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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Dec. 24

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Need coordinated safety in schools

The Saratoga Springs City School District wants to hire a couple of school resource officers (SROs), but some residents have voiced skepticism and suggested that aides and mental health specialists are better suited for handling school safety matters.
Parents need to know that there are really no substitutes for professionally trained law enforcement officers and other first responders in the event of active shooters and disasters.
The fact is that today we live in a very violent world and school police, like members of the U.S. Secret Service must be ready to give up their lives to protect students in a confrontation with a perpetrator of mass violence.
They also must be experts in crowd control at the numerous school shows, sporting and traveling events, held weekly by schools.
Moreover, it is essential that any officer assigned to a school is dedicated and permanently assigned to their school.
When school is not in session, it is important that all school safety or police officers not be re-assigned or used to cover regular town police shifts.
Instead, these officers could be working/training with school administrators, local police, fire, EMS and Homeland Security and related emergency teams in order to ensure a coordinated response should incidents arise.
Finally, the need for a holistic approach to school safety is needed so that anything that is present in the school environment that poses a risk to the safety of students and staff can be quickly dealt with.
Martin Alan Greenberg

Ranked choice may improve our politics

I keep hearing that our political system is broken from hyperventilating pundits, and that perhaps now is the time to at least try ranked choice voting.
The two party system we have is corrupted by billions of dollars being poured in by special interests on both sides.
The two parties have become clearinghouses for one-issue groups, and compromise has become a dirty word.
The vast majority of Americans want sensible government where things get done.
Political primaries are a joke;  the extreme fringes get to pick candidates that the rest of us have to hold our nose to vote for.
Special interests love the status quo as they only have to drop cash in two buckets to get access to the party elites.
Ranked choice would be a way of moderating the process, and diluting the special interest influence on elections so that the person with the loudest megaphone doesn’t necessarily get elected.
We’ve been on that course for a few decades, and what have we to show for it? Disenchanted citizens who feel that their voices are drowned out by the one issue voters guiding the process with the all-important political lifeblood infusion of money.
I believe that this would also ease rancor between those with differing opinions on how to best conduct the workings of our democracy.
Let’s try it. The path we’re on keeps getting darker.
Thomas Benson


World needs another Christmas Truce

Let’s have another Christmas Truce, as the front line soldiers did in 1914.  This was created by the real people, the folks who saw and paid the cost of war.  They lowered their  weapons, conversed, shared drinks, smokes, food and even played soccer.
If those soldiers could do it,  perhaps we the people can push the oligarchs, the military, industrial, congressional, billionaire complex that President Eisenhower warned against.
President Biden, declare a cease fire and negotiate a settlement, end the brutal killing of real people.
Imagine, then create, a 2022 Christmas Truce for the people, Now.
Peter Looker

Think Trump lied? How about Biden?

All during President Trump’s administration. I read weekly a count of how many lies he had told. I don’t remember the count, was it 5,000,10,000, 20,000,000?
I am wondering if you faithful Democrat hacks are keeping count of Biden’s whoppers.
I’m not talking about being in the top of his law school class when in fact he was 76th out of a class of 84, I’m talking about his current whoppers. You know, the border is secure, we inherited a broken border, inflation is transitory. One of my favorites is “gasoline was $5/gallon when I took office.”
Biden has said he was raised in a Puerto Rican community, an Italian community and maybe by a pack of wolves.
Don’t forget the fact inflation is so high because of Putin. Inflation was 6%-plus before Putin got anywhere near the border of Ukraine.
Under President Trump, the southern border was secure, inflation was less than 2%, the GDP grew 4% the last quarter of 2020, and Ukraine was still a sovereign nation. Biden has always been a national joke. Now he is an international joke.
Dave Edwards


Hope we’ve learned lessons from Jan. 6

I wish to applaud Marc Duquette, USN (retired) for his heartfelt thoughts in his Dec. 19 letter (“Military deserves better than Trump”) on the plight of any member of our military, active or retired, to have served under the former president.
Not only was he unable to properly perform in the office of the president, but he was truly unfit to be Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces.
Our military is sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, a sacred duty for which far too many have died.
To think that a president would suggest vacating the U.S. Constitution is truly unfathomable.
As a retired member of the military I was truly appalled at the behavior of some American citizens on Jan. 6 when they sought to destroy our American government.
Hopefully all of America has learned from these despicable acts. I fear that only time will tell.
Bruce Castka
COL USA (Retired)

Offer safe spaces to practice free speech

As members of a local community, it is essential that we have a space where we can exercise our freedom of speech and feel a sense of safety and connection.
This not only allows us to express ourselves freely and share our thoughts and ideas, but it also fosters a sense of community and belonging.
Furthermore, having a space where we can access tools and resources for personal development is crucial for the growth and success of our community.
These resources can range from educational programs and workshops to networking events and mentorship opportunities.
By providing access to these resources, we can support each other in our personal and professional growth, and ultimately create a stronger and more vibrant community. In addition to these benefits, having a space for free speech and personal development also promotes diversity and inclusion.
By providing a safe and inclusive space, we can encourage members of our community from all backgrounds and experiences to share their unique perspectives and contribute to the collective dialogue.
This not only enriches our community, but it also helps to foster understanding and empathy among its members.
In conclusion, it is crucial for our local community to offer its members a space for free speech, safety, and connection, as well as tools and resources for personal development.
By doing so, we can support each other in our growth and success, promote diversity and inclusion, and ultimately create a stronger and more vibrant community.
Roberto Morado

Help poor pet owners by donating food

Anyone who owns a pet(s) knows how expensive it is to feed and care for them.
Prices on food have skyrocketed and some people are having to turn their beloved pets in to the shelter because they can’t afford to feed them.
Can you afford an extra bag of dry food or a box of canned food to help your local animal shelter give pet food out to those in need?
Can you imagine having to give your pet up because you can’t afford to feed it?
Please help if you can. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Bad decision to run false political cartoon

I am very disappointed with The Daily Gazette editors who decided to run the political cartoon on Dec. 17 (“How the Democrats stole the election”) which supports Donald Trump’s big lie.
Political cartoons should represent all views and political parties, but the decision to run this particular cartoon demonstrated a blatant disregard for the basic element of truth.
Political cartoons are designed to inform and insight a dialog among all readers.
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, political cartoons must also adhere to certain standards, these include: “Although a drawing reflects a cartoonist’s judgment and point of view and the visual commentary often exaggerates circumstances, responsible editorial standards do not allow the artist to alter facts.”
As the Select Committee provided its final report on the Jan. 6 insurrection earlier this week, I cannot think of a poorer example of an editorial decision from this newspaper.
Jean Taylor

Church must make pensioners whole

Regarding Andrew Waite’s article (“St. Clare’s pensioners’ plea is straight from the heart”) in the Dec. 18 Gazette, my family was very close to St. Clare’s while I was growing up in Guilderland.
My father, Alexander J. Arony MD, was a practicing physician in the area for almost 40 years.
He had admitting privileges at St. Clare’s beginning about 1953, was one of the co-founders of the Family Practice Residency Program there in the early 70s and was chief of staff for several years.
My three sisters were born there and later two of them worked in the hospital, one as a candy striper and the other in the admitting office.
I spent the summer after high school graduation in 1966 working in the kitchen washing pots and pans.
My mother died at St. Clare’s in 1967 after being treated there for breast cancer over five years.
When Mary Hartshorne said “she felt like a member of the St. Clare’s family from her first days there in 1968” it truly resonated with me. So were we, although none of us could claim a pension.
What has happened to those who were and are pensioners is nothing less than a travesty.
It is yet another example of the Roman Catholic hierarchy abrogating its responsibilities to the faithful.
It is my earnest hope that those loyal and hard-working St. Clare’s employees are made whole by the state of New York in whatever form that may take.
And may it happen before the Church has a chance to watch them all go to their graves.
Merry Christmas indeed.
Phil Arony

Residents welcome to fire district forums

The Rotterdam Fire District 7 Commissioner and the Dec. 13 vote for a $275,000 bond resolution to purchase a new fire truck failed by a vote of 55 to 38.
While I was not running for commissioner, I would like to thank those who wrote my name in as a candidate on your ballot.
Having lost as a write-in candidate by 11 votes out of 90 plus votes for commissioner, I find myself very humble and thankful for your support and confidence.
The support I received from the community was far beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you.
Our work as taxpayers is not done.
In order to improve confidence that decisions are being made in the best interest of the community and fire district, frequent communications need to be established between the community and the Board of Commissioners.
The official district monthly meeting night is every third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the fire house. This meeting is open to the public and all are welcome.
I hope many of the residents will join me in attending district meetings to better understand how and why decisions are made on our behalf as taxpayers.
Paul Bahrmann



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christophe Stalka

Mr Edward’s the Jan 6th reports been issued why not give it a read. It may not keep your attention like the old nonsense stories youre regurgitating but the truth it presents is much more frightening than those fascinating tales that have no relevance today. TRUMP unfortunately was a disgrace.

From the better late than never file: I want to acknowledge those Republicans and Independents who chose Democracy over Trump and party loyalty in this most recent midterm election. It has given us a brief reprieve from the specter of outright dysfunction and MAGA politics for at least 2 more years. Thank you.

Dave Edwards ….I see such anger in your letter. I can understand your anger being that your guy Trump lost. But the misinformation you wrote won’t help your cause. People are slowly turning away from the cult leader you adore. All you are doing now is being stupid for Trump. Try to regain your dignity.

On a footnote…..In my comment I didn’t go over line by line all the disinformation in your letter and post the facts on purpose. I have done so in the last couple years and know it would be futile. …But Merry Christmas


“The revolution devours its own children” is a saying that came out of the French Revolution; Maximilien Robespierre, a Jacobin leader fighting the forces of royalty and nobility, the architect of the Reign of Terror, ultimately died under the blade of the guillotine himself. There is gathering evidence that extremism and unbridled ambition are creating divisions and weakening the MAGA/Qanon/Trump movement. We can be thankful for that:

The Daily Beast reports:

“The far right is out to destroy one of their own. Over the past week, far-right pundits have begun lining up to take shots at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as the congresswoman reportedly vacationed in Costa Rica.

As for why fellow extremists are upset? That’s three-fold—and it involves Greene’s vocal support for Rep. Kevin McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House, her public spat with onetime friend Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and the finalization of her divorce.”

The creators of chaos as a pathway to power are now suffering chaotic divisions within their own disorganized ranks.


Hemant Mehta reports at Only Sky: 12/23

“Michael Capps, a former Kansas lawmaker who once sponsored a bill to put the words “In God We Trust” in every federal building, has been found guilty of committing COVID relief fraud and money laundering. In 2018, the Republican was appointed to the Kansas State House and won his own election bid later that year.

Like other members of his party, he used his time in office to push Christianity on everyone. That’s why, in addition to his anti-trans and anti-abortion bills, Capps sponsored a bill to put “In God We Trust” in public buildings, including public schools. One of his campaign ads even opened with the line, “We’ve brought God back into our schools!”

From the Justice Department:

A federal jury convicted a Kansas man of defrauding federal and state agencies by a total of $355,550 in COVIID-19 business recovery funds.

Michael Capps, 44, of Wichita was found guilty of submitting false and fraudulent documents on behalf of his companies to Emprise Bank for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for Economic Injury Disaster (EIDL) loans, as well as to the Kansas Department of Commerce for Small Business Working Capital grants.

The jury convicted Capps of:
• one count of false statement to a bank for a PPP loan,
• one count of bank fraud – PPP loan,
• two counts of false statement to the SBA for EIDL loan,
• two counts of wire fraud SBA,
• two counts of wire fraud Kansas Department of Commerce, and
• four counts of money laundering.”

We must be ever vigilante. Many wear their religion on their sleeves as a cover-up for their criminal behavior. Many Christian Nationalist Evangelical leaders continue to scam people in plain sight.

The Politicians that use religion to promote their cause. Are the most dangerous to the constitution. They know they can rein in the gullible. They are like the Mega Churches pastors that enrich themselves from the parishioners who attend their service.


Well the Donkey Clowns are EEE-HAWWWING. They speak of the any opposing view like the Dementia Joe propaganda machine. The lead Donkey Clown talks about how revolution devours or children he is correct. Just look at our education system and how poor the level of education level the children are at. They push gender identity instead of math, English, Science, real history not made up anti American history. Project Veritas catches Illonois Dean of Students brining the LGBQT members into the classroom to teach queer sex and using butt plug, and dildos showing children. Talking about the use of lubricant for insertion. This school has received 10s of thousands of dollars from a transgender billionaire. Jenifer Pritzker a man who claims he is a women and happens to be the cousin of the Governor of Illinois. Yes Donkey clown your alum socialist democrats are pushing this and destroying our children.
To retired Col. Bruce Castka, I disagree with your assessment of Jan.6 and blaming the Trump supporters for the chaos. You failed to mention the Jan.6 committee was packed with anti Trump RINOS and Democratic Socialist all part of the deep state criminal syndicate. You failed to mention the entrenched FBI and also the offer from Trump to bring in the National Guard, the video he posted telling people to go home. They bring charges against Trump the evidence will come out. My guess is they will leave at the recommendation to pursue charges. One of Trumps aides states he lunged for the steering wheel of the SUV . All of the JAn6 hearing was nothing but a DONKEY CLOWN show. They have been going after him for 7 years , dragged out women who had their vagina grabbed long before he was a considering running for president. I sure you support the new woke military wanting to remove the pronouns Ma’am and Sir? I respectfully disagree with your assessment. But I do thank you for your service.
Ranked choice politics sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately the RINOS and Democratic Socialist that use our government to create their own self wealth and do not do the business for the people that have elected them.
Saving free speech will only occur when the MSM and social media stop censoring speech that question authority. Our freedoms and Constitutional rights.
Thankfully there are patriotic Americans. I know that is a controversial statement because the DONKEY CLOWN propaganda machine thinks the Democratic Socialist hell bent on destroying America with their agenda.
Merry Christmas may god have mercy on our country and guide the faithful to truth and justice.

the lets go Brandie is up and stomping his maryjanes like petulant little child. please calm down donkey boy.
its christmas eve maybe Santa will bring you a brain ! rage on donkey boy!rage on!

sorry brandies I didnt bother reading your daily dung dump before commenting on it I never do but your sounding particularly rage filled today. Please calm down. its christmas eve maybe Santa will bring you a brain- Im hoping for you ! rage on donkey boy!rage on!

on a more positive note: The Jan. 6 report quickly makes Amazon bestseller list
It took less than a day for the Jan. 6 report to go from public unveiling to the bestseller list on By late Friday, three editions of the report were in the top 30 on Amazon.

Publishers race to get their editions out » its a Festivus miracle!

Mr Varoma thank you for acknowledging Mr. Brandies expert level knowledge in this strange unique area of expertise and obsession. Brandies you have to cite credible sources if you want anyone to take you seriously Project Veritas – come on Brandies do better try harder!

christophe Stalka

Mr Brandies geez you’re really reaching today in your hysteria.Project Veritas you cite trash you wallow in trash. Can you say “not credible?” Repeat it multiple times…


The incident Letsgo refers to occurred in the Francis W. Parker School, an elite private k-12 academy in Chicago, Illinois. So, Letsgo, do you favor governments subsidies for elite private schools like the F. W. P. school such as tuition vouchers for those parents who choose them over public schools?

Maybe government should be certain private schools meet government standards and guidelines. Oh but wait that would constitute regulation by the government and we can’t have that.


“Project Veritas, the New York-based right-wing organization that made the video, claims on its website that it is “creating an army of guerilla journalists.” Its operatives assume fake identities and secretly record conversations, often attempting to shame or discredit progressive organizations and media outlets, including NPR.

The video footage was captured by an operative who presented himself as an attendee at the National Association of Independent Schools conference last week, according to Parker officials.

The operative recorded himself talking to Joseph Bruno, Parker’s dean of students. In the video, Bruno described an event during the school’s annual Pride Week last May. During an optional lunchtime session for high schoolers, educators from Howard Brown Health presented a lesson on queer sexual health that included showing sex toys to students. Bruno also mentioned a story time and photo-op with a drag queen. The video does not mention that both events were optional.

Targets of previous Project Veritas undercover video projects have included educators and teachers unions. The American Federation of Teachers in 2018 posted about a “heavily-spliced” Project Veritas video that misrepresented the union’s response to an accusation of teacher misconduct.

Parker leaders sent a letter to the school community late Wednesday saying “we are heartbroken that one of our colleague’s words have been severely misrepresented for a malicious purpose.” The letter offered strong support for their faculty and staff and for the school’s “inclusive, LGBTQ+ affirming, and comprehensive approach to sex education.”

The story is from WEBZ (12/8) and the video mentioned is the basis for Project Veritas’ manipulation of the story.


Patriotic Americans want to preserve our democracy from attack by authoritarian wannabes and their supporters in the MAGA-Qanon movement.

For the same reason Real Republicans are people like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Rick Wilson, and George Will. People like Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham et. al use the party as a vehicle for personal power. They have no principles; their only goal is self-aggrandizement.

Bill Marincic

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
The 2016 White House Press Basement Version by Greg Clugston ‘Twas the night before Christmas and in the White House,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung far away from Trump Tower, Where Republicans planned a transfer of power.
The daughters were dreaming of candy so sweet, And other delights Mother said not to eat.
The president was sleeping, all tucked in his bed, While visions of legacy danced in his head.
Obamacare, climate change, the Iran nuclear pact, Accomplishments to keep his record intact.
Yet all of his work could soon go away, After a stunning party loss on Election Day.
What a contest it was, the campaign of ’16, A presidential race like nothing we’ve seen.
Hillary tangled with Bernie, who looked something like Scrooge, Thrilling younger voters, his rallies were “Yuuuge!”
Clinton overcame Sanders with a DNC assist,
But doubts about her honesty continued to persist.
Out on the stump, her bid began to crumble –
Wikileaks, the Foundation, a pneumonia-induced stumble.
The race had it all – scandals you couldn’t escape,

From the FBI’s Comey to the Access Hollywood tape.
Trump was labeled “unfit,” nothing short of horrible, But he rode to victory with his “basket of deplorables.”
All of sudden, there arose such a clatter, Obama jumped up to see what was the matter.
When, who should appear on the South Lawn below, But President-elect Trump with his family in tow.
There was Ivanka, Melania, and his 10-year-old son, Plus Kushner and Bannon, who was riding shotgun.
More rapid than eagles, his insults took aim,
To his critics, he shouted and called them all names:
“Now, Miss Piggy! Little Marco and Low Energy Jeb! On, Pocahontas! Crooked Hillary and Lyin’ Ted!”
Blasting out Tweets, he rolled in like a storm, Unpredictable as ever, refusing to conform.
He threatened to cancel a new Air Force One, And warned Cuba’s deal could soon be undone.
Trump doubted claims of Russian-backed hacking, Dissing intelligence as utterly lacking.
There were calls to “Drain the Swamp” and calls to “Build a Wall,”
And a phone call with Taiwan – a break with protocol.
POTUS heard him exclaim, as if he couldn’t wait: “Merry Christmas to all! Let’s make America

Bill Marincic

‘Twas the night before #impeachment and all through the House,

Pelosi chased vulnerable Democrats, like a cat after a mouse.

The Articles were sent to the Capitol without care,

And put before all Members, after a process far from fair.

The Democrats were restless, not snug in their beds,

While nightmares of November danced in their heads.

And the whole country knew those four facts to be true;

Pelosi looked away, but not Jeff Van Drew.

When, what to my wondering eyes should I see,

But the Coastal Impeachment Squad with hearts full of glee.

Away to the cameras Democrats flew in a dash,

They couldn’t resist impeaching the President, despite the backlash.

Pelosi sprung from her chair, and to her team gave the okay,

And weary Democrats knew they had to obey.

“On, Swalwell! On, Lofgren! On, Jackson Lee!

I know you’ll vote YES on impeachment, you always follow me!”

And I heard her exclaim, as they walked off the floor,

“Merry impeachment to all! Now voters will show you the door.”

Bill Marincic

Just a reminder to the blind mice donkey clowns on this page, in other words, Democrats. Patriotism is love of country not the love of government see that’s where are you lefties get it wrong You believe in big government you want government to control every part of our lives. The true patriots and the reason this country was formed was that people have the rights, not the government. The first amendment of the constitution was freedom of speech and freedom of religion. No one could tell us what to say, and no one can tell us who we could pray to , the Second Amendment was to protect us if the government tried to take the first amendment. Also, the second amendment was to stop the government from infringing on our rights that are in the constitution. This is your lesson on Christmas Eve merry Christmas. God bless America.

Yet more reasons the right should avoid humor all together.
What a mess.
And yes, the voters showed him the door and slammed the door on numerous other MAGAts. So?

maybe we need an amendment to cover seditious insurrectionists oh wait thats #14 bray on Big BM the only people needing history lessons on this board are you and that donkey boy Brandie. i think Mr Santo has provided your daily lesson in facts

Mr. Bill 🤡 that’s quite a rant on Christmas Eve. But I was wondering how you feel About Mr. Brandon’s 🤡rant on butt plugs.


Patriotism is love of your country. Liberals love their country for the values it represents; a democratic government certainly qualifies as do tolerance and equality under the law. Progressivism seeks equality of opportunity which includes compensating for past injustices to various minorities through legislation.

The far right views patriotism as rooted in an ethno-religious-racial base. They are more likely to show their patriotism through allegiance to a strong man and through symbols and exaggerated expressions of chauvinistic nationalism, often expressed as hatred for those who don’t fit their view of what it means to be American. They are prone to authoritarianism which unites the “real” citizens, i.e. those of a certain ethnic, ideological, and religious background.

Freedom of religion implies freedom from religion. No religion has the right to impose its morality or doctrines on the public.

Of course all governments have rights. Our government has the power to legislate and enforce laws. Courts exist to interpret the law. No one wants the government to control all aspects of our lives. The government should not have the power to interfere in personal medical decisions; abortion and treatment options for transsexuals are two good examples.

The second amendment was meant to insure a militia could be raised to fight insurrection and other threats to the state: The opening words: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” makes that quite clear to anyone who sees the NRA as an arm of the gun industry, not a protector of constitutional rights.

Oh darn, F___youBiden, and all patriotic righties!
Kari Lake’s law suits tossed. TOSSED! I tell you. Those wily liberal dark forces win again!
Curse you, Hillary! It’s got George Soros and Jewish space lasers written all over it! Where’s John-John when you most need him?

But wait till 2024 when there’s a Red Tide that’ll wash over our country (with god’s blessings) and send all the sinful libs and their sexy toys packing!
You people are unbelievable. I’d wish you merry Christmas but it doesn’t look you follow any version of the faith I’m familiar with, and your actions prove that.

So may peace finally find you and comfort you.

christophe Stalka

Chuck D krazzi kari Lake is right up there with mad madge Greene competing for queens of the fartrighties!let the herd bray on

A wise philosopher said:
“If I’ve said it once I’ve said it now a thousand times: Everything that comes out of (tRump’s) mouth is either confession or projection.”

And predictably his followers do just as their leader does, as we see here daily.

My apologies, a recycled and updated joke:

Three Democrats and three Republicans are about to board a train, headed for respective party conventions. The three Dems watch as the three Reps buy their tickets. The Reps then watch as the Dems buy one ticket, which the Reps mock with great laughter. “How foolish are you to think you can travel on one ticket!”, to which the Dems respond simply, “Just watch”.

On boarding, the Reps find themselves seats, and the Dems all head for a bathroom and pile in. When the conductor comes around calling for tickets, the Reps dutifully and confidently hand theirs over to be punched. Smiling broadly they watch as the conductor then knocks on the bathroom door, “Ticket please”. The door cracks open and a hand appears with a ticket which the conductor punches and moves on to the next car.

The Reps are flummoxed. “We can do that too!” they excitedly whisper.

So on the way home all six again board the same train. This time the Reps buy one ticket, and the Dems? They just get on the train. The Reps (hiding some confusion) point and laugh at the Dems saying, “How will you ever get away with that?”

“Just watch”, say the Dems.

As the conductor approaches their car, the Reps boldly head for the bathroom, squeeze in (because they tend to be larger) and close the door. Once their door’s closed, the Dems head for the other one and just before the conductor enters the car, one Dem slips out and knocks on the Reps’ door, “Ticket please”.


From Quora:

“What kind of person likes trump?
The short answer: a certain percentage of the American public love bigoted demagogues and there are a lot of bigoted demagogues in America; and only one of them is trump, your ex-president.

Chief among the elements that makes trump a bigoted demagogue is his affection for tribalism, misogyny, and racism which resonates with such a broad swath of Americans.

Those of us who find him to be a repellent narcissist with a dangerous outlook are often forced to reckon with why a repellent narcissist with a perilous outlook can be so captivating.

Supporters who get a kick out of how republicans trot out their take on “One great way to own the libs is to vote for the guy they hate,” do so with a lack of variations which is all they’re capable of.

So the calibre of person who gravitates toward trump is chock full of belittling labels as he emulates his wayward idol. And, of course, there’s the childish appeal of speaking the unspeakable as they resent being told, even implicitly, that they are hateful, toxic, bitter and backwards.

We cannot omit polarization. We can thank decades of Republican culture war messaging with Fox News and conservative talk radio as the top purveyors.

They discovered you can brainwash a whole lot of people into seeing their fellow countrymen as enemies, and that they even kinda like it since it allows everyone involved to feel as though they’re engaged in a crucial battle.

It’s a team thing and the team is paramount which is the reason trump’s contradictions and lies don’t matter to them in the least.”

Bill Marincic

Well Varoma it is you that has mentioned it multiple times and Brandon mentioned it once when telling about your brethren. I would say you are the one obsessed but to tell the truth I’m really not surprised.

Merry Christmas may God bless America

Bill Marincic

Santo so you found a kindred spirit on Quora. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll find all those stories on there about Joe Biden too.


Another quote from Quora I agree with. I don’t know why so many are willing to give up so much for this miscreant ex-president:

Is Mark Meadows willing to go to prison for Trump?

“Absolutely Mark Meadows is nothing but a snake in the grass just like Rudy Giuliani. Both men lost every single thing they built up throughout their entire life all in the name of Donald J Trump.

Trump sets back and let’s these two men and many more of his Republican supporters go behind bars for him. Would Trump do the same for them? Including all those that have been placed behind bars that stormed our Capitol Building all in the name of their God Donald Trump.

Why is Trump not behind bars. That’s a question for our DOJ/ Merrick Garland.”


Those who continue to support Trump have lost their integrity and common sense. The MAGA commenters on this forum never respond to the specific content of posts they disagree with. They are more inclined to post silly poems than to confront the true nature and criminal behavior of their digital card selling scam artist. They can’t explain away the crimes he has committed or discuss his character without impugning him so they insult, post incoherent drivel, silly poems and evade.

Happy Winter Solstice and New Year

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