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Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 2

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Santos proves he can’t be trusted

News flash for Congressman-elect George Santos: saying you have a degree from a particular college, when you never graduated from any college, and saying that you are Jewish, when you are Catholic, goes way beyond “embellishing my resume.”
It is lying — pure and simple. And one must question what other “embellishments” you have put forth.
You, Sir, quite simply cannot be trusted.
Angela Marczewski

Negotiating with Putin is dangerous

WOW! That was my reaction upon reading Jim Callahan’s letter (“Time for Ukraine to negotiate with Putin”) on Dec. 27.
Negotiate with Putin? Negotiate with an aggressor, who is ravaging your country, and trying to eradicate your democracy?
What would Mr. Callahan suggest? Relinquish whatever portion of Ukraine that Putin desires?
Does he honestly believe that Putin would stop there, if his goal is achieved? What other democracies would be under threat from Putin?
As for his concern on dollars, in military aid and equipment, I would guess that it would be a much higher cost in dollars, and lives, if Putin is allowed to advance his objectives, and move onto his next conquest.
Mr. Callahan states that he’s not an apologist for Putin, but he’s presenting a defense for Putin’s actions in his letter.
That’s the very definition of an apologist.
As for his remarks, how would we expect Putin to react with NATO on his doorstep, NATO is a Mutual Defense Pact, not an invader.
Moreover, Mr. Callahan, Canada is already a member of NATO. And why would Mexico have cause to fear the United States? My takeaway from Mr. Callahan’s letter is that he doesn’t consider democracy worth preserving, unless it’s our own.
Something to ponder.
Jill Miglin
Burnt Hills

Look at positives in city of Amsterdam

I’m writing this letter after serving two terms as the alderman for the 2nd Ward in the city of Amsterdam.
There was a chance that I would be elected. I won by the slimmest of margins. Out of approximately 500 votes cast, I won by about 40 votes.
I was scared, especially when I was called alderman.
After two terms, I must admit, I still don’t understand a lot of things. My counterparts helped me, especially Mayor Mike Cinquanti and Deputy Mayor Jim Martuscello.
People in Amsterdam and surrounding areas always find negative topics to bring up, especially at Common Council meetings, and there are those.
In my two terms, let us see all the positives.
Our debt has been reduced and we have experts in many areas, including Mike Clark, attorney, Tony Casale, Stephanie Gerkin, Amanda Bancroft.
We have a river; a railroad; a walking bridge; and two trails — the Chuctanunda walking trail and one that goes through Slezar’s property but which is temporarily on hold because of possible diesel fuel.
We now are going to have a new controller and new roundabouts, and we’re tearing down blighted properties.
When I was a boy, I used to go with my grandfather and pick mushrooms, not knowing that someday as I near my 80th birthday these same fields will be lined with great businesses.
So as I look ahead, I’ll always think of Amsterdam as a great city in the United States and one I would never leave.
David Gomula


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Angela M. Agreed if you are caught lying on your resume for an elected position then you should be removed or voluntarily step down. Sadly this always seems to be one sided. Elizebeth (Pocahontas) Warren, Ilan Omar, Even local city council member Mootooveren stated he was an accountant and in reality he was a book keeper. This is the very root problem of our countries politics. We are set up as a nation of laws and have three branches of government that are supposed to keep each other in check. Once it is corrupted it fails.
Reminds me of a sales training seminar I went to. It was called mental ticket. John and Sally were constantly late for sales meetings. While the rest of the sales team were on time they were both late. One day Jim was busy doing a contract and did not want to stop his train of thought and was 5 minutes late. Jim said hey John and Sally are always late so it won’t matter if I am late. Then Tom and Patty and Lisa and Rick decided to do the same thinking why not the others get away with it. That is the breakdown of accountability.
The same for our Government regardless of what level. It starts with little infraction of policy or law and snowballs into what we have now. Republican or Democrat it does not matter if you break the rules of conduct or laws you should face the consequences.

Angela Marczewski & Jill Miglin are both spot on. Hopefully we are coming back to our senses in 2023.
Putin is losing, 45 is a train wreck loser with a weak campaign attempt, and his taxes reveal even more damning evidence.
Brazil replaced 45s right wing ally who refused to accept the outcome and is also under investigation (sound familiar?).

The DOJ has arrested 900 Jan 6th thugs so far. Let’s tie a big bow on top and indict our own former president and his cronies for their traitorous attempt to turn us into an autocracy. Only then will the USA be on solid footing.


Negotiating with Putin.
It would seem that the United States feels as though they rule without sin. There are plenty of stories regarding the U.S. going into a country for that countries own good. The problem is other countries do not see it that way. Regardless of what you think Putin’s true objectives are my question is the timing of the event. What caused the invasion really, was it because they wanted to annex the country? The question is why now? What else was going on in Ukraine. Bill Clinton was able to get Ukraines sovereignty by negotiating along with Jim Baker and $700 million to Ukraine to push the nuclear disarmament of Ukraine. This per WSJ article 03/25/2022 sealed the fate of Ukraine.
My question is the timing of the invasion. What happened in Ukraine from Bill Clintons deal to now Biden’s administration. I have my thoughts on the topic. So is it prudent that the U.S. continue its current policy on Ukraine. There is an argument regarding Bio-weapons labs, Ukraine says they are not weapon labs. There is a money trail for Bio lab funding from the United States. The Pentagon admitted to 46 militarily funded Bio labs in Ukraine. Of course there was nothing nefarious going on there it was all for the benefit of the Ukrainian people.
With that said what if the United States found out that Russia made a deal with Canada to install 46 Bio labs funded by the Russian military along the U.S. border. Would that be reason for concern for the United States?
I am not a fan of Putin but he is the man in charge of Russia and has to look at other super powers as potential enemies. With the outbreak of Covid and the Fauci’s involvement with gain of function one could see Putins apprehension of 46 Militarily funded bio labs on his countries border.
How do we solve the problem that would appear was caused by Bill Clintons nuclear arms deal and $700 million. What is the United Staes hiding or protecting in Ukraine that we would send billions upon billions of dollars supporting this country. After all Bill Clinton only spent $700 million to seal its fate.
Something to Ponder.

christophe Stalka

Jill miglin excellent commentary clear concise and well thought contrasts greatly with the daily drivel from let’s go brandies who obviously has on a shrunken
pair of his Robin tights . Calm yourself Brandies your already wound tighter than a yo yo off to the bat cave donkey boy. Bray on loudly its a new year obviously no resolution to sound sane. AMERICA and NATO stand against Putin and damsel donnie

I’ll add how funny it is to watch Kevin McCarthy FLAILING trying to be the next Speaker. Well, he is a weak, power-hungry traitor so he deserves all the humiliation he’s getting. Will the gop wake up and put a moderate, non-maga speaker in place? They will continue to lose elections if they don’t.


As usual right on cue with the attacks. No mention of DONKEy clowns or DEMON critic Socialist. Just putting out a different view of a situation. But for the DG Donkey CLOWNS it is the same old propaganda. It is funny because I use the word donkey to substitute the other name for the breed. Your comments exemplifies the term DONKEY clown. What is comical is that you fail yourself and your family for being unable to think freely and not be what Bill would call BLIND MICE. I believe DONKEY clown is a better fit. EEE-HAWW clown.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Brandon 🤡……throwing in a 80 year old man who served this country honorably for most of his life is a classic trump move…Making Fauci a scapegoat for Trump’s incompetence on the covid response is despicable ….No New Year’s Cheer for you

christophe Stalka

Brandies most of us read those same TASS news releases you embrace as fact Americans not as idiots ready to swallow Putins line of Big BM. I’m not even mildly interested in your alternative reality Putinistas are putinistas go donkey boy bray on America and NATO are not the bad guys here regardless of how hard you try to spin it


WSJ is a TASS news release? What are you saying that the WSJ is a communist news thread? Nice one DONKEY clown. Fauci is going to be convicted for his crimes against humanity for his active role in COVID. You DONKEY’s clowns are hilarious with the hypocrisy. The left push back on everything president Trump tried to do for the COVID attack. He wanted to shut down the travel into the United Staes. He was called a racist, Pelosi wanted to go have dinner in China town to ridicule him. A new Congress is here and let’s see what Pandora’s box has in store for the DEMON-cratic-Socialist.


Strong evidence that our border problems are based on misconceptions about the true causes of the complex situation are the topic of an editorial from the Los Angeles Times on the Opinion page of today’s DG (Misconceptions…” p. C6):

-The Biden administration continues to use Title 42 to turn immigrants away at the border. It doesn’t work because those expelled try again, often with the assistance of gangs, to enter illegally. This makes the situation seem worse as some immigrants attempting entry are counted more than once.

-The border is not wide open. Fencing, where possible, has been built along much of the border. There are 26,000 border patrol agents and drones, thermal imaging, and motion detectors are being used to secure the border.

-There is no crisis involving “invasion” at the border. It is a humanitarian crisis and should be dealt with as such. “A combination of factors including civil strife, climate changer and political instability–some caused by U.S. policies–has forced many people around the world to leave their homes in search of employment and safety.”

MAGA is using tactics associated with fascism to create fear and division among Americans. Frightened people who imagine hordes of immigrants “bringing drugs, bringing crime” and portrayed as “rapists” are far more likely to turn to an autocrat who will unify the country to fight the “barbarian hordes.”

The editorial concludes: “The humanitarian crisis demands that politicians do their job to secure the southern border and to do so humanely. It just might be possible if politicians perpetuate facts rather than harmful myths.”

To make this a partisan issue, to encourage a distorted image of immigrants, to see them as a menace rather than people seeking a better life and likely contributors to our economy is very dangerous and leads to cruel and unworkable “solutions.” We have heard calls to shoot them in the legs and fill a moat with alligators along a continuous border wall. The Republicans must sit and talk with Democrats to arrive at sane, humanitarian, bipartisan solutions, particularly more immigration judges and courts, controlled entry points, humane facilities to house immigrants, training and educational programs and aid to countries to help them end the gang violence that plagues their homelands. What kind of America do we want to live in?

christophe Stalka

Brandies I stand by what I wrote your buddies know how to influence the weak minded so does dzmsel Donnie bray on America and NATOare not the bad guys here spin it donkey boy spin it


Why would Ukraine agree to negotiate with Putin when the Russian dictator is invading, dismembering, destroying and annexing their territory? He is unwilling to make any concessions. He obviously wants much of Ukraine incorporated into his “Evil Empire” with the remaining portion, a Russian vassal state. Does anyone believing he will, from his more powerful position not seek more territory that was formerly part of the USSR?

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo if they can’t have Damsel Donnie who we dumped out of power they’ll wuv the Vlad just like Trump did … and they do bray on donkey boys


A.S. good question why would Ukraine refuse any proposal or negotiation with Russia. They didn’t have an issue with removing their nuclear weapons. Bill Clinton along with Jim Baker and $700 million seemed to be good enough. Russian left them alone for a long time until recent events. The COVID outbreak maybe sent Russia a warning that the 46 Bio labs Ukraine that were funded by the U.S. military was a factor. The Pentagon confirmed the funding of these labs. So why now are we spending BILLIONS for the Ukraine war? I asked a simple question used the WSJ article and fact based checking. Would the U.S. have cause for concern if Canada all of a sudden had 46 Russian funded Bio labs on the U.S. border. What would the U.S. do? I have said it before I am not a Putin fan, but the timing is coincidental. Just posting a different point of view and not accepting the MSM narrative.
More and more information and origins of the virus are coming to light that perpetuates the nefarious intentions of the COVID and gain of function.
I did not make any comments derogatory in my post about the others, but like usual they attack the person making comments. Their comments speak volume about the term DONKEY clown. Seems to fit.


Also like to mention about Trumps Covid response. They stopped two medication that stopped covid. Ivermectin is clinically proven to work. Hydroxychloroquine is another medication that helps. Why did they stop both?

christophe Stalka

Brandie where is that dewormer you boys so enjoy clinically proven to work I mean FDA approved not some half donkey boy type source? Clinically approved means a certain standard in the US Trump telling you to stick a bulb up your butt is not clinically proven fools need to Bray


This is the latest attempt at immigration legislation.
One of the reasons negotiators reached an impasse was because of a Republican demand to curb releases of migrants into the U.S., including by terminating the Flores agreement, a court settlement that limits the detention of migrant children, two congressional officials said.

While the talks between Sinema and Tillis received expressions of support from moderate lawmakers and organizations, they also garnered criticism from critics on both the left and right.

Immigration hardliners and some Republican lawmakers criticized the legalization proposal for Dreamers, saying the U.S. should not be granting “amnesty” to immigrants living in the U.S. without legal permission amid record arrivals of migrants along the southern border.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who has previously floated bipartisan immigration compromises, told Reuters this week that the Sinema-Tillis talks were “not going anywhere.”

For decades, Congress has remained gridlocked on immigration issues, with major bipartisan efforts to change U.S. immigration laws faltering in 2018, 2013 and 2007. The first bill to legalize Dreamers, for example, was introduced over two decades ago, in 2001. “NOT THE PRESIDENTS FAULT” any president for that matter even the former one.

Bill Marincic

Perfect what JClark? I’ll tell you it was a typical ridiculous comment from Restifo who adds absolutely ZERO to any conversation. We all post facts or comments, rather than responding intelligently we get asinine comments like the one above from Restifo or just plain attacks. Obviously people like you and Lou and the rest are just parroting CNN.

Bill Marincic

Angela Marczewski I’m not making excuses for Santos, but do you feel the same about Biden? He has said dozens of times his son Beau died in Iraq, he is lying, he died In Washington from cancer. Biden says it was from burn pits but leading brain surgeon’s say untrue. Biden said he was 1st in his law school class, he was 74th out of 85 students. I could go on for days with Biden’s lies; will you condemn him as well?


lgb, See a few previous posts before today actually had paragraphs, making reading your rants easier if that’s what one wanted to do. I can only guess you post like you do without “taking a breath” so to speak as once your mind goes into rant mode you can’t help your self, facts or truth be dammed I’m on a rant just keep typing. I guess that’s where the keep on braying comes into play. Have a nice day.

Bill Marincic

Chris Stalker. Laser Light Therapy Seen As “Magic Bullet” For Treating Some Throat And Oral Cancers

It’s been around since before 2003. You are a complete fool.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡….you never post facts ….you post opinionated conspiracies. This is the reason you say people “pick” on you. Try posting something with hard facts and your life will improve. ….Any luck on your “fact” on breaking window glass yet ?

Bill Marincic

You act like Trump was stupid when he suggested that, the fact is he understood that it was used for cancer and was talking and thinking out loud. Maybe that could be used for Covid as well. Pretty forward thinking of him I would say, ignorant comment from you, I would also say.

Bill Marincic

I just posted fact varoma. Maybe you could prove me wrong and show me the security video from Pelosi neighborhood of this guy walking down the street in his underwear and a hammer.

christophe Stalka

Big billy I heard a moron at TASS suggested a lobotomy might work for tonsillitis very forward thinking on par with that dewormer that doesn’t work. He was just thinking out loud get in line Big BM bray on


Brandon, this statement from you above post is not true:

“They stopped two medication that stopped covid. Ivermectin is clinically proven to work. Hydroxychloroquine is another medication that helps.”

Here is the truth about ivermectin from the Health Alert Network:

“Ivermectin is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescription medication used to treat certain infections caused by internal and external parasites. When used as prescribed for approved indications, it is generally safe and well tolerated.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ivermectin dispensing by retail pharmacies has increased, as has use of veterinary formulations available over the counter but not intended for human use. FDA has cautioned about the potential risks of use for prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19. ClinicalTrials.govexternal icon has listings of ongoing clinical trials that might provide more information about these hypothesized uses in the future.

Adverse effects associated with ivermectin misuse and overdose are increasing, as shown by a rise in calls to poison control centers reporting overdoses and more people experiencing adverse effects.”

Ivermectin has not been stopped. However it is not effective against COVID and its misuse is dangerous.

Regarding hydroxychloriquine, the F.D.A. has issued the following information:

“July 1, 2020 Update: A summary of the FDA review of safety issues with the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is now available. This includes reports of serious heart rhythm problems and other safety issues, including blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and liver problems and failure.

June 15, 2020 Update: Based on ongoing analysis and emerging scientific data, FDA has revoked the emergency use authorization (EUA) to use hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat COVID-19 in certain hospitalized patients when a clinical trial is unavailable or participation is not feasible. We made this determination based on recent results from a large, randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients that found these medicines showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery. This outcome was consistent with other new data, including those showing the suggested dosing for these medicines are unlikely to kill or inhibit the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, we determined that the legal criteria for the EUA are no longer met. Please refer to the Revocation of the EUA Letter and FAQs on the Revocation of the EUA for Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate and Chloroquine Phosphate for more information.”

How Anthony Fauci, who worked all his life to fight infectious diseases and give the best medical advice to the American people, has become a villain and a criminal because he changed his advice based on incoming data and changing situations, to so many Americans is very, very sad and disturbing. The same people honor the narcissistic Trump though in February he was claiming COVID would disappear in 3 weeks, like magic, and advised bleach, ultraviolet light exposure, and hydroxychloriquine as treatments.

Hydroxychloroquine has not been “stopped”: “Hydroxychloroquine is a medicine that is FDA-approved to treat arthritis and to treat or prevent malaria.” Reuters

Bill Marincic

Stalker, I figured it out, you are Lou’s son, because you never have anything to say a value either. Not only that you don’t know how to write a paragraph let alone a sentence. You need to get back to fourth grade and start again.

christophe Stalka

This is not a lie Dr Oz pushed the use of hydroxychloroquine and he was proven to have financial ties to the producers. EVEN a 4TH GRADER can see that not very forward thinking its just another liar in action Bray on donkey boy

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 your defense for Trump of the blue light and disinfectant is: “He was just thinking aloud”….That’s hilarious …..Trump’s problem is he should have never been out there giving a press conference on scientific matters. His problem is his need to be the “star” of everything. …Let me ask you Mr. Bill 🤡 was Trump just “thinking aloud” when he said White Supremist racists in Charleville were good people?


Bill Marincic
January 2nd, 2023
I just posted fact varoma. Maybe you could prove me wrong and show me the security video from Pelosi neighborhood of this guy walking down the street in his underwear and a hammer.

BM, I am still trying to understand what you claim (imply?) happened the night Paul Pelosi was bludgeoned by a man wanting to break Nancy’s Pelosi’s kneecaps. You have stated (implied), because of your great knowledge of the dynamics of shattering glass, that David DePape was breaking out of the house. You now know (imply) he was a male prostitute because he was in his underwear and there is no video footage of a man approaching the Pelosi house in his underwear and with a hammer. I think you are claiming the man was trying to protect Pelosi from public knowledge of his consorting with a male prostitute.

However, this wild conjecture on your part does not align with anything known about DePape or Paul Pelosi or any of the known facts in this case. If I am wrong about what you believe (imply), please tell me what happened on that night, including why DePape bludgeoned Pelosi with a hammer.

BTW way, I am assuming you meant he was carrying a hammer, not “in a hammer.”

Bill Marincic
January 2nd, 2023
Perfect what JClark? I’ll tell you it was a typical ridiculous comment from Restifo who adds absolutely ZERO to any conversation. We all post facts or comments, rather than responding intelligently we get asinine comments like the one above from Restifo or just plain attacks. Obviously people like you and Lou and the rest are just parroting CNN.

Hey, self proclaimed, high IQ genius, JClark didn’t post “perfect”, it was Diane Sanders Hombach, a Black woman, who I’d be willing to bet, like the rest of us non-MAGA morons belives you to be a bigoted racist.

I love it…. “we get asinine comments like the one above from Restifo or just plain attacks.” That in itself is an attack on me you foolish hypocrite.

You call my comments “asinine” but, I ask which one of is “responding intelligently” by putting up the braying ass, he- haw, comments?

“We all post facts” Give me a break. Half of what you post you believe to be “facts”, but the truth of the matter is that it’s only fact in your twisted simple, evil little mind.

Now tell me why “bleach” is an “asinine” comment when talking about “Trumps Covid response”, “Ivermectin” and “Hydroxychloroquine”

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo it is just another example of a lie. There have been many today. He will not respond because his statements are up there with his claims that his dewormer was a clinically approved treatment for covid.I’m sure he’s stocking up on more as we speak lie and bully it’s an MO.

January 2nd, 2023
Stalker, I figured it out, you are Lou’s son, because you never have anything to say a value either. Not only that you don’t know how to write a paragraph let alone a sentence. You need to get back to fourth grade and start again.

Lots of “value”- lots of “fact” – no “just plain attacks” and nothing “asinine”

Good job Bill!!

Plus, you’re a little confused. Like most of what you say Bill, you’ve got it backwards. Wasn’t your insult supposed to say; you don’t know how to write a sentence, let alone a paragraph.

It needs to be said that accusations of Joe Biden being a liar, or twisting personal facts, or verbal missteps have been unfortunate and I didn’t vote for him in the Primaries.

But nothing he’s said, or misstated compares to what the previous president pathologically lies about. At least the American people know which one has ALL Americans interests at heart, and isn’t blatantly beholden to Vladimir Putin.

Accusations of lying coming from the Republicans and right-wingers are laughable at best, and outright deflection from the stewing swamp they finds themselves in. Trump lost, and his dishonesty and traitorous behavior will keep him tied up in the legal system for the rest of his life, at least and rightly so.

bob gareat

The topic of the day seems to have shifted from the WEF and Klaus to liars. Interesting most of yesterday’s posts about the WEF were lies today the liars seem to have moved on or run for the hills. As long as the POTUS isnt selling out the country to a foreign adversary Im pretty satisfied. Guess after a four year nightmare thats to be expected.


Lou, It is obvious that BM’s posts are emotional outbursts with little thought put into them. Will we ever be able to help him understand how he sounds to reasonable people? It is unlikely.

ChuckD, MAGA-ites never address the magnitude of the lies told by Trump. Nor, do they discuss the damage done to our country as a result of his continuing lies about the ELECTION HE LOST, OR HIS LIE ABOUT HAVING TURNED OVER ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS HE ILLEGALLY TOOK WITH HIM TO MAR A LAGO.

I supported Elizabeth Warren in 2020 and I believe both Biden and Harris should step aside and allow for the nomination of a candidate younger than Biden and with more gravitas than Kamala Harris. I would favor someone like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, or Sherrod Brown. As a possible VP nominee or presidential nominee Katy Porter would be outstanding, as would Elizabeth Warren. Any way you combine them they are far better than any Republican alternatives.


Diane Sanders Hombach
January 2nd, 2023
Thank you Mr Santo for FACTS.

I am pleased that you underscore, by thanking me, that I try to stick to the facts. But, please, join in with your views and opinions. We need more people willing to confront the disinformation posted by some on this site daily.


Mr. Gareat, It seems that the far right has hit a brick wall in their attempts to portray the World Economic Forum as a malevolent force. They refuse to state, precisely, what is wrong with the goals of the WEF. Instead they repeat unsubstantiated accusations coming from the heart of their white Christian supremacy ideology. They tried to imply that Shwab said he wanted to indoctrinate children, not mentioning with what ideology, but when confronted with the fact he never said anything so ridiculous, they acknowledged error, but only through silence.


Trump is the lying candidate, the creator of fear, hatred and chaos as the only means to manipulate those who constitute his base. The truth about early voting:

Data Debunks Trump’s Crusade Against Early Voting
January 2, 2023 Trump Corruption, Trump Lies

Politico reports:

“If there was any doubt Donald Trump’s vilification of early voting is only hurting the GOP, new receipts from the midterm elections show it.

Election data from a trio of states that dramatically expanded the ability to cast ballots before Election Day, either early or by mail, demonstrate that the voting methods that were decidedly uncontroversial before Trump do not clearly help either party.

Lawmakers of both parties made it easier to vote by expanding availability of mail and early voting in a politically mixed group of states: Vermont, Kentucky and Nevada. The states had divergent results but shared a few key things in common. Making it easier to vote early or by mail did not lead to voter fraud, nor did it seem to advantage Republicans or Democrats.”

Trump, the biggest living threat to American security and values is going down. He is a liar, a phony, and a greedy narcissist. Anyone who continues to support him is uninformed, a white supremacist, prejudiced against minorities of all types, or simply unwilling to acknowledge error.

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