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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 15 – Five from readers in Schenectady, Glenville, Gilboa and Albany


‘New’ nickname for city is, respectfully, off the mark

As I read with great interest the op-ed by Neil Golub (“Show off progress with fresh identity: ‘New Schenectady’”) in the Oct. 16 Gazette, I have to respectfully disagree with him. I do so with an aura of respect for him and his brother, Lou, who frequented our Creative Video Store in 1981, instilling pearls of wisdom for our fledgling business.

Our original name was “The New World of Video.” Before we opened our doors, it was brought to our attention that video won’t be “new” for very long. We agreed and changed the name.

I hold Neil Golub in high esteem. He is a hands-on owner. Being successful in the grocery business is no easy task and the success of Price Chopper/Market 32 is testament to that. Establishing the Metroplex Authority was pretty much a stroke of genius. They have had their share of mistakes through the years, but all in all things have moved along in the right direction and all good things take time.

Personally, I believe “Schenectady Now” has more punch and relevance than “New Schenectady.” It’s open-ended, it can refer to a number of initiatives taking place simultaneously, and “Now” never gets old as opposed to “New.” Although I was not involved in the inner workings of Schenectady 2000, it’s a pretty safe bet Neil Golub was a central figure in getting things moving in the right direction.

Just my opinion based upon some good advice from years ago.
Bob Belive


Stefanik was re-elected despite her flawed stances

Why didn’t voters in the 21st Congressional District see Democratic accomplishments the way Midwest voters did?

Recent incentives are bringing manufacturing jobs to New York state. Our towns will have funds to replace and upgrade sewer lines and control flooding. Inflation is being stabilized, gas prices are lower, and in 2023 prescription drug costs (especially insulin) will be capped. Are we so shortsighted?

Minimum-wage hikes and lower-cost small business and farm loans help us. Bail reforms stop the unfair practice of jailing people just because they are poor or living paycheck to paycheck.

Elections in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin showed that voters understand President Joe Biden’s steadfast support for the working middle class: supporting labor and union organizing, and protecting rights to workplace safety. Decreasing debt loads for people strapped with high-interest Pell Grants will help the economy. The nation benefits from Biden’s export ban on semiconductors that challenges China, and his requirement that large corporations pay 15% minimum taxes. We support the existential fight for freedom in Ukraine.

Republican politicians have shown contempt for workers, women’s rights, funds for community mental health services and environmental stewardship. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik voted against these policies in plain sight. And yet she won. I don’t understand.
Sarah Meredith


Dear, Hillary and Donald: Your time is up

Some advice to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Your sun has set. Time to turn off the lights, close the door and GO AWAY!
Ed Culhane, Jr.


A tree so beautiful they had to cut it down

Hi, my formal name is Picea abies … aka Norway Spruce. For about 90 glorious years, I stood majestically and proudly to display the glory of creation.

People passing by stopped to take in my beauty. I opened my branches to harbor birds and tiny animals to protect them from predators and inclement weather. In the winter I was breathtakingly draped in snow. But alas my beauty was my undoing.

I was abruptly asked to take part in one last ceremony to give instant but short-lived gratification. You can come and see me one last time at Rockefeller Center in New York City. You won’t recognize my natural beauty, as I will be covered in lights and decorations. But underneath I will be there … at least for a few more weeks … then … never more to grace the earth.

In the immortal words of poet Joyce Kilmer in her work called, simply, “Trees”:

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.”

My question is WHY? Surely there must be some other way to enjoy the season without destroying this beautiful tree.
Paul Mantica


Dog owners: Dispose of your plastic bags

Recently, The Gazette posted a few letters regarding litter. I would like to expand on those letters by asking dog owners who walk their dogs and fail to pick up after them to be responsible.

Placing the excrement of your pet into a plastic bag, tying it in a neat knot and then dropping the plastic bag on the sidewalk or hiking/running path is not appropriate behavior. It exacerbates the problem of fecal pollution by adding a plastic bag with a half-life of approximately five years to the problem.

Finish the job: take it with you.
Wayne Gage


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Some owners set the bag down in a conspicuous place so they don’t have to carry a bag of poop the entire time they are walking and then pick it up on the return leg of their walk. Hopefully not right in middle of a pathway, sidewalk, etc. I do this often in my neighborhood by setting it near a stop sign or similar marker so I can pick it up when I come back through and dispose of it. If these owners fail to pick it up later, or at all, then that’s a different story.

I would not hesitate to document this in video and call the police on you, and I’m a lifelong dog owner/lover/rescuer.

But not everyone is, and they use (and pay for) public spaces and probably don’t want to see you abuse those public spaces by leaving bags of your dog’s droppings hanging around for them, or their kids, or guests from out of town to see.

Find a better way to deal with your dog than expecting everyone else to.

WTH Chuck? If this is directed at me for what I’ve said, then I think you have some anger issues I suspect. I don’t expect anyone else to pick up after my dog than me and it’s there only temporarily, so lighten up. Police have better things to do.

Bill Wemple, if I could edit my comment I would tone it down. My excuse is I’d just read the last comments from yesterday which I’ve pointed out below, saw “Bill” and fired off a round prematurely.
My bad, my apologies.

(Frankly him being a dog owner did seem kinda odd)

In reference to Bob Belive’s letter:

The following are two sentences from Neil Golub’s op-ed in the oct. 16 Gazette.

“We are proposing an addition to our name. A simple adjective that that calls attention to our renewal without complication. Let us start calling our city “New Schenectady”

As far as I’m concerned “New Schenectady” or “Schenectady Now” have no relevance or meaning specific to Schenectady. “Now” and “New” are two adjectives that can be applied to any city in the United States that is moving forward. The way I see it, Schenectady was, is and always should be the “Electric City” or the “City of Lights”.

If you must throw a new tag on Schenectady, something like the “Electrified City” would be far more appropriate, but I’m still of the opinion to leave well enough alone.

BTW Daily Gazette, today is….Tuesday, Nov.15, not Wednesday, Nov. 15

It seems pretty arrogant for a local businessman to propose something like changing the name of their city and thinking they have leverage.

No question the Golub brand has made a ton of money off the residents of the Capital District, and no question they’ve sponsored many events that benefit the community because they remind us at every turn. The Albany fireworks show stands out in its corporate hubris literally plastered on one of our government office buildings. What also stands out to astute consumers is that there are no Wegmans to be found competing with PC\M32. Whatever the reasons, the optics are pretty clear.

One business heavyweight trying to change the name of a 200+ year old city is something even the Medici didn’t attempt. That businessman should take a half hour of their busy businessman day to watch “Happy Days”, season 5 episode 3.


I was very impressed by Paul Mantica’s letter to the editor. I have often felt sad and depressed at the sight of old and magnificent trees being cut down and covered with baubles that stand juxtaposed in their artificial “beauty” to the natural beauty of the tree that has been destroyed as a background for them. It seems symbolic of mankind’s tendency to disregard and sacrifice the marvels of nature to his desire for manufactured “beauty” and convenience from muscle cars to the computer I am typing on. It seems we would rather watch TV than socialize and contemplate the beauty of the night sky.

Perhaps it’s time they build an artificial tree for multi-year use instead of cutting down these magnificent old trees. Would seem more environmentally responsible.


Trump shared the following Qanon meme last night on his Social Truth Media platform. Is there anyone left who believes in the god Moloch who demands child sacrifice: excepting, of course, those sad Americans who embrace Qanon as, for example the Qanon Shaman, notorious for his absurd appearance and behavior at the Capitol on 1/6? As you read what Trump shared ask yourself is this the kind of obviously unhinged person we want to wield influence over our politics and government. Join those of us who really want him removed from the national stage locked up:

“What does he (Trump) get out of this? Does he want to make the U.S./world a better place for his family and for those good and decent people who have long been taken advantage of? Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch?

Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of the world turn a blind eye?

Perhaps he was tired of seeing how certain races and countries were being constantly abused and kept in need/poor/and suffering for a specific purpose. Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.”

Bill Marincic

Have you ever listened to the Border Patrol about how many kids die on those trips? How many drown, and how almost all of the girls and women were raped and molested? How about the more than 100,000 people that die each year from Fentanyl? The blood is on Biden and the Democrats for all of those people, children, and women.

“The blood is on Biden and the Democrats for all of those people, children, and women.” SMH

“The Princess Bride” movie was great!
Thanks Bill, for bringing it to mind…

“Inconceivable!” – “As you wish.” – “Nonsense” – “My way’s not very sportsman-like.”- “You are the Brute Squad!” – “Have fun stormin’ da castle.” – “But for now, rest well and dream of large women.” (because) “I just want you to feel you’re doing well”…..Bill

My favorite quote from the movie is: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Nothing to do with anything but you can’t quote lines from Princess Bride without having that one.

Thanks again Bill!

Louis ….this a good one to tell Mr. Bill

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” -Inigo Montoya,

Bill Marincic

I’m quite sure those raped women and children and the families of the more than 100,000 people that died from fentanyl this year appreciate your humor. It’s telling. The difference between liberals and conservatives is on a shirt I wore yesterday. The is an American Flag where a pocket would be and on the back, it says Patriotism is the love of country, not the love of government. You people could care less about anyone or anything as long as your loving liberals are running things. That’s sad.

Bill claims it´s Biden´s fault for what happens to immigrants BEFORE they come into our country?
Don´t anti-immigrant groups complain constantly of how well immigrants are treated once they get here?
Wait, wasn´t it 45 that cruelly separated families with no way to reunite them (terrorizing them)?

You and your idiot cohorts want to turn this into every family’s fun trip to Disney, as if a multi-thousand mile walk with children is a great way to spend vacation away from the office. All so you can uphold your view that your god has deemed America to be some special place and they and anyone else who isn’t like you are not worthy. Unless they pay their dues, like you did not have to.

BTW, I’ll believe all the reports of corruption within the Border Patrol, some of which I’ve witnessed first hand, and go to the various NGOs for the truth.


The U.S. also supported right wing governments over democratic socialist movements and revolutions in South America, particularly in the triangle countries, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Reagan gave secret aid to the Contras in the 1980’s during the Sandinista-Contra Civil War. Have we forgotten the Iran-Contra scandal involving the secret and illegal diversion of funds to the Contras supervised by Oliver North? In so doing, we supported the corruption in many South American governments that led to empowerment of gangs and widespread misery among ordinary people who in desperation sought REFUGE in the U.S.

Can’t wait for Trump’s announcement today! Of course he’s not making the decision to run for President because he believes in America and wants to serve the country in whatever way he can, but rather to save himself from legal jeopardy and criminal prosecution. But does it matter? Today is the day the Republican party really starts to come apart. Never Trumpers vs. MAGA Land. DeSantis vs. Trump. McCarthy vs. MTG for speaker. Who’s side are you on? Democrats can celebrate knowing we’ve kept the Senate and fared much better in the House than any midterm election in recent memory. All because Trump-endorsed candidates are unelectable radicals. Trump is proving to be the best thing for the Democratic party since FDR! Enjoy the next two years Trumpers!


The Republican majority will be so slim that a coalition of Democrats and real Republicans might choose Liz Cheney or some other true conservative (Judge Ludic, Adam Kinzinger) to be Speaker of the House. It is a constitutional right of the House to choose an outsider as Speaker. Such a coalition could lead the way to cooperation and compromise and away from division and demonization.

As far as I’m concerned they are MAGAS if they don’t speak out against Trump. Keeping quiet isn’t an option. It’s like saying the Gestapo has less blame than the SS They all are to blame equally. They need to stand up at the podium and denounce Trump publicly and not change their min when they feel the heat like McCarthy did

“real Republicans”

Yeah, hopefully we can gat back to the good old GOP, where members are just self serving, god living Christians, that care more about guns than kid’s lives, don’t respect choices regarding one’s own body, feel the White race is superior to all others, have no sympathy for those less fortunate than themselves, don’t understand climate change, and believe homosexuality is a choice, as apposed to….

The current, totally crazy, conspiracy believing, mental challenged, belligerent, uninformed, DEMOCRACY DESTROYING MAGA morons who are self serving, god living Christians, that care more about guns than kid’s lives, don’t respect choices regarding one’s own body, feel the White race is superior to all others, have no sympathy for those less fortunate than themselves, don’t understand climate change, and believe homosexuality is a choice.😬


Lou, I understand how you feel. However a coalition of Democrats and honest conservatives who, though we might disagree with their platforms and proposals, have the best interests of America in mind, may be necessary to rid our country of the Trump inspired MAGA fascist poison . They do have some good ideas and many understand our government only functions when people with different solutions to our problems are willing to talk with the opposition and look for common ground. They believe in democracy and bow to the will of the people. Judge Ludic, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and even pundits such as George Will are honest and patriotic individuals, who put the country’s interests before their own.

No need for the Democrats to save the Republicans from themselves and elect Liz Cheney as Speaker. Let what’s left of the GOP and the MAGA fools fight amongst themselves. After all, Ms. Cheney did vote with Trump 93% of the time. She’s no friend of Democratic policies, even though we can agree on democratic (small d) principles.


My fear is that the MAGA fascists, restrained by no sense of honor or decency, ruthless and malign, willing to do anything for power, will take over the party, make changes at the state level that will give them control over elections, and take the entire country to a trumpish Hell.


Genuine patriotic American conservatives have contributed ideas that are now law and have benefited millions of Americans. The ACA (Obamacare) came from health plan prototypes that were products of the right wing think tank Heritage Foundation. The only reason Republicans were against the ACA is that they did not want a Democrat, especially a Black Democrat, getting credit for extending health insurance to millions of Americans who could not afford it w/o government subsidies. I.R.A’s and other tax deductible savings designed to encourage individuals to put aside money for retirement and other goals also originated in right wing thinking.

Let me be clear about my own views. I would rather see a single payer National Health care system funded by a progressive income tax than the ACA. It would be more efficient and deliver better health care results. Look at the health care costs and outcomes of any country with such a system and you might agree. I would rather expand and fully fund Social Security than rely on I.R.A.’s. But we live in America, a country which emphasizes self-reliance, so any progress toward towards a more equitable system is welcome.

I was going to bring to peoples’ attention to a comment tacked on to yesterdays’ comments early this morning by one of the resident MAGAts, but then it was appended by another comment by the same commenter as if to say, ‘won’t you please give me some attention?’

The reason I think it stands out is because it crystalizes well the MAGA belief that they think America needs to comply with them, …or else(?). The comment clearly states that as more Americans vote, their stupid ideas become less popular and it’s so unfair, and they imagine all manner of ways they’re being cheated. Terms like “ballot harvesting”, and mail-in fraud are thrown about in flailing desperation to avoid facing the reality they might be miscalculating their strategy.

Here’s a hot tip: If you claim to “drive a stake through” the heart of a hometown war hero like John McCain, you shouldn’t be surprised to find thousands there don’t support you. That maybe your crusade is so far off the rails that otherwise devout members of your party will refuse to help, even if it helps the “opposition”.

Just one example of how the MAGA movement are now the Boat Anchor Movement. Your party needs your support. Your party is sinking and losing. Do you really think tossing them boat anchors are the best way to help? Cuz you’re not going to do it alone.

Or maybe you don’t even realize that?


I went back to look at those late posts. The poster in question had made the same false observations earlier. This individual is unworthy of response as his mind is not under his control. He is the very definition of a cultist, as evidenced by his attempt to sneak his brainwashed ideas in at the last minute.


If you know any voters in GEORGIA, PLEASE bring their attention to this:

“If we was ready for the green agenda, I’d raise my hand right now. But we’re not ready right now. So don’t let them fool you like this is a new agenda. This is not a new agenda.

“We’re not prepared. We’re not ready right now. What we need to do is keep having those gas-guzzling cars, ’cause we got the good emissions under those cars.

“We’re doing the best thing that we can. We need help. Those other people not helping us. China not helping us. India not helping us.” – Herschel Walker, campaigning yesterday in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Cruz and Hawley calling out McConnell for losing the Senate? Them?!
I can’t stand McConnell, but he hates 45 and wasn’t in on the Big Lie. That’s what cost them the election.
Which side of the gop will survive? I sure hope it’s not Cruz and Hawley’s.

Mr Medicare Fraud himself(known as snake head locally) wants to challenge McConnell.Any questions you have for him he will evoke his 5th amendment rights like he did 75 plus times when being questioned about his company’s billing Medicare fraudulently He is famous for having company pay largest fine ever and to become Senator he spent 60 million of his own money to beat Nelson. Also did the same in his first run for Governor. Personally there I think there is something in the water here. The worse you treat them the more they vote for you, because they can have there guns, De Santis promised open carry, then went silent till after election. Scott couldn’t get donors to pony up so he went it alone. This would be your average every man Minority Speaker to help legislate your future.

I’m afraid Florida has become a red State now….It’s gonna take a lot to be competitive again….Florida has become another State that votes against their own interests …Like Alabama or Mississippi….The Thing is if they could get the black vote out in those State Democrats would win


The GOP is imploding. Rick Scott, the man who defrauded Medicare and Medicaid, who led the Senate re-election effort to catastrophe, who calls for periodic review of Social Security and Medicare with the obvious goal of eliminating them, is challenging Mitch McConnell for leadership of the GOP.

Mitch McConnell, the bottom feeder, who thought he could use Trump to bolster the GOP, is being challenged by a man who knows no bottom, supported by the likes of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz!

My bet is that with all this craziness Warnock will win in a landslide over Walker. The American people, the OUTSPOKEN MAJORITY, have been forced to awaken by a party so corrupt, so partisan, that they have destroyed themselves.

If we actually see a tRump spectacle tonight (and which of his many appearances isn’t a spectacle), i do think Warnock deservably ties the knot and wins.

McConnell is a bottom feeder! He used 45 for a big tax cut and judges, then gerrymandered the SCOTUS. I’ll never forgive him for refusing to convict the Insurrectionist.
So imagine me choosing McConnell over Rick Scott (how low can they go)?

McConnell has yet to pay for not seating Merrick Garland in the Supreme Court. But all he needs is 25 votes to be Minority Leader…The Senate still has a little sanity yet. He will be Minority Leader

Three failed elections, attempted coup, two impeachments, extortion, grifting, sexual assault, a stumbling bumbling fool is once again running for president. We shall see, the alternative Ron DeSantis is just as dangerous. When will Americans wake up?

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