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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Nov. 17 – Four from readers in Burnt Hills, Schenectady, Rotterdam, Albany


Americans must fight anti-Semitic lies

Whether it’s torch-toting marchers who chant “Jews will not replace us,” a sitting president calling them “some good people,” or the ignorant rants of Kanye West, the naive postings of basketball star Kyrie Irving or the many anti-Semitic lies found online, our country is awash in anti-Semitic hate speech.
Similar lies and hate speech were used in Nazi Germany to justify Adolf Hitler’s goal of killing 11 million European Jews by 1948.
During World War II, Europe’s Jewish population was lied to at every turn. They were told they were being transported to resettlement areas and instead were sent to death camps. Jewish families were told they would be traveling by passenger train but instead they were crammed into box cars with no food, water or sanitation facilities. Upon their arrival they were told they would be brought to the showers for cleansing but instead were brought to gas chambers. At many of these “resettlement” camps 90% of the new arrivals were immediately gassed and cremated. The surviving 10% were told they would be given jobs but instead became slaves.
By 1945 nearly six million Jews had been murdered. The book titled “The Escape Artist” by Jonathan Freedland describes in detail the horrors suffered by European Jews. Americans must fight against the pervasive anti-Semitic lies and all the liars in our country. Learn the real truth and send these anti-Semitic haters back under the rocks they came from.
Bob Karandy
Burnt Hills

Make school projects include solar energy

In the Oct. 2 Gazette (“School district unveils proposed capital project”), the Duanesburg school district outlined a plan for updating and renovating its schools. I noticed that they didn’t include the addition of solar for their new roof.
Check out some of the many articles by schools from New York to California to see how schools are making solar work for them:
“Solar is enabling many New York schools to save money, enrich learning and keep teachers in the classroom, all while providing local jobs and generating emissions-free electricity,” Andrea Luecke, president and executive director of the Solar Foundation, is quoted as saying in a story on
“Schools can play a pivotal role in helping our communities adapt,” said the writer of one blog on “Schools that adopt more resilient infrastructure — such as solar + battery storage microgrids, which allow schools to retain key functions when other buildings lose power — can be critical community hubs for providing shelter and other services during an emergency.”
And the list goes on.
Perhaps now is the time to require all new bonding issues to include solar as an investment for a better future for our students and the environment.
Florence Carnahan

High school held another fine salute

On Nov. 11, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School had another Veterans Day ceremony and it was excellent. It started out with the speaker telling the names, branch of service and tours of duty of the veterans present at the ceremony. Then the band played songs honoring all branches of the services and the band was excellent. And then the color guard did their duty also very well.
Next, three or four students gave heartfelt speeches in regard to what it means to be a veteran. Very emotional. And last, and probably the highlight, was this: The entire senior class lined up to thank every veteran for his or her service with firm handshakes. This was very emotional.
With me being a Vietnam veteran, we were not treated very well when we returned. Even though it is over 50 years ago, it still bothers me. I spoke to some of the veterans at the ceremony and they were also moved by the seniors honoring the veterans. Then we all went to the cafeteria for a wonderful breakfast.
I have attended this event before and every year it keeps getting better. Thank you so much.
Chip Bowles

GOP’s responsibility is to ban abortion

Inflation and the future of the economy were the two most pressing issues facing voters entering the midterm elections. Whether high food or energy prices, many economists have, at least in part, attributed inflation to the Democrat-led, multitrillion-dollar spending bills and national bans on fracking.
Prior to President Biden’s inauguration, inflation was just 1.3% and the national average for gasoline was $2.39. Since then, a litany of concerns can be heard such as small business owners not being able to fill their tanks or families cutting back on food. The Biden administration’s response ranged from denying the reality to insisting upon the merits of inflation.
The array of Trump-endorsed candidates and the unpopularity of overturning Roe v. Wade were expected to cause the GOP headwind. Still, voters’ decision to stick with the same policies that they knew were hurting them suggests a certain cognizance is evading them.
Sexual prudence leads to more meaningful relationships and a healthier life. The Republican Party was formed for the sole purpose of ending slavery. Its primary responsibility now is to end abortion despite the electorate’s unhealthy dependency.
Stephen Dansereau

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Stephan I agree and the Biden administration pushing abortion and believe it is a constitutional right is wrong. Roe vs Wade being overturned by SCOTUS was the correct decision. Let the states make their own decisions. Unfortunatly many states are filthy with pact money from the democratic money laundering machine supported by corrupt rino republicans. Sadly the sleeping masses getting their information from the MSM and even though they see the inflation, high crime, high gas prices all sit at the alter of Democratic Socialist party. Just announced yesterday, Wells Fargo, Citi bank and the Central banking working on Crypto-currency going to be used instead of cash. They get this pushed through they can shut off your means to buy what you want to. They did it to the Canadain truckers and they will do it to any who opposes their policies and agenda. The three stooges will be here shortly to say how stupid, ill informed, racist, and whatever other bile that spews from their socialist posts against what you have written. They spend the day spewing socialist propaganda against anyone who opposes their views. We need to keep reminding people that the Biden administration and the Democratic establishment is the criminal syndicate that goes deep into state and city government.

I guess you both didn’t look at the 2022 election results where abortion was put on the ballot….The people in those States overwhelming said no …keep abortion legal. It wasn’t a one issue election. The Supreme Court ruling overturning a 50 year protection for women had a lot to do with the disastrous 2022 outcome they had


Guy, It is refreshing to read G-F—Biden’s low-key unemotional posts. He doesn’t call anyone names commonly used by those in middle school and always remains open to alternative points of view.

Hit, run, insult, agitate, then when your blather is refuted with logic and fact you go back to watching Fox so as to accumulate another load of lies, misinformation, and democracy destroying manipulative political insanity.

* For Duty and Humanity!
* Moe: “One for all!”, Larry: ” All for one!”, Curly: ” I’m for myself.” (Guess who that sounds like)
* Moe: (to Curly) “There’s nothing to be scared about.” (Sees what Curly sees) Both: ” Nyahhh-ah-ah!”

“Every time you think, you weekend the nation” – Moe Howard

Thank you for calling me one of the stooges.


More from the ongoing Herschel Walker unintentional comedy routine. It almost seems as if he wants to lose the election:

“I was here watching a stupid movie late at night, hoping it’s gonna get better. It don’t get better, but you keep watching anyway.

“Cause the other night, I was watching this movie called Fright Night, Freak Night or some type of night, but it was about vampires.

“I don’t know if you know, but vampires are some cool people, are they not? But let me tell you something that I found out: a werewolf can kill a vampire.

“Did you know that? I never knew that. So I don’t want to be a vampire anymore. I wanna be a werewolf.

“So this actor comes into their home, he got all the right stuff. Because you know, gotta have a stake, gotta have a thing to kill him in the heart.

“And he got a necklace of garlic, cause that work. I don’t know what it does, but it work. Gotta have a cross, cause it burns, I know that works.

“It don’t even work unless you’ve got faith. We gotta have faith in our fellow brother, gotta have faith in this country.” – Herschel Walker, speaking yesterday at a Georgia rally.

It was painful to watch. ,,,I was reading about this race before the election….People were saying they voted for Walker just so the Democrats don’t get a majority in the Senate and they could care less about his qualifications . Now that the Dems already have the majority. I wonder if they will turn out for walker like they did.

Bill Marincic

So he is using a movie that he watched to show what it’s going to take to win, he is saying he needs to change and use all available weapons. I heard Warnock was watching reruns of How to be a Millionaire.

Probably doesn’t like his intelligence insulted by you tap dancing around what Walker really is: unfit to be a politician. The only reason you’re propping him up is a futile grasp at the Senate.
That’s all.

Just wondering if calling someone “an angry old man” is a compliment or insult?

Just wondering stating someone has “limited knowledge of common sense and decency” is a compliment or insult?

Do you see who you really are? If not look up the word hypocrite.

Bill makes excuses for brain-damaged, inexperienced, rambling incoherent, Walker…but attacks Biden.
You live in upside-down land just like 45, maga and the gop. THAT´Ś why they got their butts kicked, lmao!

PS–And thanks to those men deciding abortion issues (NOT)!

Bill Marincic

Stephen Dansereau, I agree and I blame Mitch McConnell for costing us the Senate with his hatred for Trump. Why would you put all of those millions of dollars on Lisa Murkowski who will side with the democrats half the time to get her free stuff? And they elected that piece of garbage again as leader. We need term limits and we need people to actually govern. As LGB said above, get ready to be attacked by the wrong-thinking crew on here.

Mr. Bill did you ever think it was Trump’s hatred for McConnell that cost you the elections? Trump went against more viable choices McConnell made just to go against him. Try reversing your brain out of Trump mode and think clearly. And Mr. Bill we have term limits. it’s called voting. But I do agree with term limits for Supreme Court Justices. Living with a lifetime of the conservative judges mistakes is horrible. Still waiting on your window glass outcome also…Have a nice day

Bill Marincic

Here is the deal, would I vote for Trump if he was the GOP nominee? A resounding yes. Would I vote for Trump against Desantis in a primary, a resounding no?

Bill is still in upside-down land. As much as I can´t stand McConnell, it wasn´t his fault. The American people resoundingly voted against 45 and MAGA–which McConnell is not. McConnell did not put up lousy candidates, 45 & R Scott did! R Scott was the leader of the campaign arm of Senate gop.

Then Hawley, Cruz & R Scott (MAGAotts) turn around and blame McConnell when he won them a huge tax break, packed the courts, and gerrymandered the Supreme Court to their benefit.
It´s laughable…so glad R Scott got put in his place, and his¨Rescue American” plan went over like a lead balloon.

Bill Marincic

The failure of the founders was not to put term limits in the Constitution, I get it that all of the politicians, for the most part, were full-time farmers but they had such great insight into everything else. I guess they never expected that you could get rich in Congress and want to stay forever.

Insight? You mean like slavery? Or perhaps not giving women the same rights as men? How about excluding native Americans from the Bill of Rights. There are many more. Term limits isn’t even on the list. . The Founding Fathers are given to much credit. After all we had to clean up many of their mistakes that still are affecting to this day.

Also all DeSantis did was steal Trump’s schtick …he is a younger version of Trump and a just tad smarter

Bill Marincic

GV you can say what you want about the Founders but that was the time and practice then. As far as slavery you can thank God and the Republican party that was formed to end slavery. Finally, please tell me what country is better with more opportunities for more people than America. That is the typical liberal response from America hating people.

jclark…..They use “The Party of Lincoln” to cover for their racism today. It a typical response from the Party of Trump. They don’t see what happened to the Republican Party after 1964. The Party the still flies the Confederate Flag of the traitors to our constitution.

New Zealand and Australia. Happiest and safest places on earth. There’s two for you. They would also quickly send you packing if you tried bringing any of that Christian Nationalist\Trump\Supremacist BS to their shores.


Blasphemer! You forget American exceptionalism! We were exceptionally good at the genocide of Native Americans and institutionalizing the cruelest form of chattel slavery in human history.

But seriously folks, the truth is all nations have done wrong, some more than others, but the mark of great nations is to acknowledge their mistakes and correct them, not deny them and cover up the sordid realities of their past.

Bill Marincic

GV you can say what you want about the Founders but that was the time and practice then. As far as slavery you can thank God and the Republican party that was formed to end slavery. Finally, please tell me what country is better with more opportunities for more people than America. Yours is the typical liberal response from America hating people.

Bill you say you are 17% black. Ask that part of you makeup how “opportunities” were for African-Americans, How it took them until 1964 to be equal in the constitution. You have a very white view of our history. Maybe a course in Critical Race Theory would be good for you.

Bill Marincic

Happy to play whack a lib.

In 1960, 61% of blacks were married in 1960, but by 2008 it was only 32%. Blacks also get divorced more often and remarry less frequently than whites. Scholars and public observers worry because, after all, marriage has historically provided many benefits.

In 1960, there was a 27-point gap between black homeownership (38 percent) and white homeownership (65 percent). Today, the gap is even wider.

From about 1900 to 1930, there was a golden age of Black-owned businesses in the US. Because Jim Crow laws forced African-Americans to form more insulated communities separate from whites, it led to a boom in entrepreneurship. All across the country in urban areas where the majority of Black people lived, small businesses were popping up at record speed.

So it seems after 1960 and LBJs welfare handout everything changed for the worse for Blacks in America.

Mr. Bill I really don’t think you realize how racist that tirade was. What site did you get this information from? Who was the author? I really feel sorry for you. I don’t know whether you don’t know you are a racist or just trying to hide it….You summed up “separate but equal” which was abolished in 1954….Seek help please

He got it from, and clearly, and sadly, doesn’t understand that this is a significant part of what Critical Race Theory is concerned with.
But let’s not let the children know!!! Don’t want the white kids to feel any guilt!!!

You’re a real piece of work, Bill.

Bill Marincic

GV is far from a racist tirade, there are dozens of websites including the NY Times that say the same thing. Since LBJs welfare state forced the father from the home not only Blacks but Whites and everyone in between is worse off. We have the statistics of a father in the home or not in the home. Even with both parents in the home, the statistics are that kids are less prepared and have a higher probability of getting in trouble when both parents work. The great liberal plan, take the mother or the father out of the house and let them be educated by the state (school).

Then why do you think Republicans came up with the Southern Strategy to block people of color from voting?

I know I repeatedly bring this up here, but you racist wannabee historians repeatedly and quite ham-handedly try to deflect your obvious racist sentiments onto Democrats, and you never answer for your own behavior.

Bill Marincic

I wonder why the Democrats never bring up their Senator that Biden eulogised?

As a young man, Mr. Byrd was an ‘exalted cyclops’ of the Ku Klux Klan. Although he apologized numerous times for what he considered a youthful indiscretion, his early votes in Congress–notably a filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act–reflected racially separatist views.


ChuckD, after that post in which racism was evident to anyone reading it with half a brain, I am convinced that the best response is no direct response to what this White Christian Nationalist bigot posts. He craves attention and I believe oblique comments do not satisfy his appetite for attention. I wish we all would do our best to ignore him or simply post among ourselves how pathetic he is.

I know, I know. It’s just that someone’s gotta clean up the mess once in a while, to keep the oozing swamp at bay.

Now where’re the others and their armpit fart noises…?

I wonder which person the Republicans will try to demonize now that Nancy Pelosi will not seek leadership. The did it to Hillary and Pelosi…who is next?


It always surprises me that people don’t more often see the truth that history tells. Forget party labels and let’s look honestly at who favored the extension of rights and the enactment of legislation that is now widely accepted as the moral and obviously right choice:

-Those who favored the abolition of slavery were seen as liberals and radicals while those who favored the continuation and extension of slavery were considered conservatives, people who fear change.

-Those who favored granting women the right to vote were the liberal/radicals while those against voting rights for women were conservatives.

-The FDR administration got Social Security through after a prolonged struggle with conservatives.

-Had the ultraconservative Charles Lindbergh’s version of America First won out, we wouldn’t have entered WW2 and likely would be speaking German and living under a fascist dictatorship, something we might yet suffer if today’s conservatives get their way.

-We wouldn’t have the ACA if conservatives had triumphed in their fight against it.

-Segregation in public and private places based on race would still be legal if conservatives got their way.

And on and on and on….


Comparison between Hitler’s and Trump’s strategy in search of power for themselves:

-Pick a group you designate as superior to all others: “Aryans” or evangelical “Christians” of NW European descent

– Blame all their problems on others: Jews and Communists or immigrants, Jews, “liberals”, and individuals of other than Christian approved sexual orientation

-Tell them to achieve the perfect society the leadership of one individual owed absolute loyalty is necessary: Hitler or Trump

-Surround yourself with bullies dedicated to your success: Ernst Roehm, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering or Elmer Rhodes, Stephen Miller, Mike Flynn

NBC News provides some of the classy things uttered by the Pig People of the Republican Party today wrt Nancy Pelosi’s retirement:


Bill Marincic

Yes, he is going to remove a guy that has been sleeping with a known Chinese spy from his intelligence committee. The guy should never have been on in the first place.

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