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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Jan. 18 – Three from readers in Schenectady and Sprakers

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Make tax system simpler, equitable

I don’t believe anyone “earns” the right to control $200 billion.
If we had a genuinely progressive income tax, not easily evaded by innumerable loopholes, no one would be able to acquire that kind of wealth and power.
I favor a “wealth tax” that would collect 2% annually on every individual’s net worth in excess of $50 million. I don’t believe a rate of 50% on the portion of an individual’s annual income over $1 million is excessive. No one making under $35,000 should pay federal income taxes, only FICA.
These rates and amounts could be adjusted as required by the federal budget. We should eliminate all deductions and complete our tax forms on a postcard.
To preserve what is good about capitalism, incentives, variety, efficiency, innovation and response to consumer desires, the government needs to step in and soften the inequities that will lead to the end of capitalism.
We have the resources to ensure everyone a decent standard of living and access to the essentials of life, shelter, food, clothing, medical care etc., with plenty left over to ensure that the top 1% can lead the lives of the “rich and famous.”
The ACA, minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare and collective bargaining preserve capitalism by impeding its devolution toward predatory capitalism. Russia is controlled by Putin and an oligarchy of ultra-wealthy families running the economy in their interests with no concern for the people.
Is that what we want America to become?
Anthony J. Santo

What caused big change in economy

I am having trouble understanding how a country can fall off the cliff, after riding high with a booming economy two years ago.
I’m not a political savvy person, but as plain as day, I can see the huge change in our economy in the past two years. Why is this? You all can complain about one single person and put the blame all on him. For what? Keeping our country strong.
So, why has the momentum of our country changed? I think I am speaking for a lot of people, we want to know why. What caused the big change to an economy that is sinking to its all-time lows and how hard would it be to get back to where we were two years ago?
Paul Blair

Sing praises of all who work so hard

I write these phrases, feeble and inadequate as they are, in praise of the folk:
• who earn their pay working building to building and on every street;
• who sustain on gas station, heat lamp sandwiches,
• who sip trucker coffee to regulate the rush to wait pace of the day, and double when there is not enough day at any pace;
• who have the scant safety of hard hats and steel toe shoes, reflective vests and jackets;
• who climb poles and burrow holes to commune with stone and steel;
• whose workdays are measured in evening aches, fresh cuts, bent backs and buckling knees;
• whose kindness is not gentle, and wisdom not nurturing.
These people, regardless of politics or prejudice, be they foolish or profound, should be recognized as the facilitators of human function and interconnection.
James Cimino



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Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Santo:

The US does need an overhaul of its tax code and a simplification of rates would be welcomed by all.

But what you are talking about- redistribution of wealth – is what got Russia where they are today. The great economist Milton Friedman quipped, “ if socialists took control of the Sahara Desert, there would soon be a shortage of sand”.

Capitalism only works because of wealth generation. Once there is no incentive to earn more, output grinds slowly to a halt, the entrepreneurs of the world create jobs and wealth for others, when one has wealth turned over to them in the form of subsidies or entitlements, what incentives are for that person to participate in society?

Our tax code filled with loopholes was created by the politicians we keep re-electing. At RPI as an undergraduate I was able to take many electives – Micro & Macro Economics, Contemporary Public Economics, Money & Banking, & Advanced Economic Theory.

Contemporary Public Economics tells us optimal tax theory” and the newest of the “new welfare economics” – also teaches that to tax a man “according to his abilities” would give able men a very strong incentive to use their skills to hide their earnings (and therefore their abilities) from tax collectors. This predictable response to tax penalties on high earnings is confirmed by economic research on the elasticity of taxable income.

Distributing government spending “to each according to his needs” must likewise give potential recipients a strong incentive to exaggerate their needs. People who got caught doing that used to be called “welfare cheats” and considerable cheating still goes on in food stamps, Medicaid, etc. The Earned Income Tax Credit, for example, gives low‐​income working people an extra incentive to not report cash income from tips, casual labor or illicit activities.

In the US it is extremely uncommon for individuals (non-corporate) to pay little to no taxes. The wealthy already carry 92-95% of all tax burden. Corporate taxes are shielded by “international” harbors and off shore loss carryovers that allow for those particular corporations to pay little to no taxes (these are the loopholes that need to be closed).

For example it is projected Elon Musk will pay $11 Billion in taxes for 2021 but Tesla $0. That is the most paid ever by an individual. Where the system even on the individual side has become “whacky” is when ultra billionaires set up “tax avoidance trusts” – for example Warren Buffet & Bill Gates set up philanthropic 501c3’s and much of their wealth generated is off set by “gifting” which allows them legal ways to avoid paying anywhere near the 37% highest individual tax bracket like you and I may pay because we live hand to mouth. Someone like President Trump has paid $100’s of millions in foreign taxes (because they don’t have loopholes) but little in the US. He, Bezos, Soros, etc have and their accountants are playing by the rules they just seem unfair to you and I.

I would rather see a flat tax on all income & purchases. Individuals under $50,000-$85,000 pay 1%, $86,000-$150,000 -2%, etc with anyone over a $1 million per year paying 10%. No one under $50,000 should pay any income tax. Everyone should have to pay a tax on goods bought (TVs, cars, etc). Food and necessities shouldn’t be taxed.

My two cents.


A.S. spoken like a true socialist presumption that 50% tax rate on anything over 1 million earn. This is typical of a socialist. So the lazy people who sit home an suck off the teat of the people who work hard to get ahead. the flaw is your corrupt socialist in office would never approve.
Her’s an idea 10% flat rate, remove all IRS and filing forms. One step further remove the cushy pension that are funded off the people who work hard and have to pay for let say teachers who work 1/2 year and get F/T pay and sweetheart pensions once tenured.
Let’s say they base the teachers pension based on how well the studentuthey teach learn. Sounds unfair just like stealing 50% of a millionaire salary.

Here’s another idea limit spending in government no deficiet spending. They must only spend what is in their budget.
This is the problem with our government in bed with the central bank

Bill Marincic

Santo liberalism is a mental disorder. That’s why you’re called tax and spend Democrats you tax and you spend, actually you take and you waste.


Interesting article about China not giving their children the COVID vaccine. They call it a lethal injection. The truth is coming out and the WHO and CDC will be held accountable.
W.P. article 4/8/20
Birx and Fauci reject FOX news promoted theory that coronavirus deaths are inflated,
W.P. article 1/23/23
Opinion/Dr/ Wen : We are overcounting covid deaths and hospitalizations. That’s a problem.
Interesting the trail of the cover up and misleading MSM.
Once was a conspiracy now fact.


The Biden tax returns do not add up Hunter calming $50k rent to his dad. Dad clams 19K hmm. Maybe Trump did set up the corrupt D.S. by forcing SCOTUS to rule on tax return. TIK TOK the webs we weave when we plot to deceive, The cover up always gets you.

christophe Stalka


JAN 13 2023

That you, Santo, pathetic, a lefty teacher, when I grew up teachers had class, they had honor they cared about America. They dressed well. Today you teachers run around in jeans and clothes you look like homeless people, teachers I had when I grew up shirt, ties, jackets, and women wore dresses down below their knees.”……..And women and children only spoke when they were spoken to. White men ruled the country, and Black people knew their place in society. Kids prayed in schools like they’re supposed to. Cops could get away with “justifiable” crimes because they didn’t have all that video crap. The FBI could harass, investigate and intimidate progressive thinking people who the old white men in rule deemed to be a threat to their power and control. Corruption was fair and honest back then, and bigotry was the accepted way. People understood homosexuality was a bad choice for the queers, and they could be persecuted for their sexual orientation without repercussion. Burn all the coal and oil you want without all these foolish, planet warming BS regulations. Aha yes, the good old days. MAGA

christophe Stalka

Brandies like I suggested yesterday switch to decaf. And calm yourself trust me drop hunter biden he isn’t for you he just gets you babbling and lying it’s comical and the tik tok I don’t get it my 2 year old granddaughter says it a lot … but you do you hmmmm.

christophe Stalka

Mr Santo excellent letter unfortunately as evidenced by many of the comments posted today by an overly excited Brandy the devolution you mention is exactly what many seek. Fortunately we won’t see their goals achieved.

christophe Stalka

Mr Blair Most Americans rejected the return to 2 years ago twice first in 2020 and again with the red trickle . The economy is on the upswing inflation is falling Putin is losing and America is leading on the world stage again as it should be. Have a great day Sir be thankful for what you have in this great Democracy!


As I pointed out in my letter to the editor, I believe the rates proposed would allow the opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn enough wealth to motivate them to invest and grow businesses. It is hardly a socialist or communist plan for wealth redistribution. I also noted that the rates and amounts could be adjusted to comport with our nation’s financial needs. Getting rid of deductions would end much of the big money lobbying that is currently perverting Congress.

To post nearly hysterical comments about liberal “mental disorders,” and “lethal COVID injections,” aren’t even weak responses to my proposal. They are non-responsive.

Joe, my proposal contained no specific advice about distributing to people according to their needs or, in fact, any proposals for welfare programs. I do believe it would be possible to have a health care system like Canada’s, Germany’s, or the U.K.’s that have far better health outcomes and cost less than our hybrid system. I do believe in a higher, living minimum wage, but I believe my proposal would still allow for enough incentive for entrepreneurs.

I like your idea to raise the tax free income to $50,000 though that might result in slight percentage increases on higher income earners. I don’t like sales taxes and want to keep them as low as possible. They are cumbersome and regressive. If a man makes $50,000 yearly and buys a car for $10,000 that is 20% of his income in taxes. Whereas a man earning $1000,000 would be paying only 10% of his income. I agree with closing the loopholes you mention.

A flat tax would work better than the current tax system. Perhaps a compromise could be reached. We could set up just three brackets.$50,000 to 150,000 could be taxed at 10%= $10,000 total tax owed. $150,000 to $1,000,000 at 15%= $127,500 + $10,000 on the first $150,000= $137,500 owed on a million dollar annual income. Does anyone think 20% on income over a million would be a communist plot to destroy America?

If an estate tax is too onerous for Americans we could use it only as necessary to close budget deficits. Would it really be too burdensome to, I’m lowering the rate, tax people with net assets over $50m 1% of the portion over $50b. to keep our government running smoothly?


Just watched a speech by Ronald Regan . He told a story about a kid sitting outside a DNC convention trying to sell puppies. The kid said come get your Democratic puppies. A couple weeks later at the RNC convention the same kid with the same puppies. The kid said come get your Republican puppies. A reporter said hey kid you were here a couple of weeks ago calling them Democratic puppies now you’re calling them Republican puppies. The kid said a couple of weeks ago their eyes were closed now they’re not

The Trump Republican Party has become the Party of Political Violence …..The Party of Election Deniers …..All one needs to do is look what happened in New Mexico….The shame put on our Country on Jan. 6th is not over yet. People like Mr. Flynn Mr. Brandon and Mr. Bill 🤡 still fan the flames of Violence by being Election deniers and conspiracy enablers.

Bill Marincic

Chris/Bob, tell me what copying and pasting what I said five days ago has anything to do with anything. Is that your job now as a minor player in the BMDC’s to copy and paste what Steve, LGB, and I say?

Bill Marincic

Varoma, better yet, look at the family of six murdered in California, including the 17-year-old mother of a 10-month-old child, they were both shot in the head. Police believe it was drug and gang-related and we know where most of these Hispanic gang members come from, that’s right, our wide open borders.

Bill Marincic

Varoma, a nutcase that paid someone to shoot at houses has what to do with us? That’s like blaming you for the Kenosha riots.


Trump posted another preposterous attempt to evade responsibility for mishandling and improperly storing government documents at Mar-a-Lago. He has claimed they were planted by the FBI; that was followed by a claim they were declassified in his mind; now, they never existed:

Truth Social: 1/18/23

“Page 1: The Fake News Media & Crooked Democrats (That’s been proven!) keep saying I had a “large number of documents” in order to make the Biden Classified Docs look less significant. When I was in the Oval Office, or elsewhere, & “papers” were distributed to groups of people & me, they would often be in a striped paper folder with “Classified” or “Confidential” or another word on them. When the session was over, they would collect the paper(s), but not the folders, & I saved hundreds of them.

Page 2: Remember, these were just ordinary, inexpensive folders with various words printed on them, but they were a “cool” keepsake. Perhaps the Gestapo took some of these empty folders when they Raided Mar-a-Lago, & counted them as a document, which they are not. It’s also possible that the Trump Hating Marxist Thugs in charge will “plant” documents while they’re in possession of the material. As President, and based on the Presidential Records Act & Socks Case, I did NOTHING WRONG. JOE DID!”

The tenor of this post makes it obvious that the author should never have been anywhere near the White House and we must do all we can to remove his influence on American politics and culture.

Meanwhile, I believe Biden is following the right course in simply allowing the investigations by Robert Hur and Jack Smith to go on unobstructed. The findings will result in indictments or not based on the facts. We all should accept the rule of law or we will face its alternatives chaos and anarchy.

christophe Stalka

Big billy be proud of your posting you’ll be seeing it daily it does a lot to define the creature you are. Have a great day

Mr Vendetti: Historically tax rates on the wealthy have been as high as 90% and still capitalism is flourishing here and around the globe. Your assertion that excess tax will cause the well of investment to dry up is not supported by history. It’s a red herring. Fear mongering. In fact I would assert when the populace shares in the wealth markets flourish. There is more money circulating which entices the entrepreneur to get into the market. Capitalism is under threat from those who would hoard the wealth i.e. neo oligarchs and corporations.

The disparity between the common American worker and the extremely wealthy is huge and certainly needs a correction. Laws need to be changed.

Something to consider; How much money (millions for sure) do you think are spent on lawyers and accountants by people like Bezos, Musk, Gates, Zuckerberg and Buffett, to figure every tax loophole possible to minimize their tax liabilities. It certainly isn’t like, the common man, going to H&R Block, or Joe’s Accounting Firm to get their taxes figured out.

Joe mentioned a flat tax, I agree with that, but not with his possible numbers.

Taxes could be figured on a 3 x 5 card. The following numbers are not necessarily the right ones either, and I’m sure would need to be tweaked, but this idea certainly seem logical to me.

Regardless if you make 10 dollars or 10 billion dollars, use the same progressive tax code for all. A possible example: FOR EVERYONE, on the 1st 10,000k earned you pay 1% tax, from 10k to 25k you pay 3%, from 25k to 50k you pay 7 %, from 50k to 100k you pay 12%, from 100k to 250k you pay 17% from 250k to 500k you pay 25%. 500k to 1 million 33%, keep the increase going and come up with a final tax liability limit of 50- 65, or 75%.

Another comment by Joe; “Capitalism only works because of wealth generation. Once there is no incentive to earn more, output grinds slowly to a halt, the entrepreneurs of the world create jobs and wealth for others”…. The trickle down effect does not work. Period. The owners of the McDonald franchises and corporate executives make all the money, not the minimum wage workers.
Same thing with Walmart employees, et al.

My two cents.

Joseph Vendetti

Lou & Anthony, etc – I love it. We have common ground even with some disagreements meaning if we served in office together we could make smart systemic changes that help everyone. Why isn’t this working on a larger level? Why can’t todays politicians find that common ground? All it took for us was some small debate and communication. I don’t ever expect when I am negotiating with a client to get everything & I think back to maybe a handful of times in my life when I couldn’t come to some accommodation.

Of course it starts with first respecting one another & the other’s position.

Mr. Bill 🤡 he was a candidate who lost and was an election denier…..It’s has everything to do with your party. You must like being obtuse

Steven Flynn

“The Trump Republican Party has become the Party of Political Violence …..The Party of Election Deniers …..All one needs to do is look what happened in New Mexico….The shame put on our Country on Jan. 6th is not over yet. People like Mr. Flynn Mr. Brandon and Mr. Bill 🤡 still fan the flames of Violence by being Election deniers and conspiracy enablers”

This is a sensationalized crock of crap written by a true extreme liberal athiest rock worshipper. Election denying has been going on for a long time. One remembers the hanging chad, the “illegitimate” 2016 election, Stacy Abrams crying and whining. Other liberal deniers over the years were Al Gore 2000, Bill Clinton 2000, Jimmy Carter 2000, Jamie Raskin 2000, Maxine Waters 2000, James Clyburn 2000, Barbara Boxer 2004, Howard Dean 2004, notice the liberal commenter never mentioned these, hmmmm. He then goes on about a whackanut man in New Mexico who happens to be a republican and all of a sudden all repubs are violent, how stupid. He ends by saying I fan the flames for violence, another crock. This is the mindset of an extreme liberal athiest rock worshipper. Kids when you grow up, dont be a Guy Sharona.

Steven Flynn

I wasnt on here in 2016 but I would bet that these same rock worshippers were denying Trump was a legitimate President. Ill bet they were election deniers, how hypocritical of you, yet predictable.

Steven Flynn

What a cool little grifter he is, the extreme liberal’s hero and now CNN moron.

“Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger is selling limited edition signed copies of the Jan. 6 committee’s final report for $100 via his political action committee’s website.”

An election denier, that had trump banners in the background of photos of him on the news.

I’m sure his radical behavior was inspired by the pope and had nothing to do with being MAGA man.

Bill, because of your hard right, inflexible, never compromising, trump ass kissing stance, you have no credibility for anything you say regarding the current political atmosphere.

Steven Flynn

Oh no, he had Trump banners in the background, wow. If he had Biden banners, would he get a pass? Is that the criteria for violence, one has to have a Trump banner? If you think that then you’re a freaking loon.

Steven Flynn

Hell, drive up to Sacandaga Lake via route 30 and you’ll see Trump banners everywhere. Are all of those people violent? Why are u so afraid Louis?

christophe Stalka

Kinzinger removed the item from his website I’m hoping they’ll put it back up he’ll it’s not a Bible like snort jr was hawking last week but it is history

Steven Flynn

Louis, ever think that maybe its you who’s the stupid, ignorant, clueless person? Especially with the attitude that you have. You sound like an angry, arrogant, elitist who thinks he’s smarter than they are. I would beg to differ after reading your liberal nonsense on here.

christophe Stalka

Little Stevie you’re just one nasty dude. Stop insulting people just because they don’t agree with you you sound unstable.maybe all those Trump supporters on rt9 were swimming on election day

Joe, Anthony, Lou:
Way back in high school in the mid 1970’s, one book that grabbed my attention for a summer was Studs Terkel’s, “Working”. Ever since I’ve felt that anyone in a position to manage other people should read it. Terkel was a very readable author and through a series of interviews with working people the reader rally got a sense for the humanity of producing our goods and services.
I want to put in a plug for Lou’s point.

In my 45 years of working I never rose higher in management than a technical lead (not for lack of opportunity) but was a Subject Matter Expert in three technologies, “fluent” in multiple computer and network operating systems. I’ve also swept floors in warehouses, loaded and unloaded trucks, washed dishes and a held myriad of other menial jobs. Point being, I’ve seen the working world from the bottom up.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in one- and two-man operations, and spent most of my career in some fairly high-profile corporations and government agencies, and across that spectrum the most productive teams I’ve worked with worked under management that paid them respect for what their work provided, mostly in terms of pay and family flexibility, because to the average worker that’s priority number one; money in the pocket, security for the family.

With that, another defining trait for a successful team was accountability, and that applied all the way up the food chain and most importantly often seemed to fall apart in the middle management layer. I’ve concluded one of the biggest obstacles to an organizations success is a fat, dense layer of middle managers who too often got there, and remained there, by less than honorable means.

The other point being (and to Lou’s comment) I firmly believe an organization should be regulated to maintain a reasonable ratio between the highest and lowest paid. That’s not “wage distribution” as rightwingers are quick to whine, but sharing in the profits and fruits of labor within the organization. It’s about letting front line workers know they share in the ownership of the work and product, and also benefit from its success (and certainly not, ‘feel lucky you’ve got a job’, as I’ve been told). That means money in the pocket, security for the family.

And I know enough about taxes to fill out a 1040, which is (partly) why I married an MBA, so I won’t comment on that. Just thought another perspective was needed.

Bill Marincic

That you, Santo, pathetic, a lefty teacher, when I grew up teachers had class, they had honor they cared about America. They dressed well. Today you teachers run around in jeans and clothes you look like homeless people, teachers I had when I grew up shirt, ties, jackets, and women wore dresses down below their knees.

Chris/Bob, this is what I wrote, don’t go adding crap to what I post as if I wrote it. Typical lefty.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I’m Roman-Catholic ….And what I said was factual…..The election deniers have become violent and threatening …..They threaten and attack the poll workers their homes. They leave threatening messages on their answering machines. Thye mail bombs to Democrats. They attack peoples spouses at their homes. And when it does happen the Republicans are mute and say nothing ….When Scalise got shot The Democrats had no hesitation …they condemned it immediately and often. ..You are the Party of Political Violence and you all earned it. Mr. Bill 🤡 goes for the conspiracy rather than condemn it just like you

christophe Stalka

Sorry big billy I’m just copying and pasting from Bob’s post if I really was concerned I’d go back and look up your original embarrassing racist rant I m not

Steven Flynn

No its not, its a bunch of liberal rubbish. You can talk until you’re blue in the face but it’ll still be rubbish. You frame it like it’s only Republicans who do this kind of crap. That in itself is a false statement and misinformation. Which election deniers are u talking about, the Republican ones or the Democratic ones?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 you are comparing Mount Everest to a mole hill. Use you google and find the data ….I did……so come at me smart and factual

Steven Flynn

Oh, so Republican violence is different from Liberal violence. What a stupid theory but Im not surprised. Violence is violence, the voting choice of the perp doesnt matter. Election denying is election denying, same applies. Stop with the yours is worse than mine charade, its dumb and makes no sense.

christophe Stalka

BIG billy I do apologize for my error if you go find that original lengthy passage I’ll correct my next post on Saturday just paste it here. Also tell Bob to make the correction he has tomorrow morning guy thanks and I’m off to do my volunteer work shortly so I’ll leave that task to you

Mr. Flynn 🤡as the election denier you are I expected nothing more from you. Try tying in the White Supremist to you Party. …..They are the biggest domestic threat to our Country right now. What Party did they attach themselves to? You need not even look that up ….It’s the Republican Party who embraced them. …Mr. Bill 🤡….this is your cue to say the KKK was founded by Democrats 160 years ago …..And Ignoring all history after that

Steven Flynn

What a crock of crap. The biggest domestic threat to our country is young males shooting each other daily, stores and businesses being looted with no recourse, letting dangerous people out of jail due to bail reform and watching them commit more crimes against the American people, thousands of immigrants crossing onto our country and dumped in our cities and towns. You have a way sensationalizing your moot point and most of it is made up liberal nonsense.

At last count over 900 have been charged in connection with a violent insurrection on our capital, all because Donald Trump incited them to. Over 300 have plead guilty and been convicted.
What’s the Democratic or liberal equivalent?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I’ll go with what Christopher Wray said “White Supremacy is Biggest Domestic Terror Threat”……He gets paid to know these things….Hand picked by Trump also……You as an election denier will always make excuses for your Party.

Steven Flynn

900 stooges were arrested out of 74 million who voted for Trump. Those 900 stooges dont represent the remaining 74 million republicans Trump voters. You extreme liberals do your best to tie them to the whole party and its complete nonsense. You use this as a deflection tool so we dont talk about the mess thats running the country now. I could care less what happens to those who went into the Capitol that day, they chose their paths and now must take their medicine. There were way more liberals who were arrested tearing up houses and buildings and businesses. That number is in the thousands and it continues today. They’re cut from the same cloth as the people who stormed on 1/6 as far as Im concerned.

christophe Stalka

What’s that old saying every time a traitor or insurrectionist is sentenced to prison our great Democracy survives another day?

Steven Flynn

Mr. Sharona – did you accept Trump’s win in 2016 as valid or were u on here denying it? Did u follow Hillary’s lead on that? Did u push the faux Russia theory during that election? If u answered yes to any of those then u sir are an election denier. I have a wild feeling u did.

Bill Wemple

Those liberal rock worshipping atheists wearing their atheist necklaces and atheist earrings and building gigantic atheist monuments and congregating to yell out loud how much they love atheism, and going around the world to different countries to tell people they should be atheist, perhaps even killing them if they don’t convert, making sculptures of the first atheist, painting pictures of the first atheist, and screaming to random strangers how they love atheism. Yeah, it’s atheists who do that…

BTW, Can someone please let us know where you find a banner hanging out somewhere in public that says ‘F### Trump’? If you want to hang a banner out supporting your guy, fine, but if you want to hang a patently obscene one in public, it shows you have no class and speaks volumes about your character as a person. You can’t claim to be a party of values then act like this and then wonder why kids who see it have no respect for others anymore either.


” In 2019, Trump at one point asked in a private meeting with close aides whether the U.S. could shoot migrants below the waist to slow them down.” abc news

“In a response to protests after the death of George Floyd in police custody Trump tweeted “when the looting starts the shooting starts.” abc news

“I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump said, remarking that a man disrupting his rally was escorted out with a smile on his face. “He’s smiling, having a good time.” CNN News

“If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them,” Trump said after warning of possible rabble-rousers. “I’ll pay the legal fees,” he added. Mediate 1/13/17

“In the old days,” Trump added, protesters would be “carried out on stretchers. We’re not allowed to push back anymore,” Trump said.” CNN News

After debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump if he was willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups, and Biden interjected to mention the Proud Boys in particular, Trump said: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” CNN News

I think it is evident Trump attracted violent people and encouraged them to use violence against their perceived enemies, especially those who “rigged” an election against them. Therefore, I think Guy’s comment tying the violent Solomon Pena’s to Trump is more likely than not.

Bill Marincic

Chris/Bob, you copy and pasted my post and then added racist and homophobic, and misogynistic words to it as I said, that is the definition of Libel, and I want it fixed.

No flynn. You use your perceived “mess this country’s in” as told to you by your influencers, to deflect from the de facto leader of the Republican Party wreaking havoc on our elections system. You’re the only ones who want to twist that around and downplay what happened. Only in your weird world of MAGA.
The rest of the world can plainly see what happened.

Mr. Flynn 🤡 I did accept Trump’s win in 2016. I have never denied the election results. He got the votes. What confuses you is that The Russians did interfere in our election in favor of Trump….That is a fact ….A Republican Senate Committee said so in their final report on the matter….But I will say it again…..Trump got the votes, there was no fraud, And Biden got the votes….there was no fraud that would change any result. Stop being an election denier and use your brain for critical thinking once again ….Mr. Bill 🤡 it’s time for you to add something profoundly stupid


Steve, atheists do not worship anything. Your continuing attempts to belittle atheists is hostile and bigoted, no different than antisemitism. Get over it.

Theism is belief in god (any god) and is usually accompanied by holy books viewed as containing absolute truths, a hierarchy, and an explanation of the universe’s origins and a description of an afterlife. So I am free of theism (the prefix, a, means without). However, though I can’t conceive of a god outside of the universe, who existed before the universe and who “created” everything, I accept the possibility that the universe may be permeated with a life “force” that is represented in every living entity. I don’t pretend to know what I don’t know. I think that is very dangerous and is evidenced by the innumerable religious wars and persecutions that have occurred throughout human history. I believe there are innumerable planets with innumerable and unimaginable life forms. But I don’t know that. I am in awe of the wonders and possibilities of the universe.

So, get over it; I am no threat to your religious convictions. You are free to live your life as they dictate. But please, don’t force them on others.

Steven Flynn

Ok, Ill match u then. Biden got the votes and there was no fraud that was proven in court. Maybe Hillary should’ve jumped on here in 2016 and she would’ve known that there was no fraud. She could’ve joined your extreme liberal cult.

Steven Flynn

Anthony, save your lecture for someone else. This room of liberals bash Christianity all the freaking time. How hypocritical of you.


Steve, how would you define “liberal”, “moderate”, and “conservative” in the political sense? Do you think Donald Trump is a true American conservative? Is Liz Cheney a conservative, George Will, and so many Republicans who see Trump the same way liberals do, as a threat to democracy?


Steve, would it be too much trouble to ask you to re-post an attack on Christianity? I certainly don’t see any evidence that, “This room of liberals bash Christianity all the freaking time.” If re-posting is too much trouble, how many times have you belittled atheists today? How many times has Christianity been bashed today?

I am comfortable with my world view. Are you?

Steven Flynn

You cherry pick a couple of people and boom, you mention Liz Cheney. How did i know you would go there. How long before she’s hustling her Jan 6 book on MSNBC?

Mr. Flynn 🤡 Hillary conceded the night of the election and called Trump. She never said there was actual voting fraud. She did however say that Comey coming out with this “new evidence” 10 days before the election swayed some people and others stayed home. They found nothing new. Anything that close to the election should have been shelved until after election day according to FBI policy. ….Again you make things up to ease the blow of the facts I gave you. You are part of the problem. Whether you like it or not…..What to attack Biden’s policies? Go for it. But be factual. …Mr. Bill 🤡 it time for you to say something stupid for Trump again 😄

Steven Flynn

Trump “knows he’s an illegitimate president,” Clinton said. “I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories — he knows that — there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did … I know he knows this wasn’t on the level.”

In an October 2020 interview with The Atlantic, Clinton said, “There was a widespread understanding that [the 2016] election was not on the level. We still don’t know what happened … but you don’t win by 3 million votes and have all this other shenanigans and stuff going on and not come away with an idea like, ‘Whoa, something’s not right here.’” – Hillary Clinton

Steven Flynn

“Hillary Clinton is sticking with her conviction that the 2016 presidential election was not conducted legitimately, saying the details surrounding her loss are still unclear.”

Mr. Flynn 🤡 and she never said there were actual votes changed …The hacking she referred to was the the hacking of The DNC computer….that’s a fact. And all those other things you mentioned did happen. But again….the people who voted for Trump did so. As the people who voted for Hillary. No voted were changed after the fact

Steven Flynn

That led to the non-stop, 24/7 corporate media parroting the same garbage. They were denying the results of a fair election. That’s a big fat no no according to the extreme liberals.

The part where she leads hundred of thugs and orchestrates electoral fraud to try to overturn it to her favor?
Oh right. She just voiced her opinion. And that’s denial? After she conceded? How do you figure?


Steven Flynn
January 18th, 2023
Trump “knows he’s an illegitimate president,” Clinton said. “I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories — he knows that — there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did … I know he knows this wasn’t on the level.”

In an October 2020 interview with The Atlantic, Clinton said, “There was a widespread understanding that [the 2016] election was not on the level. We still don’t know what happened … but you don’t win by 3 million votes and have all this other shenanigans and stuff going on and not come away with an idea like, ‘Whoa, something’s not right here.’” – Hillary Clinton

We all know Clinton said these things. They were obviously born of understandable frustration at losing an election in the electoral college that she won by a margin of 3 million in the popular vote. Now, for what is really important:

Did she concede and accept Trump’s presidency in spite of her frustration, or did she scheme to illegally reverse the election results and incite a violent insurrection in a vain attempt to gain the presidency ? Did she watch the violence on TV for over three hours before stopping it, though many supporters including family members were begging her to put an end to it?

Final question, do you see the difference? Do you understand why Trump’s actions threatened our democracy, our security and well-being? Do you see that Clinton was venting and was no threat to our democratic institutions?

Steven Flynn

You’re asking me a question that you already know the answer to. Y? You’re the king of whataboutism, well Trump did this and Trump did that. Ive never seen a group of grown men so ate up over one man. He’s so in your psyche that u cant even think straight. Im not for sure if it’s funny or its just a mental illness of some sort. Your cult lives in fear of Donald Trump, the big bad boogie man of the DG forum. The guy who was your ligitimate president for 4 years. Did u hide in a hole for those 4 years?

Big Bill M you better call the gazette with your libel claims I just copied and pasted what Stalka showed was up under your name sorry dude like chris said post the corrected version no problem im not gonna go look for it for you seems like you would have caught it then but who cares im sure it was pretty bad before it “changed’ which it didnt

Mr. Flynn 🤡 like I said …The Republican party you belong to is the party of Political Violence. …..Trump won in 2016 … you need to accept that Biden won in 2020. The sooner you accept that. The easier it will be to plant your feel back into reality. And also accept the fact that Trump lost the House, and the Senate in his 4 years as president…

Mr. Flynn 🤡 am=n opinion doesn’t mean factual….When someone bases their political opinion he must cite where the opinion was derived from. A source that has factual data. ….When I say Mr. Bill 🤡 is an ignorant man who lies to make his point. That is a Fact based opinion….as seen here daily when he comments….no one needs to look any further. Mr. Flynn 🤡 your opinions are more like you are hoping they will be true and not based on factual data

Steven Flynn
January 18th, 2023
Anthony, save your lecture for someone else. This room of liberals bash Christianity all the freaking time. How hypocritical of you.

Not even close to being the same thing Jack.- Atheists, don’t go begging for money pushing their agenda on other people screaming they have a definitive answer to creation. They don’t build buildings and pay no taxes on their property or income. That don’t kill people and start wars in the name “no god”.

If not believing in walking on water, immaculate conception, resurrecting the dead, eternal flame (hell) or eternal bless (heaven) is bashing Christianity, then, yes, I’m guilty.


Steve, if Trump would just accept his loss, fade into an obscure retirement, and stop sticking his nose into American politics and culture, I would be happier than I have been in a long time. The MAGA movement is a cult of personality whose members feel they are victims. They fear loss of their rights and identity and include many racists, bigots, and individuals suffering from an inferiority complex; once this man, their bilious and belligerent leader steps down or is arrested and jailed for his felonious behavior the horror they are inflicting on the United States will quickly fade away.

You seem to be an unwitting member of this cult. I say that because you dodge posts containing known facts and hard questions based on them, with a flippant and insulting flair. But, I think there is hope for you. I believe there is a thinking Steve inside a suit of MAGA armor who is in so deep he fears he would lose face if he acknowledged the truth about MAGA and its “Chosen” leader.

Think Steve, think. You can be better than you show yourself to be on this forum.

Steven Flynn

Louis is the main christianity basher Anthony. Ive seen several of you do it and you all bump fists when u do. Do u gents ever get your stories straight or does boogie man Trump cloud your thinking? Ill drop the athiest references today if the group of liberals will stop bashing religion. Keep it to politics or whatever.

Bill Marincic

By Letters to the Editor | November 19, 2016

I would much appreciate an explanation of the difference between social conservatives and bigots. I also direct those who continue to insist we are a Christian nation to read the First Amendment clause regarding religious freedom: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

That is a clear statement that government should not be involved in the personal religious beliefs of its citizens or pass laws reflecting those beliefs with no other justification or reason.

I am surprised at the number of people I meet who are offended by the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The reason this assertion is made arises from the fact that throughout much of America’s history, slavery, segregation and incidents such as the killing of Travon Martin and other African-Americans by police and vigilantes would indicate there exists among us many who do not see our fellow citizens of color as equals.
Anthony J. Santo

January 9, 2017

Try convincing Trump supporters that voting for him was a big mistake. It’s like trying to reason with a drunk; they ignore the facts as he does. Trump has divided the country and will not unite us.

Has unpatriotic Trump declared war on the United States? He refuses to accept the findings of our intelligence agencies while siding with our decades-old adversary Russia regarding their hacking. Putin is playing him/us as fools.

Despite overwhelming scientific community evidence, Comrade Trump scoffs at climate change. He fails to acknowledge that the renewable energy industry generates more jobs than the fossil fuel industry.

Trump promises poor unemployed coalminers jobs that just aren’t coming. He does not care. He already got their votes and played them and other working class supporters as suckers.

Trump’s proposed cabinet appointments are scary. Those nominated boast that they will dismantle or disarm the agencies they will lead. These opportunistic rich donors could care less about the environment, reining in Wall Street and protecting workers. Others are just not qualified.
I view Comrade Trump’s “efforts” as nothing short of treason. Hopefully when his worldwide conflicts of interest blow up, he will get impeached. I suggest we boycott Russian-made goods and Trump family products (made mostly in China) and properties.

Of course, Trump supporters will ignore all this. All they, and Trump, really want is to make America white (not great) again.
Raymond Harris

Yep the same old same old

Bill Marincic

Bob/Chris, you got caught ha? Chris said he copied what you had and you said you copied what Chris had, you don’t know what you are talking about, I never said anythin that is under the teachers were respectful in their dressing, you idiot.

Bill Marincic

So who copied who? Who are you Bob or Chris?
bob gareat
January 18th, 2023
Big Bill M you better call the gazette with your libel claims I just copied and pasted what Stalka showed was up under your name sorry dude like chris said post the corrected version no problem im not gonna go look for it for you seems like you would have caught it then but who cares im sure it was pretty bad before it “changed’ which it didnt

christophe Stalka
January 18th, 2023
Sorry big billy I’m just copying and pasting from Bob’s post if I really was concerned I’d go back and look up your original embarrassing racist rant I m not

Mr. Bill 🤡 you seem ignorant on statements of religion. What I have always said is. You can’t serve Jesus and be a Trump voter, The standard answer I get is. I didn’t vote for Trump to be the Pope. I voted for him to be president…..People like you who use that as an excuse for backing Trump nullify their religious beliefs immediately when that statement is used.

christophe Stalka

Big billy I copied the post if I were you I’d go look for it if Bob copied it from me guess somebody else posted it rather than acting like a nut I’d go look for it I think you saw it before if you’ve got a problem like he said call the gazette. In my opinion it’s pretty consistent with your usual Bob said I don’t care where it came from either. Sorry dude go sue good luck. I’m not worried not my work. If you’re looking for money I hope you get some.

Steve, Bill, and lgb, simple questions; Do you believe that Jesus was born of an immaculate conception, that he died, and was resurrected, and that he walked on water? Do you believe Jonah was swallowed whole by a whale, lived in its belly for three days, then was vomited up on shore and lived through the ordeal? And exactly why am I bashing christianity If I don’t believe that?


BM doesn’t realize that the part in quotes is an accurate re-post of his original comment. I think it was Lou who added the commentary, the part not in quotes, which with sarcasm pointed out things in the days when BM “grew up” were not great for minorities. As the Italians say, capische?


I still believe everything I said in my 2016 letter to the editor posted by BM is true. Thank you for posting it today. And thanks for posting Mr. Harris’ letter which was eerie in its accurate predictions:

“Has unpatriotic Trump declared war on the United States.” ( incited 1/6/21 insurrection)

“Try convincing Trump supporters that voting for him was a big mistake.” (We still can’t accomplish this).

“Putin is playing him.” (Obviously this continues: Putin was “savvy” a “genius” in planning the Ukraine invasion).

“All they, and Trump, really want is to make America white (not great) again.” (Let’s remember his comment about “fine people” among the torch carrying bigots at Charlottesville and dinner with Nick Fuentes. Also his call on the Proud Boys to “Stand back and Stand by).

“Comrade Trump scoffs at climate change.” (Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement).

“…he will get impeached.” (twice! a first in American history).

“He already got their votes and played them and other working class supporters as suckers.” (Mexico never payed for the wall and a better and cheaper health care plan was never delivered, nor was an infrastructure bill ever passed).


This, Steve, is as accurate as any of your posts: “Louis is the main christianity basher Anthony. Ive seen several of you do it and you all bump fists when u do.” Really? Could you explain or re-post proof that we “bump fists”? Many of the people who share my politics and Lou’s are religious. Guy posted that he is a Roman Catholic. Why would he “bump fists” over bashing Christianity? Why would any of the other progressive Christians do that? You still aren’t thinking Steve.


The source for the poem and list above is:

Public Scholar + Art Historian
May 29, 2020

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