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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 16 – Five from readers in Niskayuna, Glenville, elsewhere

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Congrats Gov. Hochul; time to get to work

Dear Gov. Hochul:
Congratulations on your victory. I voted for you, as your opponent’s views on elections and the people’s will seem to differ from mine. Now it’s time for you to get down to doing the things that we elected you to do, because as I’m sure you are aware, the race was closer than you would have liked.
Don’t get complacent. You should start with signing some of those 400+ passed bills sitting on your desk. One of the first should be the Puppy Mill Pipeline Act (A.4283/S.1130). It has been lingering since May 2022. Why? Do you know someone who runs a puppy mill? This is a bipartisan bill. What’s the problem?
Then there’s one for state disaster preparedness regarding medical supplies, another requiring public hearings for utility rate hikes, another for a moratorium on cryptocurrency mining, and yet another to require prescription drug insurance to cover costs for PrEP and PEP drugs regarding HIV infection. These are just a few, very few, of the bills waiting. Time to get to it.
Maybe keep in mind that you won this election because of your opponent’s stand on some of the big issues and not necessarily because the citizens of New York think you’re doing a great job. In my case, the jury is still out on that.
So again, congratulations; time to get to work — for us, the citizens of New York.
Carol McDonald


Race caused driving, parking problems

Not covered in the Nov. 14 Gazette (“Stockade-athon Sunday”): My street was blocked off, so I walked the mile to church and couldn’t give a ride to a friend who needed one. Our pastor was misdirected by police and ended up in Rotterdam. Several older members of our congregation stayed home. Several others had to take I-890 downtown and then back up to Brandywine (which was closed).
The policeman who was parked in front of our church had no idea what he was supposed to do, but was kind and generous.
Same thing next year?
Roger Sheffer

Thanks for shots of ‘Build for Peace’

Thank you for the photos by Erica Miller in the Nov. 14 Gazette (“For the birds”) showing the interest and enthusiasm of Ballston Spa Middle School students for the fifth annual B-Spa Birdhouse program Build for Peace.
The village of Ballston Spa is indeed fortunate to have Mark Blech, an artist and a resident who is the organizer of this program that involves so many village residents of all ages.
Zlata & Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa


Thanks to man who paid for our lunch

The ladies having lunch at a local diner want to express their thanks to the very nice gentleman who engaged us in a brief conversation and then to our great surprise had paid our lunch bills when we later asked for them.
It’s so wonderful to be reminded in this difficult time that most people are good and some of them are so especially kind.
Dorie McArthur


Nov. 17 is annual Great American Smokeout

Since the 1970s, the third Thursday in November has been designated as the Great American Smokeout by the American Cancer Society. Started during a time when about 40% of Americans smoked cigarettes, it was a way for community members to come together and support tobacco users in creating a plan to quit. Today, even with cigarette use down nationally, the Great American Smokeout, held on Nov. 17 this year, remains a day of community-wide action and support.
Current tobacco users are asked to take the day to think about why they smoke and who that action affects. Their tobacco use is not seen as something to shame them for, but instead as a symptom of the larger issue of how Big Tobacco profits off our community. Repelling their tactics is a community-wide effort and the Great American Smokeout is a day to make that effort known.
There are roles for everyone. Former smokers can become powerful supporters and advocates to help people quit. Community members can make it clear to local decision-makers that they want to keep tobacco out of the places they work and live. Youth can share their stories of how tobacco has affected their lives and make it clear to the tobacco industry that they are not Big Tobacco’s next customer.
This year during the Great American Smokeout, take a moment to think about what your role is in this fight and how you can take action.
Grace Dawson
ATFC community engagement coordinator for Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton Counties Catholic Charities
Gwendolyn Ossenkop
Montgomery County Cares Coalition
Ginger Champain
St. Mary’s Cancer Prevention in Action program of Fulton, Montgomery and Schenectady counties

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And the games begin TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2024 2024 unleash the attack dogs of the Deep state. HMMM will it be the Republicans accept his candidacy. Maybe they will create a third party. What if DeSantis decides to go along with Trump? Will this be the end of the Republican Party? The turtle Mcconnell and Rommney, Bush, and all the other spineless turds in the party be on the outside looking in. This should give the stooges fodder for the day. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2024 2024 2024.

christophe Stalka

I didn’t think anyone could match that rambling mess of a speech Damsel donnie made last night but you did it Congrats

Best thing that could happen for the Dems is for Trump to start his own party and split the conservative vote. Would never happen because he’s lazy AF, but god do I wish for it.

Whoville–It seems to me 45 did form his own party called MAGA and the gop is already split. They are imploding, blaming each other and going after their leaders.

That worked to dems advantage in this last election, and hopefully will put Warnock back in the Senate.

Fodder – noun:
Food, especially dried hay or feed for, for cattle and other livestock.

What you, Mr. letsgobrandon (a name that defines your character, regardless political affiliation) spew from your Ill-informed face hole, is not what goes into livestock for feed, it’s what comes out the other end.


Let me begin the “deep state attack”:

Trump will never be a “glorious leader”. Most Americans now recognize him as the narrow-minded selfish fool he is.

He has failed in several business ventures, notably the Trump University scam, and ventures in the Atlantic City Casino business. He is a deadbeat who doesn’t pay his business and personal debts, is a tax cheat and refuses to reveal his tax returns, though he promised to do so. That is because he, as the trial of his former CFO Weisselberg is proving , submitted fraudulent returns. He would have been a no-start abject failure had his father and others not pulled him from the brink of disaster many times. Deutsche bank made many loans to him in a desperate attempt to keep him solvent so that he might one day repay the bank what he owed. They, along with many other businesses ultimately cut their ties to him.

Though he lost the popular vote in 2020, he was elected legitimately as a result of our constitutional but peculiar electoral college system. Hillary Clinton participated in the peaceful transfer of power as had Al Gore in 2000. As president he failed to build his Wall and make Mexico pay for it; he alienated our traditional allies, pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), praised brutal foreign dictators like Kim Jung Un, Putin, and Orban; on the domestic front, he failed to deliver on infrastructure, health care, and mishandled the COVID epidemic. He has shown himself to be a white supremacist on several occasions, notably in his praise of neo-nazi marchers in Charleston and his call for the Proud Boys to “stand back but stand by.”

He puts his own bottomless appetite for power and attention over what is good for the country he pretends to love. How else can his illegal and violent schemes to stay in power be explained? He is supported by some of the most vile people ever to appear on the American scene, to name a few: Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Sydney Powell, and the laughable “Mikes”, Lindell and Flynn.

There is much more but I want to end on an optimistic note. The OUTSPOKEN MAJORITY, the SLEEPING GIANTS have been awakened and Trump looks more like the Emperor with no clothes every day.

The party that supported him and gave us the worse politicians in our history, Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, Hawley, Cruz, Graham and a host of others is mired in internal strife with fingers pointing blame from every direction.

Happier days are just around the corner. I think the stinking mess Trump and his MAGA allies have created will be cleared up sooner than we think.

Don’t count Trump yet. Never underestimate the stupidity of the voters. All you said of Trump was true in 2016 and he won with over 62 million votes….It was true in 2020 also and Trump got over 74 million people to vote for him. The Republican party will also find devious ways to change election laws to make it difficult for minorities to vote. Most republicans have no honor and will jump at the chance to get back on the “Trump Train” if he shows an inkling that he might win. I underestimated the stupidity of the American people in 2016….I won’t do it again

Guy, I understand what you´re saying about underestimating 45 and a segment of the American citizens. However, Anthony listed many more examples than what we knew in 2016. Even though he got 74 million votes in 2020, 45 must have lost millions with his Insurrection that came after the election.
After this election, 45 is a proven LOSER. The dems defied the odds and creamed the gop with their lies, lack of answers, negativity, and election deniers. Most that 45 promoted lost.
The gop are clearly split and must decide between maga 45 and a moderate, reasonable party.
Time to dump tRUMP!

I Understand all that….But the GOP is a slime ball party….and anything is pssible. Biden didn’t win by much in the battleground states …It won’t take much for Trump to win again ….If the American people who voted for Trump had a conscience there would be no Trump today


Guy, I understand your concerns. But I think the mid-terms are evidence that more and more people are taking the time to figure out who Trump is and what the Qanon inspired MAGA agenda would mean for this country and world. I subscribe to the “Hundredth Monkey” theory, the idea that when a critical mass of people come to believe something, in this case the danger of the Trump-Qanon-MAGA movement, that awareness begins to spread at an exponential rate.

Anthony…..There have been many moments in the past 7 year that people said …this will surely sink Trump and it didn’t. The disabled reporter. John McCain statement. The gold star families. The bus tape grabbing P**sy Charlottesville. Taking Russia’s word over his own intelligence people… Trying to bribe the Ukraine….Jan 6th and on and on and that’s just touching on a few. Red states will still vote red no matter who they run. The Battleground States are up for grabs still…Hillary underestimated those states ….we can’t do it again …


Guy, I am as frustrated as you are with the fact that Trump has gotten away with so much unethical, illegal, and seditious if not treasonous behavior. I have made it my mission to wake up those who are complacently unaware of the dangers that confront us, changes that could result in an upheaval of our lives and the loss of government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA that so many of us have paid into and depend on.

I convinced a friend of mine’s wife to vote in the mid-terms. Her husband had given up pressuring her. She complained that it was all too confusing and her vote wouldn’t make any difference. I took the time to explain what a threat Trump is and compared his agenda and performance with Biden’s agenda and performance. I made it personal and said I would be very upset if she didn’t vote, reminding her of the few hundred votes in Florida that gave us the Bush presidency, lies about weapons of mass destruction and the Iraq war that followed with all its devastating consequences.

She told me she would vote. I asked her husband to call and confirm if she followed through. He called and told me she had voted. Let’s all be the hundredth monkey!

Bill Marincic

Anthony Santo, I rather doubt that you would say our peculiar Electoral College System if Republicans were the majority in states like Ca., N.Y., and Illinois. It’s not peculiar it is brilliant that our founding fathers had the forethought to realize that one-day certain states by population could control who is President perpetually.

The founding fathers didn’t have the incite that so many ignorant people could be duped. If they were here today they would clearly rewrite that voting system and the 2nd amendment to make it clearer to the fools who misinterpret it …The founding fathers made many mistakes …including not abolishing slavery from the get go…..A person like trump is exactly the kind of person they didn’t want as president ….The put in the impeachment clause but never realized that the congress would be so partisan and would protect a fool like Trump. The republicans put a man ahead of the country

Bill Marincic

Where we failed as a country was when FDR died during his 4th term as POTUS and they ratified the 22 amendments in 1951 that the President could not serve more than 2 terms and they did not include the upper and lower chambers of Congress as well. Two terms for Senate and four terms for Congress.

Roger Sheffer:
I say suck it up cupcake. The Stockade-athon is a one day a year event that is great for for the city, the participants, and the spectators. – God will forgive those who are late, or don’t show up for church on that particular Sunday.

Washington Post:

SAN FRANCISCO — Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees Wednesday morning: commit to a new “hardcore” Twitter or leave the company with severance pay.

Employees were told they had to a sign a pledge to stay on with the company. “If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below,” read the email to all staff, which linked to an online form.

Anyone who did not sign the pledge by 5 p.m. Eastern time Thursday would receive three months of severance pay, the message said.

In the midnight email, which was obtained by The Washington Post, Musk said Twitter “will need to be extremely hardcore” going forward. “This will mean working long hours at high intensity,” he said. “Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade.

The pledge email, paired with a new policy mandating a return to the office, is expected to lead to even more attrition at a company whose staff Musk had already reduced by half. Musk said Twitter would be more of an engineer-driven operation going forward — and while the design and product-management areas would still be important and report to him, he said, “those writing great code will constitute the majority of our team and have the greatest sway”….

What a guy.

Bill Marincic

So you take Umbridge with a man that paid 44 Billion dollars for a company and wants his people that he pays very well to actually come into the office and work. Typical.

Marincic: do you think Musk would be o.k. with his employees spending time writing comments to the local “Letters to the Editor” on company time?

“The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

“Now work like you own part of this, even though you don’t and know you can be dropped like a lazy dishwasher.”


Yeah, that Elon. A real people person.
In the world outside auto dealerships, good management means knowing how to inspire workers, not keep them in fear. I’ve seen it, I’ve been a part of it. It’s real.

Bill Marincic

I’m pretty sure that the man who signs the front of the check for tens of thousands of people knows how to inspire his people to work for him. Maybe if the fake news could stop stirring up trouble because he left the plantation things would be just fine.

Bill Marincic

The difference between liberals and conservatives is on a shirt I wore yesterday. There is a small American Flag where a pocket would be on the front and on the back, it says Patriotism is the love of country, not the love of government. You people could care less about anyone or anything as long as your loving liberals are running things. That’s sad when you people take the party over people and this country.

Bill–hereś the definitions of liberal:

1. willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.
2. relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

OK, happy to be liberal!
Apparently, the American citizens believe in it, too, since the maga party got CRUSHED!

To Guy’s point. ALE (on line not in print) here in SW Fl. Maybe a relative of BM or close friend? Please note the DeSantis is a “junior Trump” comment, with that I do agree 100 %. The letter writer was even thinking of you Lou and Anthony”people on both sides will like him and respect him more”

“Trump can help most behind the scenes:
I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. I’m a very conservative 77-year-old Republican. Here’s some advice for him:
1. He will have a much better influence on events if he becomes the grand old man of the Republican Party. Commenting here and there. Encouraging people to do the things he did while in office. People on both sides will like him and respect him more
2. I believe that the Democrats stole the 2020 election. I also believe that Richard Daley stole the election of John F. Kennedy from Richard Nixon in 1960 by stuffing the Cook County ballot boxes even more then he usually did. Nixon could have sued and whined. He kept his mouth shut and years later won the presidency.
3. Gov. Ron DeSantis is in his 40s, has a wife and little kids, and has followed Trump in leadership and governing. He’s Junior Trump. The people will vote for him. So Trump’s legacy will live on even if he’s not leading the parade.Trump’s best role now is as a behind-the-scenes inspirational figure. He should pass the torch – and help us follow it”
AND before Republicans get to excited about DeSantis.
DeSantis’ ‘win for the ages.’”

Let’s look at the numbers: Gov. Ron DeSantis won slightly over 4.6 million votes, while Charlie Crist garnered 3.1 million. That’s roughly 7.7 million votes combined.

There are about 14.5 million registered voters in Florida out of a population around 21.5 million. The numbers indicate that nearly 7 million registered Floridians did not vote.


Florida 2015, There is nothing that Trump could do that would gain my respect. His past is so sordid as to be beyond redemption. The evil and damage he has done is beyond forgiveness by a mere mortal such as myself.

ALE’s interpretation of history is as wrong as his suggestion that any of us who realize the depths of Trump’s depravity could ever forgive much less respect him. Anyone who describes Trump as an “inspirational figure” has serious gaps in his knowledge of Trump’s behavior, character, and actions.

Talk one or more of those non-voters into casting a ballot. The more people who vote, the more likely a quick end to the GOP in its current degraded state.

Bill Marincic

So you take Umbridge with a man that paid 44 Billion dollars for a company and wants his people that he pays very well to actually come into the office and work. Typical. As far as 7 million not voting in Florida, keep in mind that many snowbirds don’t go until after Christmas.

I know the following is long, but the reason for that is because it’s a trump lie list from yesterday’s presidential announcement speech.

Washington Post:

Donald Trump is running for president again — and he’s singing from the same hymn book of falsehoods. With few exceptions, many of the factual claims made in his announcement speech could have been plucked from a campaign-rally speech in the waning days of the 2020 election campaign — or even from his announcement speech in 2015. Here’s a guide to 19 claims he made on Tuesday night, in the order in which he made them:

“When the virus hit our shores, I took decisive action and saved lives and the U.S. economy.” 

Trump did not take decisive action. For weeks, he played down the threat of a pandemic, telling reporters in February 2020 that in April the virus would “miraculously” go away.

“Importantly, after decades of rising energy costs, the United States had finally attained the impossible dream of American energy independence, which soon would have turned into energy dominance.” 

This is false. Under Trump, the United States continued to import millions of barrels of oil per day, with 48 percent coming from Canada and 11 percent from Persian Gulf countries. Trump appears to be basing this statement on the fact the United States exported more crude and refined products than it imported. That’s still the case. In 2021, according to the Energy Information Administration, the United States imported about 8.47 million barrels per day of petroleum, compared to exports of 8.63 million barrels per day. But the country still relies on other countries for its energy needs.
Refiners on the Gulf Coast, for instance, have been optimized for Venezuelan crude, which has a high sulfur content. When the Trump administration put sanctions on Venezuelan petroleum, refiners started importing Russian petroleum products because they are roughly similar to U.S. petroleum products.

“China was paying billions and billions of dollars in taxes … No president had ever saw or received one dollar for our country from China until I came along.”-
China is not the one paying. Tariffs are generally paid by importers, such as U.S. companies, who in turn pass on most or all of the costs to consumers or producers who may use Chinese materials in their products. So, ultimately, Americans are footing the bill for these tariffs, not the Chinese. Through the end of Trump’s presidency, the tariffs garnered about $75 billion on products from China. Biden has not removed the tariffs, so the total has now grown to $161 billion, according to Customs and Border Protection.
Contrary to Trump’s claim that “no president” had ever done this, tariffs have been collected on Chinese goods since the early days of the Republic. President George Washington signed the Tariff Act of 1789, when trade between China and the United States was already established.

“Because the border was so tight, drugs were coming into our country at the lowest level in many, many years.”

The flow of drugs over the border was not at its lowest level under Trump. Under Biden, according to Customs and Border Protection statistics, overall drug seizures have dropped, especially for marijuana, but have increased substantially for fentanyl — the drug most responsible for overdose deaths. Both the decrease in marijuana seizures and the increase in fentanyl seizures reflect trends that started under Trump.
Most drugs come into the United States across the southern border with Mexico. But a wall does not limit this illegal trade, as much of it travels through legal borders or under tunnels unaffected by any possible physical barrier. Even if the wall could curb illicit drug trafficking, it would have a minimal impact on the death toll from drug abuse.

“Gas prices have reached the highest levels in history, and expect them to go much higher now that the strategic national reserves, which I filled up, have been virtually drained to keep gasoline prices lower.”
Trump exaggerates. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve hit a high of 726 million barrels under Barack Obama and never got higher than 695 million barrels under Trump. (He did propose to add more but couldn’t get funding approved by Congress.) As of August, the latest figure available, it stood at 445 million barrels.

“Our southern border has been erased, and our country is being invaded by millions and millions of unknown people, many of whom are entering for a very bad and sinister reason.”

Trump is exaggerating how many people illegally cross the border. Moreover, most independent research contradicts the idea that illegal immigrants bring more crime. A 2018 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Criminology, led by Michael Light, a criminologist at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, examined whether places with higher percentages of undocumented immigrants have higher rates of violent crime such as murder or rape. The answer: States with larger shares of undocumented immigrants tended to have lower crime rates than states with smaller shares in the years 1990 through 2014. Similar results were found in another peer-reviewed study by the same researchers that looked at nonviolent crime, such as drug arrests and driving under the influence (DUI) arrests.

“We lost lives, left Americans behind and surrendered $85 billion worth of the finest military equipment anywhere in the world.”

Trump falsely claims United States left behind $85 billion of weapons during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. We have previously given this claim Three Pinocchios, as it is ridiculously high. The $85 billion number reflects all spending appropriated for Afghanistan Security Forces since the U.S. invasion in 2001. But even that is high; a smaller figure, $75 billion, actually had been disbursed. Moreover, a 2017 government report estimated that about 29 percent of the funds spent on the Afghan security forces between 2005 and 2016 went to equipment and transportation. The exact figure of equipment left behind is unknown. Given the passage of time, however, some of this equipment may be obsolete or have been destroyed — or may not be usable, given the shortage of maintenance crews.

“They say the ocean will rise one eighth of an inch over the next two hundred to three hundred years.”
Trump greatly minimizes how climate change is expected to affect global mean sea levels. Global mean sea level already has risen about eight to nine inches since 1880; as of 2021, it is 3.8 inches above 1993 levels, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. At the current pace, the global sea level will be one foot higher by the end of this century.

“We had practically, just about, not that I can think of, no Islamic attacks, terrorist attacks during the Trump administration.”

Trump is wrong. On Dec. 6, 2019, a Saudi military student, Ahmed Mohammed al-Shamrani, went on a shooting rampage at a Navy flight school in Pensacola, Fla., killing three people and wounding 13. Attorney General William P. Barr said the attack was “an act of terrorism” motivated by “jihadist ideology.” Al-Shamrani had visited the 9/11 Memorial in New York City and posted a message on social media on the anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks stating that “the countdown has started.”

“We actually got it [inflation] to exactly one percent. The perfect number one thing every economist agrees don’t have it. You have it like at one percent. They would say one to two. But I said, let’s do one. And we had it at one percent and we had it there for a long period of time …. Inflation was nonexistent.”
This is not correct. During the Trump presidency, annual inflation generally was a little higher or lower than 2 percent a year. A president generally has little control over inflation, while the Federal Reserve only has crude tools, such as raising interest rates, to affect it. Whether the Fed acted fast enough to combat inflation — or whether Biden’s covid relief package exacerbated inflation — is still under debate. Trump appointed the current Fed chairman. After the pandemic, inflation soared in most countries around the world, and Trump likely would have faced a similar rise in prices.

“The socialist disaster known as the Green New Deal, which is destroying our country, and the many crippling regulations that it has spawned, will be immediately terminated.”
The Green New Deal, a sweeping environmental plan proposed by liberals, was never enacted. Biden opposed the Green New Deal though he has enacted some climate-change legislation.

“But one of the reasons we had so much success at the border was because of the fact that we got Mexico to give us free of charge 28,000 soldiers.”

No Mexican troops were given “free of charge” to the United States. Mexico deployed 26,000 soldiers, split between the U.S. border and Mexico’s southern border, to stem illegal immigration from central American countries.

“Under the Barack Hussein Obama administration, they were unable to take them out because their country is where they came from, wouldn’t take them. And I learned about that. And my first day I actually say what I learned about it. And I said, which countries? And it was Honduras and Guatemala. It was El Salvador, some others. And I said, How much do we pay them, sir? You pay them $750 million a year. It’s a lot of money. I said, all right, stop payment. We’re not paying them anymore because they wouldn’t accept them … And I get a call the next morning from the presidents of every country that are talking about. Sir, there seems to be a misunderstanding. What’s the problem? Is … there anything we can do?”

Trump often fabricates conversations in which he stuns various heads of state with his knowledge or negotiating skills and they bend to his will. His claim that El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras “wouldn’t take” deportees before the Trump administration is flat-out false. The three countries accepted hundreds of thousands of returnees from the United States every year, before Trump’s term, official statistics show. From 2013 to 2018, such deportations totaled 550,186. In fact, the Obama administration prioritized the deportations of gang members and individuals with criminal records. Trump, upon taking office, scrapped that priority list and allowed officials to prioritize nonviolent immigration offenders over violent ones.

“Businesses were pouring back because of our historic tax and regulation cuts, the biggest in both categories in history, bigger even than what Ronald Reagan was able to produce. And he produced a lot.”
Neither of these claims are correct.
Trump’s claim about tax cuts was his second favorite falsehood during his presidency; his remarks at his departure ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base marked the 296th time he said it. Even before Trump’s tax cut was crafted, he promised it would be the biggest in U.S. history — bigger than Ronald Reagan’s 1981 tax cut. Reagan’s tax cut amounted to 2.9 percent of the gross domestic product and none of the proposals under consideration came close to that level. Yet Trump persisted in this fiction even when the tax cut was eventually crafted to be the equivalent of 0.9 percent of GDP, making it the eighth largest tax cut in 100 years.
As for regulations, there is no reliable metric on which to judge this claim — or to compare Trump to previous presidents. Many experts say the most significant regulatory changes in U.S. history were the deregulation of airline, rail and trucking industries during the Carter administration, which are estimated to provide consumers with $70 billion in annual benefits. A detailed November 2020 report by the Penn Program on Regulation concluded that “without exception, each major claim we have uncovered by the President or other White House official about regulation turns out to be exaggerated, misleading, or downright untrue.” The report said that Trump Administration had not reduced the overall number of pages from the regulatory code book, and it completed far more regulatory actions than deregulatory ones once the full data are examined.

“I made big promises to the American people. And unlike other presidents, I kept my promises.”

Despite his bravado, Trump broke many of his campaign promises. According to The Washington Post Trump Promise Tracker, Trump kept less than one-third of 60 key promises he announced during the 2016 campaign — and he broke half of them.

“Every drug dealer during his or her life on average will kill 500 people with the drugs they sell, not to mention the destruction of families.”

As we have documented, this is a dubious figure that makes little sense. About 600,000 people died of drug overdoses from 2010 to 2020, according to the National Institutes of Health. Doing the math, Trump’s statistic would suggest that there are only 1,200 drug dealers in the United States. But the federal government prosecutes nearly 20,000 drug traffickers a year.

“I rebuilt our entire military, which nobody talks about. When I got there, we had jet fighters that were forty eight years old. We had bombers that was 60 years old. We had bombers where their grandfathers flew them when they were new. And now the grandchild is flying the bomber, but not anymore.”

Trump often falsely claims he’s “totally rebuilt” the U.S. military. As for the bomber, Trump appears to be referring to the B-52 Stratofortress bomber, built during the Kennedy Administration, which are receiving upgrades could keep the remaining fleet of Cold War bombers going until 2050. But Trump errs in suggesting that he is replacing the B-52 or ordered new planes to replace it. The Obama administration pushed forward with a new bomber, the B21, which will function alongside the B-52.

“I said, why didn’t you raid Bush’s place? Why didn’t you raid Clinton? Thirty two thousand emails. Why didn’t you raid Clinton’s place? Why didn’t you do? Obama took a lot of things with him.”

Trump is under investigation for taking classified documents from the White House to his home in Florida, rather than turn than over the National Archives as required by law. When Trump began suggesting his actions were no different than previous president, the Archives issued a statement saying he was wrong. “All such temporary facilities [for previous president records] met strict archival and security standards, and have been managed and staffed exclusively by NARA employees,” the statement said. “Reports that indicate or imply that those Presidential records were in the possession of the former Presidents or their representatives, after they left office, or that the records were housed in substandard conditions, are false and misleading.”

“I will ask for a permanent ban on taxpayer funding of campaigns. A lifetime ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and Cabinet. No, I see what they make. They leave the White House or they leave Congress. They’re paid millions and millions and millions of dollars a year. Now you have to have a ban.”
Trump talks a good game on restricting lobbying by former officials. But with hours left in his term, Trump rescinded the executive order he had signed on Jan. 28, 2017 that had limited federal administration officials from lobbying the government or working for foreign countries after they leave their posts, undoing one of the few measures he had instituted to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise to “drain the swamp.”

Just beautiful.

Bill Marincic

Is Washington Post factual and honest? That’s funny, maybe the Washington Times or the NY Post. It seems they were the only ones that got the Hunter Biden story right, the others are part of the MSDNC


What a wonderful job the WP did of exposing the lies told in one speech by Donald Trump, the self-aggrandizing ignorant fool who leads his dwindling flock of brain-dead Republican worshipers to inevitable defeat!

Lou, Thanks for finding the article and bringing it to our attention. It is sure to rattle any MAGA-ites who take the time to read it. As you implied, no intelligent refutations of anything in the article are possible.

Tony, All of these “MAGA-ites” can’t be so stupid as to not see trump for the total f#%=&r he is. My question is, what is the common denominator that keeps them on board his rat-infested sinking ship. – Fear of loosing White supremacy as well not being able, or wanting, to adapt to a changing world is my best guess.

Bill Marincic

How about a free country not controlled by complete morons out to destroy it with socialist politicians and the climate hoax. BTW why was Bill Gates at the G20?

Now Bill is going to say I’m pulling the racist card, but that can’t be possible with him because he once sat on a bus next to a Black man, or something like that.


My favorite line is: “I said, why didn’t you raid Bush’s place? Why didn’t you raid Clinton? Thirty two thousand emails. Why didn’t you raid Clinton’s place? Why didn’t you do? Obama took a lot of things with him.”

“Why didn’t you do?…” Do what, pray tell?

“Obama took a lot of things with him.” When people move they usually “take a lot of things with them.” So? I’ll bet he didn’t take any top secret documents to use for some undoubtedly nefarious selfish purpose. Don’t believe the WP? Ask their source, the NARA.

Bill Marincic

Obama has over 1 million Presidential documents sitting in storage that he was going to copy for his library and never has, many of them were also classified files, again why wasn’t he raided, or Clinton that had a private server and destroyed all of the evidence AFTER being ordered by Congress to produce it?

I’m certain there are problems with the way you report that tidbit. So I won’t fact check you.

Oh alright. It’s like popping pimples, once you start…

October 11, 2022, statement (from the National Archives)

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), in accordance with the Presidential Records Act, assumed physical and legal custody of the Presidential records from the administrations of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan, when those Presidents left office. NARA securely moved these records to temporary facilities that NARA leased from the General Services Administration (GSA), near the locations of the future Presidential Libraries that former Presidents built for NARA. All such temporary facilities met strict archival and security standards, and have been managed and staffed exclusively by NARA employees. Reports that indicate or imply that those Presidential records were in the possession of the former Presidents or their representatives, after they left office, or that the records were housed in substandard conditions, are false and misleading.

Bill Marincic

In the first paragraph, Trump got us a vaccine and Biden came in after the vaccine and because of his ignorance, more people died under Biden with a vaccine than Trump without one. I could go through it all but the 1st paragraph was a lie so why bother?

I guess you really can’t read. – There’s obviously a huge disconnect between your eyes, your brain and your mouth. Goodbye, good night, sleep tight, and don’t the bed bugs bite.

And you’re lying because as everyone already knows, then President tRump did everything he could to wish the pandemic away including claiming it was a hoax, it wasn’t real, Chinese were evil, masks were useless, vaccines were useless, Fauci was the enemy, the CDC was the enemy, and on, and on, and on, until now when it’s pretty clear that most affected by the virus, most that perished from the virus, were Republicans.

You’re a bald-faced liar AND you still believe most of that crap!

45 said “I’m a victim, I will tell you. I’m a victim” during his low energy announcement. The privileged, white, rich, bully, with all the beautiful women has convinced too many Americans to feel sorry for him. (BILL)
He shats on a golden toilet! Please, its pathetic.


I fact checked ChuckD. Here is the truth fron USA News Today::

“Obama doesn’t have custody of his administration’s records
The archives agency said in an Aug. 12 statement that they “assumed exclusive legal and physical custody” of Obama’s presidential records when he left office in 2017 as part of the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

A follow-up statement Sept. 23 noted that included all classified documents.

“The library holds records from the Obama presidential administration and is leased, controlled, managed, and used exclusively by” the National Archives and Records Administration, the statement said. “The (Obama) foundation has never had possession or control over the records.”

As Lou noted earlier, those who continue “believing” Trump choose to believe him because he clearly supports white supremacists and adopted the extreme Christian Nationalist agenda so that he could use the close-minded cultists as a tool to achieve power, wealth, and adoration.


On a side note, Trump’s latest absurd defense for keeping top secret documents is that anything he took with him while he was president automatically became personal documents to which he was entitled. Of course that exposes his attempt to stop the investigation of the documents because of executive privilege as fraudulent since e.p. does not cover personal papers.

In much the same way his contention that the documents were planted by the FBI contradicts his claims that they belonged to him.

His various efforts to justify his crime, if successful, will gut the Presidential Records Act.

What a DANGEROUS JERK their hero is!

And as always, I welcome the fact-checking. I comment here under a pseudonym which I feel compels me to try to be honest.
But actually I only quoted an NARA press release.

Anthony …Like I said ….don’t underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Just read Mr. Bills comments….there are millions more like him. They make excuses for Trump daily still. They have no problem remaining willfully ignorant for Trump. In their mind what they are doing is a just cause. Trying to save white America is at the core of their stupidity

Cynthia, Guy, Read the comments I posted from a LTE from a relative or the very least like minded individual as BM here in Florida. Trump should be respected on and on. Factoid, The largest viewing age group of FFF (Fox News) is white and over 65. Take it from there as to where BM and the guy I posted about come from. Going to take several more election cycles to flush this out. Heard a interview with history professor on this election denying and general crazy fringes in both parties. She said it takes about nine years to arrive at will we remain a democratic country or become a autocracy. Seven years in soooo?

People laugh when I say this:…The people of Germany got caught up in Nationalism in the 1930s and followed Hitler into the hell he made for Germany to the end. Hitler once was jailed for High Treason before all this happened …Don’t count Trump out. He can cause havoc and chaos to get back into power again. Little things like a football player who is black kneeling during the anthem, He takes that and works his cult members like Mr Bill into a frenzy. Trust me they still March to Trump’s tune. We must remain vigilant and push back whenever we can


Guy, I could not agree more. I believe there is “0” difference between Trump and his fanatical followers and Hitler and his fanatical followers. They have the same mind set, the same needs, and the same view of themselves as superior to whatever groups they blame for all their problems, be they Jews, immigrants, Black and Brown people, gays, transsexuals, the disabled, or democratic socialists. They are very determined, ruthless, and violent people.

I remain hopeful because these thugs have always been in the minority and I believe more and more Americans are becoming aware of the threat that Trump and his MAGA hordes represent. And I agree and believe that we will “remain vigilant and push back whenever we can.”

As Winston Churchill said: “Never, never, never give up.”

Bill Marincic

I can’t believe there is a difference between Biden and his fanatical followers of socialism and Hitler and his fanatical followers, they are obviously of the same mindset and are willing to destroy America for the power they want over the lives of its citizens. Thank God we have Congress and the power of the purse. As JFK once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”.

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