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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 10


Seeking update on status of projects

After reading Mr. Remsnyder’s article (“SFD seeks to address staff shortage”) in the Dec. 5 Gazette, I am curious as to why the taxpayers have to foot $522,582 in funding when the city was awarded $10 million from the state back in May of 2021 through the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.
I am further puzzled as to why this project wasn’t on the list of the 13 projects approved for funding. I would think that one of the goals of any community development agency would be to obtain state funding in lieu of taxpayer contributions. I’m curious as to the status of the 13 previously approved projects as it has been well over a year since the money was granted.
Perhaps someone could shed a little light on this.
Casper Wells


Are good guys with guns really safer?

In his Nov. 29 letter (“Complacency over guns is harmful,”) Art Henningson challenged guest essayist Nick Buttrick’s contention that America’s affinity for gun ownership is based primarily on a perceived need for self-protection, a perception that grew out of the South’s fear after the Civil War that White society was endangered by the newly freed slaves.
Henningson argues that the notion of gun ownership for self-protection existed long before then; from the earliest days of Jamestown, in fact, when the colonists faced an ever-present threat from hostile native tribes, a threat that continued as White settlers encroached upon western lands.
“Today,” he says, “the civilized frontier has moved downtown, with raids into the suburbs.
“The lesson of history is complacency can be fatal.”
Apparently, Mr. Henningson agrees with the NRA’s oft-repeated slogan, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”
Really – in what universe?
Ask the parents of the student victims shot in Parkland, Florida or Uvalde, Texas, where a veritable army of good guys with guns was on scene within minutes, if that slogan is true.
Or ask the girlfriend of a Vermont deputy sheriff about whether his handgun protected him – or her – in a gunfight that took place on Broadway in Saratoga Springs on Nov. 20.
My question for the majority of gun owners who cite protection as their primary reason for owning a gun is this:
What armed criminal is going to let you get the drop on him?
Fred Como
Burnt Hills



New Schenectady motto needs a spark

In my opinion, “New Schenectady” most certainly doesn’t cut it as a “new” nickname for Schenectady. With all due respect, Neil Golub should give it a rest.
I say leave well enough alone, but if a majority of city leaders wanted a new catchphrase, “The Electrified City” may be a viable choice.
Electrified; “Having a sudden sense of great excitement.”
Additionally there is relevance to Schenectady’s past.
Louis Restifo Sr.
Burnt Hills

Cancer program can help save many lives

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in New York state.
In 2019, there were over 118,000 new cases of cancer and nearly 34,000 New Yorkers died of the disease. The state Department of Health works to reduce the burden of cancer across the state through programs such as the Cancer Services Program (CSP).
The CSP offers free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening to New Yorkers who have low incomes, are uninsured or are underinsured.
Cancer screening can save lives. It can find cancer early when treatment works best, and screening for cervical and colorectal cancer can also stop cancer from starting.
In the last year, the CSP served over 23,000 people across the State, providing screening and follow-up tests, referral to treatment, and client support through case management services.
At current funding levels, the statewide program reaches 18% of the estimated 140,000 eligible population of uninsured people across the state.
Local CSP programs work to reach those with the highest burden of cancer and improve health equity. Black and Hispanic populations, people living in rural settings, and those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community carry more of the cancer burden. Additional resources could increase New York State Cancer Services Programs’ ability to reach New Yorkers with greater cancer burden.
Your local program, the CSP of Fulton, Montgomery and Schenectady Counties, needs your help. Please spread the word about these life-saving services. Encourage people who do not have health insurance to call 518-770-6816, to qualify for free cancer screening.
Suzanne Hagadorn
The writer is a program manager at Cancer Services Program of Fulton, Montgomery & Schenectady Counties.

Editorial missed key element of Spa action

The criminal justice system requires attention to detail by all concerned. Details make the difference between suspicion and guilt, hearsay and evidence, justice and chaos.
Unfortunately, the Gazette’s December 8 commentary about the Saratoga Springs bar closing issue contained a significant misstatement of the actions by the City Council to address bar closing times.
The article conflated two proposals, one of which was voted down, the other having been approved the previous week.
The measure that was voted down 3-2 would have amended the City Code to allow for any bar’s city-issued cabaret license to be revoked if a patron left the bar after 2 a.m. and then committed an offense under the Penal Law.
Same if anyone was injured in the bar with a weapon, or other circumstances.
Bars would still be able to stay open until 4 a.m., under Commissioner Jim Montagnino’s proposal. But if they did so, they would have added responsibility and accountability.
Imposing a blanket earlier closing time is something that can be done only by Saratoga County, which so far has refused. On Nov. 28, the City Council asked the County, yet again, to reconsider its position.
Anticipating the county’s rejection of that request, Commissioner Montagnino and Mayor Ron Kim advanced the license revocation solution, which is within the city’s control. No need to ask permission of the county or the state.
It merits the support of all elected officials in Saratoga Springs.
Gordon Boyd
Saratoga Springs

Biden’s poor record doesn’t merit support

Bill Denison was right on with his letter (“Liberal Gazette needs to stop gaslighting”) in the Dec. 3 paper on gaslighting. The “coastal elites” have the media in their pocket and are unaffected by any of the rising prices.  Gaslighting is working. There is no question today that our president is not at his best cognitively. The real problem however is not the president, but all those who voted him in and worse yet, those who think he’s been doing a good job.
Take the following:
– Nearly 3,000,000 illegal immigrants invaded this country in the past two years through an open southern border and paying many $1,700/week.
– Inflation at record high.
– Debacle in Afghanistan exit.
– Stock market taking a huge hit. This is your 401k savings.
– Shut down of our energy sector and increased gas prices.
– Draining of the strategic petroleum reserve.
– Painting the illusion that EV cars are the future and wrecking our economy trying to get there.
– Job vacancies and people not willing to work.
– Promise of free tuition paid for by the middle class. (Students got fooled here.)
– FBI invasion of people with different political views.
Does this sound like a country that is doing well? Wake up folks!
It is time for us to reevaluate and change direction. Perhaps you can listen to Paul Harvey’s 1965 talk, “If I were the devil” and see if he didn’t get it right.
Gerard Havasy
Clifton Park

Political cartoon on guns crossed the line

Your newspaper and editorial board may have hit a new low in sensitivity and callousness with the political cartoon on your Dec. 5 editorial page.
The cartoon in question shows the kid from the “Christmas Story” movie sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for a real gun instead of the BB gun in the movie. His reasons were because of the “woke” Democrats.
Considering the extreme amount of violence in our country every day, this was inappropriate. Even worse, you completely disregarded the feelings of local families who just last week had their loved ones murdered by a youth who took it upon himself to kill his mother and her boyfriend with a rifle.
Did anyone on your editorial staff even stop to think how completely wrong it was to run this cartoon so soon after this tragedy? Was there no other political cartoon available for you to run that may have actually been funny instead of hurtful?
I believe that your editor owes the families and other readers a sincere apology for your complete lack of judgment and feeling. Right now I am very ashamed of your newspaper and reconsidering renewing my subscription of over 40 years.
It’s Christmas time. Try acting in the spirit of the season instead of trying to score political points.
John Angilletta


Fountain for dogs a poor use of taxes

Residents of the city of Saratoga Springs have the next few days to vote online at (or with paper ballots at City Hall) for how our city will spend $100,000 of our city budget.
As part of the new Saratoga Springs Participatory Budget Process, residents can vote for several projects eligible for a share of $100,000.
One of the proposed city projects is a $19,000 water fountain for the dog park in Saratoga State Park.
This project should not be funded for these reasons:
1. City money should not be spent to fund state projects unless the city is willing to help maintain/manage the project for the long term.
2. The $19,000 project does not include payment for the water that will be consumed or mention who will pay for it.
3. $19,000 does not include who will fund the maintenance and management of the water fountain.
4. When using the state park, people are expected to supply their own water or visit one of the many springs. Dog owners should also be expected to supply water for their dogs.
Lastly, the most important reason to not consider this project is to allow for other projects that address a majority of our constituents need to be fully funded.
These include projects to promote self-sustaining food security, arts programs for underserved and marginalized youth, projects that sustain our environment, and projects that promote public recreational for all.
City residents please consider carefully how you want to spend our money.
Paula Hunt
Saratoga Springs



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Gerard Havasy, no point in making any attempt to counter, explain or debunk anything you stated in your letter because it’s been done over and over again, but people like you are clueless to reality, don’t care about truth and act and speak like Fox watching MAGA programmed robots all saying the exact same irrational things.

The one statement I will comment on is ; “The real problem however is not the president, but all those who voted him.” – So obviously your preference would have been a White supremest, racist, wannabe dictator, lying,
womanizing criminal that has no respect for America or the constitution. Pathetic!!

christophe Stalka

Mr. Havasy great effort at a nonfactual dump in your mess of a commentary you forgot to blame Biden for the summer hurricane season our resident queens of drama and foreboding might be challenged by you for their crowns today but BM and the Brandies don’t go down easily .im sorry for you that damsel Donnie failed in his coup attempt and the red wave never appeared I’m sorry inflation is receding a nd gas prices are falling most relatively intelligent citizens can address your messof lies and misinformation ine by line to me there is no point America is on the right track again. I have a feeling you might find more like minded Brandies in Germany today. Rage on. Have a blessed delusional day.


Lou and Chris, thanks for addressing Havasy’s tired old litany of MAGA-Trump nonsense. The right simply will not deal with the truth about the accomplishments of the Biden administration and the debacle of the Trump administration. But, America is waking up and they can’t stop us from telling the truth.

I posted this later in the day (12/9) and want more people to think about working for passage of The FRESH START through bankruptcy Act. Keep in mind that many student loans were granted at usurious interest rates:

December 9th, 2022
The Beat, Ari Melber’s show on MSNBC (6 pm-7 pm) is always informative, always conveys important information. Tonight I learned something that startled me. Student loans, unlike all other loans, can not be discharged through bankruptcy. Many incredibly wealthy individual with access to bankruptcy courts, including Trump, have discharged loans through claiming bankruptcy. This option is not available to those burdened by student loans, no matter how desperate their financial situation is. They are burdened for life, resulting in understandable feelings of hopelessness. It was signed into law by President Clinton in 1998, so I am not expressing a partisan position when I say, “This stinks!”

I want to remind everyone that Payroll Protection loans granted by the federal government during the pandemic were forgiven and that recipients of this largesse included such honorable people as Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Senator Durbin is introducing a bill to permit discharge of student loans through bankruptcy claims, to be settled in court. Please support this bill. It is bipartisan:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today spoke on the Senate floor about the introduction of the FRESH START Through Bankruptcy Act of 2021, a bipartisan bill he introduced with U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) that would restore the ability for struggling borrowers to seek a bankruptcy discharge for federal student loans after a waiting period of ten years. Currently 45 million Americans hold more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt. Unlike most other types of debt, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy except in extremely rare circumstances.

Gerard Havasy, there are so many flat out lies in your letter. I have answered each point before and I know it will be useless to answer them. Your letter reeks of Trump and the republican party’s propaganda. Try researching your claims before writing a letter.

Biden saved the USA from Trump’s tyranny. A second term for Trump would have brought more Havoc chaos like we never seen before in our history. That god for the 81,283,098 people who voted for him


The Independent reports: 12/10

“Former National Security Adviser John Bolton has revealed that Donald Trump turned down the chance to secure Paul Whelan’s release two years ago – despite the former president claiming to be outraged over the Biden administration’s deal which freed Brittney Griner but left the US marine in Russian custody.”


Unlike Hershel Walker who graciously accepted his defeat and called on all to uphold the Constitution following Trump’s suggestion that he be restored to the presidency by suspending the Constitution, the defeated MAGA candidate for Governor of Arizona, Kerri Lake, has decided to emulated her sore loser, cry-baby, hero Donald Trump:

NBC News reports: (12/10)

“Kari Lake, the GOP candidate who lost Arizona’s governor race in November, filed a lawsuit Friday challenging certification of the state’s election results and seeking a court order that declares her the winner.”

These pathetic losers would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that tens of millions of Americans, ill-informed, white supremacists, Christian Nationalists, and Qanon lunatics continue to be cultishly loyal to Trump and his MAGA movement.

Mr. Santo: Karrie Lake is emulating dear leader Drumft for the same reason he started the “stop the steal” grift. She wants to get PAID $$$$. Pure and simple. She’s not stupid she’s just greedy and amoral.

Steven Flynn

This is your phony, tolerant left Cynthia Swanson. The above comments are a prime example of what these gentleman do on a daily basis yet they’ll claim to be totally innocent of the rhetoric. Mr. Havasy writes a Letter to the Editor and the liberals have a total meltdown. Louis Restifo writes “Gerard Havasy, no point in making any attempt to counter, explain or debunk anything you stated in your letter because it’s been done over and over again, but people like you are clueless to reality, don’t care about truth and act and speak like Fox watching MAGA programmed robots all saying the exact same irrational things.” Christophe Stalka writes “Mr. Havasy great effort at a nonfactual dump in your mess of a commentary you forgot to blame Biden for the summer hurricane season our resident queens of drama and foreboding might be challenged by you for their crowns today but BM and the Brandies don’t go down easily .” Guy Varoma writes “Gerard Havasy, there are so many flat out lies in your letter. I have answered each point before and I know it will be useless to answer them. Your letter reeks of Trump and the republican party’s propaganda. Try researching your claims before writing a letter.” Anthony Santo writes “Lou and Chris, thanks for addressing Havasy’s tired old litany of MAGA-Trump nonsense. The right simply will not deal with the truth about the accomplishments of the Biden administration and the debacle of the Trump administration. But, America is waking up and they can’t stop us from telling the truth.”

Is this the anger and hatred that you mentioned in your letter yesterday? In the eyes of the extreme liberal athiests, Mr. Havasy is a Trump supporter and therefore he deserves the abuse. Bravo Mr. Havasy. On another note, Electrified is a stupid name for New Schenectady, with all due respect.

christophe Stalka

Stevie you have secured your crown for the day. Sorry dude whining does not make that pile of BM true and I’ll call crap crap wherever I see it


SUUUEEEEYYY DONKEY DONKEY DONKEY already feeding at the trough of Socialist propaganda. Gerard of Clifton Park points out facts of the debacle called Uncle QUID PRO Joe Biden’s adminstration. The American people see and those that do not are starting to realize it is not a conspiracy theory anymore. The MSM has no choice but to continue with the socialist propaganda they dump into the Donkey trough. lap it and spew it out like a good donkey.
The WEF and CB pushing the cryptocurrency program and using companies like PayPal to shut down opposition to the administration. Mike Lindell was shut down on PayPal because they felt he was a threat to the administration and did not reflect PayPal’S views. Yet the child pedophile company Belenciaga who show’s minor children in bondage is okay. So I guy who sells pillows and sheets is a threat and does not represent PayPal’s values but Belenciaga that’s okay. The CB and WEF is pushing this along with the ESG scoring to control the citizens on how they can borrow money and spend it. Again was touted by the DONKEY CLOWN socialist as propanganda is now a reality.
The election irregularities in Arizona were cause for her to question the results. She has the right to ask for an investigation. The fact that the sitting political figures controlled the election process. The facts that machines shut down, they ran out of ballots, printers not working.

Arizona Times:
Brnovich demands answers from Maricopa County about what he suspects are election law violations
By: Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services November 21, 2022

Maricopa County, La Paz County, Yuma County, Trump, Biden, election fraud, election deniers, ballot monitors, judge, logic and accuracy, election, ballots, voters, Cochise County
A voter casts their ballot at a secure ballot drop box at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center in Phoenix on Nov. 1. Attorney General Mark Brnovich is demanding answers from Maricopa County about what he said appear to be violations of state election law. (AP Photo/Matt York)
Attorney General Mark Brnovich is demanding answers from Maricopa County about what he said appear to be violations of state election law.
In a letter Saturday, his office says it has received “hundreds of complaints” about how the county administered the general election.
“These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law,” wrote Jennifer Wright. She heads the agency’s Elections Integrity Unit.
“Furthermore, statements made by both Chairman (Bill) Gates and Recorder (Stephen) Richer, along with information Maricopa County released through official modes of communication appear to confirm potential statutory violations of Title 16,” she said, referring to the state Elections Code.

Wright also hinted that the investigation could hold up finalizing the election returns.
“These issues relate to Maricopa County’s ability to lawfully certify election results,” she said. So, she wants answers to her questions on or before Nov. 28, the date the county is scheduled to submit its official canvass of the votes to the Secretary of State’s Office.
The letter comes as Republican gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake, whose results already show she lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs, continued to insist that GOP voters were disenfranchised and that the election results cannot be certified. Lake also said she is consulting with lawyers about her options.
At the same time, the race for attorney general remains far too close to call, with Democrat Kris Mayes leading Republican Abe Hamadeh on Sunday by 850 votes out of more than 2.5 million ballots already counted. There were fewer than 3,400 votes yet to be tallied, all of them from Maricopa County.
But Wright gave no indication that anything her office ultimately finds or any conclusions reached will alter the outcome of the races.
Fields Moseley, spokesman for the supervisors, said there will be no response until the board gets to review the request. There was no immediate response from the press aide for Richer.
Most of the issues Wright wants addressed relate to Election Day problems at 60 of the county’s voting centers.
That use of voting centers means any resident can go to any location. That also means that individual ballots, tailored to each voter, have to be printed on site.
Only thing is, printers at more than 60 of the vote centers were turning out some ballots that the on-site tabulators could not read.
That problem was discovered within an hour of the 6 a.m. opening. But it took until the afternoon to discover that the issue was related to the fuser on the printers, which heats up to bond toner to the paper, not being set high enough, a problem that did not exist at early voting centers.
Brnovich, elections, Maricopa County, election deniers, general election, voting centers, Lake, Trump, Biden, 60 Minutes, New York Times
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich speaks during his June 2 visit to the Yuma Sun in Yuma, Ariz. In a letter Saturday to Maricopa County officials, Brnovich said his office has received “hundreds of complaints” about how the county administered the general election.
The result was people being told they had two options: Go to another voting location or put the ballot into “Door 3” of the tabulator to be taken to the central elections office and counted at the end of the day.
That, in turn, caused long lines as people insisted on making multiple attempts to get the tabulator to read their ballots. Many also obeyed an advisory from Kelli Ward, who chairs the Arizona Republican Party, not to put their ballots into Door 3.
Wright, in her letter, said both options created problems.
She said that Gates told people who already had checked in at a polling location using the e-Pollbook but were having trouble casting their ballots that they could “check out” and then cast a ballot at another voting location. Wright said sworn complaints submitted to her agency showed that was not happening.
“Not only have poll workers reported that they were not trained and/or not provided with information on how to execute ‘check out’ procedures, but many voters have reported the second voting location required the voter to cast a provisional ballot as the e-Pollbooks maintained the voters had cast a ballot in the original voting location,” she said. And Wright pointed out that Arizona law specifically prohibits those provisional ballots from being counted if the record shows multiple sign-ins.
That raises the question of how many of those ballots were not counted. Wright wants a detailed report of all voters who were affected.
The issues with Door 3 are different. She said there is evidence that the county did not follow legal guidelines in separating, counting, tallying and transporting those ballots.
“In fact, Maricopa County has admitted that, in some voting locations, Door 3 non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots at the voting location,” she said. “Further, we have received a sworn complaint from an election observer indicating that more than 1,700 Door 3 non-tabulated ballots from one voting location were placed in black duffle bags that were intended to be used for tabulated ballots.”
County officials acknowledged the problem at a press briefing. But they said the issue was resolved by backing out all votes already tabulated at that vote center and then recounting all ballots, ensuring all were counted, regardless of whether they were fed through the tabulator or put in Door 3.
But Wright wants details, including how many ballots were commingled, how many were put in the black duffle bags, how and when the county became aware of the problems and how they ultimately were resolved.

Finally CINDY SWANSONG apparently is offended by let’s go Brandon. It is you the democratic socialist that put meaning into the words. Please remember Sticks and stones… but words will never hurt you unless you let them. How about a juice box and some legos to help you calm down.

Nice. Three week old news. How about an update?
(Other than the Republicans claim victory, based on nothing but their hurt feelings)

Steve Flynn 🤡 I’m sorry you took offense to my comment and hurt your feelings …But it was factual. I do imagine you with a Harpo Marx klaxon horn squeezing away to try to get heard though. How can anyone respect what you and other say when they come from the conspiracy end of the Trump party. They are so anxious to embrace this bunk they don’t reserve any respect ..Stay calm though it’s gonna get worse over the next 2 years

Mr. Brandon 🤡 why waste your tine with all the nonsensical dribble you posted. One simple line will serve you best.

Just say: “I love Trump and no matter what he says and does I will vote for him always”

Have a nice day though

Bill Marincic

Fred Como you mention Uvalde where police were there but did not go in, thanks for making my point. Had a good guy with a gun (teacher) the bad guy would be dead not the kids.

So…the cops, 70+ of them aren’t the good guys with guns? think elementary teachers need weapons training? Did you even attend elementary school? Which of those teachers do you think we should entrust to take out a maniac with an assault weapon?
Or maybe we need to have military personnel teach elementary school?
You live in a fantasy world.

christophe Stalka

Louis lgb -aka dB, BM and little Stevie are fascinating in their embrace of Enquirer type knowledge they must rage on Best to let them … everything that happens is pre planned to keep them down and promote the Biden agenda… it’s fascinating their failures and life shortcomings will always be Hillary and hunters fault…..bray on db bray on

Bill Marincic

I see the shallow end of the gene pool is on the attack en mass again today. Thank you for showing Cynthia how we are so angry.

Steven Flynn

Eletrified – what a lame, stupid name to call the New Schenectady. He wrote that like he just discovered a cure for cancer.

Bill Marincic

It’s electric!
You can’t see it (it’s electric!)
You gotta feel it (it’s electric!)
Ooh, it’s shakin’ (it’s electric!)
She’s a pumpin’ like a matic
She’s a movin’ like electric
She sure got the boogie

You gotta know it
(It’s electric
Boogie woogie, woogie!)
Now you can’t hold it
(It’s electric
Boogie woogie, woogie!)
But you know it there,
Here, there and everywhere


I am always amazed at how thin-skinned members of the Trump inspired MAGA movement are. When someone disagrees with their interpretation of the data or dares points out obvious disinformation and misinformation they almost always respond with a sense of self-righteous victimization. Steve Flynn writers: “Is this the anger and hatred that you mentioned in your letter yesterday? In the eyes of the extreme liberal athiests, Mr. Havasy is a Trump supporter and therefore he deserves the abuse.”

The truth: -The southern border is not open and we have had approximately one million Americans arriving annually since l965. -Immigrants are not being paid $1700 a week. California has introduced a benefits packages for impoverished immigrants whose work is vital to the food supply. NYS also has a benefits package but no where near $1700 weekly. -It is the Democrats who want a comprehensive immigration reform Bill that would enhance border security and regulate immigration in a way beneficial to our country and immigrants.

Havasy writes: – “Promise of free tuition paid for by the middle class. (Students got fooled here.)
– FBI invasion of people with different political views.” Though Biden tried to get around Republican opposition by granting some debt relief to unfairly burdened students by executive order, no one promised tuition would be paid by the middle class and students weren’t fooled. The FBI did not invade Mar a Lago but conducted a lawful search for highly sensitive documents illegally in Trump’s possession and not securely stored. BULLETIN: they found hundreds such documents and are trying to figure out how Trump planned to use them.

More nonsense from Mr. Havasy

– Debacle in Afghanistan exit.
– Stock market taking a huge hit. This is your 401k savings.
– Shut down of our energy sector and increased gas prices.
– Draining of the strategic petroleum reserve.
– Painting the illusion that EV cars are the future and wrecking our economy trying to get there.

-Compare our withdrawal from Afghanistan with our withdrawal from Vietnam. It is never easy to withdraw from a war that a country finds it can not win. More soldiers die during a retreat than an attack. Think about it. Would you still like us to be committing troops and money to support them for a no-win war in Afghanistan? Trump never got us out.

-The stock market always has ups and downs. The markets have steadied recently as supply lines are opening up; as with inflation, the United States is doing comparatively well. People are employed and spending. It is those hard working Americans at or near minimum wage who are suffering.

-To accuse Biden of shutting down the energy sector is absurd. Gas prices are a result of global market supply and demand and are currently moderating.

-To imply that Biden emptied our strategic petroleum reserves by using the word drained is specious. He released some to lower gas prices and give Americans some immediate relief. We have a great deal yet in reserve.

-There is a finite supply of fossil fuels and movement toward non-polluting renewable energy is essential for a prosperous and comfortable future. This is not “wrecking the economy” but moving it in a direction that will create jobs and save our lives by reigning in climate change.

Also Mr. Flynn I see more hatred and invective coming from the MAGA side than those opposed to Trump and his movement.

I am openly and proudly a free-thinker, affiliated with no religion. In fact, I think it is immoral to claim truths in no way supported by evidence or logic. Why does that seem to bother you so much? In almost every post you lash out at atheists. Let’s break that word down. The prefix “a” means without. Theism refers to a belief in gods or a god. So an atheist is someone without religious beliefs; that is about 29% of the American population. And when you call us communists you sound like the crazed Senator McCarthy who saw communists everyone. Before you bandy a term about it is best to know what it means. Study communism and you will find that none of us posting on this site are communists.

Anthony best to draw your supporting documents from the Enquirer if you want lgb
(aka db) BM and little Stevie to understand it – Rage on team db bray on as one life has wronged you once again!


It’s time for the DONKEY CLOWNS to EEEEE-HAWWW and just dismiss what the American people are seeing. The lead DONKEY ClOWN directs the herd off of propaganda EEE-HAWW for the day. Then they attack and say false , not true , so well then I guess that’s it. We must take the EEE-HAW as gospel socialist propaganda.
ESG and C/B & WEF conspiracy, Potential election irregularities election deniers. Well let’s all be good little donkey clowns and accept the elite D.S. agenda to make United States part of the one world Government. Sadly these elderly clowns that accept this propaganda will fill their own graves by following this type of socialist back government called the Biden administration.
Funny I look at polls conduct by CBS 6 asking about topics discussed here. Most agree with the conspiracy theories being brought up on this page. But then again they do not have a blog page for the Three Stooges / Donkey clowns to try and dominate.
political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and the natural resources of a society. Communism is thus a form of socialism—a higher and more advanced form, according to its advocates. Exactly how communism differs from socialism has long been a matter of debate, but the distinction rests largely on the communists’ adherence to the revolutionary socialism of Karl Marx.
So there you have it. From Britannica, connect the dots with Biden administration and the C/B along with the WEF.
Revolutionary Socialism of Karl Marx. Look at the what the ANTIFA and BLM leaders follow and push. EEEE-HAWWW all a conspiracy right.
Please see the website Socialist Alternatives ,BLM and Marxism. Their words not mine..
Their coming to take you away ahah…EEE HAW

Mr. Flynn, serious question. When you read Letsgobrandon’s 🤡 comments what do you think? Do believe in all he says? I’m just curious ….You comment about our comments on his posts ….but do you believe what he says?

Steven Flynn

AM I suppose to be his babysitter or something? He’s a grown man, he can write for himself. He hasnt called me a fool so he’s good in my book. Its only words Guy, they dont bite big boy.

Well you seem to think you’re our babysitter, so why not? Guy’s just asking for your opinion, as you’ve benevolently shared on the liberals here.

Mr. Havasy asks the musical question: “Does this sound like a country that is doing well?”

Well Mr. Havasy, since your bullet list of Hannity/Carlsen whining points has been recited ad nauseum by you petty people, and they are without exception lies or distortions that have been proven false by, if not the courts, by reality and history itself, I would agree.
A large fraction of the American people are not doing well, and obviously very hurt that the rest of the country doesn’t agree with them and they can’t win elections to get their way. You wear that pain on your sleeve, Mr. Havasy, just as all your cohorts here and across the internets do.

Ever wonder if you’re doing something wrong? I doubt it.
And by the way, little minions: I actually agree with the problem of “coastal elites” having the media in their pocket. They, especially the Democratic ones, have truly forgotten/excluded a large part of the country. The Democratic Party really needs a dozen or so more of the Jon Testers and Bernie Sanders and Deb Haalands.


CD, BG, GV, like your fearless Donkey clown states dispute what I say with facts. Can’t do it so you call names. BTW how do you know I am a guy or a girl or which gender I choose to be today? It’s the way of the socialist no gender identity. They, them, tee, rock, donkey clown. It is my decision who I am.

lgb, BM, and Flynn, thank you, just keep talking so as to continue to expose the trumpian cloth you are cut from. It’s embroidered with every sort of behavior that a parent would reprimand an immature child from partaking in.

And when speaking of electrified, there is an obvious disconnect in the electrical circuitry in your brains (and I use the word loosely) that connects reality, compassion, reason, truth and fairness to your entire beings.

You and your kind are ruining our world, and if it wasn’t for that fact, I and many others on this forum would completely ignore you, and not recognize your pathetic existences.

The best contribution to the world you will make is the eventual possible of becoming fertilizer.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 you answered my question without even answering it. What you basically said never abandon a partner no matter what.

Mr. Bill 🤡 I truly hope one day you get your dream of moving to Tennessee. Maybe it will ease the pain you hold inside and try to become a better man.


Mr. Flynn, calling what I wrote “liberal gibberish” and providing no evidence or argumentation backing that up, merely proves you can not refute anything in my post.

Marxism is communism. Karl Marx is the author of “Das Kapital” and the “Communist Manifesto.” These books are an economic interpretation of history focusing on exploitation of one class by another and view that exploitation as the determinant propelling man’s history toward a perfect society, a “classless utopia.” Every epoch has been characterized by exploitation, e.g. feudal lords and their serfs, master craftsmen and their apprentices, landowners and indentured servants, owner and chattel slaves. Marx predicted that the worse type of oppression would occur in a capitalist industrialized nation when the proletariat (workers with no property) would, as a result of their miserable lives, rise up against their capitalist oppressors and defeat them by force of numbers. With “soviets” or workers’ councils in control of the economy and government this “dictatorship of the proletariat” would work toward an economy in which “each would work according to his ability and receive according to his needs,” the “classless utopia.”

All of this was supposed to be “inevitable”. Communism is a secular religion with dogma, prophets, and a “heaven on Earth.” Marx has been proven wrong by history. The communist revolution was supposed to have occurred first in highly industrialized nations like Germany or the United States. Instead, it occurred in backward agrarian Russia. Power was supposed to rest in worker soviets but instead remained in the hands of the party hierarchy that led the revolution and was used to their benefit and not ordinary workers. Communism defies human nature. People expect to be rewarded in some proportion to their skills and contributions. Most see the communist utopia as a dull and monotonous personality destroying system that would not be a “worker’s paradise.” That is why elements of capitalism, free enterprise, have been added to communist regimes, notably the current Chinese model.

Most progressives simply favor more government intervention to help those in need of it. Many moderate and centrists favor such programs once they are in effect. Social Security, minimum wage, the ACA (Obamacare), and Medicare are good examples. Being in favor a state supported tuition free college system as an alternative to private higher education is not communism. It is an effort to develop our human resources to their fullest potential.

I hope this helps.


Words to ponder:

“If I let myself believe anything on insufficient evidence, there may be no harm done by the mere belief; I may never have occasion to exhibit it in outward acts. But I cannot help doing this great wrong towards Man, that I make myself credulous.” William Kingdon Clifford (1845 – 1879), mathematician and philosopher


Yeah Chinese model that’s something we should emulate. Look at China and the protest about the quarantine in place. They’re tired of the oppressive government n dictating their lives. What do they do to protesters? Kill them, reeducate them, send them to work camps? Yeah that’s what Americans want? The programs you have mentioned SS abject failure because the government hands SS funds to people who haven’t contributed and keep raising the age of retirement so they do not run out of money. Minimum wage is killing small businesses and the big corporation in bed with our government benefit. Auto industry , big grocery chains Walmart( reminds me need to go and get some beer, bible and ammunition). Obamacare failure open market would have fixed the healthcare problems.

Bill Marincic

It’s always the same old argument Brandon, “if communism was done in a country like the USA or Germany the result would be different.” Yeah right!!!


The fact that the communist revolution did not occur first in an industrialized nation is a criticism of Marxism. It is not an expression of regret that it didn’t occur in our country or an assertion it would have worked out better had it occurred in an industrial nation. Another criticism of Marxism is that it resulted in a dictatorship controlled by and run in the interests of the Communist Party. The way to achieve the best balance between government intervention in the economy and unrestrained capitalism is through a democratic government and an educated, informed, thoughtful population, a population with open minds willing to recognize errors and correct them; a population that doesn’t distort what the opposition believes in a vain attempt to ridicule them.

christophe Stalka

The donkey boys don’t understand the true path of the white supremacist not hard to understand the lack of knowledge the braying gets in the way rage on donkey boy rage on

Bill Marincic

BTW, most working Americans prefer LESS government intervention in everything. As Reagan said, the nine scariest words in the English language are; “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”.


No one on this forum has ever said we should emulate Chinese communism. To imply that is to distort the views of those you disagree with. It is apparent you are unable to dispute the opposition’s actual principles and positions on the issues that confront our nation and world.


I’ll clarify my positions whenever I need to. Please do not reference me personally. Trust me, I want nothing to do with you but when my views are distorted I will respond. I won’t let anyone get away with putting words in my mouth. I will fight against the MAGA inspired lies that threaten our country.

Attention minions…
Like Oscar the Grouch in his garbage can, the leader of the Republican Party this morning issued the following from his own garbage can:


Donald J. Trump

Dec 09, 2022, 6:52 AM


Donald J. Trump

ELON: The Twitter releases are a revelation in that they show, in a very powerful fashion, the FBI and “Justice” illegally colluding, proving conclusively, in one more very powerful way, that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged & Stolen. What everyone is REALLY waiting to see, however, is the Twitter information and thought process leading up to the time of the so-called “Election,” and ultimately the “Deplatforming” of the President of the United States. Big moment in history. Thank you!
Dec 09, 2022, 7:13 AM


Donald J. Trump

Under the Presidential Records Act and the very well established Clinton Socks Case, the raid of Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, and the taking of documents and many other items, was ILLEGAL. Everything should be returned, at once!
Dec 09, 2022, 7:46 AM


Ron DeSantis welcomed FEMA help following the devastation of Nicole, as have all governors in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.

People want to improve programs like Social Security, Medicare, ACA, and Medicaid, not get rid of them. Most people favor a higher minimum wage, the right to collective bargaining, and government efforts to keep our air and water clean and insure safe transportation in the air on on our highways. Does anyone fill potholes on our roads and highways on their own initiative? Or do they call the highway dept. to complain about potholes and roads in need of re-pavement?

The call for small government is one of the most simplistic ploys to unfairly garner the support of the poorly informed.

Bill Marincic

Santo, you think you are so smart. The Constitution empowers Congress to maintain our roads and provide security, it does NOT empower Congress to have social security, ACA, or medicare. You hold the tail and I’ll milk the cow.


Ron DeSantis welcomed FEMA help following the devastation of Nicole, as have all governors in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.

The call for small government is one of the most simplistic ploys to unfairly garner the support of the poorly informed.

Mr. Bill 🤡…. Obamacare wasn’t a failure it was a great success. Try talking to people who never had insurance before. Why do you throw out statements that are totally untrue.

Also Mr. Bill 🤡…..Twitter is not a media site. I do believe they have no editorial board and no reporters…It’s a platform for all people to post on …Unless you do something like start an insurrection with false claims about voter fraud…then you get tossed …WHat if I went on your Facebook page and posted all the stories and lies you tell daily on here. would you not ban me from your page? ..You really should take a rest from inter-neting….Have some warm milk and rest up for a few days


Preamble to the Constitution of the United States:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of …”


Article 1,Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution:

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States…”

Bill Marincic

he national Constitution addresses economic and social rights prominently but with little specificity. The Preamble states that an overriding purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to “promote the general welfare,” indicating that issues such as poverty, housing, food and other economic and social welfare issues facing the citizenry were of central concern to the framers. However, the Bill of Rights has been largely construed to provide procedural mechanisms for fair adjudication of those rights rather than carving out claims on the government to ensure that individuals actually have any social and economic assets to protect. Efforts to convince courts of alternate constitutional interpretations have generally failed. The Supreme Court has ruled, for example, that while the due process clause of the 14th amendment ensures fair processes for welfare recipients, there is no underlying constitutional right to a minimum standard of living. Similarly, the Supreme Court has not found a general right to education derived from the more explicit constitutional guarantees of political participation and equal protection that might be deemed to presuppose an educational baseline.

“IQ tests are made to have an average score of 100. Psychologists revise the test every few years in order to maintain 100 as the average. Most people (about 68 percent) have an IQ between 85 and 115. Only a small fraction of people have a very low IQ (below 70) or a very high IQ (above 130).
The average IQ in the United States is 98.”

And I say a 98 IQ is flat out stupid, meaning the majority of voting Americans are stupid.

The democrat leaders, for the most part, try to play nice and cater to all, including the stupid. I’m ok with that because stupid isn’t a choice.

On the other hand, the MAGA republicans leaders exploit American stupidity. They manipulate the stupid, to accommodate their agendas, by instilling fear, promising the impossible, all while suppressing truth.

This is done in a very persistent repetitive manor. How many times did trump say the election was stolen or rigged? How many times has Fox made a laptop or Hillary the main focal issue?

Guess what, their game plan works, and the living proof is on the MAGA posts put up on this forum.


1: a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas.

2: persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship.

There is no reasoning with these Zombies.


As I said:

Bill Marincic
December 10th, 2022
“The national Constitution addresses economic and social rights prominently but with little specificity. The Preamble states that an overriding purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to “promote the general welfare,” indicating that issues such as poverty, housing, food and other economic and social welfare issues facing the citizenry were of central concern to the framers.”

The “specificities” would be laws passed by Congress to ensure whatever level of security they deem appropriate. Since they are elected by citizens, it is the citizens who indirectly determine the kinds of programs acceptable as ways to “promote the general welfare.” I am in favor of Obamacare, those against it should make their case to the American people.

Often a more open-minded and informed individual in a debate will appear to his opponents as more “intelligent.” They frequently express their inner insecurity by stating that the other person “thinks he is so smart” when the other person never made any such claim. It is really a way to cover their own feelings of inferiority.


I also believe, as I stated before, that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, minimum wage etc. It is difficult to argue that they do not “promote the general welfare.”

Posters, when obviously quoting a source, should acknowledge that and make certain they understand what they have posted.

Take this colorful quilt of calamity for example.
Funny thing is, a follow-up from a fellow head-nodder was full on “100%” agreement. No matter that neither of them understood what it was about:
Twitter conservative suppression, how it worked: DHS, the State Department, the DNC, Common Cause and the NAACP would file tickets with the EIP on posts or people they wanted censored. The EIP did the dirty work of going to Big Tech.
EIP = Stanford Internet Observatory, University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, Atlantic Council’s DFR lab, Analytics from Graphika.
The partners all received federal grants from the Biden administration in the next 2 years. The National Science Foundation awarded the Stanford and UW projects $3M in Aug. 2021 “to study ways to apply collaborative, rapid response research to mitigate online disinformation” That’s how easy they made it. DHS, the DNC and others just filed a ticket with the EIP who then acted as their messenger to demand Big Tech take action on the posts or people flagged by the United States Government or the DNC and their report shows Big Tech delivered for them.

Now you know why they fought so hard and are fighting so hard to stymie Elon Musk. The scumbags worked hand in hand with government to censor opposing political views. The only time a liberal is lying is when they open their mouths.

EIP stands for Election Integrity Project

This is their mission statement and what strikes tremulous fear and sweaty palms in the minds of the one-eyed minions:

“The Election Integrity Partnership was founded in 2020 as a non-partisan coalition to empower the research community, election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, social media platforms, and others to defend our elections against those who seek to undermine them by exploiting weaknesses in the online information environment.”

“Our work, led in 2022 by the Stanford Internet Observatory and the University of Washington Center for an Informed Public, focuses on a narrow scope of topics that are demonstrably harmful to the democratic process: attempts to suppress voting, reduce participation, confuse voters, or delegitimize election results without evidence. We are interested in these dynamics both during the election cycle as well as after the election, when public perceptions of its legitimacy continue to be formed.”


Lou, I believe our job is to try in all ways possible to convince people that what they believe and want should be based on accurate information and reason; what programs, laws, and policies would bring the most benefits without unduly limiting individual freedoms? That is at the core of all decisions related to government’s role in our lives. Examples:

-Does making abortion illegal in all cases unduly restrict the pregnant woman’s options? What benefit does society gain from such a restriction of individual choice? Should we enact laws allowing abortion in specific situations? If so, what should they be?

-Are we a safer society because we allow citizen’s to buy and keep assault rifles and high capacity magazines? Would it be to the benefit of society to outlaw private possession of such weapons? If we did that, would it constitute an unfair infringement on an individuals right to bear arms? If it would, where do we draw the line? Should individual citizens be allowed to mount a machine gun or cannon in their front yard?

-Should we allow medically assisted suicide for the terminally ill who want that option? Would granting that right do harm to the general population? Would it expand or contract individual rights?

-Should businesses be required to offer their services to gay people and couples? If not, how does that differ from racial and religious bigotry? Is a person’s religious beliefs more important than their obligation to treat all equally?

-Should we enact a single payer national health care program? Would that keep people healthier and less threatened by bankruptcy caused by a medical condition? Would the cost of medical care for the society as a whole be higher or lower? Who would be hurt by this approach to medical care?

Should we see controlled immigration as a positive contribution to American diversity and the economy or should we stigmatize immigrants as lesser human beings? How should we control immigration in a way that reflects respect for all humanity, yet is mindful of national security? Are walls and alligator filled moats the answer? Should we shoot desperate people trying to cross the border in the legs? Would adequate border patrol, drone surveillance, and more immigration courts be a better approach?

-I could go on and on, but hopefully everyone gets the point.


In case some think I am exaggerating or “making things up”, I offer this, from ABC news, 10/02/19:

“Frustrated with a record number of people seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border this spring, President Donald Trump at one point asked in a private meeting with close aides whether the U.S. could shoot migrants below the waist to slow them down.

The account, first reported in a book excerpt released by the The New York Times on Tuesday, was confirmed to ABC News by a senior administration official who was in the room at the time, as well as several other sources who were later briefed on the conversation.

According to two sources familiar with the matter, Trump in private meetings raised the prospect of shooting migrant families seeking asylum at the border as early as November 2018. He also floated a similar idea publicly at one point, suggesting that rocks thrown by migrants will be considered a firearm and potentially warrant lethal force.

Sources interviewed by ABC News say Trump’s aides discouraged the idea of shooting unarmed migrants and it was never acted upon. But Trump remained focused on the idea, bringing it up again in the private Oval Office meeting in March 2019, when the number of undocumented migrants arriving at the border topped 100,000 for that month alone.”

Also, that says a lot about Trump’s success in controlling immigration across the southern border.

Because you are a person that is part of a group of narrow minded unreasonable individuals, who never respond with fact, logic or reason to anything not aligned with how you perceive, or want the world to be, and respond only with, irrelevant, repetitive previously refuted, irrelevant, repetitive previously refuted, irrelevant, repetitive previously refuted, non-relevant repetitive, illogical, responses, this is how I will respond to you, at least for a while

Mr. Bill 🤡 is having another bad day again…Mr. Bill 🤡 tomorrow is Sunday. Take the day off. Reflect on your life. Ask god to forgive your mistakes ….and unscrew your MAGA hat from your head and burn it. Step back into the real word where reality is your friend. ….May the lord come to you in your dreams tonight and say “WTF you doing with my name” !

Bill Marincic

Small minds, I am all for DeSantis although I believe Donald Trump was a great president that did more than any other president since Reagan. But you keep spewing your leftist hate speech. Stand up there on your ivory tower so you can denigrate anyone that doesn’t agree with your skewed vision of reality.

Donald Trump’s legacy as a “great President” is now being decided in the courts by justices and prosecutors and juries of both parties and of no party.
That includes his collusion with our primary international adversary Russia and his attempts to overthrow our constitution. How many presidents can say that?

The fact that you and so many others cover your eyes and ears to that is stunning, and cultlike.

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