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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Jan. 12 – Two from readers in Saratoga and Guilderland

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Speaker vote was a good sign for U.S.

The episode the American people recently witnessed beginning the 118th Congress should be remembered as we begin the next two years and beyond.
Yes, a handful of congressional members prevented the House of Representatives from advancing to other business, but it was not without valiant cause and purpose.
The attempt to paint these members as far-right or extreme and to label the event as chaotic is anti-American at its core. We give all opinions, representation and convictions equal merit here in the United States.
We also conduct the people’s business publicly through representative votes that sometimes take time. Those few members had enough of a coalition to stand up against a quick advancement of a predetermined idea and successfully held out for changes they felt were necessary.
It appears we may all end up in a better place for it.
If in fact our federal agencies will be checked for crossing the line on numerous recent occasions, then we all win. If House bills are restricted to a single subject and representatives are held accountable for every vote, then we all win.
If a small few with enough courage and conviction can stand up against groupthink and eroding individualism to create positive change, then we all win.
Let’s hope and pray that the work this new Congress began so courageously helps to bring our communities back together, while promoting the uniqueness of every individual and protecting the freedoms we so desperately don’t want to lose.
Christopher Longo

Get goodness back in America again

I hope the readers understand this. We sure live in strange times. Once there was a paper that said, “All the news that’s fit to print.” It’s not that way anymore. So sad.
Some say you have to change with the times. The question is, is it good or bad. We spend too much time on all the bad stuff, not enough print or TV news on the good stuff.
Just look what is going on in America and the rest of the world. If you don’t know, you better find out soon.
We have to turn our country and world around for the better while there is still time, starting with our government, federal, state, city and village.
You all know this is true. Let’s get the goodness going in the right direction now. I hope everyone has a healthy, good and peaceful New Year. Let’s keep America strong.
Sid Gordon



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Mr. Gordon: focusing on “the good stuff” is a diversion from solving the multitude of problems facing our nation, state, and community. Sitting in a circle and singing kumbaya will give us a warm fuzzy feeling while our world falls apart. Let’s focus on solving the problems and feel good about our efforts as we do so. Just a thought.


Mr. Gordon our country has been spiraling for a long time it started in the 1960’s. That is when our government became the new world mafia. The corrupt political figures yearning for a one world government. The ball is starting to roll on holding all politicians on both sides accountable to our constitution. The citizens need to take back control of our government and minimize the meddling in our lives. Take back our family values. Allow people to create there own destiny without an authoritarian government corrupting family values, religion, freedom of speech / words, stop erasing our history and trying to rewrite it. We must remove the corrupt DOJ, FBI from being a gestapo for the government.
I grew up in a large family we were not wealthy but we never went hungry and we had a roof over our head. But we had good times as a family. We did have good times regardless of our economic standings. My mom made our bread for sandwiches , she cooked our lunch meat instead of buying it at the deli. We all grew up to know that you must work hard and live within your means if want something more work for it.
The good times and freedom of being an American is not a lost dream it just needs to be put back into the mix and go back to a constitutional republic.
Don’t let the democratic socialist take this away from you.


The new congress is making some refreshing plans. I mentioned Schiff asking twitter to bar Paul Sperry a journalist. The Donkey Clowns belittled my comments as they usually do because it goes against the propaganda they push will now learn who Paul Sperry is. The congress has put together a committee to investigate Schiff for trying to censor free speech because it made him look bad. This is just the beginning of the end for the deep state players on both sides.
Another note the Covid virus origins and the covid vaccines are being exposed for what they really are. This is a globalist effort for population control through false PSR tests to push the vaccines. The vaccines are proven to be killing people with heart issues. The big Pharma and the beloved Dr. Death Fauci will be facing people for their crimes against humanity.
Matt Gaetz is going to release the footage of the Jan. 6 for all to see and get to the bottom of Ray Epps and all the others Pelosi, capitol police, FBI and all the others. Let the people see the footage and decide for themselves and not a corrupt Rino and Democratic socialist investigate.
Ruby Freeman is going to be the catalyst that is going to show the country the election fraud they used to over throw our election system.
Biden acts like he had no idea that the classified files. These files were moved twice by Biden, once 01/20/2017 when left the White House, then again to his new office in 2018. Then they found a second batch of files!!! WHAT ? Yes his aides found a second batch of files. Not to mention the aides have no authority to view classified files. So my question is where is the FBI and the raids on all of Biden’s properties. Where is Garland and his investigation. Remember all the democratic socialist calling out Trump for having declassified files. But you can hear a cricket fart in the room when Biden’s absconding classified files.

Christopher Longo what I saw when voting for the Speaker of the house was havoc and chaos. The next 2 years will be more havoc and chaos. Republicans haven’t learned their lesson yet passing 2 anti-abortion bills i the first days. What we will see again is Gym Jordon’s circus show for 2 years. His fast nonsensical talking seems to intrigue the Republicans like when he headed the Benghazi and Hillary’s Emails. In the end they turned out to be nothing burgers.

Bill Marincic

If the left doesn’t see the hypocrisy of the Democrat party because of these top-secret files, then they care more about party than Country. At least Trump had his files in a secure room on property protected by the Secret Service, Biden‘s files were found in a college that the Chinese government tripled their donations to $55 million to. The attorney that found the documents, there is a whole story there with her as well. Who sends a $1200 an hour attorney to pack up an office, wouldn’t you pay someone else or maybe have your staff do it? Yeah but there’s nothing to see here I know if I needed my office packed up full of heavy boxes and furniture. I would certainly choose to send my $1200 an hour female attorney to do it, wouldn’t you?

christophe Stalka

Mr Varoma your assessment is correct the crap show I watched for four days as the herd conned and extorted to get what they wanted cannot be spun by a bunch of liars to anything positive . But boy do these liars try. Now the real comedy begins 2 years of doing nothing lie on boys you’re good at it Amen Mr varoma!

christophe Stalka

Just read the brandies latest dump on ruby Freeman dude if your betting the nations future on anything that comes out of gaetz mouth your truly in a pitiful place but I guess a liar loves a bigger liar and in this case a sex trafficker lie on.

Mr. Bill 🤡 your stupidity for Trump even amazed me with your last comment. When your conspiracy Theory about Paul Pelosi didn’t fly you always latch onto the next one hoping it will stick. You have no shame. You have no Christian values. You’re just an old man screaming at kids to get off your lawn.

christophe Stalka

Mr. Varoma the only thing consistent in Big Bms `theories `is the smut factor as evidenced by his Pelosi theory his Jill Biden underwear comments his constant obsession with children guy makes my skin crawl with his creepy statements. AMEN NO LIES HERE. THANK God we’ve got a strong DEMOCRACY!


Ruby is implicated by her actions caught on video.
Rep. Gaetz is releasing the 01/06 video footage to the people. Let the people decide.
Chris try and keep up I know your donkey clowns heads are spinning and you are having trouble keeping up with the criminals in your party.
Rest assured the people will be the judges of the Jan 6


Anyone who continues to believe the lie that the Republicans prioritize the national debt needs to read, as Diane Sanders Hombach has pointed out, the column by Thomas Kahn on the Opinion page of today’s DG. The debt fell under Clinton’s administration because it operated under a rule called PAYGO “which reqiures offsets–or trade-offs–for all spending increases or tax cuts so that these changes don’t add to the deficit.” The new Republican House has instituted the rule that applied during the administrations of Reagan, Bush, and Trump when the deficit and national debt skyrocketed. The rule is CUTGO which requires trade-offs for spending but not for tax cuts. This is designed to make it easy to cut taxes for the wealthy while requiring that entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare be cut to balance the budget. At the same time the new majority in the House has voted to cut the IRS budget to limit its ability to go after wealthy tax cheats.

christophe Stalka

Brandy Ruby freeman has been cleared by the evidence but you stick with your idol Gaetz and his evidence get lost creepy dude lie on maybe Big Bm has a new spin on another fantasy for you


Would you swear UNDER OATH that the following statement is true?

“Actually, Trump was cooperating with the National Archives” posted yesterday by a Trump enthusiast.

The important factor in comparing Trump’s mishandling of government documents and Biden’s is that Trump knowingly lied about his continued illegal possession of these documents, necessitating a warrant which did recover hundreds more documents potentially dangerous to national security. This is PROOF of mens rea, Trump’s criminal intent. Biden’s cooperation with the DOJ investigation of government documents found by HIS OWN LAWYER in his former office is indicative of a mistake with no evidence of criminal intent. In addition, Biden is not “making up” ridiculous explanations as Trump has, for example, claiming a president has the right to declassify documents by just thinking about it.

I would love for MEGA republicans to be living in a world void of any humans other than themselves. Because of their total lack of concern for human equality or fairness, and their inability to reason, they would eventually, not unlike what recently happened in the House, as well as what trump is doing, turn on each other until there would be only one left.

Steven Flynn

“How that could possibly happen, how one anyone could be that irresponsible.” – Joe Biden

Yes Joe, that’s a great question. How could they be so irresponsible and then play dumb when u have to make a comment about it. He was full of bravado when he was trashing Trump but sounded like a scared kid yesterday when he had to make a comment on it. Interesting to see his reaction to the “2nd batch” Ummm, ummmm, well u know the thing.

Steven Flynn

Karine Jean-Pierre to CBS reporter when pressed about the classified docs find:
“Ed, we don’t need to have this. We work very well together”
She sure got that right. Corporate media is and has been a propaganda outlet for the DNC. How dare u question us CBS, did u forget who controls you?


Again, there is no comparison between Trump’s criminal mishandling of government documents, subsequent lying and obfuscation necessitating a warrant, and Biden’s clearly unintentional mistake and cooperation with the DOJ. Biden’s lawyer immediately notified the National Archives and the DOJ. Trump screamed his usual false claims about “witch hunts” and “they’re out to get me.”

If the difference isn’t obvious to you, you are, as Guy puts it, being stupid for Trump.

Steven Flynn

Who the hell would be happy with 6.5% CPI as food and other prices soar, and this is after many painful Fed hikes? An extreme liberal maybe?

As I recall the first conspiracy excuse Mr. Bill 🤡 used is that Obama took thousands of documents to Chicago. But he didn’t mention they were under the control of the National Archives and at his presidential library and totally legal. I just can’t understand why people are so willingly stupid for Trump. Hunter Biden’s laptop will be their next fiasco. Gym Jordon will make sure he feeds them more BS to chew on.


“How do you know Joe isnt lying?” SF

“How do you know for a fact that it was clearly unintentional, because he said it was?”SF

There is no evidence that it was intentional. There is abundant evidence that Trump’s mishandling was intentional and therefore criminal. He lied when he claimed all documents had been turned over when a subsequent search warrant resulted in the discovery of hundreds more in his illegal possession. Where is your evidence that Biden is lying. Evidence that he isn’t lying is that the documents were turned over to the National Archives and he is cooperating with the DOJ investigation.

The only way the far right makes their case is by outright lies and obfuscation. It is tiresome.

Why aren’t all Republicans demanding that George Santos resign? Zero moral principles. Ethics mean nothing…. Only what they want to hear, only what they want to see, only the way they want it to be, nothing else matters. Nothing.

I guess Santos can join the Gosar, Gaetz, Green, Boebert etc. club.

The fact that these people are actually the lawmakers and top representatives of America is incomprehensible to me.

If MAGAites continue to vote these immoral, incompetent morons into office, they need not be concerned with immigrants attempting to enter America. It will be more of an issue of preventing millions of Americans from fleeing to a free country.

Steven Flynn

So it was your opinion” that it was clearly unintentional”? Got it. No fact behind it, just an opinion. Interesting. I thought you extreme liberals were all about facts?

christophe Stalka

Mr. SANTO I’m thinking the National Archives needs some improvement in their records management process. Luckily the DOJ does appear to be on the issue of whether a crime has been committed I’m betting a Specilal counsel gets appointed which is fine while the herd is trying to spin this issue it just isn’t working. Liars do gotta lie!


The inflation rate is coming down and a deep recession is becoming increasingly unlikely. The economy is being handled well in a very volatile and tricky environment. There are no “miracles.” Biden doesn’t claim magical powers as Steve’s hero Trump did when he fatuously claimed that COVID would disappear in two or three weeks.


Steven Flynn
January 12th, 2023
So it was your opinion” that it was clearly unintentional”? Got it. No fact behind it, just an opinion. Interesting. I thought you extreme liberals were all about facts?

I gave you facts. Read it again and stop playing the fool.

Steven Flynn

You gave me your opinion, your words were not fact and they were very key to your comment. “Clearly unintentional” means there is no doubt about it. In this case, the facts haven’t come out but you’re already giving Biden a pass. Are u stupid for Biden?


SF, we could go back and forth ad nauseum. Here, again, is the evidence:

Evidence that he isn’t lying is that the documents were turned over to the National Archives and he is cooperating with the DOJ investigation.

The only way the far right makes their case is by outright lies and obfuscation. It is tiresome.


A.S faulty response about slick Willies economic policies failed to mention the IOU he gave to social security when he reached into the coffers to balance his budget


My above post does state facts whether you, SF, accept it or not. And “whatta about Trump?” More facts repeated even though you refuse to acknowledge them:

“There is abundant evidence that Trump’s mishandling was intentional and therefore criminal. He lied when he claimed all documents had been turned over when a subsequent search warrant resulted in the discovery of hundreds more in his illegal possession.”

Steven Flynn

…and the DOJ is investigating to see if there was any wrong doing or it was an honest mistake. In other words, its still your opinion. Now Ive got it, took a while but I got it.


Like Steve, you LGB, simply ignore the facts. Why aren’t you addressing the issue I discussed, Republican CUTGO v. Democratic PAYGO? Cat got your tongue on that one?

Steven Flynn

What fact am I ignoring? The part where it was your opinion and you’re giving Biden a pass before it’s fully investigated? My bad.


Also the second batch was found by Bidens aides. They have zero clearance to handle such documents. They had to open the file and see what was in it. Let guess Russia did it like Hunters laptop….Tik Tok donkeys




Steven Flynn

You sound like Brian Williams, like u were there. What does my self respect have to do with your opinion that u keep stating is fact? You lefties are huge on calling ppl out for opinions yet when u have yours, its a fact all of a sudden. Why do u hate being wrong?

Difference between Democrats and Republicans: Democrats look at their own president and want to know more about the classified material, why did he have it, what was the sensitivity of it, is there more, let’s hear from Biden himself on the situation, so we can decide for ourselves whether we think it is a serious issue. Republicans look at their former president and as soon as any bad news comes out, they get defensive, screaming “the FBI planted it!”, “he already declassified it!”, “other presidents did it too!”, “he was just working from home like me!”, all without any shred of curiosity as to why exactly he had the documents or what he was planning on doing with them or why he was hiding them from the National Archives. Never trying to understand the situation for themselves and make up their own mind. Really sad when you think about it. I criticize Biden all the time, yet I’m a proud Democrat. You see how that works Republicans? Stop being slaves to your leaders and use your own brain once in a while just to prove you still have one.


You obviously don’t know the difference between a fact and an opinion. I’m done with this. I thought shouting at you in caps might make my message clear. But forget it Steve. This is the point at which anyone reading this can make up their own mind as to who is being forthright and honest and who is not.

Bill Marincic

Before her husband’s appearance on “The Reid Out,” Erika Donalds, who is White, tweeted screenshots of online users attacking her over her skin color on Wednesday, pushing back on the racially-motivated online attacks over her marriage to a Black Republican lawmaker.

“Byron and I have been together for 23+ years, and the most racist attacks we experience are always from the left,” she wrote.

“They can’t accept that a free thinking black man achieves success on his own merits, and they sure as heck can’t stand that he’s married to me!” Donalds continued. “Cry harder, haters.”


lgb, If I may, “So my question is where is the FBI and the raids on all of Biden’s properties. Where is Garland and his investigation?
A. No need for FBI to “raid” anything as pointed out here, MSM and even RW Media The president and his team are cooperating and turning over the documents.
B. Garland almost immediately appointed SP who is a hold over from the Former Guy and was appointed by him.
C. On vaccines, don’t know if you received any, don’t care, if you don’t want to be vaccinated don’t care, just be courteous to others and try not to infect any one.

On the economy. Wikipedia, lists recessions as follows since 1929. Hoover, Eisenhower,Nixon, , Reagan, HW Bush, and Gw Bush all Rebublicans. Carter was the Democrat. Obama, and Trump avoided a recession, but economy crashed under Trump in my opinion due to his malfeasance when covid originated. On the good side of that happening he would probably have been re elected if he had not mis handled the medical response with all the dis information from his RW supporters.

So what, your point? If I’m interpreting your rationale, (democrats are more racist than Republicans because of one incident) and I attempt to follow it, I would say something like; Because Bill Marincic, a Republican, is a white supremest bigoted racist, therefore all Republicans are like him. That isn’t the way it is. Anyone can be a racist. The true fact is MAGA republicans are far more racist than democrats. Period.

Bill Marincic

No, Lou, that’s you, you lefties always pretending to be the champions of POC but it is shown over and over again you are just pretending. Erika Donalds is not the only person who is White and married to a POC that gets attacked by the left. Even Joy Reid accused Byron Donalds of being a “Token” black man. I guess the republican party is not the democrats of the Jim Crowe era it still is the democrats. “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t Black” Joe Biden ” I don’t want my kids going to a racial jungle” Joe Biden


Here’s a look at what the Democratic socialist movement is doing to NY. NY ranks #1 in the country for most lost population leaving NY 180,000. By is no longer the Empire State more like third world socialist state. NY once had 45 seats in the House of Representatives now 26 almost half gone. Great job Democrats your taxes and socialism is doing a bang up job. Soon they will be grabbing the dollar bills from the drag queens dancing for the school children. Such wonderful leadership with Jokel. Retirement cannot come soon enough for me. I would gladly wish away 5 years and get out of this poop hole called NY

And as I’m sure you know because it’s been posted here and elsewhere, red states occupy the top ten poorest education systems in the country, and also racked up the most COVID deaths. Red states also lead the charge to restrict women’s rights and restrict schools and teachers and their curricula.

Gosh, so many reasons to want to move to a red state.

The commenters here can try to turn around reality all they want; it’s a free country and you’re free to look like a loon as you wish, and you’re certainly exercising that right here. But reality here on earth shows what buffoons and losers you and your causes are. The looniness is on full display and you’re the only ones denying it.

Serious question: When do you think will be the next time a Republican can win a popular vote? Because you’ve only won one in the past 7 administrations. America’s just not that into you.

84 Republican officials are now under intense investigation for going along with a Trump plot to fraudulently submit fake certifications that Trump won their votes and Mike Pence should allow “alternate electors” to overturn the will of the American voters.

This is the “election fraud” so many Republicans screech about, and it’s their very own making thus supporting the current notion that Republican accusations are really confessions.

That’s reality. Their indictments and guilty pleas will also be reality. Another reality is it sure doesn’t reflect well the general level of intelligence of Republicans.

christophe Stalka

Guess that special counsel appointment answers little Stevies question about no one being above the law bray on liars.

christophe Stalka

Brandy with what your repubics have planned for social security and medicare you might want to pull the trigger and retire early Bye us all a favor I feel very fortunate to live in this DEMOCRACY and love NY bye liar I’d suggest FL or TX for your special interests.


No one is above the law. Biden accepts that and accepts that the documents at his office and home were improperly stored. He has not objected to the DOJ investigation of the matter. He has not screamed “witch hunt” or claimed they were planted or that they had been magically declassified. Trump did all that. Isn’t the difference obvious?

Steven Flynn

The extreme liberal liars? Yeah, Im with u on that one Christophe. Why the multiple accounts? Why cant u just be either Bob or Christophe?

Bill Marincic

Biden rarely knows where he is let alone anything about those documents, which is a total lie in itself. Common sense would send all of 110-pound Dana Remus to pack up an office for $1200 an hour. Who is Dana Remus, well she clerked for Alito, worked for Obama in the WH was Obama’s personal lawyer, and now she worked in the Biden WH and is his personal lawyer? Hmmm, I wonder if Barry is setting up Biden so that he doesn’t run in 24? You know with the crooked democrats that are not out of the question after all Donna Brazille gave Hillary the debate question and then she was running the DNC, I wonder how she got the job?

little Stevie in the real world two people have separate accounts but you live your reality if it works for you . its stange its creepy but if this odd obsession bothers you im all for it liars gotta lie. bray on

Steven Flynn

Is everything creepy to you Bob / Christophe? Do u live in a basement with no windows and padlocks on your door? You sound like another guy on here who’s afraid of his own shadow.

no little stevie youre creepy
if other people think your creepy
we must be onto something
liars gotta lie
who wrote this Bob or Christophe its soooo confusing your mind must be spinning ?

now you want to know where I live super creepy dude?
move on to your next victim im not interested or intimidated
liars gotta lie creeps gotta be creeps .


“Dana Ann Remus is an American lawyer who served as White House counsel for U.S. President Joe Biden from January 2021 to July 2022. Prior to her appointment as White House counsel, Remus was general counsel for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.”

Dana Remus – Wikipedia

She was formerly a clerk in Samuel Alito’s office.

From VOA: 1/12/23

“Documents with classified markings from U.S. President Joe Biden’s time as vice president have been found in the garage of his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House said Thursday, days after it confirmed that other sensitive material had been discovered at the Washington think tank where he had an office before running for president in 2020.

In the latest disclosure, Richard Sauber, a special counsel to Biden, said that after the initial documents were found at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, his lawyers searched other locations where records might have been shipped, rather than to the National Archives as required by U.S. law, when Biden’s vice-presidential term ended in early 2017.

Sauber, in a statement, said Biden’s lawyers searched his Wilmington home in the eastern U.S., as well as his vacation retreat near the Atlantic Ocean in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

“The lawyers discovered among personal and political papers a small number of additional … records with classified markings” in the garage, he said, adding that another one-page classified document was found in an adjacent room.

The papers were from Biden’s vice presidency under former President Barack Obama. No classified documents were found at his vacation home.

Sauber said the Department of Justice was “immediately notified” after the documents were found in Wilmington and that department lawyers took custody of the records.”


The far right is good at some things, creating conspiracy theories, hyperventilating and asking stupid garbled questions.


To illustrate the integrity of far right Fox Propaganda hosts, I offer this charming bit of duplicity on the part of Tucker Carlson and the horrifyingly evil Alex Jones:

The Huffington Post reports: 1/12/23

“In early March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic began its onslaught across the country, Fox News host Tucker Carlson drove to then-President Donald Trump’s Florida resort to warn him to take the virus seriously. “People you know will get sick,” Carlson said on his show later that night after visiting Trump at Mar-a-Lago. “Some may die. This is real. That’s the point of this script — to tell you that.”

“I tried man,” Carlson texted Alex Jones, according to a record of their conversation obtained by HuffPost. Yet by the following month, as Trump continued to minimize the seriousness of the virus, the two right-wing media personalities appeared to follow the president’s lead, texting conspiracy theories with each other that downplayed the threat even as thousands of Americans were dying daily.

Mediaite reports:

“The Infowars story commending Carlson for taking it seriously was deleted from the site, according to HuffPost, and Alex Jones began selling fake cures for the virus. Carlson descended further into conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods about the virus on his prime-time Fox News show. When safe and effective vaccines were introduced and started to help the world get the virus under control, Carlson bizarrely cast them as ineffective and even deadly.”

Really GREAT and HONORABLE individuals on the Trump side of the issues. Any responses?

While we wait for all the evidence of Democratic voter fraud….
From today’s T-U:

Rensselaer County’s former GOP elections commissioner admits voter fraud
Jason T. Schofield pleaded guilty to voter fraud charges in U.S. District on Wednesday, admitting he fraudulently filed absentee ballots using the personal information of voters without their permission

ALBANY — Jason T. Schofield, Rensselaer County’s former Republican elections commissioner, pleaded guilty to 12 counts of voter fraud charges in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, admitting he fraudulently filed absentee ballots in 2021 using the personal information of at least eight voters without their permission.

The 43-year-old Schofield, joined by his attorney, Danielle Neroni, admitted to unlawful possession and use of a means of identification on five occasions in May, September and October 2021.

After detailing each count, U.S. District Judge Mae D’Agostino, asked Schofield how he pleaded.

“Guilty,” the Troy man responded.

Bill Marincic

So Santo what did you say about Amy Remus that I didn’t? Did they answer why they sent a 110-pound female lawyer to clean out the offices at Penn for $1200 an hour? Could they have sent her there to “find” the files? None of this makes sense, did you know Hunter was in Ca. at his agent looking to work at the Biden Penn center think tank? You all keep Heeeeee Haaaawing and walking around like Blind Little Mice screaming “but Trump”. I understand that you all can’t defend this without looking stupider than you already are, I get it. Let’s not forget The Penn university professor’s letter to Hunter Biden’s daughter.

We decided to get a closer look at the University of Pennsylvania and its ties to China. We took a look at text messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop to see if we could find an answer and we found messages between a senior professor at Penn’s International Relations Department to Naomi Biden. That would be Hunter Biden’s very young daughter. The message from the professor begins this way: “Dear Naomi… I’m writing to you tonight to invite you to take part in a major conference in China at the end of March. I’ve been asked… to help recruit a prominent young leader. They” — the Chinese government — “will fly you business class and of course provide all your accommodations… I don’t think it would surprise you that they are interested in you thanks to your family name. I would not take offense at that. It is truly the Chinese way (and frankly, better you than that dolt Tiffany Trump). If you are interested, can you send me your c.v. and/or a bio? I would forward that and you could expect an official invitation from Li Baodong, the secretary general of the forum.”

Steven Flynn

Bob / Christophe – you’re a paranoid dude. You know for a FACT that I never asked or wanted to know where u live. You’re totally exaggerating for shock effect and its a cowardly move. I could care less where u live, its a debate forum, I debate. Is this what extreme liberals do? Play the victim and create scenarios that arent anywhere near the truth.

Yeah flynn, “create scenarios that aren’t anywhere near the truth”. You’d know about that sort of thing…
Went through about a dozen examples of you and marincic basically doing just that. Thanks for the demo of hypocrisy.

Steven Flynn
November 25th, 2022

You’re avoiding the question Chuck. What are your credentials? It was easy for u to claim to be an expert so it should be easy to site your credentials in a general sense.

Steven Flynn

Is what I typed a lie Christophe / Bob. Show me where sir, you’re the one who jumped the shark for whatever reason. Talking about weird.


Steven Flynn
January 12th, 2023
“You gave me your opinion, your words were not fact and they were very key to your comment. “Clearly unintentional” means there is no doubt about it. In this case, the facts haven’t come out but you’re already giving Biden a pass. Are u stupid for Biden?”

Steve, is it a fact or not that Trump made up excuses to explain why he was in possession of top secret documents, they were planted and he declassified them in his mind? Did he not lie and say he had no more documents resulting in a warrant, properly executed, and the discovery of more top secret documents? Is it a fact that Biden has cooperated with the DOJ in an investigation of the documents that he acknowledges should not have been in his former office or garage? Did his lawyer not immediately inform the National Archives and the DOJ of the documents he found and turn them over? Has he cried “witch hunt” or they’re out to get me”? It is my OPINION that this clearly shows Trump’s mishandling of documents was criminal and Biden’s was unintentional.

I presented facts to support what obviously was my OPINION. Again, a big problem with you unabashed Trump supporters is your complete inability to distinguish fact from opinion.

What facts do you have to support your contention that Trump’s criminal behavior was no different than Biden’s obviously unintentional inappropriate storage of documents?

You Trump supporters are not only stupid for Trump, you threaten the survival of our country as a democracy committed to human rights and equal justice for all.

That is it for me tonight. I can’t stomach anymore far right Trump loving BS.

Steven Flynn

Both men mishandled classified information, that sir is a FACT. Trump has his legal issues and now Biden has his. Let the chips fall where they may.

I don’t know what the big deal about Biden and the documents found. He is President ….he can just think it and they would be declassified…… right?

Bill Marincic

Chuckles, prove anything that I posted was not true. You try to put it down because Carlson said it, prove it wrong or shut up. You don’t think people see through the crap that you idiots post, you never disapprove stuff you just attack and disparage it like it came from a bad source or we don’t know what we’re talking about. Come on prove what I said is not true because Carlson wrote.

Mr. Bill 🤡 disproving your posts are a waste of time. A simple “this is bullshit” is easier and factual. People have disproved your post many times with the facts and all you do is double down on the bullshit. Just like Trump does.

Bill Marincic

USA Herald 4/10/22 long before the story broke this week.

There have been calls to investigate large anonymous donations of Chinese cash which may be linking President Joe Biden to the University of Pennsylvania. And all ties back to Hunter Bidens’s laptop.

The University of Pennsylvania received anonymous donations from China. They totaled as much as $70 million from 2014 through 2019. The bulk of the money came in 2017-2018, according to public records.

It is alleged that some of the money may be related to Hunter Biden’s business interests in China. The National Legal and Policy Center, a Virginia-based watchdog, has been filing a complaint since before Joe Biden was elected president

Bill Marincic

Varoma you are gonna curse in a public newspaper, real classy. You can’t disprove it just like Santo and the rest, so you attack. You are so transparent like the rest of the Stupid old lefties defending more stupid old lefties. Keep them binders on because people are starting to see the truth about your party. The people that read these comments see what you are all about. Take a hike KB Warrior.

Mr. Bill 🤡 I know you believe that wholeheartedly. The thing is it’s part of your sickness being stupid for Trump. I’ sorry I hurt your feelings saying the word “bullshit” is “BS” ok to use? I don’t want to send you over the edge. Stay calm and drink some warm milk and snuggle next to your binky……Relax

Bill Marincic

Aroma your stupid for lefty libs. You sound like Kristoff/Bob what are the three of you using the same forum. There just can’t be that many stupid people posting in this forum.

Still waiting to see how the nefarious demoncrats are stealing elections. Meanwhile in Iowa….

Republican candidate’s wife arrested, charged with casting 23 fraudulent votes for her husband in the 2020 election
The wife of an Iowa Republican who ran for Congress in 2020 was arrested Thursday and accused of casting 23 fraudulent votes on behalf of her husband.

In an 11-page indictment, prosecutors allege that Kim Phuong Taylor “visited numerous households within the Vietnamese community in Woodbury County,” where she collected absentee ballots for people who were not present at the time. Taylor, who was born in Vietnam, then filled out and cast those ballots herself, the indictment alleges, “causing the casting of votes in the names of residents who had no knowledge of and had not consented to the casting of their ballots.”


I guess your binky and warm milk didn’t help you Mr. Bill 🤡…….Relax for tonight ….There will be plenty of conspiracies you can spread tomorrow and then ask the forum prove you wrong…..Just unscrew your MAGA hat a little and relax

Marincic, the three of you proud trump defenders are a veritable firehose of garbage and have been called out to defend a landfill of lies you spew, but you never do.
So, no thank you. Not gonna play games with you. Carlson’s a liar and you’re more than happy to buy into it, probably literally.

Bill Marincic

Come on chuckles do you mean Biden and his crackhead son owned by the Chinese? The proof is right in front of your eyes. You got the laptop Dumbo, but you’re gonna just continue to say it’s not real and everything is peachy, keen in rose colored glasses land. Hey were you spitting on the soldiers when they came back from Vietnam, calling them baby killer, what a hypocrite because now you’re the baby killers. Are you proud of your party of racists like KKK Byrd, Joe Biden come on man you vote for the other guy you ain’t black come on man I don’t want my kids going to a racial jungle I want to keep all the races segregated. Every day I read how liberals like you attack people of color, and then scream how you are so for diversity, equity and inclusion, that’s sleepy Joe’s number one goal as president equity, inclusion and diversity not the best man or a woman for the job if you want a job, you’ve got to be gender fluid or transsexual or better yet a black Asian trans sexual gender fluid non-binary person that’s Bidens America that’s your America. Don’t you just love it?

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