Outdoor Journal: Deer harvest results slow a bit


OUTDOOR JOURNAL – After getting quite a few successful deer reports recently, the deer harvest results have slowed down this week. Maybe, too much turkey was eaten over the Thanksgiving weekend and it was difficult for some people to get up and out.

Are there any successful female hunters out there? I have not had any reports.

Jordan Noyes of Esperance, on Nov. 16, downed a nice 9-pointer with his bow in WMU 4J..

Following the family tradition, 13-year-old Logan Noyes of Esperance was hunting with his grandfather, Mark Kazmierczak of Colonie, in WMU 4A. Logan harvested an antlerless deer with his .270 rifle. Not sure who was more pleased, the grandson or the grandfather.

Saturday’s weather was projected to be very rainy in the morning and into the afternoon.  It appears there weren’t many hunters afield as no shots were heard in the Hilltowns of Albany County.

Hunting accidents have been steadily decreasing the past few years. I believe New York state’s mandating the wearing of hunter fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink has been a major factor in the dramatic drop in shooting accidents.

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Science has taught us that deer do not see bright orange as humans do. Bright orange is a much-muted color to deer. But deer and other game can easily see optical brighteners that are used in detergents to make whites white and colors brighter. We don’t see them because we have a UV filter in the lens of our eyes to protect it from sun damage. The deer and other animals see a blue glow brighter than humans see fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink.  Using an ultraviolet removing product will make the hunter much less visible to deer. At dawn, dusk and in the shadows, you will be a pattern of grays instead of a neon sign.

This is just another strategy for you to employ to increase your chances of being a successful hunter.


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