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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 13 – From readers in Duanesburg and Burnt Hills


How far do we take right to bear arms?

I would like to comment on “our right to bear arms.”
I believe we have the right to bear arms. I draw the line at semi-automatic AR-15 type assault weapons of mass destruction.
Since we are entitled to bear arms, why not get a rocket launcher? After all, we are entitled to bear arms. Or how about a few hand grenades or perhaps a tank or two ?
Something to think about.
Jeff Murtagh

Nice to see America has finally ‘woke’ up

America “woke” up.
While it is not yet time to celebrate with ticker tape parades, America has a new “woke.”
Finally, it has been realized across the land of the more than four years of horrific damage done to the “Union” by the previous administration and its misinformed (i.e., lied to) advocates.
Learn from the past, recover from that damage as much as possible, and make sure it NEVER happens again.
It is overdue for adult supervision to take charge and get the country on a safe, stable, rational path forward. God Bless the America we love and help her heal.
Al Pirigyi
Burnt Hills


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Jeff Murtagh to add to your view. I think people should be able to carry low yield nuclear bombs to defend themselves and their homes. Imagine if every home had one. Who would dare break in. Just remember what republicans say. Nuclear bombs don’t kill people, people do. Too extreme? How about parking a M1 Abrams Tank in front of your home……This is sarcasm in case Mr. Bill takes it any other way. I come from a family hunters. All of them have rifles and shotguns. None of them own a AR-15 type weapon. None of them own Camo gear. None them pose on Facebook or with their weapons in camo gear to show how Macho they are. All these people are are Rambo wannabes. Common sense gun ownership is gone.


There is a very interesting column on the connection between gun culture and America’s history of slavery in the Opinion section of today’s DG (11/14). It is entitled “Fear in former slave states is foundation for gun culture”. The points made in these excerpts are fully developed in the column:

“…counties with a historical prevalence of slavery had both the most guns and the highest link between guns and feelings of safety.”

“How did these beliefs migrate out of the South?…they piggybacked on the mobility that America has historically been known for.”

Fear of freed slaves and a desire to intimidate and “keep them in their place” is at the root of American gun culture. In reality guns are associated with much higher rates of suicide and homicide among those living in households with guns. They provide “little or no defense against assault or property loss.”

To re-iterate Guy’s point, no one is trying to take hunting rifles and guns away from responsible people who want to use them to hunt, target-shoot, or who feel safer with a properly stored defensive weapon in the household. Obviously the line must be drawn somewhere as to what kinds of weapons can be legally possessed by civilians. My opinion is that assault rifles and high capacity magazines are not needed by civilians. Background checks and gun use and safety courses should be mandated for all who want to own a rifle or gun.

Bill Marincic

Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed.
Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.
60 percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed.
Felons report that they avoid entering houses where people are at home because they fear being shot.

according to FEE stories

Ok Bill, how about painting the entire picture:

Giffords Law Center:

*41,000 Americans die from gun violence every year. 110 per day.
*America has the weakest gun laws and the most guns 393 million.
*US counts for just 4% of the worlds population but 35% of global firearm suicides.
*Gun access tripleds suicide risk. The majority of suicides, 59% involve a gun
*Americans are 25 times more likely to be killed in a gun homicide than people and other high income countries.
*Over 1 million Americans have been shot in the past decade, and gun violence rates are rising across the country.
*Domestic violence victims are five times more likely to be killed when there abuser has access to a gun.
*25 million US adults have been threatened or non-fatally injured by an intimate partner with a firearm.
*Women in the United States are 21 Time is more likely to be killed with a gun than women in other high-income countries.
*3 billion children are directly exposed to gun violence each year, resulting in death, injury, and lasting trauma.

Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

Bill Marincic

I posted facts, Lou, you made a mistake, let me fix it for you. Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

I was thinking of getting a .50 cal ‘Ma Deuce’ so I could defend myself against an intruder hiding behind a refrigerator in a basement several houses away.

Al Pirigyi–The democrats overperformed because they have been the¨adults!¨
Speaker Pelosi was the governing adult leader that tried desperately to hold 45 accountable as the gop overprotected him like their incorrigible child.

President Biden has been acting like the adult since his campaign. He has tried to calm the nation and refused to take the nasty bait from opponents. He spoke to us about important issues with different speeches, and told us the truth. He has reminded us that we need to remember a time when we were civil to each other and could debate policies. He has reached across the aisle urging reasonable Republicans to abandon MAGA. I find comfort in his skills and his ¨grandfatherly¨ approach.

I also think we should forego the restrictions on gun ownership by felons, children or the mentally ill. After all, the second amendment states that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”, and does not include any exceptions, therefore they should be allowed to carry. /s

Bill Marincic

I agree Whoville, I believe someone that got their felony more than 30 years ago and has lived a perfect life since should have their rights restored. Don’t you agree or are you one of those people that believes people never change? I know a couple of people that fit that category that I would trust with my family’s life and have no problem with them having a firearm.

I agree that felons should get their rights restored after they’ve served their debt to society, including their right to vote. Do you believe that mentally ill persons should have a second amendment right to carry a firearm or do you think there should be special restrictions not stated in the constitution preventing them from owning one?

Bill Marincic

I do believe mentally ill people should not have the right to own a gun, I also believe that someone accused of domestic violence should have their guns taken from them until the case is resolved and if the person is found guilty then he should lose the right to have a gun for 10 years.

So you believe in red flag laws and don’t see them as an infringement on someone’s due process? Interesting. Also, many “domestic violence” charges are actually only misdemeanors so you’re advocating for taking away someone’s constitutional right over a non-felony charge. I mean, I’m all for it, but it’s interesting hearing it from you. Glad we can agree on something.

Some of my teacher friends have Active Shooter training sessions with their classes soon. They were wondering under what category in their lesson plans they should put this? CRT, Grooming, or Indoctrination? Oh wait, those categories aren’t there either…

Yeah, so I should destroy my friendships with them by calling them liars because some unhinged person on the DG LTE says they teach this ‘from his sources.’ Get lost.

From the CDC website.
What is defensive gun use? How often does it occur?
Although definitions of defensive gun use vary, it is generally defined as the use of a firearm to protect and defend oneself, family, other people, and/or property against crime or victimization.

Estimates of defensive gun use vary depending on the questions asked, populations studied, time frame, and other factors related to study design. Given the wide variability in estimates, additional research is necessary to understand defensive gun use prevalence, frequency, circumstances, and outcomes.
It also presents actual numbers as follows.
45,22 gun related deaths every year,
More than 7 out of 10 firearm related injuries in ER,s
As I goggled my information several obvious gun groups have there statistics listed.
I also did not see any reference as to why a AR-15 weapon would be needed to achieve those numbers, which was really what the discussion was about.

Bill Marincic

Florida I doubt that out of ten people seven are firearm injuries. Secondly, an AR-15 is a .223 caliber bullet, not very large. An AR-15 is the same as a .223 that you would use for squirrel or rabbit hunting, not war. An AR-15 is made to look like an assault rifle but it’s really only a varment gun, can it kill you, yes, so can a .22 or a blank kill you.

The only difference between the M4 and the AR-15 is the ability to go full auto. The M4 uses 5.56 ammo vs the .223 in the AR-15, but is essentially the same bullet, save some slight pressure differences and throat dimensions. So it is, in fact, a weapon of war.

Did Alex Jones tell you that Mr. Bill? Why is it they needed DNA testing because kids who got shot in the face were unrecognizable? How many shots were fired at Sandyhook to kill 20 children? What type of gun did that? You have no common sense. Spewing the NRA BS they feed you….Ask the parents what damage those guns did to their kids…..What happened to you in life that you would adore guns more than children?

Wake up! You have no idea of the killing power of a 223 caliber bullet. I own a Remington 223 bolt action rifle, as well as a browning 22 caliber. The accuracy velocity and killing power of the 223 makes the 22 seem like a BB gun.

In the past I’ve hunted woodchucks, (no pun intended) and the difference in the physical damage to the animal when comparing the two caliber bullets is HUGH. – A 223 hollow point bullet when hitting a human head, as in some of the school shootings, make the person unrecognizable.

No Hunter, if he wanted the game for food, in his or her right mind would ever use a 223 to shoot a rabbit or squirrel. More often than not, It would ruin the edible meat. As usual you don’t know what you’re talking about

The bottom line, that you’re trying to twist like a bowl of spaghetti, is that’s the vast majority of the mass killings that have happened in the United States in the past few years have been carried out with an A.R. – 15 style 223 caliber rifles and therefore they should be banned.

Evil – adjective Profoundly immoral and wicked.

Bill Marincic

As always Restifo you are comparing apples and oranges. Comparing a hollow point shell to a lead shell is like comparing birdshot to a slug.

Click on the second link, a photo pops up that that shows the 22 bullet compared to 223 bullet, there is a penny shown for prospective.

After that go kick your dog.

Only what you want to hear, only what you want to see, only the way you want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

Have you got your Bushmaster Man Card yet Bill?
Certifies you’re a real man, and that you can handle your AR-15 varmint gun to make short work of those chipmunks and squirrels.

Do you think Bushmaster had “varmint gun” in mind when they promoted this? No one believes you, and you continue to amaze with your belief you can argue this and fool everyone.

Bill Marincic

Well, Chuck since I have never heard of that BS and you have it would seem like you have already applied and have been denied. I don’t need a gun or a card to prove my manhood, I’m quite aware that I am one of the two genders and was born a man by a woman.


Changing the topic, the Master of Deceit and Treachery is at it again, determined to destroy America’s faith in its elections and thereby undermine the democratic foundations of the United States:

November 14, 2022:

Posted today to Trump’s Truth Social account:

“I assume everyone is watching Arizona as the great Kari Lake’s easy election win is slowly, yet systematically, being drained away from her, and from the American people. This is a very sad thing to watch. Mail in Ballots, long election counts, many day elections, machines that very few people understand, massive counting centers, and more, are an American disaster. Our elections have become an unreliable joke, and the whole world is watching.”

He doesn’t trust election officials, recounts, or courts unless the result is what he wants. What a dangerous jerk. If only all Americans could see him for what he is, a man who couldn’t care less about America and sees an alliance with Putin as his personal path to untold wealth and power; he should be laughed off the political stage.

So you would rather Arizona not vet the ballots that were dropped off in dropboxes on election day and just count them? No verifying signatures or checking them for fraud? Seems reckless to me, but what do I know? Also, just FYI, Florida hasn’t counted all their votes yet either, the races were just called already because they weren’t competitive.

Bill Marincic

I would prefer in-person voting or absentee ballots that have already been proven as good before they are sent to the voter, that way there is no question about election integrity. and the machines can count them rather than humans.

Bill Marincic

We will never know, will we? For all those mail-in ballots, I put my license in the holder to vote and it still took me a few minutes to get verified.

All the courts know, which is good enough for most but the highly enlightened like you, Bill.
Law and order.


From NPR:

“Election officials in the swing state of Arizona are still processing and counting hundreds of thousands of ballots cast during this year’s midterm elections, leaving the results of key races in limbo.

Experts say a combination of Arizona’s voting laws and shifting voter behavior are to blame for the long wait for vote totals, and tight margins mean outlets like The Associated Press can’t call certain contests.

Tammy Patrick, a senior adviser at the Democracy Fund, spent a decade working as a Maricopa County election official, mostly as a federal compliance officer. Maricopa is home to Phoenix and more than half the state’s voters.

Patrick says the nuts and bolts of how elections are run in Arizona haven’t changed a lot since her time there. But she says voter behavior and political realities have.

For one, Patrick says she thinks voters in Arizona have changed their voting behavior in response to all the misinformation that has been circulating about mail-in ballots.

“There has been this narrative around voting by mail that it is ripe with fraud and … you shouldn’t trust it,” she says.

This distrust, Patrick says, could be why more voters decided to drop off their ballot at a polling site on Election Day, as opposed to mailing it days in advance.”


The last three paragraphs are the most important in understanding the slow count in Arizona. It is also worth noting that it was not until 12/12/2000 that Bush was awarded his victory in Florida when SCOTUS stepped in to end a recount, though Gore and Bush were separated by a margin of only 537, .009%. Gore engaged in no illegal schemes or violence to overturn the court’s decision, though he had won a majority of the popular vote in the nation.


On a lighter note, can you believe that anyone could possibly believe this? It is very funny and stranger than the strangest science fiction I have ever read:

The Christian Post reports:

“Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson, hosts of the popular “Prophesy Pros Podcast,” said the pre-tribulation rapture — an End Times event many Christians believe will happen that involves believers, both living and resurrected, being lifted up into the air to meet Jesus — will have a “cataclysmic impact on the planet.”

Don’t look up!

Mr. Bill is the epitome of the problems we have in the USA….These type of people have taken over the republican Party and were given voice by Trump. This election we had a good outcome. But we still have a long way to go because of people like him.


CNN reports:

“Former President Donald Trump argued in a newly public court filing that a president gets to decide whether records from his White House are personal documents – and that he had decided that all the records he took to Mar-a-Lago were in fact his personal property.

The argument is Trump’s latest legal bid to hold off parts of the criminal investigation into sensitive records kept at his Florida resort and home after he left the White House. The Justice Department responded by saying that Trump’s legal theory for when he can deem records from his White House as personal is wrong.

“Plaintiff may not designate records qualifying as ‘Presidential Records’ under the Presidential Record Act … as his ‘personal’ records simply by saying so,” the department said, adding that such a theory would “nullify” the purpose of the law.”

The fact that this scofflaw is able to walk around, a free unindicted man, is becoming a stain on our system of justice. I know there is fear of wide-spread violence by MAGA fanatics in the event of his indictment. But we have the National Guard and, if necessary, the military can be called up to put Trump militias down even if they are well-armed. This may be what it will take to restore this country to sanity. Hitler rose to power because the majority of German people did not see the threat he represented and many right-wing non-Nazi parties in Germany thought they could control him to their benefit.

Switching topics: spinelessness and snowflakes

My goodness but it’s been radio-silence from our other tRump-humper friends since the elections.
So confident they were that there’d be a Big Huge Red Tsunami! To wash away the Libs and prosecute Biden for all his and Pelosi’s and their family’s sins and evils and crimes (Oh my!).
Impeach Fauci! (as if that was possible)
Defund the FBI! (Because they’re looking everywhere we don’t want them to)
Shut down the Department of Education for indoctrinating our children with Evil Lib Ways of critical something-or-other!
Shut down abortions! Because we’re tired of the baby murders! (Which only they say it is because they think their god says so, who actually never does, but who does say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and in the bedroom).

Remind everyone how the MAGA and Republicans (but not the RINOs, Cheney!) will prevail and set this country straight (and teach those people of color/illegals their place!)


Bill Marincic

So someone in my office just read the last post and said what a moron, who are these people? There you have it in a nutshell as they say.

Bill Marincic

Nope, as long as we take back Congress and maybe tie it up in the Senate I’m fine. When the news gets out that Warnocks church evicted and sent people to the street that owed as little as $23 in back rent while he made over 7K a month in housing, people just may see this pastor in a different light.

OMG, you’ve got one for every day of the week and Sunday! And they never pan out to anything, do they? Or didn’t you notice?

Mr. Bill I am willing to bet after that “person” who read the posts when walking away said under their breath ….”I never realized bill was such a moron”….Some advice for you keep your thoughts to yourself and you won’t look so foolish. Still waiting on your experiment about which way window glass falls when hit with a hammer

Mr. Bill when a hammer is used on glass and while making the hole they pull outward getting the claw of the hammer caught on the remaining glass. Which way will they glass fall……

Has anybody ever watched the movie Caine Mutiny? Bill reminds me of Captain Queeg trying to find out who ate the frozen strawberries…I picture Bill sitting there twirling the two metal balls in his hand while explaining his broken glass theory.


C’mon Guy, everyone knows that when you hit tempered glass with a hammer, no matter how violently you pull the hammer back towards you, all the fragments fall outside. It’s the same as the law of gravity. Stop thinking about things and accept what, you know, people tell you. A lot of people tell us that the world is controlled by a satanic cult of cannibalistic child molesters and that a knight in shining bright orange armor has been sent to save us. Just believe and you too can join the society of LANDAU, WELCOME FRIEND. Any of you remember my Landau reference from the original “Star Trek” starring William Shatner?


Right! And when the Star Trek crew destroyed the computer the people were free and independent individuals. Another interesting parallel was that at a certain time of day, the people were allowed to go wild and they became violent, tearing their clothes off and engaging in criminal and violent behavior, like 1/6.


I checked, The computer was Landru, named after its creator, and those under its spell were “of the body.” If you were not “of the body” you were indoctrinated by the touch of a staff. “Fascinating” episode, fascinating times.

Exactly Bill, “Any moron knows that glass breaks inside when hit from outside” “Any moron”
“Any moron”

Any one else would understand the various scenarios creating possibilities, depending on circumstance, where the glass could scatter both inside and outside. Too bad that when explained these morons still don’t understand.

Oh sure, but I think ANYONE CAN SEE that it was a “male escort” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). It’s plainly obvious that’s the only answer.

It’s certainly the only answer that raises all the right Republican tent poles anyway.

BM, I posted a whole thread last week about doors, tempered glass etc. Are you one of those who only read posts only from your tribe? Anyway see ChuckD comment above, applies perfectly.

MAGA are now the Boat Anchor Movement.
While the mothership, The Good Ship Republican is sinking into the cold dark sea, without adequate lifeboats and faulty personal flotation devices, the Boat Anchor Movement does what they do best: toss ’em boat anchors!

I wonder if Mr. Bill is tired of all this winning his Trump Party is doing. If Trump runs,Lake will be asked to be his running mate And what a circus act that will be.

Bill Marincic

What I’m tired of is the ballot harvesting now, what I am tired of is multiple days before we know who the winner is and ultimately when that happens the winner always happens to be a Democrat how lucky are they? Florida who has twice the population has Arizona counted all of their votes in one day during a major hurricane, obviously there’s something very very wrong in Arizona.

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