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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Jan. 17 – Two from readers in Schenectady and Glenville

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Things were better when Trump was in

Some of us were talking the other day and someone asked if all the chaos going on in the country now would have happened if  Donald Trump was the president.
No one could come up with an answer, but we all agreed that when he was the president, the southern border was clamped shut, gas was cheap, the economy was good, Russia and China were under control and we weren’t involved in any foreign wars.
We also agreed that he does have a controversial personality, but then again, we didn’t vote for him to be the Pope.
Bob Mangino
Schenectady and
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Utility workers are owed our gratitude

Complain all you want about your local utility bill, but remember, the cost of gas and electricity is not all you pay for.
You also pay for those guys you pass by the side of the road, the ones in hard hats and fluorescent vests.
They keep the gas flowing to your furnace and the electricity flowing to your lights.
Twice in the last month, in the dark of night, windy and raining, and temperatures in the teens, our lights went out. The first time was Christmas Eve.
Will the pipes freeze tonight? Will we have to go to a shelter? Will Christmas be ruined?
National Grid told us within minutes when we could expect a return of service.
They knew about the problem and were working on it.
In both instances, within a short time, the lights flickered back on.
Those guys went out with their tools and trucks and parts, in the pitch dark and the freezing cold and the howling wind and rain and found the problem and fixed it.
A miserable, difficult job.
These guys are good.
They deserve a pat on the back. Thanks!
George Nigriny


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Eric Adams waves the white flag and admits NYC cannot handle the illegal immigrants. Funny the southern border states have been saying that for 2 years. Also Biden’s Afghan immigrants being held at military bases and have cause 2.5 million in damages rendering bases inoperable. Nice job democratic socialist.


Durham bringing to light , HRC criminal activity, Russia hoax along with Danchenko fake FISA, alpha bank hoax. TIK TOK the true is coming.

Bill Marincic

Santo I actually made another Yahoo then I thought I don’t trust you lefties not to change the password or something. So then I made a Facebook account which I still have up but I said to myself I don’t owe any of you anything to prove anything that I said is true. I could give a crap what you believe or what you don’t. Maybe one of these days I will post the facebook name if and when I feel like it, as of right now, I could care less what you think.

Bill Wemple

Someone’s padding the bill with grossly inflated costs to make a ton of money from the DoD. I’ve been to a couple of these Army bases and Holloman AFB in NM. They are filled with old WW2 barracks that were never maintained well in first place. I guess if you can charge $200 for a toilet seat or a hammer, you’ll try to get a lot more to fix 80+ year old plumbing, replace mattresses and repaint the walls. These bases are not in-operable, that’s an exaggeration from the press. Some were absolute dumps long before the Afghans showed up.

christophe Stalka

Mr mangino I suggest you and your buddies get together and have another talk about Trump be honest with yourselves. I don’t think the country agrees with you maybe expand your circle of friends. Best of luck Sir

christophe Stalka

MR wemple I too have seen the bases we are fortunate to have them to use but you are correct but the spin would not be nearly as dramatic for someone like Brandy if he had to tell the truth I cannot even understand his posts anymore he’s so hyped u p and hysterical.

christophe Stalka

BIG Bm relax no one believes a word you said or expects you to fulfill your boast about posting proof aren’t you also related to queen Elizabeth ? Or are you actually Elvis. Continue with the lies dude please put brandies on decaf at the next coffee klatch dude he’s bouncing off the walls.

christophe Stalka


JAN 13 2023

That you, Santo, pathetic, a lefty teacher, when I grew up teachers had class, they had honor they cared about America. They dressed well. Today you teachers run around in jeans and clothes you look like homeless people, teachers I had when I grew up shirt, ties, jackets, and women wore dresses down below their knees.”……..And women and children only spoke when they were spoken to. White men ruled the country, and Black people knew their place in society. Kids prayed in schools like they’re supposed to. Cops could get away with “justifiable” crimes because they didn’t have all that video crap. The FBI could harass, investigate and intimidate progressive thinking people who the old white men in rule deemed to be a threat to their power and control. Corruption was fair and honest back then, and bigotry was the accepted way. People understood homosexuality was a bad choice for the queers, and they could be persecuted for their sexual orientation without repercussion. Burn all the coal and oil you want without all these foolish, planet warming BS regulations. Aha yes, the good old days. MAGA

Marincic: “ I could give a crap what you believe or what you don’t.”

You are on this site multiple times each day posting lies and disinformation and defending those lies and disinformation. So please spare us the bravado and bluster. You absolutely need to be on this site and engaging in verbal combat to prove to yourself and to others that you are a “bad man”. In reality you are a child.

Steven Flynn

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – George Orwell 1984

This is a perfect description of today’s extreme liberal movement. Bob Mangino is 100% correct in his assessment of things then compared to today. Its been a crap show from day 1 and the chaos began when the Biden admin bungled the withdrawl from Afghanistan and 13 of our soldiers were slaughtered. Now we’re in our 2nd year of unaffordable living, a border that cant contain the amount of ppl coming in, a proxy war, censorship of speech, and a war on fossil fuels. The extreme liberals do their best of putting lipstick on a pig but most of us can see through the propaganda to know that Biden is way over his head in the job that he has. We the people pay for the incompetence, litterally. You don’t believe me, go to Market 32 or open your latest National Grid bill, or better yet, try searching for a 2 bedroom apartment.


Bill Marincic
January 15th, 2023
This is for the blind mice donkey, Klowns, tomorrow morning I will post an email address with the password to login which will show you everything you accuse me of lying about. My sister, my granddaughter, and my DNA.

Bill Marincic
January 17th, 2023
Santo I actually made another Yahoo then I thought I don’t trust you lefties not to change the password or something. So then I made a Facebook account which I still have up but I said to myself I don’t owe any of you anything to prove anything that I said is true. I could give a crap what you believe or what you don’t. Maybe one of these days I will post the facebook name if and when I feel like it, as of right now, I could care less what you think.

First you failed to mention your transsexual brother in the list of claims you were going to PROVE. Now you “could give a crap what you believe or what you don’t.” BM, it just isn’t working out for you. Head South, post haste.


Another conspiracy theory comes true. Aspire food service company has just finished its alternative protein source manufacturing plant. They are now saying they can offer 9.3 metric tons of crickets for human and pet consumption. I don’t know about you but whew I was worried if I was going to be able to BBQ my crickets this summer. WEF pushed this last year. Activity yogurt looking to use non dairy yogurt to reduce methane from cow farts.

Bill Marincic

Santo go to Bill Gazette on Facebook then you can apologize. @10 am it comes down. And yes I don’t owe any of you anything you’re a bunch of morons but you know what you got 38 minutes and then come back and apologize.


GFB, What is wrong with business enterprises trying to create new products to deal with global famine and help clean up the environment? In many areas of the world consumption of insects is common. Why should that upset you more than eating the carcass of a slaughtered cow, pig, chicken, or Turkey? Obviously much work goes into covering up what you are actually eating whether insects or the flesh of a pig. Certainly protein derived from insects is far less cruel and environmentally damaging then raising and slaughtering billions of sentient and intelligent animals every year. Pigs, in particular, are highly intelligent animals.

Methane from cow flatulence is a major contributor to global warming. What is wrong with attempts to devise a tasty plant based alternative to yogurt?

Right wingers are pro-capitalist, in part, because it encourages innovation, the creation of new products. No one is forcing you to buy plant-based alternatives to food products customarily made from animal exploitation but why not offer them to the public and allow markets to adjust supply, demand, price and failure or success?


I will look forward to any reports from others about what you say or post on facebook. I must note that you simply can not post without including insults.


BM, no matter what comes up as a result of your facebook posting, I will never apologize to you for anything. You have insulted and demeaned me so many times, posted so much misinformation, and belittled others while not living up to true Christian morality that such an apology is unwarranted,

Bill Marincic

Santo you could’ve easily gone and googled it and gone and seen the page, what I believe is the truth is that you saw that you were wrong about everything that I told the truth about everything and you just don’t want to admit it on here, which I can understand because you are a lying lefty. Regardless, I deactivated the account you had your chances and if you didn’t go and look that’s on you you had 45 minutes to do it. None of you will admit to doing it because you don’t want to have to come on here and apologize.


A.S bugs have harmful parasites and not safe for humans to consume. The theory that cow farts are causing global warming is nonsense. The carbon emissions from natural decomposition is also causing methane emissions so this is right up there with gas stoves are dangerous for humans to use. Loonies at the WEF fly private jets around the world. But hey Average American no cheeseburger for you

Donald Trump WAS the chaos in the country when he was president. Perhaps you have a short memory but here are just of the few chaotic things he did because he didn’t have a policy or think anything through:
1) He STOLE children from their parents at the border and sent the parents back to their home countries without their children.
2) He sided with Putin over our own country’s intelligence in front of the entire world.
3) He instigated an insurrection against our own government.
4) He exchanged love letters with the murderous Kim Jong Un.


Actually BM, I could not care less than I do about your personal life. Whether your claims are true or not isn’t the issue. You made those claims assuming they somehow gave you special credibility in your views on racism and transphobia, which they do not. Do you actually think

Head South. There is no way I intend to or “have to come on here and apologize.”


From Michigan State University, Safe Food and Water: 6/22/21

“The concept of edible insects is not a new one; in fact, The Library of Congress tells us that humans have been eating “insects for tens of thousands of years,” and are currently a regular part of about two billion people’s meals. Some of the most popular edible insects includes beetles, caterpillars, bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, locusts, crickets and cicadas.”

Zurich Newsletter:

“The majority of methane emissions (60 percent) are caused by human activity, with agriculture responsible for a quarter of the total. This means that methane emissions from livestock – including from both manure and gastroenteric release – is indeed a significant factor, and responsible for 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Beyond the gas emissions the polluting effects of the massive quantities of cow, pig, and chicken manure pumped into the environment as a result of factory farming is becoming a dangerous situation. The amount of land set side aside for the production of animal feed is also a threat to the environment and balance of life on Earth.

Cutting back on meat would be better for all animals, people, and the Earth itself. No one is forcing this on anyone, but the free exchange of ideas on how to deal with these problems should be encouraged, not discouraged and ridiculed.

christophe Stalka

MR Santo you are of course correct most Mediterranean countries don’t consume the amounts of meat commonly consumed in the US the Mediterranean diet has long been recognized as one o f the most healthy not sure where the disappearing cheeseburger nonsense came from but if they ever tell that dude to jump off a cliff watch out below gonna be one less liar

christophe Stalka

Its Amazing the level of crap postings and lies seems to have plummeted today for some reason how refreshing. A break from the lies

Steven Flynn

You want your own little extreme liberal echo chamber, dont u Bob / Christophe? No other voices are welcome. How anti-american of u.

calm your self Stevie no need to start right out with the attacks thedude just commented on things in general nothing against you relax quite the voices


Other voices are always welcome but thoughtful opinions backed by the facts are what this site should be about, not rude comments based on propaganda from the far right misinformation machines run by the likes of Alex Jones and Steve Bannon. This is one example of the danger posed by the all too frequent misinformation spread on social media like twitter, facebook, truth social and many less well known platforms:

Pizzagate: (CITS)

“In one infamous case, a fake news story (and the comments people attached to it) moved one man to shoot up a pizzeria that was linked by bogus statements to human trafficking and a presidential candidate. In the incident nicknamed “Pizzagate,” a man with a semi-automatic rifle walked into a regular Washington, DC pizza joint – Comet Ping Pong – and fired shots. Why? He was convinced that the pizzeria contained a hidden pedophilia trafficking ring led by Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. Where did he come up with this notion? Alt-right communities first created this piece of fiction, and fake news websites promoted the lie by citing specific locations such Comet Ping Pong. It was then tweeted further by people in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Vietnam, as well as many bots, getting the story much additional attention. Fake news – political in nature – influenced a man to fire shots inside this restaurant, nearly killing innocent people. The spread of information that was knowingly false had potentially deadly consequences.”

I’ll cut and paste more examples if requested.

Tony, the only negative impact of insets as a food source I could find was if invasive species were brought in and released/escaped, causing some obvious issues.

I would imagine this fast growing growing industry will need some well thought out regulations.
Green, Jorden, Gaetz, Cruz and the likes, being the bugs they are, may finally have some positive input.


Flies out front
Per acre production of protein per year, after accounting for land used to raise feed for animal sources.
Black soldier fly……136,500
Broiler chicken………….1,717

“Insects feed on organic waste, such as vegetable, restaurant and animal waste, therefore reducing the amount of excess food produced by humans.”

Also a great source of protein in food for dogs and other other animals as well.

“According to the British Veterinary Association (BVA), insect-rich foods may be better for pets than prime steak – and they’re better for the environment too.”

“Many pet owners worry about whether dogs and cats would still receive substantial energy and nutrition from an insect-based diet. But, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation, “the nutritional value of insects does not differ from the nutritional value of other meat sources such as chicken, beef, pork and fish.” In fact, they are rich in protein, fats, minerals and vitamins.”


From the ADL, the best known example of the dangers of disinformation. The results of these lies continue to threaten our country:

“Amid the 24/7 news cycle, with people getting their news online, via social media and from people
What happened around the election is a prime example of misinformation and disinformation. President Trump and others in power used disinformation to mislead their followers and the general public about the election results. They spread the false and thoroughly debunked disinformation that there had been massive voter fraud in the presidential election and that President Trump had won in a landslide. Every ballot recount and court challenge has shown this to be false. The election was deemed the most secure in American history by the Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council & Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Executive Committees.

However, the President and his supporters have many platforms and a megaphone to be heard, over and over. As a result, the disinformation spreads quickly. Followers, supporters and others do not necessarily know it is untrue and may not understand its intent to mislead. In turn, they share it with others, and it spreads rapidly and exponentially online.

There are other forms of “false news,” including tabloid news, satirical news and “fake news.” Fake news is often spread by websites that publish untrue or fake information to drive web traffic to the site. The goal of fake news is to mislead readers to believe the stories and to make money through advertising. Since these fake news websites came to light during the 2016 election, politicians and others use the term “fake news” to describe news they don’t like, disagree with or news that casts them in a negative light.

Just before the invasion of the Capitol, the group listened to President Trump speak for more than an hour, repeating his false claims that the election was stolen from him through voter fraud. This was hardly the first time his supporters had heard this rhetoric about the election. During the 2020 Presidential campaign, the President asserted repeatedly that the election was “rigged” and that there was massive “election fraud” that robbed him of victory. He said this in speeches, interviews, on social media, during campaign events and at debates. On Election Night before all of the votes were counted but when preliminary results favored Biden, Trump said, “This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country.”

It is important to understand that these supporters, rioters, insurrectionists and right-wing extremists had been told over and over that the election results were not valid, that there was massive voter fraud, and that President Trump had won the election by a landslide. In disputing the results of the election, they were acting on the disinformation and misinformation they had received repeatedly up to and including on that day.

In the wake of the events that unfolded on January 6, false news continued to spread. Bernard Kerik (former NYPD Commissioner), Lin Wood (an attorney and political commentator) and others—all with massive Twitter followings—falsely blamed this coup attempt on Antifa (anti-fascist protest movement).

The danger of disinformation and other false news is evident in what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Capitol was breached and occupied for hours. Rioters invaded the building, wreaking havoc when they entered the two Chambers and the offices of members of Congress. They carried Confederate flags and other symbols of hate and bias. They littered the building with broken glass, banners and used cigarettes; furniture and walls were left covered in blood. Members of Congress and the country were terrorized and remain anxious and frightened.”

Bill Marincic

I’ll tell you what we will stick to real food and you lefties can eat bugs, and only makes sense if you think that’s going to fix global warming have at it.


One more from CITS:

“During and after the 2016 election, Russian agents created social media accounts to spread fake news that stirred protests and favored presidential candidate Donald Trump while discrediting candidate Hillary Clinton and her associates. They paid Facebook for advertisements that appeared on that site to spread fake news and turn Americans against one another. The U.S. Congressional Intelligence committees responsible for investigating fake news have released 3,500 of these advertisements to the public.

Ads focused on controversial social issues such as race, the Black Lives Matter movement, the 2nd Amendment, immigration, and other issues. The Russians even went so far as to stage protests and counter protests about a given issue, literally having Americans fight one another.

This Russian ad was targeted to people living in South Carolina on June 30, 2016. There’s no real “Black Matters” group.”


Let’s not forget the pain inflicted by Alex Jones on parents and friends of the 26 killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School when he repeatedly broadcast the lie that it was staged to support efforts at gun control. Many gullible people believed him and harassed the parents for faking their children’s deaths. Some went so far as to threaten to dig their graves up and urinate on their graves.

Of course, they won hundreds of billions of dollars in a lawsuit, but Jones is scheming to pay as little as possible, if anything. What kind of people are they?

“If you google, “How many bugs do we eat a year?” you’ll find reputed sources like the New York Times, Scientific American, and the Wall Street Journal report the answer is one to two pounds for the average American.”

* You paid for it: Fruits, vegetables, spices, and many processed foods are legally permitted by the FDA to contain a certain level of bug parts, so you technically paid for it. 

* Stowaways: Some pests will sneak into and get a bite of our food before we do, only to get eaten by us as punishment

* Sleep-eating: Some say we swallow a bunch of bugs that wander into our mouthes while we sleep.

Eat hearty! 😊


Hearing before the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, April 9, 2019 serial# 116-15

“Hate incidents target victims based on their actual or
perceived race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or other
immutable characteristics. Some of these incidents may be
crimes, and some are not. All of them harm not only
individuals, but also our communities and, ultimately, our
entire Nation.
Unfortunately, various statistics confirm what most of us
have observed, that hate incidents are increasing in the United
States. Although reporting of hate crimes to the FBI by the
States is woefully incomplete, what we do know is that these
statistics have been on the rise in recent years, with hate
crimes surging 20 percent last year, and the plurality of these
crimes, 29 percent being motivated by anti-black bias.”


Another comment demonstrating outrageous failure to deal with global issues:

Bill Marincic
January 17th, 2023
“I’ll tell you what we will stick to real food and you lefties can eat bugs, and only makes sense if you think that’s going to fix global warming have at it.”

Using insects in pet and/or human food to extend the protein content would help feed many hungry people in the world, save land from the ravages of factory farming, and limit horrendous animal cruelty in meat production. To say “you lefties can eat bugs” uses the word “bug” in an attempt to influence readers as gullible as the poster. Why don’t you, BM, slaughter the animals yourself and eat raw chicken legs, pork chops, and steaks?

No one is denying people are omnivorous but that means they have a choice. The decision to cut back on or eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs shouldn’t be belittled and treated as a joke. It just demonstrates a total lack of awareness and empathy but what else is new.

Bill Marincic

Santo first off the Russian crap in 16 had zero to do with Trump winning. Look it up from a non liberal site. As far as bugs I stand by my statement, if you want to eat bugs have at it, I eat enough worms in my meat. Secondly, all of you lefties come on here and attack anyone that doesn’t agree with you, all you post are lies from CNN and MSNBC and then attack everybody and anybody that does not agree with your liberal far left socialist policies. Finally I heard for months that i was a liar about personal things in my life and I posted the truth to a Facebook account that I set up with photos, DNA results and other things, and every one of you said you didn’t go there and see it, but today Santo you posted that I lied about showing you, then when I proved it you said you don’t care and you Dont have a Facebook. So you BMDC can shove it because I owe you all less than nothing.


BM, why don’t you stop frequently referencing me? Again, I don’t care one bit about your personal life which you put on public display all too frequently. You compound that tiresome information by proposing ridiculous wagers concerning its validity. If you never mention me again, I hate the thought that I am anywhere in your thoughts, I won’t reference or respond to you again. I’ll do what I most frequently do, post my opinions with facts and logic, often referring to reliable sources of information.

You don’t like my posts? They make you think and question your views? Don’t read them.

“…attack everybody and anybody that does not agree with your liberal far left socialist policies…”

“…want your own little extreme liberal echo chamber, dont u Bob / Christophe? No other voices are welcome…”

This refrain is becoming very, very common where rightwing MAGA are trying to push their absurd, self-destructive agenda. Not just here but elsewhere across the internets. People just aren’t going to tolerate the hate MAGA bring. That’s all.

MAGA are consistently called out and proven mistaken, or flat-out lying time after time. And they’re never able to debate the reality world’s explanation. And they’re never able to convince anyone else that, the election was stolen, that mail-in ballots enable cheating, that COVID vaccines magnetize you, that masks ‘don’t do anything’, that the ‘vaccine doesn’t do anything’, that the world’s medical experts are all in on the Deep State nonsense, that Critical Race Theory is part of the Great Replacement Theory to belittle white children and make them feel bad, that gay oral sex is being taught in the schools, and possibly the most sickening, that teachers are the enemies and Democrats and liberals and Progressives are killing babies, and on and on.

MAGA will not negotiate, MAGA doesn’t back down, do it the MAGA way or they hate you, hate you and hate you more, and they’ll attack you for disagreeing with them.

And you wonder why your “opinions” aren’t tolerated?

A fine opinion piece from a Brit looking at and comparing the polarization growing in our two countries. Sadly the ones who really need to hear it will just fall back on, “Lies! All lies!”


Asymmetrical Conspiracism Is Hurting Democracy

In the past decade, conspiratorial thinking has shifted from a worrying factor in Republican politics to a defining feature.

By Brian Klaas

In Britain and the United States—and across most faltering Western democracies—this democratic dysfunction is routinely chalked up to a catchall culprit: polarization. The reason our democracies are decaying, we’re often told, is that we’re more divided than ever before. And that’s true: Polarization is worsening. Debates over Brexit and Trump tore citizenries—and families—apart.

But Britain’s and America’s democratic woes are not at all the same. The problems in American democracy are worse. That’s because a particularly insidious disease has infected the core of its political system, one that is not present to the same degree in other rich democracies: extreme conspiracism. Other countries, including the U.K., have polarization. America has irrational polarization, in which one political party has fallen under the spell of conspiratorial thinking. Polarization plus this conspiracist tendency risks turning run-of-the-mill democratic dysfunction into a democratic death spiral. The battle for American democracy will be a battle over reality.

Within the modern GOP, conspiracy theories—about stolen elections, satanic cults, or “deep state” cover-ups—have replaced policy ideas as a rallying cry for Trump’s MAGA base. Trump’s disciples have developed an encyclopedic knowledge of a dizzying cast of characters, along with a series of code words for alleged cover-ups. They rattle off their accepted wisdom about conspiracies that most people have never heard of, such as “Italygate,” the absurd notion that the U.S. embassy in Rome, in conjunction with the Vatican, used satellites to rig the 2020 presidential election.

In Britain, far fewer people believe in conspiracy theories. According to YouGov polling, a third of Americans believe that a small group of people secretly runs the world, while just 18 percent believe the same in the United Kingdom. Similarly, 9 percent of Americans think COVID-19 is a fake disease. In Britain, that figure is just 3 percent. Seventeen percent of Americans agree with the statement that “a secret group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles has taken control of parts of the U.S. Government and mainstream U.S. media,” compared with 8 percent of Britons.


-The Atlantic
January 17, 2023, 6 AM ET

Bill Marincic

Chuck D you say that it’s fake news that liberals are killing babies, let me ask you a question who is for abortion Republicans, or democrats, liberals, or conservatives? I’m pretty sure that almost all Republicans are for right to life, and the most all Democrats are for abortion. I rest my case.

No Marincic, I didn’t say it was “fake news” and that’s part of the problem: you’re dishonest. Any 3rd grader can see I didn’t say that. But there you are falsely claiming I did say that it was “fake news”. Again, you’re dishonest.

Also, no one I know “wants abortions”. no one in their right mind “wants abortions”. That’s also dishonest and still more evidence of the problem: you can’t seem to be honest.
Rational people want women to have the choice of what to do with their health. That’s what most people want. It’s a small, simple-minded minority who can only see the issue through their false-Christian belief and think they can force that on everyone. And this country will not submit to a small minority’s demands.

But you already know that. It’s just that you don’t seem able to cooperate and get along with others who think differently. That’s the self-destructive part of your movement; you have trouble even getting along with each other.


An abortion is not the government or progressives killing babies. It is a choice to terminate a pregnancy within the bounds of reasonable government regulations by a woman in consultation with her doctor, family, and anyone else she trusts to have her best interests in mind.

If the concern were for a child’s life and health, anti-choice advocates would be in favor of legislation to help young mothers and their children, child tax credits and government subsidized day care for the poor etc.

I join Chris in thanking ChuckD for the excerpt from the Atlantic. It was an apt description of what makes the partisanship in America so much more dangerous than In G.B. The crazy conspiracy believers are the voters who propel people like MTG, Boebert, Gosar, Clyde, Gaetz, Hawling, Ron Johnson and Santos to positions in government they are unqualified and unfit to hold. Until the responsible Republicans, many outside Trump’s GOP, Kinzinger, Cheney, Rick Wilson, and all members of the Republican Acountability Project and the Lincoln Project regain control of the party it will remain a threat to American democracy, values, and progress. Those remaining in the party must cooperate fully with criminal cases being considered against Trump. Removing his malignant and poisonous presence from the GOP is critical to its rebirth as a genuinely willing partner in American democracy.

Bill Marincic

Abortion has nothing to do with a woman’s health in 97% of all cases. Abortion does one thing, it kills a baby. And it’s not my body my choice because that baby is someone else’s body and I would bet you $1 million to one, that baby would choose to live.

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