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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Nov. 23 – Three from readers in Burnt Hills, Duanesburg and Gloversville


We’ll get nothing from Stefanik, GOP

Well, Elise Stefanik and the Republicans won. No red wave or tsunami though.
So, I was thinking they will get right to work on inflation, gas prices, the border, spending, and on and on with all the troubles they are going to fix.
I guess Hunter Biden is way more important than all those issues. I sure hope it won’t cost much.
Anyway, for those of you who voted for her, thanks for nothing, cause that’s what we are going to get. Nothing accomplished, nothing resolved, just more ugly politics and millions of dollars wasted to make them happy. Nothing for the rest of us.
Joelle Flint


Great column on Democrats’ failure

To Mr. Figliozzi, regarding your Nov. 20 column (“NY Dems self-sabotaged ’22 midterms”) — outstanding work on the self-immolation of the Democrats in the state midterms.
It is clear, well researched and very informative. I am very happy to see your contributions to The Gazette.
Mal Provost
Burnt Hills

Don’t cut trees to install solar panels

It is crazy to cut forests to place solar panels!
This letter is inspired by Chad Arnold’s article (“Town weighs moratorium on solar farms”) in the Nov. 13 Daily Gazette and is a prelude to my letter to Governor Hochul.
Trees capture carbon dioxide, cool and moisturize air, prevent runoff flooding, soothe humans and support wildlife. Trees are precious.
It makes perfect sense to place solar panels in former cow pastures, as seen on the north side of Route 20 in Guilderland and in other clear areas.
In some U.S. states, and other countries, there are solar panels and small livestock or crops on the same land.
Greer Pomeroy

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Paul Pelosi case falling apart and they are losing the control of the narrative. Washington Examiner: DOJ states police were the ones who opened the door. San Francisco DA states Paul Pelosi opened the door. Bay Area reporter that reported that the DOJ version conflicts with Police body cam video gets fired because he did not push the narrative.
Mayor Donkey clown you are so obsessed with clergy abusing children and bringing it to light. As it should be it is unacceptable. Why do you leave out the educators. Teacher Union President Foot Hills California. Was finally arrested for soliciting and sending inappropriate images to an underage girl. Parents complained and nothing was done by the school administration. Thankfully the police did the right thing. So when you continue your plight to protect children be sure to include your cohorts in the education system. Or maybe you want to cover their tracks? Skeltons in the closet? Seems very one sided.
Joelle let’s not talk about the 6 plus years of endless attacks on Donald Trump. I wonder what kind of price tag that holds. The fact that Hunter funneled money to his father from foreign countries for allowing access to then V.P. Biden. The MSM hide the facts during the election regarding the laptop. Can you say collusion to defraud the American people. But let’s make sure we have drag queens gyrating for kindergarten kids. Let’s make sure we do not secure our borders. Once again the left says nothing to see over here but what about Trump.
Another scary note Biden administration along with Citi Bank, Wells Fargo and Central bank developing a crypto-currency. Funny how they tried to debunk the value of crypto currency, yet they are developing their own. This should scare everyone. Because if you disagree with the current administration in charge they turn off your ability to purchase anything. They can control how much and what you buy. This needs to be stopped. They will use ESG to determine your credit worthiness. ESG is being used now thankfully we have some congressional members going after this dangerous policy.
These are not conspiracy theories they are real and are happening.


I would like to re-post my comment regarding allegations against the Biden family involving H. Biden’s laptop. I would add that House Republicans persecuted Hillary Clinton in the made up Ben Ghazi affair, She cooperated though it was persecution not prosecution. The Trump family obstructs, detracts, and battles subpoenas. When Trump did respond he plead the 5th over 400 times:

November 22nd, 2022
If Hunter Biden or others in the Biden family were involved in criminal behavior it should be investigated and if justified by the evidence, suspects should be indicted and tried. No connection to President Biden has been shown

I have read two articles covering the laptop story and am unable to see anything criminal. There were some instances of questionable behavior involving his work for Burisma. I’ll leave it to the DOJ to determine if a crime(s) occurred.

This does not detract from the serious crimes that Trump allegedly committed. We have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears Trump inciting an insurrection after having plotted with corrupt lawyers like Eastman, Powell, and Giuliani to illegally stay in office by manipulating the electoral vote count. Does the Green Bay Sweep ring a bell? Peter Navarro?

We know Trump endangered national security by illegally taking top secret documents to Mar a Lago. He is doing everything in his power to delay and obstruct that investigation. We still don’t know why he took them.

I would also add, that I will continue posting information on clerical abuse of children as long as MAGA-ites continue to disparage, demonize, dehumanize and cause the shootings of gays, Blacks, and other minorities.

Whether G–F—B—- recognizes it or not, he insults other posters in every comment he makes and is it really necessary to point out that his libelous claims concerning the Pelosi attack have no basis in what actually happened?


It’s easy to come up with names like “Mayor Donkey Clown”, who, by the way, makes it obvious he’s debating an ill-informed, narrow minded, biased man when refuting your posts.

Just because you don’t like the way it is, doesn’t make the way you want it to be right.

Everyone knows Paul Pelosi smashed his own brains in order to rile up the base and increase turnout in the election. To which I say; thank you Paul for your selfless sacrifice to the Democratic, Satanic, Baby-Eating cause, and ensuring Democratic Deep State control of the country for the foreseeable future. You are a true American hero.

LGB: getting an early start on spewing the crazy today. Republicans Priority One: Own the Libs. Forget about governing a nation, it’s culture war memes that are important. Inflation, Crime, Infrastructure, Healthcare, can wait in the shadows while the Rights clown show takes center stage. It will be Benghazi multiplied with the same result. NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED.

christophe Stalka

Brandon have Happy Thanksgiving please give Hillary and hunter and conspiracy a rest for a day try to be normal for a day.things are looking up but you keep trying. To drag up all down to your level Brando the Republicans blew it.

Mr. Brandon 🤡…..The Washington Examiner !…..That’s why the Paul Pelosi case is falling apart because who answered the door ? You 🤡 and Mr. Bill 🤡 have no shame


More evidence that former Republican strategist Rick Wilson’s book, Everything Trump Touches Dies, is aptly titled. Even those who support him die in the sense that their minds cease functioning in any meaningful way as they desperately argue a fight that can’t be won:

Law & Crime reports: (11/23/22)

“Smartmatic served former President Donald Trump’s lawyer and onetime One America News talking head Christina Bobb with a subpoena for documents that the company seeks over their multi-billion dollar defamation claims against Fox News related to the 2020 presidential election.

The broad subpoena seeks any documents and communications that Bobb may have “with or concerning” Smartmatic or Dominion, another voting machine company that was a target of pro-Trump conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election.”

Christina Bobb is the lawyer who signed a letter to the DOJ certifying that all sensitive documents stolen and stored by Trump at Mar a Lago had been returned. A later subpoena turned up over 100 more documents.

Trump’s failed endeavors …this is the guy they want running the country again

1. Trump Steaks

2. GoTrump

3. Trump Airlines

4. Trump Vodka

5. Trump Mortgage

6. Trump: The Game

7. Trump Magazine

8. Trump University

9. Trump Ice

10. The New Jersey Generals

11. Tour de Trump

12. Trump Network

13. Trumped!

Trump companies that sought bankruptcy protection:

1. Trump Taj Mahal

2. Trump’s Castle

3. Trump Plaza Casinos

4. Trump Plaza Hotel

5. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts

6. Trump Entertainment Resorts


In this case, love of fetuses does not translate in to love of children:

November 23, 2022

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports:

“John Raymond, a Slidell pastor who was accused of taping the mouths of three students at the Christian school he oversaw and beating another child, has been formally charged with four counts of cruelty to juveniles by the 22nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Raymond, who in addition to being pastor of New Horizon church in Slidell is also on the St. Tammany Republican Parish Executive Committee, defended his actions last spring as being appropriate discipline for the students.

Raymond said that corporal punishment is in line with Biblical teachings and said he he was a victim of cancel culture. His attorney, Joe Long, said that Raymond will be arraigned on Dec. 2, and will enter pleas of not guilty. Long said that Raymond will not take any plea agreement.

Police said the new allegations include Raymond holding a 4-year-old boy upside down by his ankles and “whipping his buttocks” and in a separate incident covering the same child’s mouth and nose with his hand to stop a “tantrum.” Witnesses reported Raymond’s actions prevented the child from breathing “to the point of him going limp.” A staff member said the child was “out of it and lethargic” and “unable to stand.”


The Wrap reports: (11/23/22)

“On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson welcomed back someone he’s had on the show before — Florida right wing political operative Jamie Michell, founder of the hate group “Gays Against Groomers.”

And during her appearance, Michell blamed the victims of the Colorado Springs massacre for their murders, and all but incited further violence against trans people and their supporters.

She is known to follow several openly white supremacist people on Twitter, she has promoted the work of white supremacist Vincent James Foxx, she has openly called for political violence, among other things. Old accounts owned by Michell on YouTube and Flickr contained explicit Nazi imagery.”


Bill Marincic

But the narrative is blown apart because the shooter considers himself to be Non-Binary that uses “the”, and “they” pronouns. Shocker.


Whether Aldrich, the Club Q mass killer, is actually non-binary is irrelevant. If he is using it as a defense or a sick attempt to gain sympathy, it won’t work.

In some instances, the victims of societal hatred spewing from misanthropes like MAGA White supremacists become self-hating and their frustration manifests in violence against fellow victims of hate.

Bill Marincic

You must have seen that on CNN, I saw the same clip and laughed. A mentally challenged gender-confused man with a gun shoots up a Gay bar, not the first and unfortunately not the last.


Maybe your transsexual brother will explain to you how cruel and unfounded your disgusting post is.

Why do you think your most exalted and hallowed law enforcement officers let him go and get a gun after he’d threatened to blow his mother’s house up well before this?

So now you’re calling mainstream news “insider info”?
That speaks volumes.

Bill Marincic

Let’s s see how the lefties did a few weeks ago when they were touting that Biden saved the country by heading off the railroad strike. So Biden gave them everything they asked for and more and now they again are threatening to strike before the holidays. I remember when we had a real President named Reagan when the air traffic controllers went on strike Reagan said to get back to work within 48 hours or lose their jobs and then fired those who didn’t return to work, over 11,000 of them. But then again Reagan was a real President.

Mr. Bill 🤡 it amazes me you comment on subjects you know very little about. Harpo Marx who used a horn to communicate did a better job than you. Maybe you need a new horn 📯

Bill Marincic

Obviously, I know more than you since all you have is a ridiculous response that you think is an insult. We call people like you an “empty suit”.

Mr. Bill 🤡 when you start giving well thought out factual responses without half truths flat out lies and conspiracies . I will show you the respect you think you deserve. I found out long ago you can’t fight a Trump voter because of their willful ignorance…..It’s a waste of time…..But I do hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. Try not to think about what you have but think about the less fortunate and what they don’t have on this day of reflection.

Bill Marincic

Guy, do you mean facts that don’t align with your liberal theories? I don’t need your or anyone else’s approval. I was telling my grandson last night while discussing a kid in school, I told him that he is responsible for his happiness and feelings, no matter what someone says or does it is your choice to accept them or not. He then got on his phone and told the kid in question that he wants everyone to be friends but he won’t accept anyone disrespecting him. Happy Thanksgiving and consider that one of those aborted children could have been the person that cured cancer years ago.

Mr. Bill 🤡…I don’t state and theories. I tell facts a they are …truthful and complete. Why do you find it easy to post conspiracy theories about Paul Pelosi? Your window glass breaking is an example. Your hate for the democrats is so deep you have to post a conspiracy about an 82 year old man that had his head bashed in with a hammer. How can anyone believe what you say when you post such trash? Your hate is deep and you need to see someone about it. You have no shame left.

Bill Marincic

Varoma you say my window glass theory is untrue but yet you have never proven it.


The burden of proof is on the one who makes an assertion, not the one denying it. Think of it this way. I believe there is a civilization of reptilian humanoids living within the hollow interior of the moon. Prove I’m wrong. Do you see how idiotic that sounds?

BM, prove that you have the ability comprehend anything that has repeatedly been logically explained to your na-na-nah-na-na, I’m not listening, got my fingers in my ears, closed mind.

“We” are Bill and the mouse he keeps in his back pocket. You know, the little fuzzy guy he consults and collaborates with before putting up his imaginary posts.

Commenter who can’t shoot straight:
The labor dispute was two years old when it fell in Biden’s lap. That, by the advanced math I studied in school, means he inherited it from the previous President, which based on my research skills I also learned in a public school, mean it was in Donald Trump’s lap long before Biden got set up for you little one-eyed minions to yap about.

Now how about manning up and admitting this?


ChuckD, I am so tired of the empty headed conservative response that an aborted embryo or fetus might have cured cancer. Don’t they think the world would have been a better place if Hitler, Mussolini and, dare I add Trump, been aborted?

Do they condemn god because “about 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur very early in pregnancy — before you might even know about a pregnancy.Oct 16, 2021 ” (Mayo Clinic)

I have never heard an advocate of choice argue that abortion might save the world from a human monster such as any of the above or a Son of Sam, Jeffery Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy.

I address this to ChuckD and all rational participants in this forum since I am tired of pointless debates with irrational, emotional, unhinged, and uninformed individuals who will say anything to support their views.

Mr. Santo, you’re a bigger man than I to call what happens here “debate”.
More like, “Cleanup on the aisle of Rationality”.

We have yet to read anyone’s defense that Christian white men should be the dominant political force in our democratic republic, which is the clear message. Further, we have yet to read any lucid description of how this country would be convinced to accept that.

Unless “convincing” isn’t part of their plan…
“The flogging will continue until we get our way” seems to be their creed.

Thank you for your and everyone else’s contributions.

Perhaps Biden could do that. Would be tough though. The air traffic controllers union only had about 11,000 employees. And the country was in a recession then, with unemployment over 8 percent. Raegan was largely successful because he was able to employ enough controllers to show the strikers that they could be replaced and air traffic could continue with a reasonable level of service. That’s a lot easier to do when unemployment is high and lots of people are looking for work. The railroad situation involves a dozen unions and over 125,000 employees. Everything from engineers, to signalmen, to dispatchers, to maintenance. A lot harder to fill positions from that array of skillsets, especially with unemployment low and not a lot of folks eager to fill in. My guess is that by the December 8th deadline, they’ll have it all figured out, since the votes were only marginally opposed to the deal. They’ll make a few tweaks to the contract, and we will all be able to celebrate again.

“But then again Reagan was a real President.”

Yep Bill exactly the kind of racist you praise:

“The day after the United Nations voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China, then–California Governor Ronald Reagan phoned President Richard Nixon at the White House and vented his frustration at the delegates who had sided against the United States. “Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan said. “Yeah,” Nixon interjected. Reagan forged ahead with his complaint: “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Nixon gave a huge laugh.”

Bill Marincic

Sorry, Chuckster that is another liberal lie. TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, Nowhere could I find that this happened under Trump, I know you people don’t want to take responsibility for destroying the country but it’s yours to take. Eat it with some dessert, maybe Humble Pie!

I like ChukD have research skills. Thinks it called google. It did take 3 or 4 minutes to ind this Bill M. Maybe you should try it before posting from the hip. Just to refresh your memory TRUMP, TRUMP was in charge for another whole year peacefully before he tried to overthrow the goverment on 1/6/21.

f this Bill M. Maybe you should try it before posting from the hip.

The previous round of national negotiations began in November 2014 and continued peacefully through 2018 when the last of the 12 unions reached a voluntary settlement with the railroads.

As the cross-serving of contract-change demands (Section 6 notices in RLA parlance) precedes a previously mutually agreed-upon contract reopening date—Jan. 1, 2020, in this case—direct negotiations are expected to begin in January.


I thought I might lighten things up with this from the Daily Beast:

“With his Georgia Senate race hanging in the balance, Republican candidate Herschel Walker had an unfortunate slip of the tongue as he tried to drum up support for his campaign Tuesday night. Flanked by Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Walker spoke on Fox News about the significance of his election. “This election is about more than Herschel Walker,” he said. “This erection is about the people.” Neither Cruz nor Graham appeared to clock the gaffe, but the clip quickly went viral and sent #Erection trending on Twitter overnight. The faux pas came after a woman who accused Walker of pressuring her into having an abortion on Tuesday challenged Walker to meet her in person after he dismissed her allegations as a “lie.”

Steven Flynn

Christine Blasey Ford has resurfaced in Georgia? Let me guess, she slept with Hershel 40 years ago at a party that noone remembers. She only remembers details that are damaging to him but nothing else. Maybe she’ll fly to Georgia to hold a press conference, oh wait, she’s afraid to fly.


Go to #Erection and watch the video. It is funny but has nothing to do with Ford who was no doubt telling the truth about the beer-swilling Justice Kavanaugh. She and others had nothing to gain by their testimony but the mockery of misogynists.

Steven Flynn

Yes they did, they had everything in the world to gain. Just like when Mitch put the road block up for Garland, he had everything to gain. Blasey Ford is a lying fool.

I get now, regardless of whether or not Herschel Walker is a hypocrite regarding his stance on abortion, let’s stick to the issues, which are his qualifications to become the senator from Georgia; He played football, and he thinks about erections while talking politics. Vote Walker!

The image circulating of the Heisman Trophy winner turned political statesman flanked by GOP handlers Graham and Cruz is priceless. “It’s all about the erections!”

The writers at The Onion cry in their beverages that the GOP always steals all the good material.

And by the way, another GOP attempt to cripple the electorate went down in flames when the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously decided there *will* be Saturday voting for the run-off on 12/6.

Chuck did you see the video? Walker talking flanked by Cruz and Graham and saying. This “erection” is about the people. I laughed so hard

Mr. Bill 🤡 you want me to disprove your conspiracy theory? 😂……Use common sense for once and maybe you’ll find your answer. Stop repeating what QAnon posts will be my advice to you. You might look a little less foolish on here. But I doubt it.

Any brave right-winger, would appreciate your opinion on this statement by esteemed attorney Jenna Ellis:

“The five people who were killed in the nightclub that night, there is no evidence at all that they were Christians. So assuming that they were not, that they had not accepted the truth of the gospel of Christ and affirmed Jesus Christ as the lord of their life, they are now reaping the consequences of having eternal damnation,” Ellis said. “And that is far, far greater – we should be having that conversation. Instead of just the tragedy of what happened to the body, we need to be talking about what happened to the soul and the fact that they are now in eternal separation from our lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

Steven Flynn

Who is Jenna Ellis and why is she the spokesperson for the “right-wingers” It’s her opinion, so she has to live with it, not me or anyone I know. Both sides have plenty of extreme wackos, she just happens to be on the right. Feeble attempt to lump everone into the same basket but not surprising.


“A judge in Colorado said on Tuesday that Jenna Ellis, an attorney who represented Donald Trump during and after the 2020 election, must appear before the Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury investigating the former President’s election schemes.”

That is who Jenna Ellis is.

Steven Flynn

Got it but why do i give a fying hoot what she thinks about the shooting in Colorado? Are you trying to say that if u voted for Trump then you think exactly like Jenna Ellis?


You asked. I informed. What you conclude from the information forms your opinion. The inferences I derive is that MAGA leaders actively seek to manipulate their followers by using religion and lying to them. That’s why I give a “fying (sic) hoot.”

Steven Flynn

20 H
20 RW
20 JG
20 TB
10 Jim
10 held by H for the big guy.

Any comments or disagreement let’s table now.

Anthony, the 2 articles that u read that discredited the story, did they include this email in the stories? Did they say who the “big guy” is or did they default to “all the markings of Russian disinformation” I’m going to guess the latter.

Steven Flynn

CBS waited 2 election cycles to finally hire an “independent forensic expert” to analyze the data. Why the hell didn’t they do that 2 1/2 years ago when they first got the story? Instead, they played along with the rest of corporate media and pushed the “Russian disinformation” garbage day in and day out. Straight out of the Kremlin they said. Oh wait, the forensic expert said it was authentic and hadn’t been tampered with. But, but we were told it was a hoax and Putin was trying to take out Biden. Corruption isnt exclusive to one political party as some on here would like you to believe. Oh but the republicans…………..Oh but Trump………..don’t look here, stay focused there. No thanks, Im good.

Secure chain of custody.
Nothing else matters without that, just as it does with voter ballots.
Take it from someone who’s actually performed computer forensics, and done cybersecurity for a living. I promise you that anyone with any computer security creds is laughing out loud at this theater.
It’s only meaningful in your minds, certainly not to a court.
But a boy needs a dream.

Steven Flynn

Yes Chuck, you’re much more qualified than the CBS hired specialist. Cmon man, do better.

Steven Flynn

I doubt your people with security creds are laughing at his credentials but hey, Chuck D. is the forensic guru. Do you have a bridge to sell me too?
Mark Lanterman is the Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensic Services. Before entering the private sector, Mark was a sworn member of the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Taskforce. Mark has over 30 years of security and forensic experience and has testified in over 2000 cases.

Mark is faculty for the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C., the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada, the University of Minnesota and Hamline University. Mark is also a professor in the cybersecurity program at the St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mark has provided training in digital evidence, computer forensics and cyber security to the United States Supreme Court. He has also presented to several Federal and State Judicial Conferences across the United States.

Mark completed his postgrad studies in cybersecurity at Harvard University and is certified as a Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist (SCERS) by the Department of Homeland Security.

And you’ve just established that you don’t know the first thing about collecting evidence for court and prosecution. You’re acting like a real tool.

Of course, I’m NOT saying, or even suggesting you ARE a tool, just that you sound like one.
But if that’s the story you’re sticking with, you really are clueless. Loud, but clueless nonetheless.

Steven Flynn

No, I dont claim to be the expert. Mark Lanterman is and he debunked all the Russian disnformation garbage. You think Im a tool because I think you made an original comment just to “check me”. Your comment is complete bs and your so called credentials too. You can keep going with the name calling but it doesnt change the “facts” as you like to say. The contents of the laptop are authentic and nothing was tampered with.

Just to add for clarity:
I think everyone can see by your hyperbolic comments here you’re getting the attention you crave (I don’t claim to be any kind of “guru”, those are your idiotic words). That said, I don’t doubt Lanterman’s credentials or his evaluation of the contents of this hard drive. And for sure I don’t doubt this could be Hunter Biden’s laptop. Period.

What I am saying, and what Lanterman was not asked, is that without a secure chain of custody there’s no way anyone can say that what is found on it is defensible in a court of law. That’s not just a word game. That means the evidence is corrupted. You people seem to be experts on that subject when yammering on about the elections but selectively cast it aside when it doesn’t suit your needs. It matters.

Well so sorry, but that’s not how the world works. There is no assurance the contents of that hard drive are 100% unadulterated Hunter Biden’s. Therefore it’s forever suspect and not reliable evidence. So you’re a fool to think it’s going to incriminate any Biden or reveal any deep state conspiracy.


I still want to know exactly what criminal acts they believe are exposed in the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop and whether or not they believe they are as serious as Trump’s criminal and malign behavior: refusing to participate in the peaceful transfer of power, lying about the validity of election results (whenever convenient), scheming to illegally and violently stay in office against the will of the people, stealing and improperly storing top secret government documents, and demeaning the the United States of America by acting like a buffoon and licker of the boots of despots.

I challenge any of our MAGA posters to answer this directly and factually. I beg of you, no irrational, emotional, crazed responses.

Steven Flynn

Great answer Chuck, you dont fool me with that nonsense. You forgot “in my opinion” Mr. Forensic Security expert. Keep fighting man, you’ll get there eventually. I’ll make these people believe everything I say, Ill pound them into submission with my forensic expertise. That should be your model in the DG opinion forum.

And with that you’ve reached your mental dead-end too.
Talk about crash and burn.

Bill Marincic

If anyone is craving attention it’s the cyber security guru Chuck D. Why don’t you give us your credentials Chuck? Tell us how you went to Harvard and how you work for the Secret Service how many cases have you argued or testified in front of the supreme court? I forgot the lefties on here know everything especially the lies they know them exceedingly well.

Bill Marincic

Your secure chain of custody Chuck D is the laptop that the FBI took, and sad on for 2 1/2 years.

Why behave like a 9 year old? No one comments that your work sounds like a couple steps below a bank teller, but at a car dealership.
I will certainly avoid it going forward unless you comment on auto financing. Then I’m sure you’ve got all the inside info on the best deals in town.


Steve, there is no point in responding to your posts. You live in an alternate reality created by Trump cultists. My last word to you is “Oh, but BM, G-F—B—- and SF.”

Steven Flynn

I didnt think u would Anthony. You hate contradictions to your propaganda. Do you know who the “big guy” is? Tell us anointed one. I mean, we’re going to find out here soon in Congress. Give us the insider info or the 2 stories you read that totally debunked it. I’m going to guess they didnt include an email from from the infamous laptop. Why not?

According to Stormy Daniels the “big guy” isn’t Trump Mr. Flynn 🤡 But it could be anybody else

Laptop -Emails, bah humbug!

You must understand anything you say regarding corruption or possible crimes within the Democratic Party, are a “hoax”, a “witch-hunt” or a contrived fabrication of monkey dung being flung by the Republicans simply to make the democratic god loving Christian patriots look bad.

Sounds quite pathetic, but at the same time, for some reason, very familiar. Humm.


I want to know what crime you believe Hunter Biden committed and how President Biden was involved. I never said the two articles I read “totally debunked” allegations of criminal activity. I said I couldn’t find evidence of a specific crime. Influence peddling is an unsavory activity that poisons our government. When we know what is contained in the lap top we may be able to determine if that occurred during H. Biden’s tenure on the Burisma board.

The best example of influence peddling is “lobbying” Congress by various organizations to get what they want. The best example of “lobbying” to me is the NRA spending billions to convince people there is no reason to ban high capacity magazines and assault style repeating rifles like the AR-15.

In another likely example of influence peddling, it is unlikely that Saudi Arabia turned over $2Billion to Jared Kushner because he is the best financial consultant in the U.S.:

From Bloomberg: by Timothy O’Brien 4/11/22

“Jared Kushner’s new private equity firm got $2 billion from Saudi Arabia because maybe that’s how you can cash in when your investing experience is slender but your father-in-law may wind up back in the White House. It’s also possible that you can get billions for a firm with no track record because the White House did favors for the Saudis when your father-in-law still occupied the Oval Office.”

Thoughtful responses from the far right are welcome but not expected.

Bill Marincic

I don’t know Anthony maybe because Biden went on a trip to Ukraine and Hunter got millions of dollars for sitting on the board of an energy company that he knew absolutely zero about. On top of that he went on Air Force two with daddy the big guy to China and came back with Millions of dollars and $1 billion contract from people aligned with the communist government in China. And let’s not forget the diamond ring that was sent to Hunter from the wife of Moscow‘s mayor. Your party of liberals is so dirty you couldn’t clean them off with bleach bit


As expected, a response which ignores my comment about Jared Kushner’s receipt of $2b from the Saudi government, which seems to concern you not at all. Nor does the massive spending by the NRA, rightly called the gun manufacturer’s influence peddlers, appear as a problem to you.

You are making allegations based on interpretations of Hunter Biden’s position on the Burisma Board. I understand this is under investigation and expect Democrats to cooperate, as did Hillary Clinton during the “trumped up” Benghazi nonsense. That is what innocent people do. They don’t hide behind fake privileges, ignore and evade subpoenas, or plead the fifth hundreds of times.

Have you ever looked up how much Trump made renting rooms to his government funded security detail or how often foreign dignities wishing to influence his administration stayed at his expensive hotels with their entire delegations and ate at his overpriced restaurants?

I like specifics; so here is an attempt by Trump to so blatantly enrich himself through his government position that he had to back down:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -” U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned plans late on Saturday to host next year’s Group of Seven summit at his Florida golf resort, after Democrats and others had decried the selection as evidence of the president misusing his office for personal gain.”


BM, your arguments are weakened, not strengthened by ignorant insults like: “Your party of liberals is so dirty you couldn’t clean them off with bleach bit”. I’m not sure what that means but it is an insult that is simply unwarranted and makes you look foolish.

Until we fully investigate and determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to charge Hunter B. or his Uncle James or Joe Biden with crimes your charges are nothing more than wild speculation.

America has heard the evidence of Trump’s criminal activity and I believe a majority sees enough there to indict, try, and convict him and many of his associates of crimes far more serious than your speculative allegations. You know what they are; you know what the evidence is. That is why you never directly confront that reality.


Committee of foreign affairs conference when the big guy got a low level district attorney fired and gave them 6 hours or he takes the $1 BILLION dollars back on the plane and leave. And to put a cherry on the top he said you wanna call Barrack go ahead he knows. Bill unfortunatley it is not just the the D’ there are R’ that are deep state dirty. I am thankful for some constitutional conservatives and some democrats that are going after the criminals or leaving their party because of the coruption. I believe that this has been in action for many year’s using space force and allowing the D.S. to continue to commit crimes and developing patterns. The child trafficking over the border, election fraud, dirty pact money, the grooming going on in our education system. The times are going to change at some. point either farther away from the constitution or a return to less government, less regulations allowing Americans to follow their dreams without government control. I am sincere, when I wish you all a happy thanksgiving and peace and happiness with your family. Trump 2024 AMEN


So, you do look forward to the restoration of Roe v. Wade: “allowing Americans to follow their dreams without government control.”


I do agree, G-F—B—- that there is corruption among Republicans and Democrats. However, Democrats don’t rally behind those in their party who are corrupt and seek to keep them in power. In fact, they often overreact as in the case of Al Franken.


ROE V Wade is government control. Again SCOTUS put it back to the states where the power should be not a constitutional right. There are states that allow it like NY and are willing to spend tax payers $$$$ to fly people in to murder their babies. Do I agree with it no. But right now it is state law and if I want to change it I do my best to make my case. I vote and others do and when the concensus wins the laws changes or stays the same. I will only have to deal with it for 5 more years then I can move to a state that I am more politically aligned. Maybe that is why NYS population keeps dropping because of over reaching state government. You are funny saying yes both parties are corrupt …BUT. There in lies the problem corruption regardless of party is wrong. I do not care who or what party it is wrong. There are no BUTTS except in the D party.


States are run by governments. The laws they pass interfering with our choices are either warranted or not. But they are government control of the people. Roe prevented all levels of government from controlling a woman’s choice to remain pregnant or abort, within reasonable limitations.


I wish you would consider dropping NYS population by moving sooner than 5 years from now. Those states you wish to live in would love to have you and I’m sure have many job opportunities for you.

Mr. Bill 🤡 all those allegations about Hunter Biden you ranted about …are unproven. I just fact checked a few of them and unproven and missing content. Stop trying to sensationalize without hard facts. For instance a hard fact is on Jan 6th Trump stood on a podium and told the people to March to the Capitol and fight for our democracy. Which in turn they went and had a riotous insurrection…I also was reading George Bush’s nephew got accused for lobbying with registering to the government …He got a 50.000 dollar fine….big deal

Bill Marincic

They are only unproven to the liberal lefties that post here. They are proven by just about every major news media now except CNN and MS NBC or should I say MSDNC. You act as if you don’t know what bleach bit is, let me give you a hint it’s what hillary clinton used to wipe her hard drives after Congress ordered her not to. I guess using the word bleach bit is an insult to you but it’s all right for the names in the things you say to me I guess your insults strengthen your arguments while my use of bleach bit weakens mine. You might wanna go back and read some of the garbage that you wrote about me and then get back to me.


Read the comments on tomorrow’s page. I am not trying to get back at you. I know you won’t change but I do hope that as I and others on this page expose you for who you really are, people will question the authenticity of your posts, like the famous one about the importance of where the glass fell in the attack on Pelosi. Your implied conclusion seems to be that it was all staged to gain sympathy for Democrats. So, we are to believe your interpretation, not police reports and descriptions, and, I guess, we are to believe Paul Pelosi struck himself in the head or volunteered to have his head struck by a man posing as a right wing nut. Do I have that right, BM?


Also, I am still waiting for you to tell us whether or not the crimes you assume Hunter Biden committed are of the magnitude of Trump’s crimes.


Do you ever confront any issue honestly?

I said you used an insult and referenced this line: “Your party of liberals is so dirty you couldn’t clean them off with bleach bit.”

Your response: “I guess using the word bleach bit is an insult to you.”

Obviously, that was not the insult. The insult was calling liberals “dirty.”

I back up insults when I use them as retorts to your unsupported insults.

Mr. Bill 🤡 is one of your major news outlet Breitbart? Or was it Fox News that counts on the gullible like you to believe everything they say and print? Or was it The NY Post ?that is just barely above The National Enquirer where they print aliens are at area 51 and alien space lasers ?

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