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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Jan. 4 – Six from readers in Niskayuna, Scotia, Schenectady, elsewhere

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How will the GOP respond to Santos

We wake to another sad day, in which rampant political corruption is again on display.
I refer to Congressman-elect George Santos (R-NY), who has been exposed as a blatant and serial liar with respect to the credentials he presented as a candidate.
The list of his lies is too long to give completely. Here are a few: Santos claimed to have college degrees from two respected institutions. He has none. He claimed to have significant jobs with two Wall Street firms. He didn’t. He claimed to be Jewish. He isn’t. The list goes on and on.
But I am not writing about Santos per se. I write to ask how the leadership of the incipient Republican House majority will respond to this news. Clinging to a slim majority, will they have the moral conviction and political courage to censure a pathetic liar in their caucus?
In particular, I will be interested to see what Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik (who campaigned for Santos) will have to say.
Wayne Roberge

Constitution is clear on elections

Columnist Erwin Chemerinsky asserts in The Gazette on Dec. 18 (“Independent state legislature theory could change elections”) that the interpretation that the state legislatures have the primary authority over elections is a “theory.”
Article I, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution reads in part, ”The times, places, and manner of holding elections for senator and representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the Legislature thereof:”
Article II Section 1, (with reference to the election of the president and vice president) ”Each state shall appoint, in such manner as Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, to which the state may be entitled…”
The Constitution twice gives absolute control of elections to the legislature of each state.
That plan is reviewable by the “Congress.”
Article III, Section 2 gives the Supreme Court jurisdiction over all cases involving interpretation of the Constitution.
If the Constitution intended to give state and local courts jurisdiction over the state legislature’s plan, Article II would have included these courts as well as Congress.
The delegation of the control over elections to state legislatures in the U.S. Constitution is not reviewable by any authority other than the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.
Previous courts have avoided the issue or perhaps found it differently.
It should be noted however, the Supreme Court has previously held that a Black man has no rights our government is bound to respect.
Perhaps this court will read the document.
Art Henningson

Lawmakers don’t deserve big raise

What do the lawmakers of New York do that makes them want a $32,000 pay raise?
Do they get up at an early hour to get to work? Do they do any strenuous work that makes their back hurt?
Unless I am completely wrong, what they do is sit around and discuss what new or old laws need to be added or changed. Does this warrant them a $142,000 per year wage? I say no.
With prices what they are these days for gas, food, medicine and everything else, New Yorkers can’t afford to give them a raise. Not all of the lawmakers feel they need this raise, and to them I say thank you. But to the ones who want this raise, I say no. If you need money that badly, then get a second job like a lot of people do to make ends meet.
James F. Lawrence

Budgets must be fiscally responsible

I don’t think the average American needs a degree in political science nor business management to see just how fiscally irresponsible our government has been for the last two years.
But this last proposed omnibus spending bill takes the cake. This $1.65 trillion spending bill was primarily crafted/created by the Democrats while our country’s debt is now over $31 trillion, all while using the entirety of a government shutdown as the reason is exasperating.
While no one wants the government to close for any period of time, why does it have to be an omnibus free-for-all?
Why can’t more of our elected officials be frugal and fiscally responsible while not taking their authority (and our hard-earned money) for granted like the woman I proudly voted for, Elise Stefanik?
I support Elise’s decision not to support this rushed and reckless spending wish list by the Democrats. Thank you, Elise, for taking this stand and holding the (fiscally responsible) line.
Lois Whelan

Stefanik just out for her own power

When this paper endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik, I was appalled and disgusted with your reasoning as to why.
Were you not aware of her vote not to certify the election, of her groveling to Trump so she could be invited to Camp David, or her many other comments in support of the most dangerous president in memory?
The only reason I didn’t cancel my subscription was my belief in the need for local journalism, which helps keep democracy alive, at least hopefully, at the local level.
Now, along comes George Santos, the congressman-elect from Long Island/Queens who has lied about his entire personal history.
Whether Democrat or Republican, shouldn’t party leaders have the moral fortitude to stand up and denounce Mr. Santos? Yet, Ms. Stefanik remains silent.
Ironically, I don’t believe Ms. Stefanik actually stands for what she purports to espouse. She is too smart for that. Her only belief is in her attainment of power, a sad state of affairs for her party and country.
James Brodie

Got great care in Ellis Hospital stay

I had read so many negative reviews of Ellis Medicine that when I needed to spend some time in the emergency room/hospital I was fearful.
Now my story: On Dec. 3 I entered the Ellis Emergency Room with a low heart rate of 45 beats per minute.
After a thorough examination I was moved to the cardiac unit of the hospital for additional work that resulted in my having a pacemaker inserted.
This all took place over a period of five days. I was very happy with every one of the Ellis staff, and even the food.
I could not ask for better service and support. I am proud to have Ellis Medicine as my local hospital.
Something good there has transpired.
Richard Werner

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Art has a great point but unfortunately our government fails to follow the Constitution. Things would be so much different in this country if they did. The elections would be different if they followed the constitution only if states followed their laws. Clearly states rules are set by legislation not executive order. The chain of custody for ballots, the oversight and the list goes on.
Imagine if the followed how immigration would be affected.
U.S. Constitution
From the Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute
Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 4
The Congress shall have the power to establish a uniform rule of naturalization. Note that Presidential powers are not mentioned.
14th Amendment, Sec. 1
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.
Article II
Vests executive powers in the President, makes him the commander in chief, and requires that the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”
This shows how our three branches of government has relinquished there duties and allow the president to enact executive orders, therefore we are no longer a constitutional republic.
Sadly none of this is being taught in school as the majority of educators are either too busy teaching children gender identity or they believe the constitution is just an old document created by privilege rich white guys. Sadly they fail to release the freedoms in this country is based on the constitution.
I believe if the country follow the founding documents the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.


Jan.6 committee is falling apart. New information about Ray Epps being a FBI implant into the mob encouraging people to go into the capitol. The attorney for Ray Epps a former FBI agent coincidence? Now congress is going to watch all the videos and see all the redacted information. Remember Ted Cruz asking is Ray Epps an FBI operative the witness said I cannot answer that question. HMMM something is fishy.
Also let’s keep an eye on election fraud in Georgia. Revealed on police body cam footage contradicts Ruby Freemans sworn testimony and now she has 7 DC top lawyers and the FBI protection. Uh oh let’s see how this plays out.
The list keeps growing with all the corruption with the Democratic Socialist Party and the cover up TIK TOK… DONKEY CLOWNS.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies starting the day off with another set of whoppers what’s the price of that special coffee creamer today dude? try to keep the lies down donkey liar no one believes the crap you make up daily toddle off to your coffee klatch. Have a special day

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies hmmm I can pretty much assure you the only crap show most of us will be watching today is the comedy as the clowns in the Republican party continue to shred each other its almost as entertaining as reading your daily novel length posts…lol bray donkey boy gonna be a long time before the girls can start any of those vital investigations I’m not LYING bray on donkey boy

Continuing to ignore LBG(T)´s rants…

G. Santos immediately lied on his first day in the House saying he was sworn in when NO ONE was!
It´s fun to watch him scurry about the hallways as he´s chased by reporters with a fake phone call at his ear, though. The only reason he´s there is to vote for McCarthy–so maybe if ¨my Kevin¨ can´t make Speakership, he won´t be sworn in…? Haha, I know that´s a pipe dream.

What a spectacle the gop are making of themselves. We are witnessing the damage 45 has done to the republican party–they are in embarrassing shambles.
Watching Aguilera introduce Hakeem Jeffries with thunderous applause makes me proud! The contrast of competency and unity couldn´t be clearer.


Yesterday, House Clerk, Cheryl Johnson, did a masterful job in conducting the business of the House. The chaotic and divisive leadership of Trump continued to wreak havoc within the Republican party. Republican leader McCarthy could not achieve the necessary majority of votes to win the speakership. In the third vote his total was 202, one less than he got in the first two votes. Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries got all 212 Democratic votes, coming closer to the needed 218 majority than McCarthy did.

It is becoming obvious to all that McCarthy’s initial condemnation of Trump for the 1/6 insurrection, followed two weeks later by his fawning visit to Mar a Lago, proved him to be an unprincipled individual motivated solely by personal ambition. He is a man of no substance, guided by no strategies to improve life in America or conduct foreign relations. Perhaps a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans will form to stop MAGA representatives in their tracks by nominating a moderate Republican representative, or an individual outside of the House, to be speaker. There are so many more competent people than McCarthy ready to become House Speaker.

The fact that he and Stefanic refuse to speak out against the morally bankrupt George Santos because McCarthy needs Santos’ vote reveals all we need to know about their integrity and where their priorities lie.


The biggest political loser in American history is incapable of acknowledging his role in the collapse of the Republican party. Eighteen of the twenty Republicans who voted against McCarthy are election deniers who continue to support the former IDIOT-in Chief’s claim he was cheated out of a second term. The easiest path to power for autocrats is chaos, division, and hatred and Trump continues to promote those conditions in his vain attempt to achieve total power in the United States, taking direct aim at McConnell. When will McConnell demonstrate the courage and integrity to speak out against Trump and defend himself and his wife against Trump’s attacks on them?

Posted last night to Trump’s Truth Social account:

“There is so much unnecessary turmoil in the Republican Party, in large part do (sic) to people like the Old Broken Crow, Mitch McConnell, his ‘wife’, Coco Chow, who is a sellout to China, and their RINO allies, who make it difficult for everyone else by constantly capitulating to Hopeless Joe Biden and the Democrats. The 1.7 Trillion Dollar Green New Deal ‘booster’ that McConnell and the RINOS handed to the Dems last week was a real downer and embarrassment to Republicans!”

Guy Varoma

I would like to see a republican nominate Trump for speaker. Just to see how many are still in his grasp. Would they have the courage to vote for him or not…It’s going to be a circus anyway so why not bring in the head clown


Funny you call it all lies but the fact / truth is there. I will continue to post the truth on this page and continue to expose the corruption of the Democratic socialist party. The Donkey clowns words are empty and void of truth and filled with Demon criatic – socialist propaganda

@F___youBiden, the only “fact / truth” to your words are that you seem to think you’re some kind of visionary with your half-baked, uninformed insights. Sorry, you’re not the hero you want to be.
Here’s a clue: the Jan. 6 Senate committee is most definitely not falling apart, but your party sure is. And quite publicly too.

Thanks to all for the palate cleansers after this nonsense and the fake constitutional scholar Henningson’s sermon of half-wittedness. Both of these characters come from the party of “Damn the voters, we’re gonna win!”. They are voices of desperation.

BTW, as of yesterday the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack no longer exists anyway, just like several other committees formed during the 117th Congress.
Tell your idiot influencers please.

Goats milk is the main ingredient in Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. – Two plus two equals seven and one half. – If you sneeze and fart at the same time you’ll you become sterile. – Drinking coffee on a daily basis will increase your ability repair watches. – The average price of a pound of butter is exactly three thousand five hundred twenty-seven dollars and fifty-six cents.

“Funny you call it all lies but the fact / truth is there. I will continue to post the truth on this page”

Yours truly,

Bill Marincic

As far as George Santos goes, Congress by law must seat him, and then they can open an ethics investigation and remove him. The law is clear not that democrats haver ever followed it, right BMDC’s?

Bill Wemple

Not going to bother looking into Biolabs in Ukraine as some kind of conspiracy theory. Its complete BS. We have USDA biolabs in multiple locations in the US. These are used to help farmers grow crops efficiently, increase yields, and control pests. They do tests with bacteria and yeasts, etc., for ‘gain of function’, not for ‘bioweapons’, but to increase crop outputs, create hybrids that can adapt to climate change, droughts, pests, etc. They design better yeast for making good beer as one example. Ukraine is a major breadbasket for the world. Same uses apply there. It’s in the world’s food supply interests that their farming is successful.

bob gareat

james Brodie excellent assessment of Stefanik you can almost sense her hoping Mccarthy keeps losing. Girls gonna do what she has to bray on donkey boys


The Republican party and its leaders, McConnell and McCarthy, must never haven taken seriously the old adage, “When you play with fire, you get burned.”


If George Santos doesn’t step down before he is sworn in, it will be interesting to see if enough Republicans join Democrats to create the 2/3 majority necessary to expel a seated Congressman. My bet is no. Ethics fall way behind party loyalty and power for most Republicans.

Bill Marincic

I thought you were a scholar Santo, then you should know that the Constitution demands he is seated and the SCOTUS has ruled on it 50 years ago.


BM, Did you not read AS very first line in his post about Santos? Let me post it again for you. “If George Santos doesn’t step down before he is sworn in,” Now read it carefully, Before being the operative word.
On the lighter side.
Not only does Flori da have the most arrested from the 1/6 riot, but some of the dumbest bad guys on record
Florida: alleged burglars arrested after calling 911 for help moving belongings
Two arrested in Kissimmee after calling for assistance moving items from burglarized house and a ride to the airport. Deputies showed up but not for the ride to the airport.


Florida 2015, thank you for pointing out BM’s failure to understand what I posted. Perhaps it was willful since he used it as the basis for an insult, “I thought you were a scholar Santo, then you should know that the Constitution demands he is seated and the SCOTUS has ruled on it 50 years ago.” Once again, BM manages to make a public fool of himself. I never claimed to be a scholar, only a high school social studies teacher.


And the TRUE CLOWN SHOW continues:

CNBC reports: 1/4/23

“In the fifth vote in two days, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., again failed to secure enough support to win the U.S. House speakership, setting the chamber up for a sixth round of votes and plunging the party into further chaos.

A core group of 20 GOP holdouts voted for Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, a sophomore Republican lawmaker who on Tuesday had publicly shifted his support away from McCarthy.

Another Republican, Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana, voted “present,” after supporting McCarthy on the first three ballots. That chipped away another vote, bringing McCarthy’s total to 201 after getting as many as 203 in the first two roll call votes.”

I can’t help myself and apologize as I type: “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo it is a fascinating process to watch I can’t help but wonder about the millions of dollars being wasted during this crapfest. To say nothing of the important Hunter Biden investigations being delayed! Liars gonna bray like donkey boys!

Bill Marincic

Florida, I’m pretty sure the people that called the police (I read the story) were democrats, Republicans don’t burglarize homes.

Bill Marincic

President Lyndon B. Johnson proposed a utopian new vision for the United States under a vastly expanded federal government, which he dubbed the Great Society, on this day in history, Jan. 4, 1965.

“We seek to establish a harmony between man and society, which will allow each of us to enlarge the meaning of his life and all of us to elevate the quality of our civilization. This is the search that we begin tonight,” the president declared to the nation in his State of the Union address.

Johnson’s vision offered a helping hand to Americans most in need, proponents of the Great Society have argued over the years.

His vision failed dramatically by any empirical measure and succeeded only in expanding the size and inefficiency of the federal bureaucracy and in institutionalizing generational poverty, its critics have noted.


Christophe, I, like every rational person exposed to BM’s nonsense, am sitting here shaking my head in disbelief as I read this BM silliness, “Republicans don’t burglarize homes.”

One need not be a “scholar” to realize how absurd that statement is. Even I, a lowly retired teacher, finds it hard to believe that anyone could be that naive.


“Poverty, as defined by the official poverty measure, has decreased overall since President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Declaration of War on Poverty, from 19.0 percent in 1964 to 14.8 percent in 2014.”

If it weren’t for Republican obstructionism the poverty rate would be lower.

“The Child Tax Credit expansion (March 2021): Increased the tax credit from $2,000 to $3,600 per child ages 0-6. Increased the tax credit from $2,000 to $3,000 per child ages 6+ Raised the age limit from 16 to 17.” (Google search)

“For 2022, the child tax credit has reverted back to $2,000 per child under 17. Now, Democrats are hoping to pass an enhanced version with a corporate tax extenders Congress is poised to consider.”

The Republicans would have ended the ACA were it not for the honorable Senator McCain, driving more Americans into poverty, and leaving millions more facing the threat of medical bankruptcy.

Most of Trump’s $2 trillion tax cut went to the top 1%.

BM, do you really think you are fooling anyone?

Echoing the sentiments of many of his colleagues, Republican Senator Mike Lee said this in 2010:

“It will be my objective to phase out Social Security,” Senator Mike Lee of Utah said while campaigning for his current seat in 2010.


BTW, there are many more examples of Republicans favoring the rich. But I’ll give others a go at proving this; frankly I am getting tired of fighting stupidity and ignorance.

Guy Varoma

Mr. Bill 🤡 but republicans burglarize Democrat National Headquarters in Washing DC …Know as Watergate !….I laughed so hard at your statement it took me WHILE TO TYPE THIS

Anthony remarked “When you play with fire, you fet burned.”
A former House republican speaker said, “How do you negotiate with people who don’t want to negotiate?..The suicide squad is locked in. It is like watching someone burn down their own house because the flames excite them.”

As far as ethics, the gop plan on eliminating that committee!

What a sh*tshow!

Bill Marincic

Santo under Obama African Americans lost $1000 per year of income, under Trump they gained over $1000 in income. What do you think this inflation and high gas prices are doing to the poor?

I recall Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was burgled from her office on 1/6.
Ah wait, that was antifa…or BLM… or the FBI, or the CIA, or George Soros, or someone. Certainly not a Republican though.

BM–those 2 presidents inherited completely different economies. 45 was the one that inherited a steady, growing economy.
Then the economy crashed under 45. The dems came to the rescue again.

Bill Marincic

JClark, Obama had the slowest economic growth in decades, and Trump cut regulations and made America the center of the world again. He got billions of offshore money back to the U.S. Liberals always trying to erase history.

The 202 republicans who voted for McCarthy are beyond bad enough as it is, but consider, of the 20 republicans who voted against McCarthy, 12 denied the results of the 2020 presidential election, 17 were endorsed by trump, 19 are associated with the freedom caucus. (NY times) Talk about about insanity. What in the name of god does mean to be a far right Republican? I guess you lean right so far you fall off the flat earth and end up on Pluto acting Goofy.

Seems to me these Republican representatives are like a wolf that got it’s leg caught in a trap and now must chew it off so it can escape. Yes jc “What a sh*tshow!” for sure.

The fact that people actually voted these moronic malignancies of America to be our law makers is mind-boggling in itself. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, or perhaps the head. Help!

BM, you’re missing the point that it takes great effort just to get out of the hole! We were on the verge of collapse. Then it was solid, steady growth.

45 moved into Obama’s newly constructed “house” after building from the ground up, and hung a 6 ft portrait of himself.

Bill Marincic
January 4th, 2023
No, I actually went to college chuckster.

How he “went to college” is easily explained Chuck; He walked on campus from the gate on Union Avenue,then left the campus on Nott Street 10 minutes later.
And now you know how he “went to college.”

Marincic, you’ve so far successfully evaded any commentary on the state of your own party, which appears to be demonstrating they have no clue how to get along with each other, or anyone else.


BM, Your snappy (being generous) answer to my 911 called by the burglars aside “I’m pretty sure the people that called the police (I read the story) were democrats, Republicans don’t burglarize homes’ You party has even made the NYP which you have quoted in the past tag your party on the front page no less with two pictures, two captions. George Santos picture, caption LIAR, Keven McCarthy caption, LOSER.
Re: NY Post is owned by none other than Murdoch Media empire, you know Fact Free Fox and others. Your thoughts?


BM, why don’t you expend some of your smelly “hot air” on explaining how Trump has led the Republican party to its current sad state. Comparing Obama to Trump is like comparing roses to a pile of pig sh–.

Bill Wemple

FBI’s most recent Unified Crimes Report lists the top 10 states with highest number of burglaries per 100k residents. Want to guess where they are? Right across the Southern Bible Belt, the great bastions of GOP, Conservative, and Christian nationalist types, etc. The places with the most citizens owning firearms that supposedly deter criminals from breaking into your home. Not even border states either in case you thought it was due to illegal immigrants. Been that way for decades too. You MAGA types are so absorbed into just hating liberals you can’t even see the forest for the trees. What a miserable life you must lead, just constantly hating things, people, and ideas simply because of cognitive bias. I’m done with that BS. I simply pity your types and move on without wasting any more of my time and energy debating people with the comprehension skills of an asparagus.

Marincic’s not going to defend himself. He’ll sneak in early tomorrow morning and drop some mindless tripe.

Elsewhere, some great stuff going on in the House right now: They reconvened at 8 pm and a Republican made a motion to adjourn instead and a voice vote was split. Now they’re holding a yeas or nays which the Dems will likely win forcing the Reps to deal with it. Now.

Bill Marincic

Lou another day and zero input except insults. I really think you need to get off the computer. You are totally useless, a typical lefty that brings Zero to the conversation daily.


The Republicans will never be able to close ranks again because the disputes have nothing to do with views on the issues, views which can be negotiated with the aim of consensus, and everything to do with personalities. Like elementary kids their argument is I’m on Trump’s side vs. I’m on someone else’s side because Trump is bad for our sacred party, our vehicle to power. Issues are not the issue. The rot destroying this corrupt party from the inside is now visible to all.

Their only hope lies in not closing ranks, but expelling the blatant racists, autocrats, and un-American Putin-Trump sycophants from their party. I hope they have the courage to face the problems they have created for themselves and resolve them with a strong disinfectant. May I suggest bleach?

Bill Marincic

Come on Wimpy you can do better than that, as you should know, the Bible Belt is Republican Christian’s. Those others are democrat atheists like you lefty’s. So I’m pretty sure it’s not the Christians committing crimes, just your everyday leftist democrats.

Bill Marincic

What a bunch of hypocritical idiots, those few people are the far right extremist that you talk about every day until they are disrupting the speaker process. All of a sudden you’re Matt Gates, and Bobart followers I guess.

But the Dems had no trouble with their more extreme members, did they?

It looks more and more like Republicans, and right-wingers in general, have some kind of character flaw that they don’t understand cooperation.
And it’s going to be their downfall. Then what will you do?

christophe Stalka

I do believe many of his latest facts about African Americans income come from the lovely and upstanding Diamond and Silk guys a real winner and a liar

Bill Wemple

Wimpy? What are you BM, freaking 12 years old? Those FBI stats show that your types feed upon each other. Like I said, I’m apparently talking wIth an asparagus I guess. Go piss up a rope.

Bill Marincic
January 4th, 2023
“Lou another day and zero input except insults.” No insult there, you hypocrite! – “I really think you need to get off the computer.” I don’t give a rats ass what you think! – “You are totally useless”, no insult there, you hypocrite! – “a typical lefty that brings Zero to the conversation daily.” Again, no insult there you hypocrite.

Bill, you’re a pathetic simple minded evil fool, who’s only positive “input” to this forum, or to the world for that matter, beyond some twisted self satisfaction, is showing humanity how not to behave as a human being.

Beyond that, you’re a disgrace to any truly god believing and loving individuals who follow the ways of Jesus Christ.

Additionally, putting your lying hypocritical comments down, in any way, shape form or manner is truly positive “input” to any and all aspects of what is right in this, and any gods world. You’re are pure evil!


To what comment are you responding and could you explain in comprehensible English what you are trying to say in this rant?

Bill Marincic
January 4th, 2023
Come on Wimpy you can do better than that, as you should know, the Bible Belt is Republican Christian’s. Those others are democrat atheists like you lefty’s. So I’m pretty sure it’s not the Christians committing crimes, just your everyday leftist democrats.


BM, you simply cannot control your tendency to insult (Wimpy?). I looked back and noticed you are responding to Bill Wemple’s comment on the prevalence of crime in the Bible Belt; your response makes absolutely no sense and sounds like a childish tantrum. Grow up.

Could “turning the other cheek” be advice to act like a wimp? If so, you should act more like a wimp and less like a “RACA”!


BM, what comment has been made to back up this “guess”?

Bill Marincic:

“All of a sudden you’re Matt Gates, and Bobart(sic) followers I guess.”

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