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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Nov. 29 – Two from readers in Schenectady and Scotia


Complacency over guns is harmful

In his Nov. 14 article (“Fear in former slave states is foundation for gun culture,”) Nick Buttrick notes the affinity of Americans for firearms and asks: “Where does this unique set of beliefs about the protective power of a gun come from?”
In the 17th century from Jamestown to New England, the colonists required firearms to defend their homes and villages.
As the Europeans pressed into the wilderness the potential of Indian raids, and depredations by wolves required the settlers to be armed. My pacifist ancestor, Ann Hutchinson, in Pelham, was unarmed and murdered by Indians along with all in her home.
The expansion into the interior of the continent created conflict all the way to the Pacific and from Texas to North Dakota. The native people often accepted the presence of Europeans and traded with them. In almost every case as Europeans continued their encroachment, this relationship degraded to alternating raids and then war. The “gun that won the West” was the one over the fireplace.
The South, where slaves outnumbered Europeans, was a special case. The Africans (free and slave) as well as White abolitionists, were controlled by the threat of, and frequent application of, violence.
Thomas Jefferson wrote “we have a wolf by the ears.” After the Civil War, Whites tried to continue their dominance with the same policies.
Today, the civilized frontier has moved downtown, with raids into the suburbs. The lesson of history is complacency can be fatal.
Art Henningson

Stefanik is headed in wrong direction

The motto of The Gazette is, “When Credibility Matters.” I believe that the paper’s motto was tarnished when it endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik during the recent election cycle.
Yes, Stefanik is popular with her constituents. However, her local popularity should not have swayed The Gazette’s endorsement, given Stefanik’s toxic national perspectives.
As The Gazette itself noted about Stefanik, “She strongly supports Trump and voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election.
Her recent posting of a photo of herself with a sign meaning “F- Joe Biden” was coarse and disrespectful. We expect our representative in Congress to be above churlish, immature insults. As she rises up the ladder in national politics, we hope she’ll also rise above the pettiness and divisive rhetoric.”
However, The Gazette’s hope that in the future Stefanik would adopt a more moderate political posture was clearly dashed by her preemptive endorsement of Trump for president. In her statement on Nov. 11, Stefanik said, “I am proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president in 2024. I fully support him running again.”
Instead of distancing herself from Trump, she doubled down and endorsed the man who incited the insurrection of Jan. 6 and threatened our democracy.
Whether Stefanik believes in Trump’s suitability for reelection or is simply using the opportunity to advance her own political standing, does not matter. Her direction is clear — “hard right.”
In his column in the Oct. 23 Gazette, (“Dear Elise,”) Andrew Waite saw exactly in which direction Stefanik was headed.
Unfortunately, The Gazette did not.
Don Steiner


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Wow now guns are tied only to white people and was used to rule over native Americans, and slaves. Whatever they can put out there to divide into identity politics. I believe the colonist won our countries freedom with common muskets and some cannons from France and other countries that were opposing Englands rule of the colonies. Then the founding fathers created the second amendment to protect the freedom the colonist fought for. Art seems to forget what happened in Germany when Hitler took the weapons from the people. Now the current administration the democratic socialist want to and are trying to remove our right to bear arms to defend liberty. This right shall not be infringed upon. The socialist are busy attacking our freedoms from all sides. They, along central bank and globalist and big banks (Wells Fargo and CITI bank) are developing a government controlled crypto-currency. By doing so, gives the control of your money to the government that can turn on and off if you do not obey. The socialist attack our freedoms on all sides. Klaus Schwab recently at a globalist meeting in China. The elites of the world are pushing fascist policies talking about the standing of stake holder capitalism having control over the global economy think ESG. That is an alliance between government and business to control the global population. Look up fascism this is what it is about. Tell me again how conservatives are fascist and white supremacy. Look up Charles Schwab and white cat tell me who he looks like? Bill Gates and other elitist are on board with this type of one world order. Wake up America they are doing this in the wide open. Sadly because of our failed education system of groomers have succeeded in dumbing down our children. They push gender identity and drag queen story time rather than educate them about history. If you fail to learn from history it will repeat itself.

“Whatever they can put out there to divide into identity politics…”

This statement, and all it’s fake egalitarian variations we should now be able to read as “whatever they can do to further expose the sins whites have committed against non-whites…”. Because like the fake outrage over critical race theory, that’s what it really expresses: the white fear that they may have to atone for hundreds of years of oppression of others, and lose their self-imposed superiority and entitlement. The fear they may be further exposed as frauds to their faith.

I know because I’m a white European person in America (13th generation on one side), and I speak their “language”. The movement known as MAGA and driven by the words of Donald Trump, and others, is deeply rooted in this fear and not far beneath all the aggressive words by them here and actions elsewhere. The bluster and fake confidence is further evidence of that. It’s fake and only shows insecurity.


Is F—J–B—- kidding?


Powerful and continuing nationalism
Disdain for human rights
Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
Rampant sexism
Controlled mass media
Obsession with national security
Religion and government intertwined
Corporate power protected
Labor power suppressed
Disdain for intellectual and the arts
Obsession with crime and punishment
Rampant cronyism and corruption

“Trump’s disdain for human rights is legend, but examples include his desire to kill the relatives of terrorists, his insistence that he’ll do “worse than waterboarding” and his statement in the White House that “torture absolutely works.”

“Trump has used Mexican “rapists” and Islamic terrorists as unifying enemies. This tactic is actually perhaps the core of his political strategy.”

“Trump’s sexism is one of the most transparent and well-established things we know about him.”

“Just this week, Trump advocated that someone friendly to him buy the New York Times. His chief adviser Steve Bannon comes from the Breitbart media dynamo and has told the media to shut their mouth. So far, Trumpists do not own much of the media, so they seek to marginalize and intimidate them. In any case, Fox News does a pretty good job on their own, and the right owns talk radio.”

“Trump has already used national security as an excuse to ban Muslims and purge opponents in the Justice Department. The State Department comes next.”

“As for entwining religion and government, that can be seen in Mike Pence’s entire political career, but it’s also evident in the way that Trump has nakedly tried to make his immigration ban apply more fully to Muslims than to Christians. The Republican Party has had fascist tendencies in this regard that long predate Trump, but Trump has really run with (white) Christian nationalism as a fundamental part of his appeal. He cast himself as the defender of this group.”

“Trump has appointed the richest cabinet in history and proposes corporate friendly policies to match.”

“His nominee for Labor Secretary is a strong opponent of organized labor and Trump has had a poor relationship with labor in his business career. Most recently, this has been in the news in relation to the labor force at his Las Vegas hotel. Overall, Trump will go after unions across the board, especially public service unions and government employees.”

“On humanities and arts, The Hill reports that under the current budget blueprint, “The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.” Of course, the Trumpistas’ disdain for “bicoastal elites” is almost unlimited, and their contempt for intellectuals and academics is total.”

“Trump’s obsession with crime and punishment is clear from his revival of Richard Nixon’s “law and order” rhetoric and his constant comparisons of black communities to violent hellholes.”

“Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause to the Constitution by using his position as president to attract foreign patronage to his hotels. His refusal to disclose his taxes or to truly distance himself from his corporations will assure both the perception and the reality of corruption and cronyism. In any case, one of the best established things about Trump is that he is a crooked man who doesn’t honor contracts, engages in fraudulent enterprises, and likes to use his financial clout to bully people in the legal system.”

LGB(T)–´Tell me again how conservatives are fascist and white supremacy.´
Well practically the entire gop went along with all of 45s fascist and white supremacy remarks and actions. They refused to hold him accountable for attempting to overthrow a free a fair election. Never before have we had a president refuse the peaceful transfer of power. Silence is complicity and the gop now have wingnuts like MTGreene, Boebert, Gaetz, etc rising in their party. The fascists are right in front of you on the gop side, but you refuse to see it.


Don, Elise Stefanick is a Trump supporter. The F-J-B comment and she should be above it. How many times have the democratic socialist leaders in the donkey clown party made comments about conservatives. This is the issue when they call the popular of conservatives deplorable, white supremacy fanatics. How about Kathy Griffin holding a bloody head of Trump up. Pay no attention to what we say just do not say it about the donkey clown party. Remember those in glass houses should not throw stones.

christophe Stalka

Don steiner your assessment of Stefanik as the loser she is is correct a desperate woman who can not make it on her own and the gazette endorsement of her despite her behavior is setting a dangerous precedence as to the losers who suggest childishly that two year old like tit for tat behavior is justified just look at his numerous desperate comments and cries for attention he deserves our pity he is a clown

How is it then the Gazette pointed out she is popular with her constituents. You know the actual voting public? The ones who want her in office because she represents them and not her own agenda. Unlike the Democratic party that pushes their own agenda. The Gazette sees what we all see. Trump didn’t run this year for anything, she did and she won. The voice of the voting public spoke. I assume you did your civic duty and voted. Did the Gazette endorsement change your vote. I am sure it didn’t. See how it works. Just because there are more voters that disagreed with you and voted for her doesn’t mean the Gazette was at fault

So when the people “spoke” in 2020 why is it you people say the election was rigged like your Leader Trump? It’s seems when the people speak it only means something when a republican wins


cfoote, Stefanik was originally a Trump critic who understood the threat he represents to the nation. By later endorsing Trump she demonstrated that she puts her political career before the national interests. The Gazette can endorse anyone they want and others have the right to criticize those endorsements. It is likely she would have won without the Gazette’s endorsement. Is anyone saying otherwise? From CNN Politics and available from numerous other sources:

“In 2015, 2016 and the early days of his first term in office, Stefanik criticized Trump over everything from his incendiary comments about Muslims and women to his signature policy positions, such as reforming NATO, building a US-Mexico border wall and having stronger cooperation with Russia.”

Like Lindsey Graham it is now clear that she hitched her wagon to the wrong star. Every day more and more Republicans are criticizing Trump and seem about to end their support for him, especially after having Fuentes and Ye over for dinner. As I pointed out yesterday Trump and his rotten to the core MAGA movement is going down. HALLELUJAH!

Kathy Griffin is your example? That was a horrible lapse in judgment at best that cost her career plenty. Where is she now? After that publicity stunt, I think her acting career tanked, but I don’t follow celebrities anyway. I don’t recall seeing banners with her awful picture showing up in our neighborhoods, but your screen name along with ‘FJB’ and similar keeps showing up over the last few years in various places like fences, trees, mobile homes, on baseball caps and overpasses all over the country. I was wondering if I did something similar like hanging banners that said ‘F### Donald Trump’ on my property if some deplorable would pitch a rock through my window? These ‘F### Joe Biden’ banners have been tolerated as free expression, but I doubt the same tolerance would occur if the insult was returned. Would you want to look at that every day? Perhaps some expert here could also tell me which way the glass would fall after impact while calling it an inside job too?

Mr. Brandon 🤡, Hillary was right you are deplorables. You just proved it with your rants here…The dumbing down of Americans reached it’s pinnacle when you embraced Trump in 2016…. Which you I’m sure you will pass on to your offspring. Don’t blame teachers for your mistakes …Have a nice day.

Tony Santo has said we humans are just a flash in the pan in relation to being a dominant species on earth, and that are demise is inevitable. We are doomed. I totally agree.

Combine the greed and indifference of politicians in general, with the criminally insane higher rule of the Adolf Putin Trumps, along with the hate, stupidity and ignorance of the manipulated MAGA minded throughout the world and, yes, we certainly are doomed.

Imagine where we would be if all the money from war, lobbying, cheating, campaigning and steeling, to name a few, went into promoting peace, science and technology. –

Screw that! I don’t want no trans readin to none of my kids, I wunt them to be igerant of certain kinds a people that ain’t like I think they is suppose be. I wunt my kids to understand they gots to hate them that ain’t like them in me.- I seen that trans Amy Schniderdoodle, or whatever on Jeopardy, boy ain’t she dumb and scarie? I knoe they fixed it so that he /she, ha, ha, ain’t that funny, dun won that campion thing. I just woodent want that whatever reedin to none of my kids. No way! – Ain’t got no time for that kind of crap anyhoo, got to clean my automatick rifel and stand guard fer sumptin, ain’t sure what, but Bubba’s gunna tell me what purty soon.

“PRINCETOWN — The 19-year-old accused of killing his mother and her longtime partner at their Reynolds Road home last week fired 44 shots from an AK-style rifle in less than 30 seconds, State Police investigators testified during an hours-long hearing Monday night.”

What are we thankful for, America? The hope this will never happen to us? The hope that ‘they’ll never take MY guns!’? The hope that one day the “good guy with the gun” will protect us? From ourselves? The hope that one day there’ll be no more crazy people?

In the face of this national siege, what exactly do the gun lovers give thanks for? The Second Amendment? Seriously?

Back in 2017, after the shock of Trumps election had worn off I engaged these MAGA keyboard warriors in a battle for the truth. No matter how often their propaganda had been debunked they still kept at it; doubling and tripling down on the lies and disinformation and the outright racism, misogyny and homophobia. Eventually I learned there was no changing their minds and that the battle lines had changed from an exchange of ideas to an obdurate attempt to own the Lib. No minds will be changed here. There is only shouting across the divide.

I cringe every time some talking head laments that our “country is divided”.

A fraction of our population has walled itself off from the rest of the saner public and electorate, and calls everyone else “extreme”. That’s the division. Liberals did not create this schism. Liberals have not made any move to the far left.

That’s why Republicans and what remains of real conservatives are the ones quaking in fear; the threat is within their own party and they know it threatens their very existence. Liberals and progressives are able to unify, and are not afraid of them.


There was an interesting comment concerning Hunter Biden on Quora yesterday:

“I read an article when all the Hunter crap started about how Trump was floundering around looking for something to attack Biden on and settled on going after his kid. All this while knowing how dirty his own “children” are. Now if Hunter did something that was against the law, then charge him or fine him or whatever is appropriate. In the meantime, no one cares because Hunter has not inserted himself into the political process. He’s not running for office himself and he’s not helping his dad run for office. Hunter’s been pretty open about the train wreck that is his life and so has his dad. If the “charge” is that he made money from his name as a Biden, all I can tell you is welcome to America! We don’t blink when celebrity children use their family name recognition to make money or garner fame or power (Cheney, Bush, Trump, Biden, Paltrow, Bridges, Paul, Russert, Wallace, Clinton, Cuomo, and I could continue on into infinity).

Here’s the cool part. If Hunter is indicted and has a trial, his father won’t refer to him as a child. He won’t make excuses. He won’t talk about how everyone is hunting his baby just for being a Biden. He won’t attack the judge or the jury. He won’t attack the Justice Department or whoever is the charging agency. He won’t try to pardon him or work behind the scenes to disrupt the proceedings.”

Steven Flynn

More than half the country wants him investigated. It’s not about Hunter alone, its to see if “The Big Guy” is Joe Biden. If it’s not then the story will be a big nothing and the Repubs will look like fools. If he is the big guy then let the chips fall where they may. Should make for good tv for sure.

28 percent in new poll want focus on presidential impeachment investigation
by Brad Dress – 11/21/22 9:45 AM ET
The Hill

About 28 percent of American voters questioned in a new poll say the incoming Republican majority in the House should investigate the potential impeachment of President Biden.

Just 6 percent of Democrats in the Morning Consult-Politico poll said focusing on the impeachment of Biden was a top priority for them, compared to 55 percent of Republicans.

No where can I find where “more than half the country wants him investigated”.
No where, and I think this is an invention of your own.


If you mean by “The Big Guy”, the first criminal boss of a crime family to become president, you must be referring to your hero, The Orange, now “terrified blob of quivering jello”, the p—– grabbing loudmouth, racist, cheat and liar who became president by appealing to that slice of America which is bigoted, racist, and/or ignorant.

Are you so unaware that you don’t realize Hunter Biden is being investigated, that Joe Biden is doing nothing to interfere with that investigation. Read all the details of the stories you report. Just as you lied by omission on the WP story concerning the efficacy of COVID vaccines, you lie again.


I didn’t make it clear because I felt it was so important to get this out: I am responding to Steven Flynn’s once again, totally misleading and dangerously inflammatory nonsensical post.


The Washington Post reports: (11/29)

“In February, Greene became the second GOP lawmaker in two years to appear at Fuentes’s America First Political Action Conference. Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) had appeared the year before and drew condemnations, but that apparently didn’t dissuade Greene from doing the same a year later.

When the situation again blew up, Greene was actually rather defiant. She too claimed she didn’t know Fuentes or his views or those of his group — despite deciding to hop on a plane to appear at the conference.

She attacked her GOP critics as “Pharisees” and described the group as “1,200 people gathered to declare that Christ is King.” (Among other things they gathered to declare: that Russian President Vladimir Putin is good and, according to Fuentes, that his group’s strength derives from “these young White men.”)”

If you want to listen to someone desperate to be the world’s next Adolf Hitler, you have to listen to Fuentes’ speech at the America First Political Action Conference. It is so blatantly fascist, racist, and disgustingly unwholesome that you might need an airsickness bag.


I know many good Christians, but people like Fuentes and the evangelical white nationalist “Christian” money grubbers like Franklin Graham are giving Christians a black eye. Those Christians who actually believe the moral teachings of Jesus Christ must stand up and shout out: People who talk this way are not Christians; they are not religious; they use religion as a tool to gain power and wealth for themselves. This was NOT Jesus’ message. Defend yourselves, real Christians. I’m not one of you but I respect you for the good you have done. Stop the fanatical right from co-opting your name!


I post here not to change the donkey clowns of the DG posts. I post this stuff because the MSM media refuses to acknowledge the corruption of the Democratic Socialist running our country. There was not refutation about Klaus Schwab and global government that the current Democratic Socialist endorse and are foaming at the mouth for because they will hold a place at the table while the average American gets sold out to foreign countries. The lap dog socialist here are the reason why our country is falling apart. You name it it has Uncle Quid prop quo Joe’s name is on it. Inflation, fuel prices, food prices this is what socialist do. Look at Venezuela and where they are now food shortage , power outages, unemployment. Once the second richest South American country and look what Socialist government has done. The refugees that fled the Soccialist Government for America and they see it happening here. The donkey clowns will spew their propaganda until their Geritol runs out.


Lou, you gotta admit you “shake (your) head with pity and sadness” but also with just a little laughter. He has become unwittingly funny, a parody of the message he thinks he is effectively sending.

Mr. Brandon 🤡 use a little talcum powder …it might help your irritating rash you have…And 2 of your proud boys got convicted today so use extra powder

Bill Marincic

You call him the donkey clowns I call him the three blind mice. They will never re-search anything and if they do, they will never tell you that they did because then they would have to tell you that you were right and they were wrong and we know they will never ever admit they’re wrong. The three blind mice are wrong. Every day they look for some minuscule little detail, so they can tear apart your truth like above where the mouse said plural show me where it shows 50% as if it is exactly 50%. I watched again Ricky Gervais opening statement on the Oscars where he told the truth about Hollywood and in the end the last minute or so, he said please when you get up there we don’t need any political speech , you’ve got Hollywood, Amazon and Microsoft and Apple running sweat shops with slaves in China and nobody says a word so just get up there thank the fans, thank your agent and your cast members and get the F off the stage. Maybe instead of the three blind mice, there a three blind donkey clowns.

LGB(T)–Here you go again about gas prices and inflation while you ignore the devastating impact of a once-in-a-century pandemic! How convenient to just blame it on President Biden and socialism when it’s a global phenomenon, and we’re coming out of it better than other countries.

Btw– A jury just convicted all Jan 6th defendants of obstructing an official proceeding, Oath Keepers convicted on multiple charges, and the leaders Rhodes and Meggs convicted of seditious conspiracy.
These are the people 45 wants to pardon and the gop refered to as a “tourist visit” and a “dust up”…yet you’re concerned with Hunter Biden! You have no idea how ridiculous you come off.

As many on the right complain that the dreaded MSM doesn’t cover “Hunter, The Big Guy etc, How come with all the RW media from Fact Free Fox, OAN, Newmax to unnamed hundreds of right leaning social media sites and podcasts, and right wing talk radio in the thousands. How come nothing has come out about this story? Could it be after the defamation suits filed by Dominion in the billions against Fox and Sidney Powell etc etc they know there is nothing there and don’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those suits? Just asking.




Washington Post:

“Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes guilty of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy.”

“A federal jury on Tuesday convicted Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and a top deputy of seditious conspiracy for leading a months-long plot to unleash political violence to prevent the inauguration of President Biden, culminating in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.
The panel of seven men and five women deliberated for three days before finding Rhodes and lead Florida Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs guilty of conspiring to oppose by force the lawful transition of presidential power. But three other associates were not convicted of the historically rare and politically freighted sedition count. All five were convicted of obstructing Congress as it met to confirm the results of the 2020 election. Both offenses are punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”…

Agent Orange, Stewart Rhodes’ boss, should should be convinced as well, for seditious conspiracy, as well as, rape, murder, treason, tax evasion and on, and on, and on. – But let’s forget about all that because Adolf Trump is a good White supremacist. Let’s talk about Hunter Biden. – Makes me wanna puke!

“The jury’s verdict on seditious conspiracy confirms that January 6, 2021, was not just ‘legitimate political discourse’ or a peaceful protest that got out of hand. This was a planned, organized, violent assault on the lawful authority of the U.S. government and the peaceful transfer of power,” said Randall D. Eliason, a former federal prosecutor who teaches law at George Washington University.
“Now the only remaining question is how much higher did those plans go, and who else might be held criminally responsible,” Eliason said

In a statement, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland hailed the verdict and praised prosecutors and agents on the case.
“Today the jury returned a verdict convicting all defendants of criminal conduct, including two Oath Keepers leaders for seditious conspiracy against the United States,” Garland said. “The Justice Department is committed to holding accountable those criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy on January 6, 2021.”

I hope that orange bastard gets exactly what he deserves!!

Maybe not. I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something darker that’s not being discussed: Remember Ornato, the day after Hutchinson testified to being told by him of The First Toddler’s outburst in the Beast when told (by the SS) that he wouldn’t be going to the Capitol, the next day, there was the SS (no actual relation) announcing she was lying and they would “soon” be providing testimony and evidence to that effect.
And they never did.

Then we also hear testimony that Pence was offered SS (no seeming relation) protection away from the Capitol during the insurrection, and his response? “I’m not getting into that car”.

Call me imaginative, but …is there a connection?


There were individuals in the Secret Service, Ornato one of them, who supported Trump’s attempt to remain in power and become America’s first dictator. They restrained him from leading the mob because they knew the insurrection would fail and they wanted to protect Trump from the obvious connection he had to the violent insurrectionist mob. It became clear to the public that Trump incited the mob and wanted them to stop certification of Joe Biden’s election even if it meant killing Mike Pence. Mike Pence didn’t get in the car with the SS because he knew what was afoot. They knew Hutchinson was not lying and would be faced with charges of perjury if they gave false testimony against her.

This sordid story parallels Hitler’s purge of the Nazi party in June, 1934. 1/6 was a failed version of Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives, just as Trump’s attempt to become America’s Hitler has failed.


So many “respectable” members of the Republican party were involved with or knew of Trump’s illegal attempts to stay in office that it is mind-boggling. The whole scheme is being made public. The spotlight of justice is focused. Our future is sure to be incredibly dramatic and consequential as so many of these “respectable” Republicans will be exposed. The latest high ranking Republican being forced to testify in spite of his desperate attempts to avoid the grand jury convened by Fani Willis is Mark Meadows:

Politico reports:

“South Carolina’s Supreme Court has unanimously ordered former White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows to testify to an Atlanta-area grand jury investigating Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the election in Georgia. “We have reviewed the arguments raised by [Meadows] and find them to be manifestly without merit,” South Carolina’s Supreme Court justices wrote in a brief opinion.

The decision affirmed a lower court’s ruling requiring Meadows to testify to the Fulton County grand jury investigation led by District Attorney Fani Willis. Willis sought Meadows’ testimony in September as part of her expansive investigation into efforts by Trump and his allies to disrupt the election process in Georgia, including his push for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state.”


Another report of the abject failure of the education system in Schenectady. The groomers should pay more attention to teaching math rather than gender identity, and radical indoctrination to socialist ideology. Schenectady residents should demand accountability from the education department. The recent report 2% of NY students have sufficient math skills. There needs to be accountabilty from the top down. Only 4% of black children passed the 8th grade math standardize tests. The citizens of Schenectady and NYS this is the result of the democratic socialist government running the school system.


I would call this an example of the logical fallacy post hoc ergo propter hoc in which an earlier event is falsely assumed to be a cause of another event. Also, it is based on false premises. It is not true that our teaching staffs are “pay(ing) more attention to teaching…gender identity, and radical indoctrination to socialist ideology” than they are to math. We do not have a “democratic socialist government” running the school system.

When I was teaching the scores on standardized tests were, in general, markedly higher. Obviously the impact COVID had on our educational systems is partially responsible for the low scores. There is also a sense of despair among many young people, especially minorities, as they hear their ethnic, racial, gender identities and sexual orientations constantly maligned by the far right. Many don’t see the chance for a good life as MAGA supporting people fail to fight real threats to our way of life like climate change, pollution, endemic racism etc. Some live in such grinding poverty while being exposed to the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous that they see no hope for a good life. In some cases parents aren’t as supportive of the school system and teachers as they should be. Because of the ready entertainment available on i-pads, cell phones, and electronic games, many students are more “bored” than they used to be.

Finally, false and ignorant attacks on public education from the always enraged and thoughtless right undermines student faith and performance in public schools.

Bill Marincic

Of course Santo, that’s why you are losing Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics to the GOP. You say there is no democratic socialist government running schools? Let me remind you of Randi Weingarten.

It is ironic that in ranting about the failures of education, you reveal how uneducated you are. You may be the wrong spokesman for your campaign.
I won’t list out the examples in this one post, because you don’t care. But people with an education know. A little self-awareness would go a long way to easing your pain.

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