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Letter to the Editor Friday, Nov. 11 – From a reader in Ballston Lake


Set goal post to close racial divide

Without a goal post, the racial divide will continue. Vice President Kamala Harris said she will help minorities first in hurricane-stricken Florida.
The new health commissioner said minorities will get COVID help first.
Do-gooders are rushing in to help without a goal. Native Americans would not agree that the government has done enough.
Why have Asians risen above despite their minority status? How long would minorities be happy if all were given $10,000 in reparation?
Until we have an understanding with those that believe they need to be paid for past injustices, we as a nation will keep giving small gestures and the divide will continue.
Past injustices are not the only factor to be looked at. Some minorities thrive, some blame White people for all of their problems.
Establishing a goal post is a first step. What amount of compensation will make you happy?
Rick Green
Ballston Lake

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Rick Green if you look at any natural disaster. Low income and minorities for the most part suffer the most. Look at Katrina and watch a film called “When the Levees Broke” and you will have your answer. Taking care of the most needy has always been at the forefront of any response. I’m not worried about the person that had a yacht blown inland. The goal post you mention doesn’t remain in one place during these times of need and never will.


There is a very informative article on p. C2 of today’s DG,”Post election misinformation targets Arizona, Pa.”

It is a brief discussion of the false claims of cheating in the recent election, made by far right MAGA leaders like Mike Flynn, Trump’s former NSA, who has claimed governors can declare war, and leaders of Qanon, who believe Trump is a knight in shining armor fighting the satanic child-trafficking and cannibalistic democratic elite that is controlling our country.

What they are doing is dastardly. They are trying to create the political and economic chaos that facilitates the rise to power of a dictator who claims only he can fix things. Happily, the recent election showed Americans are increasingly rejecting the garbage spewed by election deniers and the anti-democratic movement that continues to threaten our country, but was given a strong kick in the butt on November 8.

The real show will start if DeSantis has the guts to take on Trump for the presidency. We will see a Republican Civil War….New Nicknames…..Lies from the both of them …If Trump loses to DeSantis. He will run as an independent to sabotage the party that embraced him. I have said this before. Everything Trump touches turns to shit eventually. New Yorkers know it and the Banks know it. The Trumpers refuse to see it.


And like a mentally incapacitated President the three stooges cannot seem to let go. Trump, Maga, Jan.6th. I find it amazing that Trump a billionaire business man created his own wealth. And the Democratic socialist who most likely are retired cicvil service workers. They created no wealth of their own only to get fat cushy pension checks that most Americans would only dream to have 25% of what these stooges take from the tax roles. If it weren’t for people who create businesses and employment and pay exorbant taxes and regulations and insurances there would be no structure of taxes. A.S. totes his vast knowledge must realize that it was capitalism that has given him his cushy retirement as a screwall teacher. Even the socialist democrats profit from capitalism look at Nancy husband Paul making an investment into a micro-chip company just before they a a plush government contract and they raked in millions. But that’s okay they’re the elitist of the demorat party. My god what bitter little trolls you are.


If you read my comments below you will find that the Republican party seems incapable of divorcing itself from Trump. My side would love to see him booted out of the GOP and relegated to obscurity.

Trump did not create his “own wealth”. He acquired multi-millions of dollars from his father, some legally and some through tax evasion. Many of his business ventures wound up bankrupt. He is notorious for not paying debts and engaging in questionable business practices. Perhaps the most notorious was the failed Trump University scam. Or,perhaps his failed Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Can you imagine the consequences of firing every civil servant? Enough said. Their work is critical and generally they are paid less than their private enterprise counterparts.

“A.S. totes his vast knowledge…” I think you mean “touts”. In any event, read what I wrote again. I believe in accepting information and advice from experts in their fields. We can’t all be doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and climatologists but we need to respect and be guided by their expertise.
Your inaccurate and ‘goofy’ diatribes ends with an insult that is clearly more descriptive of you than those you wantonly attack: “My god what bitter little trolls you are.” You sad, sad man, my heart goes out to all living with such unwarranted anger and hatred. It must be tough.

Bill Marincic

The lies keep spilling out of your mouths. Trump owns 500 businesses which six filed for bankruptcy which is .012% which means he is successful 98.8% of the time, I say that’s pretty darn good. Math get’s them all of the time.

Do you think it makes up for all those classified and Top Secret documents he stole?

And BTW, it’s reported he started his business life with $4M seed money from his Daddy. Pretty sure he never had to shine shoes in Penn Station. That must’ve been nice.

Bill Marincic

Smart businessmen hire smart people to make their money, so what’s your point.

Marincic: the issue is “ … Trump a billionaire business man created his own wealth”. He spread this lie while denying the fact that he received approximately $450 million in todays valuation from his crooked father. I don’t know how that can fit the definition of “self made” no matter how you stretch it.

Bill Marincic

First I never said self-made, secondly regardless if his father gave him 4 million or 400 million, to turn that into multi Billions takes talent. Do you have $6000 dollars, turn that 6K into 600K in 10 years. Show me how much smarter you are than Trump.

I’m smart enough not to claim my 5,000sf penthouse is 30,000sf.
Do you think Weisselberg, the Trump family CFO who’s spilling his guts to the AG had anything to do with his success?

“Trump and his businesses had been involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S federal and state courts, an unprecedented number for a U.S. presidential candidate. Of the 3,500 suits, Trump or one of his companies were plaintiffs in 1,900; defendants in 1,450; and bankruptcy, third party, or other in 150.[1] Trump was named in at least 169 suits in federal court.”

“During his term as President of the United States, Donald Trump made tens of thousands of false or misleading claims. The Washington Post’s fact-checker had tallied the number as 30,573 by January 2021, an average of about 21 per day by the end of his presidency.”

“The 598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.” (too much space to post)

“Donald Trump, the President of the United States from 2017 to 2021, has been accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least 25 women since the 1970s”

Add up them numbers Bill. Yep, “Math gets them all of the time.”

That’s your messiah hero, be proud.


The saying, “There are none so blind as those who will not see” defines BM and all other far right Republicans. They are wreaking havoc in this country and they just keep the blinders on. Their nastiness grows as their frustration with the failure of MAGA grows and their hope for a White Christian male autocratic hierarchy in this country fades.

Bill Marincic

That’s funny, the only people I see wreaking havoc and nastiness are liberals like you guys. Anyone can go to any day of the LTE here and read how all of you attack and slander anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with your side.


Lou, I wonder if Trump is a sincere Christian waiting eagerly to meet his “maker” like BM.

Mr Brandon…..Don’t fret …..pick yourself up by the boot straps and move foreword……You really should stay out of politics….It’s make you quite emotional….Take up a hobby like Knitting at least you’ll have something when your done with knitting

“Do-gooders are rushing in to help without a goal.”
Mr. Green says compassion should have hard limits, and he has a label for those who show it: the “do-gooders”.
Doubtless he would like a say in where the compassion and tolerance end because he won’t fall for this “do-gooder” nonsense.
Thank you for your letter assigning labels, and identifying as “racist”.


Republicans who want to resurrect their party from the ashes of trumpism will benefit from closely reading Jackie Calmes column “Midterm’s biggest losers: The GOP and Donald Trump”. Some excerpts for those too busy:

“…let’s say My Kevin does become Speaker. His small majority will leave him beholden to the House’s MAGA wing; the crazy caucus’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has said so much.

‘No. 1, we need to impeach Joe Biden,’ she pronounced last month, and impeachments of his Homeland Security secretary and attorney general would be next, she said.

And you thought Republicans’ priorities were bringing down inflation and crime? Silly you.

Axios reported early Wednesday that, among Republican insiders, Trump ‘is facing waves of blame.’

But here’s the problem: That blame, as usual, is coming from anonymous sources.

No Republican of note spoke out this week when Trump ridiculously said, ‘If they win, I should get all the credit. And if they lose, I should not be blamed at all.’

Until party honchos at all levels go public, Trump will remain the de facto Republican leader.

And he’ll lead them to more losses.”

Bill Marincic

Ballotpedia says Trump’s endorsements were 80% successful wins. And before you say it;

Ballotpedia is a nonprofit and nonpartisan online political encyclopedia that covers federal, state, and local

So, I wonder how far back he would have to go if an “injustice” such as rape or murder was committed to one of Rick Green’s immediate relatives before he would be willing to clear the slate and forget about it.

“Why have Asians risen above despite their minority status?” What’s the implication there? – My bigger concern is why are Asian-Americans being attacked. – I’ll tell you why, because racism is still rampant it in America, and that should be the greater concern to Mr. Green.

Bill Marincic

So tell us Lou, who are the primary attackers of Asians? I will tell you, in NYC alone out of 20 attacks only two people were White. So do you want to tell us who those other 18 racists were?

People of all races can show racism, and the Chinese, the largest most ethnically pure pool of humans on Earth, are certainly capable of it.

But you seem especially interested in pinning racism on black people while trying to defend white people when you know the real problem is the reverse.

Bill Marincic

Nice try Lou, you said your bigger concern is why are Asians being attacked, I’ll tell you why, because racism is still rampant in America, didn’t you just say that Lou? You are trying to blame racism on White people because you believe POC can’t be racists. The next time you want to show us how anti-racist, you are get the facts first, you won’t look so foolish.

Number one, I stand by what I said. – Number two, you don’t even know who you’re talking to because Chuck made the above comment. And number three, you obviously didn’t understand what Chuck said, because I’m sure he meant that racism is not is not limited to any one race or religion. He never blamed racism on white people alone. He only said you were defending white people regarding racism. – But how can that be when you have at least one drop of black blood in you, a black grandchild, and a Black best friend?

And I’m sure you must have read Black Beauty, so that totally exonerates you from being a racist.

Bill Marincic

Chuck, you, Santo, jclark, it doesn’t matter you all spew the same garbage…

Bill Marincic

Which I guarantee you are much more than you have, other than your fantasy that you can be Black.

Bill Marincic

I’m not interested in pinning racism on anyone, all races are guilty of being racist. Some hide it and some show it, but that doesn’t mean America is divided. Most people of all races are not racists, we all get along just fine and we treat each other the same as we treat anyone else. My best friend said to me in a text a couple of days ago and I quote, “My greatest gift is realizing I’m not a victim in 2022. I’m a Black man going for a 2nd college degree and I have a huge support system like you and others. You can’t tell me I’m oppressed, that’s over with. Sid


Oh Bill, we all know that you feel like the victim. Your desperation, proven by your vitriolic attacks, is not a good place for you to be.

If I am not mistaken you claim to be Black. I don’t recall anyone else expressing fantasies about being Black. Race is a “social construct”. The color of a human being’s skin, their facial features, have no more to do with their character, talents, or values than the color of their eyes, their hair, their height, sex, or any other physical characteristic. We should all work toward fully accepting this, as we all have prejudices that have been embedded in our psyche by growing up in a racist and sexist environment.

In spite of that our stereotyping of people, forcing them into categories to justify their exploitation has caused untold suffering and misery for the targets of the majority’s selfish scorn.

Ask your transsexual brother. I’m sure he can relate to the problems encountered by those we “label” as not deserving full human rights.

The complete ignorance of understanding climate change in relation to human activity is exemplified by two of yesterdays MAGA (Morons Attempting to Gut America) posters.

We all know that the climate/temperature on earth has changed over the approximate 4 1/2 billion years of its existence. That is a given, natural happening, not unlike a soapbox derby car rolling down a hill because of gravity.

If you want to speed up a derby car put a motor on it, if you want to speed up climate change burn fossil fuels. Simple facts for simple minds.

If one is in denial of the above facts, consider starting a gas weed-whacker in a closed garage for a while, then contemplate the outcome.

Both the closed garage and the earth have a limited atmosphere. “If you imagine that the fruit inside the apple skin is akin to earth, it turns out that the thickness of the earth’s atmosphere can be likened to the thickness of the skin of an apple.”- – – A lot easier to screw up then, obviously, many realize.

Bill Marincic

According to Climate Portal,

And importantly, greenhouse gases don’t absorb all photons that cross their paths. Instead, they mostly take in photons leaving the Earth for space

From 6 years of observation according to well known Neurologists …Trump voters don’t absorb factual information well. Their neuron receptors aren’t firing on cylinders


Do you ever read your own posts? For the most part, they are insults, inaccurate, or things you make up or find from unreliable sources. From today’s posts:

“The lies keep spewing out of your mouths…”

“You all spew the same garbage..”

“…he’s a mushroom, he’s in the dark and fed crap by his handlers…”

“…he (Trump) is successful 98.8% of the time…”

“Show me how much smarter you are than Trump.”

I and others on my side of the divide have also insulted and negatively described MAGA heroes like Trump himself, Lindsey Graham, Kerri Lake, Tim Michels and a host of others but we back those criticisms up. We have insulted other posters but you are the only one I know to constantly complain and go to the editor sobbing about how you are treated on this forum only to find your comments were the ones needing supervision.

You seldom answer a direct question. Where is your explanation of the quote from “Climate Portal?” In my opinion you shouldn’t post anything you don’t understand and then claim to have proven your point. In this case that human activities aren’t causing global climate problems.

I’ve asked you to discuss whether or not your transsexual brother has suffered from discrimination due to his gender confusion. No answer, Why? You brought him up, so I assume you are willing to tell us that he has had no problems or, if he did, why he had problems dealing with his ambiguous gender? I am using “he” because you identified him as your brother, so I don’t know whether he was born male and feels like a woman trapped in a male body or vice-versa. I do believe transgender children and adults deserve full human rights, including consulting with their family and doctors concerning how best to handle the situation. Do you agree?

Bill Marincic

No, my brother has not that he told me, he also told me that when and if he dies before me that his birth name is used. That tells me that there is a reflection on the choice that was made. I watched an 18-year-old girl that is de-transisioning and suing the people and doctors that gave her the puberty blocking drugs on F&F this morning and talked her into a double mastectomy.

Yeah, Guy, you lost, and me too. – Climate change and global warming are not real, so if you get too hot just take off your sweater and if you’re caught in a hurricane just buy an L.L. Bean windbreaker and you’ll be fine. Perhaps some high rubber boots for the flooding and Bull s – – t as well.

Biden is looking strong on the world stage!
He just taught the rest of the world how to keep a democracy together…as frayed as is it right now.

45 is a loser so hopefully the gop will let go (&/or prison).
Putin is humiliated.
Dems exceeded expectations partly because of his skill in actual governing.

The greedy, power hungry Indifferent bastards that manipulate the MAGA morons, as far as I’m concerned, should also a company 45 in prison. And, yes, thank Jesus our savior, and all the Christian prayers for putting Biden in office. We’d be all taking crash courses in Russian if trump had won the election.

To the dismay Bill and his comrades , hopefully the trumpian way as exemplified by by the likes Kari Lake will continue to fizzle out.


Explain how that proves climate change isn’t caused by human activities, primarily industrial and agricultural. I don’t know enough about science to understand what this observation means in relation to climate change: “greenhouse gases don’t absorb all photons that cross their paths. Instead, they mostly take in photons leaving the Earth for space.”

I know that photons are the particles that create light. My understanding is that photons create heat when interacting with the earth’s surface and that greenhouses gases capture that heat and hold it in more effectively than nitrogen or oxygen the dominant gases in our atmosphere.

But science is not my strong point. That is why I trust the experts. However I am open to a factual scientific discussion of your quote from “Climate Portal” which you say disproves the warming affect of greenhouse gases. But, please don’t print or cite some source that is about as credible as the Flat Earth Society.

The nuclear fusion database as explained through photosynthetic by-kinetic cycles only when disrupted by non-stagnatic intervals resulting in geothermal revelation component implementary deformations of non-constant reverse immersible nonexistent substance, along with cow farting, perhaps better explains it Tony.

Bill Marincic

That is the funniest thing I have read in a week jclarke, he’s a mushroom, he’s in the dark and fed crap by his handlers.


He is a sad man who trusts his emotions and desires over the truth. The fact that he said something so obviously false is an indication that he has no real reason to hate Joe Biden or blame Biden for our problems.


Why don’t you educate us by responding to my comment on your quote from “Climate Portal” rather than posting unhinged lies about Joe Biden?

Bill…and Biden passed more legislation than Obama and 45 combined, while governing over a deeply divided nation…masterful!
It takes time to start feeling the positive results of all he’s implemented.
He’s offered sensible Republicans to move away from maga and help solve problems…like maybe the border that they’re always screaming about.
He defied the odds so has a mandate. Our citizens voted for bipartisanship.

Bill Marincic

Thank God A S none of my children had to put up with your indoctrination, I listen to the crap you post on here there is no way that you didn’t try to force your beliefs on those kids.


tsk! tsk! Bill, watch that temper! Actually I had a 34 year career as a teacher and loved the job. I was a social studies teacher and always welcomed intelligent discussions of controversial issues. While I was teaching no one seemed to mind my making my views clear, especially since I welcomed other points of view and allowed students and guests to present their viewpoints. However people were asked to support their views with credible evidence and logic. Critical thinking skills are an important part of a sound high school education. Did you attend high school?


You still haven’t expanded on how what Climate portal said proves there is no human caused climate change. If you read my response I explained how greenhouse gases trap heat. Your turn to make this an intelligent discussion.

Bill Marincic

AS So you admit that you pushed your views on your kids and anyone that didn’t agree with you had to produce proof or else they were wrong. You are exactly what’s wrong with the teachers of today. Depending upon the grade level I didn’t see anywhere in my research that it is a good idea to discuss your political ideology.


You are not good at twisting the truth. Obviously I supported my points of view just as others were expected to. No one was coerced into accepting a point of view, only to use critical thinking sills to support their beliefs, not distortions, lies, misinformation etc. purposely designed to throw a serious discussion into chaos.

An example of unacceptable arguments would be those based on wild insupportable conspiracy theories such as Alex Jones assertion that Sandy hook was staged by actors to gain support for gun control. Another would be a number of ridiculous interpretations of the events that occurred on the night of Paul Pelosi’s attack.

Do you know what crtical thinking skills are? Students were alloed to argue points such as those mentioned in the above paragraph but most high school students quickly learned how to identify them as weak or just made up to support an untenable argument.

Of course, anyone who chose to accept alternate facts because they reinforced their beliefs was allowed to. You still post obviously distorted out of context misinformation regularly. Explain how your quote from Climate Portal proves there is no involvement of humanity in climate change. If you choose to believe no one is forcing you to accept the truth.


The responsibility of citizens to be informed and involved is critical to a functioning democracy. Looking at the example of Trump’s big lie illustrates a teacher’s role in a classroom discussion concerning the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

A teacher might start the discussion by asking students who believe Trump won the election in 2020 and Biden is an illegitimate president to raise their hands. He would ask them why they believe that. The strength of the arguments presented would be open to a discussion with anyone’s views and interpretations welcome.

An effective teacher would then ask those who didn’t accept Trump’s claims to explain why they didn’t. A discussion of the strength of their arguments would ensue. Such a discussion would involve a teacher emphasizing the importance of backing your arguments with solid verifiable evidence. The result of over sixty court cases, many presided over by Trump appointed judges, William Barr’s and Kris Kreb’s assertion (head of Cyber Security and a Trump appointee) that election results were accurate is strong evidence that Trump is mistaken. As is the work of the 1/6 committee.

In the same fashion the evidence presented by students who accept Trump’s assertion would be examined. Is there any evidence that poll workers stuffed ballot boxes or that Dominion voting machines were rigged? How strong an argument would it be to say Trump would not lie about this important issue?

Following such a discussion students would obviously remain free to belive whatever they want. However, as an instructor and moderate, the teacher would be remiss if he didn’t express his personal views. That is not indoctrination BM.

Bill Marincic

AS regardless of your feeble attempt to prove me wrong, knowing how you interact here tells me you decided what the discussion would be and you researched everything you could find to support and prove your point knowing that the students were only playing catch up and had zero chance to dispute you. Let me ask you, did a student ever prove you wrong, and if so, what about?


Do you think that labeling something a feeble attempt without supporting the claim carries any weight in a serious discussion? Let’s analyze your criticisms:

“…you decided what the discussion would be..” Of course, I was the teacher but I allowed, in fact, encouraged students to introduce topics for discussion.

“… you researched everything you could find to support and prove your point knowing that the students were only playing catch up and had zero chance to dispute…” I studied each side of a debate before introducing a topic. That is what a good teacher and moderate does. I wasn’t out to prove my point and, as I said earlier, students were encouraged to support their views on all controversial subjects. I always let them know what issues we would be discussing and they had ample opportunity to research topics and invite guest speakers in. They had every opportunity to dispute any point. All students could make their own minds up.

“…did a student ever prove you wrong, and if so, what about?” Here you show your lack of understanding. The object wasn’t to prove anyone wrong but to learn how to argue effectively and recognize faulty reasoning and “alternate facts.” I learned a great deal from my students over the decades.

Frankly BM, I am tired of responding to your faulty reasoning and “alternate facts.” As I did in the past I will again ignore your posts. You don’t argue in a way that leads to a productive dialogue. For example, I have asked you several times to explain how your excerpt from “Climate Portal” proves that man plays no role in climate change. You have not responded. I laid out my interpretation as to how industrial and agricultural human activities are contributing to climate change. This is my last response to your vacuous posts:

Critical thinkers:
Ask questions.
Gather relevant information.
Think through solutions and conclusions.
Consider alternative systems of thought.
Communicate effectively.

Bill Marincic

AS, Read the climate Portal if you want to know what it says. As far as not responding to me; Do you promise?

Faux entertainment host…”single women and women under 40 have been captured by democrats, so we need these ladies to get married, and it’s time to fall in love and just settle down. Guys, go put a ring on it.”
WTF! They’re blaming women for their loss!
No, the democrats won them over…with a lot of hard work!

Two days after a largely smooth election in Kentucky, the Republican secretary of state is calling for changes to the voting process, including an expansion of voting locations and an end to “frivolous recounts” fueled by misinformation.

Testifying before the Kentucky General Assembly’s Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee on Thursday, Michael Adams said providing extra support to county clerks would be vital to ensuring future election integrity and minimizing long lines and disruptions on Election Day.

Yes there is hope, hopefully more republicans will respect the constitution an denounce MAGA Republicans.


Lou, I heard about this particular secretary of state who, though Republican, realizes for democracy to survive, political parties must accept election results or the findings of re-counts and court cases if they choose to question the outcome.They must not continue the trumpian path pursued by Kerri Lake, claiming if they lose, the election must have been rigged. What a bunch of narcissistic, cry-baby, sore losers these election deniers are, inspired by their fuhrer, the reprehensible hater of real America and its values, Donald Trump. How I long for the day we can forget this self-centered criminal who has taken control of the GOP and turned it into the Grand Old Party of Putin fans and Putin wannabes.

Michael Adams, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Bill Kristol, George Will and all the Republican voters out there who put country first are cause for hope.


More on Michael Adams, the kind of Republican who wants to restore his party to sanity. He had this to say about election deniers:

“They’re not telling the truth. They love moving the goalposts,” Adams said, pointing to one candidate who successfully petitioned for a recount (and raised the money to pay for it), only to file a new complaint after the recount confirmed the original results. “They love making these reasonable-sounding arguments and then they get called on it and they show their true colors.”

In an interview with FiveThirtyEight, Rhonda Palazzo, one of the Kentucky candidates who sought a recount (though in a legitimately narrow race, with a difference of just 58 votes), said she wasn’t making any accusations of fraud, but also referenced the widely debunked conspiracy theory documentary “2000 Mules,” which claims that a network of “mules” stuffed ballot boxes around the country in 2020, using specious evidence.


Here is the difference between the Democratic Socialist and American Constitutional Conservatives.
The Democratic Socialist: What we is the reign of law based on the consent of the Governed and sustained by the organized opinion of mankind.

The Constitutional Conservative:I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. Educate and inform the whole mass of people, they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

It is evident by the the three stooges that this is also self evident.


What you wrote is so off-base and and thoughtless that it merits no response. I will exchange posts with reasonable and well-informed conservatives. I will post arguments and quotes that support my point of view and welcome responsible criticism. I will exchange ideas with those whose ideology is in line with mine on how to continue the progress we’ve made in the last election. But when mangled syntax and incomprehensible unfounded criticisms and name-calling (the three stooges?) comprise the post, I will ignore it.

More good news for us lefties: Election deniers Mark Finchem and Blake Masters lost in Arizona. Both had strong Trump endorsements. Hobbs is on her way to defeating her Trump endorsed election-denying opponent Kari Lake. She said she couldn’t lose. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

In Nevada, Cortez Masto is on her way to overtaking Laxalt as votes in heavily Democratic leaning areas have yet to be reported. If she wins, Democrats will keep the Senate majority. If, as is likely, Warnock defeats Walker in the 12/6 run off in Georgia, Democrats will hold 51 to the Republican’s 49 Senate seats. This would dilute Manchin’s power. If he votes with Republicans and the result is a 50-50 vote, VP Harris who is President of the Senate, gets to cast the tie-breaking vote.


How about: when you learn to write complete sentences and convey cohesive thought, we’ll start to accept that you understand “Educate and inform”.

‘Reality is going to be rough’
Outgoing Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) told The Washington Post he knew the evening of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol that the GOP would have a difficult time proving to voters they should be in the majority in two years.
“By midnight on January 6, it was obvious that if we continued to sleepwalk down the path of crazy we’d face a rude awakening,” he said. “Instead of facing those facts, the GOP spent the last two years heading in the same direction and actively avoiding any internal reckoning. After Tuesday, we have no choice but to heed voters when they say that ‘the grass is green, the sky is blue, and by the way, you just got your ass handed to you.’ But waking up to that reality is going to be rough.”

And the “path of crazy” Meijer is referring to is the MAGA moron movement.
Yes, “‘the grass is green, the sky is blue”

Hopefully the “sane” GOP, and more importantly, democracy can be restored.

That’ll be a tough sell to some of the commenters here, or who voted for Elise!

Now expect one of them to pop up here with, “Can you tell us what a woman is?”

What’s not to get? – Perhaps his thinking is way over your, and my, head. Remember when he was on his self professed high IQ kick? Another stable genius.

The way I see it, it’s two parts, the body and the brain. Sometimes that gets scrambled and they’re not on the same page. Results can be male body, male brain, mail body, female brain, female body, female brain or lastly female body male brain. Perhaps your god occasionally gets confused, or more realistically nature ain’t perfect, and you’re the living proof of that . 🙂 Oh my, another insult from a stooge.

Bill Marincic

Can any of you lefties tell me exactly what a woman is or are you all as challenged as Chuckie

This is not a sincere question. It’s a parroting of something you heard elsewhere and asked in smugness.

It is not a “gotcha” moment.
You don’t own the libs.
You don’t win.
Most won’t answer it because it’s obviously a stupid question.

If you really wonder this, ask your transgender brother.

Bill Marincic

So what you are saying is that you can’t tell us what a woman is, you all can go round and round and round all you want but you can’t tell us what a woman is. That’s so sad and desperate especially from a few old lefties


Back to politics. Mo Brooks who once begged for Trump’s endorsement now has this to say about the “Chosen One”:

November 12, 2022 Infighting Is Funny, Republicans

The Birmingham News reports:

“It would be a bad mistake for the Republicans to have Donald Trump as their nominee in 2024,” Brooks said in an interview with

“Donald Trump has proven himself to be dishonest, disloyal, incompetent, crude and a lot of other things that alienate so many independents and Republicans. Even a candidate who campaigns from his basement can beat him.”

“No question, I am displeased with Donald Trump,” Brooks said. “But that does not change the truthfulness of what I say. I challenge anybody to make the argument that you can trust the word of Donald Trump.”

The MAGA-ites are turning on each other like drooling rabid dogs because like their hero, or now villain in many cases, they are selfish greedy men who want power only to gain more wealth and “status” for themselves. I really believe, finally, after so many false starts we are seeing the in-fighting that will end the MAGA Reign of Terror over the Republican party. So many everyday members and leaders of the party fell under the spell of this malignant man that the GOP may take a long time to recover, if it ever does. Perhaps a new party will replace the GOP, a party that believes in our democracy and the need to talk with the opposition party, to work out comprises, and respect each other because each side knows, though they disagree on policy, they are working towards a better and more successful country, that they do not see government as a tool to manipulate the naive and benefit the elite.

“…the need to talk with the opposition party…”
Hell, how about the need to just talk among themselves. This is their fatal flaw: their only negotiating tactic, per se, is ‘my or no way!’
That’s not a winning strategy.


I agree ChuckD, too many Republicans felt abject subservience to Donald Trump was the pathway to power, wealth, and high political office. They had a hard time realizing that this man would throw them under the bus w/o a second thought if it were in his own interests. Thus, they followed the lead of the most evil politician since Adolph Hitler, no matter how poisonous that path was, no matter what folly was at the end. They believed or pretended to believe his lies about his promised health care plan, his wall that Mexico would pay for, and his misinformation about the COVID pandemic. The thought of speaking against him made the weak in the knees. I see reasons now to believe they are belatedly understanding the danger this monster represents to them as individuals, their party, their country, and the world. Ron DeSanctimonious and Mo Brooks are only two waking up to the reality of who Trump and his criminal family and associates are. It is sad that it wasn’t as obvious to them as it was to Cheney, Kinzinger, Kristol, Will, Wilson and a host of other decent Republicans.


Okay so what I wrote was thoughtless and off base.
Again here is what I wrote the difference between a Conservative Constitutionalist and a Democratic Socialist was:
D.S.: What we seek is the reign of law based upon the consent of the governed and sustained by the organized opinion of mankind. “Woodrow Wilson”
C.C.: I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. Educate and inform the whole mass of people, they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. Thomas Jefferson
So A.S. is a retired social studies teacher who aspires himself as highly educated. Espouses progressive idiology and principles as his cup of tea. So you are smarter than Woodrow Wilson and found father of the our constitution Thomas Jefferson.
I say you so full of IT! that you spend time here to try and validate your sorry existence as a internet troll.

I get this wasn’t addressed to me, but this is a public forum, and I have to say it’s hard to come up with a response that’s civil when you use such abusive language, and while you try to sound very confident, you also sound like you’re not very well educated. And I guess you don’t even care.


Chuck my favorite phrases are:

“who aspires himself as highly educated.”
“and found father of the our constitution Thomas Jefferson.”
“I say you so full of IT!”

Everyone makes mistakes. But he might have hit a new record in such a short post.

It is also interesting to note that he calls me an “internet troll” while he is trolling me!


Monsieur ChuckD, Merci beaucoup et je suis d’accord: Viva la liberte et comme vous avez dit: Sláva Ukrayíni!

Bill Marincic

Regardez vous deux clowns en utilisant une application de traduction pour vous faire paraître intelligents. Croyez-moi, rien ne vous fera paraître intelligents.

Do you really think it’s wise to be calling others clowns and unintelligent when the country just handed your lilly-white butts to you in rejecting your self-righteousness?
No, it’s not wise, but there you are, defiant to the stupidity and not a trace of self-reflection.
And you would vote for Trump again!
“Just you wait till next time!”

Bill Marincic

Like I said below they won the election but they really didn’t win it fair.

I’m afraid most of America, and I daresay, most of the world doesn’t believe you, and frankly just aren’t into you.
Maybe someday you’ll come up with popular ideas instead of just bad ones.


Even Karl Rove, “Bush’s Brain” has been critical of Trump (from The Hill”):

“Karl Rove, who served as a senior adviser to former President George W. Bush, said on Friday that former President Trump did not have the authority to take presidential documents with him to his Mar-a-Lago residence when he ended his term.

“Why he was holding on to these materials when he had no legal authority to do so under the Presidential Records Act is beyond me,” Rove, a Fox News contributor, said during an appearance on the network.”


TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. Once the house house and Senate are in place the real fun begins. 2024 is going to the awakening for the Socialist Democrats. It will come raining down even the RHINOs whoa re trying to divide the conservative base with trying to put DeSantis against Trump. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. Making sure you get enough TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

Mr Brandon…better check that Senate again,The Democrats just won their 50th seat….They don’t even need Georgia…..Georgia will be icing on the cake. God bless Joe Biden !


Laxalt, another Trump endorsed MAGA hero lost to Cortez Masto. Three cheers for America as voters realize the MAGA threat to democracy is the most important issue facing us! The Senate Democratic majority has been secured! And I believe will be reinforced by a Warnock victory over the incredibly unqualified Trump pick, Herschel Walker, on 12/6.

There is a chance that Democrats will hold the H of R. The upset victory in Washington State is reason for optimism. From the Seattle Times:

“Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, an auto shop owner who was a virtual unknown before August’s primary election, pulled off perhaps the most stunning political upset in the country this year, winning a congressional seat in Southwest Washington that few saw as competitive.

Gluesenkamp Perez, a Democrat, defeated Donald Trump-endorsed Republican Joe Kent on Saturday in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, with roughly 50.5% of the vote.”

It is worth emphasizing that Joe Kent was another Trump-endorsed candidate who lost in this mid-term election cycle.

BTW It’s RINO. The Republicans In Name Only are bad enough…For the most part, God and gun loving, anti-choice, climate oblivious, power hungry, hypocritical, indifferent supremacists, but at least they somewhat respect democracy and the constitution.

What is “dividing the conservative base” is a touch of sanity and reality by bringing to light how for of the deep end MAGA tRUMP following morons are.
It ain’t what you call “RHINOs”

And no one is “put”ting DeSantis against Trump. That is how MAGA people act. They willing to eat each other up. Absolutely no loyalty to anyone or anything, including democracy the constitution and each other.

Mr. Bill took the Senate defeat so bad he’s speaking in tongues. Tell me how the “electrons” got stolen this time please….You can’t blame it on Melania Trump already used that one.

Washington Post:

“Voters in the six major battlegrounds where Donald Trump tried to reverse his
defeat in 2020 rejected election-denying candidates seeking to control their states’ election systems this year, a resounding signal that Americans have grown weary of the former president’s unfounded claims of widespread fraud.

Candidates for secretary of state in Michigan, Arizona and Nevada who had echoed Trump’s false accusations lost their contests on Tuesday, with the latter race called Saturday night. A fourth candidate never made it out of his May primary in Georgia. In Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s most prominent election deniers lost his bid for governor, a job that would have given him the power to appoint the secretary of state. And in Wisconsin, an election-denying contender’s loss in the governor’s race effectively blocked a move to put election administration under partisan control…..

Election administrators and voting rights advocates said the rebuke of election deniers seeking state-level office was a refreshing course correction by U.S. voters, whose choice of more seasoned and less extreme candidates reflected a desire for stability and a belief that the nation’s elections are in fact largely secure.”

The only red wave seems to be the bleeding of the MAGA (not true Republican) politically affiliated morons. – Wonder how long before the rat Stefanik jumps off the trump ship because he no longer will be able to advance her evil deeds.


People like Stefanik and Graham are the saddest among the hordes of Trump’s lickspitles. They were blinded by their ambition and sold their souls to the devil. They knew beforehand because they were among the most caustic of Trump’s critics. We all know what happens to people who sell their souls to the devil. I don’t believe in disembodied evil spirits or Hell, but Trump is evil and they will pay the price for enabling him right here on good old terra firma.

Bill Marincic

Back to politics and the reason that Fetterman won Pennsylvania and Kelly won Arizona. It’s all in of the Democrats playbook, as you’ve noticed most Democrats refused to debate the Republicans. Federman said he would debate a week before the election, 75% of the mail in votes were in before the debate had they not been he would’ve lost by a landslide. Now let’s go to Arizona where everybody in the state of Arizona was sent a mail in ballot weeks before the election. We’ve already proven that this is ripe for fraud just like Pennsylvania they allow harvesting of ballots. If you actually think these two dopes one on the merits of them and their party your nuttier than a fruitcake.

No, you haven’t “proven that this is ripe for fraud”. You’ve only convinced your little echo bubbles, and that’s not proving anything.
And as most have noticed, Republicans have taken advantage of there being no real moderation on the “debates” to act like baboons. It used to be they were mostly civil affairs, but Republicans have turned them into the Bellagio water fountain ballet of BS.
You lost the National when you promised a Red Tsunami. Stop trying to blame someone else and suck it up, snowflake.

Mr. Bill can you show me proof the elections were “ripe with fraud”…..I’m still waiting for the 2020 proof that it was fraud. Other than Trump and his cronies saying so. A total of 65 court cases said you and Trump were wrong. Can’t you just take these losses like a man and move on. Put away your MAGA hat and flag for a couple years ….you might gain a better perspective on how things work when you lose an election. Still waiting on your broken glass conspiracy theory also.

Yep, for the democrats, because if king orange rat gets the nomination, only MAGA morons will be voting for him and there aren’t enough uninformed ignoramuses left for him to win. – What’s going to be fun is continuing to watch the escalation of the all the rats eating each other out of desperation for the fascist party leadership.

Further evidence the MAGA have learned nothing from this cycle. They’ve been played by tRump for 7 years, and they got played by the Dems this time by the Dem promotion of MAGA candidates.
I guess looking like dummies is part of their winning strategy.


If you don’t find racism, lies, narcissism and bigotry in the following statement by Trump you are a Trump cultist and your eyes, ears, and mind have been captured by the greatest con man since P.T. Barnum:

Trump Again Lobs Racial Slur At McConnell’s Wife
November 13, 2022 Trump Corruption, Trump Lies

Posted today to Trump’s Truth Social account:

“It’s Mitch McConnell’s fault. Spending money to defeat great Republican candidates instead of backing Blake Masters and others was a big mistake. Giving 4 Trillion Dollars to the Radical Left for the Green New Deal, not Infrastructure, was an even bigger mistake. He blew the Midterms, and everyone despises him and his otherwise lovely wife, Coco Chow!”


I agree, Trump is losing support across the boards. He is an obvious failure and only his close-minded sycophants can’t see the truth because “they can’t handle the truth.”

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