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Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 16 – Two from readers on Niskayuna and Schenectady

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Nisky taxpayers deserve answers

The Gazette on Jan. 5 published an article (“Bill will allow 4 officers to get full retirement benefits,”) regarding four Niskayuna police officers receiving enhanced retirement benefits. Town Supervisor Jaime Puccioni claimed she made this a priority because it was unresolved for too long.
However, she failed to mention Assembly bill A7642 was introduced on May 19, 2021, and former Councilwoman McGraw and then-Supervisor Yasmine Syed together lobbied both Assemblyman Phil Steck and Sen. Jim Tedisco to pass the bill.
That was long before Puccioni was elected.
She also failed to mention the $712,000 town payment is taxpayer’s money.
It is not the cost-sharing agreement McGraw was negotiating with the police leadership.
Puccioni claims in some distant future the town will benefit.
Board members also parroted this claim.
Who will be held accountable if there is no benefit to the town? No one. Why is this political gift better than using the funds to cut taxes?
Michael McPartlon, who chaired the police committee for years, supported the Landry administration’s claim that it was not the town’s fault and never pushed to have this rectified or investigated.
Claims were made that letters were sent to the employees urging them to sign up for the proper plan. If true, these letters should be on file. Two separate court decisions never cited the town was at fault. There are questions the taxpayers have a right to ask.
Were letters sent to the employees? Why did McPartlon agree with the Landry administration for years and then suddenly vote to spend this eye-popping amount of taxpayers’ dollars?
I doubt these questions will ever be answered.
Linda Rizzo


Let each decide own post-death option

This is in response to the Jan. 6 letter (“Human composting is a sickening idea,”) from Al Zanger.
Al commented on how the governor and legislative members are allowing human composting. In his words, “I find this sick, and these people should resign or be impeached for mental illness.”
We are all entitled to choose how we would like our remains to be handled upon our death.
No other person should be allowed to comment on this choice. My brother has chosen human composting and I support him 100%. The world needs more people like my brother.
Liz Beaudoin



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Joseph Vendetti

Adam Schiff comments on MSNBC last night about Kevin McCarthy – “Intelligence Committee is just a political plaything. His conduct is embarrassing, and worse, dangerous. The American people deserve better.”

I just find both of there conduct embarrassing & when one calls the other out on it to be hypocritical. Lets flip flop on more issues – GOP doesn’t say boo about Trumps classified documents but wants full investigation into Bidens? Democrat leaders doing the same but want Trump arrested but not Biden? Go down the list & see the flip flops. I’ve seen clips of President Biden saying marriage was only between a man & woman.

Our entire political system is an embarrassment because we don’t have term limits.


J.V. agreed our country is broken and our political environment is toxic and needs to replaced with constitutional supporting representation.
The accuser of Trumps alleged rape case goes after Trump almost 27 years after the fact. Trump is a billionaire and she could have bought the allegations at any time. Why now? The whole issues with Slick Willie and Lewinsky, and a host of others but this happened before Trump became POTUS. Another interesting fact is the judge assigned is the same judge fir the FTX case. I do not condone his actions but what people do in their personal life is their choice. The timing of this and her statement that it was exciting and she enjoyed it,


Another attack on the second amendment using Master card and Visa to force people to register and collect a data base for firearms purchased legally in America. Just like Canada and Australia did so they can confiscate weapons. Another example of ESG and the corrupt central bank and WEF.

BIG Bill Marinicic

Spoken January 13th, 2023
“That you, Santo, pathetic, a lefty teacher, when I grew up teachers had class, they had honor they cared about America. They dressed well. Today you teachers run around in jeans and clothes you look like homeless people, teachers I had when I grew up shirt, ties, jackets, and women wore dresses down below their knees.”……..And women and children only spoke when they were spoken to. White men ruled the country, and Black people knew their place in society. Kids prayed in schools like they’re supposed to. Cops could get away with “justifiable” crimes because they didn’t have all that video crap. The FBI could harass, investigate and intimidate progressive thinking people who the old white men in rule deemed to be a threat to their power and control. Corruption was fair and honest back then, and bigotry was the accepted way. People understood homosexuality was a bad choice for the queers, and they could be persecuted for their sexual orientation without repercussion. Burn all the coal and oil you want without all these foolish, planet warming BS regulations. Aha yes, the good old days. MAGA


W.Particle with Dr. Leana Wen admitted the medical community over counting the number of COVID deaths and hospitalizations. A cardiologist in the U.K. came out and said the COVID vaccine are the cause all the recent cardio issues in the public. A Saudi professor has came and said they are no longer going to give the vaccine because of this discovery. Again another conspiracy theory comes true. Big Pharma , WHO and WEF along with the deep state socialist and MSM pushed this on the citizens.

christophe Stalka

Brandie starting off the Monday rants with a whopper even your mamma doesn’t believe. NOW WE ALL KNOW damsel Donnie is the one who said carrol said the rape was exciting and she enjoyed it. Fact check on a liar simple. Rape accusers are not the criminals dude. NOT IN OUR democracy…


WOW Hunter Biden cancelled check paid his dad $50K a month for rent. Hmm what kind of apartment requires $50K a month and how does a know nothing crack head afford that? Interesting. TIK TOK

christophe Stalka

Brandie looking for a lot of attention today with the lies Dr wens article explains the cause of death reporting process in hospitals and how it might contribute to multiple causes of death being listed. You should actually read it instead of making up lies she is actually quite intelligent


Elon Musk sends a prediction from news coming out of the WEF meeting. Elon warns of a global Cyber shutdown / attack. Let’s see if this conspiracy theory comes true. Maybe explains why Space Force took control of our satellites

christophe Stalka

BRANDIES back to the hot for hunters group huh. Let the investigation play out before getting all worked up. Your rape con bombed your covid number lie bombed dude calm yourself your really starting to look the fool. Stop lying


Nice try Chris even the MSM is slamming her for her statements. Stop trying to spin your propaganda the true is coming out. TIK TOK.

christophe Stalka

Brandies 500 army personnel were transferred to the new space force along with responsibility for managing some military communication satellites why does this signal a global cyber shutdown to you and your buddy Elon. Lie number three lie on.


The world is becoming more and more frightening as the Congress of the U.S. becomes increasingly detached from reality. In addition to unhinged representatives like Boebert, Greene, Gaetz, Clyde, Gosar et. al. we now have at least one Republican who thinks a television program, clearly labeled as entertainment, “Ancient Aliens,” is a valid source for those trying to understand human history. I watched the show several times and it is fun, occasionally presenting some thought-provoking ideas. However, to have sitting in the House, a man as gullible as Tim Burchett, who doesn’t trust the government he works for, should be alarming to all of us: Mediaite: 1/16/23

“Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) shared his unfiltered thoughts about UFOs on NewsNation Saturday, including accusing the federal government of a “huge cover up” and telling viewers that there is proof of UFOs in the Bible.

“The first chapter of Ezekiel is pretty clear of a UFO sighting,” Burchett said, citing the King James version.

“I don’t trust government,” he declared. “There’s an arrogance about it and I think the American public can handle it and they need to release everything,” including if the federal government did have an alien craft.”

Mr. Bill 🤡 the link didn’t work. ……Mr. Brandon 🤡 I told you brevity is best. Hyper-Posting only shows your desperation and still make you stupid for Trump too.

christophe Stalka

MR Santo I think the Brandies may be getting his daily “news”dump from Ancient Aliens too. Otherwise I have to conclude the dude simply can’t read.hes really been flaming with the whoppers today liars gotta lie


There was clearly criminal intent on Trump’s part in his theft and mishandling of hundreds of government documents. Had he turned them over when first asked to and not lied about having more documents on 6/6/22 a search warrant would never have been issued and the case would never have been pursued. The only reason Merrick Garland is investigating Biden’s apparently negligent, not criminal, mishandling of documents is to appear unbiased and fair when he is doing just the opposite. He went so far as to name a Trump appointee, Robert Hur, as special counsel in the Biden investigation. Of course, the right-wing pundits on FOX propaganda immediately began attacking Hur, calling him a “swamp monster” and a government gangster.” We should ask ourselves why Rep. James Comer (R. Ky.) chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee made this bizarre statement:

“There have been so many investigations of President Trump, I don’t feel like we need to spend a whole lot of time investigating President Trump, because the Democrats have done that for the past six years.” DG, p.A8, “Docs”)

The question of whether or not the evidence justifies an investigation has no relevance to Comer. Like other Republicans in Trump’s Party, he sees everything through the lens of partisanship.

What the Republicans keep sidestepping is intent. One president intended to keep the documents…..the other turned them in when found. Big difference.

Bill Marincic
January 15th, 2023
Hey Lou stick with ripping off the people in Hamilton Hill with your cheap Chinese flooring that’s marked up seven times. You’ve been doing it for years, that’s why you put your store there so you could rip them off.

You should be proud of yourself, you’re such a stand up guy, a real sweetheart, just like the previous POTUS.

Bill, not that it really matters, but for clarification to all, and again to show you don’t know what you’re talking about, especially so when it comes to my business, a bit of information; I started the business, from nothing, when I was twenty-one years old. A room in a modest flat of a two family two family home I rented was my office. Fifty-three successful years later and the business is still going strong.

Our location and advertising has never been a concern, our reputation and word of mouth is what has brought us our continuing success. The vast majority of our business income is generated from sales and installation of flooring products in the new homes of the Capital region area builders. Some of these builders own commercial property and apartment complexes, we fill those flooring needs for them as well.

The modest amount (comparatively speaking) of residential work we do is primarily referrals, or repeat work from previous customers and their families. Our reputation is second to none.

Your inaccurate, asinine, immature, attempt to slanderously, bad-mouth the business only reflects the ignorance of a very nasty, foolish, petty little man.
You should be careful regarding what you say about a business you know absolutely nothing about. As of January 2023 I have sold ALL of my financial interest/ownership of the business, including the building. I don’t believe the current owners would appreciate your lying comments.

BTW, you’re obviously implying the people In Hamilton Hill are more susceptible to being ripped off, why?

Also, you apparently don’t understand that the manufacturing and distribution of most all products is, or should be, a cooperative global effort to to help keep many aspects world economics more stable. – And of course there is absolutely nothing in the automotive industry associated with “cheap Chinese” products, right Bill?

Steven Flynn

“There was clearly criminal intent on Trump’s part in his theft and mishandling of hundreds of government documents. Had he turned them over when first asked to and not lied about having more documents on 6/6/22 a search warrant would never have been issued and the case would never have been pursued. The only reason Merrick Garland is investigating Biden’s apparently negligent, not criminal, mishandling of documents is to appear unbiased and fair when he is doing just the opposite.”

Written by an extremely biased liberal athiest rock worshipper. He knows for a fact, even before the DOJ’s investigation is complete, that Trump stole the documents and he also knows for a fact that Biden was negligent and not criminal, and he also knows for a fact that the only reason that Garland is investigating Biden is to appear unbiased and fair, no other reason could exist according to the extreme liberal. These are all opinions and major liberal propaganda. Well done extreme liberal rock worshipper, well done.

Washington Post:

“George Santos, the freshman Republican congressman from New York who lied about his biography, has deeper ties than previously known to a businessman who cultivated close links with a onetime Trump confidant and who is the cousin of a sanctioned Russian oligarch, according to video footage and court documents.

Andrew Intrater and his wife each gave the maximum $5,800 to Santos’ main campaign committee and tens of thousands more since 2020 to committees linked to him, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. Intrater’s cousin is Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, who has been sanctioned by the U.S. government for his role in the Russian energy industry.

The relationship between Santos and Intrater goes beyond campaign contributions, according to a statement made privately by Santos in 2020 and a court filing the following year in a lawsuit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission against a Florida-based investment firm, Harbor City Capital, where Santos worked for more than a year.

Taken together, the evidence suggests Santos may have had a business relationship with Intrater as Santos was first entering politics in 2020. It also shows, according to the SEC filing, that Intrater put hundreds of thousands of dollars into Santos’ onetime employer, Harbor City, which was accused by regulators of running a Ponzi scheme. Neither Santos nor Intrater responded to requests for comment. Attorneys who have represented Intrater also did not respond”….

Hell, what’s the issue? Sounds like a perfect fit for a Republican congressman to help fulfill the MAGA Russian anti-Democracy political agenda.

Steven Flynn

And dont forget Lou, to be fair, Dunang Dick lied about his service in Vietnam and Elizabeth Warren lied about her heritage for personal gain. Congress has many liars, red and blue. Like Mr. Vendetti said, Our entire political system is an embarrassment.

Steven Flynn

As an example of the blue anon propaganda machine, which is mirrored here in the DG forum, the lust for Trump’s tax returns was just one big lie that the media and liberals pushed daily. CNN posted a column that read “What Trump’s tax return could reveal about RUSSIA” (yes that RUSSIA that we heard day after day 24/7). Citizens for Ethics wrote “Your daily reminder that Trump is the first President elected since Richard Nixon to refuse to release his tax returns, and any payments from RUSSIA remain a secret. Faux journalist Joy Ried wrote ” I think his tax return will give us the answer”. Then there was Queen Propagandist Rachael Maddow who got her hands on a year of his tax returns and it was a year when he paid a bunch of money in, her big news story was a dud. It was all a big propaganda lie and the extreme liberals ate it up. Well done.

What’s “fascinating” is you and your little friends’ willingness to dance around the obvious and try to make everyone else as guilty as your Donald is.
“To be fair”. There’s nothing “fair”at all about all your half-baked points. You come off as just an angry young bully. But I guess you’re good with that.
Now let’s see some of that juvenile gibberish name-calling you do so well….


Trump is playing the Deep State Socialist like a fiddle. SCOTUS set a prescidence for tax returns. Gotcha Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Romney.
BTW Chris Dr. Wen said what she said period you hold Trump to his words verbatim. I.E. drink bleach. The truth about covid is coming and it will reveal the true D>S.plans.


Steve Flynn is an obvious Trump worshiper. I worship nothing. I don’t pretend to know how the universe came into existence. I can only know the things revealed by my five senses and and my ability to reason. If people didn’t believe in so many different gods and religions the world would be a more peaceful place.

There are glaring contrasts between Trump’s mishandling of documents and Biden’s. These are facts:

1) Trump had far more documents including far more that were top secret.

2) Trump lied on 6/6/22, instructing his lawyer to tell the DOJ he had no more documents illegally and improperly stored at Mara a Lago necessitating a search warrant, properly executed, and resulting in the discovery of eleven more boxes of documents.

3) Trump has lashed out at the FBI and DOJ calling their investigation (YAWN) a “witch hunt” and an unannounced raid. Again the search was warranted and lawfully conducted.

4) He is also being investigated for attempting to criminally influence the election he lost to Biden. The call to Rathensperger in Georgia is clear evidence of that. His company has been found guilty of fraud and fined $1.6m. He has been accused and admitted to sexual exploitation. Good examples are his “p—- grabbing” videotape and boasting about walking into the Miss Teen Universe contest locker room. He has falsely claimed E. J. Carroll liked being sexually assaulted and raped in an attempt to shut down her case against him. A man’s character counts in deciding whether or or not he is likely to have committed crimes.

5) There is, as Guy has pointed put, no evidence that there was criminal intent in Biden’s improper handling and storage of documents. The law governing documents requires evidence of criminal intent for an indictment to be issued. Lying about possessing them illegally and making up contradictory excuses as Trump did is evidence of criminal intent as is resisting the investigation by attacking the FBI and DOJ.

I referred to Biden’s mishandling of documents as “APPARENTLY NEGLIGENT” which means I will wait for the conclusion of the DOJ investigation before I believe he committed a crime for which no evidence exists at this point. Biden is cooperating with the investigation and has given no reason to believe he won’t accept its conclusions.

I await a reason fact based response from Steve Flynn. But, I won’t hold my breath.


Remember Trump said he had declassified the documents by thinking about it. That was after he said the FBI planted them. Ludicrous.

Bill Wemple

I have carpeting in my house from Lou’s business. It is holding up quite well. Was very nice to work with their staff in picking it out getting it delivered and installed on time by my homebuilder. As for a Ford, you couldn’t pay me to buy one of those P.O.S. cars\trucks.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 you were doing so great until the next post false equivalencies….It shows there is still hop for you though.

christophe Stalka

BRAndie why don’t you read the Wen article and try to understand what she was explaining without the cloud of the deep state fog you live in

Steven Flynn

Naww Chuck – Ill give u a pass this time. Ill work on my half baked points to please just you. You’re my idol Chuck D, very tenacious man. A spirited fighter for good and justice.

Steven Flynn

Anthony, first of all u said Trump stole the documents but now you’re saying he mishandled them, big difference. Secondly, you mention that Trump criminally mishandled the documents but Biden is negligent but not criminal. How do you know this when both matters are currently being investigated? Because Biden’s camp is telling u that? Thirdly, can u provide me the link where Garland says that he’s only investigating Biden to be unbiased and fair? I havent seen that but would love to read the article.

Then you go hog wild with your daily he did this, he did that rant. You went from confidentail docs to the whackanut E. J. Carroll. Also, using extreme liberal athiest Guy Sharona as a reference doesnt cut it, sorry.


Steve, you are just being stubborn. If you read what I wrote, you know that I provided grounds for believing Trump is guilty and did steal the documents; not being truthful about the fact that he still had documents in his possession on 6/6/22 (they were in his desk drawer if you recall) is evidence that he wanted to keep them which amounts to theft and supports the contention he knowingly took them to Mar a Lago in the first place; the excuses he made for having them in his possession also demonstrate a failure to be truthful and dishonesty goes hand-in-hand with theft.

I believe he is not being indicted for this and for inciting the 1/6 insurrection as recommended by the bi-partisan 1/6 committee as well as his involvement in illegal schemes to stay office is the result of the weak-kneed Merrick Garland’s fear of widespread violence on the part of those fanatically loyal to Trump before the country and its institutions. Biden should fire him and replace him with Adam Schiff or Eric Swalwell.


Michael Avennati is in a federal prison. Trump’s lie, claiming E. J. Carroll said she loved rape and sexual assault is a lie whether you like her or not. She never said that.

Bill Marincic

January 15th, 2023
Bill Marincic
January 7th, 2023
Good job of not lowering yourself. As I said before, your way too easy Bill.
Stick to swindling naïve auto buyers with the unnecessary aftermarket auto dealer ripoffs, probably the only thing you’re actually good at.

January 16th, 2023
Your inaccurate, asinine, immature, attempt to slanderously, bad-mouth the business only reflects the ignorance of a very nasty, foolish, petty little man.

I will follow your lead Lou on the slander since this is the second time you did it this week, you can dish it but you can’t take it


Steve, I think you have troubling differentiating between facts and opinions. It is self evident the it is my opinion that Merrick Garland is weak-kneed and my opinion that he won’t indict Trump because he fears widespread violence from Trump’s blindly loyal sycophants. But I support myopinions with facts. You just repeat what you believe, your opinions, but offer no evidence or reasoning to support them. First, I base my belief, that Garland’s failure to indict Trump for fear of a violent reaction among his supporters, on what I saw and heard on 1/6/21 and testimony by Republicans, some who worked in his administration, during the 1/6 committee’s televised hearings. Secondly, I view him as weak-kneed since he will not indict Trump on incitement of insurrection, illegally plotting to stay in office, and criminal storage of documents in spite of the recommendation of the bipartisan 1/6 committee and overwhelming evidence.

Bill Marincic

Wimpple, Ford is the only company that refused the Bailout money, I guess they aren’t socialist enough for you like the rest. BTW, Honda a couple of years ago got Ford’s patent on their sync once it was available. Your little Honda Fit probably has Ford technology.


Bill Marincic
January 15th, 2023
“This is for the blind mice donkey, Klowns, tomorrow morning I will post an email address with the password to login which will show you everything you accuse me of lying about. My sister, my granddaughter, and my DNA. I know this still won’t be enough for the blind mice, but that’s fine, you are what you are everything you post on here has everything to do with attacking me and nothing about commenting. You’re just a bunch of nasty old men and little kids that have nothing better to do in your lives.”

Well? You didn’t do what you said you would do and your post actually indicts you on the charge of only attacking and posting “nothing about commenting.” You insult all who disagree with you in the above post which contains “0” meaningful statements on currents events and issues.


BM, as soon as you post on the forum the discussion goes downhill; you poison the well. Read my comments and note they are about issues for the most part, not other commenters. You bring out the worst in me.


“A Ford TV ad slams competitors for accepting bailout funds, even though the company’s CEO lobbied for the bill. The company — the only one of the Big Three not to receive a bailout — feared a collapse of GM and Chrysler at the time would have hurt suppliers and, in turn, Ford itself. Ford Chief Executive Officer Alan R. Mulally also asked Congress for a “credit line” of up to $9 billion in case the economy worsened.

In other words, Ford was for government bailouts before it was against them.

Although Ford did not need money from the $80 billion bailout program, Ford did receive $5.9 billion in government loans in 2009 to retool its manufacturing plants to produce more fuel-efficient cars, and the company lobbied for and benefited from the cash-for-clunkers program — contrary to the ad’s testimonial that Ford is “standing on their own.”

Bill, I can take anything you and the imaginary man in your head, who has a direct line to Fox, is telling you what to say, dish out.

I stick by both things I said. – I believe you to be an ignorant, very nasty, foolish, petty little man. I said that in reference to your comments regarding my business, but I believe it extends much further than that.

I also believe after market add-ons to new vehicles are a rip off. Undercoating and Scotchgarding…. Give me a break. Would you recommend a friend or relative to pay the price charged for those options?

Plus you never answered my question;
BTW, you’re obviously implying the people In Hamilton Hill are more susceptible to being ripped off, why?

Bill Wemple

BM, again with the juvenile names. My family’s ancestors have been contributing, living within, and serving this community for close to 400 years. Several were massacred in the Stockade and fought and led troops during the Revolution. You can find our name all over this region. What has your family done? Calling everything that doesn’t align with your twisted ideas as Socialist is also tiresome as I’m certain you have no real idea what socialism really is. I served my country on active duty during the Cold War standing against Socialism/Communism. What did YOU do? Your kids serving instead of you don’t count. Treating others with humanity is only radical when you are inhumane yourself. Seriously, go away and find a book-burning rally somewhere with your MAGA buddies.

Family pride forces me to add that Harmen Albertse Vedder is my 11th great-grandfather. His two sons were captured during the massacre and taken to Canada.

And yes, those are my ancestors buried in the cemetery at the entrance to ViaPort Mall. And that was his tavern on the road to Amsterdam (Rt. 5) in Glenville.

Dems “packing” SCOTUS, right?
Again, the right’s accusations are really their confessions.


In an interview with Real America’s Voice reporter David Brody, Trump railed against evangelicals such as Robert Jeffress who haven’t given him their endorsement even though he made their decades-long dream of overturning Roe v. Wade come true by appointing three right-wing Supreme Court justices.

“That’s a sign of disloyalty,” Trump said. “There’s great disloyalty in world of politics and that’s a sign of disloyalty because nobody, as you know… has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump. Three Supreme Court justices and they all voted [to overturn Roe v. Wade]… they won, they finally won!”

– Brad Reed for Raw Story

Yeah flynn, you really got Anthony now, dontcha!
Caught him right out, you did!
Wow, what a critical thinker you are!

I can’t blame him for not wanting to jump through your hoop. As one of the masters of hyperbole here it’s hilarious that you should make demands on anyone for “a link”.


Thank you Steve, I am pleased that you enjoyed my evaluation of the merits of your posts. It may have sounded like a lecture to you because it rang so true.

I have no idea what link in regard to my comments on Garland you want. The comments are well known and accepted facts or my opinion. I explained all that. Could you specifically identify the information to which you are requesting a link?


Guy, BM is the antithesis of the man Jesus Christ admonished us to be. Some on this site post misinformation, exaggerate, are partisan or hurl invectives, myself included, but none are as publicly vicious and mean spirited as BM.


ChuckD, it is the unquestioning loyalty to Trump that he demands and to which so many are agreeable that has our Republic in such grave danger. I always wondered how a man like Hitler could have been supported by so many. I now know.

No kidding!
And we never mention Mussolini, but a similar “populist” hero. History’s chock full of examples and they never turn out well. I won’t pretend to be a scholar of history but thankfully I paid enough attention in middle and high school to have an awareness of the phenomenon. It’s no surprise that the masses attracted to Trump are the least educated among us.

Trump will be seen as a failed populist hero though. He’s clearly not smart enough.


ChuckD, I agree that Trump will get what he deserves, near universal condemnation, but not soon enough.

Christophe, we are still waiting for the “email address with the password to login which will show you everything you accuse me of lying about. My sister, my granddaughter, and my DNA.” (Bill Marincic, 1/15/23) which BM said he would post this morning. I assume he meant the truth about “everything you accuse me of lying about.” Well BM, give us the email address and login password or was this more BS from BM?

Three times today alone.

“Written by an extremely biased liberal athiest rock worshipper.”
“Well done extreme liberal rock worshipper, well done.”
“Also, using extreme liberal athiest Guy Sharona as a reference doesnt cut it, sorry.”

Steve, you shouldn’t take issue with people that base their beliefs on scientific fact as opposed to man made up ridiculous completely unfounded impossibilities of a fantasy world. – Immaculate conception, resurrecting from death, walking on water, to name a few. Then the two biggies, heaven, and hell.

Now be nice so you don’t end up your eternal hot room.


Lou, of course, you are right. I was curious as to what BM was going to post concerning an email and password that would prove he wasn’t lying. He posted nothing which is exactly what he has to prove his honesty.

Bill Marincic

I’m just following the lead of you lefties with the names, Brandies, Little Stevie, Big BM you know if it’s good for the goose its good for the gander

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