s vote will determine our future.

Ignatious P. Reilly

I sit back and hope for the best too Anthony. It’s crazy that our “the best” are polar opposites. See, I hope every progressive liberal in the world is voted out of office and into prison today. You hope the opposite. Too bad there isn’t a middle ground. I wish there was.


Are Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz of dual citizenship fame, Mastriano, Michels, Lake, Boebert, Greene, Gosar, Ron Johnson, Stefanik and our own Zeldin really the best? really the most likely to put national interests ahead of personal ambition?


Every liberal in office belongs in prison? They don’t deserve a trial but apparently, as Trump promised to do, all 1/6 insurrectionists deserve a pardon? Meanwhile, he remains free for fear of more MAGA violence? And he’s your hero? I guess you favor a one-party (MAGA) totalitarian state. You just revealed who you are. As Spock used to say “fascinating.”

“Too bad there isn’t a middle ground. I wish there was.” Yep, it sure sounds that way: “I hope every progressive liberal in the world is voted out of office and into prison today.” You’re so willing to compromise and flexible with your thinking.

Mike Lazaro

That’s about right. Love Kevin McCarthy’s sentiment that a Republican “leadership” will be willing to work with anyone–if they’re willing to just go along with their side. They don’t even bother to pretend that they’re capable of considering anyone but their faithful, anymore. No wonder their candidates are so awful. The pool consists of whatever you get when you take less than half the population, then throw out the moderate “traitors”.

Bill Marincic

Already in Maricopa County Arizona the second largest county in the state more than 20% of the voting machines are not working and not tallying votes. The Democrat Secretary of State said that they will be counted by hand by Friday. 2022 and we have voting machine issues again, who didn’t see this coming?

Which voting machine issues did we have before? And which court action corrected them?
I’m not expecting an answer because you won’t be able to cite a single substantiated case. Par for the course, as they say.

“Maricopa County has identified the solution for the tabulation issues at about 60 Vote Centers. County technicians have changed the printer settings, which seems to have resolved this issue. It appears some of the printers were not producing dark enough timing marks on the ballots. This solution has worked at 17 locations, and technicians deployed throughout the county are working to resolve this issue at the remaining locations,” the county said in a statement.”

– Fox News

But that clearly doesn’t stop the MAGA and their Supreme Leader for Life from starting a Supreme Court case about it.

“We the people need to be diligent and watch the cheaters and call them out.” Except…..

“The Big Cheet:” by David Cay Johnston -How Donald Trump fleece America enriched himself and his family.

“Commander in Cheat”: by Rick Reilly

“He has been accused of cheating on all three of his wives and cheating his workers out of pay cheques. As a teenager, he reportedly paid someone to take his SAT exams so he could cheat his way into university. It is suspected he cheated on his taxes. He is rumoured to brazenly cheat at golf.
As his niece, Mary Trump, has said, Donald Trump embraces “cheating as a way of life”. And now he is embracing it as an election strategy: Trump is openly and unabashedly attempting to rig November’s presidential election.”

All just “monkey poop” being flung around, because we all know DJT is as pure as freshly fallen snow.

Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

Steven Flynn

Imagine this Lou. With all of those deficiencies, he was still elected your president for 4 years. What does that tell u about the opposing candidate / party? A man who you label evil and a skirt chaser won the presidency. Amazing stuff Lou.

What it tells me is that about 48% of the people that voted in the 2016 election are clueless. – BTW the way, he lost the popular vote by about 2.9 million.

I also think the Electoral College has to go. The president should be elected by the popular vote so everyone’s vote counts, not just the people in swing states.

Steven Flynn

Of course u do, lets change the electoral college and pack the courts unless the Republicans come out ahead. 48% of the people think you’re clueless and the popular vote isnt how the election is decided.

geri krawitz

oh im sure they will listen to such a brilliant man as you and remove the electoral college. im sure i have read many many ideas of yours that have been published and come to pass who wouldnt revere a mind such as yours

Everyone can see your cute little retorts show either a poor grasp of reality with so many gaping holes, or you’ve seriously bought into the right-wing sales pitch, or you’re just here to see your name in print. Maybe time to reevaluate your winning strategy.

Steven, and the state of our Nation suffers greatly after his disastrous presidency…and he continues to purposely stir up violence.

How about his mob boss comments about Nancy Pelosi the other day…How´s Nancy doing…
Then yesterday he called her an ¨animal.¨ Dehumanize your opponents just like a fascist.

Steven Flynn

Then vote so he doesnt become president again, its quite simple.

Steven, if the gop wins control, then my vote to keep 45 from the presidency won´t matter. He´ll TAKE it, and the gop will help him do it. There are 300 election deniers running. That´s exactly what is at stake in this election!

Steven Flynn

Then you have one thing to blame, the DNC. Obviously, the messaging strategy isnt working so thats who u need to blame. You had 21 dems running for President and the DNC pushed through a guy who’s over his head and to old for the position. He’s not sharp, he speaks incoherently, and thats the best the DNC had to offer.

Steven–Another projection about packing the courts. McConnell already did that with 3 religious fanatics from the Federalist Society with only 51 votes!
The gop refused Merrick Garland a hearing with many months before the election, then crammed ACBarrett in during early voting.

Seriously, what is wrong with you?

Steven Flynn

Nothing is wrong with me. Woke up, came to work, will vote after, and go home and watch the results. The fact that I dont agree with u is your problem not mine. It happens.


It is, unfortunately, not hard to imagine why this happened. Look at the posts from you and other MAGA fans, victims of misinformation who buy into Trump’s silly promises of walls paid for by Mexico and a secret National Health Care program cheaper and better than the ACA. Of course, the wall was never completed, has been proven ineffective where it was built, and Trump’s “Health Care” program is, you guessed it, still a secret.

Of course that didn’t stop the sick individuals who circle Trump like fleas on a dog from setting up a phony charity to raise money to privately build the wall; money Steve Bannon and his co-conspirators pocketed. Of course, Trump had no moral qualms about pardoning this particularly revolting scuzball.

Tony and JC, I was just talking cheating. If we posted all of agent orange’s blatant crime the website would crash. The top two are Murder, (Lives lost because of COVID lies) treason (yes, again what MEGA morons want to forget): JANUARY SIXTH TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY ONE!!!!!

LGB(T)–Some states do not start counting mail-in ballots until Election Day or when their polls close, yet you blame Democrats for purposely dragging out the election. Typically, republicans gain early since more of them wait until Election Day to vote (but results are immediate). Then mail-in ballots get counted, which sometimes takes a couple days, and tend to favor democrats. Itś called a RED MIRAGE, so stop trying to twist it into something nefarious. If all states processed mail-in ballots as they came in, we wouldn´t have this particular conspiracy youŕe hooked on.

Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s agree on something political today on Election Day. – If Republican win in key swing states let’s ALL fight together to to reverse the results of these damned rigged elections.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Hey Lou, did you know the dems are ALREADY lawyered up to fight the non-rigged election system if they lose? Huh? What about that?


They have to prepare for fighting MAGA candidates who have said they will not accept defeat; who claim they can’t lose unless the election is rigged. They are out to confuse people like you and have unfortunately succeeded.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Anthony, I am not a bit confused. I don’t deny Trump’s shenanigans now, and I never denied them previously, I never said Trump was a hero, a good person or anything like it.

If what you claim is true re why the dems have lawyered up, there is nothing wrong with that. But we all know they are preparing to challenge the results if they lose.

Just like the evil MAGA did, except this time it will be the liberal democrats doing the challenging, and that will be just fine, won’t it. So apparently, I am not all that confused, but you may be.

You’ve written a fine screenplay there, all of which is based on assuming anyone thinks the way the MAGA do, which they don’t.
America is braced for the torrent of screams and temper tantrums we’ve already seen from you folks. That’s what the “lawyering up” is about.
America is in defensive mode against the MAGA Republicans who are so…offensive.


How many times must you be reminded, Mr. Reilly, that in over 60 cases, many presided over by Trump appointed judges, no evidence of significant fraud or impropriety was found?

Are you part of the plot to destroy the America we love? The America that strives to achieve equality and justice for all, that believes democracy is the best means to that end? Well, are you? You don’t know what Democrats will do if they lose. We know they have never done what Trump has done or what Trump endorsed candidates promise to do in the event, in their minds, of an impossible loss.

In close elections challenges are warranted but both sides should accept and abide by the decisions courts make. The loser should concede and not scheme illegally and violently to change the results. Will you ever see the obvious? Forget our differences on how to solve our problems. I agree we have different views on foreign policy and national legislation, but for love of our nation can’t you join us in blotting out the MAGA threat that is aimed at all of us ordinary Americans?

Republicans only believe an election is “rigged” when they lose. This is not a National election. I just wonder if one republican claims voter fraud is why he lost. What will the republicans on the down ballot say if they win in the same state. Do they throw out both? ……….Of course not ….Can you see their dilemma Mr Maniacic Mr Flynn and Mr Brandon? …..everyone have a great day.


For great coverage of the uncertainty injected into our election system by Trump and his acolytes, read “Get ready for election month…” by Doyle McManus on today’s Opinion page. Some excerpts:

“Arizona secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem (said)…’Ain’t going to be no concession speech coming from this guy.'”

Let’s see what happens to Republicans brave enough to call Trump out:

“In Colorado, GOP Senate candidate Joe O’Dea said not only that he would take defeat like a grown-up, but that Trump should, too.”
“We’ve become a nation of whiners and crybabies,” he said in a written statement. “Donald Trump still can’t admit he lost.”
“That earned him a blast from Trump, who called him a ‘RINO'”
“MAGA doesn’t Vote for stupid people with big mouths,” the former president wrote on his social media outlet…”

Now, whose fault is it if we can’t determine winners in some elections for weeks, months?

Today, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch and the leader of the private military company the Wagner Group, who is close to Russian president Vladimir Putin, boasted that Russians had interfered in U.S. elections and continue to do so. “We have interfered, we are interfering and we will continue to interfere. Carefully, accurately, surgically and in our own way, as we know how to do.” He added: “During our pinpoint operations, we will remove both kidneys and the liver at once.”

Prigozhin is apparently behind the Russia-based “troll farms” that try to affect U.S. elections. Steven Lee Myers of the New York Times writes that Russians have indeed targeted the 2022 elections to make right-wing voters angry and undermine trust in U.S. elections. Their hope is to erode support for Ukraine’s struggle to repel Russian invasion by electing Republicans who side with Putin.

Source: Heather Cox Richardson


I think there is quite a bit of evidence that Trump’s goal is to be the authoritarian president of the U.S. with Putin as his chief ally; then, they would be free to create the most powerful oligarchy ever in both countries. They would have the power to rule the world. Both are megalomaniacal sociopaths.

jclark …don’t the MAGA people ever say to themselves…..I wonder why Putin wants Trump as president ….A little critical thinking is needed I guess

Exactly, Guy. Isn´t it strange (backward) that 45 will attack and vilify any US citizen, but NEVER says a bad word about Putin? 45 glorifies, compliments, and even sides with Putin. This is NOT hard to figure out!

45 fractured relationships with our allies, kept our tax dollars from Ukraine (helping Putin), and fell in love with other DICtators, too.
Biden has done a remarkable job reminding us of who we really are as Americans and sides with countries that want to defeat authoritarianism.
Today Americans will make their choice.

Source for that please. I haven’t heard the Chinese are plugging for Biden. But there’s no shortage of Russia working for the Republicans. Can’t imagine why…

Ignatious P. Reilly

Mr. McNulty, if you are an unfortunate regular reader of this comments section,

You will have learned that the president’s energy decisions have nothing to do with the price of energy, no matter how brain dead he may be.

You will have learned that ‘alternative energy’ is both affordable and easily attainable. And that the earth will burn to a crisp cinder if the USA does not suffer in vain while the rest of the world burns coal and tosses chemicals into the ocean at an alarming rate.

You will learn that coal fired plants do not have any type of filters for their emissions and the white clouds of pure steam, so often used by the liberal media to show the awful pollution, are actually clouds of toxic waste coming to kill your children.

You will learn that modern automobiles pollute heavily and that the manufacture of electric cars is ‘green’ and ‘healthy’ and does not pollute 10 times as much as fossil fuel vehicles.

You will learn the world’s most critical thinking is done by some of our members, they will tell you all about their skills.

Most importantly you will learn that it is MAGA, Trump and all center right people’s fault that your daughter is not a man and does not have a catbox to relax in whilst learning the definition of cisgender.


You will learn that FJB takes many positions with no factual basis and is a MAGA ideologue who avidly clings to every conspiracy put out by Qanon and other tools of MAGA indoctrination. Read his comments on the attack on Paul Pelosi or his attempt to accuse Democrats of rigging elections and refusing to accept defeat to fully understand where he is coming from and the swamp of misinformation that pollutes his thinking.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Anthony, I don’t feel the need to provide reams of factual evidence to prove to you that water is wet or that female chickens lay eggs. If you didn’t believe it, no amount of factual evidence would make you change your mind. It is unfortunate, but liberals do not see facts nor their own hypocricy. They can’t. It is part of what makes a lib a lib. There is not one word of what I posted that hasn’t been said here by the progressives, I may have paraphrased but the general points are, in fact, taken right from the lib commenters here. So, you know, whatever.

Ignatious P. Reilly

Ajs, ….”is a MAGA ideologue who avidly clings to every conspiracy put out by Qanon and other tools of MAGA indoctrination.”

This is absolutely false and you should be ashamed of yourself for posting it.

One can disagree with liberal stupidity, nonsense and hypocricy without also being what you accuse me of being.


One need not feel ashamed for telling the truth. When I wrote that, I mistakenly thought I was responding to FJB. I believe it is an accurate description of him based on his posts. I will acknowledge that you seem more reasonable than he does. Nonetheless, your views are predominantly far right, Trump-MAGA-inspired.

I am not ashamed. I am proud that I use facts about the people you support to buttress my attacks on their character and agendas.

I never told anyone on your side of the political divide to feel ashamed. Exaggeration to make a point is acceptable in a free-wheeling discussion but outright lies and distortions should be pointed out and we should be thick skinned enough to deal with that.

Read your last statement. Try supporting it and all your misinformation and distortions in the original post with some facts. I especially would like evidence that these statements are accurate. It isn’t true that they are as obvious as water is wet and hens lay eggs:

“You will learn that coal fired plants do not have any type of filters for their emissions and the white clouds of pure steam, so often used by the liberal media to show the awful pollution, are actually clouds of toxic waste coming to kill your children.

You will learn that modern automobiles pollute heavily and that the manufacture of electric cars is ‘green’ and ‘healthy’ and does not pollute 10 times as much as fossil fuel vehicles.”


Just for the heck of it a quick google search revealed this:

“Emissions from burning coal
Nitrogen oxides (NOx), which contribute to smog and respiratory illnesses. Particulates, which contribute to smog, haze, and respiratory illnesses and lung disease. Carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the primary greenhouse gas produced from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas)Dec 2, 2021” and this:

“Coal-fired power plants release carbon dioxide, mercury, and other emissions that can harm human health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently reported that emissions from power plants have increased from 2020 to 2021, reflecting growth in coal-fired power generation.Mar 10, 2022”

Do you understand: Coal fired plants are a problem and they must be phased out. Do you notice how facts work, how persuasive they can be if you think about them?

Mr Iggy there is no such thing as center right MAGA republicans. They are so far right they are falling off of the flat earth they believe in ……Your post is critically false

Ignatious P. Reilly

I agree, Guy, there isn’t, and in reference to them, I agree – but there ARE center right republicans and a lot of them.

There are center- left democrats, but there are no center-left progressive liberals.

As proven here daily.


“denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.,” Definition of cisgender from the Oxford language dictionary. Should we not teach vocabulary in schools? Maybe schools should only be provided with dictionaries that have been scrubbed of all words the WOKE MAGA FOLK find offensive. Any other “special interests groups” could call for the elimination of words they find offensive. School boards would be very busy. My choice would be “transubstantiation” because it makes me feel creepy. But then, I wouldn’t submit it because I believe in our 1st amendment rights and quarrels over it were part of the Protestant Reformation, an important historical and theological topic.


I think the following description of Senator Graham from Quora applies to many Trump supporters:

“When a person is in pain, it’s a bit easier to come off as nasty or to be nasty.

When a person sees his life coming to its bitter end, and rather soon, it’s depressing; it’s always there, lurking.

And when a person is thrust into a political position of hypocrisy, just in order to remain in power, it goes against the grain of what the person had forever recognized in himself as valuable and honorable.

Now and every day, Lindsey is confronted by an angry press and pressed to answer uncomfortable questions, that normally and not so long ago would have been easy to answer with a smiling face. His words would mirror those of his good and honorable friend John McCain. And today they don’t. McCain would have none of this.

Yet here stands Lindsey, afraid, bowed, cowering at the thought of Trump’s tweeting.

And all of it in order to stay in power, to remain under the klieg lights, and to have access to the Senate gym and restaurants, and to make tee times at Congressional.

And Lindsey, in the end, it’s just not worth it. Your golf swing sucks!”


“Reddit is a social news site where users can submit content and vote on submissions. Quora is a question-and-answer site where users can ask and answer questions on any topic.” Google search

I cited my source. They provided a description of Lindsey I agree with. I posted it. So what are you wondering about and why? Do you disagree with the description of Graham? That is something I would like to hear accompanied by an explanation. This is a forum for discussion.

Steven Flynn

CNN opinion piece by Alice Stewart : Summary “The GOP is poised to win back the House and Senate because they have listened to voters, heard their concerns, and offered solutions. Democrats have been tone deaf when it comes to the real issues impacting Americans, choosing to focus on threats to democracy over everyday concerns about the cost of groceries and gas. This election is about the basic need to feed families, rather than fanning fears of a fallen Democracy.” The radical liberals of the DG opinion page didnt get the memo obviously. Oh well, its not like we didnt tell them so. Oh but Trump……democracy ends……….fascism………MAGA……Trump voters…….45………QANON.


Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics:

“Stewart worked as Communications Director for the presidential campaigns of Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Rick Santorum and Congressman Michele Bachmann. She also served as a surrogate for the Republican National Committee.”

No matter what cabal news outlet she appears on, what would you expect her to say after working for such outstanding and honest politicians as Cruz, Huckabee, Santorum, and (holy smokes) Bachmann.

Can you list their solutions Mr Flynn? They say they will cut spending to lower inflation. Biden took 1.8 trillion dollars off the debt in his first 2 years. Do they mean Social Security and Medicare?…Please list the other solutions they have that will magically make us all happy…..I give the republican party one thing they are loyal …WHen Trump was President he promised the people in OHIO that their automotive plant will not be shut down and their jobs were safe…The plant was shut down before the 2020 election …and he still won Ohio by almost 9 points….that is loyalty….But please tell me the rest of the republican plan


Steve: “Oh but Trump……democracy ends……….fascism………MAGA……Trump voters…….45………QANON.” You forgot to add: Tim Michels Republican candidate running for governor of Wisconsin said if he is elected Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin.

You really don’t see a threat to democracy in this?

Qanon claims Trump has a divine mission to fight the cabal of Satan worshiping child trafficking democratic cannibals controlling us. Trump has said he “alone can fix it.” He is the only president to ever fight and refuse to accept the peaceful transfer of the presidency.

You say it is all in our “liberal” heads? Why do many non-MAGA Republicans with stellar conservative credentials fear him as much as we “liberals” do? A partial list includes Cheney, Kinzinger, McMullin, Murkowski, Raffensperger, O’Dea, Ryan,Rubin, Will, Kristol.

Tell me that pundits like George Will, Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol, powerful conservative voices who condemn Trump and see him as a threat to American values and democracy, are not more credible than the likes of Carlson Tucker, Sean Hannity, and Dana Perino. I always respected Will, Rubin, and Kristol and felt they had ideas worth considering and put Amerca and its citizen’s interests ahead of their own. I can’t say the same for the others. Au contraire, mon frere. Vous comprend francais, n-est-ce pas, Steve?

Law enforcement tracking online calls for violence.

Election workers being threatened.

Armed thugs with face coverings (cowards!) intimidating voters.

300 election deniers running, refusing to concede if they lose.

MTGreene will be elevated to oversight committee.

New voting laws forcing disabled people to the polls.

DOJ dispatched to voting sites in 24 states.

GOP mocking Paul Pelosi for a cult follower cracking the 82 year olds skull.

45 threatening Speaker Pelosi at his rallies.

ALL BECAUSE MANGO MUSSOLINI refused the peaceful transfer of power and is determined to turn us into his autocracy.

THIS is what Americans want? Shame on us if the gop takes over.


The great thing about being aligned with today’s GOP is you can espouse multiple mutually conflicting excuses/justifications with complete disregard for facts, logic or consequences. About sums up today’s comments from the “righties” How come when you ask for verifiable facts to there comments, they never have the time to provide them? Could be the can’t find them in print anywhere? Somebody said that somewhere seems to be gospel for them. Let’s bash the libs with that, they will never find any truth about it as there isn’t any.

Tonight? Again? You think you can declare victory like the last time before all the votes are counted?
Maybe your Donald will start hooting again about ‘stopping the count!’
Maybe again you people will be confused about how absentee voting works?
Maybe we’ll have to await the Republican Kraaken?
Maybe will have to sit through 60+ court challenges that add up to zero.
Maybe we’ll have to witness another assault on our Capitol and election by thousands of mindless wannabee militia boys and girls.

No, I think the MAGA Republicans will be on the floor kicking and screaming for weeks if things don’t go their way. This will not be over tonight.


Okay loonie libs missed their meds today to busy tinkling on anyone who posts something other than hate Trump. I guess when you’re a washed up retired screwall teacher this is what your life is about. I retire hopefully in 5 years and my days will not be about jabbering about a guy who was once President. My guess is the three stooges have nothing left life to live for. They thought they were hip and cool in the 60’s and 70’s and they try to be the radical leftist they seen on TV. It has to be almost pudding time for the cranky old men.


You are a fool, an ignoramus, and a brainwashed MAGA-ite. Is that insulting? If it is, at least it is true. You have no reason to believe I am a “retired screwall teacher”, whatever that means. I hope if your side wins, you can live w/o Social Security and Medicare when you retire in five years. Your problem is you were never hip or cool and might be one of those incels who hate everyone and everything in their miserable isolation. You think I’m a loser? You and your pathetic hero are the real losers and you continuously prove yourself to be cranky and no doubt will be as long as you live.

How do you like them apples as we old but informed men like to say?


Every word I used to describe Go F—Joe Biden applies to you, Mr. Christian BM, who has no idea what Jesus stood for as evidenced by every one of your posts.

Keep laughing apostate the day of judgment is coming. Feel free to look the big words up.


To GFJB: Try to write in English. Your posts reveal a person who refused to learn, probably because he hated those who knew more than he did and wished to prove the ignorant will rule supreme. Can you figure that out? Duhhhhh.


BTW, why do you hide behind the profane name “letsgobrandon”? Are you afraid it will hurt your business if the public finds out who you are? It will. Reveal yourself so that we who vote with our money can protest. I don’t think you will do that because you really do know how you sound in your posts and that they reveal the kind of bitter, angry, hateful man (or woman) you are.

I paid attention in grade school and can tell a fraudster and a traitor a mile a way.
What happened to you? Looks like you have lots of company too.

Your attempt to portray a psychoanalyst is quite pathetic. Instead, I suggest you visit one. The need is as obvious as the first two syllables of that five syllable word are in describing you.

“to busy tinkling on anyone who posts something other than hate Trump.”

Glad to see you love Biden, and would never do any “tinkling” when it’s about him.

“ let’s go Brandon” is a political slogan and Internet meme used as a substitute for the phrase “f- -k Joe Biden” in reference to Joe Biden, the 46th and current president of the United States.


ChuckD and Louis, I could not hold back any longer; it feels good to have expressed my feelings, come what may. I know all the people on my side of the political divide would really like a rational, fact based, non-conspiracy laden discussion of the issues and problems that face our nation and world but the right has made that impossible. It is so damn sad.

Tony, yes you are very reasonable and factual with your posts. Fair minded, rational people appreciate your words. – I don’t let the MAGA morons get under my skin because I just consider the source. They don’t get it and never will. Attempting to reason with them is like trying to straighten out a plate of spaghetti and keeping on the dish.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

As I said, just consider the source, and don’t let them suck you into their venomous den.

I think a lot of frustration with these people goes to how we argue and debate things. I went to a local suburban public school. In 11th grade we learned the mechanics of debate. Anyone in the normal track for graduation went through this.
We were broken up into teams of four and then paired with another team and given a topic. One team was to take one side and the other team an opposing view, and then we learned to properly frame our point and present it. The other team did as well and we were expected to LISTEN to the other team’s point, they to ours and we’d prepare a coherent response; a rebuttal for presentation the next day. Anyone who knows about formal debate knows there’s more to it and there’s actually scholastic competition in debating.

But forgetting about those formalities, those basics are simply common sense to how we should address differences. One party has an issue for which they should show that they’ve thought about their issue and formed some sensible points to support their belief. Another party hears those points and responds to those points with their own sensible counterpoints. And maybe enough of this back and forth and maybe the comes a resolution. Or maybe not. But at least both sides come away with an understanding of the differences.

But that falls apart when one party has no interest in resolution, or of describing their issues sensibly, and a single-minded intention to get their “victory” or to die on that hill trying. It’s a WWE Raw mentality. That’s pretty much what we see here and elsewhere that the MAGA make their noise. Reason isn’t in the vocabulary, in fact opposition is just another thing to knock down mindlessly with apparently a victory of some kind as an outcome. It really is a Pyrrhic struggle writ large.

Personally, I don’t think it’s sustainable, and we’re already seeing election results to show that maybe the MAGA movement isn’t all it (or the media) makes itself out to be. There will be no Trump-endorsed Red Tide. Like the Tea Party before it and various other right-wing organizations, they collapse under the wet blanket of their own hate.

Again, in 2020 recounts in Arizona determined unquestionably that in two counties 75,000 Republican, or Republican-leaning voters, voted the Republican Party line …but not for President. There they either voted Biden or nothing. This should’ve been a huge wake-up call for both parties, and the DNC may have read it and decided to help Trump candidates in their Primaries knowing in a general they’d get stuffed (no rule against that).
But Republicans definitely didn’t respond, and got played by the Dems. Just imagine (or dread) if they knew how to put aside their own internal differences and not condemn people like they did to Cheney and Kinzinger and so many other Republican non-Trump worshippers.
This is a fatal flaw in their cause and why I don’t think they could ever amount to much more than fringe, with occasional flare-ups when a void allows it.

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