Greenlight Networks continues fiber-optic expansion in Clifton Park


CLIFTON PARK – Greenlight Networks recently announced a continued expansion of its fiber optic network in Clifton Park. The company expects to have services available to almost 12,000 homes by the end of 2024.

“Working with the town of Clifton Park this past year has been very productive,” President and CEO of Greenlight, Mark Murphy said in a release. “We’ve built a great partnership, not only from a respect standpoint but from a communications perspective. Together, we are working to ensure more Clifton Park residents gain access to our high-speed fiber Internet services.”

The company expects to invest more than $16 million in infrastructure development in the town, and has plans to create local jobs and work for local contractors, according to the announcement from the company.

“Connecting residents to multi-gigabit fiber internet will be a gamechanger for individuals and families looking for alternative options for reliable and affordable internet services,” Murphy’s statement said. “We’re excited to welcome new customers and look forward to building our presence here in Clifton Park.”

Greenlight’s first expansion into Clifton Park is in the Azalea and El Dorado neighborhoods. Construction in those neighborhoods will be completed in early 2023, and will bring the network to 2,000 homes, according to the company.

“We welcomed Greenlight to Clifton Park last year as the company unveiled plans to expand their service into the Capital Region,” Clifton Park Supervisor Phil Barrett said in a release. “Greenlight is making a significant investment in Clifton Park as the company installs a new fiber network, which will be available to thousands of homes. The investment brings more value to Clifton Park and another option for people who use this service in their homes every day.”

Greenlight plans to begin construction in the Summerlin, Roosevelt, Bruno and other smaller neighborhoods next and expects to connect almost 10,000 more homes in 2024.

Greenlight partnered with the Vischer Ferry Fire Department to be able to host its network equipment in exchange for complimentary high-speed fiber broadband service at the Fire Department, the company reported.

The Greenlight fiber-optic network will be able to offer data speeds as high as 2Gbps for uploads and downloads with a base speed of 500 Mbps which will be offered at $50 per month, according to the company.

Rochester-based Greenlight Networks first began laying fiber optic lines in the area in the spring of 2022. Clifton Park was the first local area the company began installing infrastructure in. The companies eventual goal is to reach 23,000 Capital Region households.

Greenlight Networks was founded in 2011. The company’s high-speed fiber network is available in over 100,000 homes in 21 municipalities in the Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, and Albany areas, according to the company’s website.

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