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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 3


Name a month for Native Americans

I do not understand all the garbage about schools having to change their sports teams’ nicknames because they refer to the American Indians.
It is meant to honor them, not disgrace them.
I do not believe that the vast majority of Indians are offended by it in any way.
I think it is only because of the “panty-waist” liberals trying to do another of their feel-good things.
And, why don’t we have a “Native American” month to honor the people we stole this country from — including the land that you and I call home?
According to Wikipedia, there are 84 different peoples, health issues and organizations, etc. that have months dedicated to them. May has the most with 17.
Stop trying to change and/or erase history and name at least one month to honor the people we treated so horribly.
I am descended from both German and Native American grandparents.
Neil Nusbaum

Waite is a welcome addition to Gazette

Andrew Waite — the best thing to happen to The Gazette since Carl Strock and Sara Foss.
Anne McCoy

Put more limits on the use of firearms

I would like to see the government and the Supreme Court take action on the senseless killing by putting restrictions on the use of guns.
First, there should be liability insurance for each gun sold.
Renewals and inspection. Title and tag of gun owner and point of sale.
Just like when you own a car, the younger you are, the higher the cost for insurance.
I see no need for high-powered rifles, and they should be banned completely.
We need to end the money trail from the gun lobby and protect our young.
Cecilia McFadden


Allegiance is to God and the Constitution

I have seen many presidents come and go.
Richard Nixon had to leave in disgrace because of his Watergate scandals but was conveniently pardoned by his vice president, Gerald Ford.
Then President Ronald Reagan swapped hostages with arms; the Iran-Contra scandals. He got away with it because Col. Oliver North took the blame and Reagan conveniently said that he didn’t recall anything.
Then there was President Bill Clinton with his sex scandal in the White House. He got away with his sexual escapades because it was established that his affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t against the Constitution.
I agreed with that decision. Nevertheless, he should have been fired because that’s what would have happened if he was a policeman, a teacher and/or any other public representative.
Then came President George W. Bush, who took the United States to war in Iraq and Afghanistan with lies.
Finally, there’s President Donald Trump; the most divisive, controversial U.S. president who has yet to concede his re-election loss, was impeached twice, lied about election results, incited an insurrection that caused five policemen to die and over 140 people to be wounded, caused millions in damage to the U.S. Capitol and who continues spreading hate, division and the Big Lie.
As a Catholic-Christian and a retired U.S. veteran, my allegiance isn’t to any political party and neither to any type of earthly leader, but only to God and the U.S. Constitution, even if it means losing someone’s online friendship. True friendship isn’t based on political ideas and/or leaders.
Ottavio Lo Piccolo

Alternative mottos to ‘New Schenectady’

I have a lot of respect for Neil Golub and am grateful for all he has done for Schenectady. But “New Schenectady” doesn’t capture it.
Rebranding can be very tricky.  I’d like to offer another suggestion:
SCHENECTADY NY’s City of Ideas, Arts – Innovation – Science.
“The City of Ideas” encompasses the power behind the city’s renaissance and its history. It is motivational. It is fresh. It will last.
Not many can make that claim, but Schenectady can.
Melinda Morris Perrin

Sad, but confident about St. Clare’s relief

I hope that the St. Clare’s Hospital retirees will finally be able to have their day in court.
All the retirees have been through such an unbelievable amount of stress due to the St. Clare’s Hospital pension collapse.
Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, it  doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same.
No matter how much they mean to you, it doesn’t mean they’ll value you the same. Sometimes the people you trust the most, turn out to be the people you can trust the least.
I still get sad about everything that happened; every now and then it just hits me. Sometimes it takes days for me to get over it.
The St. Clare’s Hospital retirees have all earned our respect, while the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and the St. Clare’s Hospital have lost our respect.
I have faith in the state attorney general’s lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, its leadership and others, for their negligent and intentional actions that deprived more than 1,100 former employees of St. Clare’s Hospital of their pensions.
I feel very strongly that the attorney general will win the lawsuit, and I feel very confident the money will go to the retirees.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Help a child in need; be a foster parent

Picture this: Your phone rings, and the caller says a child, who you’ve never met, needs a place to stay.
You’re nervous, but you’re ready. You know this child needs help. You’ve received the training, and your support team has your back. You’re a foster parent and are ready to make a difference.
I’m a Foster Care Home Finder for Northern Rivers Family of Services in Schenectady.
I work with people throughout the Capital District to find and support foster homes for local kids who need a safe place to heal and grow.
I’m lucky to currently work with more than 30 families who are willing to answer that call and consider opening their homes to someone in need.
These foster families are part of the local community. It is important to recognize them for what they give and do. They undergo a strict screening process, countless hours of training, and treat hurting children with grace, compassion, wisdom, and love.
They keep foster children near their homes, families, and support systems. They provide calm in the storm and even smile through the tears when a foster youth is reunited with their birth family.
To all our foster parents — thank you! If you’ve ever wondered about being a foster parent, there’s no better place to do it than with Northern Rivers.
You can give me a call at 518-257-2919, visit, or visit our Facebook page @northernriversfostercare for more information.
Jenny McMillen

Government must take action on guns

Veterans who “gave their life” for their country are justly revered.
What recognition can we offer victims of  gun violence?
The scourge of random death by gun, a problem far worse than inflation, taxes, schools, or elections, is unlike any I have witnessed in over 90 years. A contaminated food killing citizens, a defective vehicle or appliance causing injury or death, would instantly initiate recall and/or ban of sale and use. But guns? The wimpy excuse is “Well, the Constitution allows them.”
What underlies the problem? Disrespect for life. Without respect for human life, we face a sad world, living, as it were, “the law of the jungle.”
What has suddenly brought this about? Covid? Instant world news? Copycat effect? The internet? Social media? Saddening revelations of misconduct shattering credibility in our religion or in disciplined groups like scouting or the military?
Or is it murderers such as Putin who, contrary to rules of warfare written to protect non-combatant civilians, will order killing any number to sate his ego?
We may not know the answer, but it is clear it is time for the government to act.
As a bare minimum, a federal Department of Firearms is overdue.
Like a DMV, it would raise money and establish control.
The time and cost of compliance might even discourage non-essential gun ownership and rein in, if not cure, the problem.
Christopher G. MacDermot

Call Spa City problem what it is: violence

The Gazette Nov. 29 headline “Hearings to address rowdiness issues” [in Saratoga Springs] should have read “Hearings to address violence.”
The Oxford Dictionary defines “rowdiness” as “behavior that involves making a lot of noise and is likely to cause trouble.”
That’s not what’s been happening in my city. People have been attacked, shot, stabbed, with one being pushed so forcefully to the sidewalk that he died, and let’s not forget the riot which occurred a few years back.
That’s not “rowdiness,” that is “violence.” It is irresponsible of The Daily Gazette to minimize the danger by labeling these acts of violence as “rowdiness.”
Words matter. Journalists, of all people, should know this.
Those of us who still purchase and read newspapers deserve insightful reporting — real journalism.
Like making the connection that local elected officials and citizens have tried to reduce crime by enacting sensible gun safety laws and closing bars early, both of which Republican-run Saratoga County has opposed.
And then when election time rolls around, the Republicans blame the Democrats for “the rise in crime.”
As a retired licensed social worker with 30-plus years of experience, I can tell you that if you don’t honestly name a problem, you can’t fix it. The Daily Gazette has some excellent reporters and editors.
I expect and deserve better from this newspaper.
Linda LeTendre
Saratoga Springs

Liberal Gazette needs to stop gaslighting

All Gazette readers need to know the definition of gaslighting so they will realize what The Gazette is doing.
“Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind.
Typically, gaslighters are seeking to gain power and control over the other person, by distorting reality and forcing them to question their own judgment and intuition.”
So when you see the disgusting cartoons of the evil elephants (Republicans), representing lies or extreme exaggerations, it’s gaslighting.
When you read the slanted articles written by extreme liberals, stating lies and exaggerations, it’s gaslighting. When they publish glowing articles about Biden and the Democrats, it’s gaslighting.
Inflation is not a problem and is temporary. Gaslighting. The border is secure, and millions of illegal aliens pose no problem. Gaslighting. Massacres should force gun control. Gaslighting (in 2021, 0.06% of gun deaths were due to “massacres.”)
Joe Biden and his family are all wonderful law-abiding people. Gaslighting. Trump is a horrible person who wants to destroy democracy. Gaslighting (he did more for the American public than anyone else in a very long time.)
I wish The Gazette would publish balanced articles, based on real facts and not opinions masquerading as facts. But they don’t. They are extremely liberal, like most media is.
I’m not sure why. Just open your eyes, look around and form your own opinions based on facts.
Just don’t look here for the information, or you will be gaslighted.
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills

Niskayuna Dems must dump Ostrelich

I’m a highly disappointed Niskayuna Democrat.
While our party performed well in much of the country, our town was the exception.
This was unfortunately due to division within the party that has been driven by two-time failed candidate Michelle Ostrelich.
After endorsing primary challenges against over 20 Democratic committeemen, self-destructively splitting the party to the detriment of her own candidacy, Ostrelich ran one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen.
Rather than saying a peep about the economy, Ostrelich hung her hat on convincing us that Jim Tedisco was a threat to democracy. A man who has served for decades and always conceded defeats.
Rather than offering a plan to improve Schenectady County, Ostrelich denigrated our communities at out-of-town events.
Rather than working with fellow Democrats, Ostrelich’s field director, Niskayuna Democratic Chair Tina Lee focused the party apparatus on Ostrelich alone, denying vital support to the rest of the ticket.
Voters rejected Ostrelich, and she was the worst performing Democrat in every single Niskayuna precinct. With her county Legislature seat up next fall, it’s time for Democrats to move on from division, move on from two-time failed candidates, and move on from Michelle Ostrelich.
Kevin Duffy

Vance book offers thoughts on change

Read J.D. Vance’s, “Hillbilly Elegy.” Volunteering at the Whitney Book Store run by the Friends of SCPL, I have access to books. Some are adult fiction, some history. A fewer number are memoirs, like Vance’s book, supposedly, true wanderings through a life.
I read the Vance book because my Boston-born sister now lives in West Virginia among people who qualify as Vance’s “hillbillies.” Early on, anyway.
He “did good,” as the expression is, unlike most of his extended family.
In the conclusion of this book, Vance suggests that his people might want to change their culture.
He says, “We hillbillies are the toughest people on earth.” But then he asked the question, “Are we tough enough to build a church” to ground children in kindness and love for their future.
Are they “tough enough to look at ourselves in the mirror and admit that our conduct harms our children?” Yes, I am cherry-picking some of his words — read the book.
Reading Art Henningson’s Nov. 29 letter, (“Complacency over guns is harmful,”) I’m not clear what he meant. But one conclusion might be that if people take over someone else’s land and property, there will be trouble.
Another might be that if there are guns, people will use them. In America, guns outnumber people.
Our children die daily by guns.
As Vance said, “…look at ourselves in the mirror and admit that our conduct harms our children.”
Not bad for a GOP senator. We must be part of that change.
Janice Walz

Letter about Pelosi needed fact-checking

A letter from Pete Pidgeon in the Nov. 26 Daily Gazette, (“Justice system not favorable to victims,”) states that Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, had to pay a fine “in the hundreds” on a stock deal where he “had the knowledge firsthand” and “made $4 million.”
I am opposed to allowing government officials and their family members to trade individual stocks, because it gives an appearance of trading on inside information, even if that is not the case. However, our laws do allow government officials to trade stocks, and members of both parties have made questionable stock trades.
However, Mr. Pidgeon’s claim that Paul Pelosi was fined for his stock trading, and his implication that the fine was based on insider information, does not seem to be based on the facts. I cannot find any reference to this alleged fine after an extensive search.
Please fact-check letters before they are published.
Victor Roberts
Burnt Hills

Stop accepting lies and fight for nation

In Germany prior to the accession of the Nazis (National Socialist), morality fell apart.  The causes were numerous — World War I, depression, toxic propaganda.
Family structure was undermined. Parents became bit players in their children’s development. The ‘state’ knew what was best. Sound familiar?
The rise of anything-goes lifestyles. The demonization of a segment of the society, Jews. The Holocaust was in the ‘greater good’ hopper. Horrible crimes against children, we got the child sex trade. Politicians look the other way; the smell bothers them.
In the Soviet Union, the ‘family’ was devalued. “Mothers were too ignorant to raise their children.”
Another socialist paradise denying people natural rights.
The Nazi order of their world featured many of the ‘green initiatives’ we see popping up today. Green is OK if not implemented by a jackboot.
I used to watch World War II movies. As British and American troops rolled into Germany, an old German couple would be seen looking out a window wondering how this came to be.
At 75, I probably won’t live long enough to witness America’s end. If I do, I will know why it happened.
“Elections have consequences.”
Freedom of speech and secure elections are the glue that binds us. The willingness of politicians to lie is destroying America.
The people’s willingness to accept lies without consequence is the final nail in America’s coffin.
Our election process has become a “Tower of Babble.”
Edmond Day



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christophe Stalka

Mr. Varoma excellent comment there’s always Fox news and the enquirer or the informative and fact filled twitter… I can almost hear the Sonta as the chunky fingers fly in the distance!

Bill Marincic

According to Elon Musk, the government has interfered multiple times including with the Hunter Biden laptop. Musk stated that Twitter as a private company had its 1st Amendment right to print what they want but when the government comes in like the FBI did and interfered with the Hunter story they took away the 1st Amendment and the rights of Americans to know the truth.

Bill Marincic

Right the guy who built a 200 Billion dollar fortune and is the richest man in the world is unstable. FYI, he released all of the internal texts that showed that Twitter hid the story. I guess he is unstable because the Blind Mice don’t like the fact that they lost their ability to suppress the bad news about democrats.

Sure, becoming a billionaire can prevent you from being unstable, Just like Howard Hughes.

I guess I didn’t realize you had more than one god, along with your orange idol, add money.

FACT: the Biden laptop is contaminated evidence and therefore not trust-worthy. You will not get any hay from that field.

FACT: The Republicans were never able to find any charges to bring against Hillary Clinton in spite of having the liberty of calling 40+ hearings and her complete cooperation.

The Republicans will also come up short in their impotent attempts to prosecute a Biden, or a Mayorka, or a Fauci but that won’t stop them from wasting millions of dollars and other government resources to try. But they will always seem to have a ready supply of rubes and tools prepared to hand over their dollars in hopes the Republicans will finally deliver the happy ending that’s always out of reach.

“the Biden laptop is contaminated evidence and therefore not trust-worthy”

And what in your expert legal opinion is “garbage” about this?
Giving you chance to say something grown-up here….

Steven Flynn

Youre a phony liar and know nothing about the validity of that laptop. Your forensic expertise is a pile of b. s. like everything else u say on here.

“So far, I’m deeply underwhelmed,” Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump administration official turned right-wing radio host, said. His comments came after journalist Matt Taibbi released a lengthy Twitter thread detailing Musk’s touted findings, namely that Twitter executives themselves were at odds over whether to restrict the Hunter Biden reporting and that Democrats (and Republicans) filed moderation requests with the social media giant.

Neil Nusbaum, thank you for narrow minded and so far off base view, that you’re not even in the ballpark.

Just wondering what native American organization appointed you to be their spokes person.

“I am descended from both German and Native American grandparents.”
Who cares?

Melinda Morris Perrin, I agree. As I have previously stated “New Schenectady” most certainly doesn’t cut it as a “new” nickname for Schenectady. Neil Golub should give it a rest.

I say leave well enough alone, but if a majority of city leaders wanted a new catchphrase, The Electrified City” may be a viable choice.

Electrified; “having a sudden sense of great excitement”

Additionally there is relevance to Schenectady’s past.

Mr. Bill 🤡 big deal twitter didn’t let the NY Post story on their platform. But you and all they other Trump cult members seem to forget….It was printed in the NY Post….anyone could go there and read it ….Claiming Trump lost the election because of that is ludicrous. All the Trump media sites posted it !

Agreed if there were any content to the level suggested in the laptop story it would have been front page everywhere by now instead in passes through numerous chunky sticky fingers and becomes a new rallying cry for the weak minded. Do the investigation and get it over with a rich man wants it done because hes mysteriously become a Republican supporter all of a sudden like his new buddies the Saudis and Putin

Steven Flynn

Would u be ok with the RNC giving Twitter names, tweets, and stories to suppress? “By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine. One executive would write to another: “More to review from the Biden team” The reply would come back “handled” Celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or reviewed at the behest of a political party. Slowly, over time, Twitter staff and executives began to find more uses for these tools. Outsiders began petitioning the company to manipulate speech as well: first a little, then more often, then constantly. No wonder the liberals hate Elon so much, they knew this crap would be exposed. The DNC suppressing voices and stories to affect the outcome of an election. The corruption never ends.

Would you be OK with our President, the Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces sharing some tête-à-tête with Vladimir Putin to take his word over our own military intelligence officers about accusations against Vladimir Putin?
From past attempts to get an answer from you, the alleged veteran, it seems you’re good with that, which of course is treasonous. So your gripe seems more to be a distraction than anything serious.

Sounds like someone needs a spine, and a reminder:

Rules for commenting:

The Gazette will not tolerate name-calling; profanity, threats; accusations of racism, mental illness or intoxication; spreading of false or misleading information; libel or other inappropriate language in any form, and readers may not make any such comments about or directly to specific individuals.
Readers who violate the policy will be warned and then banned.

Steven Flynn

And now your a little snitch, well done little guy. Your mommy must be so proud of the “man” that youve become.

Bill Marincic

Here is the deal Steven, when you start getting under their skin by proving them wrong they copy and paste everything they don’t like and then they send it to Mark Mahoney the editor to have you banned, they did it to me more than once.

Steven Flynn

Ill bet Chuck D was the one who did it. It suits his personality well.

No. I have a thick skin and am a grownup. I’ve never whined or complained to the Editors about what others post here.

And you have no idea my personality, just like you have no idea my career experience, nor do you even know my real name. But you both have revealed the limitations of your ability to sort out complicated things, like reality vs. your personal issues.

I’ll let you in on another bit about me though: I’ve worked side-by-side many times with military who make you (Flynn) look like a junior high school punk.

Flynn and Marincic: The Republican Party has consistently marketed themselves as the party of law and order. That is they are for following the rules: here we have 2 shining examples of hypocrisy. The Gazette has clearly delineated rules of conduct which you regularly ignore. Furthermore you are the first to complain to Mahoney when you feel slighted. You can’t have it both ways. Make a choice and stick with it.

Steven Flynn

Ive never complained to Maloney about anything, Im not a snitch like Chuck D. I dont need Mr. Maloney to censor anyone on here like the DNC did with Twitter. Let people speak, even if i dont like it. I dont like most of everything a liberal athiest says on here but I dont want them shut down in any way. Thats a Dem thing bud.

Steven Flynn

And its a FACT that Chuck D embelishes who he is. So for that, I think he’s a liar and his words are moot. Little Chuck.


ChuckD, let’s not forget that, years ago, BM was the one complaining to the editor repeatedly about other posters. He threatened to notify Mark Mahoney, and wound up suspended himself.


Steve Flynn, you have shown before, and demonstrate again, that you have no ability to distinguish between fact and fiction and probably don’t know the meaning of conjecture which you are doing in the above post.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 it doesn’t matter. You all put to much importance on this story. I now it’s the only thing you can grab onto these days…..But it changed no ones minds on who they voted for ….Like I said all these stories were on all other platforms and in the NY post front page daily . No one suppressed the right for the people to know. In the end Joe Biden is still president. Now I could see your point if the suppressed Obama wearing a tan suit …now that’s another story . 😁 In the end it’s just another nothing burger

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I can understand that. Your boy Trump was put under the microscope for 4 years and you want revenge. But this story won’t get you that. Hang in there and pray for rain to water your discontent this story is nothing but red meat for you to chew until the next supposed scandal. Don’t worry yourself the alt-right will come up with another claim before the election that will make this look mundane

Steven Flynn

Your like a scurrying rat Guy. Someone turns the light on and u run for cover. Its what the the dems do when they get caught again with their hands in the cookie jar. Deflect! Deflect! Minimize! Insult!

Bill Marincic

Varoma 16% of people said had they known they would not have voted for Biden. The NY Post is mostly read in NYC so your reasoning is wrong like almost all of your reasoning.

Mr. Bill 🤡 what 16% is that? The same 16% that thinks broken glass from a window should fall a certain way? Cite your poll

Bill Marincic

Well if I’m wrong then maybe you should get that irrefutable proof and shows us I’m wrong and then I will admit I’m wrong. Your stating I’m wrong carries about as much weight as a broken car.

Steven Flynn

Guy’s another blowhard DG lib who carries water for the crooked DNC. Everythings fantasyland unless its lodged against Trump. He sounds like Lou and little Chuck.

“Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema act out of ego, not principle. If there’s one thing the two supposedly Democratic senators love, it’s media attention” -The Guardian

Because of the “Manchinema” effect, the importance of the Georgia senatorial race between Warnock and Walker goes beyond the significance of another trump backed candidate losing. – 51 – 49 is better than 50-50. If only one of the two senators vote based on media attention/ego, not cause, then Vice President Harris will be able tip the scale.

I Admire Liz Cheney and Adam K. they did a bang up job on that Jan 6th Committee exposing the swamp ! that existed in the white House very informative!now ya wanna talk scum bag

Steven Flynn

Yes Bob, I do want to talk scum bag. Enlighten my liberal one.

“I cant stand her.” Exactly my point. – I’m certainly not a fan, but she respect the constitution and that hurts the MAGA movement. – And her father has nothing to do with anything right now.

Steven Flynn

Why do i need to like her Lou? Because u do? I suppose repubs look at her in the same light as you see Manchin or Sinema.

No I don’t like her politically views one bit, don’t assume anything Steve. She voted with Trump over 93% of the time. I respect the fact that she respects the constitution, that’s it.

Trump is admittedly your guy and you back the politicians that support him, why not her? My guess is because she’s not willing to lie for him, she’s not willing to overlook his blatant criminal activity, and she wants to hold him accountable for his crimes. Obviously you think there’s something wrong with that.

Steven Flynn

But I wont vote for Trump Lou. Like Biden, he’s to old to be put into that position again. We need youth. These older fools are to entrenched.

Mr. Bill 🤡 322 % of the people think that The Hunter Biden laptop story would not have changed their minds about voting for Biden. Prove me wrong …I said it so it mut be true. Another 455 % of the people believe that glass from a a broken window can fall either way….Prove me wrong …

Mr. Flynn hope for a better “scandal” than the Hunter Laptop ….Pray to your Orane Trumpy Bear for it to happen

Steven Flynn

FACT: If you’re mad Elon Musk exposed the truth about democrats rather than the fact democrats did everything they could to deceive the American people, well you’re the real problem helping them get away with it. #electioninterference

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I always thought that you were a cold, unimaginative person But you’re really quite emotional, aren’t you? Don’t waste your tears on Trump. There are many more people that deserves your tears ….Like maybe Melania ….her life must be misery. I heard that a poll said that somewhere.

FACT (a real fact): Elon Musk allowed flailing “journalist” Matt Taibbi to reveal his treasures. And if Elon Musk had used better judgement he would never be in the position he’s in; he wouldn’t have tried to grab Twitter at all. A business mastermind he’s not.

FACT (another real fact): everything that has been “revealed” (which has already been “revealed” anyway) had to do with compromising pictures of Hunter Biden. The Republicans having a documented obsession with sexy things felt this was good to bring the President down. The “collusion” was both to protect the President’s son from embarrassment (nothing wrong with that) and to make sure Twitter followed it’s own stated policies.

Big Effin’ Deal, righties. Big Effin’ Deal…about nothing. But there you drama queens are, loud and proud about imaginary drama!

Steven Flynn

Did you find this out with an extensive forensic search? You sound like every other liberal mainstream media outlet trying to disccredit Matt Taibbi. Miscredit, miscredit, how dare he expose us. Its hard discrediting emails, didnt the DNC learn that when Wikileaks hacked into their server? Nice predictable spin though little man.

That’s really all you’ve got, isn’t it? A one-trick pony.
When we look at your posting history you sound like just an angry, insulting, insecure gasbag with no ability to address the issues debated here. No response but “well you’re just a lib! So there!”. No in-depth knowledge of the subjects, no ability to logically debate.

Brilliant Flynn, simply brilliant. But you’re getting the attention you seem to starve for.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 you won’t vote for Trump again? That’s is hysterical ……You and Mr. Bill 🤡 will be first in line buying new MAGA gear when her runs in the primary. You both will be waving your MAGA flags in unison chanting lock Biden up


Steven Flynn, it is a nothing burger because it has to do with an investigation into possible illegal activities by Hunter Biden, not President Joe Biden. Explain why you consider this equivalent to the ongoing investigations into Trump’s a) illegal plots and incitement of insurrection; both criminal attempts to stay in office against the will of the people, b) his theft, improper storage, and likely misuse of top secret government documents and c) his continuing lies about rigged elections which are threatening our democracy because too many people don’t see through this narcissistic pathological liar.

I am really confused about all the right wing anger at Twitter. It is a private platform and can decide what and whom to allow on their platform. Doesn’t FOX skew the news to the right, presenting it in the best possible way for Trump and his MAGA agenda? Doesn’t MSNBC do the same for Democrats?

Again, Joe Biden has not been shown to be involved in whatever investigation is going on into Hunter’s laptop. As far as I know no one on the democratic side is desperately pleading the 5th or trying to obstruct the investigation with phony claims of executive privilege and accusations of partisanship. Remember how Clinton co-operated with the investigation? That is because she knew she was innocent and charges against her were “trumped up”.

Bill Marincic

Probably because the corrupted DOJ is sitting on it. Remember the FBI went to Twitter and Fakebook and told them it was probably Russian disinformation right before the election. But don’t worry I don’t expect you to side with truth and side with America, you keep siding with the person that owns Hunter and his father. China.

Mr. Bill 🤡 can you show me where the FBI went to Twitter directly? I’d like to read the story where they sent an agent to talk to Twitter

Steven Flynn

“Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is.” – Elon Musk


The evidence that it was done by government order please. I think Elon Musk is losing his mind just like Trump, who just called for the suspension of the Constitution. Read the story. I am posting it below.

Steven Flynn

Of course u would say that, youre a liberal. Its no surprise that youre scurrying like a rat to make the story not seem real or relevant. You’re quite transparent.

Anthony…..It’s useless trying to have a debate with Mr. Bill 🤡 and Mr. Flynn 🤡.

It’s like playing chess with a pigeon …In the end they are going to shit on the board and knock all the pieces down and strut around like they won.


Guy it is ALMOST fun; I read their responses as “verbal squirming.” Plus, we’re getting the message out and showing the Trump sycophants to be who they are.


Steve, “Grow a set and bring it big Guy.” I’m not certain what that means. I think it is directed at me. Could you expand on that sentence. By expand I mean clarify and add details and explanations. I’m in the mood to be entertained. So please, continue.

Steven Flynn

Looking forward to part 2 of Twittergate later today. Should be another trove of scumbaggery masterminded by the DNC and Twitter.

Steven Flynn

And they have the nerve to preach about the Republicans when they’re involved in the same kind of corrupt b.s. Its all lies and propaganda, they are what they describe and they hate it.


I think this makes Trump sound exceedingly desperate, crazy, and guilty of every charge brought against him:

Politico Playbook reports: 12/3

“Donald Trump, the former president and the person that polls show is still the most likely GOP presidential nominee in 2024, today on Truth Social called for the suspension of the Constitution to overturn the 2020 election, citing false conspiracy theories about election fraud.

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote, hours after new details of Twitter’s internal moderation deliberations in 2020 were released at the behest of Elon Musk.

Every Republican will be asked about Trump’s statement. The former president dined with antisemites last week, and now he says the Constitution should be discarded. If you are a Republican who thinks being asked to take a position on this is just some liberal media trap, consider what you would say if Obama or Biden tweeted this.”


Newsflash: The Emperor appears to be acknowledging he has no clothes on and is desperately trying to hide his criminal behavior and apparent inadequacies as an emperor by issuing insane demands.

Bill Marincic

The only way that we can change this country and make sure the government is again working for the people rather than for the politicians like Pelosi and McConnell is term limits but unfortunately, it is a difficult process and we need states to get it done.

Guess what? We can term limit Congress without going through Washington, D.C. That’s right. We can tell Pelosi and McConnell to take a hike, because the Constitution has a solution. Under Article V of the Constitution, state legislatures may create a convention to enact a constitutional amendment and nobody in Washington can stop them. It takes getting 34 state legislatures – those politicians you elect to serve you at your state capitol – to pass resolutions calling for a Term Limits Convention. The legislatures of Florida, Alabama, Missouri and West Virginia have already passed the resolution. Let’s keep going.


It would be even tougher than BM thinks. A google search revealed:

“An amendment may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, or, if two-thirds of the States request one, by a convention called for that purpose. The amendment must then be ratified by three-fourths of the State legislatures, or three-fourths of conventions called in each State for ratification.”

3/4 of 50: First divide 50 by 4= 12.5. Then multiply 12.5 x 3= 37.5, rounded to 38 states necessary for ratification.

Bill Marincic

Since 80% of Americans want it why not? Of course, the libs wouldn’t want to do anything for the country, they are hellbent on being the Supreme Leaders

Sounds like you feel threatened.
You should be the Supreme Leaders, right?

Edward R. Murrow, you’re not.
Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party have chosen Hakeem Jeffries to be their new leader, a feat the Republicans cannot bring themselves to do:

At 52, Jeffries will represent a generational change from the current triumvirate of House Democratic leaders, who are three decades older than him. He became the chairman of the Democratic caucus in 2019, making him the youngest member serving in leadership.

His rise in leadership comes after Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn announced they would be stepping down from their current leadership positions. Clyburn is expected to become assistant leader in the new Congress.

Steven Flynn

He’s an election denier little man, you know, the kind of thing you extreme liberals loathe. Hakeem Jeffries is an election denier. Prove me wrong forensic one.

Yes, the former guy was nice enough to give us a choice–install him now or redo the election.
Eff him!
He’s such a desperate, small man.

Steven Flynn

Taibbi confirms that Twitter exec Vijaya Gadde played a key role in suppressing the Oct. 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story. Gadde was later appointed by the Biden admin to an advisory role shaping the Department of Homeland Security’s “disinfo” policy. You cant make this crap up.

Steven Flynn

Is it as funny as Christine Blasey Ford coming out of the wood work like an overflowing septic? Did u get a good laugh out of that one too?

Blah Blah Blah Mr. Flynn 🤡 Don’t you get it that the story was published in many other outlets and people could care less…Move on to something more important like Trump saying today he should be reinstated Immediately because election fraud cancels the Constitution ….Now that’s a story !

Steven Flynn

Of course u could care less, it wasnt Trump so you have no interest. In other words, the corruption is fine as long as we dont get caught doing it. Very nice Guy but again predictable from the liberal athiest crowd.

So Mr. Flynn 🤡 you don’t care about election fraud and Trump being reinstated because he said so now?…TSK TSK TSK …Trump is gonna get mad at you and give you a nickname if you aren’t careful


Steve Flynn, you have yet to comment on Trump’s call for suspension of the Constitution because of fraud, and his call for “miraculous ascension” to the Resolute Desk.

Does your Orange basket-case not realize that over 60 court cases, many presided over by his appointees, have found no fraud? That William Barr and Chris Krebs have declared the election fair and free? BTW Steve, look up William Barr and Chris Krebs. You’ll be surprised when you find out who they are.

the twits going bankrupt on that deal and me thinks hes getting a little desparate next hell be hauling out tweets about the latest sasquatch sitings

Steven Flynn

The Twit’s not going bankrupt anytime soon. Did Rachael Maddow tell u that? Joy Reid maybe? Those 2 bastions of journalism. They couldnt hold Matt Taibbi’s jock strap when it comes to journalism. Corporate media propagandists.

Steven Flynn

The left wing activists who pretend to be reporters knew how devastating 10% FOR THE BIG GUY would be, so they shut it down. Even now, these suppossed “reporters” are opposed to Twitter’s censorship documents coming to light. I thought Democracy Dies In Darkness? #liberalhypocrisy #liberalbs

just devastating Stevie . I guess the twits are much more relevant to some people. i ignore that unproven nonsense. I find it causes some people to get enraged.

Steven Flynn

I wonder if the Twitter team would have gone to such great lengths to protect Donald Trump Jr if he had been in the same position as Hunter Biden? I think we all know the answer to that. Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid would be having a field day with it. #corporatemediapropagandists #hypocrisy101

christophe Stalka

Do the Saudis really own 5.2% of the twitter? Just asking cause that’s real interesting having a foreign company control such a vital communication tool

Stalka are you implying that little Stevie’s twittergate might be being driven by MBS trying to influence the US political process and the simpletons taking over the House?like they did with oil output before the election – that attempt failed as miserably as Damsel Donnies coup. You dont believe these amazing revelations are just a coincidence?

Steven Flynn

Bob sounds like a conspiracy theorist. “Stalka are u implying” He has no clue what he’s talking about, he’s just trying to bring his two cents. Pile on, you know Bob?

Steven Flynn

Just to be clear:
Candidate Joe Biden lied
The media lied
The FBI lied
Intel “experts” lied
Tech firms lied
Chuck D lied.

yes Stevie you’re welcome to believe everyone lied its when you have to prove it that you have a problem and start babbling aimlessly .

christophe Stalka

It is kind of sad it’s true keep it simple try to keep him calm once he gets wound up he starts insulting everybody and making stuff up kind of sad

Mr. Flynn 🤡 …Trump lied 30.353 times and counting ….Why are you concerned about lies now? They meant nothing to you for 6 years plus. Have you found religion all of a sudden ?


Reading all the I’m a victim from Mr Marincic and Mr Flynn I would like to present this question of Do Democrats hold special powers?

It puzzles me that not everyone would want to be a Democrat.
The Democrats have to be the most powerful political party in the United States.
They have “fraudulently” won an election by millions of votes from states of both parties, they influenced 62 courts and judges (of both parties), including the Supreme Court, to uphold the election results. They have also invented COVID-19 and were able to convince doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and loved ones to declare that their patients or family died of this made-up virus.
Now they found a way to have the FDA approve vaccines that are not safe and are asking us all to be vaccinated against this made-up virus. Is there no end to their influence and power?
I almost forgot they actually allow you to think and disagree with each other.
Once again I wonder why everyone is not a Democrat.


Steve, have a drink, go to bed, wake up and then take a long rest. You need to calm down and think straight, not emotionally. No one is attacking you but seriously your positions and posts are strictly untenable. Do you want to be like BM?


I had an epiphany. Trump’s post about suspending the constitution and putting him back in the oval office was a second attempt at inciting insurrection. What an ORANGE IDIOT!

Oh my Me!! (I would have said God but I am he) Still waiting for the 17 percent, or somewhere thereabouts, Black man, brother of the trans woman, father of the abused child with the self proclaimed high IQ, (remember the old days?) who wants to go to city hall with 20k cash, that will actually prove he’s lied on this forum…. to irrefutable prove I’m not god. Fairytale stories don’t count.

Logically arguing with illogical people becomes illogical for the logical.

And…. regardless of what anyone might have to say about what I just posted I know that it’s spot on and 100 percent correct. I know this because I have a stainless steel refrigerator, and therefore it has to be correct. – Just following BM’s logic.

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