Beaver Pond residents in Saratoga Springs want development work completed

Beaver Pond residents Terri Indyk and Chris Baldwin talk about projects that have not been completed by the development in Saratoga Springs on Nov. 14.

Beaver Pond residents Terri Indyk and Chris Baldwin talk about projects that have not been completed by the development in Saratoga Springs on Nov. 14.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — This winter the Department of Public Works will plow the roads that make up the Beaver Pond Village development, but the plow drivers will have to watch for lifted manhole covers since the streets don’t have top coats. 

Lack of road top coats is just one item on a list of things Chris Baldwin and Terri Indyk, members of the Beaver Pond Village Homeowners Association, say the developer hasn’t completed. 

Baldwin and Indyk say they and many others love their homes and like the neighborhood, but want developer Blitman Saratoga LLC, which filed for bankruptcy in 2020, to complete the work in the neighborhood. 

“All we’re asking is for their obligations to be fulfilled,” Baldwin said.

Kevin Nash, the attorney for the developer, said the group hopes to work with the city “on finishing infrastructure and completing the project.”

Now, residents of the development are waiting to see what happens as the city heads to bankruptcy court in early December to try and get what is believed to be $920,000 in letters of credit that would allow the city to finish some of the infrastructure work in the development, including putting the top coat on the street.

“It would appear that the letters of credit would be sufficient to deal with some of the items that are most concerning,” Mayor Ron Kim said at a meeting with Beaver Pond residents earlier this month. “So, paving, putting up the light, etcetera.”

Kim, however, said that it’s unclear how much the city could receive, adding that a judge would make any final decision. 

Kim also suggested that the residents in the development attain their own attorney for bankruptcy court. Baldwin and Indyk said they are looking into that. 

The 84 single-family home development on around 150 acres of land off Geyser Road has been a contentious project since it was proposed about a decade ago. 

Indyk said around 75% of the homes are built in the development, which consisted of several phases. 

But some homes remain under construction and have since been left vacant, leading to problems with vandals, who have taken off doors and broken windows, Baldwin and Indyk said. 

They’ve had to call the police numerous times over the last couple of years when they’ve found that the homes had been burglarized. 

Baldwin and Indyk said they want to see more done to shore up the unfinished homes so people aren’t breaking into them and they aren’t hazards in the neighborhood. 

Blitmant Saratoga has added some additional sidewalks this year, but not enough to finish connecting the entire development, according to Baldwin and Indyk, who added they also want more street lights added to the development as well.  

“We feel there is enough money in the letters of credit to do the work,” Indyk said. 

She added that infrastructure items were spelled out as part of the development’s site plan, and along with Baldwin, believes problems in the development are solvable. 

Kim, meanwhile, said the developer needs to be pushed into doing the right thing.

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