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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Dec. 14


Use chains, grade barrier before span

Your editorial of Dec. 8 (“Install physical alerts near train overpass”) came close to the solution that I have had in mind for many months.
It’s clear that something more effective than warning signs or flashing lights is needed.
Have a truck height detector of some sort — I suggest an elevated bar — placed sufficiently upstream, across the lane. Equip it with hanging chains.
As soon as the chains are struck, a guard bar similar to the ones used at railroad crossings should drop across the road at the entrance to the truck turnaround. To further make the point, a very large STOP sign should be attached to the bar with an instruction to turn around.
My wife thinks a graphic showing the amount of fines collected to date should be added to the bar, or to one of the bridge abutments.
Bob Scher
Clifton Park

Did race play a factor in exchange?

I wonder what the reaction would be if Brittney Griner was White and if the Marine that was left behind in the Russian jail was Black. (Asking for a friend.)
Bob Mangino
Schenectady and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


Great job on 890; Drive safe, sober

The workmanship on the recently completed rehab of I-890 is top notch, it rides and looks beautiful.
A tip of the hat and a big thank you to all that took part in that successful project.
While I’m commenting on the topic of our public roadways, let’s do the right thing by our families, friends, coworkers, neighbors and fellow travelers on the roads each day, and never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Each of us has the power and responsibility to end the selfish and reckless behavior of drunk and or drugged driving which injures or kills so many innocent children and adults.
The loss of these innocent lives is so painful and so gut wrenching that it brings tears to even the hardest of hearts.
It’s also important to remember that the police, firefighters, ambulance and tow truck drivers are all impacted by the aftermath of these preventable tragedies.
So please, I beg each of you, don’t drive under the influence!
Let’s have fun enjoying the holidays knowing that we are doing our part to make every day safer for all.
Arnold F. Serapilio



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Bob Mangino wonders if there would have been a different reaction had Griner been White and Whelan Black. I think he is inferring that there would have been cries of racism from the Black community and those who support BLM and the fight against racism if Biden had secured the release of a White American while leaving a Black American in a Russian prison.

If I am right, what is the point of his letter other than to stir up racial animosity on the basis of his imaginary scenario? Putin made it clear that he would release only Griner in the exchange. Paul Griner’s family saw that the only other outcome would have been both remaining in the Russian penal system. They were gracious and welcomed her release. The Biden administration is determined to continue the struggle to return Paul Whelan home.

Maybe I am missing something, so I ask again, if I am wrong, what was the point of Bob Mangino’s letter to the editor?

christophe Stalka

Mr mangino we know Damsel Donnie left Mr Whelan to rot at least Biden got one American out. Biden will get Whelan out just like he got inflation and gas prices down this month fortunately the sky is not falling . Let the dynamic duo begin braying

Just typical racial gaslighting with that question Bob. There’s no need to wonder. Trevor Reed, a white marine was released in a swap back in April when Brittney Griner was still imprisoned and guess what? No outrage. Just Americans grateful he was brought home.

There’s a reason why Putin would not trade Whelan and the American public is not privy to that information. Such is the nature of international diplomacy. The Russian government is practicing Realpolitik here and couldn’t care less about what Americans feel except in how they can manipulate our public opinion on the subject.

Steven Flynn

Christophe – can u explain, in your own words, how Biden got gas prices and inflation down this month? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Steven Flynn

Bob Mangino – what does skin color have to do with anything? Unless u know that for sure, why put out such a wreckless question? The friend your asking for should be slapped in the back of the head.


The FED played a role in taming inflation by raising interest rates. This dampens demand and lowers prices. Also disruptions in supply chains are being smoothed out. The price of shipping containers has dropped dramatically.

Due to slow and even negative economic growth in many countries the demand for petroleum is down. In the United States demand for gasoline has declined as Americans drive less and more and more fuel efficient cars are on the road.

No president has the power to single handedly control the economy. However, everything from his foreign policy to his domestic agenda and administrative appointments plays a part in the state of our economy. Keep in mind we are a market economy and inflation, to some extent, is self correcting. As prices go up, people buy less, or substitute cheaper products.

We are also part of the global economy, over which the president has very limited control.

Letters like Bob Mangino’s letter is what causes racial strife in our country. And like some people in this forum wonder why they are called racist. They always try to find a way to make a race issue where there is none.

christophe Stalka

Little stevie anthony gave an excellent factual reply you want me to make something up like you and the dynamic duo do? Bray on dude.

great discussion today Mr. Santo you have proven once again that regardless of how big the pile of BM there is to wade around – and theyve been getting big facts cut down the brandies nonsense. Bidens having a great week defense of marriage act Whelans release being worked on global gas price decline ohhh… and that nasty inflation!…. Im sure the can look and look and find someting to be offended by. Rage on boys!

Mr. Flynn 🤡🤡 you lost the sincerity about your statement of Britney Griner …I gave you the benefit of the doubt until you began being stupid for Trump again….Bad actors never now when to get off the stage

Mr. Flynn 🤡🤡 it’s your sincerity that is in question not mine. I know why you are here. For the same reason all the other Trump sycophants are here. Being stupid for Trump would be the only reason anyone would open themselves up to factual criticism of your moral fortitude.


Guy, you better hire an exorcist to whitewash your dark soul. Coming from Flynn it could mean he believes you are possessed. Oh my! Oh my!

I have to admit, I am bewildered by Flynn’s comment since you have consistently stood against racism and bigotry and argued for diversity and inclusion. What makes a man’s soul dark in the eyes of the right; failure to stand up for his race (biologically, a meaningless social construct); failure to get behind any Constitution defying autocrat who claims loyalty to Him is essential to being a good American, a man who insults our NATO partners and praises brutal dictators? Or perhaps those with dark souls simply refuse to get behind the call for a Christian Nationalist America. Damn those open minded, tolerant enemies of Trump’s America, an America where everyone knows his or her place and role.

Steven Flynn
December 14th, 2022
Its funny how its global on the way up and Biden on the way down.
My god man, do you realize the absolute insanity and hypocrisy of what you posted?

What the braying asses have relentlessly screamed is the exact opposite; It’s Biden on the way up and global on the way down.

Read the posts of the past months by you BM and lgb. You were relentless in blaming Biden for inflation and high gas prices. Most republican candidates based a large part of their midterm campaigns on those two items. Now that gas prices and inflation are dropping you give Biden zero credit.

Did you read what Tony posted? It’s a great explanation of many of todays factors that influence inflation;
“No president has the power to single handedly control the economy. However, everything from his foreign policy to his domestic agenda and administrative appointments plays a part in the state of our economy.” That’s the only possible link to Biden and inflation, and that would stand for any president, not just linked to Biden. Also realize Tony didn’t credit or blame Biden for the drop or raise of inflation.
“We are also part of the global economy, over which the president has very limited control.”

I believe the rest of us “loonie lefties” are in complete agreement with Tony’s post. – I sure am.

I looked up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary and it said…See MAGA

Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

Steven Flynn

Guy’s a big mouth bully, thats my problem with him. I dont care what he’s done or said in the past, I see his current actions. He’s a ship lib bully that spews unbelievable amounts of bs and lies on a daily basis. To bad if I bother him, I could care less quite frankly.

Steven Flynn

No Louis. Christophe made the comment and I asked him to explain it, not Anthony. Christophe doesnt have the intellect to explain or understand it so his mentor jumped in and explained it. Thanks for being on it Louis, electrifying stuff bro.

Mr. Flynn 🤡🤡 you don’t bother me at all. My being here is only to point out a person’s stupidity for Trump. You and a few others let be achieve that daily. It’s a thankless job but needs to be done. …My intentions is not to hurt your feelings. if I did I’m sorry. Maybe you should give up on the internet for a while and try to regain your dignity…Start by burning your MAGA hat

Mr. Flynn 🤡🤡 if thinking that makes you happy, so be it. But it won’t deter me from pointing out your stupidity for Trump that you spew here on almost a daily basis. I won’t lie. It does intrigue me how so many people are so willfully ignorant for Trump. In my life I have never seen anything like it. When studying WW ll I could never understand how the German people had such admiration for Hitler. I see the same admiration here for Trump. I guess I will never totally understand it ….By the way Happy Holidays

AJS presented the most un biased non partisan explanation of easing prices and inflation. There is a “conservative” here who posts in a similar manor as BM, SF and lgb. Guy here absolutely will not read any link to factual information and lives in the same bubble the folks mentioned above. When absolutely faced with widely know facts and truths,”doesn’t have time”plays the victim card, or tries the bully routine.
Is it a thing for the “righties” they can never accept any information that is not from their biased sources or a conspiracy?

Steven Flynn

Thats cool Guy, you do you man and Ill do me. We can coexist in this world even though I think you’re a raging liberal propagandist athiest.

Steven Flynn

Florida. Yes, Anthony did present his explanation and it sounded reasonable. My question was to Christophe though and not Anthony. Christophe accuses opposing views as misinformation yet he’s on here spreading it himself. Christophe doesnt have the mental capacity to back up his words other than his childish little yaps that he discharges. It was a simple question and he dropped the ball so his mentor came in and saved him again. Don’t be a Christophe is the lesson here.

Bill Marincic

Really Florida? Please show me just one time that any of you people ever posted a rebuttal from a conservative source. I have done in almost all instances posted from a lefty source. Tell me Santo why the FED had to come in and raise interest rates to slow down inflation and raise the cost of everything else that people need like homes and cars and credit card debt. The reason is Biden and his idiot supporters gave away so much free money for no good reason that people sat home and didn’t have to pay rent and didn’t go to work and they just spent that free money on stuff; just like that college loan money was going to be used for vacations by more than 70% of the people. To get it straight, we saw the damage that the democrat party can do unfettered.

Mr: Flynn:

“We can coexist in this world even though I think you’re a raging liberal propagandist athiest.”.

I think you are very much mistaken. Your statement posits the proposition that there is an equivalency between your lies, propaganda, and disinformation and the side of truth and factual information. Think again. There is no equivalency: lies are a distortion of reality. Lies cannot and will not prevail. It is the primordial battle of good versus evil. Good will prevail.

Mr. Flynn 🤡🤡 why should it matter where the factual information comes from regarding your query? Sounds like a copout to me. Maybe in the future when confronted with the facts, you should just bring up the Trump voters go to …Hunter Biden’s laptop can also go back to the Benghazi investigation…..Hillary’s emails or The Durham investigation to deflect from the facts that are at hand ..Of course you could just remain silent as a viable option though.

christophe Stalka

Little stevie braying on like a true member of the herd what’s confusing little Stevie Today? Life? Anthony Santo seems to really bother little stevie … that works for me! Bray on little Stevie


Another factor behind recent inflation was the money made available by the federal government to help fight the dampening effects of the pandemic on the economy. The Payroll Protection Plan kept businesses solvent and able to pay their employees. Those loans were forgiven. Through a number of other government programs, money was kept in the pockets of American citizens whose spending kept the economy afloat. These interventions were necessary and benefited all but they contributed to inflation. The job of government is carried out by many, legislators, executives, and judges and it is not easy. Efforts are now being made to counter inflation.

Reflecting on a passage from Atlantic magazine about the GOP Convention that nominated Trump (7/21/2016) may cause some MAGA posters on this site to have 2nd thoughts about their “Chosen One.” I can only hope:

“Trump said, “I am your voice,” the delegates on the convention floor roared their approval. When he said, “I alone can fix it,” they shouted their approbation. The crowd peppered his speech with chants of “USA!” and “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!” and “Trump!” It booed on cue, and cheered when prompted. It seemed, in fact, to chafe—eager to turn a made-for-TV speech into an interactive rally, and frustrated by Trump’s determination to stay on script. Not every delegate cheered; some sat stiffly in their seats. But there was no question that the great bulk of the delegates on the floor were united behind Trump and ready to trust him.”


More and more communications between Republican MAGA Congressmen and Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief-of-Staff, are proving that the MAGA movement’s goal is to throw out the Constitution and establish a Christian American Nation, of course a Christian nation comporting to Christianity as they interpret it. Read this truly frightening memo from Rep. Rick Allen (R-Ga.) sent to Meadows on Ja. 8, 2020:

“Mark, please know that I have prayed for President Trump, his family, for you and the entire Administration. Our Nation is at war, it is a Spiritual War at the highest level. This is not a war that can be fought conventionally, this is God’s battle and He has used President Trump in a powerful way to expose the deceit, lies and hypocrisy of the enemy.

What I heard during my prayers is the Trump family and the Administration need to be surrounded by those great Pastors and Evangelicals who have snd (sic) continue to love and support them. President Trump need to be ministered to, he needs the love that only Jesus Christ offers! This is his opportunity to confess that he can no longer fight this battle alone, he must give it to Christ and Gid (sic) almighty will show him the way to victory. I will continue to pray for all of you, please let me know how I can help??”


This text from Ralph Norman (R- S.C.) to Mark Meadows was turned over to the January 6 committee by Meadows only after strong resistance on his part:

“Mark, in seeing what’s happening so quickly, and reading about the Dominion law suits attempting to stop any meaningful investigation we are at a point of no return in saving our Republic !! Our LAST HOPE is invoking Marshall Law!! PLEASE URGE TO PRESIDENT TO DO SO!!” (1/17/21)

Let’s not mention the learned Congressman misspelled MARTIAL law, the takeover of government by the military, instead, let’s face it, we have a member of Congress calling for dumping the Constitution and using the military to keep the defeated candidate Trump in office!

Anthony I do not believe Christ ever wanted anything to do with Damsel Donnie neither does our nation we voted him out once we will not vote him in he is a seditious traitor I think even the religious nuts with the possible exemption of crooked Ginny Thomas have dumped him and maybe that throple dude from liberty university. Bray on boys rage on!

Steven Flynn

No Guy, I dont need any of those. You keep spewing your disinformation, your fan club will have your back. Maybe you can help Christophe from time to time when Anthony is napping. Christophe needs all the help he can get.

christophe Stalka

Little Stevie sorry you seem obsessed with my postings today you have been provided with the only response you’ll be getting you call someone stupid don’t be surprised when they ignore your braying.. dude stomp your little crap covered Maryjanes as much as you want according to you I’m too stupid to give a valid response rage on donkey boy rage on. The brandies might help you.

little stevie Id write a response to his comments but I know you only want stalka’s attention you donkey boys be nice and apologize you might get his attention!

Steven Flynn,

You continually use the word “atheist” in a pejorative manor having a negative connotation. That in itself is bigotry.

“raging liberal propagandist athiest.”

I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in gods. (many to choose from) I don’t use god or religion to validate things I say or do. I don’t use god or religion to manipulate the simple minded into giving me everything from money to their wives. I don’t do anything in the name of god, no jihads. And if you think Christianity is a different and something special religion you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Try the follow or an internet search:
“Worst aspects of Christianity”

I don’t lie (at least any significant ones, we all lie), steal, or cheat. I’ve worked hard my entire life. I’ve paid my taxes. (unlike churches) I’ve loved and cared for my friends and family. I care about our precious planet and the life on it.

Steven Flynn
Yes I’m an atheist, now please, give me an “electrifying” statement and tell me what’s wrong with that.

And Steven, if you believe there is life after your death, absolutely there is, you just won’t be a part of it.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I give you factual information…Why do you call it disinformation?….Trump has damaged your critical thinking, He has you believing the lies he tells on a daily basis. For the life of me I can’t understand why you act stupid for Trump. I hope one day you find out Trump is a loser and come back to reality,..The fluke of 2016 will never happen again with him. All the MAGA flags and red hats he has made in China won’t help Trump or you now.


Steve Flynn, when you can’t argue your point effectively you don’t help your case with ad hominem attacks. Your sad attempt to ridicule me by saying Guy can take over when I’m “napping”, clearly reveals another of your many prejudices, ageism. Lou, in the post above, impugns you for your obvious hatred of atheists, free thinking individuals who don’t care what your religion is, as long as its doctrines plays no part in formulating national policy.

As to the comparative clarity, cogency, and credibility of our posts, I’ll leave that for others to decide.

As I always say, feel free to look the big words up, or if you ask nicely, I will explain them. Try to evaluate individuals without regard to whatever stereotypes are crowding out your ability to think rationally.

Bill Marincic

Restifo as always you misspoke, there is life after death but you will be the one not experiencing it. It’s never too late Lou, except and repent.

Steven Flynn

Louis. I dont give 2 craps what u think or feel and youre a hypocrite. I see u and ure cohorts trashing Christianity and Christians all the time. Save your self righteous charade for someone else.

d00d, 2 weeks ago when you spazzed out and lost your mind over a tidbit of personal info I released about myself, I sensed there was something else going on. I went back to check and found you used my name 10 times in comments, most not even directed to me.

You went into the red on the Creep Meter that day, d00d.
You’ve got some serious issues. But you be you.
Just an FYI.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 calm down … are losing your cool….breathe into a paper bag. Collect yourself …take a moment. Ponder this….Maybe the forefathers were right to keep religion out of the government?

Steven Flynn

Im good bud. Had a good day at work, enjoying a nice beer at home now and reading liberal nonsense, it doesnt get any better than that. How was your day big Guy? Bully anyone while I was gone? Spew any liberal propaganda maybe?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I never bully anyone. I show just show them how they are being stupid for Trump….Isn’t that why you are here? I know you are still feeling the sting of defeat of 2020. Trump doesn’t deserve your tears save them for someone truly deserving. Maybe for all the people who got mixed up with Trump and are paying the price now for their stupidity? There are to many to name though. Remember ..Everything Trump touches turns to sh*t…Don’t let it happen to you

ChuckD, ” I can easily prove we all turn to compost.” Nothing to prove for me, all one needs to do is read some of the posts by BM,SH and lgb and assume the “compost” part has already began in the upper regions of their bodies, usually between the ears.

Steven Flynn

Chuck. Its because youre a coward bud and paranoid. My only issue with u is all in this little DG forum where u constantly bully people and insult. I call u out on it and u react like a little scared child. Grow a set Chuck, u cant go through life being afraid of things. Little Chuck can dish it out but he can’t take it like most bullies.

Steven Flynn

I dont feel anything Guy, thats where youre wrong. Its an opinion page, I give an opinion, you give yours. I disagree with you, you disagree with me. Its not complicated at all yet you try and make it that way. No harm no foul, its debate in America.

relax little Stevie your rage makes you appear more unstable than usual. thus the bray donkey boy bray tag. But you do you try to act civil.


Steve, I’m noise that makes you look in the mirror and see who you really are. You can’t handle that so you deflect, insult others (Guy is in no way a bully), and hide in your fake reality. Anti-MAGA forces are growing. We are overcoming the flood of venom coming from you and posters like you. Go lick your wounds and think about who you really are and what you really represent. Implying you are a Christian insults the humanitarian message contained in the best statements by Jesus in the New Testament.


BTW Steve, my bet is you have been a bully all your life. You accuse ChuckD of being a bully? You are the one who questioned his credentials and unsuccessfully tried to get him to be upset by your BS. You were no doubt the kid who pushed smaller kids to the ground, you had such low self-esteem that was the only way you good attain a superficial sense of superiority.

Bill Marincic
December 14th, 2022
Restifo as always you misspoke, there is life after death but you will be the one not experiencing it. It’s never too late Lou, except and repent.

Ah, thank you Bill, I now see the light. Yes I accept (not except, freudian slip?) and will repent. Praise the lord. 🙏Jesus is my savior. 🙏🙏Crazy how things happen. I was looking for my eyeglasses and I found God. And, as all true and good Christians, I’m done with the lefty blasphemous fools, and being a democrat. Yes, I now see the MAGA right light. Long live Trump, one of Gods true children! God, guns and more guns and more God and all that other good God stuff!! 🙏🙏

Bill, because of your wonderful eye opening influence, I intend to spend the remainder of my humble life promoting the word of God 🙏🙏and Jesus and of course trumpian like behavior. But as you well know dealing with and working around these lefty loony liberal fools can be a very daunting and more significantly, a very costly task. Praise the lord .🙏🙏🙏

Bill, being the humble man you are, I imagine it was difficult for you to disclose the fact you earn such a substantial income. 🙏Praise the lord for that. You also mentioned bringing $20,000 cash to city hall, with the possibility of donating it to a charity. You’re a great God loving man.🙏🙏🙏Praise to you Bill!
Now, I, and more importantly God and the lord Jesus 🙏🙏would appreciate your bringing that generous $20,000 donation to city hall. Just leave it with the mayor and tell him it’s for me, to promote the word of, Jesus and Christianity. 🙏🙏 Be assured, I’ll send you a thank you note and a genuine set of plastic praying hands. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Let it be known, as far as religion goes I’m not specifically putting down Christianity or Jesus. Religions, any and all are, not for me…

When considering the incomprehensible complexity and vastness of the universe and what is in it, man is most assuredly ignorant of the what, where, when, and why’s of its creation. For someone to have even the slightest inclination of an answer, let alone profess to have certainty of a specific supreme creator is beyond absurdity.
Believe in what you may. If having faith or religion is a harmless means of making your existence on Earth more comforting, peaceful and serene, I’m all for it, as long as it’s not at the expense of others. But please stop using hypocritical religious manipulation as a tool for destruction and personal gain.
Additionally, I don’t particularly care for any one attempting to plunge their religious beliefs down my throat.

Right now in this time The Christian Nationalists and the White Nationalists are the same thing I use to give them the benefit of the doubt until they professed Trump was sent by Jesus. My tolerance hit it’s peek then

Here’s the next generation of right wingers saying out loud what we already know: if they can’t win in our democracy by winning over supporters, they’ll do it forcibly. Which of course is part of the definition of what they call everyone else, fascist.

As if to prove they’re devolving into living caricatures, Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republicans Club:

“For too long, Republicans have been content to lose with their heads held high,” he complained. “We just don’t want that approach anymore. We want to get dirty. We want to get into the trenches. We want to punch back, punch back hard, and wage a full-on offensive against the left in this country. And that goes beyond just politics, that goes beyond the electoral system, that’s in the culture, that’s in the media, that’s in the courtroom!”

To put an even finer point on it, Wax said, “This is a holistic, multifront war that we are waging!”


Guy, that is something I will never be able to understand. The most vicious bigots in America claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. Have they ever read the Eight Beatitudes? Have they ever read Matthew 25, 38-40?

“38 When did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you?
39 When did we see you ill or in prison, and visit you?’
40 And the king will say to them in reply, ‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.’”

I am a freethinker, an adherent of no religion, but from a philosophical point of view, many of Jesus’ lessons reflect valuable moral principles, more in line with socialist beliefs than capitalist amorality. The MAGA-ites reject, knowingly or unknowingly, this aspect of Christianity. They are selfish, bigoted, worshipers of mammon and ought to be very concerned about the fate of their “immortal souls.”

Anthony if the followed the true teachings of Jesus they would never support and enable a man like Trump….The would however pray for his soul not to go to eternal damnation if they were true followers of Jesus teachings …

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