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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Nov. 27 – Three from readers in Niskayuna and Schenectady


America’s political system needs repair

It’s an awful shame the way in which the political system has become such an embarrassment for many Americans.
There has been so much hatred, backbiting and vile name calling that I wonder why bother to vote.
However, I fulfilled my civic duty despite thinking what a waste of time.
America’s elite, the huge corporations and the power brokers relentlessly lament about taxes they must pay.
Never discussed are the countless loopholes this group will use to pay our government the actual amounts they should. At the same time, we hear the lament that we give away too much to the working poor, the impoverished, homeless, etc.
No American should be fooled by the amount of money available to meet the needs of everyone, including the wealthiest. After all, how many yachts, homes, autos and special services can one utilize.
Our tax dollars fund all the infrastructure, rebuild cities, clean our waterways, support colleges/students, provide the very best in fire safety, police protection and hospitals.
We pay for agencies that serve to care for the children suffering and in hospitals who would otherwise die without the financial funding from our government.
However we must listen to those in office or running for office tear each other apart, and that is truly disgusting.
There has to be some way to bring about change in the voting process without the need for power and self-serving desires.
Mary Ann Bruno

End corrosiveness or we’ll all pay the price

I was a counselor for many years, and in my first group on my first day at a new position, one of the clients, a learning-disabled, middle-aged man, was the first to introduce himself by saying, “Don’t let them steal your joy.” He repeated this many times over the coming months; it was a mantra of sorts.
At the time, I thought it surreal, a Lynchian detail of warped American optimism from someone whose joy was often the cheapest vodka and whatever questionable quality crack he could find in abundance.
The crueler of his peers made fun of him. Most treated him with a superficially sympathetic indifference.
Twelve years later and no longer a counselor, I think of him being a Chance the Gardener figure.
I sit here thinking how we have become a people nourished by anger instead of joy; anger rooted in riled-up recrimination.
Indeed, we eat it fork to mouth and hand over hand. We eat it until it seeps through our pores.
We eat it until a corrosive cloud forms around us collectively, a cloud to rival the vileness of a ninth inning ballpark bathroom.
If we continue to see one another this way, engage with one another this way, it will end us, as we debase ourselves with the violence of lost hope and alienation from one another.
James Cimino

Why limit bans to Native Americans?

Why not stop using Pirates and Devils as namesakes and mascots?
Concerning The Gazette’s Nov. 19 article (“Deadline set for phasing out use of Native American names and imagery,”) it certainly is a great idea to rid our society of labels used by institutions and organizations that take advantage of groups such as Native Americans.
But why do we still continue to glorify pirates, dastardly scoundrels who murder, rape and pillage on the high seas, and devilish demons, who some religious leaders say are trying to entrap us for an eternal life of pain and suffering in Hades?
As we go about cleansing our society’s history and future, maybe now is the time to go all the way.
Richard Felak



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Mary-Anne and James Cimino must not read this page. There is truth in what they write. The political atmosphere is toxic and destructive. The tearing down of the American way of life most millennials have never known. The care free childhood has been taken away by the forces that demand they must decide on gender, race, religion, anti law enforcement. This is all a result of our over extending reach of government control thinking. China is master of this and they are forcing it into our country and culture. Our political figures on both sides have sold out our countries ideals and moral compass. Thank you Mary Anne and James for nourishing thoughts.

Bill Marincic

That’s the problem almost everyone under 40 knows what we use to have for Freedom in America if they did they would be fighting just as hard.

Maybe you forgot the civil rights movement of the 60s and 70s? Or maybe you slept through it all? Or maybe your clergy felt it went against your savior somehow?

“Freedom” is relative.

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