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On Exhibit: Plenty to see in shows at Saratoga Arts, Saratoga Clay Arts Center

 “Early Twilight,” by Patti Osborne, on view in the Members Show at Saratoga Arts. (Courtesy of Saratoga Arts)

 “Early Twilight,” by Patti Osborne, on view in the Members Show at Saratoga Arts. (Courtesy of Saratoga Arts)

This season at Saratoga Arts, the gallery is filled with gems from local artists.

Take the brooding wintry landscape from Tracy Wall. A hint of white light breaks up a sweeping purple-black sky, set against a weathered, paint-crackled wooden frame.

Further along is another wintry landscape by Patti Osborne, though this one is brighter in tone. A fence-lined trail with the tracks of cross-country skis disappears into the distance, pointing toward a vibrant sky filled with glowing pink clouds.

Another landscape of note is Jill Murphy’s “Lake Abanakee,” a piece that juxtaposes the stillness of the trees and mountainous background with the steadily rippling water that seems to dance right off the canvas.

There are plenty of other gems beyond the landscapes, including a yin-and-yang-like painting by Ballston Spa artist Ilona Zabolotna. Depicted using paint made of coffee, two cats, one light and the other dark, are curled into one another. Nearby is a striking family portrait painted by Sandra Jabaut. Done in blacks, greys and whites, the piece is somber, with only a few of the figures giving the viewer slight smiles.

Peppered in between these are a few stunning photographs. One — by Christine Festin — depicts rolling orange and red clouds, standing out starkly against the backdrop of a deep blue sky. Another, by Candace Leonard, captures a snow-covered Avenue of the Pines, the distance blotted out by shadowy snow.

The Members Show runs through Jan. 7. All featured works are on sale, and with only a few days left before the holidays kick in, you can look to local artists for last-minute gift ideas. Saratoga Arts is located at 320 Broadway. For more information visit


If you’re looking for more, head out to Saratoga Clay Arts Center, which is tucked away on Hayes Road. Its Schacht Gallery is hosting “CLAYFEST,” a national invitational exhibition featuring functional pots and decorative works by 17 established clay artists from across the country.

Some, including the works by Bri Larson, make ideal coffee or tea cups, with sweet bluebirds or lemons decorating the sides. Other designs are more abstract, including the stoneware pieces from Mark Tarabula, which are displayed on their sides, with liquid-looking substances splashed across the sides.

Another standout is the black and yellow honey pot from Masa Sasaki and the veggie platter, decorated with radishes, mushrooms, peppers and others, by Jenna Vanden Brink.

The pieces are all reasonably priced and are also available online. “CLAYFEST” is open through Saturday, Dec. 31. The exhibit includes work from the following artists: Ian Bassett, Lakyn Bowman, Brian Chen, Lyndee Deal, Amy Halko, Carla Hughes, Bri Larson, Heidi McKay Casto, Lisa Orr, Brent Pafford, Naomi Peterson, Nadia Rosales, Dwayne Sackey, Masa Sasaki, Alec Smith, Mark Tarabula and Jenna Vanden Brink.

The Saratoga Clay Arts Center is located at 167 Hayes Road, Schuylerville. For more information visit

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