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Letters to the Editor Monday, Nov. 28 – Two from readers in Ballston Spa and Schenectady


Writer incorrect on water rate increase

In his Nov. 18 letter to The Daily Gazette (“Ballston Spa mayor aims to hike water, sewer fees without input,”), Jared Iacolucci criticized a Ballston Spa proposal I introduced to raise water and sewer rates by 2.5% before December’s start of our next semiannual water and sewer period.
Mr. Iacolucci misreported the real issues at hand.
As mayor since April, I stated privately and during public meetings the village has failed to increase rates for five years, costing the village about $360,000 in water funds now needed to repaint our deteriorating John Street water tower.
Trustees had knowledge that surging water production costs (from electricity and chemical prices) are increasingly offsetting revenues.
Furthermore, the village’s sewer fund is depleted; just $12,000 remains in our unappropriated sewer balance.
State Village Law Sec. 4-412 states the Board of Trustees manages “village property and finances,” but they have failed to even meet inflation in any year since 2017.
Ironically, three days later, trustees were told by our water consultant our rates are too low to qualify for infrastructure grants.
I provided much of this information and flagged these major issues, yet I’m blamed for insufficient analysis as I try to rectify board members’ dereliction of duty?
Mr. Iacolucci is the son of the town of Milton Democratic Committee’s chairwoman.
It matters because attacks lobbed at me are nothing but unnecessary partisan rancor that ultimately place our residents’ welfare at risk after five years of insufficient action.
Hopefully the board will finally act now that I have shined a very public light on these important issues.
Frank Rossi, Jr.
Ballston Spa
The writer is mayor of the village of Ballston Spa.

Things not going the way they should

Did anyone happen to notice the governor’s electoral map?
It is almost exactly the same as the past two elections (2014 and 2018).
The map shows the majority of the state regions want changes to the state executive, yet the state is held captive by urban regions of Buffalo, Syracuse, the tri-county area and all points south of interstate route 84.
These past elections have improved nothing of value that regular taxpayers truly need or want.
Every dang year the Buffalo region gets a large scary amount of snow, they cry a river that they need state funding to help unbury them.
Well my statement this year is this, you’re getting $600 million in state funds to build an unnecessary football stadium.
As a New Yorker, I have no problem with helping taxpayers money going toward essential services and DOT clean-up for unsafe conditions due to weather, so suck it up western New York and quit whining about family safety needs.  You’re “Bills Mafia;” act like it.
Lastly, I have had enough of this repeating nonsense.
I have to care about your non-traditional self-view and use the right pronoun and let you use the bathroom of your choice. Well, guess what, I don’t care how you view yourself.
My rights are just as valuable to me as yours are to you.
So be whatever you want on your own privately, and stop wasting my time publicly.
Scott Davis

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Scott amen there are two choices male or female period. If there is a twig and berries attached to your tree well then you are what you are. as far as election here in NY seems weird how there was a straight spike of votes in the last gubernatorial race but there is nothing to here. Western NY is an amazing part of our state. How Albany became the capital I do not know. The amount of activity that goes on in Rochester, Buffalo area puts Albany to shame. I used to be a regional sales manager and traveled often to that part of the state. If you look at the graph of voting you will the curious spike. It always seems at election time when it would appear the entire state voted in a certain way. The other side because of the hubs in western and southern NY are able to show the perculair voting spikes attributed to these wins. Weird huh. Alas the call for seperating into a Northern and Southern NY will never happen.

“there are two choices male or female period.” It’s not a choice, I don’t recollect filling out an application in the womb.

And….What about when you’re born with a man’s body and a woman’s brain, or vice versa?

The world and what’s in it are about far more than some narrow minded individuals views.


Reprint of the last comments from 11/26:

I’m looking for explanations as to why civilian possession of assault rifles and high capacity magazines should not be outlawed.

No nonsense about how they’re no worse than 22 caliber rifles. Everyone knows they are the first choice of most of America’s mass murders. Everyone has read the kind of damage they have done to innocent victims, children and teenagers in school and adults going about their day to day lives.

Police are not regularly so heavily armed and most want these weapons illegal for civilians.

Direct answers are welcome. I am genuinely curious about how anyone justifies legal possession of these military style assault weapons.”

Steven Flynn
November 27th, 2022
Because armed people will not willingly load themselves into railroad boxcars. Are u going to protect me from those scumbag illegal owners who’re walking the streets with 9’s? Do you really think a ban is going to stop them? If so, you’re delusional as all hell. If you dont want to carry then thats your right but leave the rest of us the hell alone and start cleaning up our inner city streets.

November 27th, 2022
Are you really that ill-informed? Obviously the line on the type of weapon civilians may legally carry has to be drawn somewhere. No one is trying to take reasonable firearms used in hunting or home defense away from you. Are you walking around with an AR-15 to protect yourself from the “scumbag illegal owners who’re walking the streets?”

I am leaving you alone. I express my views; you express yours. Who is loading you into box cars? Get a grip man.

Again, Twitter is a private platform and can air the views it wishes to. Elon Musk is running it so poorly he is loosing advertisers. He is the one loosing those checks.

Are you really in another universe?

Are you calling for vigilantes to “clean up our inner city streets?” You are an advertisement for stricter gun control, especially background checks and mental health evaluations.

Believe, if he could, Adolf Trump would be the one loading people on “railroad boxcars” if he thought it was necessary to eliminate them…But if you’re a White supremacist you have nothing to worry about, and most certainly should promote the MAGA way.

christophe Stalka

Damsel Donnie sees chaos as the path to his success all other efforts he has made have failed miserably and doing it on merit is out of the question for the big man at this point let’s go putin lovers!

LGB(T) must be so proud of his choice for president, 45, after having dined with wacko anti-semite Ye & white supremacist, holocaust denier Fuentes. Let the excuses begin…

Bill Marincic

Since he had gender reassignment surgery and is now she one would assume that she would use the lady’s room. Old lefties have that problem.

That certainly seems to be an issue with MAGA right wing nuts, but as long as you bring your AR-15 to the bathroom you’ll be safe from trans people, right?

Do you see your brother as a threat to young minds and bodies, as so many other MAGA people do?



“Some Native Americans Recognized Not Two, Not Three… But Five Genders
by Emily Krempholtz
When European settlers first began to colonize North America, they called it the New World. Over time, America came to be called many things: land of the free, or land of opportunity. But in the retelling of that history it’s easy to forget the people who lived here long before the ships of explorers and colonizers first caught sight of the New World.To Native Americans, their home was already the land of the free, and the arrival of white settlers meant that many of those freedoms were taken from them. Europeans forced their religion, culture, and other aspects of life on the indigenous people of North America, in an attempt to ‘civilize’ them, and one of those aspects of belief was gender expression. “Two Spirit” is a blanket term, and one that wasn’t even widely used until the late 20th century, but it describes the genderqueer, transgender, and gender fluid individuals who were accepted and well respected in many Native American societies. The term “Two Spirit” comes from the idea that everyone has both a male and female spirit within their body, and a person’s identity comes not from their physical form, but from whichever of the two spirits is more dominant within them. Sometimes, the two spirits were equals, or changed which one was dominant many times, and it’s important to note that being Two Spirited is an observation on gender, but not sexual orientation.Different Native nations had different words for Two Spirit individuals, and not all of them can be easily translated into English. In the Cherokee Nation, for example, the word asegi is a blanket term, with more specific words to describe male-assigned and female-assigned people. In Inuit culture, the term sipiniq roughly translates to “infant whose sex changes at birth”, and in the language of the Lakota, winkte is the term used for male-bodied people who live as women, and bloka egla wa ke is the term for Two Spirited people born female. In Navajo society, the term is nadleehe, which means “one who is in a constant state of change” or “one who is transforming”.Although everyone calls them something different, the concept is similar across many Native American cultures. Before point of contact with European colonizers, it is thought that all indigenous societies in North America recognized five distinct genders amongst their people: Male, female, transgender, Two Spirit female, and Two Spirit male.”

Scott Davis, State wide races can’t be gerrymandered ….you see a lot of red because of population in those “regions” are low. Blue “regions are around the bigger cities where the population is greater than those blue “regions”. If the courts ruled against gerrymandering and drew fair congressional maps. The republicans would never lead the House of Representatives again and they know it. Year after year the Democrats get far more votes for their representatives but less seats. Gerrymandering should be struck down by the Supreme Courts once and for all in my opinion.

State Capitals are typically selected by design to place them away from these areas of influence and activity and also more geographically centered in the state where possible. There are a few exceptions like Boston, Juneau, Atlanta, etc., but for most part nearly all capitals are intentionally not in the busiest or most populous city of a state. The previous NY state capital was Kingston. Who goes to Kingston?


There is a philosophy that holds the essence of a thing is in its perception (esse est in percipi). In philosophical terms it means a “thing” doesn’t exist unless it is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and or felt. For example a bat interprets the world through sound, echo location; a dog knows the world as a universe of odors; we see the world and hear the world through our eyes and ears. Quantum mechanics has shown that an unobserved particle behaves differently than an observed particle.

The interdependence of matter, energy, and life has been established. I believe life is pervasive throughout the universe. It is a force that is part of, not apart from, the rest of reality. In a sense the universe is telling itself a story and all life forms are characters in that all-encompassing story.

Thus, we have the power to create our own realities. A world in which human rights are extended to all Earth’s people, where diversity is respected, where all are assured a reasonable standard of living seems the ultimate goal to me.

Mr. Santo: following your line of logic if I have the power to create my own reality that is benevolent to all I also have the power to create a reality that is malevolent to all. Are we not living that reality now?


Unfortunately, yes. My hope is that mankind will come to see the real threats to our existence and the need to overcome them: bigotry, extreme nationalism, violence (including war), poverty born of a global extreme gap between the “haves and the have-nots,” pollution, climate change etc.

But the reality is we are one among many species that have come to dominate the Earth. I think our time of domination will be a geological “flash in the pan.” The sad think is our selfishness, ignorance, short-sightedness and bigotry are likely to be the cause of our demise.

Other species will evolve and have their time of dominion. The Earth has billions of years left. Perhaps one day, a day we will never live to see, some more benign, tolerant, community-oriented, intelligent and dextrous species will create a civilization far surpassing ours in every way.

Bill Marincic

So tell me Santo since you know so much and I will give you that an unobserved particle behaves differently than an observed particle. So why is that, what is the difference? It’s because of energy, we all have it and it flows from us just like it would a machine.


One of the properties of light revealed in this experiment supports the pantheistic theory that the entire universe is alive down to a single particle of light, or should I say wave? It is fascinating and interestingly supports the view of so many pagan religions that everything has a “spirit” and everything is affected by everything else.

A google search puts it better than I ever could:

“Living things in an area are components of interconnected systems based on cyclical feedback, which maintains a delicate balance between themselves, other species, and the non-living components of their environment. This feedback system is the ecosystem.


“By using a special tool, you actually can send light particles through the slits one by one. But when scientists did this, something strange happened. The interference pattern still showed up. This suggests something very, very weird is going on: The photons seem to “know” where they would go if they were in a wave.”

Bill Marincic

My knowledge of quantum physics is minimal but I did watch a broadcast a few months ago on the two-slit experiment and as it was demonstrated when the experiment was observed the protons lined up with the slits on the backboard but when they were not observed they spread out all over the board. I’m sure you had zero ideas Varoma, I am a person who loves to read, and when I think of what happens to a deer tick in winter I research it. I like knowledge and knowing how things work or how they make things, I love the “how it’s made” TV series.

Mr. Bill 🤡you should leave off the words “quantum physics” in your comment. A more accurate statement for toy would be ” My Knowledge is minimal”.

Form the fourth time:

So again tell us what percentage of African American blood is in your genetic history. Make sure it’s the same amount you told us during your ranting defense of Derek Chauvin days. (wouldn’t want to catch you in a lie)
Remember when you put the blame of George Floyd’s murder back on Floyd for “not surrendering?” You were then accused of being a racist, and said that couldn’t be possible because you had Black blood in your body, which in itself is a ridiculous /untrue statement. (anyone can be a racist) So again I ask what is that percentage? $20,000 may be at stake here Mr. “Put your money where your mouth is”
Please answer!

If he could add who window glass being broken and falling on the outside of the home makes Paul Pelosi getting hit in the head with a hammer suspicious. I would appreciate it

Bill Marincic

Varoma you can always try to prove me wrong, oh wait you can’t.

Mr. Bill 🤡 the person making the claim has to prove his Theory. Submit a paper like Einstein did with is Theories….I’ll be waiting for your paper on broken glass and which way it falls

The guy makes nurse Ratched look Mother Theresa, sorry.

On another topic…
Page one of todays DG:

“Neil Golub wants people to know about the “New Schenectady”

I think Neal Golub should concentrate more on Chopping Prices, rather than attempting to rename Schenectady.

As I have previously said, The Electric City has solid relevance, “New” could be applied to just about any city.

Electric City is what it will remain, in spite of Mr. Golub’s acts of self-promotion and self-aggrandization.

You just know the brochures and bumper stickers he imagines at the Thruway rest areas will prominently feature “Market 32” or “Price Chopper”, in some form.

And not to be forgotten is the Daily Gazette for recycling this article from just …what?…2 weeks ago? It’s great they feature many small businesses, but I’m sure Aneesa over at Tara Kitchen would love to have two front page articles about her ever-expanding line of products and businesses.

My goodness, who owns who?


More good news for those of us who want to see Trump removed from the political scene, preferably to spend the rest of his life in prison for endangering our national security through theft and misuse of top secret government documents. But at least we can enjoy the spectacle of his waning power while we wait: The New York Times reports: (11/28)

“Donald J. Trump will not cross the Florida state line to campaign with Herschel Walker during the final week of the Georgia Senate runoff election, after both camps decided the former president’s appearance carried more political risks than rewards, campaign officials for the two Republicans said on Monday.”


Posted today to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

“It is very disappointing that these 12 Republican senators would side with the Democrats and ultra-liberal Senator Chuck Schumer to put the vast majority of Americans who believe in and support marriage between a man and a woman in jeopardy.”

I wish this greedy old con man and phony would tell us how legalizing same-sex marriage jeopardizes
heterosexual marriages. He is a tired cranky bigoted mean-spirited old man who is trying to hang on to his “conservative” religious opinions. Opinions that would be appalling to the biblical Jesus he supposedly worships.


Yahoo! Another Republican governor has the nerve to criticize the flailing dottering MAGA idol:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: (11/28)

“Gov. Brian Kemp criticized former President Donald Trump for his dinner with Nick Fuentes, whose unabashed racism and antisemitism has made him the nation’s most prominent white nationalist figure. Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker, meanwhile, declined comment through an aide.

Kemp told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that he’s proud of the relationship he’s forged with the Jewish community and Israel. He added: “Racism, antisemitism and denial of the Holocaust have no place in the Republican Party and are completely un-American.”

He might have just called TRUMP UN-AMERICAN! As I said yesterday the MAN is going down! Good Fortune, bless these UNITED States of America.


And the craziest of the MAGA crazies is now trying to be the mentally ill supervisor of the Asylum Wing of the GOP;. It is like something from an overly imaginative, not at all credible, political novel:

“Mike Lindell wants to try his hand at getting elected. The MyPillow CEO turned 2020 election truther announced Monday morning he intends to challenge Republican National Committee chairperson Ronna McDaniel for the top Republican Party gig. “I am 100% running for the RNC chairman against Ronna McDaniel,” he said on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom podcast. “I’m all in.”

MIKE LINDELL! The idiot who kept guaranteeing he would prove Trump won and that he would replace Biden in office. WHAT A NUT!


WOW! The anti-Trump momentum has grown to the point that it can’t be reversed. It is like an avalanche growing so powerful it can’t be stopped:

Axios reports: (11/28)

On Monday evening, several Republican senators — facing the Capitol Hill press corps in-person for the first time since news broke of Trump’s dinner — denounced the meeting. South Dakota Sen. John Thune, the Republican Whip, told reporters that the dinner is “just a bad idea on every level. I don’t know who was advising him on his staff but I hope that whoever that person was got fired,” HuffPost reports.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), head of the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, called on all Republicans to condemn white supremacy and antisemitism. “There’s no room in the Republican Party for white supremacists and antisemitism, so it’s wrong,” he told reporters. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) said on Twitter that Trump hosting Ye and Fuentes “encourages other racist antisemites,” adding: “These attitudes are immoral and should not be entertained. This is not the Republican Party.”


I promise, my last post. I shouldn’t be so gleeful in the demise of my enemy but I see him as the enemy of all. Some just refuse to see the narcissistic motivation in all he does and all he says:

November 28, 2022 Trump Corruption, Trump Lies

Bloomberg News reports:

“Donald Trump can’t claim presidential immunity to avoid a lawsuit that accuses him of civil rights violations in his efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 election, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Trump had argued that he was “absolutely immune” from damages for actions within the “outer perimeter” of his official duties as president, and that his post-election activities in 2020 were part of an effort to protect and defend the Constitution.

But US District Judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington agreed with the challengers — the NAACP and Michigan voters and advocates — that Trump’s conduct was “purely political,” according to the ruling.”

My only fear is that desperate white supremacists will flock behind some other MAGA-ite figure like Trump, but smarter.

It’s about time, gop! 45 helped you lose in 2017, 2018, 2020, & 2022. Are you finally convinced? Never mind the trail of destruction he leaves behind.

Other autocrats around the world aren’t faring that well, either, so that’s another thing to be gleeful about.
Anthony even used the word, “blessed!”

Thank you, President Biden for your tight grip on democracy…oh, and for gas prices coming down, lol.

LOL, Marinic–The reason Biden ran is because of the disgraced 45 who doesn´t believe in our Constitution, our Constitutional Republic, or the rule of law. Biden has unified and strengthened NATO and has rallied the world around ¨democracy.¨ Look what´s happening in China, Iran and Russia…the people are revolting for freedoms.
You seriously underestimate all Biden has done, dismiss all his years of service, and will never give him credit for anything.
He passed more legislation than Obama and 45 combined–even bipartisan in these divisive times.
Biden ignores the criticism and continues to work tirelessly for the American people–whether they voted for him or not.
The USA has taken a lot for granted and we are a bunch of spoiled know-it-alls. But he believes in us and is patiently waiting for our tantrums to subside. Meanwhile things are looking up!

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