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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Nov. 19


Dear Mr. Trump: Please go away

Regarding the latest announcement: Dear Mr. Trump, would you please just go away!


Thank God Trump is running again

Trump is running! There is a God!


Fatherly advice: Don’t win the battle only to lose the war

In life we come across many situations where we disagree with others on lots of topics. We all come from different backgrounds and thus have a wide variety of perspectives.

When I was younger, I would fight tooth and nail to win people over from their perspective to my own. These battles were very important to me and thus the outcome became the complete focus of my argument. I hated to lose an argument and thus would do all that I could to become, what I saw, as the winner of the debate.

Thankfully, over the years I have come to the conclusion that there is a lot to be learned from people who think alternatively to the way I think. Listening to how others perceive a situation can help to enlighten us and create a broader perspective for all involved.

Disagreements can easily escalate and get way out of hand to the detriment of all parties involved. Is it worth winning a debate and losing a friend in the process? Of course not! Sometimes we must agree to disagree and realize that winning a heated debate should not be our ultimate goal.

Learning should be our ultimate goal. It is far better to learn how to resolve a dispute peacefully than to feel like you have won a battle. My father told me years ago, not to win the battle and lose the war. I guess now I understand how that works.


Now is time to rebrand to ‘New Schenectady’

Thank you, Mr. Belive, for your generous comments in your Nov. 15 letter (“’New’ nickname for city is, respectfully, off the mark.”) I have worked for 30 years to awaken my home city. Now it is time to rebrand . . . we have earned it!

We cannot change our name, we are Schenectady. The ONE idea a massive number of residents can support is we are a new and better place. When people hear the word “NEW” associated with something, their brain perks up . . . for an answer . . . and a moment of anticipation is created.

While the word NOW has merit, it lacks spark and has no pizzazz!


Thanks to Congressman for work on Alzheimer’s

This is a time of great promise in Alzheimer’s and dementia research and treatment. Encouraging advancements are being made in the fight to end this unforgiving disease. We know that early detection is critical, yet too often those advancements are blocked by bureaucratic red tape.

Congressman Paul Tonko has been a true champion for the 410,000 New Yorkers living with Alzheimer’s and the hundreds of thousands who care for them. He was recently one in a bipartisan group of representatives to press Health and Human Services and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve access to diagnostic tests able to detect Alzheimer’s disease. Right now, a diagnostic test known as PET beta amyloid imaging, has shown to be a critical step in detecting Alzheimer’s years before the onset of symptoms. Yet, disadvantaged, rural and minority communities are too often unable to overcome the barriers in place to access this test, further compounding existing health disparities in Alzheimer’s disease. Tonko’s call to remove these barriers and open the doors of access to all shows his steadfast commitment to support both those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. I hope you’ll join me in showing our appreciation.


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I am disappointed by Merrick Garland’s decision to appoint a special counsel to continue the investigation of (possible!) crimes committed by Trump related to the theft and improper storage of government documents and any (possible!) involvement Trump had in illegal and violent attempts to subvert the will of the electorate culminating in the 1/6 insurrection.

Garland claims this is to ensure that politics are not involved in the decision to indict Trump or not. However, by delaying any indictment, this plays into Trump’s hand. There seems to be plenty of evidence to indict and try Trump on both charges. It is fear of the consequences of an indictment that stays Garland’s hand. Not only does this unnecessary move seem born of fear but it once again puts a loathsome man above the law.


BTW, William Barr, Trump’s former defender and Attorney General had this to say yesterday, November 19:

“If a former president commits a crime, you know, especially a serious crime, they should be indicted for it.

“If the Department of Justice can show that these were indeed very sensitive documents, which I think they probably were, and also show that the president consciously was involved in misleading the department, deceiving the government, and playing games after he had received the subpoena for the documents, those are serious charges.

“That’s serious. I personally think that they probably have the basis for legitimately indicting the [former] president. I don’t know, I’m speculating. But given what’s gone on, I think they probably have the evidence that would check the box. They have the case.”

I’m not sure I agree, Mr. Santo. I get a lot of my legal thoughts from the emptywheel blog since the extent of my legal work is limited to talking my way out of a speeding ticket once. There, another point was made that first of all, much of the investigative work is already done so there shouldn’t be much delay. It’s more a matter of packaging for charges and indictments.

But also it seems that placing it all under the charge of a Special Prosecutor protects it from the Republican Swamp people who would love to know just how implicated they are. Under the DoJ, meatheads like Jordan might be able to access that which could easily be implicating himself. Under a Special Prosecutor no such right exists. I welcome correction of that as needed; IANAL.

It’s a phenomenally complicated situation made moreso by the political nature of it, and it sure is hard seeing the obvious perps roam and squawk freely while we get to see so little of what’s happening inside DoJ. As a retired SS teacher it must be fascinating to watch how this country works itself through this. It certainly is for me.


ChuckD, I understand that the legal processes, maneuvers, and investigative techniques are complicated but the evidence has been gathered, the indictment(s) should be issued post haste. It is interesting that loudmouth scoundrels like Jordan can access information from the DOJ but not from the Special Counsel. I didn’t know that. Getting at others involved in Trump’s criminal behavior is important.

Watching history being made is fascinating but as was the case when I was a young man during the Watergate scandal the delays are frustrating. I remember being angry beyond words when Ford pardoned Nixon. I don’t want another American former president to go free. I don’t want the world to see us as a nation that puts certain individuals above the law.

I found Steambath on Amazon Prime and will be watching it tonight. Thanks for the recommendation.


On a more optimistic note the strife within the highest ranks of MAGA leadership is an optimistic sign of its ultimate demise. Trump is being challenged by Pence, DeSantis, and Mike Pompeo for the MAGA 2024 presidential nomination.

Pompeo said something yesterday that is certain to have gained him the everlasting animosity of Trump himself and is strong evidence that rebellion against Trump’s failed leadership is real and growing. The nature of would be autocrats is likely to result in more in-fighting among top leaders which will reveal their true character to all neutral and independent American citizens and voters. Pompeo had this to say yesterday. Imagine how Trump felt when he heard the following:

“We were told we’d get tired of winning. But I’m tired of losing.”

This from a former staunch apologist for Trump’s errant and unpatriotic behavior.

Regarding the latest announcement: Dear Mr. Trump, would you please just go away!

Evil narcissists in power never go away on their own.


Trump is running! There is a God!

Definitive proof of the exact opposite.

Mr. Dobies’ letter (note, rather. Actually a Post-it) could be read two ways. I suspect the DG, being of the species that sees drama as revenue, put it there for the tension and, well, drama.
But him running in ’24 could very well be a blessing for sane voters on both sides. Send drunk Uncle Don to the helm and make him the captain of the party, and keep the millions of one-eyed minions hungry. For the winning!
Ramming speed, Cap’n tRump!
Tear it all down and plow it under!
Get a brain morans!
That’s what America wants!

I agree Anthony a special counsel wasn’t needed. This only gives the opportunity for Trump to villainize Jack Smith. I’ sure he will come up with a nickname for him for his cult to call him. In the end it will be up to Garland to make the call to indict anyway. Id Trump was a Democrat and roles were flipped. he would have been indicted long ago by the republicans. Garland has to stop making nice with these criminals.

All due respect to Neil Golub, but In my opinion, Schenectady does not need a new nickname. The Electric City is just fine, it has relevance, where new or now mean nothing specific to Schenectady.

But…”New Schenectady! Brought to you by Price Chopper and Market 32, where this week only it’s three heads of fresh California lettuce for just a dollar ninety-nine!” has got a great ring to it, no?


Right on cue the donkey clowns come to the Socialist vomit trough. You cannot see the that the Democratic Party Biden , Pelosi, Schumer A.O.C. all want the gravy train to continue. Trump 2024 is coming and you will have to pace yourself because they will be throwing anything they can at the wall to see what sticks. Since 2016 and they still cannot push indictments across the goal line. Speaks volumes about the government and the integrity of the Socialist accusations. DOJ whistle blowers coming forward against the Deep state bad actors are going to be in the spotlight. The swamp in DC , corporate America, pedo-wood, is all going to be exposed for the other than Socialist to see as the Democratic Socialist support these phycotic ideas that children should be allowed to alter their gender, and having drag queens dance for kindergarten children. The arm of god is long and gives people free will then they must face the consequences of their sins. Now let the donkey clowns attack because I used the word god. It is cold out today so this should give you something HEEEE-HAWWW about.


November 19, 2022

Charlotte’s NBC affiliate reports:

“A youth leader and soccer coach at several Charlotte-area churches was charged with multiple child sex crimes on Friday, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Police charged 36-year-old Benjamin Damron with nine counts of indecent liberties with a child and one count of sexual battery. Officers said Damron used his position to take advantage of the victims and sexually assault them.

Three total victims have been identified, all teenage boys, according to police. WCNC Charlotte is sharing Damron’s arrest photo in the event there are potentially other victims who have not yet come forward. Investigators said that Damron met all three victims through church and assaulted them at public parks or inside his house. CMPD Lt. James Ivie said the abuse happened for as long as five years.”

Anyone know of any drag queens reading to children who abused their trust?

Bill Marincic

More DOJ overreach, I seem to remember that they impeached Trump in a sham trial because he asked about Biden’s son’s association with an energy company. Here we have Bidens DOJ going after anyone and anyone that opposes Biden. Save your rhetoric, it’s old and worn out like communism.


Mayor Donkey clown failed to mention since Jan.1 2022 to Sept. 30th 2022 269 educators arrested for sex crimes against children. But lets not mention them because these pedophiles are in our school system the lead donkey clown was in the education system so there maybe a bias or he just wants to protect the PEDO socialist of his party. They let the fox into the hen house so they can groom the children to accept pedophilia.

I think I just heard two people fart simultaneously on here. You know they are worried when they throw in a pedo card. I’m surprised they didn’t mention Pizzagate and Democrats eating babies in a Santanic ritual. I think they are waiting for JFK Jr to come back and be Trump’s running mate to save them. As Yoda would say. “The stupid is strong with these two”.

Bill Marincic

I’m still waiting for them to again accuse Trump of being a racist, the typical dog whistle of the left when they have no defense for their absolute ignorance.

This is racist hate speech:

“He has a DEATH WISH,” Trump continued. “Must immediately seek help and advise from his China loving wife, Coco Chow!”


Nothing in his speech last night seems racist, exaggerated, or insane if listened to as a brainwashed true-believing Trump cultist. For the rest of us, read and decide:

“We’re a third-world country in our elections, and our borders are wide open with unknown people, many of them many, many millions, millions and millions.

“Criminals, terrorists pouring into our country. Millions. And don’t believe when you hear two million or three million, I believe it’s ten million people. I believe it’s ten million. Our country is changing before our very eyes.

“We have no idea who these people are and where they came from. And they’re terrorists and they’re criminals and they’re murderers and rapists, and they’re pouring into our country totally unimpeded.

“We have massive inflation, rampant crime. You can’t even walk down the streets in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and every other Democrat run city without getting mugged, shot or killed.” – World famous lying criminal, last night.

“Sigh”, that’s from me.

Mr Bill, What happened since he said this?
Trump ‘loves the idea of testifying’ before Jan. 6 committee:
Also I don’t think anyone needs to call him a racialist, would be a very small footnote on his resume. Twice impeached, lost popular vote in two elections by 10 million votes combined, lost all three branches of goverment to Democrats in 2020. Helped his party lose the Senate in 20222. LOSER will suffice for now. Hopefully convicted FELON in the not to distance future. This only a small part of his political life. Not enough room for any listing about his business practices(that’s now on display in Manhattan )or personal side.

I don’t accuse Trump of being a racist….That would be a claim with room open for his innocents . I say he is a racist without a doubt. And anyone who claims otherwise and tries to protect and make excuses for him…Is one too. The cult always protects their leader.

Bill Marincic

Florida, Ron DeSantis just called me, he said he doesn’t need liberals down there. He said to tell Hochul that he will trade you for two Christian conservative families.


The Salem Statesman-Journal reports:

“A former Keizer pastor has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for sexual abuse of one of his church members while she was underage.

Bradley Putnam, 55, also will have 41 months of post-prison supervision and has to register as a sex offender. After his prison sentence, he will spend 364 days in the Marion County Jail for a separate invasion of privacy conviction.

On Nov. 9, a jury found Putnam guilty of eight counts of sexual abuse, one count of invasion of person privacy and three counts of using a child in display of sexually explicit conduct. Putnam ran a church named Freedom Fellowship.”

Bill Marincic

I guess Anthony didn’t see the arrest of 269 educators in nine months, it would seem to me that sexual abuse by teachers is even worse than by the Catholic Church. It must be acceptable since it is happening so much, or educators just turn a blind eye.

I have my suspicions about you. ……..I wouldn’t trust a NY Post “analysis” anymore than the stories you tell here daily to fit your narrative. You should be investigated

Ooo, I bet that really makes you angry! At teachers!

Forgot this part though:

“It is important to note, however, that there are an estimated 3.2 million public school educators in the US, meaning the 269 people charged make up just 0.0084% of them.”


No one, except people with less than half a brain, disputes the fact that adults who work with children at times take advantage of their power and abuse those put in their trust. Some are attracted to those positions for exactly that reason. What I am exposing is the rank hypocrisy and “holier than thou” attitude that infects everything that Christian Nationalist evangelical people say, post, do, and think. Specifically, I am countering their vicious attacks on drag queens who donate their time to read to children. They make unsubstantiated claims of wrongdoing with no specific examples. As usual, they think and accuse on the basis of stereotypes and prejudices. That is my point, not that teachers are never guilty of the sexual abuse of children.

It is much the same as their refusal to accept who and what Trump really is. As Lou has pointed out, and I emphasize, they believe whatever they want to believe and filter out anything that contradicts what they want to believe, while frequently exaggerating or “making up” evidence to support their erroneous conception of reality.

I realize that all mortals, including teachers, are capable of wrong-doing. Get It, cultists?

Bill Marincic

Keep making excuses. I wouldn’t believe any of you clowns if I saw you sitting on a block of ice and you told me your butts were cold. I’ve lived ten lives and had thousands of experiences you will never know. I feel sad for your lonely lives with no real fun. Just angry old men that come on here every day to tell us how dumb we are. Carry on.

Bill Marincic

Well put it in perspective there are 420,000 priests in the us and 252 have been charged criminally from 1950 to 2022 so in 72 years that’s a much smaller number than teachers.

Mr. No one here has to tell you how dumb you are. Your words speak for your dumbness and ignorance on here daily. Is it a contest between you and Mr. Brandon ? Does the winner get a shiny new MAGA hat? If you have lived 10 lives like you say. You go against the adage “the older you get the wiser you get”. It seems it worked in reverse for you. 10 lives…..what a joke !


More evidence that cultists will always cover for their own while wrongly accusing others. What a bunch of ignoramuses:

The Christian Post reports: (11/19/22)

“The leadership team of Rock Church International cited Romans 3:23 Wednesday as they urged congregants to extend forgiveness to the Rev. John Blanchard following his arrest for solicitation of prostitution last fall.

“As followers of Christ, we must remember that redemption, salvation, grace, mercy, and healing are all gifts given to the children of God. Although everyone must address their own convictions and consequences, our assignment as believers is not to condemn, but to be agents of God’s love, healing, justice, and reconciliation.”

Blanchard, 52, was among 17 men accused of solicitation of prostitution after an online sting operation by police on Oct. 29, 2021. The married father of two was charged with solicitation of prostitution of a minor and use of a vehicle to promote prostitution, both felonies.”

Of course the gift of forgiveness is only for themselves; all others should face public rebuke and humiliation. In case you missed it, he was soliciting sex from a MINOR.

And we have no source for your claims.
Why not use Bishop, or the John Jay report? Or do just expect to be able to toss out garbage and we’ll lap it up?

I can assure you there is no cover-up in the field of education of abuse. Certainly not like has been allowed to fester among the clergy where years and multiple accusations have been buried. And not just cases of sexual abuse, but now we’re finding boarding schools in Canada and the US where indigenous children were take from their homes for Christian indoctrination and far worse, judging by the mass graves now being uncovered.
All in the name of the Lord.


“Our list includes some priests who have been criminally prosecuted and convicted of their crimes. However, this number is lower than the number of priests who have been accused.

“The John Jay Report analyzed 4,392 priests and deacons facing allegations of sexual abuse of minors or sexual misconduct between 1950 and 2002. Of the 4,392 clergy members analyzed in the report, 1,021 of the incidents were reported to the police. Of these 1,021 accused clergy members, 252 or roughly 25% were criminally convicted.

Despite this low conviction rate, many victims have found justice through settlements and civil lawsuits. If you are a survivor of priest abuse, you may have legal rights. Our legal team can help you determine your legal options.”

It is quite clear that the number of convictions is low because “many victims have found justice through settlements and civil lawsuits.” As ChuckD pointed out there has been no coordinated attempt to “cover up” charges of abuse brought against public school teachers. As demonstrated above, the RCC actively sought to cover up abuse by priests, often sending them to another parish where they molested children again.

But again, my criticism was of the assumption that drag queens and gay people are more likely to be pedophiles than “straight” people. This is simply not true. Making assumptions about individuals based on personal prejudices is always wrong.


Here is something to think about. We would not have the gruesome spectacle of Trump attempting to do what Grover Cleveland did if McConnell had done the right thing in Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial. Had he played an honest role as leader of Senate Republicans and encouraged them to vote to convict Trump of what he was obviously guilty of, inciting sedition on 1/6, Trump would have been barred from ever running for president again.

Remember McConnell knew Trump was guilty but argued a president already out of office could not be convicted in an impeachment trial.

One might say, to quote Shakespeare, “He was hoisted on his own petard.”


Mayor Donkey clown makes the assumption that parents want their kindergarten children exposed to drag queens. It is not the position of the school to determine this. If the mayor wants his children or grandchildren exposed to drag queens in kindergarten then that would be his choice. Also saying well wuhenadults are supervising young children there’s bound to be some collateral damage by educators abusing children. I recall in my middle school a gym teacher was photographing kids while in the shower and coming out of the shower. Nothing happened to him except that he had to stop. Because you’re a twisted Socialist Democrat that believes you know what is best for kids and not the parents. This is the problem with the D.O.E they stopped educating and moved to indoctrination.


To understand how widespread the abuse of children has been by Roman Catholic clergy, read the article “Maryland probe finds 158 priests over 600 victims: (today’s DG, p.2.)

Some highlights: “The report, titled ‘Clergy Abuse in Maryland’..summarizes the sexual abuse and PHYSICAL TORTURE (emphasis mine) perpetrated by all 158 priests and the Archdiocese’s response to that abuse.”

“David Lorenz, the Maryland leader of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests,” states, “Once again, the Church has lied about the number of abusive priests…Many parishes were dumping grounds for predators, some housed almost ten. It is very clear that nobody was safe. It is no different than any diocese or secular report in the country.”

“The investigation..revealed that the archdiocese failed to report many allegations of sexual abuse, conduct adequate investigations of alleged abuse, remove abusers from the ministry or restrict their access to children.”


An interesting perspective from the Washing Post, by Monica Hesse:

“Nobody is forcing any parent to take their child to a Drag Queen Story Hour. The children who do attend are not being exposed to pornography. They are being exposed to children’s books for children.

The uproar over such a sincerely wholesome event makes it plain what the issue really is: not parental rights. Not sexualization. Not the content of what the drag queens are reading to the kids. It’s the existence of drag queens. It’s the idea that someone might present in a way that was at odds with a certain vision of how men or women should dress or present or behave. “The mainstreaming of drag in general is a terrible development,” a research fellow with the Heritage Foundation wrote on Twitter. “Even if it’s legal it’s abhorrent.”

When right-wing voices started talking about “grooming,” I assumed they had genuine, if delusional, fears that LGBTQ-identifying or LGBTQ-sympathetic adults would molest their children. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that when some people talk about “grooming,” what they mean is not necessarily “grooming for sex.” What they may mean, instead, is “grooming for life.” Grooming children for a big, accepting, openhearted kind of life in which there are many worse things in the world than a little boy who grows up to do an uncanny impersonation of Cher. Grooming children to accept themselves and accept others who may look different or talk differently than they do.”

By the way, do any of the bigots out there have evidence of drag queens abusing children?

Thanks for your spot on insight and logical reasoning Tony.

Sad that the brick brained, neanderthal minded, bigoted, racists only see things through their narrow-no-minded, inflexible, point of view. Truly nauseating.

I guess the phrase “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is for only white, straight evangelicals men …Another horrific shooting in Colorado Springs. Don’t know the circumstances yet but the turning the temperature up on the LGBTQ people is undoubtedly the Republican party and some people on this page fault…Bravo another mass shooting because you don’t like who people are ….Hoe does on deal with such hate and ignorance ?


“The mainstreaming of drag in general is a terrible development,” a research fellow with the Heritage Foundation wrote on Twitter. “Even if it’s legal it’s abhorrent.”

There is an implication in the quote above that laws should be passed dictating acceptable dress for men and women. Things that are “abhorrent” should be regulated, of course with the exception of high capacity magazines and rapid fire assault weapons, the tools of choice for mass-murderers, particularly of children. Shades of the “Handmaid’s Tale.” (Margaret Atwood)

How, in good faith (no pun intended), can Christian Evangelical Nationalists criticize Muslim extremists for dictating acceptable clothing when they feel the need to do the same here?

Maybe we should prohibit Scotsmen from wearing kilts and women from wearing pants. Ordering the wearing of gender appropriate clothing would facilitate keeping men and women in their proper social, cultural, and economic roles. Welcome to our “Brave New World” (Aldous Huxley) where you can be anyone WE tell you to be.

And someone needs to keep an eye on those wily, nefarious Japanese and their Kabuki theater degenerate stuff. They’ve been doing it for almost 500 years and look at them. They’re a mess! A failing country!



No culture is the equivalent of American Nationalist Christian culture. Our culture is exceptional. Those kabuki dancers are just as degenerate as drag queens. I almost wrote American drag queens, but no real ‘mercan would ever be a drag queen.

I’m trying to predict a typical response from our favorite braying ass (in the biblical sense).


Guy, it is difficult to deal with the bigotry caused by hatred born of ignorance. We are doing what we can. We get the message out by speaking up and we support informed and tolerant, caring people for public office. We must never, never, never give up. The well-being of all generations to come depends on the success of tolerant, informed and caring people winning the battles for human rights, clean energy, to reduce our environmental impact (climate change, species extinction, plastic pollution etc.), and true global cooperation.

The political cartoon in today’s DG on page D-3 hit the nail directly on the head:

“Trump is toxic. – But not due to his domestic terrorism…or his racism and constant lying… or his sexual assaults against whorish women… or his embrace of fascism and murderous dictators… or his grifting of America… or his stealing of top-secret documents!…(finders keepers). No… Trump is toxic because he’s costing us in the elections!!!… and if we are out of power who’s going to finish the job of destroying democracy?!”


I agree. I think the GOP has gone too far towards embracing autocracy and devotion to one man to possibly recover. We need a new second party, representing conservative secular ideology, that believes in democracy, consensus, and compromise.


People should be allowed to practice any religion within the constraints of the law, no human or animal sacrifice etc. People should be allowed to be non-religious w/o suffering prejudice and bias. No law should in any way represent the particular morality of any one religion.


NY post drag queen gyrating next to child stating kids are delicious. Tennessee star : Drag the kids to pride: scantily clad drag queen gyrates for young children. This is not reading to children and has no place in school. My guess you don’t have children or grandchildren. Again has nothing to do with religion it is the choice of the parents how to raise their children and decide what age they should be exposed to alternative life styles. Children that young still believe in Santa and cannot differentiate and grasp how a man wants to be a women or want to dress like one. I do not push my values on them and I do not have to accept their values either. If someone wants to do that great do what you do. But it is unconscionable to have schools indoctrinating children against the will of the parents. If the parents want kids to be exposed to that lifestyle they are free to have the drag queen come to home and dance and gyrate for them in the privacy of their home. The school is funded by the tax payers and if this is what the school wants why don’t board members put it to a vote. Trump had a great idea let the money follow the child. If a school pushes this on the school children and the parents do not like it. The parents can take their out of that school and move the kids and the money to a school that focuses on education not indoctrination or grooming schools.

Just for the record: you cited two incidents. I looked into them and neither had anything to do with schools whatsoever. Yet you dedicated a spray paint can-and-a-half to condemning schools. It’s really a shame you and so many others missed out on what an education can do for your lives.

Do you think the Boy Scouts of America should be allowed in our schools? Because I’ve got a much bigger problem with their deviant adult “leaders”.


ChuckD and Lou, and then there is this: From Joemygod:

“Anderson Lee Aldrich is the grandson of outgoing Republican state Rep. Randy Voegel, the former mayor of Santee, California.There were calls to expel Voepel from the state Assembly after he made comments comparing the January 6 attacks to the Revolutionary War. Aldrich’s mother, Laura Voepel, has written posts praising Randy Voepel on Facebook and confirming he is her father.” Aldrich is the suspect being held for the mass shooting at a Club Q in Colorado Springs.

Another quote from the brain dead grandfather of a mass murderer: “Tyranny will follow in the aftermath of the Biden swear-in on January 20th.”

They learn, and then live, the hate racism and bigotry from media outlets, (including Fox) hypocritical religious sectors, (evangelical Christians) and most influential, their parents. Unlike on this forum, if you put a mixed group of innocent toddlers in a room there’s no racism or bigotry.

One member of the LGBTQ community allegedly does something that crosses a line and you make it the focal point.

Ya think any priests or Boy Scout leaders went to elementary schools and behaved inappropriately? Does that make all priests and Scout leaders bad apples?

If you want to discuss LGBTQ issues, talk to your kids about what motivated the recent “long gun” (long live the 2nd amendment) mass murder:

“COLORADO SPRINGS — A shooting at an LGBTQ club killed five people and injured 18 others overnight, police said early Sunday.”

You never look at both sides of the


It might not be the best idea to send your children to a private school to prevent them from being sexually abused:

“The alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse of students at private schools is once again at the forefront of public consciousness following the release of a disturbing investigative report by the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team.

Private schools- even some of the nation’s elite institutions – can create an environment that gives faculty and staff members free reign to prey on young students. These staffers build trust with the students by offering to mentor them outside of the classroom. Once that trust is established, the door for abuse is opened.

Many schools opt to protect the abuser instead of the abused. The leadership is reluctant to be transparent about the issue because they want to protect the school’s seemingly stellar reputation and maintain enrollment. The institutional approach of covering up – rather than stopping – sexual abuse is reminiscent of the Catholic Church and Penn State scandals.

In the Globe’s report, the team of journalists spoke to numerous victims of sexual abuse at New England private schools and researched nearly 100 lawsuits or other claims filed against schools on behalf of alleged victims. The team’s reporting yielded some staggering numbers.

Since 1991, at least 67 private schools in New England have faced accusations of sexual abuse or harassment from more than 200 students. The accused include teachers, administrative staff members and even an admissions officer. Perhaps the most jarring revelation is that 11 of the accused private school employees went on to find employment at other private schools.

These statistics represent only a sliver of the sexual abuse that occurs at private schools in New England and beyond. As the Globe points out, the lack of a licensing requirement for private school employees or a central database of abuse allegations means countless sexual abuse incidents continue to occur at these schools.” Adam Horowitz

For the umpteenth time, I do not post this as a condemnation of private schools but as an indicator that sexual abuse occurs in institutions of all types, secular, religious, educational recreational etc.

It is the MAGA faction that WITLESSLY tries to use it as a weapon against those they don’t like, be they public school teachers, gay men and women, transsexuals, drag queens, or Democrats. Do any of you remember their failed attempt to convict Joe Biden of pedophilia as a result of some photographs depicting him showing innocent affection for children with their parents and other adults present?

Will they ever look themselves in the mirror and honestly figure who they are and what they stand for?


I posted this in response to G-F—Biden’s comment:

“Trump had a great idea let the money follow the child. If a school pushes this on the school children and the parents do not like it. The parents can take their out of that school and move the kids and the money to a school that focuses on education not indoctrination or grooming schools.”

Perhaps those schools will hold to the same high standards as Trump University. In case the MAGA folks miss it, that is ironic humor. If you don’t get it yet look up Trump University lawsuit and the word ironic.

Reading what the Dynamic Dumbo’s comments on here daily. I think their parents would have a case and well within their rights of getting their school taxes back they paid for their kids education. Obviously they were robbed of a good education.


It has been said a million times and must be said a million times more. Hatred of people based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other meaningless categorization of individuals is taught. No infant is born filled with the hatred that Trump and his MAGA supporters need to sustain and justify their miserable lives.

Closer to home for you folks, showed up in local paper here.
Accused NY bishop asks to be removed from priesthood

VATICAN CITY – The retired bishop of Albany, New York, who has admitted to covering up for predator priests and has himself been accused of sexual abuse, has asked Pope Francis to remove him from the priesthood. Emeritus Bishop Howard Hubbard, 84, announced the decision in a statement Friday, the day the United Nations designated as the World Day for the Prevention of, and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Violence. Hubbard said he wanted to be laicized, or returned to the lay state.

“In a Maryland suburb I covered long ago, a fire chief and his deputy were accused of arson. ‘Firefighter arson’ is actually a term, with its own Wikipedia entry, because it happens more often than you might think,” (Maureen) Dowd wrote. “That’s what Trump sounded like, in his announcement speech, when he said he would ‘bring back honesty, confidence, and trust in our elections.’

The arsonist seeking a job as a firefighter.

He is the liar and con man who undermined confidence in our elections. All that baloney about rigged voting has only hurt Republican participation and swung independents and even some Republicans who were sick of Trump to Democrats. But he doesn’t care, so long as he can deflect the blame for his loss. ‘As I have said before, the gravest threats to our civilization are not from abroad, but from within,’ Trump said at his flaccid, whiny announcement Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago.”

Dowd mentioned the gay anthem “Macho Man” by the Village People that Trump plays to warm up the crowds at his rallies.

“Trump flaunts his faux Macho Macho Man rhetoric,” Dowd wrote. “For decades, Republicans have lectured Americans to quit embracing victimhood and stand on their own two feet, and here’s their leader announcing his presidency on a platform of Woe is me! Quit picking on me! Elect me because I’m a fall guy! ‘I will tell you I’m a victim,’ Trump said to a less-than-festive gathering where Melania seemed like a hostage and Ivanka was a no-show.”

Dowd found it absurd for Trump to claim that he’s the victim.

“Trump is no victim. He creates victims. “


The braying asses of MAGA universe, two notorious examples appear regularly on this site, led by their increasingly insane orange monstrosity have been stereotyping, demonizing, and marginalizing minority groups including gays, Blacks, and immigrants for decades. They and people like them including racist police officers, mass murderers, and every MAGA politician from Stefanik, Boebert, and Greene to Ron Johnnson are responsible for the killings at Club Q and all the others at schools, markets and other public places that have plagued us for decades.

But America is waking up and beginning to see Trump and his devoted followers for who they are: sulking failures who want to blame anyone but themselves for the miserable path their lives have taken.

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