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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Dec. 22

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Use technology to stop bridge strikes

Ah, technology, isn’t it wonderful?
Since the early ‘70’s when we no longer had to think to do math problems because of the advent of hand-held calculators, it has been doing more and more of our brain work for us.
But that raises a question. If we don’t exercise our brains and rely solely on technology, do we become dumber and more dangerous?
There is evidence locally that that may be true.
Many of the drivers guilty of hitting the Glenridge Road railroad bridge have mentioned that they were simply following their GPS instructions. Thank God, the bridge is not a cliff.
The people in charge of finding a solution to the problem are at loggerheads, and all have legitimate arguments. Could technology come to our rescue?
A lot of new cars have features that will stop a car to prevent a collision. Why can’t those systems be required equipment on high vehicles to automatically apply the brakes and stop a truck if it’s going to hit a bridge? Anybody?
Mac Bryant
Saratoga Springs

GOP falsehoods promoting violence

The Republican Party’s continuing lies, and falsehoods are again causing death and violence in America.
As they continue their attempts to marginalize anyone who disagrees with them, people will suffer.
They accuse progressives of grooming children and sex trafficking. Remember Pizzagate? They support weapons designed for war and continue the NRA mantra, ‘Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun.’
Statistically, Republican-run states have a far higher rate of violence: Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri, South Carolina and Tennessee.
Look up the safest states, you might be surprised, especially if you’re a MAGA cultist.
They blame President Biden for inflation when it has been unequivocally proven when the cause is far more complex including, the global pandemic, Putin’s war and China’s lockdown.
They claim the IRS is hiring more agents to harass the middle class, when in actuality they will pursue wealthy tax cheats.
Furthermore, they use religious demagoguery in an attempt to make it appear God is on their side.
They want to reduce voting because they know without election interference, they can’t win.
Needless to say, they target minorities and claim election fraud in an attempt to promote the “big lie.”
Paul Santo



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Joseph Vendetti


I’ll address your statement on inflation –

In fact, the data suggest that over the last year, the magnitude of the fiscal and monetary policy of the US government has been driving prices up in a systematic manner. If we add Biden’s $2.5 trillion stimulus program to Trump’s $900 billion programs at the end of his tenure, then the total stimulus to the US economy reached $3.4 trillion. This is roughly 15 percent of the United States’ GDP and roughly three times the economic output lost during the pandemic. Together, these programs overheated the US economy by pushing it beyond its productive capacity, driving prices upward as a result. Combine this with an anti oil/gas administration which had executives and boards directing companies to stop spending on exploration and research, slow production & reduce output pushed fuel prices globally higher.

The difference is when you subtract CPI out of inflation it leaves our core inflation still at 7-7.7% and all of Europe if you subtract out the same measures leaves their core at 3.1-3.7%. Unless you work for the NYS Legislature your wages aren’t going to keep pace with inflation.

Not buying “all” arguments from anyone. All republicans, conservatives, democrats or liberals aren’t bad.

Keep beating that drum if you want no change.


WOW DONKEY CLOWN PAUL EEEE HAWWW . Remind me how when it is the Democratic socialist party has both houses and the White House that it is the MAGA movements fault. This administration is so corrupt and the Twitter files are releasing more and more information regarding the real insurrection when they manipulated the 2020 election through social media. This administration in the omnibus bill rewards the mainstream media propaganda machine 1BILLION to build a monument to the media. Biden has to keep paying Zelensky hush money so he doesn’t turn on the deep state and report the money laundering going on in Ukraine starting with the Obama reign. Remember quid pro quo Joe bragged he was going to withhold money if they do not fire a certain AG investigating Hunter and the Oligarchs in Ukraine. The so called MAGA states are also comingled with democratic socialist pockets example Texas and the loony liberal Beto O’Rourke.
There are losers in the Republican Party like Romney , McConnell, Cheney, The list goes on. What Paul and his Donkey clown alumni here on DG do is to lap at the clown trough of Socialist democrats.
I grew up in a family that were old school blue collar democrats and were very infuential in the Albany machine in the late 1940’s – 1960’s. In the 1960’s they were infiltrated by the radical marxist and this is what we have now.
This administration along with the corrupt RINO’s have sold out the American public for their own pockets and interest. Look at the COVID virus and what we are learning about its origin and funding to create gain of function of the virus.
The Twitter sphere is revealing more and more information. Elon shut down 44K twitter pages promoting pedophilia. Funny previous Twitter censors shut down conservatives but allow pedophiles to tweet uncensored. Biden pushes the groomers in our education system using the guise as the LGBQT movement. The group gays against groomers are calling out the pedophiles and now they are being attacked by the groomers.
This is what the democratic socialist party is about. And little by little they are self destructing because they are the true evil, satanist in our country. Here DONKEY CLOWNS come and get it. EEEEE- HAWWW.
Funny Paul must mark his calendar to send his propaganda to the Gazette.


Also Marc B letter is true because our education system is failing the children. I recently had to help a teenaged cashier count out change due. He was short on coins so he had to make up the difference with dimes and nickels. I felt bad for him and the store. Recently published standardized math scores is proof the school system is failing.
Maybe they should spend more time studying the basics instead of gender identity, CRT, and telling children how bad America is and they do not deserve their education.

Mr. Brandon 🤡 I agree, our education system surely failed you. Your daily rants prove that. Who ever paid for your education should demand a refund.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandie as e start another day let’s calm down days of rage and hatred lead to a short miserable life .. for the 10th time Crt is not taught in elementary school stop lying your better at rage though you do like the lie

Joseph, thank you for your response. I don’t have a degree in economics, but I believe my brief explanation was valid. As far as the state of the world I do believe we are in danger. The rise of fascism and support of authoritarian rule is an existential threat. I don’t believe everyone in the Republican Party is “bad”. If you need proof of their state of mind please explain the second comment after your statement. If you can decipher the ramblings of a lunatic who is an extreme sociopath who supports MAGA, please do.

Thanks for your letter, Paul. The right wing-nuts can´t grasp that inflation occurred around the globe, and the US fared pretty well overall.

Zelensky´s speech yesterday in the House was touching and inspiring! It was another bipartisan win for President Biden and Madam Pelosi that makes Americans feel proud again.
Good timing before the crazy chaos train takes over. They look more like weak little idiots every day.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo great letter.Mr vendetti inflation will continue to retreat in 2023.have a great holiday be thankful we survived jan 6th. Beat that drum I know I will

Bill Marincic

As always, the blind mice, lefties on the daily gazette forum, continue to promote lies, and they fail to see the truth and what Brandon just said. If Tulsi Gabbert were to run as a vice president, and then, eventually as a president, I would vote for her and she’s a Democrat, the problem with the blind mice on the Gazette is that they are so indoctrinated in this liberal leftist world. They can’t see the forest for the trees.

Bill Marincic

Chrissy Stalker inflation will come down in 23 because we have a Republican Congress that holds the purse strings. They already said they are not going to finance Biden‘s 86,000 IRS agents, that and itself will start bringing down inflation so don’t go Heeeeee Haaaaaawwwwwing for the Democrat party like they are doing something it’s a fact that Republicans have Congress the inflation will come down and I’m ready for all of the insults from the seven or eight blind mice donkey clowns today. I’m sure my comments will be attacked that I am stupid, I am not a Christian, I don’t know what I’m talking about, do you think I care? Not today sis!!!

BM-BAHAHAHAHAHA! We´re the ones that can´t see the forest for the trees? LMAO! You and LBG(T) are so far up 45s butt, I don´t even bother reading your posts anymore. Thank goodness people that think like you and follow the right wing nuts are decreasing day by day.

Thanks, jclark, I rarely respond to the extreme right wing maggots. I’ve learned that they don’t embrace the truth. Trump once said anyone who pleads the 5th is guilty or a gangster. If that’s his opinion I can’t wait for his arrest.

christophe Stalka

Big Bm stop crapping all over yourself dude your pity party is starting early today. Your diarrhea of the mouth is entertaining but meaningless.


The imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum by Trump under the pretense they were necessary to national security was another cause of inflation. Although good for the steel and aluminum industries, allowing for higher prices and wages, the tariffs hurt the overall economy by raising prices for the steel and aluminum essential to so many other industries.

On the Opinion page the column “Biden continues…” the current administration is faulted for moving toward the imposition of tariffs on S. Korean and Chinese steel. However, the Biden administration has negotiated “agreements with the EU, Japan, and the United Kingdom that functionally eliminate the tariffs and replace them with import quotas that negate the taxes on volumes of imported steel and aluminum that fall beneath the threshold.”

We are living in a global economy. Free trade will result in more efficient production around the world. We should move forward on eliminating tariffs.


Our military aid to Ukraine is no different than the lend-lease program in the early years of WW11. We must do all we can to help a democratic nation from falling under the boot of an aggressor whose appetite is insatiable. Stop Putin now, not later, when we may have to commit troops in a disastrous confrontation that could mean WW111.

Mr. Bill 🤡 I say this with all honesty …You should take the 5th instead of commenting on here. Oh wait didn’t Trump say only mob people take the 5th on Sept. 17th 2016 ?..


Trump’s constant reliance on offense, for example, calling members of the 1/6 Committee “thugs and scoundrels” is beginning to wear thin. The American public is tired of belligerence in the face of his obvious criminal behavior.

He will likely be indicted. He will have the opportunity to present a defense of the actions and inactions that are at the heart of the 1/6 Committee’s decision to refer him for indictment to the DOJ. He doesn’t want to try to explain why he did nothing for over three hours while he told the mob “to fight like hell” if they wanted to “keep their country.” They stormed the Capitol threatening the lives of Pence and members of Congress. If you downplay this insurrection, explain why fist-pumping Josh Hawley stopped pumping and began running as fast as he could from the advancing mob.

That is only one of the things Trump will have to explain. Calling his accusers thugs (violent, aggressive people, especially criminals) and scoundrels (dishonest or unscrupulous people) isn’t working for most Americans. It is obvious that he and those who abetted him are the thugs and scoundrels. Justice will prevail. Trump will have his day in court and we will be a nation in which no man, not even a former president, is above the law.

Bill Marincic

Eight blind mice, see how they run!
They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
Who cut off their tails with the carving knife;
Did you ever see such fools in your life?
Eight blind mice.

Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am stuck in the middle with you

A man with a stutter is visiting the doctor.

“How’s the stutter?”, asks the doctor.

“It’s g-getting better but my friend calls me D-Donkey,” replies the man.

“Any idea why?” The doctor asks.

“No, but he aw he aw he aw he always calls me that.”

christophe Stalka

100 bipartisan group of Senators pass the omnibus spending bill including the electoral count bill….they must have heard Big BM singing his poem in the distance! No more special elector slates will be possible another gut punch for Damsel donnie

Bill Marincic

little chrissy, there is 410 million dollars for a border; wall the problem is that money is going to Jordon and Egypt for their border wall. I guess walls work everywhere in the world except our southern border.

Christophe, yay!
In response to Paul…even if 45 had nothing to with the Jan 6th attack (which he did!), the fact that he sat on his fat ass for 187 minutes is enough for a dereliction of duty.
He took an oath to protect us! In his warped mind, he only protects those who will bow, lie, cheat, and steal for him. He used the office of the presidency to go after Americans he perceived as threatening to him. 45 is the biggest thug of all and is going down!

Joseph Venditti, I see your back.

Just wondering why you didn’t mention the global pandemic, and the Ukrainian war as being two major factors for inflation.

“Combine this with an anti oil/gas administration.”
Realize this administration is trying to wean the world off of polluting gas and oil and moving toward a renewable clean energy planet.

christophe Stalka

Big Bm again you’re babbling nonsense. Perhaps less focus on children might help your rather warped thought process. Remember folks the jan report to be released today. Bray on big Bm


I admire BM because he always presents fact based and well reasoned arguments and never stoops to insulting those who disagree with him. In that respect he is much like the other MAGA-ites who post daily. I am being sarcastic of course. Here is an example of his wit and knowledge from a post today:

Bill Marincic
December 22nd, 2022
Eight blind mice, see how they run!
They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
Who cut off their tails with the carving knife;
Did you ever see such fools in your life?
Eight blind mice.

Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am stuck in the middle with you

A man with a stutter is visiting the doctor.

“How’s the stutter?”, asks the doctor.

“It’s g-getting better but my friend calls me D-Donkey,” replies the man.

“Any idea why?” The doctor asks.

“No, but he aw he aw he aw he always calls me that.”

Good one BM; it just explodes right off the page.

One quick correction for Mr Venedtti, When he entered the White House, Mr Biden identified climate change as one of four priorities and promised a dramatic reversal after the tenure of Mr Trump, who frequently mocked climate science.

However, federal data shows the Biden administration approved 3,557 permits for oil and gas drilling on public lands in its first year, far outpacing the Trump administration’s 12-month total of 2,658. Additionally if your business had been one hundreds maybe thousands of the ones saved by the monies infused into the economy would you feel differently?

One quick comment for Mr Marincic, A poem? WHAT???? Are you out of “leftey” rants? Or is the truth and fact posts by “leftey’s” finally found you reduced to children’s poems for rebuttals?

In regards to the pandemic and it’s impact on the global economy, from what I researched, this best explained it.

September 13, 2022

“Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy – Statistics & Facts”

“While it is difficult to tell exactly what the economic damage from the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been, it has had severe negative impacts on the global economy. During 2020, the world’s collective gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 3.4 percent. To put this number in perspective, global GDP reached 84.54 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 – meaning that a 3.4 percent drop in economic growth results in over two trillion U.S. dollars of lost economic output. However, the global economy quickly recovered from the initial shock, reaching positive growth levels again in 2021. That year, it reached 92.3 trillion U.S. dollars and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, although Russia’s war in Ukraine since February 2022 and its impact on the world’s economy may hamper economic growth.

Global stock markets also suffered dramatic falls after the coronavirus outbreak, although they were able to recover from the losses quite quickly. The Dow Jones reported its largest-ever single day loss of almost 3,000 points on March 16, 2020 – beating its previous record of 2,300 points that was set only four days earlier.

Affected industries
The COVID-19 pandemic had a varied impact on different sectors and industries. As countries around the world closed their borders and imposed travel restrictions, especially the travel and tourism industry was heavily affected. The travel restrictions led to a sharp decrease in the number of flights worldwide. On the other hand, the internet trade boomed as an increasing number of people either chose or were forced to buy their non-essential goods online, as retailers were forced to close their shops during the pandemic. For instance, Amazon’s net sales revenue reached new records both in 2020 and in 2021.

Country and regional comparison: UK economy hit hard, China less affected
While the pandemic hit the whole global economy, some countries and regions were affected more than others. For instance, in the third quarter of 2020, China had a positive GDP growth rate of nearly five percent, whereas the United Kingdom’s dropped by nearly eight. However, by the same quarter next year, it was increasing again by around seven percent. In Asia, the change in the GDP varied between 0.2 percent in East Asia to minus 7.7 percent in South Asia. The reasons behind this are manifold and complex, but the East Asian countries’ relatively fast response to the pandemic in its early stages meant that they could ease restrictions quite fast as numbers were declining.

In response to he economic decline, several governments implemented stimulus packages to support the national economies and relieve unemployed people. Indeed, the global GDP has grown since the initial fall in 2020, and the GDPs of the G20 members are predicted to increase by 2026, underlining the positive effect of the stimulus packages as well as the easing of restrictions.”

Washington post;

“But a small group of House Republicans critical of the ongoing funding to Ukraine, including Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Matt Gaetz of Florida, did not clap for Zelensky when he walked onto the House floor and rarely stood throughout his speech. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), the top critics of funding the war, did not attend.” Imagine that!

This is about world democracy, so it’s understandable that the same bad actors that are attempting to undermine US democracy would be indifferent to the attempted Russian takeover of Ukraine.

christophe Stalka

Louis gaetz and boebert were playing on their phones probably streaming to damsel Donnie hawley was taking practice laps around the white house and mad madge was hoping someone would notice her absence and give a Big Bm

For Little Willy 🤭 and letsgonobraindon, the holiday season may be a most opportune time for them to fulfill their calling, and at the same time bring them closer to Jesus.
I suggest they search for life size nativity scenes in hopes of finding any without a donkey. With their braying ability and their equine intelligence parallels they’ll make the perfect asses, standing with the ox, sheep and the camels of the Magi. 🐪🐑🐂


“Representatives Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Andrew Clyde, Diana Harshbarger, Warren Davidson, Michael Cloud and Jim Jordan “repeatedly remaining seated in standing ovations” while Zelensky gave his speech, according to Axios Congress reporter Andrew Solender.”

Why did these MAGA members of Congress remain seated? Are they ignorant? Do they not realize that Ukraine is standing against the aggression of autocratic Russia and is defending not only Ukrainian democracy but the democracies of Western Europe, our UN allies? Or, perhaps, they don’t believe in democracy and want an autocratic American state allied with Putin’s Russian autocracy.

Nov 21, 2022 — “A new analysis finds that congressionally approved funds to support Ukraine this year amount to about 5.6 percent of U.S. defense spending.” National Review

Does $56 of every $1000 sound like too much support for a nation that is suffering terrible hardship to defend itself against aggression and in doing so is protecting western Europe? Does anyone think that Putin does not have his eye on the rest of Eastern Europe, formerly part of the Soviet Union?

Did appeasement work in the years before WW11?


Lou, I didn’t see your earlier post on the above topic. But I forgot to note something of importance that you did: “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), the top critics of funding the war, did not attend.” Imagine that!” Thanks.

And some on this site think these are the real Americans? Unbelievable


From Think:

Dec. 11, 2021, 4:30 AM EST

By Teri Kanefield, attorney and author

“Roger Stone, a long-time adviser to former President Donald Trump, just became the latest Trump ally to refuse to cooperate with House’s Jan. 6 investigation by invoking his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. The growing list includes John Eastman — a former law professor and legal adviser to Trump, and Jeffrey Clark, who served as an assistant attorney general from 2018 until 2021. Alex Jones, a radio show host and a staunch supporter of Trump’s re-election campaign, has also threatened to plead the Fifth in response to his own House subpoena.”

I wonder why these men are unwillingly to testify and prove the schemes they hatched with Trump to overturn the 2020 election results were legal? Aren’t they proud of what they did? Don’t they want an opportunity to justify their scheming?

Maybe it is because they knew they were engaged in illegal conspiracies and tactics.

Clark actually was Trump’s choice for AG since he knew Clark would cooperate with him. The integrity of our elections and the DOJ was salvaged when Trump had to back down in the face of mass threats of resignation from DOJ officials.

Peter Navarro and Mike Flynn also pleaded the fifth. Navarro is famous for having explaine the Green Bay Sweep on Ari Melber’s “The Beat.” Flynn is the “constitutional scholar” who said governors have the right to declare war.

Biggest BM youre joking right creep you insult every person on this board my observations are in response to your crude statements libel? get a dictionary donkey boy better yet rage on

Big BM post a distorted creepy version of a children’s poem day after day and Stalka’s committing libel strange and creepy :

Eight blind mice, see how they run!
They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
Who cut off their tails with the carving knife;
Did you ever see such fools in your life?
Eight blind mice.

Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am stuck in the middle with you

A man with a stutter is visiting the doctor.

“How’s the stutter?”, asks the doctor.

“It’s g-getting better but my friend calls me D-Donkey,” replies the man.

“Any idea why?” The doctor asks.

Mr. Bill 🤡 just popped ….His head exploded and sent his screwed on MAGA hat into orbit ….I told you earlier….it’s Christmas Time …you should be Ho Ho Hoing 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅…not hating on people

Bill Marincic

Hey, Garret why is a creepy version of a child’s poem, it’s actually a story but little do you know.

By the way you left out the punch line;

“No, but he aw he aw he aw he always calls me that.”

Donkey Clowns

Why post this? Because so, so many seem to lack the ability to make good choices and use critical thinking skills when choosing a leader to follow and that clearly hasn’t changed. This man remains your leader and has the party by the short and curlies.

This is for you who think the Republican Party has anything to offer our country right now, besides deception and grifting and intolerance…
This is for all you accusing everyone else of “TDS”.

Travis Gettys
December 22, 2022
J6 report reveals Trump privately admitted defeat but kept pushing to overturn election: ‘I don’t want people to know we lost’
Donald Trump acknowledged that he lost the 2020 election following a Christmas reception, according to former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, and she said the former chief of staff could attest to the same thing. The former president pushed his attorneys, Republican lawmakers, state legislators and other allies to overturn his election loss based on baseless fraud claims, but Hutchinson told the House select committee that Trump knew he lost after the U.S. Supreme Court tossed a Texas lawsuit challenging his loss.

“The president is just raging about the decision and how it’s wrong, and why didn’t we make more calls, and, you know, just his typical anger outburst at this decision,” Cassidy told lawmakers.

Meadows assured the former president that he had “other options” and promised to “figure this out,” but didn’t specify any course of action, according to Hutchinson, who said Trump didn’t sound too confident those efforts would work.

“I don’t want people to know we lost, Mark,” Trump said, according to Hutchinson. “This is embarrassing. Figure it out. We need to figure it out. I don’t want people to know we lost.”

After that conversation, Hutchinson asked Meadows whether Trump acknowledged his defeat often.

“Ugh, Cass, it just depends on his moods,” Meadows said, according to Hutchinson. “Like, he’s real mad about this right now.”

Meadows later admitted to Cassidy that he agreed that Trump had lost, shortly after the former president had called Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger on Jan. 2, 2021, and asked him to find just enough votes to overturn his election loss, but state officials refused.

“He knows it’s over,” Meadows said, according to Hutchinson. “He knows he lost. But we’re going to keep trying. There’s a chance he didn’t. I want to pull this off for him.”


Talk about balls. BM’s must be the size of the moon. His posts are invariably insulting. For a statement to be libelous it must be shown to have been published, untrue, and damaging to the person’s reputation. Try suing anyone for libel without facing countless suits against yourself. You and your colleagues regularly “libel” other posters but I don’t recall one of us crying that “we have had enough.” Since you’ve had enough, what do you propose to do to stop it? As I have said suing would be a bad choice. Toning down your responses and more frequently discussing issues and your views,even if unsupported and illogical, is an option. Or, you could just stop posting.

Your attempts to insult people by using the feminine form of their names, e.g. “little toni” or “little chrissie” just provides evidence of your misogyny.

Mr. BM is a sad reminder of a right wing fanatic gone wrong. He lives in a paranoid fantasy world with few friends and a personality lacking in empathy or concern for his fellow man. He lashes out at his perceived enemies in a most vile manner. He accuses them of child molestation without any evidence other than far right wing lies. His and others like him create a danger for progressives everywhere. We have seen adequate evidence of mass shootings, antisemitism, misogyny, and general mayhem. You would think an attempted coup would have woken up anyone with a conscience. I’m afraid we can only hope the enemies of progress will crawl back under the rock from whence they came.

ill maniac
December 22nd, 2022
Stalka, keep up with the children crap, that is libel and I have had enough.

He certainly has had enough of the “children crap” that’s obvious because big BM has been dumping his adult crap on this form for years.

Sounds to me like a Little Willy,🤭 not unlike his orange god, is throwing a hissy tantrum😭😭😭because Bob, Guy, Chris, Tony, I and others aren’t giving him the respect, he so desperately craves.

“Chrissy Stalker” is inferring what? nothing libelous I’m sure.

In regards to “people who can dish it out, but can’t take it:

“We I’ve noticed this every now and then with certain people. While not common, it’s puzzling behavior. These types of people will be rude, condescending, snarky, abrasive etc. on a regular basis, almost as if it is ingrained in their personality to communicate in this way, yet these same people will become the most sensitive people on the planet if anyone dares to stand up to them. In other words they are more then comfortable dishing it out but when it comes back their way, even in the smallest of dose, they can’t handle it. At all”.

“Are they lacking in self awareness, not realizing how they come across? Are they faking their indignation in order to gaslight and play the victim? Or is it something deeper? The following article suggests that this is something that is commonly seen in narcissists.”

“When criticized, narcissists show themselves woefully incapable of retaining any emotional poise, or receptivity. And it really doesn’t much matter whether the nature of that criticism is constructive or destructive. They just don’t seem to be able to take criticism, period. At the same time, these disturbed individuals demonstrate an abnormally developed capacity to criticize others (as in, “dish it out” to them)”….

Bill Marincic

Hey Garret, just so you know, it was all of you lefties that started calling Brandon, Brandie. You might want to stop what you started or stop complaining. It is so typical and hypocritical of you people to complain that I’m doing the same thing to you that you all started. I guess you all don’t like the taste of your own medicine, kind of what Elon Musk is doing to the mainstream media.

Bill Marincic

Oh yeah Garret, you get a dictionary, creep.

Libel is the publication of false statements that damage someone’s reputation. You’ll also see it referred to as defamation. An opinion is not libel. Libel refers to specific facts that can be proved untrue.

christophe Stalka

Biggy Bm I often use Brandies as well because I refuse to reply to that obscene code
name you’re using for our President so let’s stop playing more stupid than we are sorry it troubles you but I respect our President you Brandies may do as you please bray on …. donkey boy Mr Bob may just enjoy calling you brandies based on his own observations.

oh my the rage the rage
you Brandies are scary donkeys.
I’m just wondering what upstanding reputation you’re protecting considering the crap and insults you post on her Brandies bray on donkey boy i think the braying in your posts kind of kills the upstanding reputation youre so worried about seeing slandered all of a sudden but just my humble opinion

christophe Stalka

Mr gareat please stop shaking judge Judy has decided not to accept the libel case of ‘big bm ‘ vs. BOB Gareat similarly the slander case of ‘biggy Bm’ vs Stalka has been dismissed she suggests donkeys gotta bray creeps gotta creep so what you gonna do?


BM, Please post any comments of yours today that do not contain insults and/or slurs. Then, post comments that express your views on the issues with supporting evidence, please, or if possible.


BM, since you now say you have had enough, perhaps you will retract this post from earlier today:

“I’m sure my comments will be attacked that I am stupid, I am not a Christian, I don’t know what I’m talking about, do you think I care? Not today sis!!!”

I would be glad to re-post several of my comments that insult and slur no one on this site and are strictly content oriented. You are the one who drives the rest of us to stoop to your level. By the way, is “sis” meant as an insult?

Bill Marincic

Guy Varoma
December 22nd, 2022
Mr. Brandon 🤡 I agree, our education system surely failed you. Your daily rants prove that. Who ever paid for your education should demand a refund.


Bill Marincic

Paul Santo
December 22nd, 2022
Thanks, jclark, I rarely respond to the extreme right wing maggots. I’ve learned that they don’t embrace the truth. Trump once said anyone who pleads the 5th is guilty or a gangster. If that’s his opinion I can’t wait for his arrest.

Mr. Bill 🤡 are you saying all those nicknames Trump gives out to people who tell the truth about him are libelous ? There are too many to name. But you have used them many times…..Please stop crying and feeling sorry for yourself. You put yourself in the position to be made fun of daily. Either you like it or to ignorant to understand that….and ho ho ho 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅…take time off on here and regain your dignity ….Stop being stupid for Trump as a New Year’s resolution ….I think you will find life better for you if you do.



1. a person who derives sexual gratification from their own pain or humiliation.

Why else would little Willy 🤭be such a glutton for punishment?

new Jan 6th transcripts just released the C. hutchinson lawyers were very careful in their word selection ( i bet they had a dictionary!)so as not to incriminate anyone can we call it witness tampering without libeling the failed ex president. Timely yet troubling! rage on much more to come


BM, In defense of Guy, who posted that the public education system failed Mr. Brandon, some people are so mentally ill that the educational system can’t help them. That is, in part, why we need a single payer national health care system, so that trained professionals can help those whose mental disabilities can not be addressed in public schools.

the grift continues!

Former President Trump is doing something he’s “never done before” and offering a personalized Christmas and New Year’s video message to one donor who contributes to his 2024 campaign.

“I am doing something I’ve NEVER done before. I want to send you a personal video message for Christmas… For the first time EVER, I’m filming a special video message to wish YOU a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This video will be personalized for YOU only,” the former president wrote in an email to subscribers.

The email encourages supporters to give at least $2 in order to be entered to win the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and receive the single video message up for grabs.

“When I look over the entry list later tonight, will I see YOUR name? Contribute $2 TODAY to enter to win,” Trump wrote.

Donkey boys unite and pool your change I bet you can come up with the $2.00

Does Donald Trump know anything more about Christmas than what they teach you in Macy’s?

Righties? Billy, F___YouBiden? MP Steve? How does the tRump and his tRump-humpers celebrate Christmas?


Trump promised to pardon all those convicted of participating in the 1/6 insurrection, including this individual who tried to help the MAGA-Qanon-Trump inspired disaffected persons in carrying out their assassination plans by cutting off power and thus creating chaos in the Capitol building:

Washington DC’s ABC affiliate reports: 12/22

“A Texas man who attempted to cut power to the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6 was found guilty Wednesday of seven criminal counts by a D.C. judge.

Christopher Ray Grider waived his right to a jury and instead sat for a bench trial. Grider was arrested last January and indicted on eight counts, including three felony counts of civil disorder and destruction of government property.

Grider told a reporter during an interview with KWTX in Waco, Texas, that he’d been inside the Capitol and had been just feet away from U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt when she was fatally shot.”

And some Americans still support Trump who supports these insurrectionists. It truly boggles the mind.

BM, Steve, F—JoeBiden please directly address your support for Trump’s pledge to pardon these individuals. If you don’t support this action, do you consider it so trivial that it doesn’t make you re-consider supporting and defending Trump?

Another Imagine that! Related to Bob’s earlier post.

Washington Post:

December 22, 2022 at 5:55 p.m. ET

“Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol that she was advised by her first lawyer to deliberately withhold information from investigators and was wooed with job offers and promises of financial stability in exchange for her loyalty to former president Donald Trump.

The claims — which, if true, amount to possible witness tampering — were detailed at length by Hutchinson in interview transcripts that the committee released Thursday.

In her testimony, Hutchinson accuses her first lawyer, former Trump White House ethics counsel Stefan Passantino, of coaching her to tell committee investigators during her interviews that she did not recall certain things. She said he also discouraged her from jogging her memory or even bringing notes to her interviews that investigators could then collect.

The less you remember, the better,” Hutchinson recalled Passantino telling her. “Don’t read anything to try to jog your memory. Don’t try to put together timelines. … Especially if you put together timelines, we have to give those over to the committee.”

In addition to her own lawyer, Hutchinson claimed that Trump’s former campaign lawyer, chief of staff, White House lawyers and other close confidants to the former president showered her with praise and promised that her loyalty would be rewarded.

“We’re gonna get you a really good job in Trump world,” Hutchinson said Passantino told her in one phone call days ahead of her scheduled testimony. “You don’t need to apply other places. We’re gonna get you taken care of. We want to keep you in the family.

The committee released the transcript of Hutchinson’s September testimony Thursday amid a final flurry of activity this week that also included multiple criminal referrals Monday, and the expected release of an 800-plus page report on the committee’s investigation”…..


Bob, Trump is outdoing P.T. Barnum in proving a sucker is born every minute. The gullible continue to enrich him; they can’t understand that he contributes nothing, produces nothing and is a leech who feeds on their naivety. Some are in so deep that they feel compelled to continue supporting him; admitting what fools he has made of them would be too painful. The trouble is, sooner or later they will have to face the mistake they made in honoring (worshiping?) the most despicable man in 21st century America. The longer they wait, the greater the pain will be.

Trump’s latest lawyer got a 3 million dollar retainer fee because he stiffs lawyers all the time. The money people donate to Trumps “Save America Pac is being used to pay his lawyers not to “Save America” or “Stop the Steal” ….It’s beyond me how people can be so gullible


I think the MAGA Republicans should focus on corruption in their own ranks and forget the “Deep State” nonsense”:

Tampa’s ABC affiliate reports:

“A seat in the Florida House sits empty following the resignation of Rep. Joe Harding amid accusations of lying to get a pandemic Payment Protection Program loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To fill the seat, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a special election would be held, with the primary coming in March, with the full election in May for Florida’s House District 24.

Harding, who faces a federal indictment for applying to get “more than $150,000” from the U.S. Small Business Administration, represented Marion County in the Florida House of Representatives.”

As the far right Christian Evangelicals good book says:

Matthew 7:5 King James Version (KJV)
“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

But, of course, they don’t study the New Testament’s moral lessons which are strikingly similar to virtually all of the great religions’ teachings and are best summed up in the golden rule:

Matthew 7:12 “Do to others as you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

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