Woman files suit against Rivers Casino in Schenectady for alleged assault by security guards

An aerial photo of Rivers Casino & Resort parking garage and entrance in Schenectady is shown on Aug. 10.

An aerial photo of Rivers Casino & Resort parking garage and entrance in Schenectady is shown on Aug. 10.

SCHENECTADY — A Troy woman has filed suit against Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady for alleged assault by casino security guards during a July incident.

The suit was filed in state Supreme Court in Rensselaer County on Dec. 13 with plaintiff Alexandria Dzembo alleging that she was dragged away from a gaming table by unnamed casino security guards and dragged into the back room of a facility.

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of Dzembo by Albany attorney Robert Becher, is seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages.

Rush Street Gaming, Capital Region Gaming and Maxon Alco Holdings are listed as defendants in the case, with all three entities doing business as Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady.

The suit alleges that on July 10 at approximately 10 p.m., the two security guards and additional casino employees “assaulted the plaintiff and intentionally placed the plaintiff in apprehension of imminent harm.”

The lawsuit contends that Dzembo was seated at a Baccarat gaming table when the defendants grabbed her after she had stood up and attempted to throw her to the ground.

According to Schenectady police, officers responded to a domestic incident that night involving Dzembo after casino security called to report a fight between Dzembo and a male companion.

The suit claims that the security guards proceeded to “push and throw the plaintiff to the ground, did grab the plaintiff’s arms and handcuffed the plaintiff, and dragged and pulled the plaintiff through the high stakes area [of the casino].”

The lawsuit alleges that the casino employees took Dzembo into a back room of the casino and handcuffed her to a bench.

Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady denied the allegations in a statement on Wednesday.

“While we generally do not comment on pending litigation or legal action, in this case it’s necessary to say that these allegations are untrue and a gross mischaracterization of the facts,” the statement declared.

According to the suit, as a result of the incident at the casino, Dzembo has “sustained severe and extreme mental distress and anxiety and has suffered the loss of enjoyment of life.”

The lawsuit alleges that she suffered injuries to her head, face, body and limbs.

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The suit further alleges that Dzembo sustained “injuries both internal and external to her body which may be of a permanent nature and as a result of which plaintiff’s ability to conduct her normal employment, recreational and household activities and her ability to earn a livelihood have been diminished.”

In July, three Schenectady women sued the casino, alleging that security officers from the resort assaulted them during a May incident.

Dzembo’s suit contends that she will be forced to spend substantial sums of money for medical care and treatment due to injuries suffered during the casino incident, including osteoarthritis of the left knee.

The lawsuit claims that the casino did not have a reasonable belief that Dzembo had violated any of the casino’s rules or regulations.

The legal action is seeking an unspecified sum of money for Dzembo’s injuries and distress.

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