For this Thanksgiving, we asked: What are you thankful for?

Top: Dennis ans Val Emerle and Michael Babin; Bottom: Savannah Miller with Bucky, left, and Genevieve and Kara Makowsky

Top: Dennis ans Val Emerle and Michael Babin; Bottom: Savannah Miller with Bucky, left, and Genevieve and Kara Makowsky

CAPITAL REGION – Ahead of this Thanksgiving, we went out and asked what people are thankful for. What we heard:

Dennis Emerle, Scotia

I’m thankful I’ve got a nice family I enjoy, thankful for a couple little dogs in [my car] that just love me to death, other than that … I’ve got a pretty good wife [Val] too!

Val Emerle responded: See how he put me third!


Kara Makowsky, Schenectady

Grateful to have the day off. Since COVID hit, Walmart has been giving us Thanksgiving off. Normally you had to work it. I don’t mind being off if my mom would just let me sit home with the cat and not worry about cooking.


Karen Flynn, Sharon Springs

My family is finally getting together. My daughter is coming from Washington state, my other daughter is coming from New Hampshire. My mom is moving in with me, I have two new grandchildren and I’m finally divorced. My ex isn’t going to be there so all my family is coming, so it’s really exciting. 

NOTE: Flynn’s Thanksgiving celebration was held on Nov. 19 to accommodate the family’s schedule.


John Olenik, Glenville

Family, obviously. The people who grow the food, deliver the food so that I can come and get the food, bring it home, prepare it for my family and then we can share it all around the table and be in each other’s presence and give thanks for each other.


Anthony Pilczuk, Scotia

My four grown boys, my beautiful wife, the house that we live in and that we’re alive every day and get to be here. The pandemic has been pretty hard on people today.


Michael Babin, Schenectady

I am thankful for my wife [Diane] and family. Other than that, nothing else counts. 

Asked if he subscribes to the “Happy wife, happy life” mantra, Babin said: We’ve been together for over 50 years, so it just happens.

Kelly Flewelling, Providence

My friends, family and for people to have better health this year. Hope they find peace in the holiday. There has been so much going on between COVID, politics and everything. If people would just get back to remembering what Thanksgiving is really about. It’s about giving and what we’re thankful for.


Lou Donadio, Guilderland

Health and family, and two state championships. (Donadio is a monitor with the Shenendehowa school district and saw the boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams win state titles last weekend.)

It’s been a great year for family because I have a grandson who is a year old, the love of my life. And for health, everybody is good!


Dena Gauthier, Clifton Park

The health of my family, that everyone is employed, that my kids are successful and that we’ll all be together.


Donna Wright, Schenectady

I’m thankful for my friends and my family. I’m thankful for them on a daily basis, though. To have them in my life for so long, absolutely.


Savannah Miller, Schenectady

I’m thankful for Bucky, my family and the kids that I watch.


Louise Lykstad, Rotterdam Junction 

I guess I’m thankful to be alive. I’ve been through a lot and thankful for my family, that I have a roof over my head, my kids, my mom and my boyfriend. 

After 35 years we just started dating, two years now. We had a crush on each other when we were younger, when we lived in Queens. We connected on Facebook and 35 years later, we’re together.

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