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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Jan. 3 – From readers in Schenectady and Ballston Spa

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No help for Ukraine, Buffalo or Griner

The U.S. government just approved another couple of billion dollars to Ukraine. Just what is the United States getting out of this taxpayer giveaway?
Does this mean Ukraine is our friend now and we are paying for friendship, nothing else? What about trade agreements down the road? Anything?
How come France has only donated two baguettes and a half a pack of cigarettes, yet the United States has put billions into this useless mud ball?
Our governor last week got to the podium and whined that she had to help poor Buffalo with severe winter storm issues with state funds. So let me get this straight, they get between $600 billion and $800 billion dollars for an unnecessary football stadium. Shouldn’t the taxpayer money go to the Department of Transportation and lifesaving services for all New York state counties’ needs first and any excess go to useless projects. Pandering for votes never takes a day off, does it?
The United States is thrilled that Brittney Griner was saved from a Russian penal colony stay. I read that the U.S. government felt Russia’s rule used was too harsh.
My answer is that it’s their country; they are free to have their laws their way. Brittney Griner pleaded guilty to committing a crime; she claimed she didn’t know the rules. Tell a New York state judge in court that excuse and see how far it gets you.
She needs to pay restitution to the taxpayers for costs saving her and all book and movie deals go to the charity. No profiting for criminals.
Scott Davis

Lawmakers’ pay raise not justified

It’s outrageous. Who do these elected officials think they are?
Most have never had any other than government jobs to know how the real world works. A significant number don’t show up for committee meetings. They claim, “previous commitments.” Aren’t the committee meetings prior commitments? Or are fundraisers and parties more important?
Corporations are eliminating pensions; Social Security recipients received 9% raises; people are being laid off.
Regardless, if gas prices have gone down a bit recently, rents have gone up significantly and I’m not seeing reductions in my grocery bill.
These people think they’re better than anyone else.
They don’t believe we see their greed. We do.
Unfortunately, when they run again in two years, they think we’ll forget. I won’t.
Hopefully the list of those voting for this absurdity will be published.
Virginia Graney
Ballston Spa

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Well I for one think the LTE are great today. I think more and more people are waking up to the devious plan of the Socialist Party in the office now at all levels of government. This is what the Democrat Socialist want. I went grocery shopping yesterday. Coffee creamer that was once $4.99 is now $8.50, land’-o-lakes butter 1# once $3.49 now $6.99. The citizens are feeling the pain in the their household budget. This is 110% unquestionably Biden’s administration economy. I hope all of the Democrat party line voters enjoy the bed they have made. Governor Jokel is just that a side show joke pay off the donors and the typical pay for play politics NYS is known for. This is only going to get worse as the year unfolds.
Ukraine is going to epicenter of WW 3 and the Biden administration needs to push this to cover up the money laundering system they have in Ukraine.
Immigration report: Take a look the crime statistics of illegal immigrant invaders from Trump tenure compared to Biden’s first two years. Violent crimes have spike two to three times the rate than Trump’s time in office. Biden’s administration is an abject failure of duty to the office of presidency.
Uncle Joe is at it again. It appears another QUID PRO QUO Joe casualty for the AG of the Virgin Island. The A.G. loses her job days after suing JP Morgan Chase in connection with Jeffrey Epstein probe. Shortly after Uncle Joe shows up for vacation, coincidence?
HMMM did that happen in Ukraine? Looks like they are covering up the imminent disclosure of the Epstein’s connections. Another example of pay to play and blackmail at the highest levels of government.
Jan. 3 2023 all of this is just the start.

Bill Marincic

This is myself and Lou yesterday. I want to ask Lou what does Diane being a black person have to do with anything do you say I spoke to Richard a white person? That’s probably the most racist thing I’ve heard today or this week. I know Diane I’ve spoken to her personally many times we don’t agree politically, but we respect each other, little do you know.

January 2nd, 2023
Bill Marincic
January 2nd, 2023
Perfect what JClark? I’ll tell you it was a typical ridiculous comment from Restifo who adds absolutely ZERO to any conversation. We all post facts or comments, rather than responding intelligently we get asinine comments like the one above from Restifo or just plain attacks. Obviously people like you and Lou and the rest are just parroting CNN.

Hey, self proclaimed, high IQ genius, JClark didn’t post “perfect”, it was Diane Sanders Hombach, a Black woman, who I’d be willing to

christophe Stalka

Mr Davis while yesterday’s commentary on the opinion page may have given you the impression lying is acceptable it isn’t. A quick simpleton search shows France has contributed over 1 billion in aid to Ukraine. What does it buy us a better world of free people as to ms. Griner She’s free I wish her the best and yes i hope she makes millions I’m pretty sure she will do great things with it rather than spread lies calm your self sir the US people support Ukraine and freedom have a blessed day with your mud balls

christophe Stalka

Brandies we have to get You into a home economics class. I bought 1 lb land of lakes last week for 3.99 at price chopper I bought coffee mate last week at price chopper 3.49 for 32 FL Oz. I know you boys like to lie. Sorry dude do better with your shopping list maybe big Bm can help stop lying brandies most of us voted to show we are thankful to live in this great country. Bray on liars tend to look the fool.

Bill Marincic

We have never messaged each other Diane? And it’s that he has to describe you as Black, does he describe others by their skin color?


How many major errors and mean-spirited comments can a man make in a 250 word letter to the editor? It appears Scott Davis is trying to set a record:

In reference to our support for Ukraine in its efforts to repel Russia’s invasion, Davis asks, “Just what is the United States getting out of this taxpayer giveaway?” We are helping Ukraine in its fight against Russian expansionism which would ultimately threaten the rest of Europe, particularly former satellites of the USSR, and ultimately our own national security. We are taking a stand against the war crimes being committed by Russia against the Ukrainian people. By helping this democratic nation stand up to aggression from a much larger state, we are sending a message that bully states won’t expand by aggressive war on their neighbors as easily as they might think.

Davis refers to Ukraine as a “useless mud ball.” Yet, “According to the European Commission, Ukraine accounts for 10% of the world wheat market, 15% of the corn market, and 13% of the barley market. With more than 50% of world trade, it is also the main player on the sunflower oil market.” Nov 1, 2022. By restoring stability in Eastern Europe we lower food prices by assuring that Ukraine remains a bread basket for the world. We help make certain that grains continue to flow to underfed people in poor countries.

Davis states “France has donated only two baguettes and a half a pack of cigarettes.” That is a snide and untrue comment that couldn’t be less amusing in the face of the suffering of the Ukrainian people, “France has supplied Ukraine with rocket launchers and Crotale air defense systems and will deliver more weapons early next year, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Dec. 20, as cited by France 24. He said that, among other weapons, France would deliver additional Caesar mobile artillery units.” Dec 21, 2022 How much has France sent in aide to Ukraine? “May 5 (Reuters) – France will increase its overall financial aid to Ukraine this year to $2 billion from 1.7 billion, …”

Though I am against state funding of any sports stadiums, wild exaggeration is not the way to discourage such giveaways. Davis claims the state of NY is spending, “$600 billion and $800 billion dollars for an unnecessary football stadium.” The figure is actually $850 million, or 1% of $800b.

Davis is the only person I know who seems to feel Brittney Griner should have served her time in a Russian penal colony. We should work to free any American held in cruel foreign prisons under unnecessarily harsh laws. Need say nothing more?

christophe Stalka

Mr. Santo excellent response to the misinformation in the Davis letter it definitely was on track to Include the most lies posted today until I read the brandies daily post. Thank you for posting the facts. Lie on braying donkey boys.


BM: Diane has clearly stated that you lied about your relationship with her. You are a person who claims to have African American ancestry. You further claim that gives you some sort of special insight into American race relations. Your support for Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd, your claim that all Floyd had to do was surrender, demonstrates your failure to understand institutional racism in this country and its consequences.

Skin color is no more important to who a person is than eye or hair color. Our historic mistreatment of Black Americans has made it an issue. Efforts must continue to be made to wipe out all forms of prejudice and racism that plague our society.

At times, it is necessary to identify a person’s race to make a point. Imagine Mr. Floyd was the arresting officer and did to Derek Chauvin exactly what Chauvin did to him, pressing his knee into his neck while handcuffed and being held down by another officer for 9 minutes, until he suffocated.

All of us brought up in this country have been exposed to a multitude of prejudices. We must be aware of that and use that awareness to fight them whenever they begin to enter our thoughts.

He’ll never get it Tony. – If a 19th century reporter wrote a news story about five White men lynching a Black man, I wonder if Bill would understand the relevance of their skin color.
Would he call the reporter a racist for indicating the hanged man was Black, but not call out the five perpetrators for being racists? Knowing him, probably so.

I can’t imagine what Blacks, as well as other minority groups, have had to endure, by being the recipients of of the racist actions of so many for so long. The sickest aspect being it’s still alive and on display, within millions, including most of the MEGA warriors.

The more you talk Bill, the deeper you dig your hole. The smoke screen you attempt to put up, certainly doesn’t change the true character of your being that is exposed by your words, that rise to your mouth, from the depth of your bowels.

christophe Stalka

Mr restifo the issue does not matter with the big BM as he proved yesterday he is a liar and you Sir have gotten under his skin. Lie on braying donkey boys lie on


For those that want to live in the past. the country is moving foreword with or without you.
The new Congress will have 140 members who are racial or ethnic minorities—113 Democrats and 27 Republicans. It’ll have its largest number of Hispanic and openly LGBTQ members. And yet, it will be greeted by a laundry list of culture grievances wielded by a Republican House majority still captured by Trumpism. Looking to make a name for themselves, GOP up-and-comers will likely double down on the vile assertion that LGBTQ Americans are grooming children. You can expect a spate of proposed bills purporting to address the manufactured threats of critical race theory, sexual orientation, and gender identity discussions in schools. (These fights will also continue to be fought at the state level.) Paradoxically, the single word you are likely to hear thrown about more than any other during this most diverse Congress in history is “woke,” with Republicans using it as a pejorative cudgel while Democrats spend considerable energy defending against it.
In the mean time all that needs fixing that many agree on waits while the Rebublicans dither on the above mentioned issues. You can see that in the posts and LTE every day.


Quite the stand up leader you got there. For those former guy supporters he comes thru again as expected with this statement about your hard fought “win” on women’s heath issues and rights.
“It wasn’t my fault that the Republicans didn’t live up to expectations in the MidTerms,” Trump posted on Truth Social Sunday evening.“It was the ‘abortion issue,’ poorly handled by many Republicans, especially those that firmly insisted on No Exceptions, even in the case of Rape, Incest, or Life of the Mother, that lost large numbers of Voters. Also, the people that pushed so hard, for decades, against abortion, got their wish from the U.S. Supreme Court, & just plain disappeared, not to be seen again. Plus, Mitch stupid $’s!” Trump added.
What a loser.

Florida, you spoke of “the manufactured threats of critical race theory, sexual orientation, and gender identity discussions in schools.”

I watched a great movie last night starring Spencer Tracy;
“Inherit the Wind” 1960

“In the 1920s, Tennessee schoolteacher Bertram Cates is put on trial for violating the Butler Act, a state law that prohibits public school teachers from teaching evolution instead of creationism.”

Hard to believe many aspects of the movie still have strong relevance today.

One of the lines by Tracy sounded to me like it should have been spoken to Bill, a man who personifies the MAGA person;
“You’re like a ghost, pointing an empty sleeve, and smirking at everything that people, feel or want, or struggle for, I pity you.”

Florida–45 campaigned on overturning Roe and would appoint anti abortion judges.
He said women should be punished for having an abortion. I´m appalled at all who still voted for him in 2016, especially women!

christophe Stalka

The vote for speaker of the House is not going Damsel donnies ‘my kevin’s’ way seems the girls are having a hard time putting the shivs away guess once an obstructionist 2 more years of obstructionist is a given liars gotta bray

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 got gobsmacked this morning……I suggest you look up the words “personally spoke”…..What an embarrassment you are to your 17 % black dna


So Crazy Uncle Joe Biden during his campaign said”if I am elected I will cure Cancer “ Still waiting for the cure Joe. Funny how no one is calling him out on this. No media. No Donkey clowns. I’m thinking because he a loonie liberal Socialist he can bold face lie and the socialist lap at the trough of B.S. eee haw


Since cancer is not one disease but different forms of malignant cell growth that occur in different organs with a multitude of causes and outcomes, we will probably never have a “cure” for cancer.

However, Biden used the pronoun “we” not “I” when he promised a cure for cancer. His administration is funding research into ways to cure and control many different types of cancers.

Contrast this hopeful but not realistic promise with Trump’s promise to replace the ACA with a CHEAPER and BETTER plan, a plan he never revealed, a plan he never worked on developing.

Bill Marincic

For Lou and Santo, I’m pretty certain she and I have spoken by text or message, I’m also pretty certain that I would not respond to her post that I spoke to her when I didn’t. You ignorant fools including fake Varoma can KMA, isn’t that what you all told Brandon, or was it Steve the other day? Is it possible she forgot after all it was close to two years ago. BMDC’s

Another day, more effluent from the addled minds of the MAGA Republicans:

Scott Davis. Seriously? While you may not have the attention span for it, Mr. Santo took your sermon apart and laid out the broken bits very well:

The USA is supporting NATO.

The Buffalo stadium deal, while having a bad odor, was actually 1/1000 of what you state, and what Mr. Santo didn’t mention was $418 million of that will come from a settlement with the Seneca Nation (and there’s plenty to go after NYS therein).

Ms. Griner is an American citizen, every bit as much as any American citizen can be. America does not abandon Americans held abroad. Period. Your characterization of her as a “criminal” I’m sure would play well with our very good friend Mr. Putin. I’m sure you feel the same way toward the other American, Paul Whelan who the Russians claim was spying.


Thank you Mr. Santo for your usual thorough dissection of the lies.

Thank you Mr. Restifo for mentioning the classic “Inherit the Wind” which will have top billing in the ChuckD family room this weekend.

Fl2015, they’re voting now for Speaker! What a spectacle watching so many dysfunctional adults attempt to cobble together leadership which will have one objective: destroy itself attempting to “own the libs”.

Marincic and F___youBiden… pull your pants up, will you? Sheesh. You’re embarrassing the human race.

bob gareat

Big billy I have my receipt of what I paid stop lying get your buddies together hop in the bat mobile and learn to shop and try to come up with something credible today it isnt working for you liar . just stop lying dude and no name calling gotta stick with the truth

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 why do you get so angry when you are called out? Be angry with yourself for choosing the wrong words. When you make yourself look like a fool, don’t double down on it….it just makes you look worse…if that is possible.

bob gareat

on the speakers vote topic Stefanik was practically drooling on herself as she praised Mccarthy what a disgrace of a stooge

Bill Marincic

Hey, Garrett I just went to the store’s website DC, look it up, you probably bought the price chopper cheap brand. or you are lying, by the way, what’s your real name? Keyboard warrior?

christophe Stalka

Mr gareat I’m betting Nancy Pelosi is having a very good day regardless of how this turns out Kevs a loser to the lunatic freedom caucus liars have to bray

bob gareat

big billy follow that guys advice buy a cow
Im whoever you need me to be.
ill just call you the liar
been proven to be bray on dude grt lost creepy dude

Christophe–Let´s face it…McCarthy is pathetically weak! He´s no magnificent Madam Pelosi who will go down in history as one of the most effective Speaker. She´s a class act, sitting in the back to allow the new democratic leaders to shine.

Meanwhile, the gop are in shambles–brought on by themselves. They deserve every bit of it! I´m enjoying McCarthy´s humiliation.
“Not to have a thing is less humiliating than to beg it.”
― Ali Ibn Abi Talib A.S

And…¨If you sleep with dogs, you get up with fleas.¨

christophe Stalka

Jclark you are correct but is certainly entertaining imagine an accused pedophile speaking on the floor of the House no wonder these dudes love this bunch. Liars one and all


BM posted: “I know Diane I’ve spoken to her personally many times we don’t agree politically, but we respect each other, little do you know.”

Diane replied: “Bill, I have never personally spoken to you. I did, however go to high school with Lou!!”

When various posters called him out on the above exchange his response was: “For Lou and Santo, I’m pretty certain she and I have spoken by text or message, I’m also pretty certain that I would not respond to her post that I spoke to her when I didn’t. You ignorant fools including fake Varoma can KMA”

These exchanges speak for themselves. However, I must emphasize that in his original post he unequivocally stated he spoke with Diane personally many times. In the second post the “certain” became a much less strident “pretty certain”. For the record, I never told BM or any other poster to KMA. I had to think about it before I figured out what it meant.

BM just can’t stop himself from behaving in ways that WAJC. Can you figure it out BM? I’ll bet others can.


jclark124, McCarthy may need Democrat votes to help him. MTG his supporter (who will get who knows what for that) head will explode. Talk about karma.
BM and lgb no opinion on your party’s imploding?? Well maybe not your party since former guy not involved. Sure he will comment on TS some wise and profound statement, ending in insulting McConnell’s wife, like you folks do to non believers of your perverse party.

christophe Stalka

I’m sure he wasn’t lying again the big imp.correction just checked the PC website lb of land o lakes butter is 6.49 couldn’t help myself while watching this hysterical speaker votes I think big Bm is a chronic liar. A badge he can wear with mccarthy can wear the badge of a three time loser – until tomorrow lol. What a liar big BM CHRONIC LIAR

Florida–Kevin lost 3 speaker votes so far, lmao! It’s too much to hope that dems and non magas will come together and stifle the crazies, right?
Kevin is pathetically whoring himself out!

Brought to you by patriotic Americans that only allowed a slim gop majority.

TONIGHT on Laura Tucker-Hannity!

“Why won’t the Democrats work with Republicans….?”

(I admit this isn’t mine, but is in the public realm and hilarious)

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