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Letters to the Editor Monday, Dec. 5


Wealthiest must do more for the poor

What can you buy for $5.50? A cup of coffee at Starbucks?
What about a gallon of home heating oil?
How about trying to survive on it for a day? That’s what 43% of the world’s population was trying to do in 2018, according to the World Bank’s biennial Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report.
That’s in the upper-middle-income countries.
In the lower-income-countries, the impoverished were trying to survive on only $3.20 a day.
Even that was higher than the mere $1.90/day for those in extreme poverty, which was 10% of the world’s population in 2015!
In America, nearly 12% live in poverty, including 11 million children, one in seven!
This at a time when Oxfam reports that a mere 10 individuals now have more wealth than 40% of all humanity, an obscene inequality.
For instance, between April 2020 and April 2021, Elon Musk made nearly $140 billion, or 1.86 million times the average American’s $75,000 annual income.
And Amazon’s Jeff Bezos?
According to The Guardian’s Arwa Mahdawi, if you earned $5,000 a day since Columbus “discovered” America, you’d still have less money than him because, by one calculation, he was earning $3,715 every second!
Recently, Mark Zuckerberg was making $28,538 a minute!
A few billionaires have hearts.
Bill Gates has contributed more than $79 billion to world charities, and Warren Buffet $45.5 billion. Both intend to give away all their wealth.
It doesn’t seem to be catching on, though.
Linda C. Lewis

We must do better job electing leaders

I’m very disappointed in the current way we elect our representatives. We pour money into political campaigns and that money is used on negative advertising to criticize opposing candidates.
We learn very little about the candidates themselves or the issues they are passionate about.
We need to do better.
On a happier note, I’m pleased with our voting system.
For the second year in a row, I served as a poll worker. I was impressed with my colleagues; they took their role very seriously.
Through these experiences I have great confidence in the integrity of the voting process.
My hope is that Americans will have more optimism about elections moving forward.
We are so fortunate to live in the United States. When we fill out our ballot, we are free to use whatever criteria we want to choose candidates. We can consider character, background, experience, stands on issues or political party.
I encourage people to take their vote seriously. It’s your vote and your choice. Don’t let other people tell you how to vote. Do your own research and make up your own mind.
I have confidence that thoughtful Americans will make wise decisions moving forward.
Raymond LeBel

Grateful to women for help with cane

Last week after shopping at Market 32, I pulled into my driveway when I realized I had left my walking cane with the shopping cart. I raced back to find it was gone.
I checked with customer service, who initially told me no cane had been turned in.
Two women standing in the cashier’s line overheard my inquiry and said they turned in a cane.
The customer service worker checked and found my cane.
I am so grateful for these two women speaking up. Had they not, I’d have left empty handed and would have been hobbling around for days. These two women are the embodiment of the holiday spirit, helping those in need. Thank you and God bless you!
William Aiken


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Linda this is the freedom we enjoy as Americans. It seems only the people in the United States feel that the wealthy do not deserve the fruit of their labors. It is not the populous that determine how much you should have. It is not our government that determines how much you acquire. If you want to look at income disparities look at our elected officials. The average congress representative earns $174k a year. Tell how they become multimillionaire’s. The system of capitalism has worked for those who go out and work hard and earn their keep. Our elected officials are in the pockets of large donors, Soros, Koch, Gates, Zuckerberg. These individuals use their wealth to steer corrupt elected officials. Redistribution of someones personal wealth is a violation of our rights. We need to change contribution laws. We need to change how elected officials use inside information to gain wealth. If you feel this way you are welcome to sell your home and assets and donate it to what ever charity you desire. The United States is not responsible for the world’s population. I do not have issue with sending food supplies and essentials to help other countries. Most of these impoverished countries have corrupt governments like ours that bilk their country of their natural resources and wealth for their own gain. Look at Venezuela a perfect example of what a Socialist government does. I work F/T and run two small family businesses and work six days a week. I do this so when I retire I can do it without fear of doing without. I determine how charitable I want to be not the government.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandie I find it comical that your usual comical outrage fails to mention the 19.5 million hidden North Korean loan Damsel Donnie had when elected. Our elected official was in the hands of a foreign government. And that’s a real. Thought Bm was the dude with the 2 family businesses?..?coincidence?

“It seems only the people in the United States feel that the wealthy do not deserve the fruit of their labors.”

And it seems you only know about what’s happening in America (barely), which means you get your “news” from fraudulent sources of “fair and balanced” and don’t care about much else.

We had a phrase for this growing up called, “navel gazing”. Now it’s called a “circle-j___”.

I agree with LGB(T) about changing contribution laws. Citizens United must be eliminated, too.

However, I disagree with his statement ¨The system of capitalism works for those who go out and work hard and earn their keep.¨
There are too many hardworking Americans–some with 2 or 3 jobs–that have trouble making ends meet because the system is skewed against them. Some have limited skills, but still work hard!
Of course there are slackers–some who constantly try to ¨game the system.¨ 45 is a good example–not just low income or lazy Americans.

Do you believe the fossil fuel industry works hard and deserves to be subsidized by the gov´t? There are plenty of examples of corporate welfare.


It is an opinion, but I don’t believe anyone “earns” the right to control $200b. If we had a real progressive income tax, not one easily evaded by the innumerable loopholes available to the top 1%, no one would be able to acquire that kind of wealth and power. I favor a “wealth tax” as proposed by Elizabeth Warren, that would collect 2% annually on every individuals net worth in excess of $50m. I don’t believe a rate of 50% – 70% on the portion an individual’s annual income over $1m. is excessive. No one making under $35,000 should pay federal income taxes, only FICA.

These rates and amounts could be adjusted to the realities of what the federal government needs to accomplish its purposes. I think we should consider eliminating all deductions and complete our tax forms on a postcard.

A society with the unfair distribution of wealth Linda Lewis describes is an unstable society. To preserve what is good about capitalism, incentives, variety, efficiency, innovation and response to consumer desires we need to step in and soften the inequities that will lead to the end of capitalism. We have the resources to ensure everyone a decent standard of living and access to the essentials of life, shelter, food, clothing, medical care etc., with plenty left over to ensure that the top 1% “Let’sgo…” is concerned about, dare I say the elite, can lead the life of the “rich and famous.”

That’s why I favor government interventions like minimum wage, social security, medicare, medicaid, school lunch programs etc. This will preserve capitalism by halting its evolution toward predatory capitalism. Predatory capitalism destroys all the good of true capitalism as an oligarchy of ultra wealthy families run the economy in their interests with no concern for the people. Look at Russia for a real-time example. Is that what we want America to become?

Bill Marincic

Linda C. Lewis A father said to his son after graduating. You can go out there and make a killing or you can sit home and watch TV either way you will get what you deserve.

Instead of waiting for billionaires to grow a heart and use their wealth for good causes, perhaps we could just tax them at an appropriate rate and close ridiculous tax loopholes. It’s obvious at this point that when their taxes are reduced, all they do is buy back their own stocks to further enrich themselves. Meanwhile us regular folks are left holding the bag for their greed.

christophe Stalka

An excellent example of the good being done by some Americans on 60 minutes last night Gregg Carr in Mozambique these are the kind of leaders we need not damsel donnies who hide Nirth Korean 18.5 million loans while in office.great piece watch it if missed. America needs to lead the world like we are now.its not working out for Putin which is whythe Damsel announced his candidacy so early

This just in from the “We’ll secure the Elections!” desk”:


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Brian K. Pritchard allegedly voted nine times while on felony probation

Conservative North Georgia talk show host Brian K. Pritchard, a candidate for the state House who rails against election fraud, allegedly voted illegally nine times while serving a felony sentence in a $33,000 forgery and theft case, state officials say.

The Georgia attorney general’s office wrote Thursday that Pritchard broke state law each time he voted before his sentence was completed, according to a filing with the Office of State Administrative Hearings. State law prohibits felons from voting.

Pritchard, the head of, plans to qualify Monday to run in a special election for the state House seat previously held by Speaker David Ralston, who died last month. He will face Ralston’s widow, Sheree Ralston. Both candidates are Republicans from the Blue Ridge area in northeast Georgia.

“I will not be intimidated,” Pritchard said Friday. He declined to comment on the election fraud allegations against him.

christophe Stalka

Georgia as evidenced by the candidacy of herschel Walker and the election of Mad madge Taylor Greene is the special kind of lunacy that hopefully will die with the next failed Damsel Donnie stunt!

Don’t take your eye off AZ, chris.
They’re turning blue, but Kari Lake will see that the crazy flame there continues to burn. Although I see her future somewhere in Idaho, Home of the Militia Cosplayers.

kari faye lake’ s loss was particularly satisfying to watch as the stench of sedition she so desperately embraced was resoundingly rejected! I believe old Kari was going for Mad madge Greene’s-( thanks Christophe!) crown as queen of Q now she’s destined for the trash heap like the rest of Damsel Donnies former allies


Anthony is hilarious with quote about giving fair pay to everyone. He sits back with his fat padded teachers pension and healthcare benefits all on the backs of folks who pay that bill for him. Anthony also never pays asking price at the flea markets either. Not thinking about the time and labor of the flea market vendors time and money put in to set up. Fat cat teachers pension and skin flint to boot.

lets go Brandie speaking like a true lkoud mouth know it all Teachers earn their salaries and benefits. Whats the issue Brandie?

lets go Brandie speaking like a true loud mouth know it all Teachers earn their salaries and benefits. Whats the issue Brandie?

Bill Marincic

Let’s be clear, I don’t hate teachers but what I do hate is the fact that they don’t stand up for these kids. Common Core is dumbing down our kids, try going to a deli and asking for 3/8 of a pound of cold meat, I’ve had them give me 3/4 of a pound and I have had them admit they don’t know what 3/8 is. The Chinese don’t just teach simple math they teach quick simple math to quickly get to the answer of 178×56, our kids have to show different ways to get there by changing 178 to 200 and 156 to 150 then get the answer, why would anyone think this is the best way to learn math, it is the best way to dumb down our kids. Do you have any doubts about why Asians do better in school?

Maybe you could post your experience as a teacher, since you seem to know all about their failings (and apparently nothing about their successes).

You’re grasping at straws (again) because you think schools should be preaching the gospel in class. Non-believers be damned.

Bill Marincic

I do when I want a couple of Genoa Salami sandwiches along with some olives in oil with hot pepper and a slice or two of imported provolone. Why buy more if it will be wasted?


Whoville, I guess he never thought about just ordering a couple of sandwiches,

Hey BM, Speaking of fractions, it seems you get quite confused when trying to determine what percentage of African American you are. Can you tell me what that percentage is, or do you have a very, very, very, very close bestest Chinese friend that can answer for you?

Bill Marincic

Put up that 20K and I will be happy to give you a copy of my genealogy report otherwise you are just show no go.


Sure how many private sector jobs have fat pensions for working a half a year. Look at the bang up job they’re doing . The eighth grade students cannot pass a standardized exam in math. They earned their money like the corrupt socialist donkey clowns running the White House

Did you hear? There was a global pandemic. Shut nearly everything down, worldwide including our schools. Lasted a year and a half!

But I’m sure you heard about it, just a lot more fun to attack teachers, amiright?

Bill Marincic

The average pay for a teacher here in this area is 60K after just over five years with every possible holiday off plus summer. I’ve had teachers come into my office that make over 100k per year. I don’t begrudge the teachers but I hate the unions that don’t defend the kids.

christophe Stalka

BILLY Bob and Brandie I know a lot of qualified teachers that salary sounds acceptable for a masters degree lots of openings if you two are qualified apply!


BM, in a post just below this one: “Varoma, actually I don’t and I can say that without spending 100k on a master’s degree that started my second year over 35 years ago I have made more than the best-paid public school teacher.”

He must have skipped his English classes.

christophe Stalka

BRANDIE sad to hear you’re so anti union why not educate us on the bad bad teachers absolute nonsense in your non reasoning get involved and change it brandie

Bill Marincic

The average pay for a teacher here in this area is 60K after just over five years with every possible holiday off plus summer. I’ve had teachers come into my office that make over 100k per year. I don’t begrudge the teachers but I hate the unions that don’t defend the kids.

Mr. Bill 🤡 I know a lot of teachers, And their starting salary is in the 30 to 38 thousand range. Not really that much considering the cost of getting a master degree. They also have to intern for 1 year with no pay. They often take night jobs during their internship. They have to take qualifying classes every few years to maintain their teaching license….They often take their work home with them just to keep up with the demands on them ….The ones that are making $100.000 got to that salary by teaching for over 20 years. ..I praise teachers every day as they have to deal with problems that are caused at home and are expected to wave a Magic wand to help these high profile kids

But what I am grateful the most is that you decided to work for a car dealership and not become a teacher. I often wonder do you tell people at your place of work how they should act and who they shout vote for and what religion to follow. Have you led an office rebellion to get people to recite the Lord’s Prayer before work in the morning because they “need it” ?

Mr. Bill I wish you the best on your move to Tennessee. New York will be a better place for it…..oh and by the way Happy Holidays 😁

Bill Marincic

Varoma, actually I don’t and I can say that without spending 100k on a master’s degree that started my second year over 35 years ago I have made more than the best-paid public school teacher. It’s all about hard work and honesty in this business, you should try it.


ChuckD, I think he is really saying its all about the money. I have to remind him, an eternity of agony after meeting his Creator awaits him. He is damned by his own words:

Jesus once said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matt. 19:24.)


Everyone knows what “letsgobrandon” means. It is typical of the far right to hide behind what they consider amusing euphemisms. As I always say, look the big words up BM ; it is obvious you didn’t pay much attention in school.

What does this convoluted series of words mean? Look up syntax and learn something:

” I don’t and I can say that without spending 100k on a master’s degree that started my second year over 35 years ago I have made more than the best-paid public school teacher. “


Let’s not forget the fact that 269 educators arrested for sexual assault on school aged children in a 9 month time frame. Maybe they feel it’s a fringe benefit. The indoctrination of of the children by their socialist ideology and drag queen dancing shows. But that’s what a masters degree will get you.

Anything to distract from all those Boy Scout leaders and priests, right? Thousands, last I checked.

– What’s your source for “269 educators”?
– Over what span of time?
– Provide specific examples of “indoctrination of of the children by their socialist ideology and drag queen dancing shows”


There are 3,197,000 teachers working in public schools. If 269 were arrested “for sexual assault on school age children” over a 9 month period, we get the % by dividing 269 by 3,197,000 which equals .00008%. WOW! That is a remarkably small percentage. Were they all convicted? If not how many had the charges dropped? How many were found innocent?

I’ve been aware of some bad teachers but never knew one who tried to indoctrinate their students. For the most part, bad teachers were those who thought belittling their students, accusing them of being on drugs or too interested in sex, or comparing them to other students were conservative Christian Republicans.


F—J–B—-, The most obvious and thorough indoctrination is by religious leaders who tell their flocks (aptly named) that they must unquestioningly accept everything the Bible, as they interpret it, “teaches” them. That is why Church doctrine is called dogma. Look up the word dogmatic and you might understand what I am posting.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Bob G I usually find when someone like Brandie makes ridiculous statements like teachers don’t deserve their salaries or pensions or teachers think molesting children is a fringe benefit of their job the person has to be at the least mentally challenged to be joking about such a horrible Topic it just serves to highlight a deep seated developmental problem and level of ignorance shared by only a special few but let’s go Brandie you keep sharing that special way of thinking!


Chris, I think he feels inferior to people with a masters degree. Look how hard he has worked and he still has to wait five years to leave for his beloved southern haven. He let’s all this sense of inferiority out in incoherent, ignorant, angry, libelous posts under cover of anonymity. Poor guy. He should have been a teacher. I guess he wasn’t smart enough.

With the education necessary to become a teacher (at least in a blue state) options for higher paying jobs abound. Good teachers are dedicated to providing knowledge and guidance to our youth. (what the country needs to compete on a global level.) Money, most certainly, isn’t the deciding factor for a good qualified teacher.

Too bad so many good teachers are being hamstrung by MAGA morons that that want to limit their instructional lessons on history and human diversity.

This is one of the most damaging things this mindless movement has wrought on this country (after f___ing with our system of democracy). And I say that hesitantly because they would wear this as a badge of honor.
This is a sick, sick movement made up of all the useless idiots we all remember from the back of the classroom, acting like primates. And here they are, all proud of their bad choices in life.

My father was a public school teacher for 27 years and we were nver more than middle class, even with my mother working parttime (who remembers Loblaw’s on State Street?). I knew a lot of teachers both in school and out, and can say without hesitation they were human, they were humanists, they were not in it for the money, they were not in it to “indoctrinate”, but for the love of teaching. And they had to deal with parents who repeatedly made bad decisions about life and parenting requiring those teachers to pick up the slack. And not much has changed.

You pinheads who think you can sit in the back of your classrooms and insult teachers are clearly the losers we who took our education more seriously had to tolerate, and still do.

And by the way, Marincic and F___ you Biden: I worked hard, doing more menial jobs than I can remember eventually working and paying my own way though college and earning professional certifications, saving and investing wisely, and I retired quite comfortably at 59. You on the other hand sit there in an office, at a car dealership, apparently still years away from retirement, and supporter of a grifter for President.

Well played, chumps. Well played.


Got it! Thanks for pointing that out ChuckD. Sorry Chris, I should have seen that, but the thought of being in agreement with GFB is unnerving, to put it mildly.

From the Deseret News (Utah), Liz Cheney polls better than the twice-impeached, now under many criminal investigations, losing, yet still de facto leader of the Republican Party, previous President.

A political canary in a political coal mine?


Deseret News/Hinckley Institute polling:

If the Republican presidential primary were held today, only 14.6% of Utahns would vote for the former president.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis topped the list at 24.2%, followed by Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who lost her reelection bid to a Trump-endorsed candidate, at 16.4%. Former Vice President Mike Pence and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz both had 6%, while former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley came in at 3.7%.

In the poll, 20.7% of respondents didn’t know who they would vote for and 8.5% would choose another candidate. Those results reflect all voters regardless of party affiliation.

Mr. Bill 🤡 you are the reason cars prices are so high people have to take a mortgage to one these days. You make way to much money for the job you do. I think they should cut all salaries at your dealership where you work so we can afford cars again at a reasonable price….I mean how much work can you be doing while you are on here most of the day. …Maybe you should take a humanities class or two to really educate yourself


Guy, good point. How much education is required to connect a buyer with a lender? I don’t think BM makes the kind of money he brags about, or he and GFB would already be down south.

His love of money and his equating of money with success are obvious. Maybe he should study his Bible more thoroughly. He might discover this passage:

1 Timothy 6:9-10 ESV:
“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.”

Beware BM. BEWARE. You might wind up in warmer climes than you ever desired! So warm they’ll be hot; they’ll melt your flesh; your cries for relief will fall deaf on the ears of the All Merciful, for He gave you your choice on Earth, and you made it! Mammon over Faith!


Bob, I’ve often thought his out-of-control posts on this site have to have cost his employer money. I agree with you; I wouldn’t buy a car from a dealership that employed a man like him.

Bob I agree I wouldn’t buy a car at that dealership ever, I wouldn’t my money going to a person like him. There are more deserving people out there that should get my business

Unbelievable! The town is doing a great job of stopping trucks from smacking into the infamous Glenville rail bridge.

Another hit today at prime traffic time, backing up traffic in all directions.

Why not a high truck warning laser sensor that sets off an alarm alerting drivers of the potential danger?

Another responsible gun owner.
via WPBF, Weat Palm Beach, FL…

Henry Wallace was shot and killed over the weekend after an elderly neighbor was enraged over Wallace leaving the door open to the shared laundry room. While standing at his mailbox, Hugh Hootman demanded Wallace apologize, said WPBF News.

According to what Hootman told the police, it was only when Wallace tried to push past Hootman that he said, “I lost my temper,” pulled out a gun, and shot him several times.

Hootman’s wife, Susan, was recorded in her 911 call, saying, “My husband just shot our neighbors and I think he killed them.”

“The neighbor downstairs just the other day shouted at me and swore at me regarding the washer and dryer,” Hootman explained.

When Wallace’s wife, Ginger, ran outside she began yelling. Hootman responded by shooting her twice, killing her as well. Mrs. Wallace was the HOA president of the condo building and had just decorated for Christmas, excited over spending time with her family.

After being arrested, detectives said Hootman was overwhelming in his apology, saying he wished he could “take it back.”

Hootman has a concealed carry permit and keeps his gun in his pocket for protection, deputies relayed. Or evidently to settle conflicts with neighbors.

Bill Wemple

This is why there is a separate ‘Florida’ tag on You could not pay me enough to live there. States and other municipalities require their Law Enforcement to undergo weeks of training and re-certification, shoot\don’t shoot training, etc., but pistol permit applicants or current holders get all bent out of shape when required\asked to get a few hours of classes before being allowed to own\carry a handgun in society. This ‘Florida-man’ is a prime example why these measures are needed nation-wide.

Bill Marincic

Actually, Varoma, you’re hero Joe dementia. Biden is the reason car prices are so high. And it’s your fault for supporting him. You can’t get chips because we are dependent upon Chinese and Taiwanese companies getting them to us, Biden destroyed the supply chain, he made diesel, so expensive people can’t afford to use their trucks to deliver goods and services, and you wanna blame people that work in a car dealership, that’s like blaming a rape victim for what she’s wearing.

Bill Marincic

I will begin to disparage the companies you work for, like the rest of fault I wouldn’t buy any of his cheap furniture if you paid me. And the rest of you phonies get ready.

Bill Marincic

I will begin to disparage the companies you work for, like the restifo I wouldn’t buy any of his cheap furniture if you paid me. And the rest of you phonies get ready.

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