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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 5

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Message to drivers in Old Niskayuna

I live in the neighborhood locally known as Old Niskayuna.
On any given day many pedestrians can be found walking the streets of our neighborhood.
The reasons for this are many.
Students walk to and from school, folks walk their dogs, parents walk their little ones in strollers, sleds and wagons.
Many like me jog or walk for exercise.
On behalf of all of us who walk, I would like to present our wishes for the new year.
To folks who drive through our neighborhood, please obey the speed limit, stop at stop signs, and use directionals when turning.
Especially at this time of year, since there are no sidewalks, please give us a little extra room to walk because of the snow and ice that lines all of the streets.
God forbid someone should lose their balance as a car speeds by dangerously close and a tragedy ensues.
Here’s wishing a happy and healthy new year to everyone.
Bob Fredette

Be open to ideas to grow green energy

Many towns are placing moratoriums on development of solar farms to focus on amendments to zoning laws.
From what has emerged so far, most communities are focusing on preserving scenery while ignoring any opportunities to guide and benefit from solar farms and other forms of green energy.
Among the options missing are incentives to place solar farms on existing buildings and parking lots, providing shade, protection from the weather and avoiding the use of farmland.
In some parts of the country, old electric generating plants are being converted to green energy and then using the existing transmission lines. I’m sure there are many other innovations that could be combined with new zoning laws.
Instead of trying to curtail the development of green energy, communities should be looking for ways to accommodate these new technologies and use their ability to grow businesses that benefit all.
Polly Windels
Ballston Spa


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UNCLE JOE Biden is seeing to see his crimes come to light.
01/02/23 NYP headline: DOJ hiding hundreds of Hunter Biden & James Biden business records and refuse to release.
Quid Pro Quo caught lying to the American people.
04/05/22 press secretary J. Psaki responds to reporter Doocy.
Doocy: The president said he never spoke to his son about overseas business dealings is that still the case?
Psaki: YES
01/03/23 press secretary KJ Pierre. Question by RNC research
Q: The house oversight committee is laying out their new investigations and they claim that Joe Biden lied to the American people about his involvement in his family business. Did he?
KJP: refuses to answer question.
A stark differance from Psaki’s answer. The crimal Democratic Socialist are going to be exposed for their crimes. TIK TOK.
Adam Shifty Schiff caught in a twitter release email his department requested that Twitter to censor Paul Sperry. WOW now do you that is only the first time they did this. Tell me again how the conservatives are the NAZIS. This is what the NAZIS did in Germany censor opposition controlled the media and narrative and the rest is history. TIK TOK.
This is what the founding fathers warned us about a tyrannical government / dictatorship could do. Hence the second amendment and this is why the Democratic Socialist are trying to remove. California leading the way to keep impossing more regulations on law abiding citizens. Sadly the criminals do not get their guns legally. But again that’s what the NAZIs do make up the narrative. EEE HAWW donkey clowns your propaganda is failing.
Bill Wemple just because you refuse to deny the propaganda does not make what I say a lie. Another addition to the DONKEY CLOWN crew. Hey maybe you can create a boy band and call it the CLOWN Posse crew.


RUBY FREEMAN is going to expose the voter fraud that went on the body cam shows it. Now in Airizona the scam is being exposed America is seeing the fraud that is the Democratic Socialist party. TIK TOK…..

Bill Wemple

LGB, I don’t believe what you posted. Still don’t. Prove me incorrect. I don’t know you well enough (and don’t want to) to take homework assignments from you. Reporters often ask the SAME question multiple ways in press conferences to try and get more information. Appears Psaki already answered the question and isn’t going to play that game. Twitter is a private company. Some staffer in Congress, or the rep themself, can ask Twitter all they want to censor someone, and Twitter doesn’t have to do a thing. Your rants again sound like those of a tinfoil hat conspiracist. Don’t drag me into your s###show, or at least post under your real name if you’re going to call people out. I doubt you have the courage to do so.

christophe Stalka

Let’s go brandies hyped up on the special coffee creamer already mommy let Brandy stay up late watching the Mccarthy crap show so now a day filled with stomping his maryjanes and whining about Hunter whom i think he has secret crush on Brandy the crap show continues today Biden called it an embarrassment you braying liars embarass yourselves dailyy once a liar always a liar.

christophe Stalka

BRANDY I’m not a liar like you Twitter doesn’t run our government but you watch those Twitter files Musk tried to get some weak minded losers excited I guess it worked with a few liars bray on bray on. Ruby Freeman did her job Trump lost

Polly Windels–Yes, let´s move forward in the name of progress with green energy. Before oil was discovered, the whales almost went extinct. Now that we know all the harm of burning fossil fuels, it´s time to adjust to more sustainable and healthier options.
Funny how Biden, attacked as ¨the senile ole geezer¨ is the one with modern, forward thinking. Go Joe!


Testimony from Wandrea Moss and Ruby Freedman, concerning false allegations brought against them by Giuliani (from FOX5 Atlanta Ga. 12/29/22):

“Freeman explained in detail how almost overnight she became the target of public attack.

“I lost my name, I’ve lost my reputation. I’ve lost my sense of security – all because a group of people, starting with Number 45 and his ally Rudy Giulliani, decided to scapegoat me and my daughter, Shaye, to push their own lies about hoe the Presidential election was stolen,” she continued.

Freeman’s daughter lamented how she loved working for the county registering voters.

“My first and only job was working for Fulton County Voter Registration and Elections. I worked there for more than 10 years. I loved my job, and I was really good at it. I even created new procedures to make our process faster and more accurate. I made sure Georgia residents were properly registered to vote,” Moss told the committee.

She expressed guilt over getting her mother, a former county worker, to sign up as a temporary worker in the election. The pair was part of a team that worked 12-hours days for two weeks straight following the election.

“After the election, we were so proud of a job well done, and my mom was proud of me,” she told the committee.”

Does anyone believe Brandon’s comment below has ANY credibility. Does Brandon believe it or is he just flailing about like the MAGAites in the House of Representatives?:

” RUBY FREEMAN is going to expose the voter fraud that went on the body cam shows it. Now in Airizona the scam is being exposed America is seeing the fraud that is the Democratic Socialist party. TIK TOK…..”


Ruby Freedman and her daughter are suing Giuliani. The following is from Politico (11/1/22):

“Moss and Freeman were repeatedly accused by Donald Trump, Giuliani and their allies of election fraud, citing surveillance video inside an Atlanta vote tabulation center that they claimed showed the women moving suitcases full of illegal ballots. But the allegations were repeatedly and conclusively debunked by Georgia and federal investigators, who found the women were performing routine election-related functions that were not indicative of fraud at all.

Freeman and Moss filed the lawsuit on Dec. 23, 2021, accusing Giuliani and other defendants of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy. They amended the suit in May 2021 to focus only on Giuliani, seeking unspecified monetary damages.

Election worker targeted by Trump and his allies testifies: ‘Turned my life upside down’

Howell found that the claims against Moss and Freeman were part of a sweeping “strategic plan” spearheaded by Giuliani that contributed to widespread distrust in the outcome of the 2020 election.

Giuliani and Trump continued to propagate the false claims about Moss and Freeman, despite the repeated debunking. Trump raised them — and mentioned Freeman by name — during a Jan. 4, 2021 phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which he urged Georgia officials to “find” enough votes to reverse his defeat in the state.”

Howell has allowed the case against Giuliani to go forward: “Her most notable finding related to Giuliani’s coordination with the Trump campaign to promote the attacks on Moss and Freeman. She said the two women had made a “plausible” claim that a civil conspiracy had occurred.

“A reasonable jury could accordingly infer that Giuliani, Trump, and the ‘[k]ey [t]eam [m]embers” listed in the Strategic Plan, created a plan to sow doubt in the outcome of the 2020 election by launching a misinformation campaign, which included accusing Freeman, Moss, and others of participating in schemes of electoral fraud, and injuring plaintiffs in the process.”


More on the character of Giuliana. He is typical of the people (Stone, Jones, Eastman, Bannon, Powell Greene et. al.) Trump surrounds himself with and likely reflects the character of many Trump enthusiasts in the general population: (Politico, 1/5/23)

The Daily Beast reports:

“A New York woman who claims she had a romantic relationship with Rudy Giuliani is now suing the former mayor—alleging that he sexually harassed her while she was working under toxic conditions at his company.

She also alleges that Giuliani fired her last year and then warned her to keep quiet, noting his ties to former President Donald Trump. Giuliani’s attorney said he “categorically denies all of the allegations of this frivolous complaint,” but did not comment on whether his client and the woman were romantically entangled.

“Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former US Attorney, once hailed as ‘America’s Mayor,’ is a sexist sexual predator and abuser,” the accuser, Noelle Dunphy, wrote in a summons filed Wednesday in New York Supreme Court”.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Santo I think we all know the hot for hunters like Brandys know the claims against ruby Freeman are outright lies this is what they find attractive look at the rest of his hysterical rant liars gotta bray excellent summaries onyour part by the way

Bill Marincic

Guy Varoma
January 4th, 2023
Mr. Bill 🤡 Obama saved the auto industry …He saved your job….. Be more appreciative

Let me tell the truth to you, Obama saved all of the big pensions and money for the top tiers & their golden parachutes. He put companies like Delco and hundreds of others out of business. The workers at many of these plants went bankrupt and General Motors shut down five local dealerships because of politics. Yeah, I’m appreciative that I didn’t have to file bankruptcy because of Obama.

Hey Brandy, News Alert for you since you fell so far down the right-wing media rabbit hole you can no longer see light: no one knows who Paul Sperry is. And even if they did, they don’t care what he does or what he’s involved in. Americans care that their roads and bridges are being fixed (thank you Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell) and that their insulin will be affordable. And they know the GOP is a dysfunctional party that can’t govern (as evidenced by the speaker s***show). Spew all the nonsense you want on the DG comment section, the adults in the room will continue to win elections and pass meaningful legislation.

Bill Marincic

I see the deniers of the truth are hard at work today. Let’s Go BMDC’s because every day we are seeing more truth.

Steven Flynn

According to the extreme lefties, Gov. Greg Abbot is an evil man for bussing migrants to sanctuary cities such as NY, DC, Chicago, and that east coast lefty paradise Martha’s Vineyard. They’ve also labeled Ron Desantis as an evil human trafficker for the same methods. Let’s see if these lefty puritans will call out Colorado Dem Governor Jared Polis for his plans to bus immigrants to NYC or will they take their usual hypocritic position of trying to defend the guy. I’ll take Hypocritic Extreme Liberal Athiests for 500 Alex.

Steven Flynn

And now criticism from his own party is getting louder.

“The Chicago mayor’s right,” Adams said, when asked if he agreed with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s criticism of Polis and if he had a message for Biden. “When I spoke to her yesterday, she says, ‘Eric, you know, we have been a little too patient. You know, we can’t do anything to embarrass our families, but it’s about time we started to do that.’”

christophe Stalka

The hot for hunters are out in force lying on a number of subjects and hoping something sticks lie on donkey boys

Bill Marincic

Yes, I heard the BMDC’s say hundreds of times that Trump and others are election deniers. Have they said the same about Hakeem Jeffries? Nope and they never will, narcissistic hypocrites lefties never do that.

christophe Stalka

In news not related to hunter biden or an out right lie Ruby freeman and her daughter shaye will be among 10 patriots receiving the presidential citizens medal on Friday n a ceremony recognizing their roles in preserving our democracy needless to say damsel Donnie despite his major role In trying to overthrow our government will not be given a medal this is not a lie!


See if you can spot the differences between what Abbott and DeSantis did and what Polis did:

“In a statement Tuesday, Polis said his administration is helping migrants reach their intended destinations because 70% don’t plan to stay in Colorado.

Colorado earmarked $5 million to assist people identified as migrants, including helping them purchase bus tickets. About half the money is allocated already.

“There is a lot of pent-up demand right now and a lot of frustration among our migrants who have been trapped for a week or two in a place they didn’t want to be through no fault of their own,” Polis told Politico.”

Of course, Democrats will criticize other Democrats. That is a healthy sign of strength, not an expression of weakness. The Democratic party is calling for comprehensive border reform which would ameliorate the situation. It is the Republicans who are using struggling immigrants as a political football; Trump can only gain power if there is hatred, division, and chaos for which he is eager to offer up immigrants as scapegoats.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo thank you for dispelling the latest lie from the donkey boys! Liars gotta lie and these boys don’t know what’s true. Lie on donkey boys

He called Trump ILLEGITIMATE and based on the Muller report detailing the widespread and systematic foreign interference, he’s not wrong. He didn’t say voting machines were hacked by Hugo Chavez’ Jewish Space Lasers or unfounded claims about dead people and undocumented immigrants voting. Read the Muller report, all the evidence is in there. As for Trump’s claims? Go ask the judges of the 60 lawsuits he filed lmao.

Maybe if we ever get a Speaker of the House, Congress will actually try and solve the immigration issue instead of just complaining about it like they don’t have the agency to fix it. They say the President is not a king, yet they look to him to solve the problem by himself.


Describing Jeffries as an “election denier,” if not an outright lie is incredibly misleading. Post-Trump the charge has understandably been far more serious. Trump talked about widespread cheating and rigging of the election which he claims he actually won. He went on to scheme illegally and violently to stay in power against the will of the American voters and refused to participate in the peaceful transfer of power. His claims of a “stolen election” have been dismissed in over 60 court cases and by his own AG. What Jeffries was referring to was aspects of our election system that result in undemocratic outcomes and foreign interference, yet Trump’s victory was accepted.

Time, 12/2/22:

“Prior to the 2020 election, many Democrats pointed to evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the fact that Trump won the Electoral College but did not win the popular vote, and used talking points calling Trump “not my President.” But the actions taken by Trump and his supporters leading up to 2020 election and after were unprecedented. Trump stoked false conspiracies of voter fraud, filed more than 60 election-related lawsuits, and pressured officials to interfere with election results. Since then, recent polls have shown that more than half of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen.”

No Democrat attempted to plot illegally or violently to put Hillary Clinton in office. It is legitimate for anyone to point out she got 3 million more popular votes than Trump. Do the MAGA-ites on this site get it? It is legitimate because it is TRUE! Also, though it is a bitter pill for Trump worshipers to swallow, it is likely Russia did help Trump win. If you are honest with yourself, you know why. From the American Constitution Society regarding the Mueller investigation:

“The investigation produced 37 indictments; seven guilty pleas or convictions; and compelling evidence that the president obstructed justice on multiple occasions. Mueller also uncovered and referred 14 criminal matters to other components of the Department of Justice.
Trump associates repeatedly lied to investigators about their contacts with Russians, and President Trump refused to answer questions about his efforts to impede federal proceedings and influence the testimony of witnesses.

A statement signed by over 1,000 former federal prosecutors concluded that if any other American engaged in the same efforts to impede federal proceedings the way Trump did, they would likely be indicted for multiple charges of obstruction of justice.

Russia engaged in extensive attacks on the U.S. election system in 2016
Russian interference in the 2016 election was “sweeping and systemic.”[1]
Major attack avenues included a social media “information warfare” campaign that “favored” candidate Trump[2] and the hacking of Clinton campaign-related databases and release of stolen materials through Russian-created entities and Wikileaks.[3]
Russia also targeted databases in many states related to administering elections gaining access to information for millions of registered voters.[4]

There is much more information about the results of Mueller’s. Click below:

Mueller said it was up to Congress to decide whether or not to impeach Trump, not that he was innocent. No charges had ever been brought against a sitting president, so he would have to be impeached, found guilty and removed from office before a criminal indictment could be issued.

christophe Stalka

Today’s crap fest i in the House is almost as entertaining as the last two days and that is not a yawn a lie or a tale of Hunter biden! Bray on lying donkey boys


I really wish MAGA-ites had the energy and will to at least take a look at the report I cited above. Just click on it, look at at, and tell us what you think about. Most importantly, do you think Mueller’s report was an exoneration of Trump as William Barr initially claimed. Read it. Show me where Mueller said there was no Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. Keep this Trump quote in mind:

Donald Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

The House Republicans’ dysfunction has been brewing since trump announced his candidacy to run for president back in 2015. After insanely fighting the democrats about democracy itself, they are now turning on themselves. That’s what rats do. Too bad the extreme right demons of the world are destroying it. They can’t control their insatiable appetite for money power, and supremacy.

Eating processed foods with lots, and lots, of preservatives in them will extend your life expectancy.(common sense) – Grease for ball bearings is a much better intimacy lubricant than KY Jelly. – Eating raw anchovies will make you a better swimmer. – Frequently closing your eyes and concentrating on seeing things clearly will improve your vision.

“Funny you call it all lies but the fact / truth is there. I will continue to post the truth on this page”

Yours truly,


Donkey donkey donkey Ruby Freeman’s police body cam video is going to be the downfall for the Democratic Socialist. Tik Tok for who the bell tolls. Eee haww

christophe Stalka

Brandy the lying is out of control today foxhas a story on Hunter on now with PICS hurry lying donkey boy hurry!

Anyone else have a problem with the spouse of a Supreme Court Justice weighing in on the workings of one political party? And before you mutter about ‘there’s no law against it’, it’s about ethics and appearance and the justices’ and their spouses responsibility to appear apolitical.

The Republicans have jammed several justices onto the court dishonestly at best, illegally a possibility. Let’s hope our legislators can find it in themselves to establish some kind of code of conduct for SCOTUS where none has existed, and until the Republicans truly went into the weeds, not really needed.


Ginni Thomas attacks Kevin McCarthy in joint letter with former Trump attorney

Lobbyist and promoter of Donald Trump’s “Big Lie,” Ginni Thomas, is uniting with ex-Trump attorney Cleta Mitchell and two dozen others from the far-right to attack and oppose GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to become Speaker of the House.

In a joint letter from the Conservative Action Project, Thomas, the spouse of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Mitchell, and the other 24 signatories assail McCarthy’s leadership.


Steven Flynn

“Byron Donalds is not a historic candidate for Speaker. He is a prop. Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy. His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic.” – Progressive liberal Cori Bush.

Is he a prop or is he an american male with a mind of his own?


McCarthy has lost the 7th vote for Speaker. Will one of the “Freedom Caucus” representatives nominate Donald J. Trump?

What a problem that would be for the Republican party!

Could enough Republicans join Democrats in voting for a member of the “Blue Dog Coalition” or a moderate Republican to end this debacle (and put McCarthy out of his self-inflicted misery)?

Bill Marincic

Santo, let me ask you which is worse, Russian interference or FBI interference. Also, Russia knew that Trump would be harder on them so why would they want him over Clinton?

Re: Byron Donalds…
Is every bit a prop the way Republicans propped up Hershel Walker as a viable politician. No one does tokenism as blatantly and transparently, and as ham-handedly as Republicans.

Bill Marincic

January 4th, 2023
How to finance a car purchase was a chapter we covered in 10th grade Consumer Economics. I suppose some made a career out of it.

So tell me Chuckles can you answer 930 out of 1000 questions on these subjects correctly? I did.

Understanding the Law
Elements of a Contract
Truth in Lending Act & Regulation Z
Retail Installment Sale Contracts
FTC’s “Cooling-Off” Rule
Consumer Leasing Act & Regulation M
Rules Common to Regulations Z & M
UDAP and UDAAP Claims
FTC Credit Rules
FTC Used Car Rule
Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) & Regulation B
Fair Credit Compliance Policy & Program
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
Red Flag Rule
Risk-Based Pricing Rule
Protecting Nonpublic Personal Information
Privacy Rule
Safeguards Rule
IRS / FinCEN Form 8300 Cash Reporting
Federal Do-Not-Contact Rules
Federal Odometer Act
Vehicle Insurance
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act & Vehicle Service Contracts
GAP Protection
Voluntary Protection Products: A Model Dealership Policy
State Laws

Please provide ANY evidence that “Russia knew that Trump would be harder on them”. You won’t because there’s tons more that the previous president was beholden to Russia.

Bill Marincic

From NBC;

PHILADELPHIA — Donald Trump on Wednesday proposed ending the sequester on defense spending and put forth a new edition of his brand of foreign policy.

The Republican nominee, who would be the first president of the modern era to not have military or government experience should he win, cast the foreign policy plans of Hillary Clinton as examples of her being “reckless,” “trigger happy,” and “very unstable. Trump also advocated growing America’s military with defense spending that a Trump campaign official tells NBC will likely be above pre-sequestration levels, which means spending would likely be above $550 billion.

“It is so depleted,” Trump said. “We will rebuild our military.”

No Marincic, because I don’t work with it everyday so your question is as unfair as if I asked you to recite what the OSI Model is, and explain it and it’s history and how it affects everyone on the internet.
Or maybe I should demand you perform some subnet calculations?
Or if you couldn’t do that, how about explaining the ILOVEYOU virus and its attack vector and why it’s so important to email security.
Any idea who Tsutomu Shimomura is?
Any idea how Kevin Mitnick became such a successful hacker (and it wasn’t because of computer skills) and why you should know?
As I asked a couple weeks ago, any idea why Larry Ellison is one of the scariest people involved in computing and the internet?

But I won’t, because that wouldn’t be fair, would it? Are you at least aware that the World Wide Web is not the internet and why?

bob gareat

great entertainment. looks like a 10th ballot imagine having to kiss a$$ to the likes of mad madge gaetz and Doebert. its a comedy a comedy I tell you! this shat show should make a least a few minions vomit by tonight bray on donkey boy big BM Hillary still?

bob gareat

Donald Trump delivered a pseudo-presidential address calling for military action against Mexican drug cartels and hinted he should be returned to the White House before the 2024 election.This dude must be related to big BM it just doesnt get any more entertaining .

I bought my 1st new car in 1967. Since then I’ve purchased hundreds of new vehicles for both personal and company use. Some, we’re financed, some were paid for without financing. I’d be willing to bet I’ve sat in front of the finance officer’s desk more than 50 times.

From what I’ve gathered anyone with half a brain could, after experiencing the repetitive nature of the job, just fill in the blanks of the lending institutions forms for financing options.

Ziprecruiter career path:
“A finance and insurance manager is responsible for helping customers finance their vehicle purchase by working with lending agencies;”…. That’s pretty obvious and goes without saying. Again, after a little training, fill in the blanks.

Now the important part:
“They are also responsible for having a deep understanding of aftermarket options and warranties that can be purchased with the vehicle being sold. Like Automotive Finance Managers, finance and insurance managers are also responsible for training sales teams and ensuring they meet sales goals at the dealership.”
In other words, SOME, not all of them, but of coarse not BM, are glorified salesman whose main goal is to make money for the car dealership by swindling old ladies into getting under coating and unnecessary options, and training the sales team how to do the same.

Loved the word “Ethics” on his list.

Wondering if BMDC is a respectful way of referring to debating opponents.

Steven Flynn

Re: Byron Donalds…
Is every bit a prop the way Republicans propped up Hershel Walker as a viable politician. No one does tokenism as blatantly and transparently, and as ham-handedly as Republicans.

Are u saying all republican african americans are tokens? They arent allowed to win the high profile jobs? Hershel got beat in the election, not for sure what his skin color had to do with it. Donalds is a young popular republican and seems to be a good guy. Thats a pretty wild view you have there sir.

Bill Wemple

BM, where do you find time to provide such an extensive online laundry list of what you supposedly have to know to do your job? I’m guessing a lot of that is covered by some kind of Dealer Management Software like Auto/Mate, thereby freeing up your time to post online so much during the day? I’m having difficulty myself with a couple .NET methods I’m calling within a C# application to generate contour polylines from Z-values in USGS Digital Elevation imagery data. Perhaps you can provide some insight so I can then find some free time to go research the latest DG posts you’ve made to see if they are just another ‘[B]owel [M]ovement’ from you?
I could probably automate most of your job out of existence.


Not a day goes by that BM doesn’t miss a opportunity to provide incredible insight to the human mind. In this description of the human brain we can guess what parts are used the least or most.
“The cerebrum has two hemispheres – the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. The two hemispheres have four sections, called lobes – frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. Each of these lobes controls specific aspects of the thinking process.”

We all can decide which may be more active, less active or not connected at all to the others as they should be for BM and lgb. My vote For lgb NONE connected. BM, he doesn’t like Trump so maybe a small connection to all sections sometimes.

bob gareat

jclark124 the scary thing is thinking about what he has promised those nuts up to this point . McCarthy might want to consult with
pelosi at this point
on another bright note Adam Kitzinger is becoming a senior commentator on CNN. lie on donkey boys lie on


Chuckd and Bill w, Here the “finance guy tries to sell “The hurracane protection package” Your car will float to the top of the storm surge without being damaged.

True fact, at last count over 60,000 vehicles had been damaged from Ian. So if BM is trying to sell you a to good to be true priced “Florida never seen winter car” be advised.

From the Democrats are the Cheaters! desk:

LANSING, Mich. — A lawyer who said he worked for former President Donald Trump’s campaign and a former state senator asked a clerk in Oakland County for access to voting machines in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election, according to two voicemails that were made public for the first time Thursday.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office provided an email about the voicemails to the U.S. Department of Justice in December after investigators subpoenaed the agency for communications with Trump’s campaign as part of an ongoing probe into the former president’s bid to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

The voicemail messages, released through an open records request, point to a broad effort to examine Michigan’s voting machines, potentially involving Trump’s campaign and other well-known Republicans in the battleground state.

Already, a special prosecutor is considering charges against nine individuals, including former Republican attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, over an alleged scheme to obtain tabulators from clerks, take them to rental properties and examine them.

In the voicemail messages from December 2020, a man who identified himself as Mark Foster “a lawyer with Rudy Guiliani’s team” asked then-Rochester Hills Clerk Tina Barton for help accessing Dominion Voting Systems machines.

“I am a lawyer with Rudy Guiliani’s team, working for the president. And we need access to some Dominion machines, which we understand may be something that you can help us with in Oakland County. If you can please call me back, I’d deeply appreciate it,” Foster said in the voicemail.

However, Oakland County, where Barton was a clerk, did not use Dominion equipment.


-The Detroit News

Bob Gareat–McCarthy has so debased himself to these hijackers. The metal detectors were gone on day 1.

Remember when he said it would be hard not to hit Pelosi with the gavel? He’s not worthy to shine her high heels!

I can’t wait til that arrogant prick has to move out of the Speaker’s office.

He will rue the day he sold his soul and went down to maralargo.


“Bill Marincic
January 5th, 2023
Santo, let me ask you which is worse, Russian interference or FBI interference. Also, Russia knew that Trump would be harder on them so why would they want him over Clinton?”

Allow me to respond:

On Oct. 28, 2016 Republican FBI director Comey publicly announced a renewed investigation into Clinton’s emails. That decision played no small part in Clinton’s defeat on November 8, though on November 6, 2016 the FBI announced “it found no evidence to change its previous decision not to charge Clinton, and Comey announced that the investigation was again complete on Nov. 6, two days before the election” (Politico, 4/13/18). But the damage had been done and Comey has acknowledged being troubled by the role he played in Trump’s victory.

You, BM live in a reality that is a figment of your imagination. Trump was an admirer of Putin who praised him for being “savvy” and a a “genius” for planning his invasion of Ukraine. To this day it is MAGA that fights military aid to Ukraine. I believe if Trump turned a corner quickly, your head would fall out of his behind.

Yes, it is wrong for FBI director Comey to have interfered in the 2015 election, in TRUMP’S favor.

“Also, Russia knew that Trump would be harder on them so why would they want him over Clinton?”

Ya, talk delusional. The only way Trump would be harder on the Russians than Clinton would be when he’s in bed with Vladi’s hookers peeing on him. Get serious man.

“He said he didn’t meddle. He said he didn’t meddle,” Trump told reporters from Air Force One. “I asked him again. You can only ask so many times. I just asked him again. He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did.”

Yep, Believe a Russian murdering dictator over your intelligence agencies.

Bill you’re as much if a traitor as trump

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